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1st & Third Podcast

1st & Third Podcast

By Joe Fischer III & SamuelThe1st
It's Sports, Hip Hop, and Portland all wrapped up into one podcast. You'll get the updates on local Portland music and national artists, as well as the news and latest in the sports world, whether it be the Blazers or Ducks, or the biggest teams and names in sports. With two Portland bred hosts, this is the go-to podcast for the Portland hip hop and sports fan.
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1st & Third, Episode 8, 12.9.19 (Cody Brown, Doghouse)
This episode's guest is Cody Brown (aka Tamagochi) of Doghouse Farms, and you're going to want to prepare yourself for this one. We talk all sorts of things: - Cody has over half a decade of experience in the marijuana industry, so we talk his journey to Doughouse (8:07) - We get into some rap music (37:58) including a trip down memory lane to 1st's FIRST show (39:54), and Cody's rap moniker, Tamagotchi - We talk Top Albums of 2019 (51:15), Juice WRLD (1:07:00), the most ridiculous rap names out right now (1:14:00), and the #WorstBarsOfTheDecade (1:17:00) - Cody shares his favorite movie (1:22:37) & some of his favorite shows (1:28:48), which gets us off the rails into WWF (1:31:00) - Cody hates Bill Walton (1:37:07) and Sam & him are out of their damn minds with Carmelo Anthony and the Blazers (1:39:35) and they make a bet
December 10, 2019
1st & Third Podcast, Episode 7, 12.4.19 (Patrick Harris, 1080 The FAN/Beers On Us)
In this episode: - 1st & Third are posted up at Breakside Brewery in Northwest Portland! - Special Guest (10:00): Patrick Harris, Host on 1080 The Fan and the Beers On Us Podcast - (16:51) Patrick shares how he got into sports radio, and his Star Wars fandom - (25:00) The dude works with Breakside & has a beer podcast, so we talk beer - (36:40) Patrick is a die hard Washington State Coug and he knows his music & hip hop (53:16) - (1:09:30) Former NFL QB Derek Anderson wanted all the smoke from the homies - (1:20:50) Complex's Top 10 Rappers of the 2010s - (1:44:09) What the hell was Goldlink thinking?
December 04, 2019
1st & Third, Episode 6, 11.19.19
Episode 6 includes: - Drink of the Night: Deschutes Jubelale - (4:24) Sam caught comedian Michael Rapaport, which leads to a bigger conversation on comedy in 2019 - (12:36) The Vikings comeback on the Broncos, and Kirk Cousins is absolutely killing it - (20:45) Bring back Blitz: The League! - (25:26) Investigative Reporting: What OKC Thunder player didn't pay Teanna Trump? - (32:18) Now that emotions have settled, Sam & Joe talk Carmelo joining the Blazers - (37:46) Sam is Mr. Baseball Guy, letting us know the next big MLB prospect in the area - (41:41) Sam presents the Billboard Top Song's & Album's of the Decades *insert Hannibal Buress "WACK" gif* - (49:24) Joe is turning into an old head with his hip hop - (59:30) Some Portland shit... literally and figuratively (shout out to the multimedia creatives)
November 19, 2019
1st & Third Podcast, Episode 5, 11.15.19
In this episode: - Sam recaps his boujee trip to Arizona -(6:42) Sam's Vikings & Joe's Cowboys played a great game, and Joe apologizes -(17:03) We talk the two huge festivals, AstroWorld & (22:25) the spoiled brats at Camp Flog Gnaw -(36:45) Two things you shoudn't do: buy vapes on the internet or wet willie a 104-year old veteran - (49:08) Ducks Women's Basketball is the best in the world - (53:30) Some Portland shows coming & quick food suggestions
November 15, 2019
1st & Third, Episode 4, 11.4.19
In the fourth episode: - Joe catches Sam off guard with the drink of choice for the evening - Sam went to a dope Halloween event, and has a new show coming up - Raising Cane's is coming to Portland, and Joe is beyond stoked - An absolutely brutal knockout in UFC this weekend - The Blazers somehow lose to the Warriors - Oregon Ducks QB Justin Herbert and his potential - New music that's out and is coming out
November 05, 2019
1st & Third, Episode 3, 10.29.19
1st & Third Episode 3 includes: - Joe has a hockey prodigy on his hands - 1st still has golf fever - Blazers a week into the season - Little love for a local legend - Our Athlete & Hip Hop Artist Draft, and what "club" we're showing up to - Kendrick Lamar & Freddie Gibbs and watching their come up - We have to talk Jesus Is King
October 29, 2019
1st & Third, Episode 2, 10.22.19
In this episode: - Some Love To PS Pro Sounds - Ducks Get A Big Win That Sam Saw In Person - Joe Makes A Bet On The Beavers - The Blazers Season Begins - The Vikings Stadium Is Where Birds Go To Die - Sam Crabtree Shares Some Cool Family History - Some New Music This Week
October 22, 2019
1st & Third, Episode 1, 10.15.19
It's the FIRST episode of the 1st & 3rd Podcast:  - We intro ourselves -SamuelThe1st is fresh off a performance and we talk about live performing, and has another one coming up -Sam's hitting bombs on the course -Some Vikings talk, Portland State and Minnesota -Cowboys are trash
October 15, 2019