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123 Momsquad

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By Jennie Lynn
I am a daughter, sister, wife, and a mother to 2 beautiful children. For over 20 years, I have suffered from several illnesses and chronic pain. My ongoing medical issues, coupled with the challenges associated with motherhood, have left me feeling lost and overwhelmed. I
learned to cope with these problems by working deeply on my inner spirit to address my mental and physical traumas
and heal my soul. I started this podcast to mentor and support women who suffer from similar struggles. Join me on my new journey, fulfilling my passion by helping others.
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31. What are the benefits of Castor oil? Sherri McKnight, Medical Advisor from The Queen of the Thrones (castor oil & liver pack) Co. talks ALL things Castor Oil and beyond!
If you are someone that struggles with inflammation and ways to keep it at bay; you'll want to catch this episode!  Sherri McKnight from the Queen of the Thrones shares her knowledge and expertise with us. I couldn't believe ALL the incredible benefits castor oil can have to help support our body. From fertility issues to PMS, constipation and more! You can also find more information on this on my previous episode 8! I am so excited to share ALL this amazing information with you! Sherri is a Natural Healthcare Practitioner having earned her classical training as a Homeopath with the Canadian College Homeopathic Medicine. She has been in practice treating patients for over 10 years from the small town of Elora, Ontario.  CONNECT WITH SHERRI MCKNIGHT Instagram- Healingwith.Sherri IG- QUEEN OF THE THRONES IG- Dr. Marisol- Founder of Queen of the Thrones WEBSITE- QUEEN OF THE THRONES    USE CODE -123 MOMSQUAD for 10% OFF your ENTIRE Order!! (enter coupon code at check out) ***************************** Are you signed up for my weekly Newsletters? Go to to get signed up!  The Podcast Now has its own website! You can find it at You can connect with me On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WATCH ALL MY GUEST INTERVIEWS ON MY YouTube channel!!  ****************************** Thank you for listening to Season 1 of my show! I appreciate YOU!  I would love it if you shared your favorite episode with a friend and SUBSCRIBED, RATE & REVIEWED the show! XO Have an incredible summer and stay healthy my beautiful friend, I'm rooting for you!  XO Jennie Lynn
July 07, 2022
30. WARNING!! The truth about your future, from me! I get real with ya! A bit different from previous shows. What does the future mean to you? You don't want to miss this!
Having a creative brain can be both a blessing and a curse. I get ideas ALL day long, no matter if I'm awake or not, or wet or dry.  : )    (you'll have to listen to see what I mean by that) LOL .  This show was created on my voice app on my iPhone so I hope the quality is okay for you.  You never when the inspiration will hit.  How do I stay positive? Good question-I listen to ALOT of motivational podcasts, audible books, YouTube videos and do ALOT of inner work on myself. It takes, time, patience, focus and consistency!  This episode is a bit different from all the others. I get personal and up close on how I feel about moving forward. Moving through traumas and getting unstuck.  Are you ready? I think this might be a good episode to SHARE with your friends that may need a little extra nudge. If you are feeling blah and like your life isn't going anywhere then this is a great one to listen to!  I hope you enjoy it! I would love to know your thoughts.  ************************************* Please don't forget to RATE-SUBSCRIBE-REVIEW and SHARE! I am truly grateful for each one of you! XO Visit my website to get my Monday newsletter and stay on top of everything "Momsquad" related! Find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn and YouTube! All the links are in the webpage! Did you know the podcast now has it's OWN website? Check it out here!  Love ya! XO Jennie Lynn
June 30, 2022
29. When in doubt there's always "HOPE!" My guest, Kate Glaser, founder of HOPE RISES shares her incredible mission of giving back and sharing inspiring stories of strength.
This episode was so special to me. My beautiful guest is, Kate Glaser, founder of the "HOPE RISES" brand. She is a fellow Buffalonian and shares her mission to help spread kindness across the globe. More on Kate; Kate Glaser is the Founder of Hope Rises, a good news blog and giveback hub that spans all corners of the globe. Hope Rises, which aims to ignite hope through stories of love and goodwill, has raised more than $250,000 for individuals, families and causes in need since 2017 and has an average 6-8 million weekly reach on social media. Kate, a former television journalist and nonprofit marketing expert, now runs Hope Rises as a nonprofit and is also a brand and storytelling consultant for a number of clients, big and small. She resides in Western New York with her three children, including twins, her two rescue dogs and her husband and business partner, Brian. CONNECT WITH KATE: Website Facebook: Hope Rises News Instagram: Hope Rises Network ********************************************* Check out my NEW Podcast website at: Main Webpage: You can find all my Social media links on my website! Don't forget to RATE-SUBSCRIBE-REVIEW and SHARE! I truly appreciate Y.O.U!! Thank you for spending your time with me.  XO Jennie Lynn
June 16, 2022
28. What is Reiki and how can we apply it to our daily life? Let's talk about how much our energy can affect our body & mind. Making the world a better place, with Holistic Astrologer, Joli Knott.
