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10 Minute Investing Canada

By 10 Minute Investing Canada
Investment ideas and analysis in 10 minutes or less.

I cover individual companies, sectors, market trends and recent financial news while providing my own opinions and analysis.

Invest in a better tomorrow, 10 minutes at a time!

In many episodes I will include price targets for myself. This is based my own analysis and not investment advice, seek a professional before making investment decisions.

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029 - ZQQ & General Market Commentary
This episode we discuss the etf ZQQ by BMO. It is a Canadian dollar hedged etf tracking the NASDAQ 100. I also discuss some general market sentiment and the recent blood bath we have seen in the past month of the market.  This podcast is for educational purposes and is not financial advice. 
January 24, 2022
028 - Carbon Credit ETFs
KRBN, KCCA, KEUA Discuss carbon credit investing, and 3 vehicles for exposure to the carbon credit futures market for retail investors. This podcast is for educational purposes only, this is not financial advice.
December 24, 2021
027 - Benefits of Dividend Investing
Today we discuss the benefits to dividend investing, and how setting up a strong income portfolio can set you up for financial freedom later in life. Topics covered  - Psychological benefits to dividend investing, and how it is easier to hold through market down turns when you are being compensated for holding shares - Dividends as a hedge against inflation by a way of profit sharing with companies. As prices and profits rise, so do your payments - Dividends can be more tax efficient then other forms of income. Couple of examples used - Sample income through investing in a dividend portfolio This podcast is for educational purposes only, not financial advise. 
June 12, 2021
026 - Review Episode - Podcast Companies Performance
Looking back at the companies spotlighted in episodes over the past 3 months, and seeing what the performance looks like. I provide some rationale as to why I believe they have performed as they have, and what I am anticipating for the future. This is not investment advice, this is for educational purposes only.
May 26, 2021
025 - Beginner Investor Series - Portfolio Construction
The first in a line of Beginner Investor Series podcasts on portfolio construction This episode focuses on your 'why'  Why do you invest? Is there an event you saving for like buying a house, or paying for a child's education? Do you just genuinely enjoy finance and stock picking, and like playing the game? Maybe you invest in companies you align your values with, and you believe in their mission. Today hones in on your 'why' and if you don't have that nailed down, it is a critical piece to creating a portfolio that is right for you. If there is one thing that always holds true about personal finance, is that is is just that... personal Podcast is for educational purposes only. Not financial advice 
May 19, 2021
024 - Enthusiast Gaming (EGLX)
Enthusiast gaming is an online media company operating in the gaming space. They own over 100 websites, 7 professional Esports teams, 30 weekly shows and they put on gaming conferences in a non-covid world. Below is a graphic from EGLX’s website to illustrate all aspects of the company’s operations. They have shown 519% YoY revenue growth in 2020, and projected for 119% in 2021, and 23% in 2022 They are just working through the first three phases of their four step monetization plan which should help continue to bolster revenue numbers I do own a position in EGLX This is for educational purposes, not to be used as financial advice
May 08, 2021
023 - Kontrol Technologies Corp (KNR)
Today we are looking at Kontrol Technologies Corp. a small cap Canadian technology firm that is engaged in smart building technology. Most recently Kontrol has announced its BioCloud technology, which can detect pathogens such as Covid-19 through the air filtration systems. This is the latest advancement in their smart building capabilities. We cover some risks associated with the company, potential successful outcomes and some valuation metrics. We conclude by issuing a potential strategy on how to play this stock over the next 6 months to a year. Full disclosure, I did initiate a position in the stock the week prior to this podcast. I began researching the company for the podcast, and upon findings decided it would be a worthwhile investment for myself, and did fit into what I am looking for in my portfolio. This podcast is intended for educational purposes only, this is not financial advice
May 03, 2021
022 - Linkage Between Lumber & Gold - The Lead Lag Report
Today I am reacting to the lead lag report paper written by Michael A. Gayed, about the linkage between lumber and gold and when to get aggressive vs defensive with your portfolio.  This paper was written in 2015 and updated in 2020. It was also the 2015 NAAIM Founders Award Winner I think there are some great insights in this paper, and something can be learned from the perspective of the retail investor. High level, the paper says when gold is outperforming lumber we get defensive, and when lumber is outperforming gold we get aggressive. I cover the key points made by the paper, then discuss how the information could be used for a retail investment portfolio, and how it can help shape your investment and savings patterns.  This is for educational purposes only. Not investment advice.
