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IAM 141 Report

IAM 141 Report

By IAM 141 Communications Department
IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications representative talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video reports can be seen on
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where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
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141 Report - Final Report with Host Dave Lehive talking to IAM Local 2508 United Airline Committee
Join us this week on the 141 Report as host Dave Lehive's final district interview talks to Local 2508 Orlando United Airlines Committee Chair Gene Betty and Committee person Diego Veron. The Brothers give the viewers and listeners their reports about the membership. Gene and Diego discuss the difference they see being union compared to non-union JetBlue Ramp workers.
April 15, 2022
141 Report - 2559 Cookout GDA Event
This week's 141 Report is about the Sky Harbour 2559 Don Carbonneau Cookout in Phoenix AZ. Our Viewers and Listeners get to hear from over 6 guests in this 14-minute video. We will hear from the new 2559 President Jeff James who begins the report and talks about the recently passed Brother President.
April 05, 2022
141 Report - Women's appreciation day Newark Local 914
In this week's 141 Report our viewers and listeners meet Sister Djenane Sauls who talks about the recent Women's Appreciation event that took place at Newark Local 914. Our sister also talks about her recent success in becoming a first-time author and writing a book about her very personal story.
March 29, 2022
141 Report - New Communicator joins District 141
On this week's 141 Report we meet and hear about District Lodge 141 newest communicator who joins the team. United Airlines SanFrancisco based Brian Vega talks to host Dave Lehive about the work he has done and the recent appointment that was made by 141 PDGC Mike Klemm. IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications representative talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video reports can be seen on Facebook at Twitter at Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
March 25, 2022
141 Report - The Pro Act
The Protect the Right to Organize is the focus of this week's 141 Report.  Northern Virginia President of the AFL-CIO Virginia Diamond fills the viewers and listeners in on why this federal legislation is so important to America's workers. Sister Diamond describes the action that union workers are doing to get 1 US Senate from her state to sign on to support passing the Pro-ACT.
March 18, 2022
141 Report Learn about the IAM Represented United Airlines Security force
This week, join the 141 Report for an interview with two machinist guests from San Franciso airport! Our focus this week is about the IAM-represented United Airlines Security officers who watch over the 3000 workers who go into the hanger facility each day.  IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications representative talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video reports can be seen on Facebook at Twitter at Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
March 11, 2022
141 Report - NYC Powerhouse Local 1322
141 Report - NYC Powerhouse Local 1322 This week the viewers/listeners meet New York City IAM Local 1322, new President Steven K Jenkins. Brother Steven tells us about his early days and how he rose to become the new leader of this important powerhouse for workers. Education is an important topic and in this week's report, we learn about LGA and JFK machinist's steward's training for the airline workers they represent.
March 04, 2022
141 Report Employees who need help, EAP is ready
This week the 141 Report focuses on what happens when a member knows they need EAP help. IAM 141 EAP Director Bryan Hutchinson walks the viewers thru the process and describes the various ways members can get support. This is a very informative report for anyone who needs aid from this good union program. IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications representative talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video reports can be seen on Facebook at Twitter at Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
February 25, 2022
141 Report - Inspiration from Black History
On this week's 141 Report we have two IAM Brothers, Justin Wadlington from Philadelphia PA and Mike Knoble from Charlotte NC as they discuss the inspiration and who they look up to from Black History. We hear about how important Brother Justin's IAM union contract supports his love for art. Brother Justin reports about his Local 1776 Brothers and Sisters who support his passion in Philly.  Brother Mike Knobel speaks about how he rose thru the ranks in Charlotte becoming a Grievance Committee Chair.  Brother Mike talks about the many friends and family who guided him and encouraged him along the way. Mike goes on talking about common goals from Labor History and Black History which gives him the determination to help the 1800 members he represents.
February 18, 2022
141 Report Strong Union in Puerto Rico
This week, join the 141 Report as the viewers meet Sister Daisy Rios a committee person for United Airlines 53 IAM represented employees at San Juan PR airport. Our Sister talks about how having the IAM union on the island has been very important for the membership over the years. A second report continues about a new 141 Education Team Instructor Venus Eastling who tells us about her first 141 education class she helped teach this week.
February 11, 2022
141 Report Sister takes lead for Safety at Hawaiian Airlines
Sister Ku'ulei McGuire joins the 141 Report from Honolulu Hawaii as she talks about her new position as IAM District 141 Safety Director at Hawaiian Airlines. Podcast Host Brother Dave Lehive talk's to her about what her goals are in making the workplace safer for union members at her carrier. IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications representative talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video reports can be seen on Facebook at Twitter at Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
February 04, 2022
141 Report - Important Safety Program at AA
This week on the 141 Report the topic is about GSAP,  the Ground Safety Action Program at American Airlines. Association Safety Advocates IAM 141/1776 Dennis Spencer and TWU Local 568 Mitch Lieberman brief the viewers about some concerns Association members are having filing safety reports. IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications representative talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video reports can be seen on Facebook at Twitter at Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
January 28, 2022
141 Report: New Hire Outreach and Education Program
141 Report: New Hire Outreach and Education Program  21 January 2022  In this week’s 141 Report, host Dave Lehive sits down with two new 141 union educators who are involved with efforts to educate new hires about unionism, Sean Rosario and Bruno Pereira.   Most Americans have limited experience with unions and unionism. Decades of anti-worker legislation and lax enforcement of labor laws have resulted in fewer and fewer opportunities for Americans to join together in a union. Today, fewer than one in ten workers belong to a labor organization, and the overall American workforce is rapidly losing power as a result.  Moreover, the lack of knowledge about unions and how they operate has given rise to a proliferation of anti-union myths and indoctrination designed to keep employees in their place, atomized, and vulnerable to exploitation.  To combat this misinformation campaign, the Machinists Union has launched an initiative to teach newly hired employees at unionized workplaces about organized labor – from how worker-led programs get funded to how leaders are elected to represent them.   The program was the brainchild of Machinists Union Chief of Staff Richard Johnsen, who is also heading the robust transportation-worker sector of the union, called the Transportation Territory.  The program is just one part of an education program that is unequaled in the union movement. The Machinists Union operates an academy dedicated to labor studies called the Winpisinger Training and Education Center, which trains hundreds of union members on topics such as organizing, leadership, and communications.   District 141 also holds regular, on-site training classes through its Education Department, led by Director of Education, Mac McGovern. Members can coordinate with their local lodges to request a training class at their location.   IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive is a weekly podcast featuring Machinist Union Members and Allies of the Labor Movement. Our Video report airs every Friday at 2:00 PM EST (1:00 CST) on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and is also on Spotify.
January 21, 2022
141 Report - 1st Female President of Local Lodge 1725 Helena Thornton
For years, Helena Thornton has worked with a team of union activists in Charlotte, creating strong bonds with surrounding communities and building power for union members. Today, Helena is the first woman to hold the position of President of her local, Lodge #1725. Hear her tell her story on this week’s 141 Report. IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications representative talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video reports can be seen on these platforms: Facebook at Twitter at Youtube at Tune in and hear from union members, friends, and allies of the labor movement. Join us
January 14, 2022
141 Report - Union Power in Dulles Virginia
As the new year begins the 141 Report takes the listeners to Dulles International Airport to hear from 3 IAM Union leaders from Local 1759. They brief Dave about the membership and the work they do to help the union grow and be strong in this southern state.  IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
January 07, 2022
141 Report - Union Strong Sister in the Hawaiian Islands
This week's 141 Report catches up with Jen Romano, who represents Remote Reservations agents at United Airlines. We also have an update about Spirit Airlines - their recent ratification vote passed with an astonishing 98%! That agreement was signed into effect this week, marking a new era at the airline.  IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
December 17, 2021
141 Report - ST Alex Gerulis talks about the Largest District in the Machinists Union
In this week's 141 Report we get an inside look at the financial office at the Largest District inside the Machinist Union. ST Alex Gerulis talks about how he and his staff handle the finances for some 34,000 IAM union members. Brother Gerulis gives a tour speaking with several staff members and the duties they perform at the Elk Grove Village Il. headquarters.  IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
December 10, 2021
141 Report - Legislative update from Dave Roderick
In this week's 141 Report, an update from the 141 Legislative Director Dave Roderick as he speaks about the benefits to the viewers from the signing into law of the Infrastructure Bill by President Biden. Brother Roderick also talks about the importance of the Build Back Better legislation which now is in the Senate to be debated. Dave also fills the membership in on MNPL and a chance to get a really cool-looking T-Shirt.  IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