I could've talked to Joli for hours! She just makes me smile; her energy is so soothing. I hope you can check out our interview on YouTube. Are you subscribed to my channel yet? You can find the show here:-------------> 123 Momsquad *********************************** About my guest- Joli Knott is a Holistic Astrologer, Reiki Master, and the founder of Bodhi Mindful. Her beliefs on healing are grounded in the power of heart-centered connection and presence. Using a variety of techniques incorporating symbolism, stories, astrology, energy work, and more, Joli seeks to provide a nurturing space for those women willing to go deep in furthering their journey of self-understanding, self-development, and growth. Healing is about moving from fixity to flow and learning to become one's own medicine. When we heal from within, we begin to heal all that is around us, too, making the world a better place for everyone. CONNECT WITH JOLI- Instagram: Website: Facebook: ************************************ Thank you for listening and spending your time with me! I am so thankful we found each other! You can find ALL my social media links on my website! ----------------------> Have a beautiful day! XO Jennie Lynn
June 09, 2022
27. Let's talk about FOOD! What to eat/avoid if you have inflammation. What's the difference in all the "oils?" I speak with Registered Dietician Nutritionist, Lauren Tronolone with Eats Nutrition.
What should we eat? What shouldn't we eat? We all have questions when it comes to food, so let's talk about it! In today's episode we go deep into the different type of cooking oils. What is the difference between a Dietician and a Nutritionist? Is there a difference? Why do we think food is our enemy? My guest, Lauren Tronolone with "Eats Nutrition" shares her take on all thing's food and our daily diet. About my guest: Lauren Tronolone is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) from the Western New York area who helps her clients celebrate their body as well as food choices! Lauren's philosophy as an RDN is all about "being in control of your food choices and knowing that all foods can be a part of a healthy lifestyle”. Lauren's goal with all of her clients is to help them create a healthy relationship with themselves, finding confidence with both their body and food, and learn how to properly take care of their bodies without feeling like they are sacrificing the foods they enjoy and love. Every food fits in a healthy lifestyle in my book.  Where to connect with Lauren: Website: Email: Instagram: Tiktok: Program Application: Book a Free Discovery Call: *************************** Where to find me: Facebook- 123momsquad DON'T FORGET TO RATE, REVIEW AND SUBSCRIBE SO YOU KNOW WHEN A NEW EPISODE HAS DROPPED! Thank you for spending your time with me. XO Jennie Lynn 
May 26, 2022
26. Letting go of a life filled with trauma. Becoming aware of our feeling and how to let them go. More on EFT (Tapping) with my guest, Ann Hince
This episode is full of deep emotions. My guest, Ann Hince shares with us how traumatizing it was to find her mom deceased on her bathroom floor, when she was only 19 years old. Only, it took her over 20 years to realize this! She later discovered the tears from that trauma were still just under the surface. Ann found a simple technique that helped her release these emotions - but she went further and can now put her awareness inside her body - and has changed the bone structure of her skull and grown ½ an inch at age 55. Ann has found that seeking out our truth, what we truly feel, and accepting those feelings, is the key to inner peace. You can connect with Ann here, find her book and look at her incredible x-rays too! Book: A Pathway to Insight ******************************************** Connect with me across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! You can find ALL my links on my website at: --->Join my Private Facebook group made for my fellow Chronic Illness Warriors at -Life Beyond Chronic Illness  Check out all my guest Interviews on my YouTube channel! 123 Momsquad Thank you for spending some time with me. I truly appreciate you!  I would love it if you shared this episode with a friend. And please take a quick moment to RATE, REVIEW and SUBSCRIBE! XO Jennie