April 25, 2021
021 - Time to Look at Precious Metals?
Quick update on some factors affecting the precious metals sector, and why it might be a good time to look at the space!
April 21, 2021
020 - Beginner Investor Series: Asset Allocation & Core-Satellite Strategy
Another episode of the beginner investor series: We discuss three terms; strategic asset allocation, tactical asset allocation & core-satellite strategy This topic was brought on by the fact that there are now 5 times the amount of retail investors as there was just over a year ago. This is likely brought on by the covid drop, and quick recovery soon after. This has also led to many twitter personalities and trading groups popping up promising people to help them conquer the markets. I am issuing this episode as a reminder to all, 97% of traders do not beat the market and the vast majority of them do not make money. In times when money comes easy it is easy to lose sight of these facts, but it goes back to the old adage 'be fearful when people are greedy, and greedy when people are fearful'. I see a whole lot of greed on the internet these days. The strategic asset management and tactical asset management terms are simple to understand, and can help a new investor when trying to set up a portfolio. These are basic portfolio management and construction terms, and an understanding of these fundamentals can go a long way for a new investor.  The core-satellite strategy is a strategy that allows you to still participate in the exciting world of trading, and follow along with these twitter personalities without risking your retirement or your kid's education. Put simply, it is to keep your core portfolio diverse and well set up, while allowing yourself some 'floater funds' or 'satellites' to take pot shots at hot stocks you see on the internet. Best of both worlds Hope everyone enjoys this episode!
April 11, 2021
019 - Maxar Technologies (MAXR.TO ; MAXR)
Maxar Technologies has two major revenue streams; Space Infrastructure & Earth Intelligence Space Infrastructure is the product focused side of the business, and works with communications and observation satellites, space exploration crafts, on-orbit satellite servicing vehicles and robotics for space observations Earth Intelligence is focused on high resolution imaging, and mission ready geospatial intelligence. This is service oriented side of the business, and as with most service businesses, is much more profitable with roughly 65% gross margins compared to 14.7% on the product side of Maxar's business. Key reasons I like this company: - Systematic deleveraging. They have come from a 7.8x leverage ratio at end of 2019 to a 6.1x leverage ratio at the end of 2020, and in the early stages of 2021 have completed a share offering bringing their leverage ratio to 5.1x. Massive strides toward deleveraging - New management. Their new management team is responsible for the deleveraging, and they have been buying more shares in the company on the price dips. This gives me confidence they know they can successfully deleverage the company and start turning steady profits. With a launch of their new satellite fleet set for late 2021, I like that they are investing personally in the company now. - Touching on the new fleet topic, this next fleet of satellites is expected to triple their capacity for the service side of the business. As previously mentioned, the services side of the business is the profitable side with 65% gross margins. This should improve profitability and boost EBITDA in the future. **Opinions are my own. This is not financial advise, this is for educational and entertainment purposes** **all information sourced from public data**
April 01, 2021
018 - Standard Lithium
episode bio pending
March 17, 2021
017 - Kirkland Lake Gold
Kirkland Lake Gold is a great value play in the gold mining sector, with some absolutely wild looking ratios.  P/E 11.76 vs industry average of 26.54 Gross Profit Margin 72.81% vs industry average of 28.82% EBITDA Margin 68.22% vs industry average of 16.41% Net Income Margin 32.02% vs industry average of 4.97% The numbers here are more than solid, and while we are covering the topic of value plays I think Kirkland Lake Gold falls perfectly into that category. I am still bullish on precious metals, despite the downward trend since August. The 10-Year US Treasury yield expanding is the first signs of real inflation coming to the market, which might be the catalyst to start the run in precious metals and all commodities.  Just off these financials alone I can't see Kirkland Lake Gold selling off much more than they already have, they seem to be at a deep discount. Definitely worth adding to the watchlist at the very least. I am thinking will see some convergence to the average in the coming months or years. This company is 100% a set it and forget it type company that can anchor your portfolio for years. As always these opinions are my own, and are not investment advice but for educational purposes. Please seek professional advice before making investment decisions. 
