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IAM 141 Report

IAM 141 Report

By IAM 141 Communications Department
IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on
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141 Report: Meet the Scholarship Judges
141 Report: Meet the Scholarship Judges District 141 members enjoy many benefits besides those enshrined in our contracts, and today’s 141 Report features the Adolph Stutz Memorial Scholarship Awards. Since 1984, this competitive scholarship program has helped district members and their families by providing monetary awards to support their efforts to earn college degrees. Dave interviews Frank Casciato, Executive Vice President, and Dan Brin, Managing Editor at Bleiweiss Communications, a 100% union public relations firm based in Calabasas, California that has worked with organized labor groups for 75 years. Bleiweiss has had a working relationship with District 141 since 1981. The Adolph Stutz Memorial Scholarship is named after a District 141 officer who worked as an aircraft mechanic at United Airlines. Frank and Dan head the committee that reviews the required essays submitted by applicants and chooses the award winners. The program awards one top scholarship prize of $2,000, plus six additional placement awards of $1,000 each. This year’s essay subject asks applicants to describe a post-COVID world, and whether it may bring a shift in human priorities. Click this link for the contest rules and an application. The deadline to submit applications is July 1st, 2021. Frank Casciato complimented the scholarship program as an example of how “the union recognizes the aspirations of the members,” and added, “I’m personally very proud of being part of it.” In closing, Dan Brin encouraged members to “Take advantage of this. It’s there for you.” IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
June 18, 2021
141 Report: GSAP Rollout at American, PA State Council Conference
141 Report: GSAP Rollout at American, PA State Council Conference Safety First. The culture of working safely drives everything we do as a union. Dave Lehive welcomes back Dennis Spencer, District 141 Safety Coordinator at American Airlines to update us about the rollout of the GSAP safety reporting system at American. Asia McClain, a GSAP Advocate from Local 561 in Kansas City, Missouri, joins the conversation to share her views on how the implementation of this important safety program is going and how it has improved safety at her station. Front-line workers have filed over 100 GSAP reports since the program began at American on March 29, 2021. There are 100 safety advocates from the IAM/TWU Association throughout the American Airlines network who have received training on GSAP protocols. Dennis is still recruiting advocates and conducting training sessions to make sure there is a trained GSAP advocate at every airport. Asia praised the program as an opportunity for workers to voice safety concerns and how it prevents managers from “shutting you down and not listening.” Having the FAA and neutral parties reviewing problems at ERC meetings has already improved the safety culture at Kansas City, and both guests agreed that while there’s a lot of work to do, GSAP will improve the safety culture for all members of The Association. “Members need to be informed about this program because it gives them a voice. Problems are looked at from every perspective,” said Asia. “No more sweeping things under the rug.” To learn more about GSAP or to file a report, go to In the second part of the video, Dave reports on the in-person gathering of delegates of the Pennsylvania State Council of Machinists for their conference in York this week. They welcomed John Fetterman, Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania Attorney General who spoke about voting rights, and several members of the Pennsylvania congressional delegation, who participated both in-person and virtually. Hasan Solomon, IAMAW National Legislative Director, spoke at the conference about the ongoing fight to protect labor rights and the importance of passing the PRO Act, the most important labor reform legislation in a generation. In his signature style, Brother Solomon reminded everyone that “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
June 11, 2021
141 Report: Brother Ivan Miranda speaks about the Happy Homecoming at JFK