May 19, 2022
25. I sure have ALOT going on! To-do lists, funny childhood stories about me and getting stuff done!
It's just your girl in this episode! I talk about some fun and exciting things I have been working on. And to-do lists! How many post-its do you have stuck around your house? Let's get those lists completed and stop procrastinating! Get it done! *I also share 2 funny childhood stories with you.  It's short and sweet! (Just like me)  he, he : ) ******************** Social Media Links: Facebook- 123momsquad Private Facebook group for my Chronic Illness Warriors: Life beyond chronic illness Website: Be sure you're on my Monday email list! Sign up on my website! Watch my guest interviews on YouTube channel! 123Momsquad Thank you for listening! I would it if you Subscribed, Reviewed and Rated the show! Or share it with a friend! Have a blessed day beautiful! XO Jennie Lynn
May 12, 2022
24. Learning about rare diseases, Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP) and Short Bowel Syndrome with Jenny-"Life's a Polyp"
What in incredible journey Jenny has lived thus far. I had never heard of FAP prior to our conversation so I was very intrigued to learn about it. My guest- Jenny lives with two rare diseases - Familial Adenomatous Polyposis and Short Bowel Syndrome. She lived with an ostomy for 6 years before having it reversed. Due to her medical experiences, Jenny's dedicated her professional and personal time to the chronic illness community and raises awareness about her rare diseases through her blog Life's a Polyp. To celebrate Rare Disease Day, Jenny published her first children's book about FAP - Life's a Polyp with Zeke and Katie. She also raises funds for FAP research through Life's a Polyp Shop. Now through May 15th, 2022, you can make a purchase through her shop and the proceeds will benefit the much-needed research for FAP. Social media handle: @LifesaPolyp Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitch, Youtube, Snapchat **************************** Thank you for being here! I would be so truly grateful if you took a minute to RATE*SUBSCRIBE*and REVIEW* the show on your favorite listening platform. My goal is to share these incredible stories of healing and create a Community for those that struggle with a chronic illness or auto immune disease.  But I need your help! When you subscribe, rate or review it helps the show get in front of a larger audience. XO AND now you can listen to each episode directly from my WEBSITE! I created a NEW page with each episode and all the details!  ------>Check out the guest interviews on my YouTube channel! 123 Momsquad Website: You are AMAZING!! Love to you all! XO Jennie Lynn  : )
May 05, 2022
23. An incredible story of how a spiritual awakening brought my guest down a healing path to a new life. Now she helps others gain clarity and focus, search for truth, and arrive at wholeness.
My guest shares her incredible journey filled with injury, a horrific car accident, possible spinal surgery and traveling the world. Elisabeth Lava is the author of “Stillness and Wilderness: A Bold Ride from Despair to Deep Wisdom and Love”. “The Healer of Healers”, Elisabeth is a thought leader on the intertwining of mental health and spiritual growth. She became an expert during her regional leadership of a large federal mental health grant and simultaneously experiencing deep depression from loss that sparked a spiritual emergency. She then studied with experts on the psychology of awakening, and spiritual emergence/emergency. She is a former deadly disease investigator, community health leader, and veterinarian, who helped prepare for and respond to the pandemic. Elisabeth was pushed into spiritually transformative experiences that led her to powerful healers, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, Ayurveda and spiritual practices of deep wisdom. Now Elisabeth bridges the world as a transformational health, life, and spiritual emergence coach®. Healthcare providers, veterinarians, and conscious leaders hire her to support them to return to wholeness through deep selfcare or transition to a different career to find inner joy and peace. I know you will find this episode inspiring and uplifting.  You can listen to the trailer of her book here: Youtube Here are Elisabeth's contact information: Email: WEBSITE: Facebook: Stillness and Wilderness ******************************** Thank you for being here!  Don't forget to Subscribe, Rate and Review the show and follow me on social! ------> And check out my website for the DIRECT links to each episode! Have an AMAZING DAY!   XO Jennie Lynn  : )
April 28, 2022
22. When was the last time you "checked-in" with yourself? I get real with you, let's kick those old emotions out and invite peace back into our life.
Hey there pretty lady! When was the last time you sat in silence to "feel" your feelings? My guess is, um.....well never mind you don't have to admit it. But now it's time to recognize those feelings, then send them out the door! Bad vibes no longer wanted!!  ***************** CALLING ALL CHRONIC ILLNESS WARRIORS!!! -------->  I am so very excited to get my private FB page LIVE. Join me in this VIP group so we can share and support each other. I will also be going LIVE once a week to chat, hope to see you on the inside! Here is the direct link to JOIN ME!
