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21st Century Rocker Mom

21st Century Rocker Mom

By Tanya Candler
If you want wholesome, go have a glass of milk! Here you'll find stories, wild guests, dirty jokes & words, rock n' roll & hilarity.
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Stranger Things & HellFire Wings
Travel into a world of hot sauce that'll pull you out of the Upside DOWN as I finally reveal my Sponser with my Special Guest! We'll eat hot sauce, hot (cauliflower) wings and talk ALL things STRANGER THINGS 4. We'll discuss our theories, favourite moments, Karen Wheeler's hair and Tik Tok the Vecna Clock. While we bond over sauce from my Sponsor: Scoville City Hot Sauce, we'll go Episode by Episode of the show that has the world by storm! Will Nancy ever get out of the Upside Down? Could Argyle's hair get any more beautiful? How many Cheech and Chong movies has Reefer Rick actually seen, and finally: Was Eddie Munson based on Damien Echolls of the West Memphis 3? Use all of your telekinetic power to join us on this extra fun episode! Welcome back to Hawkins folks!!!! 
June 26, 2022
Prophet Knows Best
TAKE ME TO CHURCH! Its Father's Day and we're talking about all kinds of Dads and Father figures.  I'll start by talking about my own Dad and why I wanted to NOT record this week. WE'll go down the list of our favourite TV, Film and musical Dads! Then we'll talk about all the good Dads.  However, we need balance and what is the good without the bad? We'll take a DEEP dive into the world of the FLDS Church, leader Warren Jeffs, his crimes and the goings-on with this "Father."  The stories will absolutely astonish and sicken you. Go hug your Dad people, whomever they may be! 
June 19, 2022
It's Been a Minute
Let's sit back and howl at the Moon as we catch up on all things that have been going on, as it really HAS been a hot minute since we hung out! We'll start by having a word about MUKBANG videos and the culture around A.S.M.R videos as I nearly made my own. I'll talk fondly of Julee Cruise, Stranger Things, David Lynch and more things that may leave you feeling like YOU'RE in the upside down! I'm talking the power of plants and mushrooms, as well as what to eat and what NOT TO EAT. Don't find out the hard way!!! I'll also recall the time Dee Snider ate something INSANE live on the air!!!!
June 12, 2022
Backstage Pass
Jump on the tour bus with me and let's talk about the salacious world of groupies.  I'll talk about fandom and if being a group is the same as being a SUPER fan.  We'll chat a special sort of art with penises. You'll learn all about the world's most NOTORIOUS and CELEBRATED groupie, and hear some WILD STORIES. I'm even coming out of the closet with a few groupie stories of my own! Then, you'll find out WHO ended up with Gene Simmons one night. This one is a sexy, wild ride through free love and sexual freedom!
May 29, 2022
The Ultimate Jackass!!!!
Tune in for Episode #66 as I run down the list of some of the dumbest and most dangerous stunts I've pulled to date.  I'll recall lighting things on fire, ruining an ENTIRE fence and even share some of YOUR stories. This week was a weird one.  We'll chat a bit about Father's Day, as it looms and WHO deserves the MOST cake.  We'll chat Jackass Forever, ageism, dick, balls, and MORE bodily fluids! Let's examine how much logic can fly out the window in the name of fun.  Plus, we'll chat about stars that do THEIR OWN stunts, it may surprise you! So strap on your parachute, or don't, and get ready for a big jump into some fun story time!!!
May 22, 2022
Let's start this episode off with a nod to Friday the 13th before we get in too deep. We'll talk cannibals, partying on a boat, and even one of the strangest, and and possibly narrated by the Trailer Park Boys,  cold cases this side of Oshawa. I'll talk hockey play-offs for a bit.  I'll talk about the nature of human brutality, before I get to the main course: The Ant Hill Kids.  Its the WORST Cult you've NEVER heard of.  Brace yourselves for this one, as it may the most disturbing episode ever. DO NOT enjoy this episode on a full tummy. Let's find out what the hell happened in Quebec and Ontario with these people??? Why was it so BRUTAL??? Find out this week! Also chatting about a new fun, hot team up!!!!