December 03, 2021
141 Report - Stress and depression during the holiday season, EAP can help!
This week Dave speaks with the 141 South Central EAP Regional Rep Belinda Hawkins. The topic will be about issues our members are facing during the holiday season and how the Machinists Union Employee Assistance Program is getting members the help they need. If you need help please visit the EAP section on the website at IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
November 26, 2021
141 Report - 4th Generation Airline worker talks about San Antonio
This week on the 141 Report,  Jennifer Carlson a 4th Generation Airline worker based in San Antonio describes her family history and her current role at this important Line station. Sister Jennifer represents about 100 IAM members and talks about the importance of completing the UA Contract survey which is online at  IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
November 19, 2021
141 Report - Philadelphia is a Union Town
141 Report - Philadelphia is a Union Town On this week’s 141 report Host, Dave sits down with 4 leaders from the American Airlines Grievance committee who represent 1400 Fleet Service Brothers and Sisters at Philadelphia International Airport. Chairman Derrick Monk, Committee members Maria Davis, Jonathan Ortiz, and Terrence “Chooch” Murray brief the viewers about the large union group they look after
November 12, 2021
141 Report - United Airlines IAM EWR Grievance Committee Report
The IAM Grievance committee is a cornerstone of the union, and Newark New Jersey Local 914 has one powerful team. This week the 141 Report is speaking to Committee Chair Karl Thomas, (ATW) Committee Elisabeth Groner, (BTW) Committee Faysel Silwany, (Stores) Committee Richard Roberts, Maintenance Instructor Committee Michael Carbone, and Committee Secretary Will Josey. The six Committee members brief the viewers about their backgrounds and experience in their respective departments and talk about their current positions. The main focus of this week’s report was the pre-contract negotiations survey for IAMAW Members at United Airlines, released online Monday. Sister Elisabeth speaks about the usefulness of the QR code added, thanks in part to the recommendation of Sister Nakia Simmons from the Local 914 UA Move team at last week’s conference in Las Vegas. Dave asked brother Karl about the importance of completing the survey. Karl responded by saying, “We’re getting everyone fully ready to understand what’s going on by using the QR code.” The committee is mobilizing the stewards going from breakroom to breakroom to advise the members of the importance of the survey. Karl closed by saying about the committee that “this is a large group of people - and great to work with. Everyone is on top of their game, and we have good relations with management to get things done.”
November 05, 2021
141 Report - Spirit Airlines TA and committee Conference
On the 141 Report this week, Brother Dave Lehive speaks to Spirit Airlines Local 368 IAM member Chris Willis. Brother Willis served on the union negotiating team that recently produced a historic Tentative Agreement for membership at the airline. The Agreement will create the highest wages and overall compensation rates for ramp agents in the airline's history. Our members will receive wage increases that are, on average, 30% higher than they are now. Lead premium increases, more opportunities for double-time pay, and new trainer positions will allow Machinists Union members to earn even more from their current work. If ratified, this deal will also bring paid vacations to part-time agents. For some, this will be the first real vacation they have ever known. "I would like to thank the National Mediation Board for listening and resolving some of the issues we were having with the company," Chris said. "The NMB came in and was very fair about the whole process but it was a very tense time."  Brother Chris also thanked 141 President Directing General Chair Mike Klemm and 141 AGC Tony Gibson, Andrea Myers, and Grand lodge representative Tom Regan for help achieving this vital Agreement. The current membership at Spirit is based in Fort Lauderdale and includes 282 members. That number is expected to increase to over 410 by the end of the year. Brother Chris also talked highly of his negotiations partners Almarie Jean, Linda Germain, and Gregory De La Cruz saying that they were "absolutely a fantastic team."  He finished by saying, "it was well worth it." The members in Fort Lauderdale will be voting on November 4th on the TA, which the entire Negotiations team has endorsed and urged the members to ratify. Brother Willis and Dave were among the hundreds of Machinists and Aerospace union members attending the annual District 141 Committee Conference, which took place this week in Las Vegas. Chris said of the Conference, "it was like a family reunion, and it sharpened our tools." "I'm happy for the knowledge I'm getting here, because Covid has brought us a different swing to what we do... but we are at a very happy time now."
October 28, 2021
141 Report - Houston Strong United Airlines Grievance Committee
In this week's 141 Report, Brother Lehive brings the viewers to Houston, Texas, to meet up with the Local 811 Grievance Committee. The Committee includes Carlos Ayala, Bruno Pereira, and Chairman Gary Welch.  Welch is also a District 141 Vice President (At-Large). Carlos Ayala told viewers, "I started in the airline industry back in 2006. And have come up as a shop steward. And then eventually as a grievance committee person, here in Houston for local 811 under District 141." Bruno Pereira told Dave, "I've been in the airline industry with United/Continental since 1999. I started as a shop steward, and now I'm a grievance committeeman." Brother Gary Welch was asked about the Houston membership, which includes roughly 2500 people at IAH. The local is large, he said. "Having SM Cargo in our local and recently, had American Airlines Fleet Service join the Lodge. The UA GC here also oversees the moving team as well as stores in Houston." Brother Carlos agreed that the union workloads and responsibilities at 811 are significant, saying, "as the grievance Grievance Committee/ Secretary, I support the shop stewards and the committee with grievances." "I'm technically the bookkeeper," he said. "We don't let titles define all the work that needs to be done." Carlos discussed the abundance of office space that Local 811 has access to. "We are blessed to have basically two offices, one inside the airport, But we also have an office here at the local Lodge." Local 811 has an on-site office at the airport that allows easy access to members while they're on the clock. It also has a suite off-site, which is home to Local 811 and its sister Local 2198. Brother Bruno said of the work, "we all take a hands-on approach when it comes down to working with our stewards. We're very involved with them." Bruno went on to talk about how they manage monthly steward meetings at the local Lodge. He also spoke about the 65 volunteer shop stewards and the critical work they perform for the Houston membership. Brother Carlos talked about using modern communication stating they use live zooms. Along with WhatsApp groups along with several specialized Facebook pages. Carlos talked about walking the property and said the quickest and most secure way to communicate was via text, phone calls, and facetime. The Committee uses its Local website and bulletin boards to ensure all current updates and contact lists for shop stewards are available to the membership. Dave asked Brother Gary about how the lives have changed for IAH members over the last ten years. Gary replied, "I always remember when we were non-Union and the company just came in and took money from us, they took our wages from us." Gary reminded viewers how United tried to involuntarily furlough full-time agents to part-time in 2020 and how fiercely the IAM defended the membership. "And if you look back to this year, when the company was thinking about putting all the full timers down to part time and taking money from us. That right there showed it." "So the union has done a tremendous job helping the overall lives of the Houston people." In closing, the Committee thanks the Local Eboard and shop stewards for all the help and support.
October 22, 2021
141 Report - New Officers of District 141
In this week's 141 Report, Brother Dave meets up with two of the newest officers of District Lodge 141. Sister Jen Jolly and Rodney Walker have joined the Executive Board as recent Vice Presidents at Large. These two proud Machinists entered their positions effective October 1st. The 18-minute video interview tells how they rose through the ranks to sit at the table with 35 other officers from the largest district in the IAM. Sister Jen talks about her beginnings in 1991 in Salt Lake City at Continental Reservations. She describes the work she has been doing in 9 western states as an IAM remote committee chair at United. Jen talks about the extensive training she has received. "I took advantage of every opportunity for training I could get," she said. Jen took classes in Shop Steward, Committee, and attended Winpisinger center taking Leadership 1 2 3 and in November will take the "Train the Trainer" course. Jen also has gone through EAP 1, where she stated, "it was a real eye-opener." Brother Rodney talks about how he got started in 1992 right out of college, worked for USAir, and helped organize in Boston for union rights. Immediately after becoming unionized, Rodney got involved in the shop steward program. He did some local training, quickly became a chief steward, and became committee chairman. Rodney also received more union training at Winpisinger, which prepared him for two separate contract negotiations at USAirways and American. As our members know, workers ratified the recent 2020 contract at American overwhelmingly with a 95% Yes vote by Fleet Service. Brother Rodney talked about his role on the Board, stating he "is charged with enforcing the IAM constitution the District By-Laws and representing the members of District Lodge 141." In closing, both Jen and Rodney mention how humbled and honored they are to be brought on to the District 141 Executive board and look forward to serving the membership.
