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The HART Podcast

The HART Podcast

By Hartley B Singer
HART's mind works in mysterious ways ... fortunately that's what Podcasts are for!
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009 INTERNET HART's Internet Story
Simulcast of The HART Podcast with HART's Hangout I created a new Facebook group called: Passive Income Management for SOHO Bosses - Battling For Wealth with Hartley B Singer This was my first LIVE Facebook group video made *ever* and I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and simultaneously record me making my video and use it here for my podcast! I will probably upload the raw video to my Video Channel as well, in case you wanted to see the video recorded without actually joining my facebook group. Thank-You HARTLEY B SINGER aka HART
September 12, 2019
008 ANIMALS What To Do If Your Dog Licks His Neuter Incision
I was bored, and looking at HART's google analytics reports for various domains still alive and kicking. Apparently, this post was one of HART's most popular searched blog posts (according to Google Analytics) with over 2,400 searches between January 1, 2019 and August 28, 2019. Wow.  I remember back in 2011 it was the 20th post of all 2010, but only remember it while I was researching this podcast getting the original URL for the post, here: I went to and copy/pasted it in the box for the free "20min/day unlimited use of Free Voices for text-to-speech. .. there is even a Chrome extension for this. Pretty cool. Take care HARTLEY B SINGER
August 29, 2019
007 SOHO HART's Accounting Story
I started July 1, 1985 working as an Accounting Technician in public practice in a Chartered Accountant firm, up until June 30, 1989 when I left to become controller in a family run business. I came back to Public Practice February 1, 1991 and worked there under various partnership names up until March 2003 when I left to go on my own name, HBS Management Consultants. I still continue this business of "A"ccounting ,"B"ookkeeping, "I"ncome "T"ax "P"reparation, and "C"onsulting  (ABITPAC) to this day and conside this as HART's offline division, along with HART's online division the HART-Empire Network, out of my basement.
August 21, 2019
006 HEALTH HART's Battling For Health History
Long story short .. I am Battling for my health everyday .. and hope to live long, and prosper. Meanwhile .. (honestly) I'd probably just scroll down and listen to earlier podcasts, or scroll up and listen to newer podcasts .. this one got away from me and is about a half hour long ... (or 20 minutes longer than what I had initially wanted to discuss). I guess I needed to get this out of my system so I don't bore my listeners on upcoming podcast episodes. If you listened to it all .. thank-you. HART
August 14, 2019
005 HEALTH How HART Quit Smoking
HART talks in a third person today, and discusses how he quit smoking approximately two packs of cigarettes per day cold turkey! His official quit day is November 7, 2001. Some say if you can remember when you quit smoking, you never really did smoking but HART has never picked up a cigarette since ... just about 50-60 pounds weight :(  Fortunately, HART was a skinny dude before he quit smoking so instead of a fat person he had just turned into an overly obese person.  Yup. That was 2001. Some of HART's fat still remains.  Recorded: July 31, 2019
July 31, 2019
004 FLUFF 000.4 HART's Blast From The Past
Well ... this is the final and last podcast I ever did - before 2019 - from March 4, 2010. Basically, I bought a new toy. And, as I was pretty much testing out this new pocket digital recorder toy ... I don't believe there really is any redeeming quality in this podcast! However .. I think this podcast gave me new direction and courage to continue with this "online story telling" because, shortly after this final PRE-podcast .. I started to test out recording video of me using Google Hangouts, which you can see on my YouTube Channel or somewhere in the archives of website. Thank-you for listening! HART SHOW NOTES: Here's a picture of that digital recorder
July 29, 2019
003 FLUFF 000.3 HART's Blast From The Past
Here's another podcast I did ... from July 20, 2008.  I have always been "PapillonLvr" online, and later know as "PetLvr". I pretty much explain what that means and how it happened in this episode. Take care HART (aka PetLvr)
July 29, 2019
002 FLUFF 000.2 HART's Blast From The Past
Well .. I actually forgot about this.  It seems I *did* seem to podcast before, back in the days when dinosaurs were around. I was new to recording my voice and was testing and testing ways to record, and microphones and location and to see if I can even sound remotely interesting. Well, I did four episodes before I reached my inaugural 001.0 and decided to quit and try my luck with Google Hangouts instead. So,  please enjoy (or, endure) my second podcast ever ... I would post the first one, but I was a newbie at the time and used a real song from my mp3 collection and, well - if I included it in here ... google will punish me! Enjoy. HART
July 29, 2019
001 HART's Inaugural Podcast
Greetings!  Here is my first podcast.  I basically try to explain what the HART podcast ~is not~ ... and hopefully predict what the HART podcast ~will be~  In a nutshell ... Topics could include: 1. Health, wellness and fitness topics - 26% 2, Pet related topics - 32% 3. Accounting and bookkeeping topics - 37% 4. Internet and marketing tips and promotion - 29%  5. Random Gibberish - 17% Total:  141% Greatness!!   (oops // there might be overlapping on some future episodes) Take care HARTLEY B SINGER aka HART
July 28, 2019