May 15, 2022
What a week to talk about the horror and the glamour that was old Hollywood, and really still is. We'll get lost in the industry as they use and abuse stars and hear some terrible TRUE stories. Everyone's heard about the Hollywood casting couches. Lots of people are aware of how some people get famous in the Entertainment Industry.  How much do you really know?  We'll examine Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood, Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, Corey Feldman, Johnny Depp, Britney Spears and more.  We'll talk about the #MeToo movement against Harvey Weinstein, as well as female predators in the industry. Join me on a very DISTURBING and telling episode.
May 08, 2022
Its been a weird and wonderful week. We're talking about REAL things that are scarier than fiction. We'll talk about how I got lost while the ice clinks in my iced coffee. Are we more fascinated with real crimes than we are a scary story? What is scarier? FACT or FICTION? Settle in and relax for some true crime stories that you know, or may not know at all. This episode is quite graphic, so I'm giving you ALL THE TRIGGER WARNINGS!!! I'm talking serial killers, the West Memphis Three, clowns, satanic rituals, mass murders, Manson & more, cold cases, strange cases, and more! Tune n for a KILLER Episode.
May 01, 2022
Wouldn't It Be Nice?
Welcome to the bathrobe special! I'm celebrating the genius of Brian Wilson, the Beach Boys, years in bed, giving drugs to kids, Metal Lords (on Netflix) and spill the beans on a collaboration I'm working on.  We'll talk about the Wall of Sound, Phil Spector (yuck), and I'll get to even MORE singing.  I just can't stop! So put on your best bathrobe, hop into bed, and ENJOY! Just make sure your get out of bed....
April 24, 2022
Canadian Music Week
Let's talk about Canadian MUSIC. The talent in Canada seems to flow like maple syrup and I can't wait to tell you all about it.  We'll talk about some bands you might know, some bands you might not, and some bands you MUST know!!! I'll recall the days of Easter long ago, when I was scarred forever as a child.  You'll find out what happened after I went on BLAST this week with my coffee conundrum and more! Plus, find out what the MOST Canadian vicious attack has been for the last few weeks at Chateau Candle-rock! Enjoy, ya hosers!!!!!
April 17, 2022
Where Is My Mind?
Let's talk ALL about Mental Health. It's something we don't talk about often enough, or we're just not ready to open up about.  I think its time we chat Mental Health in all its many forms.  We're gonna laugh. We're gonna get uncomfortable. Let's talk about them FEELINGS!!!!! Episode #60 is the one you never knew you needed.
April 10, 2022
Puppy In a Truck
Meet a brand new member of the 21st Century family while I recount picking up our new friend this week, and what an adventure it was.  We'll chat a little about Twin Peaks, and a very silly picture of me that's floating around.  I'll talk about some of my favourite Producers, and working with them.  We'll talk about mushrooms and Coke (-a Cola), eating random plants and neurotoxins. We'll even touch a little bit on a brand new conspiracy theory. This might be the cutest episode ever!
March 27, 2022
Friends Forever????
Let's get caught up from the last CRAZY week. We'll talk about how many cupcakes I ate, Saturday morning jamming, and the amateur hour that is St. Patrick's Day in Canada. We'll chat about birth control before we get to the heart of the matter: TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS, FRIENDSHIPS and how to navigate that business. All this and more on a whole new episode!
March 20, 2022
Childhood: Unplugged
Travel back in time with me as we explore what life was like BEFORE things got too busy, too serious and too distracting.  Put down that fidget spinner and get ready for an epic bike ride through my childhood, and likely yours, as I discuss some favourite funny stories. The cottage, The Legend of The Bear and or course, Simon of the Corn. Creepy stories and so much more!!! Let's go back to the good old days and hang out around the campfire!!!! I'll bring the marshmallows.
March 14, 2022
Dear Dad
Tune into a very special Episode of the show as I dedicate this show to my dear Daddy.  We'll talk all about my best and funniest memories of my Dad.  You'll get to know how I turned out the way I am, while we celebrate the life of a truly beautiful man. We'll chat beards, sailing, cigars and hitchhiking. We'll chat about grief and healing. Let's not say goodbye Dad, just goodnight. I'll see you in my dreams.
March 06, 2022
Growing Up In The Industry
In Episode #55, I'll explore that trials and tribulations of growing in the "Industry." We'll talk about the pitfalls that often youngsters fall into while the entertainment world. I'll discuss worst case but also best case scenarios.  I'll chat about the Billie Eilish Documentary, the day the music died and much much more. I'll even even discuss the parenting pitfalls in the biz. Plus, some of my own experiences & personal stories being young and growing up in the public eye. And finally, a hint about my music project. TUNE IN!!!!