October 15, 2021
141 Report - Paws for Pascarella a Guide dogs Charity event
Our 141 report this week takes us to IAM local lodge 1759 in Herndon, Virginia, as the membership conducted the annual Paws for Pascarella Guide Dogs of America charity event. The video report begins with an update from 141, President Mike Klemm, who traveled to Dulles Airport to conduct a station visit with the United Airlines membership. In the Video podcast Brother Mike Klemm, informs the membership about this week's trip to the United Airlines hub at Dulles Airport and Local 1759. On Tuesday Mike attended the monthly Lodge meeting, Mike spoke to the members about the vaccine mandates, both at American and United Airlines and about Spirit Airlines and their negotiations and how they filed for mediation. Mike said, “We'll be working with the mediation board to hopefully get a tentative agreement for our members of Spirit to vote on”. Brother Mike also talked about the upcoming negotiation with United Airlines. Mike stated, “We should be seeing a communication coming on out on that in the very near future”. Mike continues the report by saying he went over to the airport to visit multiple shifts and multiple briefings for members at United. He answered questions about the mandate and vaccine as well as answer questions about negotiations. Mike said it was “a real good visit.” Mike walked the property with 141 VP at East Barb Martin, who also serves as the committee chairman in Dulles, Mike Cyscon, who's the AGC  assigned to the ramp, and also Rich Creighton, who’s assigned as AGC to customer service above the wing. Joe Washburn, the southeast regional EAP also joined Mike on the visit.  Brother Klemm thanked the local committee, Bill Hoover, Bill Peer, and Sherry Curtis, and President Bill Huston and his entire 1759 executive board for their hospitality. Mike then talked about the fundraising event for guide dogs that he attended. The 1759 Charity event was In honor of his former AGC, Rich Pascarella, who unfortunately passed away a few years ago, “Rich not only was a phenomenal union rep and an outstanding AGC but also a personal friend of mine and it's actually his birthday today”. Stated Mike The next guest speaker was Sherrie Curtis from local 1759 the UA Customer Service Committee person at Dulles Airport. “We're here tonight celebrating our second annual event for Rich Pascarella”. The Charity Top Golf event took place in Loudoun County having about 60 people that showed up to celebrate and raise funds for Guide Dogs of America. IAM members came from Boston, Newark, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Sherrie reports that Rich Passcarella families came to town driving in from Pittsburgh to celebrate with us have a good time. Donations came rolling in from Locals 914 in Newark and 1776 in Philadelphia donating $500 each to sponsor a golfing bay to support GDA. In the last part of the report, Dave talks to 1759 UA member Ron Rukenbrod who in detail describes step by step how he and his committee put the event together. He talked about getting donations from local stores, wineries, and brewhouses for many charity baskets they put together. Ron said “If you send out 100 letters and you only get 20 people to donate, you're still 20 people ahead. So it's always good to just overextend. Ron speaks about the support from the 141 Community Service Director, Cristina Odoardi saying “she's been wonderful reaching out to us, what can I do? What can I do? We've been very fortunate”. If your local is interested in putting a community service  event together be sure to contact Sister Cristina at 
October 08, 2021
141 Report - Retirement is a big decision.
141 Report - Retirement is a big decision. This week's 141 Report includes Paul Platt, the President of Local 2765 in San Diego, and Orlando's John Staton, who serves as A District 141 Vice President At-Large. Also appearing on the program are Karen Conley, Local 1487 Retiree's Club President, and Dave Roderick, IAMAW District 141 Legislative Director and recent retiree from United Airlines. The 20-year Machinists Union Member, Paul Platt, begins the report by informing viewers about a recent retirement event held at the San Diego Local Lodge. "Due to covid restriction, the last year and a half many members took an early out and the union was unable to do any honoring celebration for the members," said Platt.  "2765 reached out to those we could and had a retirement party at our local lodge," he continued. "We're amalgamated United upstairs and downstairs, American downstairs, Southwest upstairs, Alaska upstairs and Hawaiian." The Local currently has about 400 members in the local. The celebration went well, with 45 to 60 retirees recognized by the Lodge. The Lodge also provided tacos for the attendees. The Local also purchased retirement watches for the Brothers and Sisters, and award certificates were given to the members from their carriers. Paul finished up by saying, "I encourage any local if you can do something for them because a lot of the people that came were very grateful for this small thing we could do." The 141 Report then moved to Orlando, Florida, to talk to 30-year United Airlines Ramp Serviceman John Staton, who has been the VP At-Large to District Lodge 141 since last year. Host Dave asked John about retirement information, and John briefed the viewers on how easy it is for members to contact him or District 141 AGC Mike Cyscon for questions about retirement. John then continued to walk the viewers through the website, covering information from credit unions to 401K and reminding members to get a financial planner. Brother John wanted to remind members that retirement can take time to plan out and encouraged those nearing retirement to start the process early. John says to allow at least six months to get Everything in place before retiring from work. After retirement, John also encouraged retirees to stay active with their Local Lodge, saying, "they can still stay involved in the local lodges. The retirees paved the way for all of us." Dave then welcomed Sister Karen, hired in 1968 with United Airlines and retired in 2003 after 35 years of service. She became the President of the Retirees Club in 2015 and has served in that capacity for six years. Over 225 retirees remain active with the club, with an average of 60 to 125 attending each monthly meeting. Sister Karen reports the recent retiree trip to Lake Geneva, where 40 members traveled around the lake for lunch on a cruise. Sister Karen says, "it helps to keep in touch" when asked about the importance of being an active member. Dave Roderick, our Director of Legislation, was asked if topics come up about politicians attacking or going after retirees benefits at meetings. Brother Roderick replied, "Everything is important. I have made comments about the impotence to Vote" He goes on to say that he "wants to make members aware of what they're voting for." In closing, Karen said, "Wish I could have done this sooner! I would encourage everyone, there are a lot of agents newly retired, but we try to keep them informed and trying to get more people in. We had 25 new people sign up," over the past weeks. Roderick closed by saying, "anyone who is a member of 1487 is welcomed to join the club.
October 01, 2021
141 Report - District Educators meet in Chicago
This week, the District 141 Education Department held a two-day workshop at the District Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The workshop was hosted by Mac McGovern, the District Director of Education. District educators help train union stewards and local officers by holding on-site classes at local lodges around the country. The training classes cover a wide range of union topics, including understanding contract language, officer responsibilities, and best practices for union stewards as they participate in employee discipline hearings. The lessons are available to all IAMAW 141 Members, Committee Members, and Local Officers across all airlines represented by the District. District Educators participating in the workshop updated some elements of the union steward curriculum, adding new lessons and revamping others. "Some of the changes have been made to grievance writing and investigation sheets," said attendee Chris Lusk. Lusk also explained that Zoom training would be used when needed, but the District Educators are moving forward with more live training. He also advised viewers seeking education classes "to reach out to their AGC's if the locals need some education classes done." District 141 Educators participating in the workshop included Chris Lusk (UA), Brian Harrison (AA), Deena Pena (UA), Kim Krasani (UA), Alice Potter (AA), Ku'ueli McGuire (HA), and Jeff Carlson. The event was led by District 141 Director of Education, Mac McGovern. IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
September 24, 2021
141 Report - Strong Union membership at DCA
In this week's 141 Report, Dave interviews the Grievance Committee at Washington's DCA Reagan Airport. The Fleet Service Committee Chair Salieu Turay and Committee members Delvonte Bratcher and Richard Villanueva talk about the 520 strong membership represented by the IAM - TWU Association. Brother Salieu says the membership is unified and talks about the two workgroups that are represented. Of the combined membership, there are two units; the larger Fleet service group and the smaller operations group known as the HCC (or control tower), with about 17 members. The overall mix of the Association membership at DCA is about 75 percent IAM to about 25 Percent TWU. "Having the Association partnership between the IAM and TWU is a wonderful thing," states Brother Salieu, who goes on to say the alliance creates "phenomenal representation." "The IAM TWU work together on all operational issues covering the scope of the CBA ... it's not just an IAM thing" "We work together and we fight together," states Salieu. Brother Salieu reports that the DCA gate operation has about 21-22 Shop Stewards, but the total number can fluctuate due to the pandemic. He later comments that if we hadn't ratified the contract as quickly as we did, just before the pandemic hit, the consequences could have been large numbers of job losses. "We are grateful, and we are happy," he said. "We would have seen a tsunami of employees losing their jobs system-wide."  he continued. "And, we thank 141" for helping prevent that. IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
September 17, 2021
141 Report - Labor Day, 3 Local Presidents are interviewed this week!
This week on the 141 Report the topic is about Labor Day and host Dave Lehive speaks to 3 Local Presidents Larry Reeves Local 1776, Bill Huston Local 1759, and Sal Foria Local 1322. Several other IAM members including IAM 141 AGC Bill Wilson comment about our worker's holiday on this week's report. IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
September 10, 2021
141 Report - What does an AGC Do?
141 Report: What Does an AGC Do? Dave Lehive is on another Zoom trip to Chicago to ask: What does an AGC do? Dave talks with four union brothers elected Assistant General Chairs of District 141. They are part of the District 141 Executive Board, where there are 20 other AGCs like them, representing almost 40,000 members working in the United States and US territories. Joe Bartz, Mike Cyscon, Mike Quartuccio, and Erik Stenberg share their background and experience in the airline business and the IAMAW. This is a very experienced group, with the junior man having 32 years of service. They all began representing members as Shop Stewards in their respective work areas. Mike Quartuccio reminds Stewards that their status as a fellow employee gives them the best perspective when they face problems. At the same time, he advises them not to be intimidated by company managers, and keep in mind that when they are representing a member, they engage with supervisors and managers as equals. Mike Cyscon prioritizes the return to work of every member who is on furlough, especially at JFK, one of his assigned cities. He also works to build the grievance committees at all locations, so they can use every resource and work collectively to resolve issues. Erik Stenberg performs dual roles as District 141 Safety Chairman and AGC  He was elected AGC in 2008, and also represents District 141 at the National Safety Council Labor Advisory Board. His priority is to promote safety in a dangerous environment and to listen to members so he can take advantage of every organizing opportunity. “We are all organizers,” said Erik. He is especially proud of the organizing work his team did during the UA-CO merger, which brought a previously non-union group of instructors into the IAM. For Joe Bartz, who was the first Storekeeper elected President of Local 1487, note-taking is paramount, and he encouraged transparency above all. “Don’t be afraid to tell a member, ‘I don’t know, I’ll get back to you,’” he said. But “equally important,” is to follow up. So what does an AGC do? “Administer the contract, handle grievances and make sure they are handled properly start to finish,” said Joe Bartz. “And, negotiations,” he added. When you represent 40,000 members in the United States and US territories, there are also station visits, engaging with members, and continuing education. In an industry constantly in flux with a changing world, the role of District 141 AGCs is to lead with a steady hand to promote and defend the rights, lives, and livelihoods of all union members.