April 21, 2022
21. What exactly is Ayureveda? My guest Kimberly Kubicke gives us a quick lesson in this ancient system of medicine.
In this episode we get a crash course in Ayureveda. My incredible guest, Kimberly Kubicke helps women harness their body’s potential to thrive using the oldest system of medicine in the world - Ayurveda. When she first encountered Ayurveda in 2001, she was struggling with chronic health issues, convinced she would be dependent on Western medicine and prescription drugs for life. With a few small, simple changes & a budding awareness of her body, she experienced tremendous healing and a sense of freedom and empowerment. WEBSITE SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook profile: Facebook group: Instagram: Want more from Kimberly? Check out her COURSE DETAILS HERE GRAB YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD FOR HEALTHY EATING HABITS HERE!  ************************** I hope you found this episode full of wisdom. Have a friend that would like to learn about this practice? Please SHARE it with them. Thank you for being here with me, I truly appreciate it.  Don't forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter! All my links you can find on my website at: 123Momsquad **And don't forget to sign up for my weekly emails so you can catch the latest and greatest Momsquad 411. Have an amazing day my beautiful friend! And YES I'm talking to you! XO Jennie 
April 14, 2022
20. How to recover from a life filled of past traumas-letting it go & how to reconnect your mind, body & soul with Gina Newton
In this episode my guest speaks towards her past traumas and how she has learned to move through them. Gina is a holistic, spiritual, trauma-informed coach that guides you to heal both physically and mentally. After spending over 20 years in a high stress career, Gina found herself in deep physical pain and out of alignment with life overall. After having been recommended a highly invasive surgery by 4 different doctors, Gina's path to healing both physically and spiritually evolved. As a result, Gina is no longer in physical pain! Through her business, Holistic Healing with Gina intuitively coaches anxious women to heal mind and body and to step into their most confident self. Gina offers 3 different levels of coaching. You can find more info. on her website at: Ginas Facebook Page Gina's Instagram Page Tik tok: ***************************** I would love it if you shared this episode with someone that you think would love this information. You can also Rate and Review on your listening platform! I have some exciting things happening so make sure your subscribed to my weekly email! You sign up on my website: 123momsquad Thank you for spending time with me! I truly appreciate you! Have an AMAZING day my beautiful friend!  XO Jennie Lynn
April 07, 2022
19. What is Functional Medicine? Talking about our teens and how to manage stress with Dr. Andrea Bustamante
In this episode I speak with Dr. Andrea Bustamante. What is a Functional Medicine Doc anyways? How can we manage stress? And how challenging it was to have a child at the age of 15! Andrea is a functional medicine specialist, behavioral health pharmacist, public speaker, and mentor. As the founder of Avena, she has worked with dozens of women and men to transform by decreasing overwhelm, anxiety, balancing mood, increasing energy and focus, and improving nutrition. She does this by diving into the root cause of symptoms and overall health of an individual. She struggled with motherhood, becoming a teenage mom at 15, ADHD, anxiety, and constantly feeling fatigued. She was able to transform her life and is passionate about helping others do the same. ******************** Want to connect with Andrea? Instagram: dr.andrea.bustamante Join her Facebook group where she goes live and teaches weekly! Website: Thank you for listening to this show! If you found this show helpful, I would love if you shared it with a friend! It helps to get the Podcast in front of more viewers! And I would love to reach as many people as I can! My website: 123momsquad Connect with me on Facebook @123Momsquad and Instagram @Jennie.lynn- XO- Jennie Lynn
March 31, 2022
18. Talking everything health & wellness, managing health conditions & learning about Neuroendocrine Cancer with Jeannie Buckman
This episode may need a TRIGGR WARNING for anyone that has lost a child due to cancer. My guest gets real and vulnerable, Jeannie’s 17-year-old daughter, Paris passed away suddenly in July 2021. Paris had a rare cancer called Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET). Part of the proceeds from her business will be donated to Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation (NETRF). She’s on a mission to spread awareness and improve pediatric diagnostics. Please see the link below for website details on how to donate! ************ Jeannie is an Exercise Physiologist, National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), and an entrepreneur. With over 25 years of experience working in clinical, corporate, and now for herself, Jeannie has helped thousands of women manage their chronic illnesses with a healthy lifestyle. Her passion is to help busy professional moms feel and look great using simple strategies such as quick healthy recipes, simple and effective workouts, ways to kickstart weight loss, and managing health conditions, with support and accountability. Checkout ALL of Jeannie's Links here! She also has a FREEBIE for you as well! Connect with Jeannie DONATE Towards Jeannie's beautiful here ********************* My website will soon have clickable links to ALL the shows as well as a transcribed version of the show! So, STAY TUNED! 123 Momsquad Thank you for being here! I would love if you shared this episode with a friend. Or please rate and review on your listening platform. Have an AMAZING day my beautiful friend! XO Jennie Lynn
