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The 10X Career Show

The 10X Career Show

By Amit Chilka
It's difficult to get ahead in your career with a traditional strategy. Every Wednesday join Amit Chilka, the author of Double Promotion Half the Effort and Fast Track Promotion Coach; as he unveils the proven modern-day strategy to grand career breakthroughs. If you want to get ahead in your career fast, snag a hefty salary hike, change careers, or just want to hear some great career advice, this is the podcast for you.
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7 Ways To [Still] Make The Most Of 2020
2020 isn’t the year anyone would have asked for. While it has had an adverse effect on the lives of people in ways more than one, the worst effect was seen on the career front - many lost their jobs or took a pay cut and those who had their job had their own set of challenges coping up with new normal. As we step into the last month of the year, I am sure, everyone would have started the countdown to bid adieu to the year! But hey, how about using the last few days of this year to finish strong and gear up for a fresh set of 365 opportunities?
December 2, 2020
3 ways to advance your career by giving thanks
It is Thanksgiving day tomorrow! I personally love this day as people express their gratitude towards everything that they have in life. Such a wonderful thing to do. While we gladly express our gratitude to our near and dear ones, this year why don’t we also extend this tradition to our workplace too and advance in our career by giving thanks?
November 25, 2020
7 habits of highly effective job seekers
While looking for a job, all job seekers want to get the best one, fast! And the best route you can take to succeed in your job search is identifying the habits that can help you on your journey. Keen on knowing what these habits are? In today’s episode, I talk to you about the 7 habits of highly effective job seekers.
November 18, 2020
Five Strategies For Effective Job Search During The Tough Times
When the going gets tough, the tough adopt new strategies to get going! The pandemic has affected the jobs of many. If you are one among them, have been searching for a job, tried everything, and have a feeling that all your efforts have been in vain - it’s time to adopt new strategies. In today’s episode, I want to talk to you about the 5 strategies to be effective in your job search and get into the one that’s best suited for you! And if you want to learn more register for my free webinar on 
November 11, 2020
5 mistakes stopping your from achieving breakthroughs in your career
In today’s episode, I will cover the 5 mistakes that derail your career success and a few simple tricks to avoid them. When you do so you overcome the tramp mentality and soon become a part of the highfliers’ league. So are you curious to know what these mistakes are? Let’s dive in!
November 4, 2020
9 Dark Secrets of the Corporate Career 
You Must Come to Terms with for Faster Growth!
Imagine this – you sign up for an instant weight loss program to lose weight and you do. You take pride in showing off the new you. But studies show that 90% or more of the people end up regaining the weight almost immediately after they stop the program. You feel bad about weight regain and ultimately give up. You accept that probably you will never be able to lose weight as you are born that way. Or maybe find some other excuse! Have you been able to spot similarities between the instant weight loss program and the “so-called” career courses you might have taken up in the past? If yes, then today’s episode is for you.
August 19, 2020
15 easy-peasy tips to attain Career Independence
With Independence Day around the corner, let’s take this great opportunity to nudge ourselves to think of all the ways we can exercise our independence, especially in our career. In this episode, in honor of our independence day and inspired by the quotes of the great freedom fighters here are 15 easy-peasy tips to attain career independence
August 12, 2020
E8 - 6 Powerful Career Breakthrough Lessons 
from the contradictory message by Lord Krishna
Krishna Janmashtami is round the corner and as we prepare to celebrate the birthday of our beloved child god, I would love to share with you 6 powerful career breakthrough lessons from the contradictory message by Lord Krishna, in today’s episode.
August 5, 2020
3 sure-fire ways to skyrocket your career during unprecedented times
by talking about the impact you create
The world isn’t bothered about the efforts put in, but about the impact that you create as a result of those efforts. So if, You have been taking a lot of effort at the workplace that has gone unnoticed, ask yourself if you have ever talked about the impact. If you haven’t, today I will be sharing 3 things you can do to talk about the impact instead of the efforts and skyrocket in your career, especially in the tough times we are in right now. Listen to this episode! 
July 22, 2020
5 ways to powerful career decisions even when it seems futile to plan anything right now.
No point planning careers right now. Wait and watch. The statement has become a cliche over the last few months. Yes, we are living in unprecedented times. In the midst of an ever-evolving pandemic, what is and isn’t “safe” is ambiguous and left best to be decided by time. Tomorrow is uncertain. But wasn’t it the case always? Then why are we thinking of leaving the planning for tomorrow? If we left the planning for tomorrow, in the times to come others will be executing and getting ahead, while you will be busy planning. So, though it might seem futile to plan anything right now, it is in fact the best time to do so. Want some handy tips? Listen to this episode! 
July 15, 2020
3 Gems of Career Advice you wish someone shared with you before the first job
Are you someone who is struggling to get ahead in your career? Are you someone who has been putting in a whole lot of effort at the workplace and not getting the recognition you deserve? Then, PAUSE! Something is not going right! What is the point of doing the same things over and over again and not getting the results? Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing and expecting different results. Why on earth would you want to be insane? Instead, uncover the 3 gems of career advice and take your career to a whole new level.
July 8, 2020
7 powerful ways to enhance your work-life by using humour at work
I strongly opine, “One good laugh—or better still, a workplace that encourages levity—builds cohesion.” So today on International Joke Day, let me share with you 7 powerful ways to enhance your work-life using humor at work.
July 1, 2020
7 Steps to a Killer Resume
So, you have a resume which when you send it to the recruiter goes unnoticed. You expect an interview call. You keep waiting. Eventually, you give up and apply elsewhere-to as many other positions as possible, but in vain. Frustrating, ain’t it? If that is you, I know it is painful. But, if your resume is getting unnoticed, it is high time you understand the problem is not with the recruiter but with your resume. It is high time you get a resume makeover!
June 24, 2020
Hard work is not the key to succcess
Hard-work is the key to success is one of the biggest lies you have ever heard. You have worked hard, haven’t you? Have you got all the success you deserve? If your answer is no, in today’s episode let me bust the biggest myth of all times!
June 17, 2020
The simple, easy-peasy, no-brainer mantra for career success.
In this episode I talk about a simple, easy-peasy, no-brainer mantra for career success. This is nothing different than what everyone knows already. But for some reason I find a lot of people not following it. So, relearn the mantra and know how to follow it in your day-to-day life. This will lead you to getting breakthroughs in everything that you do.
June 10, 2020