March 08, 2021
016 - Market Overview - What The Hell is Happening - Value Diversifying, The 10-Year US Treasury Yield & An April Catalyst You Might Not Have Thought About
The last three weeks have been not great for investors to say the least. There has been almost no safe space to hide, and I think you can tell from my voice and lack of enthusiasm in this episode it has been tough on me as well.  I wanted to touch on a few topics today, which is why the episode ran quiet long. First we get into the demolition that has been happening to growth stocks, and why diversifying and owning some commodities, value stock and even a little fixed income can help ease the pain when this is happening. Quick mention on my view on commodity stocks, including gold silver and oil, and why I like oil longer term. Oil prices are rising and these companies are so beaten up and forgotten about they have tremendous value in a risk-reward ratio point of view. Next I cover some basics of the 10 year US treasury yield, what it means and why it has such a major effect on stocks. Both growth and value. I know people have been hearing a lot about the 10-Yar yield but maybe do not fully understand why it is effecting stocks the way it is. Hopefully some questions gets answered there.  Lastly I go over a catalyst I want to keep my eyes on going forward that could trigger another market correction in April. Tax season. Less effected up hear n the great white north, hiding all our gains in our TFSA, but our friends down south might not be so lucky. For new investors, many of whom have seen significant gains, they have not had to allocate funds to pay the tax man yet and have a portfolio that is fully invested in the market. The selling that may come from them liquidating assets to pay the bill could be the next factor waiting to knock stocks. Here's to hoping we can get back to all time highs before that comes! As always my opinions are my own, and are not intended to be used as investment advice. Educational purposes only. Please do your own due diligence 
March 04, 2021
015 - Twitter Update; Beginner Investor Series: Share Price vs. Market Cap
Update of my recent tweets, and stock buys. I comment on my recent tweets about the stocks I have been buying and talking about. SKLZ, MAXR, CCIV, AAPL and RAAC Beginner Investor Series: Taking a look at market cap vs. share price, and buying penny stocks or large market cap stocks. Some new investors feel they can't invest in larger companies because they can only afford one or two shares. I would much rather you own one or two shares of a great company than 10,000 shares of a terrible company. We need to be measuring our gains in percentages rather than dollars and cents. 10% on a large stock even if you own 1 shares is better than 2% on a small cap stock, or worse yet, a loss. Bigger companies are typically safer than penny stocks, and if you don't have a ton of cash to play with you're likely better off buying the larger companies for the safety!
February 25, 2021
014 - Solar Power Sector - Solar Alliance vs Canadian Solar
Comparing two solar power companies. One big and one little. Solar Alliance is a penny stock that trades on the Canadian venture exchange, and has operations in USA. It has had a rapid price appreciation as of late, up 2300% I have my concerns with Solar Alliance as it has declining revenues, trades at 125x current revenues and has shown no material changes to justify the crazy recent price appreciation. I'm fairly new to the sector admittedly, but I don't see a real raw to this company. Canadian Solar, while a Canadian company, trades on the NASDAQ in USD. I like this option much better as it trades at a reasonable 15 P/E, and 1:1 price to revenue. It has established earnings and could look to profit from the recent administration change south of our border. I also like that management is consistently conservative with their guidance on earnings and revenue. They are not out here trying to pump the stock price with false promises.  Hope you enjoy the episode. Tweet me, email me or send me a message on Reddit! All links in the show bio!