February 06, 2022
Hot and Spicy
Welcome to Episode #54 where we get HOT and SPICY!!!! Along with a VERY hot guest the studio, we'll discuss a myriad of HOT TOPICS. We'll talk about hot shows, hot sex, things being lit ablaze and my first experience with pornography, PLUS some very hot and touchy topics. We'll also flip the pancake and have a quick chat about COLD FEET. We'll chat about a surprise I got this week, some very HOT SAUCES from Scotty O' Hot, and I'll try the dreaded Carolina Reaper Pepper Sauce.  You're not gonna wanna miss this one.  Can I hold my weight in the spicy community or will I punk out and throw up? Tune in to find out!!!
January 30, 2022
When We Were Wilder
What's the BUZZ!? Let's head straight for the HIVE and talk ALL THINGS Yellow Jackets! I bring Rob back on the show to discuss theories, conspiracies, cannibalism, plane crashes and more!  We're talking a deep dive, call it a BAPTISM or sorts, Episode by Episode to talk about all of our favourite Yellow Jacket moments, characters and our crazy theories!  Speaking of buzz we'll chat about the buzz surrounding the "When We Were Young" Festival and we'll chat about my upcoming birthday!!!! Almost 39 and feeling FINE! Also, if you can believe it: Harry still gets blow jobs. Tune in!!!!
January 23, 2022
Let's face it, 2002 has not be kind when it comes to celebrity deaths. All in all the way we handle and view celebrity deaths has ultimately become a cultural phenomenon.  One of the biggest areas of FASCINATION has been the ill-fated: "27 CLUB." I'll go down the rabbit hole of this club that no one wants to be in! We'll talk about Numerology, Pseudoscience and the RETURN OF SATURN. We'll explore some curious death theories and I'll even share my own NEAR "Dead at 27," story. Glad be above ground to share this with you all and more!!!!
January 16, 2022
Girls Gone Wild (ER)
Episode 51 is all-out GIRLS GONE WILD! SPOILER ALERT: I'll chat about the best show going right now; Yelllowjackets on ShowTime, as well as HBO's And Just Like That....We'll talk about getting fooled into dates, getting banned from establishments and find out how I felt after my BOOSTER SHOT. Lots to chat about this week including doing shots LIVE, plane crashes, Elvis sightings, wilderness survival, being naked, and more!!!! Tune in!!!
January 09, 2022
Golden Throat Punch Award
Its a New Years BASH! Let's countdown and discuss the best, the worst, the weirdest and more. I'll reveal who wins the Golden Throat Punch Award for 2021 and share a little story about taking no shit. I'll chat mall goth style revival and a nu metal comeback, thinking about hitting the road. I'll talk all about health and being in the best shape ever. Extra bonus: I'll share the grossest Speedo story ever. And SO MUCH MORE! Hold onto your undies! Its a NEW YEAR!
January 02, 2022
A Holiday Juicing with Bearded Metal Chef
Get down with the Holiday SPECIAL with myself and my special guest and bud, Bearded Metal Chef (maybe it's Santa) for an ultimate Christmas take-over!!! We'll chat Holidays, cumming Christmas lights, Country Clubs, cooking, music, being juiced, hot sauce, and of course BEARDED BANTER. A little something for everyone this holiday season. You don't wanna miss this magical Episode of 21st Century Rocker Mom! It sparkles!!!!
December 26, 2021
Origins/Evolutions with Rob McCallum
Sit back with me as I go down the rabbit hole about the Kittie Documentary with Emmy Nominated Writer/Producer/Director, Rob McCallum. I learn some new and interesting things I didn't even know.  We'll find out who the MOST fun member was to interview and SO MUCH MORE! Plus, we talk about Kittie Live Concert now available on Amazon Prime. This is a fun chat you don't wanna miss!!!!!
December 19, 2021
Join the ORIGINAL LINE UP of Kittie: Morgan Lander, Mercedes Lander, Fallon Bowman and of course, myself, Tanya Candler as we have a CAT PARTY!!!! Have you ever wanted party with Kittie? Here's your chance! Together for the first time since 2017, we have a fun chat about all things Kittie, and so much more.  This is the CHAT YOU WON'T WANNA MISS! 
