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Episode 51 | Hymen

An episode of 110 Parkside with Maur Kii & Rizky

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Tune into Maur Kii & Rizky and follow along with the crazy adventures of these very random friends, as they discuss Music, Fashion, and everything Pop Culture!

Produced by: @RizkyDigital
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Tune into Maur Kii & Rizky and follow along with the crazy adventures of these very random friends, as they discuss Music, Fashion, and everything Pop Culture!

Produced by: @RizkyDigital

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Episode 55 | Dave The Duck
Yerrrr welcome to another episode of 110 Parkside! This week our dynamic duo are rocking the podcast solo. After their church announcements our hosts start the episode discussing the passing of the young talented artist Juice Wrld which spins off into a discussion of the best decade for music. The duo go on to discuss last week’s new music releases and highlight Fat Joe’s release which takes Kii by surprise. Kii brings up a new video game where players play as Jesus and Rizk details Walmart Xmas sweaters featuring Santa Claus partaking in a certain festivity. All of this and more on this week’s episode of 110 Parkside. NEXT UP: Rizky’s: Savannah Ramirez “I’d Rather Go Blind” @ettajames_savannah Kii’s: Moon Children “Uno”  Luna @foundonthemoon Lo  @highaslo FOLLOW US @110ParksidePod Maur Kii - @MusicIsKii Rizky - @OfficialRizk | @RizkyDigital
December 10, 2019
Episode 54 | Know That Ass (Feat. Viv)
Yerrrr welcome to another episode of 110 Parkside! This week the dynamic duo are rocking  the podcast with Viviana Cortez. The trio start the show off getting into a few serious convos about religion, their Thanksgivings and a few out of the ordinary topics. As the episode goes on the trio get into the Weeknd Vs. PartyNextDoor, Disney + bringing back the Proud Family with new episodes and Snoop Dogg’s soon to come lullaby renditions of his greatest hits. At the end of the episode Viv calls her friend Paulina for a Q & A and Rizk goes on to prove how horny he isn’t. All of this and more on this episode of 110 Parkside!!! NEXT UP: Rizky’s: Stash Cash @stashcashofficial "Eyes on Me" (Feat. Jordan Fiction) Kii’s: $horty Duwop @hootiehoo_95 “MindGasms’” Viviana’s: Savannah Cristina @savannah.cristina “Self Care”  FOLLOW US @110ParksidePod Our Guest - @VivCortez Maur Kii - @MusicIsKii Rizky - @OfficialRizk | @RizkyDigital
December 3, 2019
Episode 53 | Urban Contemporary (Feat. Azin & Selena)
Yerrrr welcome to another episode of 110 Parkside. This week we have Azin and Selena as our lovely guests. Rizky starts the episode off asking Kii what was the worst thing to ever happen to his penis. From there the group got into discussions about the worse things a guy has done to our guests. Rizky also brings up male birth control and Kii and Azin act out how Kii would respond if asked by his significant other. After the first bulk of the episode the group go on to discuss PartyNextDoor, Grammy’ winners and the war on christmas. Azin goes into storytime detailing meeting  a certain celebrity who recently claimed to be putting out the album of the year. All this and more on this week’s episode of 110 Parkside. NEXT UP: Kii’s Next Up: “Wassup” By FG Thrilla, Lorde Sanctus & Dab Papi  @fg_thrilla @lordeofthesanctus @dabpagnepapi Rizky’s Next Up: “Turkey In The Grave #ThanksgivingBarz” By Peter Rosenberg  @RosenbergRadio Selena’s @selenurrrrrrr Next Up: “Frame” By Choker @choker Azin’s @azinsamadi_ Next Up: “Lips Closed” By Cash Gotti  @cashgotti_sl FOLLOW US @110ParksidePod Maur Kii - @MusicIsKii Rizky - @OfficialRizk | @RizkyDigital
November 26, 2019
Episode 52 | Disney + and Bust (Feat. Nikki Blaque, & Ejay)
Yerrrr welcome to another episode of 110 Parkside. This week we have double the guest with artist Nikki Blaque and newly established glasses line owner Ejay. To start the episode Rizky asks the group some hard hitting questions starting off with what are some manly positions to eat the p***y in. After that segment they get into Disney +, Tory Lanez’s Chixtape and a heated debate about Nicki Minaj’s contributions to the music industry. All this and more on this week’s episode of 110 Parkside. NEXT UP: Rizk’s Next Up: Diana Gordon - “Becoming” Kii’s Next Up: KV$HKEY Feat. VenomStayDrippin - Big Mad Nikki’s @nikkiblaquetv Next Up: Kaash Paige - Love Songs Ejay’s @__ejay_  &  yaje_vision Next Up: Dave East - On My Way 2 School  FOLLOW US @110ParksidePod Rizky - @OfficialRizk Maur Kii - @MusicIsKii @RizkyDigital
