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1716 Hoops

1716 Hoops

By David Burris
Welcome to 1716 Hoops! The most entertaining hour of basketball banter you’ll hear each week!
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1716 S23 - The GOAT Episode
SHOW 23! It's the GOAT show! And take our word for it, it's a pretty great show! Some recent news is dominated by the latest on Anthony Davis. He's given the Pelicans some more teams, but it seems like him and Rich Paul are just leading things to the Lakers. The biggest news of the week is the Porzingis plan, and we've our Mavericks fan is here to break down everything with the trade. We also speak about what the Knicks are planning to do from here. The All Star Reserves have been announced, and there were some major omissions that we discussed. A mock draft for the All Star Game leads us to our final topic where Kyrie Irving has backtracked on some of his comments in October. We go to war talking about what he said and what he means. ENJOY!
February 11, 2019
1716 S22 - Anthony Davis Requests a Trade!
THE NEWS IS HERE! Anthony Davis has come out and requested a trade from the New Orleans Pelicans. In today's show, after going over some recent news that includes Ben Simmons' first attempted 3 of the year, we break down the request for a trade and the possible places he could land. As of recording this show, there were three main places he could wind up! So we break down all those options! Then, the All Star Starters have been announced, and there were some interesting omissions when you consider the fan vote. We made our predictions for who the reserves would be, and surprisingly agreed on a lot! Lastly, Victor Oladipo's injury brings up some questions about the powers in the Eastern Conference. We discuss if things are changing and where these teams will end up, based on how they are playing now!
February 05, 2019
1716 S21 - James Harden’s Dominance!
Not a ton of news to go over this week, but James Harden is on an absolute tear, and it's time to give him the respect he deserves! There were a few note worthy things, like Carmelo being traded, Fultz returning to the 76ers, and Boogie joining the Warriors! The Utah Jazz have recently started turning things around, which is very coincidental to last year... just how far can they keep this going? Earlier in the season, we talked about how scoring in the NBA was up, and it hasn't changed at all! What's the cause of it, and how does it compare to last year, 10 years ago, and 20 years ago? We are going to let you know the answer to all these things!
February 05, 2019
1716 S20 - Biggest Question Marks in Each Conference!
What a show... First up, old friends Tom Thibadeau and Jimmy Butler had a bit of news this week! One of them got fired, and the other struggling in his new role... After that, we get to talking about what's going wrong with the Houston Rockets and the Boston Celtics. Both teams had high expectations going into the year, and both of them are struggling to hit their potential. Can they get there? Fan voting for the All Star game is winding down, so we are talking about the results to this point. Are the potentially voted starters the right choice? Then we gave our opinion on who the starters should be. Lastly, now that we are halfway through the season, we chat about who the front runners for the NBA awards are!
January 22, 2019
1716 S19 - Halfway Point Check In’s!
On this week's show, we area half way through the NBA season! At the time of recording, teams were just under 41 games played. We took a look at EVERY single team in the NBA and talked about where they are at, and where they will likely be by the end of the year! We had a much bigger show planned, but when the Eastern Conference took half an hour to discuss, we decided to audible to just the check ins on each team! There’s so much to discuss!
January 20, 2019
1716 S18 - Beginning of the End for the Warriors?
This week's show really did write itself. The Warriors have started to show a chink in their armor, with two of their All Stars having an on court argument while another of their All Stars is out with an injury. We had to break down and discuss what happened and what could happen with the team going forward! The discussion went to Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and even Anthony Davis' upcoming free agency! Also this week, the Jimmy Butler saga has concluded! At least for now... After his trade to the 76ers, we discuss how we feel that is going to work out, if he stays after the year, and even how this will impact the Timberwolves. Lastly, league veteran, Carmelo Anthony's, time Houston is over. Can he fit in on any teams, and are the Rockets finally back in form, after a very slow start?
November 19, 2018
1716 S17 - Most Surprising Teams After 10 Games!
What a show... what a show. You'll definitely want to stay until the very end! To start off this show, the Lakers and Celtics had a lot of news this week. From the Lakers picking up Tyson Chandler, to Magic Johnson having a serious meeting with Luke Walton. Kyrie Irving gets fined for tossing a ball in the stands, and Terry Rozier may be unhappy with his playing time. Then we try to figure out which of the over/under achieving teams can keep it up or recover; featuring the Kings, Nuggets, Hornets, and Jazz. Speaking of under achieving teams, the Washington Wizards are terrible. Can we find a solution? Spoilers: no. Blow up the team. Lastly, some unwritten rules in the NBA were broken this week. Is that an issue at all, or do unwritten rules not exist?