December 12, 2021
I Paint My Nightmares
Let me colour your world as I paint my way through my nightmares in Episode#46. I'll answer all of your Demand Tok Tok questions,PLUS you'll find out how to win the original painting I finished on the show! Welcome my nightmares. 
December 05, 2021
It's Okay To Meet Your Idols
Dive right into Episode #45 with me as I start the show with a little song.  I'm flying solo this episode, and I"m doing it in true "Tanya-Style." We'll learn a little bit about what I do for a living, which is more than podcast.  I'll chat about my Mommy and the continuing saga of getting her on my show, if I could EVER stop SWEARING, so don't hold your breath. We talk Frank Turner, transgender parents, and famous vegans. We'll chat about Get Back on Disney Plus and what its like for ME as a gigantic Beatles fan to be a "fly on the wall."  I talk about living in the bush off of the land and discuss having a "CHAINSAW BUDDY."  We'll learn a little bit more about my love of beards, my next bearded guest and I will answer ALL of the questions that you all sent in, including a QUESTION I'VE NEVER BEEN ASKED BEFORE.  All this and more ON THIS BRAND NEW EPISODE!!!!!
November 28, 2021
All ye who enter Episode #44, make sure its with a BARF BAG. Its time to PARTY TIL' YA PUKE!!  On tonight's show, let's get BLOODY DISGUSTING. Let's talk cadavers, bodily fluids, autopsies, and getting a barf shower.  I recount my days in the dental field and some of the FILTHIEST MOUTHS I'VE EVER SEEN. I share a story about a GIANT bucket of dead teeth and a horrible story about a catheter. We'll chat disgusting websites and shows, as I bring Rob back on to Co-host the show. Dr. Pimple Popper is in the house and so is drinking BLOOD. Its a NO HOLDS BARRED, kinda episode this week folks. Plus, my PROMISED story about playing onstage with GREEN DAY!!!! ENJOY!!!!!!! 
November 21, 2021
Episode #43 is rip, roaring and ready for your earholes!  Rob joins me again, (actually I begged him.) What are we talking about this week? More on Cults. Specifically, SEX. SEX WITHIN THE CULTS, SEX CULTS, NO SEX CULTS and more.  This Episode is 100% NOT FOR CHILDREN. I will clear the air about the show and how EVERY story I tell is 100% my real crazy ass LIFE!!! We'll chat about the Family, formerly known as the Children of God, a little about NXIVM and some more about the Cult that snapped me up. PLUS, I'll tease about some very special guests that will be joining the show in e few weeks. All this and SO MUCH MORE on this Episode.
November 14, 2021
It May Be A Cult
It's a CULT!!!! Join the Cult and have a listen. Welcome to Episode 42, where its time to another DEEP DIVE down the rabbit hole that it CULTS. In this Episode, I'll talk about the infamous TIK TOK CULT, and where they are located.  Wearing cat hides as hats, being in the Upside Down and I let out a few new fun sound effects. We'll examine how a Cult programs you.  I'll go down the list of some of the scariest, and some lesser known Cults, and FINALLY I COME OUT THE CULTY CLOSET AND SPILL ALL THE BEANS about my own Cult experience.
November 07, 2021
Barely Alive Stream: A Halloween Special
Welcome foolish mortals, to Episode 41.  We'll start off talking about Halloween and the tradition of pranks.  Are they scary, are they fun, are they a a bit of both? I'll talk about my strange Eastern European obsession with DEATH. I'll share a story about some Green Children that appeared one day in England, then we'll dive DEEP into the story of one of Canada's MOST FAMOUS Massacres, as we discuss the Black Donnellys and go back over that fateful night in 1880. Let's have a creepy night together. Plus, I come dressed up IN COSTUME (if you watch the YouTube). Let's stream and SCREAM!!!!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!!
October 31, 2021
Happy Haunts
Lordy, lordy, looks who's 40! Episode 40 that is!  In this episode, we'll head straight down the rabbit hole of some of the world's most haunted places.  I'll ask a VERY serious question that usually causes a GREAT divide between people.  I have Rob join me as a very special guest on this very creepy episode.  We each talk about our favourite haunted locations and discuss vacations to these spots.  We delve into theories behind why certain places are haunted, and we'll finally get to the bottom of what happened to the person who tried to take off my mask. Is he still alive? Find out this and more!!!