November 19, 2019
Episode 51 | Hymen
Yerrrr welcome to another episode of 110 Parkside. This week we have another special episode to help celebrate Veterans Day! This week the dynamic duo are rocking the show solo dolo but still get into some interesting news. Kii starts the show off detailing how Rizk failed to show up at his show which segways them into their church announcements. As the episode goes on the duo get into Tory’s new take on T-Pain’s “Sprung”, Drake and Kylie dating rumors and IG removing likes. At the end of the episode Kii announces that he might have a special surprise for his fans. All this and more on this week’s episode of 110 Parkside. Next Up: Kii’s Next Up: Lacree @itslacree | “Boom Bye (Dance)” Rizk’s Next Up: Lil 3Rd @girlthatslil3rd | “How You Doin”
November 12, 2019
Episode 50 | 110 Parkside Unscripted (Feat. Dante Trageser)
Yerrrr welcome to another episode of 110 Parkside. This week we have a special episode to help celebrate our 50th! All the way from Vegas we have Dante Trageser from his Unscripted Podcast for 110 Parkside Unscripted. The trio touch on Kanye taking a stand on porn, their favorite porn stars and the USAW banning transgender women from participating. Later on Rizky reveals a picture of blackface that leaves everyone on the fence on how offensive it may or may not have been. Dante also asks our duo some questions to see how manly each are. Before ending the episode Kii previews his new single coming on the 8th for his Next Up! All that and more on this week’s episode of 110 Parkside. NEXT UP: Kii’s: @musiciskii “Frienemies” (Unreleased Song Coming November 8th!!) Rizky’s: @beanzgotbarz “Blow” https://open.spotify.com/track/0THo0BHrctv0zErkwnPWFs?si=mH-IPReJT1atfX97clEWfw Dante’s: @dante_410 @unscriptedofficial @knockedloosehc “By The Grave” https://open.spotify.com/track/0KyHsaUAZfI5poFB2xo4JA?si=4lPTVE7zQ7qJabXJ50B9Ow
November 5, 2019
Episode 49 | Flip It in or Out (Feat. Mallory Hunter)
Yerrrrrrrr welcome to another episode of 110 Parkside with your hosts Rizky and Maur Kii. On this week’s episode we have the talented Mallory Hunter as our special guest. During the beginning of the episode the trio go on a rant about Mal’s sexuality, her type and much more. Later on once Kii is able to real in Rizky and Mal they discuss transgender males and their periods and public breast feeding being legal in all 50 states. The trio go onto discuss a Fresh Prince spin-off, Kanye’s “Jesus Is King” album and Lizzo being sued for some of her most quotable lyrics. Towards the end of the episode Mallory previews an unreleased song as well. NEXT UP: Rizky’s: “Deebo Style” (Feat. Masterloge) by Rob Vinci @rob_vinci Maur Kii’s: “Everybody” (Prod. So-Si) by So-Si @sew_sea_ Mallory’s: “Waiting” (Unreleased)  by Mallory Hunter @malloryhunterofficial
October 29, 2019
Episode 48 | Day Old (Feat. Oh. Cee)
Yerrrr welcome to another episode of 110 Parkside. This week we have Oh Cee as a guest. At the beginning of the episode the trio dive into college football talks with Cee giving some of his memorable moments from his time at UCLA. They go on to discuss the rules of a dick appointment,  Kanye dropping “Jesus is King” on the 25th and Suge Knight selling his life rights to Ray J. The trio go on to break the record for 110’s LONGEST EPISODE, but fun packed and full of uncensored dialogue. NEXT UP: Kii’s: @itslex1993 “ Hunnid Bandz” https://open.spotify.com/track/0XP3GKEoUl3fxKI8XfLy1o Rizky’s: @theshanemoyer “It’s Cool” https://soundcloud.com/shanemoyer/its-cool Oh Cee’s: @oh.cee “Not Today” https://open.spotify.com/track/3T53Y32nONWz26XH8duphe?si=NrJ8-CoHRnaCbXLSRacYpg
October 23, 2019
Episode 47 | Girth (Feat. Daicia)
