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By #100DaysOfCloud
#100DaysOfCloud is an online open-source community that strives to provide both technical and non-technical people with tools and resources related to Cloud technologies.

By building and fostering an accessible platform and a strong network of professionals from all levels, we hold spaces for journeyers to get both technical help and personal support, as well as projects to complete in order to enhance their real-world skills.
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CloudDive EP1 - Rails on Lambda with Ken Collins


CloudJourney EP1 - From Hiro to Hero!
Antonio Lo Fiego from the #100DaysOfCloud Core Team chats with Hiroko Nishimura about teaching and learning cloud technologies to beginners, developing a style for content creation, becoming an educational trailblazer, and her journey to being recognized as an AWS Hero. Follow Hiro:
January 13, 2021
CloudDive EP1 - Rails on Lambda with Ken Collins
Andrew from the #100DaysOfCloud Core Team goes Cloud Diving with Ken Collin asking the taboo serverless question: can and should you run a web-application like Ruby on Rails in AWS Lambda? Follow Ken Collins:
November 18, 2020