October 24, 2021
Squid Game, HighSchool, Heavy Metal-Polish Edition
Join me for another LIVESTREAM where we dive right into how on Earth I missed the genre that is EMO.  We'll chat about the Netflix SMASH Squid Game and the special sugar candy. Friends show up and we have a great chat. I'll talk about the BEST fight story I've ever experienced and finally, I reveal what happened to me this past week without MY CONSENT. We'll also have a hilarious chat about my big, fat, Polish life, PLUS the time I was paid out like I was going to the slots. Find out what OTHER band Mercedes and I share, other than Kittie!!!! Enjoy this episode!
October 17, 2021
From God's Garden
In this episode, we’ll dive right into the Netflix SMASH: Squid Game. I find out very quickly that it WAS NOT what I had expected. I invite Rob back to chat with me. We’ll chat about tandem pooping, my messed up back, swashbuckling stinkbugs and more. We discuss, “Facebook Moms,” and you will find out WHO is going to be BURIED in God’s Garden. All this and more on Episode 38!!!
October 10, 2021
Episode 37: AMA: LiveStream, Soaking, Memes and More!
On this episode, I answer YOUR questions LIVE and in real-time! I'll unbottle some new beard oil, make a BIG announcement and a we'll have a whole lot of fun!!! PLUS get a SECRET INSIDE tip on how to get your virginity back! All this and more tonight! Listen to the live hilarity!
October 03, 2021
Welcome to Episode 36, and let me introduce myself. Let's go on a super awkward date where I tell you a little bit about myself as we work up to my LIVE Ask Me Anything Episode next week.  I'll answer some pretty fun questions with some even more surprising answers, so essentially, I interview myself. So, let's sit back and have a nice, war, drink and hang out, and I'll tell you a little bit about myself, in case you're new here.
September 26, 2021
Birth, Death and Everything in Between
Welcome to Episode 35!  In this episode Tanya discusses birth, and her personal experiences after having 2 children.  Find out what kept her in the hospital for what felt like FOREVER. We'll talk about death, funerals, near death experiences, including almost drowning.  I reflect on some amazing memories after losing a very dear loved one, and we'll discuss mortality. We'll talk about explaining death to kids and we'll get a little into Politics as I share my experience with my LEAST favourite Political Party. Also, I FINALLY announce my LIVE: ASK ME ANYTHING!!
September 19, 2021
Let's Talk About Sex PART II
You wanted more, so that's what you're gonna get.  Perhaps a bit raunchier this time.  Let's talk a little bit more about sex.  We'll get into some sexual dancing, dry humping and its underrated eroticism.  I ask Rob a VERY personal question, only to have him turn the tables on me, and boy is MY face red.  We'll talk about some funny and really embarrassing stories surrounding sex, and then I get thrown under the bus.  What did I do to Rob that was SO BAD I made him an I'M SORRY pizza the next day? Find out this and more in this episode.
September 12, 2021
Let's Talk About SEX
Let's get right into it, because why not?  Let's talk all about sex.  Our first experiences, the "TALK'" and find out about "Squiggly Porn." I have Rob Guest on the show as we discuss some of life's most intimate moments about one of the world's most, yet least talk about subject: SEX. You will not wanna miss this Episode.  It even had ME blushing, which I thought was impossible. We'l talk about a study in Canada of Women who are "SUPER ORGASMIC," and we'll even divulge the location of a giant stash of vintage porn. No shirt? No Shoes? No Clothes? No PROBLEM!
September 05, 2021
Annabelle, Demons & Spirits
Welcome to Episode 32!  Its time to do an EVEN DEEPER DIVE down the rabbit hole of everything spooky, scary, paranormal and possessed. In this Episode, I'm joined by the Ed to my Lorraine Warren, and the peanut butter to my jelly: Rob McCallum. With all of the scary goings on, Rob is now fascinated with this world as well. We will discuss a History of Ed and Lorraine Warren, as a couple.  We will answer some questions from listeners.  You'll get to hear ACTUAL CASE FILES from the Warren Archives and find out WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED in the Annabelle case. 
August 22, 2021
My Dark Obsession
Disappear into the darkness that is Episode 31 with me.  We'll talk about all the SPOOKY things.  We'll dive straight into Amityville, Ed and Lorraine Warren, demons, possessions and more.  I'll talk about my OWN ghost stories and those of folks I know that have had experiences with the paranormal.  We'll ask a very important question, with a VERY important answer, involving TOILETS. This might be the scariest thing of all! Tune in for a good scare and a good laugh!