141 Report: Happy Homecoming at JFK Few guests of the 141 Report have been as happy as Local 1322 Committee Chair Ivan Miranda. He talks with Dave about the return of IAM members at United to John F. Kennedy Airport after a five-year absence. A 24-year veteran of Continental Cargo and United Airlines, Ivan describes “the joy to be home” that 50 IAM members feel since their return to their jobs at JFK Airport in Queens, New York. In the fall of 2015, they were forced to transfer to other area airports when United consolidated flights and closed JFK, a decision the airline now calls “a mistake.” There was no mistake in the contract language that protected the recall rights of every IAM member who wished to return to JFK. Ivan says that in the last 2 months, the homecomings keep everyone “happy to come to work.” Last week, they welcomed one of their own, former JFK Ramp Services Lead Agent Mike Klemm, who now serves as District 141 President and Directing General Chair. Ivan credited Klemm, “the big man behind the scenes,” and District 141 negotiators who ensured that JFK retained recall rights in the New York/New Jersey “point” in every contract with United. These contractual protections made possible a smooth transition for workers when faced with the ever-changing nature of the airline business, and their return to the jobs they held close to home as circumstances changed. District 141 Assistant General Chair Mike Cyscon accompanied Klemm on the station visit. Cyscon has been working with Ivan and 4 newly appointed Shop Stewards at JFK to make sure they have the resources and support they need. One of the most experienced AGCs in District 141, Ivan described Cyscon as “a good mentor” who “always has my back.” United is currently operating 8 daily flights from 2 gates in Terminal 7, but Ivan expects those numbers to increase. He is looking forward to welcoming more transfers and returning Machinists Union members to join him at JFK in the big comeback for the airline and the entire New York region post COVID. Most importantly, he says: “We’re home!” IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive a communications Coordinator talks to guests every Friday at 2 pm Eastern. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
June 4, 2021
141 Report: Walt Ingram, Union Sportsmen Alliance
141 Report: Walt Ingram, Union Sportsmen Alliance “If you’re a Machinist and you love the outdoors, the Union Sportsmen Alliance is the place for you to be,” says Walt Ingram, Director of Union Relations for the Union Sportsmen Alliance. Formed in 2007 by a group of charter union affiliates, including Machinists, Steelworkers, and Building Trades members, the Union Sportsmen Alliance’s mission is to “unite the union community through conservation to preserve North America’s outdoor heritage.” Walt explains how the group provides opportunities for members to build relationships and become more engaged with their union away from the workplace. It is also a tool for union leadership to get to know members “on their level,” doing activities they enjoy outside of work. “Many Machinists Union members care about the outdoors and engage in outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, hiking, and are engaged in activities to preserve the environment,” he says. USA hosts several Conservation Dinners every year to raise funds for their community outreach program, Work Boots on the Ground, which has completed hundreds of infrastructure projects around the country that provide access to the outdoors regardless of ability. Two of the dinners are held in Machinists Union halls in Seattle and St Louis, and Walt says there is always a Machinists table at every event. Walt calls the Work Boots on the Ground program “the hallmark of our organization,” and we see a short video of their restoration project in Henryetta, Oklahoma. Nichols Park, a historic park built in 1941 under President Roosevelt’s New Deal Program, was restored by USA members who built a new fishing pier and pavilion, which is very popular with families in the area. He says these projects help “connect your Local with your community in a powerful and positive way that lasts forever.” Members of the Machinists Union may join the Union Sportsmen Alliance at no cost, a benefit provided by the IAMAW as a Charter Union. Benefits include a subscription to their quarterly journal, access to an exclusive website for members to purchase equipment, and the opportunity to participate in “Brotherhood Outdoors,” their television show that showcases members' stories, besides the community outreach programs. Through July 1st, USA will send a bonus gift to any District 141 member who applies for membership, while supplies last. Our Video report can be seen on Facebook at or Youtube at where we hear from union members and friends and allies of the labor movement. Join us
May 28, 2021
141 Report: Joe Lanasa “You wouldn’t be talking to me right now if we didn’t have a union,”