February 21, 2021
013 - Word of Caution to Beginner Investors
A quick reminder to evaluate your investments rationally and to try and not get caught up in the euphoria of running share prices. If you aren't day trading, and don't have a defined exit strategy than exponential price appreciation might not be a good thing for you long term.  This podcast is a reminder of how to evaluate some risk and realize what you are paying for when investing in a company. I covert a couple basic examples of price to earnings and price to revenue examples and explain what it means in relation to what you pay per share price.  Also quickly comment on some macroeconomic data for Canada and the United States, with relation to the frothy market we are experiencing.
February 14, 2021
012 - Bitcoin Miners - HUT, HIVE, BTBT, RIOT & MARA
Bitcoin Miners are leveraged to the price of BTC, in the same way that gold miners are leveraged to the price of gold.  I refer to a lot of numbers across these 5 companies in this episode, so I have included  the numbers below to help listeners with a visual aid. All amounts are depicted in USD RIOT: Market Cap: $2.21B ; 40.25% gain today ; 842 ph/s mining power ; 820 BTCs inventory ; $2.62B price per 1000 ph/s mining power MARA: Market Cap: $3.01B ; 42.41% gain today ; 296 ph/s mining power ; 0 BTCs inventory ; $10.14B price per 1000 ph/s mining power BTBT: Market Cap: $1.23B ; 46.2% gain today ; 2245 ph/s mining power ; 122 BTCs inventory ; $0.55B price per 1000 ph/s mining power HIVE: Market Cap: $0.808B ; 7.16% gain today ; 326 ph/s mining power ; 140 BTCs inventory ; $2.48B price per 1000 ph/s mining power HUT: Market Cap: $0.577B ; 22.22% gain today ; 1031 ph/s mining power ; 3007 BTCs inventory ; $0.56B price per 1000 ph/s mining power **This is my own analysis and opinion and should not be taken as direct investment advice. Please see an investment professional before making any investment decisions, and please conduct your own due diligence**
February 09, 2021
011 - Blackberry Analysis
Blackberry (BB ; BB.TO) For those of you laughing at me thinking of your Blackberry from 2010, Blackberry is no longer a cell phone company, but a software and cyber security company.  their QNX software is an operating system for electric vehicles, and is used by 19 of the top 25 EV makers and accounts for 61% of the EV market. The EV market was roughly $5B in 2018, and some estimates have it pegged near $17.77B by 2024. estimates from Blackberry IVY is their intelligent vehicle data platform, which will help to manage data and communication between vehicle owners, charging stations and the manufacturers. IVY is set to benefit from the pre-existing partnership Blackberry has established with their QNX system, which is in 175M EVs currently.  Blackberry also has a healthy patent portfolio, with recent sales to Huawei to increase cash and invest in their IVY and Blackberry SPARK projects. They are currently in litigation with Facebook over other patents, and the general sentiment on the litigations is that Blackberry is the favorite to come out successful. However, Facebook is a giant with near unlimited funds to spend on litigation so do not count your chickens before they hatch.  Full disclosure I do own some BB.TO stock. My price range for adding to my position would be near $10-12 Canadian. I would have interest anywhere under $13 CDN. This would be about $8-10 USD if you are trading the stock on the NYSE.  Zack's recently upped their price target on BB to $29, which I personally think is quite rich, but does show you the high end potential this stock could have if the right catalysts fall into place.  **All analysis is my own, and these are my own opinions. Please seek a financial professional before making any investment decisions**
February 06, 2021
010 - GameStop, RobinHood & Market Manipulation
Hello and welcome back everyone. After a short vacation I have returned to give my overview of everything that has transpired over the past week with the GME and AMC situation and Reddit taking down Melvin Capital and Citadel. No stock picks or anything like that, but I wanted to go into a little bit of what exactly happened over the past week, where we are now and what can we expect moving forward.  Hope everyone enjoys, as what has happened over the past week will be in finance textbooks across universities in 5 years time. It is pretty cool we got to live through it, and I hope I did a good job breaking it down for people that don't fully understand what was going on. It can be tough when the news, your timeline of memes and various opinions are all giving contradicting information, yet everyone is talking about the same thing.  As always let me know what you think Twitter: 10MinuteInvesting Reddit: u/10MinuteInvesting 