August 15, 2021
Welcome to Episode 30, where we'll talk ALL ABOUT SLEEPING, or perhaps the lack of it. We'll discuss tried and true sleeping remedies, the effects of certain sleeping drugs, and more. I chat about astral projection, dreams and even nightmares. In this episode, I reveal my worst nightmare. We'll chat about the strange phenomenon that is anesthesia awareness, and I'll talk about doing some weird things in your sleep. I also get a phone call about Brett Michaels.
August 08, 2021
Camp Catch-Up
Welcome to Camp Catch-Up. Its not a scary nightmare camp. No one gets murdered, I promise. In Episode 29, I'll talk about my time off and what I've been up fro over the last 4 weeks. We'll chat about breaks and why they're important, making new music and gear, human sewage, deaths, moving to the woods, AND I'l finally reveal the cause of my TERRIBLE back injury. Welcome back my loves!!!!!
August 01, 2021
A State Of Uneasiness
Join myself as I sit down with the incomparable Esjay Jones. She is a Producer, Songwriter, Musician, and all around likely the HARDEST working Woman in the industry. We'll talk about the power of music and whether our environment around us can change our creativity or process.  We'll discuss Women in the Music Industry and female Producers.  We'll rap on about metal a little bit. We'll chat all things We Are Pigs and what they've been doing.  As well, we'll discuss the HONOUR Essay has had working with the Grey Daze project, featuring the late Chester Bennington. PLUS We had some TWO SUPER special guest stars that join the podcast, so be on the look out them!  Then, Essay SURPRISES me with a question for ME!!!! Don't miss out on this wonderful chat!
June 27, 2021
Who's Your Daddy?
In a Special Father's Day Edition of the show, I sit down with Rob to discuss everything DAD.  We'll examine what it takes to make a person a Dad, and what it means to the a Father/Father Figure. We'll delve into to fun and funny memories of our own. We'll recall some of our favourite Dads: tv Dads, movie Dads, musical Dads and more. Ever wonder what it would be like to hang with your teenage Dad???? Yeah, we'll talk about that too! 
June 20, 2021
Join myself and one of my FAVOURITE people on EARTH, Ms. Erin J, as we discuss accountability, Racism, and why knowing better means doing better. We'll laugh until we CRY about a few key Instagram accounts you PROBABLY need to follow. We get into action figures, toys, and much more than you can possibly imagine. And, what's with NINJAS? You're just gonna have to tune in to find out why we wanna F@_K THAT NINJA STAR!!!
June 13, 2021
Scary Drugs in a Bag
In this Episode, I'm joined by Creator, Make-Up Artist and childhood friend, Jenny Bones.  We'll MURDER our thirsts in a variety of ways while we chat about her amazing creations, video games, Liquid Death water, public school adventures and more.  We'll talk about a big, scary bag of drugs, the Police coming to our school, the Trailer Park Boys and how "Bubbles" ended up owning a set of Jenny's amazing dolls. We'l celebrate our favourite and not so favourite teachers, as I unveil a Public School Scandal. 
June 06, 2021
That time I joined a CULT?!?!?!?!
Let's get dark and creepy. Real creepy. Follow myself and returning Guest Rob McCallum as we delve into the fascinating and sometimes horrifying world of CULTS. We will dive into secret organizations, symbolism, private clubs, communes and more.  We'll discuss the psychology behind being led into a cult. We'll examine specific cults and groups, as well as their leaders. Then, we'll reveal the truth about my own personal experience with cult involvement and the time I accidentally JOINED ONE.
May 30, 2021
Episode 23: Weiner Wings! With Special Guest Co Host Morgan Lander
Grab a cold one, (or a warm one) and sit down with me for a very candid chat with Morgan Lander, (Kittie, Karkaos, Witch Finger Podcast) who also happens to be one of my closest friends for over 25 years. We'll discuss the industry today and days gone by, growing up GOTH, teenage anarchy, mythical creatures, losing my virginity, our unsung heroes and heroines and more.  You'll learn all about Weiner Wings. We laugh. We cry.  We chat about the future of Kittie and future plans for the band. You may want to put your incontinence diapers on for this one folks. ENJOY! 