141 Report: Joe Lanasa President of IAM Air Transport Local 1731 In recent years, and especially since the mega-merger of United and Continental Airlines in 2011, few stations have seen the turmoil Cleveland has. Joe Lanasa has been president of IAM Local 1731 since 2020, just seven years after a friend who was a committee member urged him to get more involved in the union. United Airlines workers founded the local in 1946, and while small today, under Joe’s leadership, it remains a strong and active group in the IAM. Air Transport Local 1731 currently represents 272 members working at United Customer Service, Ramp, and Stores in CLE, and Customer Service workers at Southwest Airlines in Columbus, Ohio (CMH). Just five months ago, the local had close to 400 members, but the COVID pandemic caused many members to take options for retirement and extended leaves of absence. This last wave of retirements comes after the local lost close to 300 members after United decided to downgrade CLE’s status as a hub airport for the airline. Throughout it all, Joe Lanasa remains optimistic. “CLE would have been outsourced if we didn’t have contract protections. The company wanted to downgrade every worker to part-time status,” he says, stressing how a legally binding union contract can make all the difference in workers’ lives and livelihoods. Joe is relentless in his mission to educate members on how union solidarity strengthens workers so they can navigate the fluctuations in the airline industry and control their future. “You wouldn’t be talking to me right now if we didn’t have a union,” says Joe, who began his airline career 33 years ago. Joe speaks about the City of Cleveland and his own family’s history in organized labor. What started as curiosity developed into a calling to address needs that he discovered as he became more involved in the union. He jokes how he was told when he ran for vice president that his primary responsibility was to order the pizza for the local’s meeting. He ended up leading his first meeting as vice president when the president could not attend. “I never thought I would be this involved with the union. But it escalated quickly.” You can always watch our 141 Report on Youtube and Facebook every Friday 2pm (EST) afternoon
May 21, 2021
141 Report - Chicago Federation of Labor and the IAM work together to help people in need.
Keepers of the Flame: Don Villar and the Chicago Federation of Labor Dave talks with Don V. Villar, Secretary-Treasurer of the Chicago Federation of Labor about the city’s important role in labor history and how it drives their commitment to today’s working people. The Chicago Federation of Labor is the third-largest central labor council in the United States, an umbrella organization with 300 union affiliates representing over half a million members from Chicago and Cook County, Illinois. Don Villar was literally born into the union movement - his mom gave birth to him while his father was on strike, fighting for better wages and benefits for workers in the Philippines. After his family moved to the United States, his mom worked at the flight kitchen in O’Hare and was a member of UNITE-HERE Local 1. Don earned his bachelor’s degree while working a building security job as a member of SEIU and went to work for the ABC affiliate TV station in Chicago. He worked there for 25 years and won an Emmy award. In 2007, he joined the negotiating committee of NABET-CWA Local 41 with ABC, which made clear to him how systemic inequality for workers could only be overcome through union power and activism. That experience inspired him to apply to law school, and he completed his law degree while working full time. He is dedicated to civil rights advocacy and labor law. “We see a lot of injustice out there, the devaluing of our labor, workers being disrespected,” said Don, which gets him “fired up” to make things right. The discussion turns to the important role the city of Chicago has played in labor history. Many labor unions were born out of street actions in Chicago, and many unions “Local 1” and “Local 2” are still based there. During the interview, Don says he is sitting only a few blocks away from Haymarket Square, where at least 8 workers died in 1886 when a labor protest for an 8-hour workday turned into a riot. Today, workers around the world honor their sacrifice on May Day every year. Don also speaks about the commitment that the CFL has with workers who have suffered job loss during the coronavirus pandemic, and how their community service events have served as a lifeline for many union members. In partnership with their affiliates, they conducted a food drive the day before Mothers’ Day in the parking lot of IAM Local 1487 near O’Hare Airport. Dave Roderick and Ann Clifford from District 141 helped coordinate the event with Machinists and members of many CFL affiliates, from Bricklayers to Musicians. “Union members helping union members,” distributed 1,600 pounds of food to 400 needy families that day. Don is deeply grateful to Local 1487 and District 141 for their dedication and solidarity. “Machinists have always been a big part of the CFL; Chicago can’t move without our Machinists Brothers and Sisters.” Watch our video podcast on Facebook and Youtube at these links
May 14, 2021
141 Report - Doug Kohler speaks about how the Union helped raise wages and give a voice to the workers
