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007 Everything or Nothing

007 Everything or Nothing

By @007EverythingOrNothing
Welcome to the official podcast of the Instagram Channel @007EverythingOrNothing
Join us as we review and watch all 25 James Bond films, we will delve into the production and success of each film, and enjoy a few (too many) beers whilst discussing all things Bond. As we segway through all 25 official James Bond movies we touch upon the themes behind each movie, and explain our love for this series we hold most dearest.
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The Ultimate 007 - @007Everything0rNothing

007 Everything or Nothing

Live And Let Die (1973) - @007EverythingOrNothing
"What are you? Some kinda doomsday machine boy? Well WE got a cage strong enough to hold an animal like you here!" - Sheriff J.W. Pepper Sir Roger Moore takes over the leading role as Ian Fleming's 007 in Live And Let Die (1973). Following in the quite considerable footsteps of Sir Sean Connery, the Bond series was at a crossroads in its history, could the character survive without its original star? Sir Roger was well known in Great Britain, and was one of the biggest stars on TV. His success in The Saint and The Persuaders had prepared him to take on this much-coveted role.  This Blaxploitation picture takes Bond from Harlem to the fictional island of San Monique, where he encounters the opium poppy trade of Dr Kananga. Along the way he meets the stunning Solitaire played by the beautiful Jane Seymour and Bond must overcome Vodoo magic, along with the various faces of Dr Kananga.  The pressure was well and truly on, the Bond producers were ambitious with their story, tackling a very different movie to the stories which had come before. The producers took great care to differentiate Sir Roger from his much-adored predecessor arnd ultimately given Sir Roger's long tenure in the role, this movie proved a critical and commercial success, proving Bond could survive post-Connery, Where does this movie rank in the series and how do we rate the debut of Sir Roger? Listen on to discover more!  
June 25, 2020
The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) - @007EverythingOrNothing
"A duel between titans. My golden gun against your Walther PPK." - Francisco Scaramanga In this episode of the @007EverythingOrNothing podcast, we will be looking at the second outing of Sir Roger Moore as James Bond, 007  in Ian Fleming's The Man With The Golden Gun. The last 007 adventure to be filmed in the immediate aftermath of the previous Bond film Live And Let Die (1973), Producers were eager to capitalise on the success of Sir Roger in his debut 007 movie.  Set on the other side of the world, Bond's number is finally up as a golden bullet inscribed with his number is sent to MI6, it is verified as being sent by the Million Dollar assassin Francisco Scaramanga! M immediately takes Bond of his current assignment but offers him the chance to hunt down the feared hitman before he gets a chance to eliminate 007. The story sees Bond meet familiar allies, and concludes with a duel between titans, the world's greatest spy, against the world's most feared assassin. Both critical and audience reception to this particular movie was luke-warm at best,  so where does this movie rank in Bond folklore. and is it harshly judged? Join us as we discuss the development behind the picture, its status in the Bond collection and determine whether this James Bond movie lives up to the hype...
June 23, 2020
The Ultimate 007 - @007Everything0rNothing
Thousands of you voted across seven categories in helping us crown the Ultimate 007. We shared the results and now we discuss your votes and give our opinions on the way the poll unfolded. Most importantly, we will consider the victors of each category and decide whether we agree with the eventual winner!? Make sure you stay with us until the end of the podcast as we discuss some of the questions that our very passionate James Bond audience very kindly sent in, whilst we also find time to reveal our favourite Bond Villain... Thanks in advance for listening, remember to follow us over on @007everythingornothing
April 19, 2020
@007EverythingOrNothing - No Time To Die delay
Just a very quick and honest reaction to the news regarding the No Time to Die Release Date which will now be pushed back until November 12th 2020.  This is the right call by the producers, but we cannot help but be devastated like many of our fellow Bond fans. In this podcast we will discuss what this means for the future of the series, and the implications of this unprecedented decision... As always please do reach out to us with your thoughts and feelings on this breaking news.
March 4, 2020
Diamonds Are Forever (1971) - @007everythingOrNothing
"You Just killed James Bond!" - Tiffany Case  In this episode of the @007EverythingorNothing podcast, we revisit the seventh entry in the James Bond Series.  The return of Sir Sean Connery to the role of 007 was greatly anticipated as the Scotsman accepted a world record fee for an actor to don the tux once again. Sir Sean would give much of his paycheque to charity... Largely ignoring the previous instalment, Bond producers looked to re-create the essence of Goldfinger (1964) with Guy Hamilton returning to the director's chair with a larger than life story.  This mission sees 007 travel to Las Vegas on a diamond smuggling assignment. As the movie gathers pace he once more comes face to face with arch-nemesis Ernst Starvo Blofeld, and uncovers a plot to hold the world to ransom.  One of the more divisive entries in the Bond collection, this film is often pinpointed as one of the worst entries, with many criticising the bloated appearance of Connery (now 41) and the camp nature of the movie. In this podcast we will present our view of Diamonds Are Forever and why it should be taken on face value as a great piece of cinematic escapism.  Is this movie as bad as some would have you believe? Or is there plenty to love as we bid farewell to Sir Sean Connery. 
March 2, 2020
No Time To Die Trailer Reaction
Tune in to our very raw, quickly edited reaction to the new James Bond Trailer for No Time To Die. Join the discussion today at @007everythingornothing on Instagram
March 2, 2020
You Only Live Twice (1967) - @007EverythingOrNothing
"This is the big one 007" - M In this episode of the Everything Or Nothing Podcast, we revisit the 5th James Bond movie, You Only Live Twice (1967). In this Bond adventure, Sir Sean Connery finally comes face to face with his arch Nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld, as he travels across the world to Japan in order to prevent World War Three! Please join us as we discuss all things YOLT and share facts from behind the making of the film, and our thoughts on the movie in general. We will challenge the universally held view that Sir Sean had become stale and disinterested in the role, and present our case as to why this movie is a certified classic! Title Song created by:
March 2, 2020