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011 - I Am Good Enough

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015 - Finding Your Story
Today we sat down with Tina Capalbo of Lift Communication.  Tina is passionate about storytelling and works with small businesses to help them find their story.   In this episode we get some golden tips about creating compelling stories for your business. #ElevateYourExpectations https://www.liftcommunication.com/
March 18, 2019
014 - Life Is Funny
On this episode we talk to Chip Ambrogio of "Outside The Box" and the Improv Business Training Company "Productively Funny".  We talk to Chip about how he got into comedy, answered the question "can anyone be funny", heard some great stories about the world of comedy as well as his night with Dave Chappelle. :) #ElevateYourExpectations   https://chipambrogio.webs.com https://www.productivelyfunny.com
March 11, 2019
013 - Behind The Scenes
Our guest in this episode is here to talk about events, the good, the bad and the funny ;) Krista Benoit is the Owner of Ispark Consulting, and they are truly passionate about events... "What we don’t do is vanilla, status quo or beige … we prefer to invigorate rather than enervate (with ideas that are bold, powerful and stand out from the crowd)." Join us as we go behind the scenes of event life. http://www.isparkconsulting.ca #ElevateYourEvent
March 3, 2019
012 - Wearing Many Hats
On this episode we talk to Jenine of Many Hats. "Many Hats is a co-working space that promotes a community atmosphere, inspires harmony, protects health and wellness and stimulates growth through cross promotion and internal networking." Jenine and Erica talk about why she started her business, how it has changed, and the importance of evolving as an entrepreneur. #ElevateYourExpectations https://www.manyhatsinc.ca https://celebconnect.ca/
February 23, 2019
011 - I Am Good Enough
In this episode we host Tracey Underhill of https://transform-holistichealth.com.  Tracey is a coach that helps you design and create inner and outer environments that propel you toward success.  The discussion today touched on many things, but the main message was in order to have true happiness and true success you have to know the answer to "Am I good Enough"?    The answer as you will hear, is YES, but it isn't always that easy. #ElevateYourExpectations https://celebconnect.ca
February 15, 2019
010 - Professional Confidence
Entrepreneurship is hard, though there are lots of good times, we must find a way to fight through the tough times.  We sat down with Award Winning Halifax Real Estate Agent James Dwyer of www.pressrealty.ca.  He has done an incredible job of building his business through social media and by building relationships.  It has not been easy, and as you will hear in this podcast it is on YOU to find a way to push through and succeed. http://jamesdwyer.ca http://pressrealty.ca #ElevateYourExpectations https://celebconnect.ca
February 11, 2019
009 - Humanity At Work
On this episode we hosted Jeff Chant of  Magnanimous.  Here is a sneak peak into what they do, and what Jeff and Erica speak about in this episode. "The solution to our performance pain is magnanimity – integrating our capacity and caring by bringing our humanity to work. It begins with awareness of ourselves and how we’re impacting others (and not how they are impacting us or the bottom line). The big-picture objective is to bridge the gap between the profit-focused and people-focused parts of our business (more typically, the hard and soft sides of operations and services)." For more information:  http://www.magnanimous.ca #ElevateYourEvent https://celebconnect.ca
February 8, 2019
008 - Women Empowerment
On this episode we have the amazing entrepreneur Karen Dean.  She is an advocate of women empowerment, kindness and so much more.  Her latest event is the "One Women Event" happening on February 5th, for more info or to buy your tickets: https://onewoman.ca/product/a-year-of-magic-halifax/ We are just scratching the surface of all of the good the Karen does.   Enjoy the inspiration! "One Girl Can Change the World!" https://bekindproject.com #ElevateYourExpectations
February 2, 2019
007 - Listener Supported
We all listen to music, we all love music, and we all have our favourite artists that we like to play.  But, what is the best way to support these artists in todays world? We sat down with one of our favourite local musicians Paul Lamb to talk about the release of his upcoming album "The Prize".  We chatted about where he got his talent, his writing process, how we can support our favourite artists and he treated us with one of his incredible songs from the album. Enjoy!!! ps We even got a taste of the song that he wrote for his son Mason, break out the tissues. ;) http://paullamblive.com
January 28, 2019
006 - The Accidental Entrepreneur
On our latest episode we host Jen MacDougall of "Cake Therapy".  Imagine, a cupcake for every feeling?   Jen and Erica not only talk about her amazing business, but also how she became an Accidental Entrepreneur. There are lots of GREAT tidbits in this podcast, enjoy! #ElevateYourExpectations http.://www.caketherapyns.com Follow: @CakeTherapyNS
January 24, 2019
005 - Find Your Cause
This time we sat down with Nicole Barron of The Arthritis Society for her 5 Minutes Of Fame.  Erica and Nicole talked about non profits, and the importance and value of finding your cause. #ElevateYourExpectations CelebConnect.ca https://arthritis.ca
January 20, 2019
004 - Creating A Culture Of Customer Service
Customer Service is a pillar of our business, and we take great pride in treating our clients as well as our talent better than anyone.  In this episode we bring in our friend Adam of Caring Counts to talk about how to create amazing customer service within your company.  Adam explains some very simple steps....on paper.  As we discuss, it isn't as easy as it looks. Follow Adam @caringcounts
January 5, 2019
003 - Living Outside The Box
On the podcast today we have our friend Sarah White.  Two years ago Sarah her husband and their two kids grew tired of the grind so they bought an RV and a truck and took to the road.  They have a truly amazing story to tell.  In this podcast she shares the many ups, and some of the downs of the journey of taking the leap of faith and going all in on your dreams. #ElevateYourExpectations
December 22, 2018
002 - Managing Millennials
Managing Millennials is a HOT TOPIC in the workforce these days. Our guest today is Marie Boccabella, she has a lot of experience in managing a multi generational staff, and gives us some very interesting insight. As well, as Marie has 40 years of hospitality experience, we discussed one of our favourite topics, the importance of the customer experience. Enjoy the show!!! #ElevateYourExpectactions CelebConnect.ca
December 15, 2018
001 - Introducing Celeb Connect
On our very first episode we brought on our friend Adam Purcell of CaringCounts.ca to interview the Owner of Celeb Connect, and host of this podcast, Erica Chiasson. They talked about the business, the podcast and the answer to the age old question "Who's The Boss", Angela or Tony. CelebConnect.ca #ElevateYourExpectations
December 7, 2018
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