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By An English Goal Digger Production
Welcome to The 1-800-GOAL-DIGGER Podcast. I am your host Mika Liu Chawla. This is a safe place where I share my personal goal-digging stories, life experiences, and struggles so you don’t have to.

I am not an expert, a life coach, or a therapist. I am just your everyday regular gal who podcasts for fun. A lot of the stories I share are not glamorous, and in fact, one of my listeners said he appreciated my ugly truth.

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Episode 17. The Hoax Of How To Communicate Better
For a while, I was talking about my husband so much on the show, so why not share more? No, just kidding, baby likes his privacy. What I want to talk to you about today IS how to communicate better. A task I assigned to him to be better at. Ladies and gentlemen, have your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, your other half, side guy or side chick, whatever you fancy, listen to this episode, and thank me later. See time codes and show notes below: [01:36] Learning How To Communicate [01:55] A Small Black Handbag from H&M [03:26] What Is The “Better” Way To Communicate? [04:08] My Takeaways Of A LinkedIn Course “How To Speak So People Want To Listen” [04:18] The Circular Relationship Of Speaking And Listening [05:08] I Am A Personal Professional Development Coach For My Husband 24/7, Free Of Charge [06:14] The RASA Listening Framework By Julian Treasure [06:56] R: Receive [08:06] A: Appreciate [08:50] S: Summarize [09:40] A: Ask [11:13] Not Everything Is About You, and You I Mean Me [12:33] Busting The Number One Myth Of Communication [13:28] Indirect Speech Does Wonders, And It Gets The Trash Out
March 21, 2022
Episode 16. My Anna Delvey Foundation
I have double standards. When I talked to you guys in episode 14 about Simon Leviev, the Tinder Swindler guy who pretended to be a diamond dealer, a billionaire businessman, conned multiple women he met on Tinder saying his life was at risk from enemies in the diamond trade, I was livid. But that’s until I discovered Anna Sorokin, aka Anna Delvey, the woman behind the Anna Delvey Foundation, ADF. See time codes and show notes below: [01:00] Julia Garner Talks About Anna Delvey In Inventing Anna [01:19] Who Is Anna Delvey? [03:09] Anna’s Business Pitch [04:08] Playing With City National Bank and Fortress [06:02] Anna And Her Friend Rachel [06:39] The Arrest And Charges [07:57] How About Simon Leviev, The Tinder Swindler Guy? [09:37] Money Is An Outdated Concept, Social Currency Is Universal [11:03] 60 Minutes Australia Interview Clip 1 [12:28] 60 Minutes Australia Interview Clip 2 [13:47] What Did I Learn From Anna Delvey? [14:11] There Is A Little Bit Of Anna In Everyone [15:30] What My Anna Delvey Foundation Would Be Like [18:04] Only Hope Can Save Us, And Ukraine Donate money to these following charities to #HelpUkraineNow
March 07, 2022
Episode 15. Love Is Finding Myself
I dished out my husband in the last episode "A Valentine's Day Special" saying that he asked for gold stars when he does anything around the house, or that he can't read the room or speak my love languages. I was frustrated okay? In episode 15 of 1-800-GOAL-DIGGER "Love Is Finding Myself", I redeem myself by sharing a story of our first trip together to Mexico. While waiting for our fight coming back to Canada, I realized I lost my Customs Form, which is an absolute requirement for departing Mexico. My husband didn't lose his cool. See time codes and show notes below: [01:42] Am I In An Unhappy Marriage? [02:50] I Lost My Customs Form In Mexico [06:31] Relationship Takes Works [06:53] “Right” Kind Of Love And Finding Soulmate [07:46] It Was Really Easy In The Beginning [08:57] How Many Soulmates Do You Have? [10:03] Finding Your Partner Is Finding Yourself [11:11] My Real Advice To Single People
February 22, 2022
Episode 14. A Valentine's Day Special, Advice for Single People, and Tinder Swindler
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Valentine’s Day? Teddy bear, chocolate, or 999 roses bouquet? I just had a random thought, what if Tinder or Netflix crashed on Valentine’s Day? Oh and the real holiday is actually February 15, because all the chocolates are 70% off! See time codes and show notes below: [01:26] Minty’s Voicemail [03:01] Advice For Single People [03:20] Single People, Cherish While You Can, Marriage Is Not All Sunshines And Rainbows [05:45] Quarantine Breakup & Covidivorce [09:05] My Relationship Lesson [09:29] Post-Pandemic Dating [10:37] Up Your Dating Profile Bio Decoding Game [12:30] Online Dating Can Be Dangerous - The Tinder Swindler [14:18] Online Dating Can Be Dangerous - Toronto Cannibal Dateline Story [18:18] Busting A Myth - Your Roses Aren’t Local Go check out my girl Minty’s YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.
