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This Is Called The Show

This Is Called The Show

By 2 Market Media
Hank and Lauren take their marketing company to the Next Level and want to help you do the same..and the best way to do that is to Create Content. So... Here is their company meeting.. and well, This is Called The Show. Marketing and Branding Advice you need as an entrepreneur, businesses owner, or brand manager.
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27: 2nd Act Shit: Pick Ur Pain
Lauren finally has Hank realize his life’s mission. There is something you are doing.. deep down.. emotionally.. that you just CAN’T stop doing. it’s part of you.. it’s a shared feeling or pain you have with probably everyone you help in your business today.. Well, Not only do you need to tap into that.. but what about when you realize.. you have maxed out your potential.. but you still want to do more.. You are stuck - even if successful.. you have to change it have to move into your Second Act. See Hank's notebook on the 2MM IG:
November 26, 2021
26: Hammer Time
Hank has an answer to Lauren’s question from last week - “what’s the problem you are solving?” As a result of answering this question - Hank takes you inside what he now sees as his methodology and where he wants it all to start - you are trapped.  inside your survival personality.  you do what you do and you do it really well, but that comes at a price, with a ceiling.  you have to learn a whole new set of skills to move from walking and running - to flying..  are you ready to take that leap with your brand?
November 05, 2021
25: What's Stopping You?
What’s stopping you?  It takes most of the show to get to this point, but Hank realizes..he’s only really interested in picking.. for himself and for you.. because he’s got patterns, habits - trauma stories.. behaviors that protect him.. that keep him from committing.. keep him from Picking something larger than himself.. it’s deep, but it’s true.. and you have the same problem in your life, I’m willing to bet.
October 22, 2021
24: Picking
Last week Lauren sent Hank off to go find himself and his brand, all on his own. Hank was hurt, and sad, but he did as Lauren requested.. and now he’s back.. with THE answer that will change the course of Everyone's Life, including yours.  Find out how.  Time to Pick.
October 15, 2021
23: Press Record
You can start ‘branding’ yourself from a few different angles  - Your Action (advice, takeaway); Your Story of Origin (what drives you to do what you are doing today).. either way.. you have to PICK.  Today, Hank asks Lauren to help him pick, so he can get unstuck and just get moving on what his personal brand is.. you’ll see a lot of yourself in this podcast.  guaranteed.  #pressrecord.
October 08, 2021
22: A Fine Whine
There is a fine line between Whining and Telling Your Emotional Truth. Want to know what it is?  Take a Listen.
June 25, 2021
21: Find Your Comey
Ok, we know you need a show. but having a show, hosting a show, DOING a show can be a real pain in the ass. what makes it completely DOABLE? finding yourself a CO-HOST someone you trust to have real conversations with.. your Comey.
June 11, 2021
20: Get on Tour
Lauren convinces Hank of something:  they need a tour, in fact, everyone does.  you get a tour, and your get a tour.. 2market already helps people book their clients podcasts.. what if that was the gateway drug to the nirvana that is a worry free podcast? well, it is. join us on our tour.
June 04, 2021
19: The Quiet King
Aaron Dunn responds to Hank and Lauren’s ask to come on THE SHOW and fix their brand. Aaron was homecoming king and was loved by all.  and he still is - and THIS stands in his way of starting his own business today. How do you break through being used to being nice and loved? give a listen.
May 21, 2021
18: You Need Your Own Show
You don’t even know how to put on a show. you think FB LIVE is a show it isn’t. you think Interviewing somebody who once self published a book is a show it isn’t. wanna know how to show? listen to lauren break it down.
May 14, 2021
17: Head Case Study
There is only one thing keeping you from growing your brand, your business and your life - Your Growth. When you own “How you are FULLY changing your customers lives” then your life will change. and the only reason you aren’t doing that is because you don’t feel worthy. Hank and Lauren break down a Case Study of a client - so you can do the same - and break through the barriers impeding your growth.
May 07, 2021
16: I'm Racist
hank admits he’s racist. and lauren isn’t even mad. do you have to admit you are racist?  no do you have to tell me what is going on in your life and business that is fucked up (and how you are dealing with it)?  yes If you want to get clear on branding - the path is through not around. listen to hank sound like an Advanced Idiot as he thinks he is baring his soul.
April 30, 2021
15: Storyteller
There is one thing stopping you from growing your business - you aren’t growing - as a storyteller. Lauren and Hank break down HOW you can start to see the Advice you give as an opportunity to Tell Stories and actually, truly connect with your audience. Business is Personal.