September 03, 2021
141 Report: Summer Fun, Fundraising, and Politics
141 Report: Summer Fun, Fundraising, and Politics Dave Lehive was at the Local 1487 Golf Outing last week, where the sold-out event attracted 144 golfers on a beautiful summer day. This was the Chicago local’s biggest fundraising event of the year to benefit Guide Dogs of America and Tender Loving Canines. The organizing committee, led by Local 1487 President Tony Licciardi, spent six months planning the event, which received the support of many of the local’s friends and allies in the community. Union members, their families, and friends enjoyed a great course, fellowship, and fresh air while raising much-needed funds for the Machinists Union’s favorite charity. GDA President Russ Gitlin attended the event accompanied by McCoy, a 2 ½-year-old Labrador Retriever who is ready to be placed with a blind person. Sponsors of the event included National Group Protection and District 141. Friends of the late District 141 AGC Rich Pascarella, who was a prominent supporter of Guide Dogs of America, sponsored a golf hole to raise money for the pups in his memory. Dave flew from Illinois to New Jersey for the New Jersey State Council of Machinists Conference, which took place at Liberty State Park in Jersey City. Ines Garcia-Keim, a Communications Rep at District 141 and Dave’s colleague, presided over the council’s meeting for the last time, as they elected a new Executive Board. Cristino Vilorio, a Business Representative from Local 447, and Michael Buonpastore, a Safety Rep from Local 1776, were elected President and Secretary-Treasurer, respectively. Brother Buonpastore is a New Jersey resident who previously served as the State Council’s Education Director. Bill Gula, President of Local 914, and Rich Howell, former president of Local 1776, were elected Vice Presidents, and Rich Creighton from District 141 and Obie O’Brien from Local 1776 were elected Trustees. Ines explains how the State Council serves as the political arm of the union, building relationships and solidarity with elected officials and allies in labor. The council works to ensure that union members and all working people influence legislation that affects our work and communities. After a year hiatus because of the pandemic, Ines leaves the council in excellent hands, as she moves into her new role as an Education Representative at the William W. Winpisinger Center.
August 27, 2021
141 Report: Sean Rosario, Educator at United Lodge 914
141 Report: Sean Rosario, Educator at United Lodge 914 Dave Lehive stopped by a Shop Steward training class at Local 914 recently, and impressed by what he saw, he returned via Zoom to speak with Sean Rosario, Educator, Safety Advocate, and Shop Steward for the United Lodge 914 in Newark, New Jersey. Brother Sean Rosario is a 14-year veteran of Continental/United, and as a Lead Ramp Services Agent, has served as a Safety Advocate at EWR for 10 years. He is also a Shop Steward and has represented his local as a delegate to several IAMAW conferences and conventions. Inspired by his experience at the William W. Winpisinger Center, he became the Local Lodge 914 Educator in January 2021. In his role as Safety Advocate, Sean engaged with his co-workers in “peer-to-peer” education, but after he completed Leadership classes at the Winpisinger Center, he took to heart the call to “take this knowledge and information and share it with the members,” and sought a more active role as Local Lodge Educator. He began teaching Shop Steward classes this year, which have been well received by both new and experienced Shop Stewards. With the support of Mac McGovern, District 141 Director of Education, and the district’s Education Representatives, Sean uses a hybrid model where some topics are discussed in-person, and they handle others via Zoom on a big screen. Local Lodge 914 is housed in a large space near Newark Liberty Airport that can accommodate classes following safety protocols of masking and physical distancing. Sean’s creative style includes breaking out the group into smaller units to do role play and solve problems. Sean has taught initial Shop Steward training for UGE Stewards, and an Advanced Shop Steward class that has proven invaluable, especially for Stewards who took leaves of absence during the height of the pandemic and are returning to active duty at EWR. In the wake of many retirements in 2020, there is also a need to train new Stewards who were appointed to represent members in Customer Service, Ramp, Stores, and UGE. We hear from Paulina Ganhito, a Shop Steward in Customer Service for 10 years, who says “We never stop learning,” and from Raymond Ortega, who has represented his coworkers on the EWR ramp for just 3 months. Sean describes Ray as “a rising star, very passionate,” and someone who took the next step and became a Shop Steward after filing many grievances to defend his rights and his coworkers’. Eager to return to the Winpisinger Center for the Train the Trainer course that will complete his IAM Leadership education, Sean will continue to inspire members to follow in his footsteps so they can also become a valued resource for the membership.
August 20, 2021
141 Report: Phoenix IAM Union Grievance Committee Grows in Strength
141 Report: PHX Committee Grows in Strength Census numbers released this week show that the city of Phoenix, Arizona is the fastest-growing large city in the United States. Dave Lehive talks to members of the Grievance Committee at Sky Harbor Lodge 2559 to find out how the area’s growth and the challenges presented by the coronavirus in the past year have affected their work. Trina David, Committee Chair, with Dan Robinson and Brian Harrison, who serve as Committee Representatives, are elected to represent over 1,000 members working at American Airlines in Phoenix. IAM members at American Airlines ratified an industry-leading contract in March 2020, just before the United States and most of the world had to pause to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Brother Brian Harrison, who also serves as an Education Representative for District 141, points out that as a “right to work” state, Arizona has low union density, so many IAM members are working in a union workplace for the first time. Most of them, unlike their counterparts in the East or Midwest, did not grow up in a union household, so the Committee educates members about the role of unions and their value for working people. These anti-worker laws do not apply to workers in the airline industry, which operates under the Railway Labor Act, but their effect on the work culture is still damaging. Dave reminds viewers that the PRO Act, significant pro-labor legislation currently making its way through Congress, would eliminate these state laws and would strengthen organized labor across the nation. The Committee members and Shop Stewards of Sky Harbor Lodge 2559 represent members at American Airlines working at the PHX ramp, tower, and cargo. In the past 18 months, the Committee has seen a surge of interest from members who want to become more involved as Shop Stewards. Trina says these members are eager to defend and preserve the benefits of the contract that were hard won through a years-long negotiation process. Communication is a key element of a successful local lodge and committee, and Local 2559 uses a variety of tools, including Facebook Messenger, Slack, and a Google voice hotline. There is a Committee Representative available in person at the airport for 12 hours daily. At the beginning of the pandemic, they also recorded video briefings to keep members informed as information changed quickly. The local has a large space that allows them to continue in-person training sessions with social distancing and following safety protocols. Committee members stress the importance of working together with Committees from other stations, and they maintain close contact with their counterparts in CLT, PHL, DEN, and DFW. This helps maintain consistency in the policies at different stations. Committee Chair Trina David mentions that as a “fairly new” committee, these interactions are very important. They also rely on the guidance of AGC Pat Rezler and “Cool Uncle” AGC Mike Maiorino. “There’s no guidebook,” says Trina, so they learn from leaders and each other.