November 12, 2018
1716 S16 - NBA Coaches On The Hot Seat
This week in the NBA saw a new record for 3 pointers made in a single game! To start off the show, we talk about Klay Thompson's record, Dwight Howard's debut, and the latest Jimmy Butler antics. This week also saw the first coaching change of the year with Ty Lue taking an exit from Cleveland. Seems like a great time to talk about some coaches on the hot seat! Our Lakers fan has some concerns about what he's seen so far, so we dive into those concerns in the third quarter. Lastly, there has been a lot of resting players so far this year, even though there are fewer back to backs and no four games in five nights. Is this a problem, and is there a solution? Let's discuss and find out!
November 05, 2018
1716 S15 - Rockets vs Lakers Fight! First Week Impressions!
The first week of the NBA season provided some great basketball! On this week's show, we first talk about how the scoring in the NBA is up, up, up! After giving our standout performers from the first week, we discuss which of the undefeated/winless teams will drop/bounce back as the season continues. It didn't take long for the first fight of the NBA season to break out, and it happened to be against two big time veterans. Were the suspensions enough? Were the actions justified? What the heck was Brandon Ingram doing? All important questions! We are here to give the answers. The 76ers are supposed to be one of the elite teams in the NBA, but their backcourt can not shoot. At all. What is to blame for that? It may not be the players' fault... Lastly, it's only been one week... SO LET'S OVERREACT! Are the Rockets, Celtics, and Lakers done for? Is this the year of the Nuggets, Pistons, and Pelicans? Quick answer - no. Take a lesson for more explanation!
October 26, 2018
THE NBA SEASON HAS BEGUN! And we are super hyped for it. Our first show of the NBA season starts off by us talking about some recent news like Jimmy Butler suiting up, Jamal Crawford finally getting signed, Kevin Durant being announced last in the ring ceremony, and the Opening Night matchups! Then we go on to make our predictions for the season awards and the popular-prediction NBA Finals matchup. We close up this show by talking through the storylines we are most excited for this year!
October 23, 2018
1716 S13 - 2018-19 Playoff Seed Predictions
The NBA Preseason has begun! We know it's just the preseason, but this is the first time we've seen some of these players, and there's going to be some very interesting storylines this year! We start out this week's show by breaking down what we've seen so far. Then, since the season is just about to start, we've gotta make our predictions for the playoff seed predictions. The Eastern Conference looks stronger this year, and the Western Conference is up in the air yet again. Lastly, the GMs of all the NBA teams completed a survey with a lot of interesting choices to some of the questions. We've gotta sort this out and have some discussion about some of the more interesting questions!
October 08, 2018
1716 S12 - Minnesota Timberwolves in Shambles!
This week, we get ready for the NBA season! We've gotta wrap up our NBA Top 25 by looking at the entire ranking! Things seemed to settle exactly where they should be. Then, we discuss what's going on in Minnesota. The team is going to be a laughing stock this year, which is unfortunate for KAT. The "official" NBA Rank has been revealed, and there are some very obvious mistakes. Some of these rankings get us heated! Lastly, NBA Media Day has happened, and there are some talking points! During this time, it's our co-host's birthday, so we might have something cool for him!
September 28, 2018
1716 S11 - Top 25 Players of All Time
After a couple weeks off, we came back with a bang, taking the players we named the top 5 at each position and ranking all 25 of them! There were many arguments and aggressive discussions in this show. Not a lot else can be said about this... we hope you enjoy!
September 23, 2018
1716 S10 - Greatest Centers of All Time
To start off our show, we recap some of the recent news over the last couple weeks, but quickly move to honoring the great Manu Ginobili, as he has announced his retirement. To pair up with last week, we give our predictions for the Over/Under win totals for the Western Conference teams. One of our members thinks half the teams in the west are going to get to 50 wins... To finish up our mini-series of the greatest players of all time at each position, we move on to talk about the Centers! The war is on!!! Lastly, the NBA has proposed some new rules for this coming year. What's new? What's the impact of these new rules? Well... we aren't exactly sure on some of them, but we discuss them nonetheless!
September 02, 2018
1716 S9 - Greatest Power Forwards of All Time
In a VERY slow news week, we start the show off excited about the NBA Schedule and attending a very big game in Boston! We spend the majority of our time giving our impression of the Eastern Conference teams and their over/under for the upcoming year! There's a LOT to talk about! We continue our conversation about the greatest players at each position, this time talking about the power forwards! It's not as straight forward as you might expect... The show ends trying to figure out what rivalries are in the NBA these days.