February 11, 2022
Episode 13. Big Cat Energy, and The ABC of Managing a Difficult Conversation
Happy Chinese New Year! If you feel like you didn’t start your new year right, fear not! Because you get a second chance celebrating Chinese New Year aka Lunar New Year because it’s based on the lunar calendar. Damn, us Asians are smart. We get two new years, twice the celebrations, twice the good fortunes and prosperity. See time codes and show notes below: [01:29] Kendra’s Voicemail [02:30] I Trip Over Flat Surfaces Podcast [03:03] Big Cat Energy [03:54] We Have A Problem Listening [04:32] Talking To A Tiger [05:15] Have A Open Mind [06:13] The A-B-C Of Handling A Difficult Conversation [08:38] It’s A Conversation, Not A Confrontation [08:54] The Story of Nian [12:54] Happy Chinese New Year To Y’all [13:23] Chinese New Year And The Color Red Go listen to Kendra’s I Trip Over Flat Surfaces podcast
February 06, 2022
Episode 12. Alter Ego, Personal Branding, and External Validation
The other day someone asked me “So what do you do for a living? I said, “My best. Tom. I do my best, okay? That’s what I do.” In this episode, I talk about the impact of the typical social media measure, the external validation, the number of listens which has not gone skyrocket so in turn it affected me like the stock market. See time codes and show notes below: [01:15] Feeling Depressed [02:47] Thank You Listeners [03:27] We Live In Our Own Realities [04:22] I Google Everything [05:33] How Many Podcasts Are There In The World? [06:46] Personal Branding Or Catfishing? [08:10] What Is An Alter Ego? [09:30] Beyoncé As Sasha Fierce [10:13] Alter Egos Aren’t Privileges Only Reserved For Celebrities Or Super Heroes [10:21] My Alter Ego As Agent Smith In The Matrix
January 28, 2022
Episode 11. Blue Monday, Childhood Trauma, Holding Myself A Funeral
These past few days, I experienced some sort of outburst due to my childhood trauma that caused emotional damage. Listen, the full moon was in Cancer. We are still reeling from the Mercury going into retrograde last week. And Venus is also in retrograde until Jan 29. So I guess I was overly sensitive. All the bottled up feelings flooded out and I legit cried my eyes out for two days straight. Listen to the full episode to fine out more. See time codes and show notes below: [01:39] My Emotional Intelligence Has Taken A Thousand Steps Back [03:04] My Own Voicemail [04:33] The Tallest Blade Of Grass Is The First To Be Cut Down By The Lawnmower [05:46] Be A Doctor, Lawyer, Engineers, Or Else You Are Just A Failure [06:35] Life Is About That “C” Word [07:33] Holding A Funeral For My Past [08:39] Emotional Baggage? No. Travel Light [09:00] Busting A Myth. Blue Monday? Brew Monday? [10:46] Being Vulnerable Is An Underrated Virtue [11:58] Make Time For a Cuppa
January 21, 2022
Episode 10. Dry January, Binge Drinking, and Self-Control
Just when I decided that I am doing Dry January, Tuesday I received an unexpected gift box from a “workplace proximity associate” that contained 6 bottles of vino, a belated year-end thank you gift I suppose. I texted her and said thank you but also as an FYI I am doing Dry January LOL. To which she replied, there is always February. In today's episode, I answer Madison's voicemail about binge drinking, and how to have more self-control. For more details, find the time codes and show notes below: [03:05] Madison’s Voicemail [05:52] Is There Really Such A Thing As An “Addictive Personality”? [07:21] What Are Personality Disorders? [09:46] Your Behaviours Do Not Define Who You Are [10:23] The Addictive Personality is a Myth [11:58] Five Tips To Develop More Self-Control Reference: Youtube video "Is There Such a Thing As An Addictive Personality?" American Psychiatric Association "What are Personality Disorders?" SHE RECOVERS Foundation
January 14, 2022
Episode 09. New Year's Resolutions Don't Work
Congratulations, we’ve made it to 2022. Did you have a relaxed holiday break? Did you do anything to self-care? Was there any family drama? Or did you like a little goodie two-shoes reflect on the past year, celebrate the wins, and plan ahead to start a mindful new year? In this episode, I reflect on 2021 by going through my photo album and pick out one thing worth noting for each month. I also question whether New Year's resolutions work or not. See time codes and show notes below: [02:13] Reflecting On Year 2021 [02:43] January - Bernie Sanders And My Crochet Project [05:03] February - Bruce Lee Shirtless [06:34] March - Bathroom Mirror [07:01] April - An Asymmetrical Face [07:49] May - What Type Of Vaccine Did You Get? [08:25] June - Flood [09:29] July - My Husband Is The Lubricant [10:05] August - Insurance Company [10:26] September - I Don’t Gatekeep [11:13] October - We Made It Through One Year Of Marriage [11:36] November - I Can Never Sit Still [12:10] December - Over 50,000 LED Christmas Lights [14:01] Year Of The Water Tiger [15:14] Mark Twain Said What About New Year’s Resolutions? [17:15] SMART New Year’s Goals Ain’t SMART [18:18] Set Anti-Goal Goals
January 07, 2022
Episode 08. Recap Of 2021
Thank you for sticking with me since I published the first episode of the 1-800-GOAL-DIGGER podcast in November, 2021. It’s been a whole month! It’s all about celebrating the small victory in life. Am I right or am I right? That's a wrap, y’all!