August 13, 2021
141 Report: Interview with Mike Klemm, PDGC of District 141
Dave Lehive gets District 141 President and Directing General Chair Mike Klemm on record with updates and news on negotiations, COVID recovery and vaccinations, and other hot topics. This 141 Report is a must-see! We begin with Mike telling his story about how he “grew up” at JFK Airport in New York City and first became a Shop Steward at Local Lodge 1322 in 1999. He was elected Grievance Committee Representative two years later, and in 2006 won election as Committee Chair for JFK and LGA. He was later elected Assistant General Chair of District 141, becoming President and Directing General Chair in 2015. The conversation goes right into contract negotiations, beginning with the successful joint collective bargaining agreement signed with American Airlines 18 months ago. That agreement raised the bar for wages, benefits, and work rules for the entire airline industry, earning the highest rate of approval for ratification of any contract in the history of District 141. and much much more so join us IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
August 06, 2021
141 Report: “A Proper Send-Off” in SFO Celebrates Retirements and Solidarity
141 Report: “A Proper Send-Off” in SFO Celebrates Retirements and Solidarity What began as a plan to have a small retirement party for 49 Storekeepers who chose United’s voluntary separation programs turned into a day-long celebration for all Machinists Union members in SFO. Over 1,000 union members from Local Lodges 1781 and 1782 in Burlingame, CA enjoyed food, live music, games, and camaraderie while saluting their brothers and sisters moving on to new horizons after their service at United, American, Hawaiian and other carriers. Dave Lehive talks with Chris Lusk, Committee Chair and Vice President of Local 1781, who also serves as Vice President, West of District 141, and with Olu Ajetomobi, Assistant General Chair for District 141. AGC Troy Rivera joins the conversation on a video clip, where he tells how his plan blossomed into a celebration and proper send-off for 285 retirees that all members could enjoy. The original group of 5 planners turned into an organizing committee that had 35 volunteers on the day of the event. “It was a pretty well-oiled machine,” said Chris Lusk. The organizers had gathered 650 RSVPs on their social media posts, but once they shared pictures of the setup on the morning of the event, phones and social media websites exploded with excitement and more RSVPs. Attendance numbers are not finalized, but they expect they had “well over” 1,000 participants. The event was open to all IAM members working at United, American, Hawaiian, and Flagship Services in SFO. Four food trucks, which earned “rave reviews,” kept members and their families well fed, along with a beautifully displayed dessert table featuring the IAM logo. Members also enjoyed live music, games, and raffles. The most popular feature was a “dunk tank” where members had the opportunity to hit a target that sent their favorite AGC or local officer into a water tank for good fun and to raise money for Guide Dogs of America, the Machinists Union favorite charity. Cristina Odoardi, District 141 Community Services Director, was on hand and helped coordinate that part of the event. There were also opportunities for members to learn more about the Machinists Non-Partisan Political League (MNPL), the Retiree Club, and other ways to stay involved in the union. Brother Olu Ajetonobi says many retirees “just drop by,” but members of the Retiree Club are active in the local’s community service events, such as food drives. The celebration left IAM members, guests, and families wanting more. Hearing comments such as “when’s the next event, what can I do to help?” encouraged Chris to declare that ”this will be an ongoing event.” He encouraged every local to take time to celebrate our bonds and solidarity. IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
July 30, 2021
141 Report: The IAM Members Who Train Flight Crews
141 Report: The IAM Members Who Train Flight Crews Did you know that IAM members train United pilots and flight attendants? This highly skilled and specialized group of 150 IAM members design programs and provide training in aircraft systems and emergency procedures for United’s flight crews. Most of the group is based in Denver, but they also work in facilities in San Francisco and Chicago. Dave talks to Chip Wilson and Verne Luxenburg, two IAM members of Local 1886 in Denver, Colorado who work as Fleet Technical and Emergency Procedures Instructors. These crafts are covered by the Fleet Technical Instructors and Related Employees Agreement between United Airlines and IAMAW District 141. When the interview begins we find Chip Wilson as “captain” of an Airbus A320 on the approach to SFO over the Golden Gate Bridge. Instructors are specialized in each of United’s fleets. Chip oversees the group that trains pilots on Airbus A319 and Airbus A320 aircraft, while Vern specializes in the Boeing 787. Their training covers “every button, every switch,” besides emergency systems and procedures. Chip Wilson, an Army veteran, began working with United in 1992 and has been an Instructor since 1996. When the IAM was elected to represent the group in 1997, he became active as a Shop Steward, and currently serves as Committee Representative. Verne Luxenburg has a long history with United and the IAM. Since 1977, he has worked in LAX, LGA, JFK, and Denver Stapleton Airport before he transferred to SAN. He became active in the IAM and served as Committee Chair before rising to Assistant General Chair, a post he held from 2002 to 2010. Verne later became an Emergency Procedures Instructor, training flight attendants throughout the United system, before becoming a Fleet Technical Instructor. Brother Verne describes his close call with COVID, after contracting the virus in March 2020. He had to be hospitalized and placed on a ventilator to save his life. Fortunately, he’s made great strides and is back at work, although he has lingering problems that sometimes require him to use oxygen. After not seeing his parents for almost 2 years, he is ready to visit them after he completes his vaccination regimen in August. The benefits and job security that the IAM contract provides are “incredibly important,” says Chip. He recalls the furloughs they endured after 9-11 and credits their IAM contract with preventing furloughs “to zero,” preserving positions, and more importantly, the rights to the core work. United has announced ambitious plans for expansion as we emerge from the pandemic, which is great news for the members of the Fleet Instructors group. “United Next” calls for a historic investment in over 200 new aircraft, and the hiring of over 25,000 new employees to support the new fleet. The company has been hiring Flight Training Instructors during the past year, and brothers Verne and Chip encourage qualified IAM members to apply. IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
July 23, 2021
141 Report - AA IAM Grievance Committee talks about solidarity
141 Report: DEN Local 1886 Committee for American Airlines Dave returns to Denver International Airport to speak via Zoom with Local 1886 Grievance Committee members from American Airlines. Brothers Mark Chavez, Chairman, Nic Haberman, Secretary, and Ed Horvath, Assistant Committee Chair show that while they represent a smaller group of members at DEN when compared with their counterparts at United, their commitment, activism, and dedication are strong. One of the larger field stations in the American system, DEN has a very active group of union representatives. These three union brothers are veterans of airline mergers, and as a result, have worked in other cities during their careers. Their experiences have shown them the importance of having a sense of ownership of work and how this builds solidarity and pride amongst unionized workers. Besides the essential work of identifying and resolving grievances, each one of these Committee members also takes part in other aspects of union work. Committee Chair Chavez also serves as a Safety Rep, Secretary Haberman is a local Trainer, and Horvath is an EAP Representative. They incorporate these skills into their leadership roles to solve problems at the lowest level. “If the problem never happens, that’s the lowest level,” says Haberman, stressing the value of a proactive approach. The conversation covers many areas of interest, including how the GSAP program is proving to be an effective tool to promote safety. Mark points out how the program provides for training and non-punitive solutions to problems and incidents that members report voluntarily. American Airlines is expanding operations in DEN, and Nic states that with transfers and new hires, the station has surpassed the pre-COVID number of employees. The station has a mixed IAM/TWU Association membership, with a majority as IAM and about 9% members of TWU. He proudly stated that out of a recent group of preferential hires who had the option, all chose to remain members of the IAM. Always a trainer, Nic never misses an opportunity to educate airport workers who approach him to ask questions about the IAM. He specifically calls out workers from jetBlue who claim they are too busy to learn about the union and sign an authorization card. He also engages in inside organizing and mentions the dangers of internal divisions that give company executives opportunities to take advantage of workers. Mark speaks about the importance of communication between stations to ensure consistency in the way issues are handled. This is another way we can build strength in numbers and solidarity within our union. IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
July 16, 2021
141 Report - Big Union membership deep in the South
141 Report: Daryl Current, Taking Care of Business and People After laboring through four airline mergers and doing his fair share of moving around to keep his airline job over 37 years, Daryl Current has a deep appreciation for what a good union contract can do for workers. 141 Report host Dave Lehive catches up with his former coworker Daryl Current, the Grievance Committee Chair at Victory Local Lodge 1725 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dave and Daryl reminisce about their days working together in Newark, New Jersey before Daryl settled in Charlotte in 2006. He was a Shop Steward when District 141 AGCs encouraged him to run for a position in the Grievance Committee in 2015. He has served as Committee Chair since 2017. As a leader in one of the largest locals in District 141, Daryl Current wants to make sure the 1,8000 members of Victory Lodge 1725 have easy access to their union representatives. For this reason, he and fellow Committee Reps John Wilkinson, Mike Noble, and Lou Gilmore keep staggered hours in their office at the airport. “Our door is always open,” says Daryl, stating how there is a Committee Rep available to members, in person, for 15 hours a day, on average. Daryl makes sure union stewards receive training and support to help them perform at their best, often taking on training responsibilities “in-house.” He also finds the skills he learned in EAP training helpful to recognize cases when members need help beyond the bounds of the union contract. Communication at every level is a key element of effective representation, and Daryl works to maintain open channels with district representatives and committee reps in many cities. He mentions the close relationship CLT reps have with their counterparts in Phoenix, which was profiled in a 141 Report when they hosted them at the airport to exchange ideas and best practices on the field. Maintaining these relationships helps union representatives know well the issues that are important to every member, and are the best way to build solidarity and power.
