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21ism Podcast - Telling Artist's Stories Through Vision & Sound

21ism Podcast - Telling Artist's Stories Through Vision & Sound

By 21ism
21ism Bitcoin Art Collective : Bitcoin's Creative Carousel Celebrating the creative minds of the Bitcoin space in the categories Art, Design, Video, Memes, Music, Writing & Development. New spin on the 5th of every month. Reach us at
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21ism - Block013 - WORD - SAIFEDEAN AMMOUS v2
Remember remember, the 5th of November... Today is our birthday! To celebrate we're switching things up a little. We have named this block 'Fuck Fiat' and while we've got more things planned for this month we're gonna start off with a bang. Here is our WORD feature, Saifedean Ammous. Author of The Bitcoin Standard and now The Fiat Standard. He has had a huge impact on so many people's understanding of Bitcoin and can't wait to see what impact his latest book is going to have too. Speaking to him is everyone's mate and best host around, Daniel Prince from The Once Bitten Podcast. Enjoy
November 6, 2021
21ism Block012 CODE Ben Arc
Featuring in the CODE block this month is Ben Arc. @arcbtc is a free open source advocate, builder and educator. He is best known for LN Bits but has also worked on MANY other projects. Speaking to him is our boy @MaxBitBuyBit - Hope you enjoy this rip!
October 5, 2021
21ism Block012 - ART - Zetra
Featured in our ART category this block is Zetra. @zetra_art is a German clothes designer, graphic designer, fine artist and Bitcoiner and is on the bleeding edge of the coolest counter culture in the world right now. He is amplifying the word of Bitcoin through beauty at a time when the world really needs it. Here he speaks to @HodlerThanThou2 aka Badders to discuss running and designing a clothing label, aerosol art, being asked to design a Tony Hawk skate deck, Bitcoin and more. Enjoy!
October 5, 2021
21ism Block012 - MEME - GéGé
GéGé aka @gegelsmr2 aka Gege La Saumure is a Parisien Pleb, currently on his second Twitter account, who spits the dankest memes. He was raised a critical thinker, awakened by 9/11, Libya & Bitcoin. He mines fiat video editing for French Hip Hop artists. The encroaching dystopia he’s living through in France right now is pushing him to express his frustration with a sublime clarity of perspective. He’s knocking memecraft out of the park. @Selfbankt loved this chat. Hope you do too.
October 5, 2021
21ism Block012 - MUSIC - Captain Youth
Featuring in our MUSIC category this block is Captain Youth If you haven't heard @ElCaptainYouth 's tunes yet then frankly it's about time! A rapper, singer, business builder, freedom lover and Bitcoiner, he has always followed his nose and his ideas. Here he speaks to @HodlerThanThough2 aka Badders to discuss music, how to live a free life, Bitcoin and more. Ciao 
October 5, 2021
21ism Block012 - WORD - Aleks Svetski
Featuring in our WORD block this month is @GhostofSvetski, the potty mouthed calamity from down under. Aleks is the founder of AmberApp, The Bitcoin Times, the WakeUp Podcast as well as being an excellent writer on all things related to Bitcoin. He has had a steady output of really great pieces, that are as honest as they are insightful. Speaking to him is our boy @PrinceySOV - an excellent chat by two of the remnant. Ciao
October 5, 2021
21ism Block012 - VIDEO - Jamie King
Our VIDEO feature this month is Jamie King, @jamie_jk, an award-winning British film maker and podcaster. His STEAL THIS FILM series 2010 was one of the most downloaded documentaries of all time and screened at film festivals worldwide. His latest film ‘This Machine Greens’, produced with Brad Mills & Enrique Posner, explores the Bitcoin’s positive role in the future of clean energy production. It explores Bitcoin’s relationship with energy and shows the distorted image presented in mainstream media. @JohnKVallis sat down with Jamie and of course it ended up as an EPIC rip. Enjoy and share
October 5, 2021
21ism Block012 - DESIGN - SUCK BOY TONY
Featuring in our DESIGN block this month is @SuckBoyTony1 - an engineering student who designs and makes 3D printed guns as well as being a Bitcoiner, of course. He’s now pushing the boundaries of what weapons can be made at home using consumer-grade 3D printers from barrel to bullets. @MTCBTC was stoked to get the chance to speak to Tony for this block’s design feature and to get some insights on what he’s making and what noobs need to know to approach this area for themselves. Enjoy!
October 5, 2021
21ism - Block011 - MEME - PUBLORD
Our MEME feature this month is @PubLordHodl - real name PUBBY. Lurking publord turned memelord turned youtube show hostlord Guy aka Pubby has had a bit of a journey in the space. Pubby and our good friend @PrinceySOV walk down some pretty deep and dark paths. They question the lies our whole lives and identities have been predicated on. They come to some sobering conclusions, especially for Guy who talks candidly about his families military background and the current events in Kabul. This ep is equal parts fizzy lager and dark and stormy.  Strap in!
