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40 Year Old Black Woman

40 Year Old Black Woman

By LMichelle Salvant
Personal Audio Journal featuring raw, uncut, voice excerpts from Black Women in their 40's.
Journal Based on L.Michelle Salvant's 2020 Life Film Immersive Journaling Series which follows Life for a decade(2020-2030) through the eyes of a Black woman journaling with smartglasses.

Category: Audio documentary, journal, diary.
Audio Excerpts obtained from Black Women in their 40's.
All rights reserved.

Contributors Welcome
(Black Women in their 40s)

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Tracee, 46
Tracee, 46 Audio Journal Prompt:  It Feels Good To.... Transcript: Hi, my name is Tracee. I am 46 years old and it feels really good to be recognized and acknowledged as a black woman. I love being a black woman. I love our color. I love our curves. I love our strength. I love our the Timbre of our of our voice. I think it's a beautiful thing. I'm surrounded by a great community of strong black women and men and I love our culture. Copyright, LMichelleMedia-BeyondMeProductions 2021
March 17, 2021
This Is 40 Year Old Black Woman
New Podcast Documentary Series featuring raw, uncut, personal audio journal entries from Black Women in their 40's.
March 13, 2021