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Resilience Podcast

Resilience Podcast

By 1 Change
Welcome to the Resilience Podcast from 1 Change. Every month we will invite resilience experts and thought leaders to join us in a series of podcasts, to inspire you on how to build your resilience and capacity in all aspects of your life - one change at a time.
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Ole Hoyer & Orly Wahba: A Conversation about Kindness and Transformation

Resilience Podcast

Ole Hoyer & Orly Wahba: A Conversation about Kindness and Transformation
September 10, 2020
Ole Hoyer & John Foley: The power of Generosity
 Join Founder Ole Hoyer in his interview with John Foley a former lead solo pilot of the Blue Angels and now a top-rated leadership keynote speaker.  They will discuss and share insights around "The Power of  Generosity". A deeper conversation on how to show gratitude and generosity.  Tune in to learn tips on adding more generosity into your life on a daily basis. 
August 28, 2020
Ole Hoyer & Melanie Joy: How to build healthy and sustainable relationships in your professional and personal life
Join founder Ole Hoyer for an exciting conversation with Melanie Joy - an Award-winning Author, PhD and Harvard-educated psychologist. In this broadcast, Melanie will share her insights from her best-selling book “Getting Relationships Right”. We will also discuss how you can build healthy and sustainable relationships both in your professional and personal life.
July 5, 2020
Ole Hoyer & Ranvita La Cour: How to Boost Your Energy and Performance with Feng Shui
Join founder Ole Hoyer in his interview with Feng Shui Expert Ranvita La Cour as they explore how you can boost your energy and performance with Feng Shui. Ranvita will share the ancient principles behind Feng Shui, and we will share stories from real life on how business people have benefited from redesigning their homes by using the Feng Shui principles – this includes: improvement of sleep, building stronger relationships, living a more balanced life, manifesting dreams/goals in life and more…
June 11, 2020
Ole Hoyer & Stig Severinsen: The Healing Power of Breath-Holding
The first 1 Change Resilience podcast is here! Join founder Ole Hoyer in his interview with the four-time world freediving champion Stig Severinsen, as they explore the impressive experiences and results that Stig has gained through breathwork. The Danish holder of multiple Guinness World Records also shares stories from his many years of coaching executives, professional athletes, Navy Seals, and veterans with severe PTSD on how to use breath-holding as an effective tool to enhance well-being and performance. They dive into the deep blue sea of science and come back up to personal tips and tricks on how to stay fit and healthy.
June 5, 2020