February 01, 2021
009 - Airline Overview with Price Targets
Air Canada (AC.TO) - I am buying anywhere below $18.50 American Airlines (AAL) - I am buying anywhere below $12.40, but interested anywhere below $13.00 Delta Airline (DAL) - I am buying anywhere below $32.00, but am interested anywhere below $33.00
January 26, 2021
008 - MMED Overview
MMED is a screaming buy to me right now. Low end price target for me is $8, high end price target is $35.. I know , crazy right. But I mean it They have a great team, from investors to management to directors of clinical trials. Their current clinical trial leads are former directors at Johnson & Johnson, meaning MMED is going to have direct access to get their drugs into the hands of big pharma. Why swim upstream when you can go with the flow . If you don't own this stock I think you probably should. There is money to be made here, and we might still be waiting for a 5x bagger! **opinions are my own, I am not a financial advisor and will not be a financial advisor. Do your own due diligence or seek professional guidance before buying** 
January 23, 2021
007 - Sector Rapid Fire
On Sector Rapid Fire we cover three sectors that are making headlines, or I feel are going to be hot in the next couple months. Psychedelic Sector: I know I have been on this before, but I love the technical look of the psychedelic space right now. MMED is your horse in this space, and they look poised for a breakout. MMED has been consistently been testing the support level at $3.45 then quickly rising to test the resistance at $4.15-4.20. Just this week it has bounced off the resistance, but instead of continuing down to test the support it has reversed trend at $3.80 and made another run up to $4.18, closing Wednesday Jan 20th at $4.11. After the way it has been playing I love this move, and it couldn't be more timely. We have a new psychedelic ETF dropping any day now under the ticker PSYK, and this institutional buying pressure will drive prices across the whole sector. Even one headline with a clinical breakthrough or talk of the pending up listing and MMED is ready to soar.  Names I like in this sector: MMED, NUMI, RVV, ENBI, TRYP Airline Sector: The airline space is anything from back to normal, but I do see buying opportunities close ahead. Still riding some of that vaccine optimism, airlines have been trading sideways for about two weeks now, with many names like Air Canada, Delta Airlines and American Airlines reaching a critical technical level. The price of the stock, the 50 day moving average, and the 200 day average are all converging. This could mean a break out in either direction, and with United Airlines reporting terrible earnings and record losses after the closing bell Jan 20th, I can't see it being to the up side. Names I like and the price targets: Air Canada (AC.TO) : Trading at $22.89; Look to pick this up near $18.60 Delta Air Lines (DAL): Trading at $41.62; Look to pick this up near $30.95 American Airlines (AAL): Trading at $22.89; Look to pick this up near $12.80 Theater Sector: I do not love the movie theatre space, and AMC is on the verge of declaring bankruptcy. If you want to play this is a swing trade at best. Twitter and Reddit pumpers will be right there with you so you can find some support in that, but do not get to comfortable and keep your trading app open just in case. I feel safer with Cineplex, the Canadian counter part, just because to my knowledge they are not on the brink of no longer existing. I don't have confidence by any means, but if you could get CGX.TO near $5.50-$5 I would hop on that ride. One piece of optimistic vaccine news or lighter restrictions and you could catch a 100% flip up to $10-12 **All of these are my opinions and not to be taken for investment recommendation without consideration. Do your own DD, and if you're going to make a purchase just grow a sack and do it on your own free will. Don't be a little bitch and come running back to me if it loses you money**
January 21, 2021
006 - My Investing Story & Market Outlook
