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1001 Ways the World is Going to Die!

1001 Ways the World is Going to Die!

By Earthlink NTU
Has the impending doom of the world been weighing you down? Fret not, you’re not alone. Join us on 1001 Ways the World is Going to Die! – Earthlink NTU’s very own podcast with a positive, humorous but realistic take on some of the world's biggest environmental headaches. Embark on this journey with our roster of hosts and guests who discuss various topics ranging from fashion to oceans and unpack each way to prevent the world from dying.
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Episode #5: Unpackting the Zero Waste Lifestyle with Ms Florence
In this episode, we're honoured to be speaking to Ms Florence, the co-founder of Singapore's first-ever zero-waste grocery store, Unpackt! Our hosts, Damon and Presheena, embark on an insightful journey with the zero-waste lifestyle expert and learn about how Unpackt came about, and all their innovative strategies which allow them to sell eco-friendly items at an extremely affordable rate! In the second half of the episode, the speakers discuss broader environmentalism issues in the Singaporean context - from takeaway culture to the irreplaceability of plastic in our lives. Stay tuned till the end for some nifty hacks provided by Ms Florence for both zero-waste lifestyle newbies and enthusiasts!
June 14, 2022
Episode #4: West Coast CC Earth Hour 2022 Edition – Food Sustainability
What does food sustainability mean in the Singaporean context? Are we on our way to achieving our 30 by 30 goal? Hear directly from the experts on the matter on this very special West Coast CC Earth Hour 2022 Edition episode. This episode is brought to you as part of the Festival of Events for Earth Hour 2022. Tune in for our Facebook Livestream on the Friends of West Coast Facebook Page at 7.00pm on the 26th of March for a night filled with meaningful fun and exciting activities! This special episode features Ms Jolene Lum (founder of multiple ventures in the sustainable agrifood technology space, and currently at Asia Sustainable Foods Platform) and Ms Loh Jien Mei (co-founder of LiteLeaf: an urban farm which harnesses the latest technology to produce fresh vegetables for Singapore!)
March 21, 2022
Episode #3: Cracking the Corporate Code with Ms Regine [Part 2]
In this continuation of Part 1 of our episode “Cracking the corporate code with Ms Regine”, we follow up on our conversation regarding sustainability and delve into her perspectives from the Corporate world. We don’t hesitate to hold corporations accountable for their effect on the environment. But what can we do as individuals to contribute to the greater good of the planet and in turn ourselves? How can students play a role in the eco-revolution and learn and contribute in ways that they have never considered before. Stay till the end for tips to manage our time in university from NTU alumni herself! Tune in to part 2 of 'Cracking the Corporate Code with Ms Regine Chan' to have all your questions answered!
January 02, 2022
Episode #3: Cracking the Corporate Code with Ms Regine [Part 1]
Corporate sustainability has been the talk for quite a while, but what does it actually entail? What responsibilities do businesses bear and how is the landscape of environmentally-focused investments changing now? Join Harini & Wesley as they try to Crack the Corporate Code with Ms Regine Chan, an accomplished NTU alumnus who brings her wealth of corporate experience and invaluable insights to the table! P.S. – check out Part 2 of Episode 3 next! 
December 19, 2021
Episode #2: Unwrapping the Possibilities with Qiyun
On this episode of 1001 Ways the World is Going to Die!, Sara and Isha have a chat with 24-year-old Qiyun, who is a climate activist and a splendid artist. They discuss the effectiveness of social media activism, combating climate-anxiety, writing to your Members of Parliament, the issue of heat inequality, suitable gifting and much more. Learn how Qiyun started her page @theweirdandwild and what she has in store for us. Stay tuned for the last segment on Chinese New Year and the tiny differences we can make in this holiday season. 
February 11, 2021
Episode #1: Diving Deeper With Sam
On our first episode, we chat with Miss Samantha Thian, the Founder and CEO of Seastainable Co., who shares her experience of starting the East Coast Beach Plan and finding a purposeful life through the creation of her company. Samantha discusses her imperfect environmental journey and breaks down the East Coast Beach Plan for us, including how to join the clean-up and the current happenings.  We discuss business practices and what Singaporeans can do to become ethical consumers. Watch to find out more about Samantha in our last segment, '1001 Facts About You' and the most likely way in which she thinks the world is going to end!
October 30, 2020