April 23, 2021
14: The Real Why
Lauren is taking 2MM to the next next level.  Remember when Hank and Lauren talked about “Game Changer” as the company's new push - as a product.. well Lauren came up with a new Product to compliment the Coaching piece: A Content Offering. Content you need.  and Content you probably never really thought about creating cuz, how would you know what you don’t know.  and it really boils down to this:  Your Real Why.  Why do you do what you do - not for YOU - but for me. Confused? makes sense.  Give a listen and we’ll clear it up for you.
April 09, 2021
13: Ego or Ignorance
Hank found out the ad that Lauren is running is getting attention - just because of how Hank looks.  even ugly people be commenting. THIS is where you are stuck in your business.  you fear posting content because of what others will think or so, particularly those closest to you. wanna know the solution?  Listen.
April 02, 2021
12: Get Granular
Hank has a pet peeve - Your fear of getting granular. Lauren talks Hank off the ledge, barely.  and explains how having a, or planning for a Funnel forces you to have to get granular - in your business and in your brand. It’s not the funnel.. it’s the brand that drives sales. cuz we talkin about getting attention. and how your fears around what it takes to Get Attention is exactly what is fucking you up.. and 2MM is here to fix it.
March 26, 2021
11: How to Be on A Mission
Picking up on last week - lauren helps hank figure out HOW he is on a mission to help Lone Wolf Entrepreneurs.. so much so.. that they will tell you how to get on your own mission (to get attention) and if you have trouble doing that..just reach out and mention you heard them talking about it.. and they can sign you up for hank’s new program: Game Changer for 50% off.  sound like a come on?  sure, but wait until you hear what is required of you.
March 19, 2021
08: Talk About What You Just Did
do you know how valuable it is to have a lauren in your life?  I do. this is hank, from This is Called the Show.. and while i coach a bunch of people and get busy doing whatever it is that i do.. there is nothing more valuable than Talking about THAT, the shit that you just did - and ReContextualizing it.. to help you come up with Content.. the meeting we had about that.. is this show.
March 12, 2021
10: Be Up To Something
Hank has a problem.  and Lauren helps him solve it. you have the same problem.. what the fuck are you up to?  no really.  like something big.. what are you and your company actually doing - to fix people, communities, the world?!? lauren ups hank.  let her up you and your company - listen to this show!
March 12, 2021
09: Stop Launching
We are launching a new product here at 2mm: Game Changer - and Lauren actually really hates launching new products.  In fact, she’d rather you understand that instead of Launching that you should be Creating A Foundation for talking about your product - but we get to that after Hank tells you: growth in your business is all about your own personal growth.
March 05, 2021
07: Content Strategists
lauren is one. hank is one. you are one.  lauren and hank wrestle with how best to present the company.. they have this new thing they are doing.. what should they do?  #A.B.E. baby!  If you look at content through the lens of Your Personal Evolution - instead of a simple destination.. all becomes clear.  Don’t know what that means?  take a listen.
February 19, 2021
06: Engagment
I GOT A NEW SHOW 2 DO! Lauren and Hank do most of what they promised from last week.. but for real they get real CONTROVERSIAL  - they even have a clip of it that they try to spread around the interweb.  Plus: Gamestock and how people be talkin gets talked about.
February 12, 2021
05: Brand Trailer
Lauren saves 2 Market Media Again - with a New Game Changer for the company - we are calling it Brand Trailers.  We want to not just coach you we want to hand you a Product.  Join Lauren and Hank as they go down the winding road of what you need to do in order to stand out in your business - even if you hate your job.
February 05, 2021
04: Pivot
So..hank got a dm from Velko.  awesome dude who made hank think... Do we, 2MM, need to Pivot - this would be a little different for us...When should YOU pivot?  How are you paying attention to your customers?  Wanna find out? Join Lauren and Hank’s meeting: This is Called The Show (when lauren saves her wav file she uses the initials T.i.T.s.)
January 18, 2021
03: Momentum
Lauren and Hank talk about how getting started is one thing... but keeping it going is a whole other beast. We did it before the holidaze... We were creating like crazy, but, just like my diet, that all went to hell. How do you get real momentum? I'll tell you one way - have a great partner like Lauren. Accountability. Listen to more of how Lauren takes Hank to school on this phone call.
January 11, 2021
02: Gamify
Hank and Lauren attempt to design a game, or a membership... they're not sure. Listen to their content meeting because they may need your help.  How will you help people WANT to do what you are selling? Shoot us a message and let us know what you think! @2marketmedia on all socials
December 23, 2020
01: Free? Gift?
Hank and Lauren debate semantics of giving away your valuable work during their weekly meeting.  Who's side are you on? Shoot us a message and let us know what you think! @2marketmedia on all socials
December 23, 2020