In this episode I go over a brief history of my personal investing story, the mistakes I made early and (hopefully) how I've learned from them to become a better investor now.  Next I quickly cover my outlook on a few industries, and where I think they are going in the short to medium term.  I am bullish on the psychedelic space in the short term, I think it will go on an amazing bull run in the next few months with the potential to make investors a lot of money if they are positioned well.  Tickers I like in psychedelics: MMED, NUMI, TRYP, RVV, ENBI & HAVN I do not like the electric vehicle space in the short term. Not because I don't see a future in it, I very much do, but because of the insane run that it has been on. Companies like NIO have gone from $2 a share, to $60 a share in a couple months. This was great for people who rode it up, but I would not be advising anyone to get into the space now. I think is time for a much needed correction, and then there may be an entry point once. Tickers to watch would be TSLA, IDEX, NIO, PLUG I am very bullish on all precious metals and commodities, but copper, gold and silver are my top three. I am going to continue to make episodes on the precious metal space in the coming weeks, and start to dive into specifically which companies I like and why. I will include a list of tickers below for each metal Copper: TORQ, TECK, IPG, CBK, APN, SURG, MARI, TKO, ORA, ERO, LUN, TRQ, CS Gold: ROXG, AR, KNT, IMG, NFG, BRC, LIO, VGLD, STGO, RISE Silver: SVE, SVM, PAAS, FSM & HUZ is a silver etf Please send us some feedback or what you would like to hear about Twitter: @10minuteinvesting **As always these are my opinions, and any investment action should be consulted with an investment professional prior to transaction**. 
January 19, 2021
005 - The Copper Outlook
I give my outlook on the copper industry, and why I think it is a great place to invest your money for the next 1-10 years. First we cover the macro effects that are affecting the entire precious metals and commodity sectors. Fiscal stimulus and expansion of the money supply is a great environment for real assets. Real estate, commodities, precious metals, all of these are going to benefit from the steady stream of stimulus we are seeing from governments all over the world.  As for copper, there are some specific factors for why I believe copper may be the biggest winner of all the real assets. The theme in all of it... clean energy. Only 17% of electric energy in the USA came from renewables last year, and with a democratic government in the states and a green energy sentiment expanding across the globe we will only see a rise in renewables energy and the increased investment into infrastructure to support it. Solar, wind and hydro-electric energy all require large amounts of copper to operate, not to mention the increased battery storage requirements to hold the energy after it is produced, until it will be consumed. This means an increased demand for all of the electric metals, most certainly copper. Middle of the road estimates call for an increase of 24M tonnes of copper per year, which would more than double the current global output at a little more than 20M tonnes per year. Analyst expectations say this demand would require a $1.7 Trillion investment into copper mining, which saw $600B in investment dollars from 2005 - 2018 in the last copper super-cycle fueled by the expansion of China. That's 3x the amount of investment, and likely these investments will not prove to be profitable unless we can see copper cross the $5 mark, putting upward pressure on the price of copper in the coming decade. The EV space is another reason we will need so much copper. Not only do electric vehicles need electric infrastructure for charging, they use 3-5x the amount of copper as internal combustion engine vehicles. That is roughly 180 pounds of copper per electric vehicle. Tesla alone is predicting 884K - 1M cars produced in 2021, and all other car manufacturers are moving toward electric fleets as well. Not to mention buses and other electric options.  The final factor for copper is its anti-microbial qualities. Following the covid-19 pandemic I have seen a marketing campaign by some copper producers as to why copper should be used in all public places for things like door handles, railings or subway poles. Places were we have a lot of people touching the same surfaces. Copper is pricier than other options for these products, but following the covid-19 pandemic we may see the push for copper in these public places to reduce the risk of disease transmission and to improve public hygiene standards.  All in all, I see nothing but up for copper in the next decade, and see it as a great place for investment. Moving forward I am looking at doing a Precious Metalsd Monday segment, where each Monday I will cover a topic related to precious metals or mining stocks.  Follow us on twitter: 10minuteinvesting Send me an email: Would love to hear from anyone! All feedback, comments or new topic suggestions are welcome **As always, these opinions are my own and do not make an investment decisions without consulting an investment professional.** 
January 17, 2021
004 - Air Canada - What to Make of the Canadian Airline Industry?