Yerrrr welcome to another episode of 110 Parkside. This week we have Daicia a budding new artist from Memphis Tennessee. Starting the episode off hot Rizky puts Dai in the hot seat with a few questions about her sexuality and then Kii comes in with a few questions on her dating experiences. Throughout the episode the trio discuss Tyler Perry’s new studio compound, Training Day’s prequel, and Wale’s new album. Daicia goes on to discuss her distaste for Rhythm N Flow and later on speaks on her latest release “Garbage God”. NEXT UP Daicia | Got You - (@daicia_)   Kii | Cold 16 Part II - Dyallo (@dyallo256) & Shaii Da MAC (@shaiidamac_)  (StickGang) Rizky | Mirror - Malik Parker - (@_malik317) FOLLOW US @110ParksidePod Rizky - @OfficialRizk Maur Kii - @MusicIsKii @RizkyDigital
October 15, 2019
Episode 46 | The Creek
Yerrrr! You already know what it is, your boys Rizky and Maur Kii are here to dive right into it. The guys discuss their hectic night out in Downtown LA, not to mention some stranger trying to lick Rizky. The guys get into the hottest beef in hip hop, Travis and Kylie, and much much more!  FOLLOW US  @110ParksidePod  Rizky - @OfficialRizk  Maur Kii - @MusicIsKii  @RizkyDigital
October 8, 2019
Episode 45 | Civil War
Yerrrr welcome back to another episode of 110 Parkside with your hosts Rizky and Maur Kii. This week the duo talk about Spider-Man returning to the MCU and Kanye’s “Jesus Is King” album that as expected didn’t drop. Kii brings up a potential Recess live action movie that ends in an unforeseen surprise and Rizky ponders the sides of a potential Civil War. The two also discuss why Kii thinks he’s single. All that and more on this week’s episode!
October 1, 2019
Episode 44 | Build-A-Barbie
Yerrrr what a freakin' episode! Welcome to another episode of #110Parkside The fellas start off by dissecting the different types of women in the world. They then move into school shooting issues.. we know wild, but wait there is more. The guys reveal the worst things they have done in life all while trying to update you on all the things going on in the world! All this and more on a new 110 Parkside
September 24, 2019
Episode 43 | Bang Bros
YERRRRRR welcome back to another episode of 110 Parkside. This week Rizky and Kii got their white girl on and tried White Claw, talked about Bang Bros and more. Rizky decides to introduce a new segment where the guys try out the new trending alcoholic beverages. Kii’s still a virgin and brings up the possible renewable of Drake and Kanye’s old beef. As usual the guys showcase some promising talent in the Up Next segment as well. Don’t forget to visit the site in order to get the link for the OG version of Lil Wayne’s “Carter 5”! Next Up: Rizky: Rob Vinci | "King Me" Kii: HowFlyy | "Own 2" FOLLOW US @110ParksidePod Rizky - @OfficialRizk Maur Kii - @MusicIsKii @RizkyDigital
September 17, 2019
Episode 42 | Is She Their Father?
Yerrrr the boys are back and better late than never! We are officially on YouTube and we have a bunch to talk about. The guys get into Nicki Minaj and if she will be missed while retired. Blue's Clues and its many host, Bod Boys trailer and the guys have an interesting transgender discussion all this and more on the new 110 Parkside FOLLOW US @110ParksidePod Rizky - @OfficialRizk Maur Kii - @MusicIsKii @RizkyDigital
September 13, 2019
Episode 40 | TOXIC
Yerrrr we are back to discuss a whole bunch of “risky” topics. The guys jump into the #50Cent #Power Remix. The guys dive into the situation with #Sony vs #MCU and #Spiderman The fellas even have a heated debate on toxic masculinity and in a swerve Rizky is defending the respect of women while Kii is arguing on why women should have more respect for themselves. All this and more on an exciting episode of #110Parkside Next Up Picks Rizky’s Pick - @OfficialRizk Climate Change - @SoUnique954 Maur Kii’s Pick - @MusicIsKii Four’s In - @weegg_
August 27, 2019
Episode 39 | YERRRR with Dab Papi
Yerrrrr. Welcome back to another episode of 110 Parkside where we’re still breaking all the rules. This week we have fellow New Jersey Native Dab Papi as a guest as we discuss Jay Z’s deal with the NFL and the backlash that’s followed since, Young Thug’s new album, and last week’a Hotline Question. We also deep dive into Maur Kii’s PG-13 late night tweets and Rizky has story time where he flashes back to drunken nights with Dab!