July 10, 2021
141 Report - Denver Local 1886 Guide Dogs Charity Event
This week the 141 Report is about the very successful Guide Dogs of America and Tender Loving Canines Charity event held in Denver. Our guest is Brother John Martinez the President of Local 1886 for the IAM. IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
July 02, 2021
141 Report: EAP Always There
141 Report: EAP Always There Dave interviews Joe Washburn, District 141 EAP Coordinator for the Southeast Region about the resources available to IAM members and their families to help them overcome personal troubles. The past 16 months have presented challenges to the way we work and conduct our everyday lives, and for many people, they have intensified problems they may have been able to manage in the past. Joe talks about how Employee Assistance Program Peer Coordinators have seen an increase in the number of members seeking help to cope with mental health and financial problems. In his previous experience, the most common concerns were alcohol and drug abuse. Brother Joe Washburn began his airline career at United Airlines Cabin Services at IAD in 1991 and later transferred to Ramp Services in PHL. He became active in the union as a Shop Steward but has always been connected to the EAP program. He completed the EAP Coordinator training at the IAMAW Winpisinger Center and also holds a certification as a Peer Counselor from the Labor Assistance Professionals, a trade labor organization. Joe was part of the first group to complete the IAM’s Critical Incident Training that responded to an active shooter event at an IAM-represented worksite in Aurora, IL. His interest in helping others is rooted in his own experience, and he credits the EAP program at his previous job for “being there when I needed them.” Joe has been sober for 35 years. EAP Peer Counselors are “on the field with the members and they sometimes can tell if something is going on,” he said. But his priority is to make sure members know there are many resources available to them when they are going through hard times. Joe was recently appointed to oversee EAP volunteers in the Southeast region that includes BWI, DCA, FLL, IAD, MCO, PHL, RSW, and TPA. He provides them with training and the resources they need to serve members and their families to assist them when they need help with a variety of issues, including child custody, caregiving, and other domestic disputes, and will find help even for those lacking health insurance. The first step to find help is to visit the EAP page on the District 141 website: Members can expect respectful, non-judgemental, and professional treatment that is strictly confidential. “We do not turn anyone down.” AM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
June 25, 2021
141 Report: Meet the Scholarship Judges
141 Report: Meet the Scholarship Judges District 141 members enjoy many benefits besides those enshrined in our contracts, and today’s 141 Report features the Adolph Stutz Memorial Scholarship Awards. Since 1984, this competitive scholarship program has helped district members and their families by providing monetary awards to support their efforts to earn college degrees. Dave interviews Frank Casciato, Executive Vice President, and Dan Brin, Managing Editor at Bleiweiss Communications, a 100% union public relations firm based in Calabasas, California that has worked with organized labor groups for 75 years. Bleiweiss has had a working relationship with District 141 since 1981. The Adolph Stutz Memorial Scholarship is named after a District 141 officer who worked as an aircraft mechanic at United Airlines. Frank and Dan head the committee that reviews the required essays submitted by applicants and chooses the award winners. The program awards one top scholarship prize of $2,000, plus six additional placement awards of $1,000 each. This year’s essay subject asks applicants to describe a post-COVID world, and whether it may bring a shift in human priorities. Click this link for the contest rules and an application. The deadline to submit applications is July 1st, 2021. Frank Casciato complimented the scholarship program as an example of how “the union recognizes the aspirations of the members,” and added, “I’m personally very proud of being part of it.” In closing, Dan Brin encouraged members to “Take advantage of this. It’s there for you.” IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
June 18, 2021
141 Report: GSAP Rollout at American, PA State Council Conference
141 Report: GSAP Rollout at American, PA State Council Conference Safety First. The culture of working safely drives everything we do as a union. Dave Lehive welcomes back Dennis Spencer, District 141 Safety Coordinator at American Airlines to update us about the rollout of the GSAP safety reporting system at American. Asia McClain, a GSAP Advocate from Local 561 in Kansas City, Missouri, joins the conversation to share her views on how the implementation of this important safety program is going and how it has improved safety at her station. Front-line workers have filed over 100 GSAP reports since the program began at American on March 29, 2021. There are 100 safety advocates from the IAM/TWU Association throughout the American Airlines network who have received training on GSAP protocols. Dennis is still recruiting advocates and conducting training sessions to make sure there is a trained GSAP advocate at every airport. Asia praised the program as an opportunity for workers to voice safety concerns and how it prevents managers from “shutting you down and not listening.” Having the FAA and neutral parties reviewing problems at ERC meetings has already improved the safety culture at Kansas City, and both guests agreed that while there’s a lot of work to do, GSAP will improve the safety culture for all members of The Association. “Members need to be informed about this program because it gives them a voice. Problems are looked at from every perspective,” said Asia. “No more sweeping things under the rug.” To learn more about GSAP or to file a report, go to In the second part of the video, Dave reports on the in-person gathering of delegates of the Pennsylvania State Council of Machinists for their conference in York this week. They welcomed John Fetterman, Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania Attorney General who spoke about voting rights, and several members of the Pennsylvania congressional delegation, who participated both in-person and virtually. Hasan Solomon, IAMAW National Legislative Director, spoke at the conference about the ongoing fight to protect labor rights and the importance of passing the PRO Act, the most important labor reform legislation in a generation. In his signature style, Brother Solomon reminded everyone that “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
June 11, 2021
141 Report: Brother Ivan Miranda speaks about the Happy Homecoming at JFK
141 Report: Happy Homecoming at JFK Few guests of the 141 Report have been as happy as Local 1322 Committee Chair Ivan Miranda. He talks with Dave about the return of IAM members at United to John F. Kennedy Airport after a five-year absence. A 24-year veteran of Continental Cargo and United Airlines, Ivan describes “the joy to be home” that 50 IAM members feel since their return to their jobs at JFK Airport in Queens, New York. In the fall of 2015, they were forced to transfer to other area airports when United consolidated flights and closed JFK, a decision the airline now calls “a mistake.” There was no mistake in the contract language that protected the recall rights of every IAM member who wished to return to JFK. Ivan says that in the last 2 months, the homecomings keep everyone “happy to come to work.” Last week, they welcomed one of their own, former JFK Ramp Services Lead Agent Mike Klemm, who now serves as District 141 President and Directing General Chair. Ivan credited Klemm, “the big man behind the scenes,” and District 141 negotiators who ensured that JFK retained recall rights in the New York/New Jersey “point” in every contract with United. These contractual protections made possible a smooth transition for workers when faced with the ever-changing nature of the airline business, and their return to the jobs they held close to home as circumstances changed. District 141 Assistant General Chair Mike Cyscon accompanied Klemm on the station visit. Cyscon has been working with Ivan and 4 newly appointed Shop Stewards at JFK to make sure they have the resources and support they need. One of the most experienced AGCs in District 141, Ivan described Cyscon as “a good mentor” who “always has my back.” United is currently operating 8 daily flights from 2 gates in Terminal 7, but Ivan expects those numbers to increase. He is looking forward to welcoming more transfers and returning Machinists Union members to join him at JFK in the big comeback for the airline and the entire New York region post COVID. Most importantly, he says: “We’re home!” IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
June 04, 2021
141 Report: Walt Ingram, Union Sportsmen Alliance
141 Report: Walt Ingram, Union Sportsmen Alliance “If you’re a Machinist and you love the outdoors, the Union Sportsmen Alliance is the place for you to be,” says Walt Ingram, Director of Union Relations for the Union Sportsmen Alliance. Formed in 2007 by a group of charter union affiliates, including Machinists, Steelworkers, and Building Trades members, the Union Sportsmen Alliance’s mission is to “unite the union community through conservation to preserve North America’s outdoor heritage.” Walt explains how the group provides opportunities for members to build relationships and become more engaged with their union away from the workplace. It is also a tool for union leadership to get to know members “on their level,” doing activities they enjoy outside of work. “Many Machinists Union members care about the outdoors and engage in outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, hiking, and are engaged in activities to preserve the environment,” he says. USA hosts several Conservation Dinners every year to raise funds for their community outreach program, Work Boots on the Ground, which has completed hundreds of infrastructure projects around the country that provide access to the outdoors regardless of ability. Two of the dinners are held in Machinists Union halls in Seattle and St Louis, and Walt says there is always a Machinists table at every event. Walt calls the Work Boots on the Ground program “the hallmark of our organization,” and we see a short video of their restoration project in Henryetta, Oklahoma. Nichols Park, a historic park built in 1941 under President Roosevelt’s New Deal Program, was restored by USA members who built a new fishing pier and pavilion, which is very popular with families in the area. He says these projects help “connect your Local with your community in a powerful and positive way that lasts forever.” Members of the Machinists Union may join the Union Sportsmen Alliance at no cost, a benefit provided by the IAMAW as a Charter Union. Benefits include a subscription to their quarterly journal, access to an exclusive website for members to purchase equipment, and the opportunity to participate in “Brotherhood Outdoors,” their television show that showcases members' stories, besides the community outreach programs. Through July 1st, USA will send a bonus gift to any District 141 member who applies for membership, while supplies last. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
May 28, 2021
141 Report: Joe Lanasa “You wouldn’t be talking to me right now if we didn’t have a union,”
141 Report: Joe Lanasa President of IAM Air Transport Local 1731 In recent years, and especially since the mega-merger of United and Continental Airlines in 2011, few stations have seen the turmoil Cleveland has. Joe Lanasa has been president of IAM Local 1731 since 2020, just seven years after a friend who was a committee member urged him to get more involved in the union. United Airlines workers founded the local in 1946, and while small today, under Joe’s leadership, it remains a strong and active group in the IAM. Air Transport Local 1731 currently represents 272 members working at United Customer Service, Ramp, and Stores in CLE, and Customer Service workers at Southwest Airlines in Columbus, Ohio (CMH). Just five months ago, the local had close to 400 members, but the COVID pandemic caused many members to take options for retirement and extended leaves of absence. This last wave of retirements comes after the local lost close to 300 members after United decided to downgrade CLE’s status as a hub airport for the airline. Throughout it all, Joe Lanasa remains optimistic. “CLE would have been outsourced if we didn’t have contract protections. The company wanted to downgrade every worker to part-time status,” he says, stressing how a legally binding union contract can make all the difference in workers’ lives and livelihoods. Joe is relentless in his mission to educate members on how union solidarity strengthens workers so they can navigate the fluctuations in the airline industry and control their future. “You wouldn’t be talking to me right now if we didn’t have a union,” says Joe, who began his airline career 33 years ago. Joe speaks about the City of Cleveland and his own family’s history in organized labor. What started as curiosity developed into a calling to address needs that he discovered as he became more involved in the union. He jokes how he was told when he ran for vice president that his primary responsibility was to order the pizza for the local’s meeting. He ended up leading his first meeting as vice president when the president could not attend. “I never thought I would be this involved with the union. But it escalated quickly.” You can always watch our 141 Report on Youtube and Facebook every Friday 2pm (EST) afternoon