March 24, 2022
17. Checking in with you, fear of failure and why I started.
In this episode I share the "WHY" behind this podcast. What I did after high school and all the MLM's I've tried before I got here. Never give up on yourself!  One small step forward and staying consistent towards your dreams and passion will get you to your level of success. I am your #1 supporter! YOU GOT THIS! I am cheering for you!   ************ Make sure you are following me on social! Screenshot your favorite episode and tag me with #123momsquad and I'll share on my page and give you a shout out! Are you subscribed to my new YouTube channel? Click here- 123Momsquad Sign up for my weekly emails here! Sign me up! I hope you enjoyed this episode! Thank you for being here! XOXO Jennie Lynn  
March 17, 2022
16. Taking the guess work outta, what to feed your family for dinner. Marie Fiebach from "Feed Your Family Tonight" joins me to talk about FOOD and how to get your family back around the dinner table!
WHATS FOR DINNER? How many times a day do you catch yourself saying that? I absolutely loved speaking with this guest. Marie Fiebach gives us all the cool tips and tricks on how she has managed to get dinner on the table and please all the different palettes.  Do you ever get overwhelmed figuring out what to have for dinner every single day? You are not alone. Marie Fiebach, married mother of four active kids ages 14-19, founded Feed Your Family Tonight to help busy families eat dinner together at home and recapture a little calm in the crazy. She is a business owner, podcaster, and has a regular cooking segment on her local ABC affiliate. Marie knows how hard it is to get dinner on the table whether you are working until 6:00, running kids to after-school activities, or chasing toddlers all day. She has dealt with picky eaters, food allergies, and busy schedules but still manages to feed her family a home-cooked meal almost every night. She wants to help you do the same! For more info. her website is: Listen to her Podcast Ep. 146 she mentioned in the show for more great tips! Marie is on Facebook and Instagram at- Feed Your Family Tonight You can sign up for my weekly emails here: I hope you loved this show! Thank you for listening! If you found this episode helpful, I would it if you shared it with a friend! Feel free to rate and review to help others see the show!  XOXO Jennie Lynn
March 10, 2022
15. Overcoming challenges, self-confidence, developing personal strengths with the Host of the Confidence and Communication Podcast, Jessica Dumas
In this episode I speak with Jessica Dumas. I absolutely loved our real and raw conversation. Jessica is such an incredible woman and has one incredible story to share with you! She is also a single mama of 3 teen boys!  Jessica is a professional speaker coach and the host of The Confidence and Communication Podcast. She has been recognized for her professional expertise as a recipient of the Manitoba 150 Women Trailblazer Award from the Nellie McClung Foundation for 2021, Ace Burpees Most Fascinating Manitobans for 2019, the 2017 Future Leaders of Manitoba and the CBC’s Top 40 Manitobans under 40 for 2015. She has a 2017 TEDx talk called The Journey to a Woman's Identity. Jessica’s volunteer contributions have gained her wide respect across Manitoba. She has served as Chairperson for both the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and the Indigenous Chamber of Commerce and continues to sit on numerous committees and boards at the executive level. She is a powerful role model and advocates for women’s empowerment, leading others to overcome challenges by developing personal strengths, vision, and self-confidence.  You can connect with Jessica directly on Instagram @jessicadumas01 Speaking Up Program!  You can find her Podcast on Apple, Spotify or anywhere you listen to your shows! Confidence and Communication with Jessica Dumas Thank you so much for being here. I know your time is valuable, so it really means a lot to me that your here! I would love it if you connected with me on social! You can find me on Facebook and Twitter at "123 Momsquad" My website- Instagram @Jennie.lynn- Have an AMAZING day my beautiful friends! XOXO Jennie Lynn
March 03, 2022
14. How to seize every precious moment before they become a memory with Bianca Morra, photographic artist, podcast host, mama and educator
I loved this conversation on how important each moment in our daily life can be. Stopping to smell the roses is only a part of it. How often do we really pause and reflect on any given moment? Speaking to Bianca really made me think about how important and precious every moment is. Even the "not so happy" ones.  Bianca Morra is a Photographic Artist, Host of the "Help Me See" Podcast and Creative Vision Educator. She specializes in intimate, vulnerable conversations that challenges the norm while empowering you to harness your intentional vision for your purposeful one & only life. Often as busy moms we are almost always BEHIND the camera. Bianca tells us how we can become more engaged and seen in the moments. No matter how big or small. Check out her social links here: Instagram- @Helpmesee_podcast Podcast- Help Me See by Bianca Morra        Website : Thank you all for listening! I am so happy you are here! Please connect with me on my social media links or you can email me at: My Webpage is: Thank you for being here xoxo Jennie Lynn