September 5, 2021
21ism - Block011 - CODE - OPENOMS
Our CODE feature this month is @Openoms For countless people around the world, he’s been the guy on the other side of a Telegram chat, who with infinite patience, walked them through their own mini Lightning existential crisis. He’s a rock to many. His profile only continues to grow through prolific work on Bitcoin privacy, JoinMarket Raspiblitz integration and regular appearances on TFTC & Odell’s Citadel Dispatch pod. So who on Earth is Openoms? As a nym, there’s only so much we’re at liberty to say, but here @maxbitbuybit digs in to find out more him for you. Have fun!
September 5, 2021
21ism - Block011 - ART - PETEK
Petek aka @RadarRayne is an artist that combines the unusual mix of art and science.  She creates abstract, heavily textured, geological landscapes that are inspired by financial and Bitcoin related data charts with cosmic materials such as meteorites and moon dust.  @RebelMoneyArt money goes to the moon with this one talking about channelling bitcoin energy, Plan Bs Stock 2 Flow and rocket air with skateboards.  Enjoy.
September 5, 2021
21ism - Block011 - VIDEO - TIMOTHY ALLEN
Our VIDEO feature this month is @MrTimothyAllen. Tim's self-deprecation is ridiculous. He's achievements in photography & film are truly breathtaking.  Exploring and documenting pristine nature of nomadic tribes through to War and the esoteric. He's someone whose always searched out and revelled in the underbelly of truth in our world.  That someone with his wealth of unique human experience & insight has thrown himself so thoroughly into Bitcoin – it’s immensely bullish. @Selfbankt loved steering this one. Hope you do too.
September 5, 2021
21ism - Block011 - WORD - HARRY DUNCAN
In this month's WORD block we're featuring Harry Duncan. Harry's a fascinating young man, full of pragmatic optimism, global experience and insight. His appetite for Bitcoin writing and discussion has been voracious and he's synthesised into an awesome introductory article published by Bitcoin Magazine recently. He talked to @SelfBankt about his inspiration, writing process, journey to Bitcoin via Occupy & Student protest and future writing plans. it's a great rip. Enjoy.
September 5, 2021
21ism - Block011 - MUSIC - VLAD COSTEA
Our MUSIC feature this month is @TheVladCostea Vlad will be best know to you for the @BTCTKVR podcast and as a steady supplier of articles to the space but Vlad is also a musician. Badders aka @hodlerthanthou2 explores this angle of Vlad's life and digs into his story of growing up in the ashes of a communist ruler and how his cultural heritage works a lens for what he sees today. Enjoy!
September 5, 2021
21ism - Block011 - DESIGN - SEEDMINT
This month’s design category feature is @SeedMint21 The eponymous creator of the best looking seed backup jig you’re likely to have ever see.  Following a long weekend of living it up and recharging his bitcoiner batteries with other sovereign badasses at the Bitcoin Zitadelle in Germany, he joins our boy @MTCBTC for a chat about his beautiful creation and what he hopes to achieve with it. Enjoy!
September 5, 2021
21ism - Block 010 - MUSIC - Jim Reaper
@JimReaperMusic is our music block feature this month. Jim is musician, pleb, remixer, analogue synth geek, coder and Britcoiner, though we should retire that term now the BoE have coopted it for their digital slave coins. Badders aka @HodlerThanThou2 sit down to talk music, Bitcoin, flow state and the fact that Jim has just left his fiat mining job due to it no longer aligning with his values. Peep it
August 5, 2021
21ism - Block 010 - WORD - Andy Edstrom
Our WORD feature this month is Andy Edstrom, a wealth manager, author, 3/4 Swede and solid pleb. His book Why Buy Bitcoin is a cracking book and has been a great help in on-boarding the more legacy minded of our friends and family. Here he speaks to our man @PrinceySOV from OnceBITten - peep it!
August 5, 2021
21ism - Block 010 - VIDEO - Mark Moss
Our video feature this month is Mark Moss. You will perhaps know Mark form his top notch YouTube content on the global macro, the current geo-political situation and of course Bitcoin! He has also had some fire tweet threads of late. He sits down with our good friend John Vallis, both of them just back from El Salvador, to get into his background, how he discovered Bitcoin as well as how he almost got murdered by a tenant. A great rip, tuck in.
August 4, 2021
21ism - Block 010 - DESIGN - Seed Signer
Featured in our DESIGN category this month is Seed Signer. Seed Signer is a home build HWW able to be used for many multi-sig setups. The pseudonymous designer here speaks to @MaxBitBuyBit amongst other things about his fascinating background as a digital forensics police officer and how it changed his life by leading him to Bitcoin.
August 4, 2021
21ism - Block 010 - CODE - Ring Of Fire
Featuring in our CODE block this month is Ring Of Fire. Ring Of Fire is a community project started by our friends Czino and Soul Exporter to get more people onto the Lightning Network and decentralise rather than go through hub and spoke. Speaking to them is our guy @MaxBitBuyBit
August 4, 2021
21ism - Block 010 - MEME - Spinte8
Spinte8 is our MEME feature this month. His meme-game has been on fire lately – brutally honest, contrarian and provocative to the point of incendiary but often funny AF. Our guy @SelfBankt digs into the story of the man behind the memes. A great rip.