May 21, 2021
141 Report - Chicago Federation of Labor and the IAM work together to help people in need.
Keepers of the Flame: Don Villar and the Chicago Federation of Labor Dave talks with Don V. Villar, Secretary-Treasurer of the Chicago Federation of Labor about the city’s important role in labor history and how it drives their commitment to today’s working people. The Chicago Federation of Labor is the third-largest central labor council in the United States, an umbrella organization with 300 union affiliates representing over half a million members from Chicago and Cook County, Illinois. Don Villar was literally born into the union movement - his mom gave birth to him while his father was on strike, fighting for better wages and benefits for workers in the Philippines. After his family moved to the United States, his mom worked at the flight kitchen in O’Hare and was a member of UNITE-HERE Local 1. Don earned his bachelor’s degree while working a building security job as a member of SEIU and went to work for the ABC affiliate TV station in Chicago. He worked there for 25 years and won an Emmy award. In 2007, he joined the negotiating committee of NABET-CWA Local 41 with ABC, which made clear to him how systemic inequality for workers could only be overcome through union power and activism. That experience inspired him to apply to law school, and he completed his law degree while working full time. He is dedicated to civil rights advocacy and labor law. “We see a lot of injustice out there, the devaluing of our labor, workers being disrespected,” said Don, which gets him “fired up” to make things right. The discussion turns to the important role the city of Chicago has played in labor history. Many labor unions were born out of street actions in Chicago, and many unions “Local 1” and “Local 2” are still based there. During the interview, Don says he is sitting only a few blocks away from Haymarket Square, where at least 8 workers died in 1886 when a labor protest for an 8-hour workday turned into a riot. Today, workers around the world honor their sacrifice on May Day every year. Don also speaks about the commitment that the CFL has with workers who have suffered job loss during the coronavirus pandemic, and how their community service events have served as a lifeline for many union members. In partnership with their affiliates, they conducted a food drive the day before Mothers’ Day in the parking lot of IAM Local 1487 near O’Hare Airport. Dave Roderick and Ann Clifford from District 141 helped coordinate the event with Machinists and members of many CFL affiliates, from Bricklayers to Musicians. “Union members helping union members,” distributed 1,600 pounds of food to 400 needy families that day. Don is deeply grateful to Local 1487 and District 141 for their dedication and solidarity. “Machinists have always been a big part of the CFL; Chicago can’t move without our Machinists Brothers and Sisters.” Watch our video podcast on Facebook and Youtube at these links
May 14, 2021
141 Report - Doug Kohler speaks about how the Union helped raise wages and give a voice to the workers
141 Report: Doug Kohler, President of Air Transport Local 1885 This week Dave heads up to the Pacific Northwest to catch up with Doug Kohler, President of Air Transport Local 1885 in Portland, Oregon. A 24-year veteran at United Airlines, Brother Doug Kohler began his career in Eugene, Oregon before he transferred to PDX in 2000. Doug was a strong supporter of the organizing effort for Customer Service agents at the airline in 1999, and he credits the IAM with the elimination of “C scale” wages and bringing pay equity and fair representation for all workers. He became active in the union as a Shop Steward in 2003 and was elected CS Grievance Committee Representative in 2013. Doug served as Local 1885 Vice President before becoming President of the local this year. IAM Air Transport Local 1885 represents 500 members working in Customer Service at United, Southwest, Alaska, and Hawaiian Airlines, Fleet Service at American, and Stores and Ramp Service employees at United, all based at PDX. Doug is especially proud of the solidarity and the work the IAM is doing to protect the jobs, wages, and benefits of workers during the pandemic, and how union resources like the EAP help support lives and livelihoods. He is focusing on developing a Women’s Committee at the local level and continuing to work collectively to preserve the dignity of work. You can always watch our video reports on Facebook and Youtube on these links
May 07, 2021
141 Report -There's a difference from non union to Union say's 811 President Leroy Taylor
141 Report: Leroy Taylor and the Local 811 Pushback Dave speaks with Leroy Taylor, President of Local 811 in Houston, Texas. Based in the largest city in Texas, IAMAW Local 811 represents below the wing workers at United and American Airlines. Leroy Taylor began his airline career with Continental Airlines in 1986, attracted primarily by the flying benefits the job offered. He initially kept his full-time job at a local hotel until a year later when full-time Lead RSE positions became available. Leroy decided to make a change and “lose a gig with the hotel but earn a career with the airline.” He speaks passionately about how the union provides benefits that go well beyond travel, and how important it is to have legal representation and “go to the table and be strong.” Leroy cites the airline’s attempt to cut workers’ schedules at the beginning of the pandemic, and how the IAM forced the company to honor the contracts we have negotiated. “I wouldn’t change it for the world,” says Leroy, and he urges non-union workers to choose union solidarity to make sure their voices are heard and they have a say about their future. An early supporter of unionization, Brother Leroy was a Shop Steward during the merger of United and Continental and is grateful and proud to be a member of the IAM. Driven by his desire to learn more about the union movement, he became active in Local 811 (he tells the story of how the number 811 was chosen), becoming a Trustee and Safety Advocate before he was elected President. Local 811 represents 2,400 members in IAH and several smaller airports including BHM, LFT, MAF, and SHV. They share space and building costs with their sister Local 2198 that represents above the wing workers. Similar to many locals, Local 811 has seen many member retirements over the past year because of the coronavirus and the voluntary programs offered by companies to reduce staff. As the interview wraps up, Leroy urges every union worker to “get the shot, let’s get back to where we need to be.” Be sure to watch our video podcast on Facebook and Youtube on Fridays at 2pm at these links
April 30, 2021
141 Report interviews 51 year Airline worker and Union Leader Bill Huston
141 Report: Bill Huston and Capital Lodge 1759 In this 141 Report, we speak with the president of one of the oldest airline locals in the IAM, Capital Lodge 1759, based in Herndon, VA, just outside Dulles International Airport. Brother Bill Huston has worked in a variety of functions both below and above the wing in his 51-year career at United Airlines. He started working on the ramp in Norfolk while he was attending college and later transferred to customer service at IAD. Since the CS group joined the IAM in 1999, Bill has served as Shop Steward, Building Committee Rep, Trustee, and Vice President before he became president of the local. He also currently serves as a Safety Advocate in IAD. Capital Local 1759, named after Capital Airlines, whose workers founded the local, represents 2,000 members who work for 5 airlines at 7 airports in four states. Capital Airlines merged with United in 1961, and the local also represents workers at Southwest, American, Alaska, and British Airways, and also airline support workers from Ogden, Menzies, and UGE. Bill values the proud history of the IAM and works to ensure all members see the importance of solidarity. “We are as strong as the weakest member,” he says, which is why he devotes time to member education and mentoring. Dave wraps up the interview recognizing the work that Local 1759 members do in community service. In 2018, they held a golf outing honoring the late District 141 AGC and Local 1759 member Rich Pascarella, which raised $70,000 for Guide Dogs of America. As we resume in-person events after COVID, Bill is looking forward to planning events like that one.
April 23, 2021
141 Report Member Spotlight on Community Service
As members of the Machinists Union, we are called to expand our footprint beyond the workplace and engage with the communities we call home. Finding these intersections between work and home is a vital part of creating modern unions that are more in touch with the needs of real people, according to IAMAW District 141 Community Service Director Cristina Odoardi. This edition of the 141 Member Spotlight features three of our District 141 Community Service leaders so we can learn about some of the important work they are doing. The video features Noelle Sakamoto from Local Lodge 1781 in Burlingame, California, Debbie Inverno from Local Lodge 914 in Newark, New Jersey, and Tamara Sass from Local Lodge 1885 in Portland, Oregon. The Community Service Chairs describe the challenges they faced in the past year, and how they have continued to work safely to address the diverse needs in their areas. Local 1781 runs a food distribution program twice a month in partnership with other unions in the Bay Area to help hundreds of families experiencing food insecurity. They have organized supplies in a shelter for victims of domestic violence and are planning an event to recognize health care workers for their heroic work in the past year. In Newark, Local 914 members regularly contribute to a food pantry and soup kitchen and provide monthly support for a youth mentoring program. In Portland, committee members collected donations to benefit a women and children’s shelter and to purchase gift cards for troops traveling through the airport during the holidays. Local 1885 alternates their drives to benefit food banks in Oregon and Washington since their members live in both states. Cristina Odoardi joins the conversation and explains the huge negative impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the Machinists Union’s favorite charity, Guide Dogs of America and Tender Loving Canines. Dozens of events have been cancelled due to restrictions on large gatherings of people to avoid spreading the virus. She and Dave urge members to continue to support the work of GDA as we look forward to events scheduled for later this year as COVID restrictions are relaxed. Any union member who wants to work to spread good will in their community should contact Director Cristina Odoardi or reach out to their local president, AGC, or community service committee chair. She summarizes other community service activities that have taken place at different local lodges around the country, and she stressed how important it is to just do something. "Every area is different, but any small gesture of kindness to give back to the community helps everyone,” said Odoardi. "There’s nothing too small, and together we can make a difference.”