February 24, 2022
13. Talking with Jen Fiore- Wellness Coach, Gluten-free expert, mom and Author
In this episode I spoke with the incredible Jen Fiore. She is a mama of 3 and wears many "hats." Her bubbly personality just made me smile throughout the entire conversation. She talks all things gluten-free and how she struggled since she was 8 years old with all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms. Just like the rest of us, she spent many years being passed through the conventional medicine system, just to find herself continuing to struggle. Listen to find out the rest of her journey and how she became aware that she had Celiac disease all along.  She is now gluten-free and are her 3 adult children and loves exploring new recipes. Check out her YouTube channel to see some awesome videos of Jen in her kitchen whipping up some yummy yums!  : ) Jen's Website: Jen's YouTube channel- Gluten Free and Me Jen's Facebook Profile- @jen_fiore_dolifeinspired Instagram : @jen_fiore_dolifeinspired and @glutenfreesince03 Thank you so, much for joining me! I appreciate you!  xoxo Jennie Lynn Follow me on my social media pages too! And don't forget to check out my ------>NEW YouTube
February 17, 2022
12.- Overcoming several chronic illnesses and a plant-based diet with Dr. Setare Taabodi
In this episode I speak with the very inspiring Dr. Setare Taabodi. Her name is just as beautiful as she is! She is a board-certified family nurse practitioner at the University of Nevada, and a natural medicine health consultant. After suffering from chronic digestive issues and multiple autoimmune illnesses, she was able to heal herself naturally with nutrition and herbal medicine. Dr. Setare now has her own telemedicine practice where she helps others all over the world reverse their chronic illness and THRIVE!  Where you can connect with her:  Website: Holistic Medicine Expert Instagram and Tik Tok- Connect on LinkedIn: Dr. Setare Taabodi  Link to the Juicer: Click here Link for B12 Supplements: Click here -----------> Don't forget to check out the video of this interview on YouTube Thanks for listening! XOXO Jennie Lynn
February 10, 2022
11. Overcoming a life altering condition with Bonnie Sharf Provost
In this episode my beautiful guest talks about her journey of overcoming a life altering illness.  Bonnie Sharf Provost is a wife and mom of 3 boys, 2 bonus boys and 4 fur babies.  She is a board-certified health and wellness coach who has experienced her own terrifying health challenge when she was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease which caused her legs and feet to become paralyzed and was told there was no cure.  She has since healed herself completely and she is now committed to helping others do the same as she believes that it is within everyone’s power to be able to heal themselves. You can find her at these links: YouTube Testimonial Bonnie's Personal YouTube Channel Bonnie's Website Check out this link for Bonnie's FREE WORKSHOP this Sunday! Bonnie's Personal Facebook Page My Webpage : 123Momsquad Thank you for listening! Please share with anyone that you think would love this story! XO Jennie Lynn
February 03, 2022
10. Small wins and how do you hold yourself accountable? You got this!
In this episode I talk about how I hold myself accountable and how I get my s*it done!  Do you ever feel overwhelmed with your never ending "to-do" list? I have post-it's all over the place, so I make sure I get everything done. And boy does it feel good to cross off those suckers, doesn't it? Next time you complete a "to-do" I want you to mentally "high-five" yourself! We need to give ourselves a little praise from time to time. YOU GOT THIS! YOUR A ROCKSTAR! Are you signed up for my juicy weekly emails yet? If not, you can hop over to my webpage and get enrolled! -------> 123Momsquad Check out my NEW YouTube channel here! ---------->  123Momsquad xoxo Jennie Lynn
January 27, 2022
9. Getting real with you, Tough days and "Mom Guilt"
In this episode I share the crazy day I had and the challenges that life has been throwing at me. AND MOM GUILT! You guys, it's a serious thing. I need your help! Please let me know if you think I made the right decision. I'm only human and far from perfect. I would love to know your thoughts on this.  EXCITING NEWS!!  I have been busy interviewing future podcast guests! I am so excited to share them with you soon! SO, STAY TUNED! If you're not already following me on my social platforms, you can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook! @123momsquad Instagram is: Instagram Facebook-  123 Momsquad by Jennie Lynn | Facebook WEBSITE! --------> ( Make sure you're signed up for my weekly emails!  "JUST KEEP SWIMMING"
January 20, 2022
.8 What is Dry Brushing? Castor Oil Packs and a funny story!