141 Report: Doug Kohler, President of Air Transport Local 1885 This week Dave heads up to the Pacific Northwest to catch up with Doug Kohler, President of Air Transport Local 1885 in Portland, Oregon. A 24-year veteran at United Airlines, Brother Doug Kohler began his career in Eugene, Oregon before he transferred to PDX in 2000. Doug was a strong supporter of the organizing effort for Customer Service agents at the airline in 1999, and he credits the IAM with the elimination of “C scale” wages and bringing pay equity and fair representation for all workers. He became active in the union as a Shop Steward in 2003 and was elected CS Grievance Committee Representative in 2013. Doug served as Local 1885 Vice President before becoming President of the local this year. IAM Air Transport Local 1885 represents 500 members working in Customer Service at United, Southwest, Alaska, and Hawaiian Airlines, Fleet Service at American, and Stores and Ramp Service employees at United, all based at PDX. Doug is especially proud of the solidarity and the work the IAM is doing to protect the jobs, wages, and benefits of workers during the pandemic, and how union resources like the EAP help support lives and livelihoods. He is focusing on developing a Women’s Committee at the local level and continuing to work collectively to preserve the dignity of work. You can always watch our video reports on Facebook and Youtube on these links
May 7, 2021
141 Report -There's a difference from non union to Union say's 811 President Leroy Taylor
141 Report: Leroy Taylor and the Local 811 Pushback Dave speaks with Leroy Taylor, President of Local 811 in Houston, Texas. Based in the largest city in Texas, IAMAW Local 811 represents below the wing workers at United and American Airlines. Leroy Taylor began his airline career with Continental Airlines in 1986, attracted primarily by the flying benefits the job offered. He initially kept his full-time job at a local hotel until a year later when full-time Lead RSE positions became available. Leroy decided to make a change and “lose a gig with the hotel but earn a career with the airline.” He speaks passionately about how the union provides benefits that go well beyond travel, and how important it is to have legal representation and “go to the table and be strong.” Leroy cites the airline’s attempt to cut workers’ schedules at the beginning of the pandemic, and how the IAM forced the company to honor the contracts we have negotiated. “I wouldn’t change it for the world,” says Leroy, and he urges non-union workers to choose union solidarity to make sure their voices are heard and they have a say about their future. An early supporter of unionization, Brother Leroy was a Shop Steward during the merger of United and Continental and is grateful and proud to be a member of the IAM. Driven by his desire to learn more about the union movement, he became active in Local 811 (he tells the story of how the number 811 was chosen), becoming a Trustee and Safety Advocate before he was elected President. Local 811 represents 2,400 members in IAH and several smaller airports including BHM, LFT, MAF, and SHV. They share space and building costs with their sister Local 2198 that represents above the wing workers. Similar to many locals, Local 811 has seen many member retirements over the past year because of the coronavirus and the voluntary programs offered by companies to reduce staff. As the interview wraps up, Leroy urges every union worker to “get the shot, let’s get back to where we need to be.” Be sure to watch our video podcast on Facebook and Youtube on Fridays at 2pm at these links
April 30, 2021
141 Report interviews 51 year Airline worker and Union Leader Bill Huston
141 Report: Bill Huston and Capital Lodge 1759 In this 141 Report, we speak with the president of one of the oldest airline locals in the IAM, Capital Lodge 1759, based in Herndon, VA, just outside Dulles International Airport. Brother Bill Huston has worked in a variety of functions both below and above the wing in his 51-year career at United Airlines. He started working on the ramp in Norfolk while he was attending college and later transferred to customer service at IAD. Since the CS group joined the IAM in 1999, Bill has served as Shop Steward, Building Committee Rep, Trustee, and Vice President before he became president of the local. He also currently serves as a Safety Advocate in IAD. Capital Local 1759, named after Capital Airlines, whose workers founded the local, represents 2,000 members who work for 5 airlines at 7 airports in four states. Capital Airlines merged with United in 1961, and the local also represents workers at Southwest, American, Alaska, and British Airways, and also airline support workers from Ogden, Menzies, and UGE. Bill values the proud history of the IAM and works to ensure all members see the importance of solidarity. “We are as strong as the weakest member,” he says, which is why he devotes time to member education and mentoring. Dave wraps up the interview recognizing the work that Local 1759 members do in community service. In 2018, they held a golf outing honoring the late District 141 AGC and Local 1759 member Rich Pascarella, which raised $70,000 for Guide Dogs of America. As we resume in-person events after COVID, Bill is looking forward to planning events like that one.