August 20, 2019
Episode 38 | Soiled or NOT Soiled
Welcome everyone to another episode of 110 Parkside on this wild episode Maur Kii & Rizky talk all about #RickRoss Album #PornStars hiring hits the paper clip from microsoft word and we break down the math on if it is possible for #BlueFace to sleep with 1,000 women in 6 months Follow Us @110Parkside @MusicIsKii @OfficialRizk @RizkyDigital
August 13, 2019
Episode 37 | Cause I've Got Depression
And we’re back with another captivating episode of 110 Parkside with Maur Kii and Rizky! This episode Rizky starts things off talking about the recent shootings followed by a review of Drake’s latest “Care Package”, Kii mentioning Lebron and his AAU incident at his son’s basketball game, shots every 30 minutes and way more!  Follow Rizky @officialrizk Follow Maur Kii @musiciskii 
August 6, 2019
Episode 36 | The Boys Are Back
What is up everyone welcome back to 110 Parkside! We address why there is only 2 of us, where the podcast goes from here, including Drake, Chance The Rapper, and much much more!
July 30, 2019
Episode 34 | “L.A. Kii”
Welcome back to 110 Parkside where we are joined by LA Kii
February 23, 2019
Episode 33 | "Vagina Pocket"
This is episode 33 of 110 Parkside and Blanc is missing! Fear, not Rizky calls in an audible and Mason is here to step in.   Next Up Picks   Rizky | Racks on Racks - Manny Litt Mason | Thought It Was Love - Tray Bndo Maur Kii | Mood Change - Baccwood Lifa
February 1, 2019
Episode 32 | "Trolljoua Boy"
Next Up Pick's   Blanc's | NIKES by Raheem Rizky's | Grace by nZo Maur Kii's | IMU by Donnie Drako
January 28, 2019
Episode 31.5 | "Do You Have Your Shots?"
We are back to talk about all the latest news!   Next Up Picks   Blanc | Thai - Chills   Rizky | Fergie Baby - Street Code   Maur Kii | Y2 - A Goat In Wolves Clothing
January 16, 2019
Episode 30 | "1-800-SENSITIVE-SAVAGE"
It’s time! Welcome to 110 Parkside Maur Kii is here, Blanc is here, Rizky is here, we had a guest but white boy tony flakes out as expected. TY$ is gonna get locked up. More News from Cardi and Offset, Wayne thinks Nicki is better than Rihanna Kanye big mad at Drake. we debate the king of R&B and we finally give you our top 10 albums of the year. It's episode 30 BABY!!! Next Up Maur Kii’s pick | Dab Papi – Frontrunners (Like KD) Blanc’s Pick | Thutmose – Ride With Me Rizky’s Pick | AJ West – Love of My Life
December 19, 2018
Episode 29 | "Free The Nipple"
Welcome back, to 110 Parkside! Fresh off a small Thanksgiving vacation we have a lot of things to catch up on. The biggest news hit this week with the split of Cardi B and Offset, Starbucks banned porn so porn banned Starbucks. Dwight Howard is going raw at sex parties, and the first ever THOTAudit18 is here. Like always, I am Rizky, and I am joined by my closest friends, Maur Kii, and Blanc. Come on in, take your shoes off at the door this is 110 Parkside!   Next Up:   Maur Kii | New Friends - Mir Fontane Rizky | Real Life - C-Light Blanc | Check Clear - Heav
December 8, 2018
Episode 28 | "FeFe"
Welcome to 110 Parkside, Jill Scott gave ghost head heard around the world. Kanye West is pushing back Yhandi, but fear not we finally got new music and, TI, Cardi, & Chance get a Netflix show. 69 is back in jail is he done or is it album promo. Celebrities are struggling with the fire, while President Trump struggles with the rain. And a man got arrested for threats for saying he was about to blow up the bathroom. Oh, and how could I forget, Happy Thanksgiving everyone and safe travels.   Next Up: 1 - 10 picks Maur Kii | Feel Like This - So-Si Rizky | Heart of the City- Kyah Baby Blanc | Late Nights - tgiFly   Other Links nZo Album     Join the convo #110Parkside or follow us at 110Parkside.com Follow us! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook – @110ParksidePod Follow Maur Kii Instagram | Twitter – @MusicIsKii Follow Rizky Instagram | Facebook | Twitter – @OfficialRIzk Follow Blanc Instagram – @Von_Le_Blanc
November 19, 2018
Episode 27 | "Straight Out The Jungle"