If you're looking for some ways to help rid your body of some toxins, you'll want to listen in to this episode. I talk about the benefits dry brushing and castor oil can have to help your lymphatic system perform at its best.  Wanna hear a funny story about what happened to me this morning? It's a face palm for sure!  ;) RESOURCES Click here to find the non-affiliate link for the dry brushes I bought from Amazon: : Dry Body Brush,Gentle Exfoliation,Remove  Click here for the affiliate link for the Castor oil pack I use: Thank you for listening to my show! I am so happy we found each other.  Please sign up for my weekly emails full of useful info, the latest news and my favorite quotes! ------>( Tell me what you think about the show and use the hashtag #123momsquad so I know your a fan! Have an amazing day my beautiful friends! XO Jennie
January 13, 2022
7. It's a New Year! A fresh start, blank page. Let's talk about our "Goals" and "Intentions"- What is an Intention?
The New Year always seems to bring out everyone's resolutions. Did you set one?   I stopped setting resolutions and started setting Intentions. Resolutions make me nervous, and I never stick to them. They feel so far out of reach. After I learned how to properly set an intention, I was much more Intune with the goal I wanted to accomplish.  Let's keep each other accountable!  "REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED" References For more on the custom "Intent" jewelry, visit :MyIntent Project I can also make YOU one! DM or email me!  You pay shipping and I'll mail you a FREE bracelet! (A review or share would be a nice "Thank you")  Don't forget to follow me on my social pages.  You can find them on my website:  You can also sign up for my weekly emails there as well! ( Thank you for listening!  Tell me what you think about the show and use the hashtag #123momsquad so I know your a fan!  XO Jennie Lynn
January 06, 2022
6. My Christmas Traditions-Oh what fun it was to be a kid at Christmas!
It's almost Christmas 2021! Ready or not... In this episode I share some of my favorite Christmas memories and traditions. Get to know more about me and my family. Wishing you all a very special holiday.  Stay Safe my friends! Don't forget about my weekly e-mail with exciting news from the 123 Momsquad! Sign up here: Tell me what you think about the show and use the hashtag #123momsquad so I know your a fan! Thank you for listening! Jennie Lynn xo
December 23, 2021
5. How can we reduce Stress and Anxiety during the Holidays?
The holidays are in full swing and so are our crazy, hectic lives! How can we enjoy these weeks with our loved ones when we are so stressed and full of anxiety? Do you know how damaging a stressful life can be on our brains?  Mental health is a topic we all need to talk about openly. If you think you may have anxiety or depression, you are not alone. Many adults suffer on a daily basis with little to no support. And why? Let's get the help we need to live our lives to the fullest every day! Seek out a professional and let's get that mental health in check! I will discuss avenues you can take to help combat the symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. As well as the little things we can do that don't take a lot of time to help relieve the symptoms you may be experiencing. Resources: I mention the Meditation app for daily inspiring quotes (I am not affiliated) Visit my webpage at:    Are you signed up for my weekly emails? Click on the link and get subscribed! I would love it if you shared this episode with a friend that you think may benefit from it. Would you please take a moment to RATE and REVIEW the show? It helps with visibility allowing the show to grow! You are all AMAZING! Have a wonderful day beautiful! YES! I'm talking to you! (wink, wink...) Tell me what you think about the show and use the hashtag #123momsquad so I know your a fan! XO Jennie Lynn
December 16, 2021
4. More about me! The beginning of my health journey and how I got here.
Hi, my beautiful friends and welcome back! In this episode, I share the beginning of where my health issues started from. It's time for me to share some of my story with you! I get emotional and raw. I take you through some of my high school years while coping with mono and kidney stones. Then, I will share my journey into motherhood and the crazy ordeal I endured while giving birth to my first baby.  Thank you as always for listening and supporting me and helping make this Community grow.  *I talk a little about a FREE personality test that I took online. How well do you really know yourself? This test takes you through several different areas to get to the bulk of what type of person you are. I found it very interesting. It takes about 10 minutes. Here is the link: Free personality test, type descriptions, relationship and career advice | 16Personalities If you are not yet subscribed to my weekly email list, I would love for you to join me here: ( Have an idea for a show? Send me a message on any of my social media or email. Stay tuned to hear about my 1:1 coaching program that will be coming up after the New Year, to help you start the year off with the right mind set and ready to take on the world. Becoming "me" again!  Check out my website for all my social links! ( Tell me what you think about the show and use the hashtag #123momsquad so I know you're a fan!  XOXO-Jennie Lynn
December 09, 2021
3.- We need to go there- Let's talk about teen suicide- TRIGGER WARNING!