August 4, 2021
21ism - Block 010 - ART - Samson Mow Raretoshi
Our ART feature this block is Samson Mow form Raretoshi. CSO of Blockstream, CEO of the gaming company Pixelmatic, Bitcoin maxi and now founder of Raretoshi. Raretoshi is a digital art platform, selling NFTs and art on the Liquid Network. Here he speaks to our man, The Welsh Wonder, @RebelMoneyArt about all of the above.
August 4, 2021
21ism - Block 009 - CODE - Craig Raw
Our CODE feature this block is Craig Raw aka @CraigRaw Craig is the creator and sole contributor to Sparrow. Sparrow can be used for single sig and multisig wallets for those who value financial self sovereignty. Sparrow’s emphasis is on security, privacy and usability. Digging into his work, Bitcoin and his personal story, including the experience of living in a physically volatile country, is Max BitBuyBit Visit for his full feature page Enjoy!
July 5, 2021
21ism - Block 009 - DESIGN - The Bitcoin Machine
Our DESIGN feature this block is The Bitcoin Machine TBM are Prabhu and Pranesh; the two brothers from Doido Industries who make The Bitcoin Machines - a fully-featured Bitcoin Full Node that comes with a customisable display which lets you see all sorts of Bitcoin network metrics at a glance and which comes in a retro-style metal enclosure that's bound to draw gasps of envy from your Bitcoiner mates. Mining this block for us is @mtcbtc and whilst the audio quality isn't the best in some places, we think this is well worth a listen! Visit for the full feature 
July 5, 2021
21ism - Block 009 - ART - Tommy
Our ART feature this block is Tommy aka @YungGucciT Tommy is the art director of Bitcoin Magazine, behind the recent Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, and an artist in his own right. Our Welsh wonder, @RebelMoneyArt, speaks to Tommy about the conference, his art and Bitcoin story and much much more. Visit for Tommy's full feature Enjoy! 
July 5, 2021
21ism - Block 009 - MUSIC - Reel Richard
@reelrichard is our MUSIC feature this block. A musician and music producer from the Bay Area Richard has produced some awesome, high energy music/videos of late. @selfbankt digs into his background, story, Bitcoin experience and much more. Visit for the full feature Enjoy!
July 5, 2021
21ism - Block 009 - VIDEO - SimplyBitcoin
Our VIDEO feature this month is SimplyBitcoin, a duo of solid Bitcoin Maxi's making great Youtube content. @bitvolt7 and @coinicarus are going from strength to strength and keep upping their game. @selfbankt speaks to them about Miami 2021, the state of the world, their work and personal stories and much more. Visit to check their feature page   Enjoy!
July 5, 2021
21ism - Block 009 - WORD - Jeff Booth
Our WORD feature this month is Jeff Booth, author of The Price of Tomorrow and by now a solid part of the Bitcoin community. Daniel Prince from Once BITten Pod speaks to Jeff and digs into his story. His early life, failures and successes and everything else that got Jeff to where he is today. Peep his feature page on Enjoy!
July 5, 2021
21ism - Block 009 - MEME - American Hodl
@TheAmericanHodl is a Bitcoin twitter legend in many ways. A contributor of hot takes and silly nonsense in equal measure he is also the biological father of one of the biggest memes of the last few years - 6.15 for Eternal Riches and Big Titty Bitches. Speaking to him is Badders aka @hodlerthanthou2 They discuss memes, why Hodl stayed off Twitter, the current state of the world, pursuing virtue and truth and much more. Check his feature page on
July 5, 2021
21ism - Block008 - MUSIC - ZUBY
Zuby, @zubymusic,  is an independent UK rapper who has made a career out of trusting his gut, speaking his mind and following his own path. His music as well as his unique ability to distill complex and tribal issues down to drops of full-proof sense, has won him hundreds of thousands of fans from every corner of the globe. Out with a new album soon, The Word of Zuby, @Hodlerthanthou2 aka Badders sits down with him to hear more about his personal story, new album and the increasingly upside-down world we find ourselves in. Find a chair, if you still have any left, and wrap your ears around this one.
June 5, 2021
21ism - Block008 - WORD - Robert Breedlove
Robert Breedlove, @breedlove22, is a man who needs little introduction. He has blessed this space with his work for what seems like forever which is a testament to how quickly he has made a huge impact. As our WORD feature Rob has written a deeply personal and beautiful piece about how Bitcoin has changed him. Sitting down with our good friend, The Ice Breaker, John Vallis he opens up about his childhood, fiat professional life and family history. The inter-generational trauma of war and the poetic and poignant story of how the tearing down of enemy financial infrastructure is in his blood. This already has all the hallmarks of a classic.
June 5, 2021
21ism - Block 008 - ART - Flo Montoya
Flo Montoya is a Chilean artist and our ART feature this month. Given the degradation of the money in her own country as well as her whole continent there is little wonder she found Bitcoin. The fact it has become the focus for her beautiful art is means that we get to benefit too. Speaking to her is our boy, The Welsh Wonder, @RebelMoneyArt and to be honest, given her soothing radio voice and charming accent, I could listen to a whole series of this.