New 110 Parkside on this episode the guys dive right into the sad news coming out of Thousand Oaks with the mass shooting. They also dive into the #Takeoff album and compare it to Quavo’s. Are we ready to get emotional with Offset? Then, #Brazzer’s newest star, Iggy Azalea? Would you be a jury for #ElChapo? And can he find you in the Outback mate? Are we selfish as fans for wanting good music? Does #TheWeeknd need to be hurt and #Future need to be high for us to get the music we want? All this and more on #110Parkside     This Weeks Spotlights   Maur Kii’s Pick - Baccwood Lifa - Move   Rizky’s Pick - Shane Moyer - Demons   Blanc’s Pick - Pick Sweat$ - Call Me
November 9, 2018
Episode 26 | "Hungover"
On this episode, the guys recap their Halloween, then they do a deep dive of the Tory Lanez album and discuss Bad Boys 3.   Join the convo #110Parkside or follow us at 110Parkside.com Follow us! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook – @110ParksidePod Follow Maur Kii Instagram | Twitter – @MusicIsKii Follow Rizky Instagram | Facebook | Twitter – @OfficialRIzk Follow Blanc Instagram – @Von_Le_Blanc
November 2, 2018
Episode 25 | Bring A Condom
Welcome to episode 25 of the number 1 Hip-Hop & Urban Pop Culture podcast, 110 Parkside. We dive into the upcoming new music with Takeoff's solo debut album on the way soon. Then they talk about some things going on in the world of Facebook from people parting too hard and going through the floor and we dive into our Facebook memories. Rizky gives a quick review of the movie The Hate U Give, and much much more! Join the convo #110Parkside Follow us! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook – @110ParksidePod Follow Maur Kii Instagram | Twitter – @MusicIsKii Follow Rizky Instagram | Facebook | Twitter – @OfficialRIzk Follow Blanc Instagram – @Von_Le_Blanc
October 26, 2018
Episode 24 | Let's Get It
Kii is back in the studio, the guys talk the new music that just dropped. They discuss #Quavo, who had the best album of 2018 and if 2018 is the nest year for #HipHop this decade. Then they discuss 40 spilling the beans on #Drake and should we watch the fall of #OVO? The guys also get into knowing your self-worth and how to maintain it while being in a relationship. All this and more plus a Rizky rant on this week's episode of #110Parkside
October 19, 2018
Episode 23 | Hand Condom
On this episode of 110 Parkside, the guys talk a lot about nothing covering Kanye West out the White House embarrassing stories from their youth, music and much much more. It's Episode 23 what can we say, we lit!!!
October 11, 2018
Episode 22 | Fuck My Spleen
rizkynetwork.com/trip/download 😈
October 5, 2018
Episode 21 | Rebranding
Outstanding! We are back sorry we missed last week but it got a bit confusing with our timing. After some back and forth BS. We get into all the Kanye West News. We talk about Suge Knight, and then the For The Love of Kii debacle. Also is Floyd Money Weather Broke? And a bunch of random shit that makes this one entertaining episode! Sponsors: Spirit Halloween - 110Parkside.com/Spirit VapeWorld - 110Parkside.com/Vape50
September 26, 2018
Episode 20 | Buck Ass Naked
Who is ready for number 20?! We are celebrating a lot this episode Maur Kii moving to L.A. Rizky going back to school, & Blanc’s Birthday!  We start out with a Birthday shout out from Rori to Blanc. We then get into the dirt of new music coming out, if Kanye West drops Watch The Throne 2 with him and 6ix9ine will you listen? Rizk also talks to a member from inside the Kanye, Lil Pump I Love It video. Next, we pay our respects to the late Mac Miller, Rest in Power. Then Rizky gets his hands on Tha Carter V’s rumored track list. Then should people get royalties for dances that they create? Then are Four Lokos back or nah? Then what you have been all waiting for! For The Love of Kii Part 2! Another girl gets the locks changed on her! Then to wrap it up, what counts as an invite? All this and more on #110Parkside. Sponsor – AudibleTrail.com/110Parkside Make Sure you follow Ryan Grim Photography & Film https://www.instagram.com/ryangrimphotoandfilm/ Join the convo #110Parkside or follow us at 110Parkside.com Follow us! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook – @110ParksidePod Follow Maur Kii Instagram | Twitter – @MusicIsKii Follow Rizky Instagram | Facebook | Twitter – @OfficialRIzk Follow Blanc Instagram – @Von_Le_Blanc