May 23, 2021
90's Movies, 90's T.V and More with Special Guest Rob McCallum
Let's get back to the 90's movies and tv that we loved! Sit back with myself and Emmy Nominated Writer/Director Rob McCallum, (Kittie: Origins and Evolutions, Art Of Protest, Power Of GraySkull, Missing Mom, Nintendo Quest, Video Game Box Art, and more) as we have a fun chat about some of our favourite films and television shows from one of our favourite decades! Join us for a fun trip down the rabbit hole and right down memory lane!
May 16, 2021
In Episode 21, settle in and delve deep into some "touchy" topics for some, with Erin J and Karen K (Me).  Join us for a very open and honest conversation as we dive into race relations, awareness, one drop theories, the world of white privilege, systemic racism and the virus it has created. Get on board with us, as we believe there are NO uncomfortable conservations, until you have them and keep having them.  In true 21st Century Rocker Mom spirit, join us for lots of laughs and stories as well. We're about to get REAL PERSONAL. Tune in, you just might learn something. Buckle up!!!
May 09, 2021
90's SIDE B: with Special Guest Host Fallon Bowman
Let's flip the cassette over as Tanya and Fallon continue their nostalgic trip back in time to the 90's! Enjoy SIDE B as we chat all about one of our favourite decades. We discuss lots of 90's music of this Episode and try a fun game of elimination, by trying to fill a 90's music "time capsule."
May 02, 2021
90's Side A with Special Guest Fallon Bowman
Take a a trip back to the 90's, for a little (or maybe a lot) of nostalgia from the 1990's.  We'll discuss smoking inside, some mall madness, and our mutual love of all things Gwen Stefani.  We'll chat all things 90's. Come back in time with us to when things were a little more simple, and our focus was on fun! That's the 90's!!!!
April 25, 2021
Episode 18 will take you a few tokes over the line with a running theme on all things GREEN, just in time for The "Stoner Holiday" known as 420. I'll talk about all things Pot Culture.  Bands, films, activism, growing and a few little stories thrown in there too.  I'll talk about overdosing on weed and what "greening out" means. So, smoke em' if ya got em', this one is laced with the DEVIL'S LETTUCE.
April 20, 2021
We Don't Shed Our Skin?
Say no more, mon amour!!! Episode 17 delves right into Rex Manning Day, and we'll discuss Rob losing his Empire Records' virginity. We'll chat about early Kittie interviews and a VERY AWKWARD moment I had at Much Music LIVE ON TELEVISION. We'll chat about some of the best shows I've seen and some fun concerts. We'll talk about my BIG WIN this week, and a visit from the Blue Fairy.  I will also be chasing about charity and having the best next door neighbours in the WORLD. 
April 11, 2021
Heavy Metal Hippie
Episode 16 dives right into Easter stories and a few traditions, including the much coveted BUTTER LAMB. I'll talk about a few new documentaries I've been checking out, including Errol Morris' "My Psychedelic Love Story." We'll talk about my DIY Hair Salon and wayward Gelflings.  I dive into phobias, spiders, weird birthing experiences and having the WORST ROOM-MATE EVER.  We'll talk Baby #3, and so much more. PLUS, I get to tell you all about a wonder charity that has begun to benefit Type 1 Diabetes.
April 05, 2021
Tales From The Potato People and Rick James
Episode 15 starts off with a discussion about tradition, Spring and old men smoking. We'll talk gardening, the "Potato People," and my recent obsession with Tales from the Tour Bus.  Rick James is much appreciated in this episode.  There's a Kittie story in this episode about not giving up.  Supermodels come to visit the front porch, and so much much more.
March 28, 2021
Cancel Woody F***ing Allen!!!
TRIGGER WARNING: Episode 14 contains discussion of the HBO Documentary series/film Allen Vs. Farrow, and there is discussion of sexual abuse. In this episode, I'll dive to the bottom of the cereal box and recall the days when prizes came in cereal boxes.  We'll talk travel. Weather change and time change. I'll go through some of my favourite female musical influences and guilty pleasures too. 
March 22, 2021
Bread Bag Full Of S*** with SPECIAL GUEST: Mercedes Lander
Episode 13 is over 2 hours of fun banter, stories and hilarity.  Mercedes and I discuss going to the bathroom in unlikely places, explosives, the Wiggles, and some of our favourite snacks.  We'll teach the kids what flyering is...was...Join us as we take a trip down memory lane.  We chat about  Kittie, The White Swan and Mercedes' own Podcast "That's Sexy?" Tune in and fasten your seatbelt.