April 20, 2021
141 Report talks to IAM 141 Employee Assistance Program UA Chairperson Tony Rodriguez
This week on the 141 Report, we travel via zoom to Denver, Colorado for a conversation with the new District 141 United Airlines Employees Assistance Program Chairperson, Tony Rodriguez. Brother Tony takes over the position from Kathy Furgeson, who has retired. The District 141 EAP can quickly and confidentially connect you to counseling, crisis intervention, and other wellbeing services. The Machinists & Aerospace Union partners with hundreds of deeply caring and trained professionals who can help guide you through a wide range of challenges. To Contact an EAP Rep, Click Watch our video report on youtube at or
April 16, 2021
141 Report: Al Yamada, President of Sea-Tac Local 1351 and the locals long history representing airline workers
141 Report: Al Yamada, President of Sea-Tac Local 1351 A 35-year veteran of United and second-generation Machinist, Al Yamada keeps building the leadership team at Local 1351. We travel via Zoom to Sea-Tac to speak with the president of one of the oldest local lodges in District 141. When it was founded in 1941, members of IAM Local 1351 worked at airlines that are now part of history, like Flying Tigers, Northwest, and TWA. Today, the local represents 315 members who work for United, American, and Hawaiian Airlines at SEA and UGE workers at Payne Field (PAE). Local 1351 President Al Yamada worked for United in Chicago and San Francisco before he settled in Seattle and became active in the Machinists Union. He has roots in the area, as the son of a Machinists Union member who worked at Boeing for 30 years. Al served as Shop Steward and Conductor-Sentinel before he was elected president 20 years ago. In his two decades as local president, Brother Al has prioritized members’ education and skills development. Several members have taken early retirement in the past year, so he is working closely with the local’s vice president and younger members who have stepped up to fill leadership roles to continue the essential work of representing members. “Solidarity and strength in numbers make the union go,” Al tells Dave. We couldn’t agree more. Be sure to watch our 141 report Fridays at 2pm on Facebook at or on youtube at
April 09, 2021
141 Report: For Workers’ Rights: Kelly Hughes, IND Committee Chair 4-2-2021
For Workers’ Rights: Kelly Hughes, IND Committee Chair Today’s 141 Report travels via Zoom to Indianapolis, to talk to Kelly Hughes, Committee Chairperson for Local 511. Sister Kelly Hughes has lived through the ups and downs of the airline business, and her experiences have made her a strong and dedicated unionist. She left her job at United in IND less than a year after she had started, uncertain of her future there in the aftermath of 9/11. She returned in 2007, only to be furloughed two years later. Determined to make things work, she transferred to STL where her outspoken and direct style was recognized, and she became a Shop Steward. In 2015, Kelly was recalled to IND, where she was soon elected Committee Chairperson and was appointed Secretary-Treasurer of Local 511. She currently serves members in both positions. IND Local 511 is an amalgamated local that joins all three transportation districts. Founded as a railroad local, it now has 241 members who work at United, Southwest, and Alaska Airlines, in addition to Amtrak and CSX. Kelly, known as “Queen” completed studies as a paralegal and never stops studying contracts and learning to make sure she’s prepared for any issues she or the members she represents may face. She is committed to “keep growing in the union and keep fighting for our rights.” Summarizing why she is passionate about her work, Kelly said, “The only way we can bring about change is by being involved,” Watch our 141 Report on Social Media at 2pm Fridays at
April 02, 2021
141 Report with Labor Lawyer Frank Marco giving suggestions to Shop Stewards and Non Union workers 3-26-2021
141 Report: Frank A. Marco, Trusted Partner in Labor Law This week Dave speaks with Frank A. Marco, a partner at Gregorio & Marco who is the manager of the firm’s Labor Law department. A skilled Labor lawyer is a necessary asset for any successful union. Navigating complex employment laws, labor contracts and changing conditions in the workplace often requires the advice of an experienced counsel. Their work is also valuable in issues related to organizing and union administration. Frank A. Marco is a graduate of Marquette University and Cornell Law School and has represented labor unions for over 25 years. Gregorio & Marco began their relationship with the IAM working for Local Lodge 1487 in Chicago and started representing District 141 ten years ago. He also works with a variety of building trades unions. “Labor unions are highly regulated, more so than any other business, so there’s a lot of traps out there and a lot of areas for us to work with the leadership,” he said. Frank speaks about the Duty of Fair Representation and how important it is for Shop Stewards to gather information and properly document every case, to take thorough notes of statements and hearings, and to not pre-judge any situation. He also answers Dave’s questions regarding mandates for vaccines and testing in the workplace, legal accommodations, how to safely navigate social media, and how union solidarity is a necessary tool today when we face constant attacks from powerful corporate and anti-union forces. The conversation also covers how unions create work environments that are understandable to a diverse group of workers, and how the culture of mutual trust they create helps secure healthy and long careers for working people. You can always watch our 141 Report video posted at
March 26, 2021
141 REPORT: JOHN MARTINEZ, PRESIDENT OF LOCAL 1886 IN DENVER - Why its good to become an IAM member
Mar 19, 2021 This week Dave travels to the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado, to speak with John Martinez, President of IAM Local Lodge 1886. A native New Yorker, John moved to Denver searching for job opportunities, and just a few years after he began working at United, his coworkers suggested his “vocal” style would make him a good union representative. Brother John Martinez has held positions as Shop Steward, Grievance Committee Rep, and also served as Local 1886 Trustee and Vice President before he was elected President in 2011. Now serving his third term as president, he has broadened his activism in the Colorado AFL-CIO and also as the Secretary-Treasurer of the Colorado State Council of Machinists. While DEN continues to expand air service and has mostly avoided furloughs, John shares the concerns that every airline worker felt at the height of the pandemic. Regardless of seniority, the pain was felt by everyone who worried about the future of their livelihoods, but John points out the important role union activism and solidarity play in protecting and supporting every worker. He lobbied elected officials to support the Payroll Support Program and took part in activities to help elect pro-labor representatives in Colorado. He said he plans to continue to be involved as a union activist “for the rest of my career.” John and the members of Local 1886 are looking forward to resuming in-person events, and have begun holding shop steward meetings following strict protocols. He is hoping they can begin holding retiree luncheons again soon and invites everyone to the Local 1886 Golf Tournament to benefit Guide Dogs of America, scheduled for June 25. This Local’s emphasis going into 2021, according to Martinez, is on removing barriers to activism and participation for the front-line members. Due to the pandemic, the Local was forced to cut back on several committee activities. Among these were the popular Retirees Committee, which was a hard blow for many members. Restoring these opportunities is going to be a major focus for the Local. If you are a member of Denver Local 1886 and would like to volunteer, please contact President Martinez at the Local 1886 Website by CLICKING HERE >>
March 19, 2021
141 Report from Chicago with Local 1487 President Tony Licciardi
141 Report: Local 1487, Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future This week’s 141 Report features the largest local in District 141. Based at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, IL, Local 1487 is an amalgamated air transport local representing over 7,000 members from United, American, Southwest, British Airways, and Alaska Airlines, and also airline support workers from UGE, Menzies Aviation, and Swissport. Local 1487 President Tony Licciardi speaks with Dave about how happy he was to join the IAM when he began working at United in 1997, and within a year he became an active union member serving as Shop Steward. Over the next 23 years, Tony has served as Conductor Sentinel, Trustee, and Vice President before being elected President of the local lodge. Brother Tony is also the newest member of the District 141 Executive Board after he was recently appointed to a Trustee position. Located 3 miles from O’Hare, Local 1487 was chartered in 1945, and the historical significance of his local makes Tony especially proud. The local has one of the largest and most active retiree clubs in District 141 that organize social and community service activities and whose wealth of knowledge and expertise make the group a valuable asset for today’s members. During Tony’s tenure, he has worked to stabilize the finances of the local, modernize the local lodge building, and has developed and promoted committees. Besides the Retiree Club, Local 1487 now has active Women’s and Community Service Committees. Several members of the local serve in positions in District 141, including AGCs, Safety Reps, and Legislative Director Dave Roderick, who was for many years the local’s Secretary-Treasurer. Local meetings are traditionally held twice a month, and Tony is looking forward to a near future when all in-person meetings can resume. He is doing his part and setting an example by getting his COVID vaccine at O’Hare this week, and urges all members to do the same to ensure everyone’s health and safety, now and in the future. Our 141 Report video goes live at 2pm EST at
March 12, 2021
141 Report with Pittsburgh IAM Local President
This week the 141 Report speaks to the President of Local 1044 Charlie Defrancesco. The Local maybe a small local now but has a strong membership. Listen to this weeks report or feel free to watch our video broadcast at 2pm Fridays on social media at 
March 05, 2021
141 Report with Labor Assistant Professional Ken Morse 2-26-2021
This week the 141 Report host Dave Lehive sits down and interviews L.A.P Chairperson Ken Morse as we discuss Employee Assistance Programs. At 2pm Friday the 141 report broadcasts its video program on Facebook. You can watch this week's show here at this following link
February 26, 2021
141 Report with Local President and Vice President 2-19-2021
Join host Dave Lehive and the 141 Report as he zoom visits South Florida and speaks to the new President and Vice President of Local 368. The Video show goes live at 2pm Est Friday. You can listen now or watch here at this link
February 19, 2021
141 Report about Labor and legislation with Dave Roderick for 2-12-2021
Join the 141 Report as we speak with IAM 141 Union Legislative Director Dave Roderick as he briefs us about what's been going on in DC for Labor from the White House.
February 12, 2021