June 5, 2021
21ism - Block 008 - CODE - Paul Itoi
Our CODE feature this block is Paul Itoi. Paul has been making serious waves this year with his project Sphinx Chat. Sphinx sits one layer on top of LN and lets you put digital content into Lightning payments. You can stream words, ideas, voice, images and value through a borderless, uncensorable network – in exchange for sats, anywhere in the world, instantly. It’s mind-blowing and potentially world changing stuff and Paul is a fascinating and very clever guy. Sitting down with him to hear his story and more about Sphinx is our boy Max. This is a fascinating chat - Enjoy!
June 5, 2021
21ism - Block008 - VIDEO - Ioni Appelberg
@IoniAppelberg is a Swedish medical doctor, learning and teaching enthusiast, Bitcoiner, animator and videographer. He is also our feature for the VIDEO category this block. Ioni’s distinctive animations draw you in and lead you down a mind-bending path of Bitcoin education - really stellar stuff. If you haven't yet - check it out on Speaking to him is a very talented film maker in his own right, our good friend and former 21ism VIDEO category feature, @RJames_BTC.
June 5, 2021
21ism - Block008 - MEME - Chairforce
Featured in our MEME category this block is Chairforce A US Army veteran, Meme Factory TM member, all round banter king and prolific memer. He had an epic rip with @MTCBTC, both funny and engaging. Strap in and enjoy!
June 5, 2021
21ism - Block008 - DESIGN - Douglas Bakkum
Douglas Bakkum is the co-founder and CEO of Shift Crypto, creators of the popular Bitbox02 Bitcoin-Only HWW. Originally a mechanical engineer and then neuro-scientist, Douglas is clearly a lover of deep rabbit holes. He always wanted to work in a field where he could have an impact on the world and in Bitcoin he has certainly found that. Interviewing him is our brother @princeySOV from The Once Bitten Podcast. Keep your eyes out for our announcement of the 21ism BitBox02 Give-Away
June 5, 2021
21ism - Block007 - MEME - GregZaj1
Our featured memer this month is the inimitable @GregZaj1 Prolific and with bags full of banter Greg has memed his way into our Bitcoin hearts and minds. Part of the Strike Force and LaserRay crew, the guy has had a pretty eventful 2021 so far. Speaking to him is our boy @mtcbtc with guest appearances from Labra, RD, Yellow, Plan Marcus & Big Sean. Pretty sure you will enjoy this one. Oh one more thing... Fuck you Greg! Peep his feature page at
May 5, 2021
21ism - Block007 - MUSIC - Pleb Music
Featuring in our MUSIC category this block is @PlebMusic You might have seen his videos and heard his tunes. ‘Stack Sats’ featuring Jack Mallers, in particular, gave me all the vibes when I heard it. Catchy. Funny. Very Bitcoin Twitter. In fact, it’s been banging around in my noggin for a little while now. Digging into his story, what made him start to contribute to the space as well as his exciting new job implementing Bitcoin into traditional music industry business models is our boy Badders aka @HodlerThanThou To peep his feature page go to
May 5, 2021
21ism - Block007 - DESIGN - VoltageGoat
Featuring in our DESIGN category this block is @VoltageGoat CQ and M1 have designed some truly stunning Bitcoin tickers. Made of old Russian radio valves and housed in vintage looking perspex cases, these things are jaw-droppingly beautiful! We love them so much we even parted with money for one for 21ism HQ. Ripping with CQ and digging into her/their story is our boy @selfbankt Peep their feature page at
May 5, 2021
21ism - Block007 - VIDEO - Till Musshoff
Featuring in our VIDEO category this block is Till Musshoff, a German YouTuber, software engineer, Bitcoiner, amateur athlete, creator, self-directed learning enthusiast and all round impressive young fella.  His Bitcoin YouTube channel covers a wide range of topics from this endless rabbit hole of ours. Speaking to him is our good friend Daniel Prince from the Once Bitten podcast. Peep his feature page on
May 5, 2021
21ism - Block007 - CODE - Rodolfo aka NVK from Coinkite
Featuring in our CODE category this block is none other than Rodolfo aka @nvk from Coinkite Coinkite have been producing and developing all of the things that Bitcoiners love to have and hold, incorporating incredible features and stunning design but from a security first stand point. Chatting to him is @maxbitbuybit and @bitcoinQ_A Peep his feature page on
May 5, 2021
21ism - Block007 - WORD - Karo Zagorus
Featuring in our WORD block this month is Karo Zagorus aka @btcdragonlord He has written a brand spanking new book called Bitcoin & The Trust Problem If his writing for Citadel21 and Bitcoin Magazine is anything to go by this will be a good one. Speaking to him is @maxbitbuybit and together they explore the book, Karo's story and many other things. Peep his feature page on
May 5, 2021
21ism - Block007 - ART - MVDEX
Featuring in the Art block this month is MADEX aka @spacebull - A Bitcoin artist with an incredibly unique and idiosyncratically gritty style. Mining this block is our boy, the welsh sensation, @rebelmoneyart - apart from discussing Bitcoin and art they chat Ayn Rand, Wu-Tang Clan and MVDEX's plans to build the coolest Bitcoin citadel. Come and peep his feature page on
May 5, 2021
21ism - Block06 - WORD - Dominic Frisby
Featured in this month's WORD block is Dominic Frisby. British eccentric. Londoner. Author. Musician. Comedian. Actor. TV show host. Screen play writer. Voice over artist. Musician. Song Writer. Sound money zealot and Bitcoin OG! Dominic Frisby has many strings to his bow. One might think that a bow with this many strings would fire arrows like a hammock but in Dominic’s case each string is taut. Each arrow hurls towards its aim in an idiosyncratically elegant and lethally entertaining way. Mining this block is Daniel Prince aka @princey1976 from Once Bitten.