Hi Friends! Todays episode will talk about how my family is recently grieving the loss of my 14 year old niece. We lost her due to teen suicide and we are all at a loss for words.  I will talk about the warning signs, risk factors and some stats that are associated with this topic. If this show may be triggering for you, please exit the show, as I do not wish to further any healing you are going through. What can we do to help our youth? These numbers shocked me. I hope that anyone that may be suffering in silence can get the help and support they need to make it through this. Asking for help is brave, please do not feel ashamed in any way. You belong here and would be greatly missed. Mental health is just as important as our physical and emotional health. Let's erase the taboo that getting "help" means you must be crazy. It means that your taking care of yourself. And BRAVO for getting help you need. Life is tough, we do not need to go through it alone. If you or anyone you know may be suffering please refer to the numbers below. Suicide text line- Text "HELLO" to 741741 National Suicide Hotline- #1-800-273-8255           "Suicide is, a permanent solution to a temporary fix" Sign up for my weekly emails at: ( Community Facebook Page: (4) 123 Momsquad by Jennie Lynn | Facebook *Help my Community grow-*I would greatly appreciate a 5 star review or if you shared this episode with a friend.  Thank you so much for being a part of the 123 Momsquad Community! Tell me what you think about the show and use the hashtag #123momsquad so I know your a fan! Thank you so much for listening! Jennie Lynn xo
December 02, 2021
2.-What is Box Breathing?
Hey there lovely ladies! Have you heard of Box breathing? Wanna know more? Listen to this short but sweet show to learn how this technique can help you when your feeling anxious or overwhelmed. It's a super simple way to help feel calm again, anyone can do this! If you would like more information on this technique you can click the link below or simply google "Box Breathing" Box Breathing Technique & Meditation || Pranayama - Bing video Be sure to stay up to date on the latest happenings at 123Momsquad and sign up for my weekly emails here: New Contacts ( "If you Dream it, you can Achieve it"- Unknown A community for busy/overwhelmed moms with a chronic illness - 123Momsquad Tell me what you think about the show and use the hashtag #123momsquad so I know your a fan! Thanks so much for listening! Jennie Lynn xo
November 18, 2021
1.- 1st official episode! Let's talk about Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) and how it can affect us during the time change and less daylight. And get to know a little about me!
Hi pretty ladies! I am so glad you are here with me. I have created this Community for moms that suffer from chronic illness's and try to squeeze every last bit of energy out to make it through the day. These episodes will share some of my experiences and how they may help encourage you to feel better mentally and physically. Being a mom is hard enough and doing it all while not feeling 100% is so very exhausting. I get it girl, I got ya!  And lets not forget about you! The M.O.M.-The Superwoman! I know that you pour your heart and soul into your family, but let's not forget about Y.O.U! If your not taking care of your health and mind you cannot care for your family the way you intended to. Am I right? Do not feel guilty or ashamed. They need you! This particular episode will explain the effects of how the lack of daylight can have on us. From the symptoms and what to watch out for and what you can do to minimize symptoms should they arise. I hope you find it worthwhile. If you think you know someone that this information may help, please share this episode with them. I gotta say I am excited and nervous about getting this Podcast out there. But it has been in my head for so long I am just taking a leap of faith. I hope you will stay awhile and follow my journey. Together we can achieve more! I encourage you to check out my website for more info and upcoming events.  Follow me on Facebook at: Instagram at: @Jennie.Lynn_ A community for busy/overwhelmed moms with a chronic illness - 123Momsquad *Here you can sign up for weekly emails that include- life hacks, easy recipes, tips and tricks of the trade, corny jokes and some educational info. I am a quote junky, so here is one of my favs- "GIVE YOURSELF SOME CREDIT FOR THE DAYS YOU MADE IT WHEN YOU THOUGHT YOU COULDN'T" -Unknown. Tell me what you think about the show and use the hashtag #123momsquad so I know your a fan! Thank you for listening! Jennie Lynn xo
November 11, 2021
trailer- Welcome friends! Take a peek at the exciting trailer for the new #1,2,3Momsquad podcast
This trailer explains what you can expect from this podcast. I am looking forward to meeting new friends and connecting with you. For any mom that has ever felt lost after having kids, or any woman that may need a boost with their self confidence, finding their purpose or how to manage daily life, this podcast is for you! Let’s start our days with gratitude and go to bed feeling fulfilled. With new friends by our side we will develop a strong community full of incredible woman that have each other’s well being in mind. A healthy mindset and the feeling we can attain anything we set our minds to is our ultimate goal. Let me help you feel whole again. Let’s light that spark inside you that has been pushed aside. Your time has come to reclaim your body and your purpose. We can do it together. You got this girl! Let’s do this!
August 13, 2021