April 23, 2021
141 Report Member Spotlight on Community Service
As members of the Machinists Union, we are called to expand our footprint beyond the workplace and engage with the communities we call home. Finding these intersections between work and home is a vital part of creating modern unions that are more in touch with the needs of real people, according to IAMAW District 141 Community Service Director Cristina Odoardi. This edition of the 141 Member Spotlight features three of our District 141 Community Service leaders so we can learn about some of the important work they are doing. The video features Noelle Sakamoto from Local Lodge 1781 in Burlingame, California, Debbie Inverno from Local Lodge 914 in Newark, New Jersey, and Tamara Sass from Local Lodge 1885 in Portland, Oregon. The Community Service Chairs describe the challenges they faced in the past year, and how they have continued to work safely to address the diverse needs in their areas. Local 1781 runs a food distribution program twice a month in partnership with other unions in the Bay Area to help hundreds of families experiencing food insecurity. They have organized supplies in a shelter for victims of domestic violence and are planning an event to recognize health care workers for their heroic work in the past year. In Newark, Local 914 members regularly contribute to a food pantry and soup kitchen and provide monthly support for a youth mentoring program. In Portland, committee members collected donations to benefit a women and children’s shelter and to purchase gift cards for troops traveling through the airport during the holidays. Local 1885 alternates their drives to benefit food banks in Oregon and Washington since their members live in both states. Cristina Odoardi joins the conversation and explains the huge negative impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the Machinists Union’s favorite charity, Guide Dogs of America and Tender Loving Canines. Dozens of events have been cancelled due to restrictions on large gatherings of people to avoid spreading the virus. She and Dave urge members to continue to support the work of GDA as we look forward to events scheduled for later this year as COVID restrictions are relaxed. Any union member who wants to work to spread good will in their community should contact Director Cristina Odoardi or reach out to their local president, AGC, or community service committee chair. She summarizes other community service activities that have taken place at different local lodges around the country, and she stressed how important it is to just do something. "Every area is different, but any small gesture of kindness to give back to the community helps everyone,” said Odoardi. "There’s nothing too small, and together we can make a difference.”
April 20, 2021
141 Report talks to IAM 141 Employee Assistance Program UA Chairperson Tony Rodriguez
This week on the 141 Report, we travel via zoom to Denver, Colorado for a conversation with the new District 141 United Airlines Employees Assistance Program Chairperson, Tony Rodriguez. Brother Tony takes over the position from Kathy Furgeson, who has retired. The District 141 EAP can quickly and confidentially connect you to counseling, crisis intervention, and other wellbeing services. The Machinists & Aerospace Union partners with hundreds of deeply caring and trained professionals who can help guide you through a wide range of challenges. To Contact an EAP Rep, Click Watch our video report on youtube at or
April 16, 2021
141 Report: Al Yamada, President of Sea-Tac Local 1351 and the locals long history representing airline workers
141 Report: Al Yamada, President of Sea-Tac Local 1351 A 35-year veteran of United and second-generation Machinist, Al Yamada keeps building the leadership team at Local 1351. We travel via Zoom to Sea-Tac to speak with the president of one of the oldest local lodges in District 141. When it was founded in 1941, members of IAM Local 1351 worked at airlines that are now part of history, like Flying Tigers, Northwest, and TWA. Today, the local represents 315 members who work for United, American, and Hawaiian Airlines at SEA and UGE workers at Payne Field (PAE). Local 1351 President Al Yamada worked for United in Chicago and San Francisco before he settled in Seattle and became active in the Machinists Union. He has roots in the area, as the son of a Machinists Union member who worked at Boeing for 30 years. Al served as Shop Steward and Conductor-Sentinel before he was elected president 20 years ago. In his two decades as local president, Brother Al has prioritized members’ education and skills development. Several members have taken early retirement in the past year, so he is working closely with the local’s vice president and younger members who have stepped up to fill leadership roles to continue the essential work of representing members. “Solidarity and strength in numbers make the union go,” Al tells Dave. We couldn’t agree more. Be sure to watch our 141 report Fridays at 2pm on Facebook at or on youtube at