April 4, 2021
21ism - Block06 - DESIGN - Bavarian Hodl
Featured in our DESIGN category this month is Bavarian Hodl. He is the creator of the DASH'rrr, a beautiful wood framed, LED backlit 27" touch wall display of Clark Moody's dashboard. It's a beauty! Mining this block is @mtcbtc - given that Bavarian Hodl is somewhere remote in the Costa Rican wilderness the audio quality is not as good as we'd like but we're sure you'll enjoy it anyway.
April 4, 2021
21ism - Block06 - CODE - Relai
Featured in this month's CODE category is Relai. Relai is a Bitcoin onboarding platform for Android and iOS, based out of Switzerland but hoping to take over the world. Speaking to Julian and Adam is @selfbankt.  
April 4, 2021
21ism - Block06 - ART - Yonat Vaks
Featuring in this month's ART category is Yonat Vaks. Yonat is unique talent in the way she is equal parts story teller and artist. She inspired by mythology as well as the unconscious mind and its physical manifestations and it's clear to see in her art. Mining this block is @maxbitbuybit. Enjoy.
April 4, 2021
21ism - Block06 - MEME - Selfbankt
Featuring in this month's meme block is our very own @selfbankt. 21ism core member, graphic novel collaborator and meme extraordinaire. Here he sits down with @rebelmoneyart to discuss everything from our world today to memes, 21ism and Bitcoin.
April 4, 2021
21ism - Block06 - VIDEO - Alex Gladstein, THRF
Featuring in the Video category this month is Alex Gladstein from The Human Rights Foundation. @gladstein and HRF have produced some stellar video content like WHY Bitcoin Matter For Human Rights and several others. Mining this block is our friend and perhaps the best interviewer in the space, the literal ice breaker, John Vallis. Hope you enjoy this killer rip.
April 4, 2021
21ism - Block06 - MUSIC - @Stickybuds
Featuring in our MUSIC category this month is @stickybuds! Stickybuds aka Tyler Martens is a Canadian DJ, Producer, Musician and Educator who has toured and played sold-out shows all over the world. We discuss how Tyler got started and hear about his successful career as well as how Covid made him pivot and of course Bitcoin. Mining this block is @hodlerthanthou aka Badders Enjoy!
April 4, 2021 - BLOCK05 - ART - CRYPTOGRAFFITI
Cryptograffiti is an OG Bitcoin artist Famous for both his interactive art but also for his work creating beauty out of the old system by using old money to represent the new. Speaking to him was @rebelmoneyart who also wrote his fabulous feature article on Much respect to Cryptograffiti - what a guy!
March 5, 2021
Our featured writer this block is @NikCantMine and he is one of a growing number of people in their early twenties who are embracing Bitcoin. In fact, at this point one might say that he is one of the important voices of the zoomer generation, offering hope, emancipation and agency to his cohorts, even if they haven’t found out about it yet. This is a great chat between Nik and our very own MaxBitBuyBit but check also his feature page on
March 5, 2021
21ism - BLOCK05 - DESIGN - El Sultan
El Sultan aka Alessandro Cecere is the founder and CEO of Coinspree and the brain behind the beautiful Bitcoin full node PANDORA BOX Here he speaks to our man @hodlerthanthou about his many ventures in Bitcoin, the Venezuelan perspective as well as how Bitcoin has changed the lives of not just many of his country men but also his own family. Also check out his feature page on
March 5, 2021
If you haven’t already seen a dozen of Icoffender aka Yellow’s memes by now, you’re either not old enough to operate a modern digital device or are too busy digging gold rocks out of the side of a Congolese mountain. Digging into his story, memes as well as the recent 3 big events in Bitcoin is our man @MTCBTC Read also his cracking article on Yellow's feature page on
March 5, 2021
21ism - BLOCK05 - VIDEO - The Voice Paper
The Voice Paper take on the Bitcoin White Paper made a real impact on the community last week. A project by the community for the community, proving that we are not only the white blood cells of Bitcoin but also the marketing department. Digging into it allis our good friend and all round talent, Daniel Prince, who speaks to Dim Zayan, who had the idea, and Richard James and SoulExporter who were part of the creative crack team that made it happen.