September 14, 2018
Episode 19 | Grass Cutter 5s
We made it, episode 19! The get into breaking down the surprise Eminem album. Then after that, the very first episode of "For The Love of Kii" 5 girls enter one gets the locks changed on her. Then the guys dive into Nike signing Colin Kaepernick. They wrap it up with discussing porn stars. This is 110 Parkside brought to you by Audible. All this and more on #110Parkside Sponsor – AudibleTrail.com/110Parkside Join the convo #110Parkside or follow us at 110Parkside.com
September 7, 2018
Episode 18 | Bhocolate Bhip Bookies
Episode UNO OCHO!!! Welcome to 110 Parkside the guys are back for another week and they kick it off with discussing if transgenders should have their own section on dating apps (9:30). Then we talk about the STD that is out here melting dicks out(13:00).  Next has Nicki Minaj fallen off? (21:00)  Then for the Love of Kii coming soon! All this and more on #110Parkside Sponsor – 
August 31, 2018
Episode 17 | Popcorn Hoe
Welcome back everyone to 110 Parkside: The Podcast Breaking All The Rules. The crew is all back together and they start off by recapping all that has been going on with them, from Kii being pissed at #KylieJenner to Blanc almost getting murdered and the Russian Burrito thief. The guys then get into Drake's baby mama's DM where she talks all the craziness on Drake but is he immune to drama? (30:00) After that Rizk, Blanc, & Kii dive into their opinions of BlacKKKlansman, is it the most powerful movi
August 21, 2018
Episode 16 | Glow Up
Sorry for a short one, on this episode the guys talk about Astroworld, YG, fighting old people, and would you go back in time to refuck someone. Join the convo #110Parkside     Sponsor –  Audible Join the convo #110Parkside or follow us at 
August 9, 2018
Episode 15 | F.O.T.S. (Feat. Dab Papi)
110 Parkside is back with a special guest Dab Papi, we all jump right into it and talk about FOTS Rori's going away party. The guys debate who the king of R&B is? Also, the Astroworld album is on its way! K Dot on power was his acting debut a success? and much much more.    Sponsor – AudibleTrail.com/110Parkside
August 3, 2018
Episode 14 | Big Dick Energy
Damn it’s felt like a long time. Welcome to 110 Parkside brought to you by Audible, powered by Rizky Network. They guys are back contracts are signed… well, Kii is signed Blanc is still holding out. The crews dive right in to discuss the new 6ix9ine track FEFE(8:00). Then in other news, Kendrick Lamar is making his acting debut in Power (14:00). Then Demi is addicted to the heroine (22:00). Also, Tony The Tiger vs. the D.A.R.E Lion (23:00).  Beyo
July 28, 2018
Episode 13 | It’s Creamy
Well, this episode is off the rails, Blanc is drunk, Rizk is crazy, and Kii is here haha. They jump right into it with craziness, Rugrats are back, then Blanc wants to start his own blog but not until he gets his contract from Rizky Network. The guys dive into YG stealing in Vegas, Jimmy G starts dating a porn star, and much more. Join the convo #110Parkside     Sponsor – AudibleTrail.com/110Parkside
July 20, 2018
Episode 12 | The King
110 Parkside is back, the guys jump right into talking about the Drake freestyle and debate if Kanye really spilled the tea. Also, the guys get into Future's tweets, and is Cardi B the King of NY? The guys talk about some of the L's they have taken with females and also get into some run-ins they have had with celebrities. All this and more, powered by Wix.   Sponsor - 110Parkside.com/Wix  
July 13, 2018
Episode 11 | Cufflinks
The guys are back with an all-new episode, breaking down Drake's new album, talking Nicki Minaj, and much much more!   Shop - 110Parkside.com/Shop
July 7, 2018
Episode 10 | Pause
We are back! After missing a week the guys are back to talk about everything that has been happening in the past 2 weeks. They start off with the big news that we are now available on Spotify! Then we jump into the XXX killing, we hit on the BET awards, the Drake album speculation, and much more.