December 31, 2021
Episode 07. An Open Letter To Santa
Listen to me read my open letter to Santa. Here are the show notes with time codes: [01:28] A 12-Year Old Girl, Julianne Speyer Called Out Sexist Comment [03:35] I Am Not Santa’s Fan [05:45] What I Want For Christmas [06:24] Why I Want What I Want [07:24] My Letter To Aria [08:45] A Secret To Santa [10:17] I Don’t Want Any Presents
December 24, 2021
Episode 06. Self-Care
I almost did not air this week’s episode, because I was going to take a break to self-care. But I cannot let the listeners down, you know. Thank you to whoever listens to this podcast. Here are the show notes with time codes: [01:24] Amanda’s Voicemail About Self-care [02:49] Time-Traveling In My Dreams [04:26] Self-Care Does Not Equal Self-Indulgence [04:53] Help Me, Help You. I Complete Me [05:46] Self-Care Is Recharge [06:47] Self-Care Is To Be Wild [08:02] Self-Care Is Showing Up For Yourself [10:08] Self-Care Is Having Long-Term Vision [11:33] Self-Care Is Self-Educate [12:15] Self-Care Using 5 Love Languages
December 17, 2021
Episode 05. Family Drama
How can we not talk about holidays in December? And when I say holidays, I mean family drama. Here are the time codes and show notes: [01:16] Voicemail From Amanda [04:25] I Don’t Have The Right Answer [05:09] My Cute Little Family [06:52]  Treat Your Family Like Colleagues [08:27] The Recipe For Family Drama [11:07] Do These 5 Things To Avoid Family Drama
December 10, 2021
Episode 04. Anger Problem
In episode 1, I shared with y’all that I have an anger problem. And that’s what we are gonna dive deep into today. This is kind of a touchy subject for me, but I am putting my brave face on and airing this all out with the world. After all, who doesn’t have an anger problem? Below are the time codes and show notes for your reference:  [01:04] To Bite Someone’s Head Off [02:45] My Baby Shot Me Down [06:24] Maintain My Flames [07:29] Why Are Kind People Scary When They Get Angry? [09:47] Liars and Manipulators Step Aside [14:25] Anger is My Nemesis
December 02, 2021
Episode 03. Procrastination
Hi y'all! Welcome to episode 3 of the 1-800-GOAL-DIGGER podcast. Today I am talking about "procrastination". Please leave me a rating on Apple Podcast or DM me on IG at 1800goaldigger. You can also leave voice messages via Anchor on Spodify! Check out today's show notes below: [01:01] Origin Of The Word Procrastination [03:00] 240 Minutes Of TikTok Video [03:43] The Dark Side Of Mukbang [06:42] What Else Do I Procrastinate About [08:13] The Chicken and The Egg Cycle of Procrastination [10:13] Why Do We Procrastinate [10:36] Tim Urban’s TedTalk [12:12] My First Voicemail From A Listener
November 26, 2021
Episode 02. Envy
Today, we will be diving deep into one of my flaws "envy". Difference between jealousy and envy A trip to LinkedIn I am envious of her One of the Seven Deadly Sins I took my blessings for granted Thank you for listening to the second episode of 1-800-GOAL-DIGGER. Leave me a rating, a comment, share this with someone you love. DM @1800GOALDIGGER on IG. I'll talk to y'all next time!
November 18, 2021
Episode 01. Self Improvement
Hey guys! Welcome to the first episode of 1-800-GOAL-DIGGER. Here is today's show note: Intro Why I start this podcast Choosing the lesser of the two evils Let's write about flaws 2.0 version of you Outro Thank you for listening to 1-800-GOAL-DIGGER. Leave me a rating, a comment, share this with someone you love. DM @1800GOALDIGGER on IG. I'll talk to y'all next time! 
November 12, 2021
1-800-GOAL-DIGGER Trailer
Welcome to The 1-800-GOAL-DIGGER Podcast. I am your host Mika Liu Chawla. This is a safe place where I share my personal goal-digging stories, life experiences, and struggles so you don’t have to. Join me every Thursday for a new episode where I sacrifice by sharing my flaws and unpacking the dirty truth of self-improvement. It feels liberating to be authentic. Got a burning question? You ask, and I will answer. Call me at to leave me a voicemail. Subscribe to 1-800-GOAL-DIGGER on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.
November 04, 2021