March 5, 2021
21ism - Block05 - CODE - Ben Kaufman
Ben Kauffman is a 20 year old software and Bitcoin developer, most famously for the app Specter, based in Isreal. In many ways he represents the future of Bitcoin, his insight, passion and prodigious open source contributions certainly fill us with optimism. Ripping with him here is our good friend and PodFather, John Vallis
March 5, 2021
21ism - Block05 - MUSIC - BTC MINSTREL
Our MUSIC feature this block is @btcminstrel He has quickly built up a super little collection of Bitcoin sea shanties and they're as funny as they are good. Speaking to him is @selfbankt
March 5, 2021
21ism - Block04 - VIDEO - BTC Sessions
Our video feature this block is BTC Sessions. Ben is the host of BTC Sessions. He’s a much loved personality in the space who’s worked tirelessly to create high signal educational Bitcoin content. Here he speaks to our good friend and primo pod God John Vallis about his story so far and how he has given up his fiat life to operate on a personal Bitcoin standard. Check his feature page at
February 6, 2021
21ism - Block04 - CODE - Evan Kaloudis
Our CODE feature this month is the talented Evan Kaloudis Maybe best known as the creator of ZeusLN and lately as an advisor for Hexa Wallet. Here our boy Max sits down with Evan for a great chat about all things Bitcoin. Check Evan's feature page at
February 5, 2021
21ism - Block04 - MUSIC - Rare Scrilla
Our Music feature this month is the inimitable Rare Scrilla aka DJ J Scrilla A successful hiphop producer in his own right now turned Bitcoin centric multi medium artist. He is the producer of the fantastic Bitcoin inspired hiphop album Sound Money and the creator of memes, art et al. Here he talks to our new boy @RebelMoneyArt - We're sure you'll find this an engaging and interesting conversation. Come and peep his feature page at
February 5, 2021
21ism - Block 04 - DESIGN - Fractal Encrypt
We are super chuffed to be featuring Fractal Encrypt and his stunning full node sculpture in this block's design category. A magnificent looking piece of almost Da Vinci'esque proportions it has fascinated us ever since we saw it on the cover of Knut Svanholm's latest book. Here he speaks to our new boy @mtcbtc about how it came about and its much anticipated auction later today. We honestly believe this is a future master piece and represents a new era in Bitcoin and Bitcoin inspired art. As we know Mickey Saylor is a big fan of this pod, we would urge him to have a cheeky bid on this later. It would look stunning on one of your seven yachts, Big Mike! Check @FractalEncrypt's feature page on
February 5, 2021
21ism - Block 04 - MEME - BTC Street Art
Our featured Bitcoiner in this month's Meme category is BTC Street Art The global street marketing team of Bitcoin are doing great things in a town near you. If you don't know who they are or what they are up to you should check this fantastic rip between our boys @SelfBankt and @RebelMoneyArt and @BTCStreetArt mastermind @PrettyFlaco Come and check their feature page on
February 5, 2021
21ism - Block 04 - WORD - Knut Svanholm
Our featured writer this block is Knut Svanholm. Best know for his excellent books and many published articles but a man of many talents. Here he chats all things Bitcoin with our good friend and Once BITten podcaster, Daniel Prince @princey1976 Check Knut's feature page and 21ism exclusive essay on
February 5, 2021
21ism - Block04 - ART - MrCrown
Our ART feature this month is our very own @MrCrownnnnn A talented artist and web designer he is an integral part of what we do. Here he chats to Badders aka @hodlerthanthou about how early life experiences mapped out his future, planted the seeds of independence and freedom and how being deployed in Afghanistan changed his outlook. Check out his feature page on
February 5, 2021
21ism Block03 - WORD - Citadel21
Featured in our WORD category this month is the fantastic Citadel21 @ctdl21 and its brilliant creators @BitcoinKatia and @Hodlonaut Two of our favourite people in Bitcoin with a long history of batting hard for Bitcoin and contributing to the space in celebratory and inclusive ways. Katoshi aka Katia also wrote our featured essay explaining exactly what motivated Citadel21. Our man @HodlerThanThou sat down with these two diamonds to find out more about their life before Bitcoin and their love for Bitcoin and how that in turn led to them meeting and falling in love.
January 5, 2021
21ism Block03 - MEME - MICHAEL GOLDSTEIN aka @Bitstein
This month's featured Bitcoiner in our Meme category is the inimitable @Bitstein. A longtime master of memes and probably one of the first follows for all newcomers to the space. Apart from wanting to meme Bitcoin into the great unconscious he is also the founder of The Nakamoto Institute and, two excellently curated repositories for Bitcoin and Carnivourism, one half of the fantastic The Noded Bitcoin Podcast and the writer of articles such as Everyone's a Scammer. Our good friend and Bitcoin Plebgend, John Vallis, had a great long rip with Michael and we're pretty sure you're gonna love it.
January 5, 2021
21ism Block03 - MUSIC - KRISTY HARPER
In this 2021, 12 year Bitcoin Birthday Edition our feature for our 21ism Music Block is Kristy Harper. Kristy is a London DJ & music producer and passionate Bitcoiner. Here she talks to our own @SelfBankt about her music, life during Covid and of course Bitcoin.