In today's podcast I give a 10 minute take on Air Canada, Canada's largest airline.  As everyone knows the pandemic has taken a considerable toll on the airline industry as a whole, but for companies like Air Canada who make their money on international travel, times have been especially trying. We cover three negative factors that are a concern for Air Canada and the airline industry, followed by three factors for why I think they can turn the plane around in 2021.  Weaknesses: WestJet is voicing their current struggles, and investors have to assume Air Canada is in the same boat; Air Canada is the Canadian leader in international flights, making them the hardest hit by government of Canada travel regulations in regards to the covid-19 protocols; an d Bill Gates has come out publicly to say he believes business travel will remain 50% lower on-going, even after the pandemic is over or severely reduced.  Strengths: Air Canada has rereviewed Apex's Diamond certification status, the only Canadian airline to do so and one of the first in the entire world; Partnership inked with McMaster Health Labs to try and use rapid testing protocols for reducing quarantine time post re-entry to Canada; and air Canada has a huge pending deal to acquire Transat AT, a Quebec based transportation industry.  Technical Analysis: Mixed reviews from the technicals, it looks like Air Canada could break out either way, and may be poised for a run to the up-side or down-side. The next few weeks of news on the company will be crucial to its direction.  Price Alert: I am setting a price alert warning for Air Canada between $18.80-18.50 to re-evaluate the stock and see if it the buying opportunity is there. If we see sub $18.80 in the next three weeks, likely I am a buyer of this company *Opinions are my own, please consult an investment professional before making any investment decisions*
January 13, 2021
Crypto Craze - My Analysis & Why Cryptos Hold Value
In this podcast I cover my take on the crypto market as a whole, along with my pick between Bitcoin and Ethereum.  We also cover the allure of Bitcoin and cryptos. What are they trying to achieve and why do they hold value? I start with a brief example of what money is in the technical sense and how gold made its way through the progression, then back to being just a store of value and not a system of money.  Next I go over some of the most common arguments against bitcoin as a currency, and some counter points to why I don't think those are good arguments.  Finally I sort between bitcoin and Ethereum and make my choice over which I think has more sustainability long term.  #Bitcoin #Ethereum #crypto #gold #inflation #DollarHedge *All information was found through public sources, and opinions are my own. Seek guidance from a financial professional before making any investment decisions.*
January 08, 2021 - Chinese eCommerce Giant
This episode we covered 5 points on Chinese eCommerce giant, and how it stacks up against Amazon and Alibaba, the leaders in global eCommerce 1) We cover some financial ratios of the three companies and look at some key differences 2) Moves in the Chinese Yuan in relation to the USD. How does this affect and your view of it? 3) Chinese stocks NOT being delisted from the New York Stock Exchange 4) The Jack Ma situation... What we know, and what it means for one of's biggest competitors 5) Cathy Woods of Ark Investments. If she's buying it, why not us too right? *All information discussed in this podcast was found publicly, and is all public information disseminated by the company. Opinions on investments are my own. Consult an investment professional before making any decisions*
January 07, 2021
Comparing MMED's bought financing deals to WEED
Comparing the bought financing deals of MMED that are happening currently to the past deals done by Canopy Growth Corp when they were entering their insane rally in 2018 & 2019. Bruce Linton is the board chairman of MMED, and has his finger prints all over the company. Especially in their dealing with the capital markets, where his skills lie. He was also the co-CEO of Canopy Growth Corp when they ran to their highs from late 2019 until the decent in mid 2019.  MMED is raising capital in a very similar way to Canopy Growth Corp, in an emerging industry as was Canopy in the weed sector and has a familiar face in its executive lounge with Bruce Linton. Comparing the two could be valuable towards gaining insights on MMED's run to recent highs, and the potential it has for the future.
January 05, 2021