June 29, 2018
Episode 9 | Dad Bod
On this episode of 110 Parkside the guys are back to discuss; Summer Jam, XXL Freshmen List, Baby Daddy Day, TV show idea, and much much more! Join the convo #110Parkside   Shop - 110Parkside.com/Shop
June 15, 2018
Episode 8 | Upset
Sorry for the poor quality but we are recording via Skype since Rizky is still on vacation. The guys jump back into Pusha T vs. Drake the Ye Album Rizky drops some exclusive news, fan questions and much more.   Shop - 110Parkside.com/Shop     Song   Simple Things Maur Kii Available Friday!
June 7, 2018
Episode 7 | No Homo
Sorry for the early episode but the guys are here to discuss the Pusha T vs Drake Saga, along with the Morgan Freeman sexual harassment. The guys also dive into 13 Reasons Why, the NBA Finals, and iPhone vs Samsung! All this and more on #110Parkside 
May 30, 2018
Episode 6 | Drummer Boyz
Well, the podcast starts out a little slow... but they get their lives together and get it talking on Janet Jackson winning the Billboard Icon award (03:40). Then Rizky needs answers so he calls up a girl he took out to figure out why he got curved (25:00). Then roll tide! Are you surprised people from Alabama say the N-word with no hesitation (38:00). NFL anthem protest, and gun control all topics that get hit on.   Join the convo #110Parkside or follow us at 110Parkside.com
May 24, 2018
Episode 5 | F**K IT with Rori
Welcome to 110 ya'll. We have a special guest this week her name is Rori! They all jump right into the rumors between Young Thug & Lil Uzi, are they dating (5:20)? Next, it's back to the J Cole debate (12:00)! Then the guys, and Rori get into a big debate, do girl know how to give head anymore (29:00)? Rori gives tips on picking up women in the club (42:00), and Rizky breaks down the "seasons" in the relationships (1:00:00)! All this and more on the latest episode of 100 Parkside! Join the convo #110
May 18, 2018
Episode 4 | MOMMA!
Happy Mothers Day! This week the guys call home to their moms but first they talk about the new Childish Gambino song This Is America(3:00). First up is Mama Kii and boy was that a good one we can dive into the life of a young Kii(27:00). Next up is Mama Rizky and what else would you expect its Rizky(40:00)! From Blanc's side, we have two interviews! His MAMA(55:00)! AND his AUNTIE (1:00:00)!   Join the convo and follow 110Parkside.com #110Parkside.  
May 11, 2018
Episode 3 | Shorts & Timbs
The struggle is real! 110 Parkside is back... and it's CINCO DE MAYO!!! It all starts with the elephant in the room Mr. Kanye West (3:30). Meek Mill is also home but was he wrongly convicted at 19 years old to start with (12:00)? Also, was Bill Cosby talking about raping women on The Cosby show(24:00)? The guys also talk about their top 5 actors(34:00). Blanc, and Kii go in on Rizky for the age he lost his virginity, so Rizky calls up the girl he lost his "V-Card" too(40:00)! Then we take a fan question
May 5, 2018
Episode 2 | I Miss The Old Kanye
Welcome back to 110 Parkside, you know Rizky had to start it off with an apology. They guys jump right into it with the breakdown of the new J. Cole project (05:20). Plus Kanye West is back on twitter talking crazy but will it stop you from downloading his album(20:00)? Also, Rizky reveals his ways of sliding into the DMs (43:00). Oh! How do we forget Rizky walks off angry with Kii, & Blanc (01:00:00). We give our respects to Avicii (01:04:23). Lastly Time Magazine Top 100 (01:06:00)!!! Join the conv
April 25, 2018
Episode 1 | Welcome to Parkside
Welcome to Parkside! This first episode starts with fire while Blanc, Rizky, & Kii start off with a hot subject, CHEATING (4:45). Lucky for us, J Cole announces his new album and Rizky argues Cardi B vs Meek Mill (18:30). Also we get into a 90s TV show debate(45:00).Rizky asks is Taylor Swift ruining black culture (1:00:00). And they talk a real-life Dear White People situation at Cal Poly University (1:35:00). All this and more join the convo #110Parkside Things Talked About: Orlando Brown Arrest &#
April 18, 2018
Your newest favorite podcast with Maur Kii, Rizky, & Blanc is coming soon! Join the convo by talking #110Parkside
April 16, 2018
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