January 4, 2021
21ism Block03 - CODE - NICOLAS DORIER
Our featured CODE/DEV this Birthday block is non other than Nicolas Dorier. Nicholas Dorier is a French Bitcoin Dev, now based in Japan, who felt so betrayed & angry about BitPay’s malign actions during the 2017 Blocksize War that he coded an Open-Source alternative from scratch. The now famous tweet that started it all is perhaps one of the most seminal tweets in the history of the space. BTC Pay has grown to become the keystone FOSS (Free Open Source Software) that exemplifies, perhaps more than any project, the core ideological values of Bitcoin and the tweet. Interviewing Nicolas is @maxbitbuybit and @BitcoinQ_A
January 4, 2021
21ism Block03 - VIDEO - JIM EPSTEIN
For our Bitcoin Birthday Video feature we have chosen the talented, Jim Epstein. New Yorker, Jim, is Executive Editor of ReasonTV & writer/producer at, the leading Libertarian magazine & video website. He’s recently produced & released an epic four-part documentary series “Cypherpunks Write Code” available free on Youtube. It chronicles the origins & history of the hackers, cryptographers & activists who built & fought to secure the foundations of digital privacy in the early Internet. Sitting down for this one was @SelfBankt
January 4, 2021
21ism Block03 - ART - DIM ZAYAN
Our ART feature this month is the multi-talented Dim Zayan aka @cryptgm You might have already seen his incredible graphic novel Bulltardia but if you haven't you really must check it out. It's funny beautiful and really really cool. It has appeared on Twitter, of course, but is more famously a reoccurring feature in Citadel21. Dim is a super interesting cat and another credit to the space. Daniel Prince aka @Princey1976 sat down with him to hear Dim's story.
January 4, 2021
21ism Block03 - DESIGN - BTC PINS
Our Design feature for birthday block is @BTCPins Pardus is a great guy and long time Bitcoiner. When the urge to contribute to the space became too big he started producing beautiful and cool enamel pins. He has created a range of amazing Bitcoin pins for Swan Bitcoin and Coinkite and now 21ism too. A lover of multiple rabbit holes Pardus is an interesting cat and we've loved working with him. Speaking to him here is our guy @MaxBitBuyBit
January 4, 2021
Bitcoin Clips is a young British Bitcoiner who only started making video based memes very recently. Only using a phone his cheap and cheerful style is proof that the quality of an idea and the impact it has are directly correlated. Here he chats to our great friend, solid Bitcoiner and talented podcaster @princey1976 from the Once Bitten podcast about the economic prospects of young people in the UK, how Bitcoin Clips went from aspiring Bitcoin miner to shitcoin delinquent to Maxi and the experience of trying to onboard his father, a banker with a large UK bank for nearly 40 years.
December 4, 2020
Our featured artist is Bitfandango! Her work is completely different to anything we’ve seen in the Bitcoin Art / Crypto Art world before. It’s a great pleasure for us to present something different to the space. Her style is subtle, nuanced & dreamy and a great contrast to a lot of the louder stuff that is around too. Interviewing Bitfandango is 21isms @Selfbankt
December 4, 2020
Cryptocloaks have been producing incredible 3D printed Bitcoin warez for a little while now. Super cool design and combining two revolutionary and disrupting technologies, Bitcoin and 3D printing.  When we started the 21ism project Cryptocloaks were one of the first names on our shortlist. It turns out that not only do they make cool as shit stuff they are also a gang of solid cats. Normally they come as a three but on this occasion it was just Rick and SF chatting to our own @max_buybit There were a number of technical issues on this call but the chats and banter was brilliant so well worth a listen.
December 4, 2020
This month's featured developer is someone who is well known to most of you, Samourai! Samourai Wallet works tirelessly to protect the privacy and freedom of its users. Bringing privacy to the base chain by breaking common ownership heuristics and making the lives of chain surveillance companies harder, if not impossible. Here Samourai chats to 21isms @max_buybit and our good friend @BitcoinQ&A about privacy, Bitcoin, Saourai Wallet and everything in-between.
December 4, 2020
21ism Block02 - FEATURED MEME: RD BTC
RD - @rdbtc - needs no introduction. If you have ever been on Bitcoin Twitter you will have stumbled over at least a couple of RD's memes. Prolific in the extreme, he drops memes like he's running out of time. Always funny, witty and blunt and always with a real message to them. He is also a good friend of ours and an all round top geezer. This interview is with 21ism's @SelfBankt and gives great insight into RD's creative process, his Bitcoin journey and much more. An excellent chat between excellent people.
December 4, 2020
Our featured writer this month is one of our favourite Bitcoiners, Erik Cason - @erikcason Erik manages to combine seriously deep and cosmic ideas with an illustrious writing style that is as honest as it is beautiful and an impressive understanding of history. As much as we like his writing though, and boy do we love it, we enjoy his interviews even more. Personable, self-deprecatingly honest and insightful, you are always left with plenty to chew on and with wind in your proverbial sails. Interviewing Erik is our good friend John Vallis from the Rapid Fire Bitcoin podcast. In our optics, the best interviewer in the space and always a conduit for truly excellent conversations. This chat is no different and left us feeling high, if occasionally a little wet behind the eyes. Amazing stuff!
