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100% Dad with Townsend Russell

100% Dad with Townsend Russell

By Townsend Russell
This podcast is dedicated to encouraging dads and providing wisdom to dads. We interview dads and explore their stories and share insights into the world of dad!

Hosted by "America's Dad" Townsend Russell. Find more information on and follow @100dad
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100% Dad Podcast S2:E5 Robert from Apple TV movie DADS talks co-parenting and his sons heart defect
Robert has a fascinating story. He finds out he is having an unexpected son and demands the mom "take care of it" and refuses to believe he is the dad. A very quick change of heart occurs and he turns it all around and becomes a model father. His son was born with a congenital heart defect and they have both raised to a level of fame via various media outlets and the Apple TV movie, DADS. Check this one out!!  100% Dad is traveling the country with his family sharing encouragement and wisdom with Dads to create stronger and better families. Find more information and our Tour Schedule on
February 16, 2021
Ryan the Dad Model World Traveler Christian Co-Parent Dancing superstar S2:E4
This episode had just about everything. Ryan is a class act. Relies heavily on his faith and loves to share the WORD. He's is what ladies call "handsome". Add to that his desire to be a fantastic dad and a highly effective co-parent. Since he is an overachiever he also excels in his career and personal finances. But that's not enough....Ryan also dances and is really into fitness and traveling the world. Ryan might be the most eligible bachelor in Dallas.   But let us focus on the Dad aspect. Click play and enjoy.   100% Dad is traveling the country with his family sharing encouragement and wisdom with Dads to create stronger and better families. Find more information and our Tour Schedule on
February 12, 2021
Tommy Flames talks about becoming an entrepreneur and instilling values in his kids. S2:E3
This was a long one, I mean we could have gone on for hours. Small business is one of my favorite topics. I love seeing a guy like this start something from nothing. I love seeing him do it so his kids see what is possible. Chris (his real name) is a real stand up guy that is not afraid of hard work. He's a great dad and great husband that doesn't want to settle in life. Check this episode out it was a good one!!
February 9, 2021
IWD- Kyle Mitchell Discusses Social Anxiety with Dads and Kids S2:E2
I was hanging out at NASA when we recorded this podcast. Season 2 Episode 2 with Kyle Mitchell. Kyle came on and we discussed social anxiety in regards to Dads and Kids. We talked about some tactics to help and how to handle anxiety. Kyle is a social anxiety counselor on top of a career in marketing. Check him out on 100% Dad is traveling the country with his family sharing encouragement and wisdom with Dads to create stronger and better families. Find more information and our Tour Schedule on
January 25, 2021
IWD- Mark Talks having 5 daughters and a recent Divorce
Mark is California raised and now a Texas resident.   Mark has 5 girls and that's not a typo. He has 5 girls.  He is recently divorced after about 16 years and about a year out of recovery from a stroke.    Mark had some great insight for Dads of all age groups getting divorced because his kids ranged from toddler to late teens. He also has tremendous perspective into raising GIRLS!   100% Dad is traveling the country with his family sharing encouragement and wisdom with Dads to create stronger and better families. Find more information and our Tour Schedule on
January 18, 2021
IWD- Charlie C from OKC
Charlie is a big man with a big heart. I'm 6'2 and felt puny.   I met Charlie because I needed to rent a space with good internet to catch up on my files and do zoom conference. Charlie has the space!!   Charlie has 7 kids. That was not a typo. 4 are adopted. 2 through the state of OK and 2 through the continent of Africa.  He is a man of deep faith. In addition to managing his commercial properties, Charlie developed a fun app called Roll of Fortune and he wrote a book about his real-life experience adopting in Africa.    Link to the Book:   Link to the App:
December 9, 2020
IWD- David M From New Mexico
David Mendoca joins me on an episode of interviews with Dads. David is a hard-working dude. Traveling linemen has been his primary occupation. He is also really self-aware in the moment. So when his wife got sick he was quick to realize what he needed to change. It's a good story.
October 30, 2020
Interviews with dads- Efrain Reyes
Efrain joins me from California. We talk Hispanic culture, lower income struggles, and the biggest causes of challenges for kids.
August 27, 2020
Interviews with Dads - Joey Perez
Joey Perez
August 27, 2020
IWD- Ceasar from Houston
Ceasar answered the casting call. He works hard in the oil industry down in Texas. He has a super longterm relationship with his high school girl and has one son. Ceasars a great Dad, giving a lot of thought to raising his son, and is one hell of a guy.
August 5, 2020
Interviews with dads-Manny Torres
Manny gets to chat with me while I sit in my truck! Manny is married with 2 kids. Working from home and trying to be the best dad he can be.
July 17, 2020
Interviews with Dads - Your Cre8tivity Dylan Mazziotti
We do a joint podcast with Your Cre8tivity host Dylan Mazziotti.
July 17, 2020
George Bell Episode 11 Interviews with Dads.
George is awesome. Vet living the man's mans dream. Teaching people how to survive and shoot guns. Unfortunately he podcasts and drives so we got cut short......tsk tsk
June 27, 2020
Episode 10 100%Dad Evan Nicholosi
Evan Gives us some southern hospitality on his back porch in mississippi. Cigars. bourbon. foster. adoption. banking. random words or topics of discussion? you decide.
June 27, 2020
Interviews with Dads- Brian London Ep 8
Brian is one of my favorite people. He always makes me laugh. Hes a little stiff in this episode but I still like talking to him. And hes a Bradley Cooper impersonator apparently.
June 26, 2020
100% Dad Episode 9 interviews with dads. Jacob Tilton
We talk with jacob Tilton. One of 10 siblings. has 3 kids. grew up on thousands of acres. Former farmer now history teacher.
June 26, 2020
100% Dad Episode 007- Interviews with Dads- Jacob Wade
Jacob Wade. The budget master. Dad of 3 and living full time on the road.
May 2, 2020
100% Dad Episode 006- Interviews with Dads- Trey Morgan
We are joined by a texas pastor of 4 boys that literally wrote the book on marriage!!
May 2, 2020
100% Dad Ep 5 (2) Interviews with Dads- Joe Smith
We have Joe Smith. Military Dad. PA. Living in South Dakota. Talking everything from covid to youth weightlifting. 
May 2, 2020
Interviews with Dads - Ep. 5 - Mo Greene
We enjoyed talking to him on his podcast, Dad Hard with a Podcast, so much that we decided to bring him on our show. Interviews with Dads chats with Brooklyn native, Mo Greene, about the jewish culture, difficult pregnancies, and helping mom with night feedings. 
October 23, 2019
Interviews with Dads - Ep. 4 - Shawn Morris
We talk with Shawn Morris, founder of Hick Life, an outdoor, lifestyle brand, and chat with him about how childhood cancer has affected his life and how we all can get involved in lifesaving research. 
October 16, 2019
Guest Spot - 100% DAD on Dad Hard with a Podcast
I had the pleasure of featuring on Hard Dad with a Podcast this week! We talked everything 100% DAD, from erasing dads' label of "the family idiot", homeschooling, and bringing the father back into the picture of modern day parenting. Give it a listen and watch this space for his feature on Interviews with Dads. Spreaker - iTunes - Spotify -
October 9, 2019
Interviews with Dads - Ep 3 Sivyer
Back again by popular demand is the 100% DAD segment, Interviews with Dads. Tune in here... 
September 25, 2019
100% Dad- Interview with Dads- Episode 2- Louie Boulier
We changed the format. We will continue to improve. We Have Louie Boulier on and he floors me with some information at the top of the show. We talk insurance, purpose, providing, divorce and even getting fired. 
August 26, 2019
Pilot Episode 1 - 100%Dad- Intro and honesty
Episode 1 and introduction of 100% Dad. This episode explains the what, why, and who. We dabble on the importance of being honest and having integrity.
June 3, 2019