August 20, 2018
1716 S8 - Greatest Small Forwards of All Time
The NBA has recently released some key dates in the NBA schedule! Some of these matchups look really entertaining! As we get into the show, we make some predictions about the playoff seeds. ESPN has been posting some crazy predictions, like the Utah Jazz being the 2 seed... we try to make more logical picks. Continuing our series of greatest players, we talk about the Greatest Small Forwards of All Time! The conversation gets controversial because... one of the member's favorite players gets called out! To finish up the show, we discuss how strange it is that half the All Stars from the 2017 season are now on different teams.
August 13, 2018
1716 S7 - Greatest Shooting Guards of All Time
ON THIS WEEK'S SHOW: A slow news week gave us a little more time to talk about some fun topics! First off, we have to congratulate LeBron James on opening up his school. This move is way bigger than basketball. Then we spend some time making our All Too Early All Star Game Selections, as well as continuing our series from the last show and going over our Greatest Shooting Guards of All Time. We wrap up the show by giving some bold predictions, and BOY were they bold!
August 05, 2018
1716 S6 - Greatest Point Guards of All Time!
ON THIS WEEK'S SHOW: More big moves are happening in the NBA, and we've got some thoughts on them! We have some disagreements when it comes to the Kawhi Leonard situation. Our biggest talk this week is about the Greatest Point Guards in NBA History, and we surprisingly agree on a lot of things! We are learning our history! Lastly, some coaches are on the hot seat... let's hope they can wins some games!
August 05, 2018
1716 S5 - Who is the Greatest Trio in NBA History?
ON THIS WEEK'S SHOW: Lamar is back from his vacation and he's feeling opinionated! He gives the others the work as we chat about some recent news and the Best Trios in NBA History. Then he gets his chance to talk about all things Lakers that broke out while he was on vacation. To close us out, Jeremy wants to talk about the best remaining free agents. This show did not end any friendships.
July 18, 2018
ON THIS WEEK’S SHOW: Free agency is here, and MY GOODNESS was it a crazy first couple days. We spend the first half of the show talking about the impact of all the crazy moves and giving our predictions on how these teams will do this coming year! We've been working our way down the playoff standings, so this week, we are breaking down what the teams that lost in the Conference Semi-Finals need to do to take the next step of making the Conference Finals. We give a very quick run through Free Agency 2019, and finish up chatting about the drama going on in Minnesota. Jimmy Butler has said he's "fed up" with his teammates and wants to play with Kyrie Irving. JAM PACKED news week! Welcome to 1716! The most entertaining hour of basketball banter you'll hear each week! Every week, you'll hear us break down the recent news, as well as two different serious topics. Have suggestions for a topic? Leave it in the comments! Have a different opinion? Leave it in the comments! Wassup, Hoop Fans!?
July 08, 2018
1716 Show 3 - What Do the Rockets and Celtics Need?
ON THIS WEEK’S SHOW: Newcomer Steven joins us to talk about what the Houston Rockets and Boston Celtics need to take the next step - from the Conference Finals to the NBA Finals. Turns out, they have one huge similarity. Then the conversation gets heated when we move on to talking about the NBA Awards, and we're not talking about the MVP conversation! We also give our impressions on the NBA Draft, and some of the other recent news in the NBA. This is not a show to miss! Welcome to 1716! The most entertaining hour of basketball banter you'll hear each week! Every week, you'll hear us break down the recent news, as well as two different serious topics. Have suggestions for a topic? Leave it in the comments! Have a different opinion? Leave it in the comments! Watch our show on YouTube! ► ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Follow us on Twitter! ► ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Like us on Facebook! ► https
July 02, 2018
1716 Show 2 - Where Will LeBron Take His Talents? v3
ON THIS WEEK’S SHOW: Where will LeBron take his talents this summer? We bring on a LeBron fan to give us the run down of where the best player in the NBA will be playing next year. We seem to be able to come to a general consensus for this topic. Then we move on to talk about who will win each of the NBA Awards to be given out next week, where we agree quite a bit less than our first topic. Things get pretty heated! On the next show, we’ll be bringing on a Houston Rockets fan to join us in talking about what the Rockets and Celtics need to do to make the next step of making the NBA Finals. You won’t want to miss that discussion! As we mentioned many times during this show, we are not a sponsored show, yet. If you’d be interested in sponsoring the show, please send us an email at so we can discuss! Check us out on all social media platforms by searching for 1716 Hoops!
June 23, 2018
1716 Show 1 - Are the Warriors Too Good?
In today's inaugural episode, we discuss if the Golden State Warriors are too good for the NBA, as well as who is to blame for the Cleveland Cavaliers' Finals Performance!
June 23, 2018