December 4, 2020
This month's music feature is the fantastic roots inspired band Jawbone. Jawbone are an amalgamation of the songwriting and musical talents of Paddy Milner and Marcus Bonfanti over a stellar rhythm section of bassist Rex Horan and drummer Evan Jenkins. Largely finding their inspiration in 60's roots music but have managed to weave together a musical tapestry of virtuous playing and good songwriting. As renowned session musicians they have played with artists such as Tom Jones, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Ronnie Wood, Ten Years After and many many more. In this interview with 21isms @HodlerThanThou they talk music, Covid and discuss both Paddy's Bitcoin journey and Marcus' historic scepticism of it. A great chat with two top chaps!
December 4, 2020
TIME MACHINE is a hip hop group consisting of Comel, Jaysonic and DJ Mekalek - They first came to our attention after Comel, better known to Bitcoin Twitter as @Iamthecharacter got up and delivered a rousing speech at a Black Lives Matter rally in Los Angeles this spring. Their latest album 'The Test Of Time' has been blasting through our speakers since! Interviewing I am The Character is our own Badders @hodlerthanthou Make some fuss for Time Machine.
November 4, 2020
21ism - Full Podcast - BLOCK01
This is the genesis block of our podcast celebrating the best of Bitcoin inspired creativity. This block features:  Art:               Cypherpunk Now - interviewed by our own Max from Bit-Buy-Bit Podcast Video:          Richard James - interviewed by Lauren and Daniel Prince from Once Bitten Podcast  Writing:      Gigi - interviewed by our good friend and best interviewer in the space, John Vallis from Rapid Fire Bitcoin Podcast  Music:         Time Machine - interviewed by our own Badders aka @hodlerthanthou Developer:  Rootzoll - Interviewed by Max and our good friend Bitcoin Q&A Memes:       Sven Star Fury - interviewed by our own SelfBankt Design:        21isEnough - interviewed by Max
November 2, 2020
21ism Block01 - FEATURED VIDEO: @rjames_BTC
Richard James made waves earlier this year with his brilliant movie 'Hard Money'. Educational and poignant as well as clever and cool. Incorporating old cartoons and audio clips from Bitcoin greats such as Saifedean Ammous it feeds the brain and the eyes at the same time. Since then Richard has has made a few more movies while keeping the standard high. We love his work and we're proud to feature the man as well as his movies. Interviewing Richard James is everyone's favourite Bitcoin podcaster, Lauren, and her side-kick (and our very good friend) Daniel aka Princey @princey1976
October 31, 2020
21ism Block01 - FEATURED DEVELOPER: @rootzoll
Rootzoll is a prolific Berlin based Bitcoin Developer whose primary focus is - a hugely respected Lightning & Full Node open source project. Not only is @rootzoll a talented developer, he is also an eloquent speaker with a great ability to explain complicated technical subjects simply. We are massive fans of the RaspiBlitz project and have their nodes ourselves so it was an obvious choice for our inaugural episode. Interviewing @rootzoll is our own @max_buybit and our good friend @BitcoinQ_A
October 31, 2020
21ism Block01 - FEATURED WRITER: @dergigi
When it came to featuring a writer Gigi was the first name on our lips. His writing is deep, insightful and always inspires. The perfect fit! He wrote "What is 21ism?", an inspiring and moving piece, specifically for - a real honour. Interviewing him is our friend @johnkvallis - one of the very best interviewers around with a cosmic mind to match Gigi  - Together they not only discuss the article but lots of the behavioural aspects of Bitcoin's gravity.
October 31, 2020
21ism Block01 - FEATURED MEME LORD: @starfuryflames
Sven Star Fury needs little introduction. His moving image memes have been making waves on Twitter all year. Poignant, clever and snazzy as hell! As well as a fascinating life story he’s also been living as a freedom loving Digital Nomad with his young family recently & aspires for Self-Sovereignty. This is a great interview with @starfuryflames by our very own @selfbankt
October 31, 2020
TIME MACHINE is a hip hop group consisting of Comel, Jaysonic and DJ Mekalek - They first came to our attention after Comel, better known to Bitcoin Twitter as @Iamthecharacter got up and delivered a rousing speech at a Black Lives Matter rally in Los Angeles this spring. Their latest album 'The Test Of Time' has been blasting through our speakers since!  Interviewing I am The Character is our own Badders @hodlerthanthou Make some fuss for Time Machine.
October 31, 2020
21ism Block01 - FEATURED ARTIST: @cypherpunknow
CypherPunkNow seems the obvious choice as our inaugural Artist - bold colours & iconic works with an inimitably distinctive style.  He’s a Graphic Designer who co-founded a Czech Art group & Paralelní Polis. His screen prints, that adorn the walls of Bitcoin Maximalists around the world.  Make some noise for @cypherpunknow Interview by our own @max_buybit
October 31, 2020
21ism Block01 - FEATURED DESIGNER: @21isenough
We first came across @21isenough's LN ATM when he posted pictures of it in the making on Twitter. His Open Source Bitcoin LightningATM is table top ATM that you feed with coins & that spits out satoshis – direct to your mobile Lightning Wallet. To us, it’s genuinely mind blowing & makes this technology tangible with sick ass design aesthetics too!  It was clear we had to feature @21isenough and this great piece of design. Interviewing him is our @max_buybit
October 31, 2020