April 9, 2021
141 Report: For Workers’ Rights: Kelly Hughes, IND Committee Chair 4-2-2021
For Workers’ Rights: Kelly Hughes, IND Committee Chair Today’s 141 Report travels via Zoom to Indianapolis, to talk to Kelly Hughes, Committee Chairperson for Local 511. Sister Kelly Hughes has lived through the ups and downs of the airline business, and her experiences have made her a strong and dedicated unionist. She left her job at United in IND less than a year after she had started, uncertain of her future there in the aftermath of 9/11. She returned in 2007, only to be furloughed two years later. Determined to make things work, she transferred to STL where her outspoken and direct style was recognized, and she became a Shop Steward. In 2015, Kelly was recalled to IND, where she was soon elected Committee Chairperson and was appointed Secretary-Treasurer of Local 511. She currently serves members in both positions. IND Local 511 is an amalgamated local that joins all three transportation districts. Founded as a railroad local, it now has 241 members who work at United, Southwest, and Alaska Airlines, in addition to Amtrak and CSX. Kelly, known as “Queen” completed studies as a paralegal and never stops studying contracts and learning to make sure she’s prepared for any issues she or the members she represents may face. She is committed to “keep growing in the union and keep fighting for our rights.” Summarizing why she is passionate about her work, Kelly said, “The only way we can bring about change is by being involved,” Watch our 141 Report on Social Media at 2pm Fridays at
April 2, 2021
141 Report with Labor Lawyer Frank Marco giving suggestions to Shop Stewards and Non Union workers 3-26-2021
141 Report: Frank A. Marco, Trusted Partner in Labor Law This week Dave speaks with Frank A. Marco, a partner at Gregorio & Marco who is the manager of the firm’s Labor Law department. A skilled Labor lawyer is a necessary asset for any successful union. Navigating complex employment laws, labor contracts and changing conditions in the workplace often requires the advice of an experienced counsel. Their work is also valuable in issues related to organizing and union administration. Frank A. Marco is a graduate of Marquette University and Cornell Law School and has represented labor unions for over 25 years. Gregorio & Marco began their relationship with the IAM working for Local Lodge 1487 in Chicago and started representing District 141 ten years ago. He also works with a variety of building trades unions. “Labor unions are highly regulated, more so than any other business, so there’s a lot of traps out there and a lot of areas for us to work with the leadership,” he said. Frank speaks about the Duty of Fair Representation and how important it is for Shop Stewards to gather information and properly document every case, to take thorough notes of statements and hearings, and to not pre-judge any situation. He also answers Dave’s questions regarding mandates for vaccines and testing in the workplace, legal accommodations, how to safely navigate social media, and how union solidarity is a necessary tool today when we face constant attacks from powerful corporate and anti-union forces. The conversation also covers how unions create work environments that are understandable to a diverse group of workers, and how the culture of mutual trust they create helps secure healthy and long careers for working people. You can always watch our 141 Report video posted at
March 26, 2021
141 REPORT: JOHN MARTINEZ, PRESIDENT OF LOCAL 1886 IN DENVER - Why its good to become an IAM member
Mar 19, 2021 This week Dave travels to the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado, to speak with John Martinez, President of IAM Local Lodge 1886. A native New Yorker, John moved to Denver searching for job opportunities, and just a few years after he began working at United, his coworkers suggested his “vocal” style would make him a good union representative. Brother John Martinez has held positions as Shop Steward, Grievance Committee Rep, and also served as Local 1886 Trustee and Vice President before he was elected President in 2011. Now serving his third term as president, he has broadened his activism in the Colorado AFL-CIO and also as the Secretary-Treasurer of the Colorado State Council of Machinists. While DEN continues to expand air service and has mostly avoided furloughs, John shares the concerns that every airline worker felt at the height of the pandemic. Regardless of seniority, the pain was felt by everyone who worried about the future of their livelihoods, but John points out the important role union activism and solidarity play in protecting and supporting every worker. He lobbied elected officials to support the Payroll Support Program and took part in activities to help elect pro-labor representatives in Colorado. He said he plans to continue to be involved as a union activist “for the rest of my career.” John and the members of Local 1886 are looking forward to resuming in-person events, and have begun holding shop steward meetings following strict protocols. He is hoping they can begin holding retiree luncheons again soon and invites everyone to the Local 1886 Golf Tournament to benefit Guide Dogs of America, scheduled for June 25. This Local’s emphasis going into 2021, according to Martinez, is on removing barriers to activism and participation for the front-line members. Due to the pandemic, the Local was forced to cut back on several committee activities. Among these were the popular Retirees Committee, which was a hard blow for many members. Restoring these opportunities is going to be a major focus for the Local. If you are a member of Denver Local 1886 and would like to volunteer, please contact President Martinez at the Local 1886 Website by CLICKING HERE >>
March 19, 2021
141 Report from Chicago with Local 1487 President Tony Licciardi
141 Report: Local 1487, Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future This week’s 141 Report features the largest local in District 141. Based at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, IL, Local 1487 is an amalgamated air transport local representing over 7,000 members from United, American, Southwest, British Airways, and Alaska Airlines, and also airline support workers from UGE, Menzies Aviation, and Swissport. Local 1487 President Tony Licciardi speaks with Dave about how happy he was to join the IAM when he began working at United in 1997, and within a year he became an active union member serving as Shop Steward. Over the next 23 years, Tony has served as Conductor Sentinel, Trustee, and Vice President before being elected President of the local lodge. Brother Tony is also the newest member of the District 141 Executive Board after he was recently appointed to a Trustee position. Located 3 miles from O’Hare, Local 1487 was chartered in 1945, and the historical significance of his local makes Tony especially proud. The local has one of the largest and most active retiree clubs in District 141 that organize social and community service activities and whose wealth of knowledge and expertise make the group a valuable asset for today’s members. During Tony’s tenure, he has worked to stabilize the finances of the local, modernize the local lodge building, and has developed and promoted committees. Besides the Retiree Club, Local 1487 now has active Women’s and Community Service Committees. Several members of the local serve in positions in District 141, including AGCs, Safety Reps, and Legislative Director Dave Roderick, who was for many years the local’s Secretary-Treasurer. Local meetings are traditionally held twice a month, and Tony is looking forward to a near future when all in-person meetings can resume. He is doing his part and setting an example by getting his COVID vaccine at O’Hare this week, and urges all members to do the same to ensure everyone’s health and safety, now and in the future. Our 141 Report video goes live at 2pm EST at
March 12, 2021
141 Report with Pittsburgh IAM Local President
This week the 141 Report speaks to the President of Local 1044 Charlie Defrancesco. The Local maybe a small local now but has a strong membership. Listen to this weeks report or feel free to watch our video broadcast at 2pm Fridays on social media at 
March 5, 2021
141 Report with Labor Assistant Professional Ken Morse 2-26-2021
This week the 141 Report host Dave Lehive sits down and interviews L.A.P Chairperson Ken Morse as we discuss Employee Assistance Programs. At 2pm Friday the 141 report broadcasts its video program on Facebook. You can watch this week's show here at this following link
February 26, 2021
141 Report with Local President and Vice President 2-19-2021
Join host Dave Lehive and the 141 Report as he zoom visits South Florida and speaks to the new President and Vice President of Local 368. The Video show goes live at 2pm Est Friday. You can listen now or watch here at this link
February 19, 2021
141 Report about Labor and legislation with Dave Roderick for 2-12-2021
Join the 141 Report as we speak with IAM 141 Union Legislative Director Dave Roderick as he briefs us about what's been going on in DC for Labor from the White House.
February 12, 2021