March 14, 2021
Wiggle the Wolfman
Welcome to Episode 12!! In this episode I'll discuss kids trying to the system, calling out a homophobic teacher, a fire in my house, cancelling Dr. Suess and you'll find out who was the lucky recipient of BREAD NINJA. Lots of other great stories, surprises and a HUGE GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT for Episode 13. You won't wanna miss this one!!!!
March 07, 2021
Let's DU-ET!
Episode 11 dives deep into duets, duos, combos and collaborations of all sorts. We'll talk Courtney Love.We'll chat about American Idol.   I explain a project called Bread Ninja. We'll find out all about Rob's guest spot on Beard Oil Roulette this week and some scented action figures. I even have a recipe for my OWN Beard Oil mix.  I'll discuss an unlikely combo of Jeff Goldblum and Cyndi Lauper, as well as introduce my new work out buddy.
February 28, 2021
I Gave Bob Barker a Hand Job
Episode 10 dives deep into the world of pizza, valentines, church, cults, biopics and rock documentaries. I'll explain how I hurt my entire body from simply doing a great Canadian Pass time. I'll discuss going to the dentist in a Pandemic and MORE! 
February 21, 2021
Friends Forever with Special Guest Fallon Bowman
Get ready for a ride on the CRAZY TRAIN!!!! Episode 9 features over 2 hours of back and forth from yours truly and the lovely Fallon Bowman. We talk all about her new album, process, road stories, high name it. We talk swords, drug mules and so much more. You're not going to want to miss a single second of this hilarity.  
February 15, 2021
Pissing In Cars With Girls
Episode 8 delves straight into the fact that everything I wanna do is illegal.  We will recap my live Guest appearance on Woolly Wizard Beard Oil Roulette and I will unbottle THE BEST SCENT YET. I blow up and ENTIRE DECADE. Oh, and get ready too piss yourself with a plethora of stories about peeing. Your pants. My pants. All of our pants. PLUS, I FINALLY SPILL THE BEANS ON THE BIG NEWS!!!!!
February 07, 2021
Won't You Be My Neighbour? (I hope you like Metal)
Episode is filled with 80's nostalgia as I discuss the HOLY GRAIL of play-sets.  My neighbours have a big, old party and I decide to take some action and fun into my own hands. I'll talk about Kittie and a connection to Josie and the Pussycats, and even how I used a saw to get a child in and out of a snowsuit. Finally, A HUGE EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!
February 01, 2021
Come on Baby, Light my FIRE!
In this episode, I'll start with a story about getting in some hit water involving some hot fire. Pianos. Rain.  We'll talk about some former London bars, as well as my recent rediscovery and forever love for hippie documentaries. We rap about local biz how to support it.   We'll get the latest results of Beard Oil Roulette with a unbolting of a custom scent. I'll take a trip back in time to Canadian Music Week with some Kittie stories, and some of our early days in New York City after just being signed. Plus, kindness week continues!!! Sit back, have a cup of tea with me, make some dim' kids bed. We gonna swear tonight.
January 25, 2021
Party Til' You Puke
Episode 5 takes you down memory lane.  This episode contains a plethora of puking tales.   We're also celebrating the 21st anniversary of the release of Kittie's "Spit," with a few fun stories about  making that album, and what story would be complete without farts and teenage mayhem?  A few more  fun stories and finally I get some SUPER weird mail, plus end up in Facebook jail. TWICE.
January 17, 2021
Its time for saying goodbye
Tonight's episode opens with the news that I've lost my best friend, my 13 year old black lab, Guinness.  He helped write this episode while sitting on the floor with me eating take out noodles. I'll take about death, the loss of a MAJOUR musical landmark and getting older in the music industry.  Plus a HILARIOUS New Year's Eve story that I'm surprised I'm still alive to tell. Plus, all about the dick-shaped food diet, and much more. 
January 10, 2021
Rest in PIECES, 2020!
Episode 3 is here! On tonight's episode I talk all things 2020.  The good with the bad.  I address some VERY INTERESTING, but rude, questions from  my SUPER STALKER.  I'll talk about what things I'm looking forward to, along with a story about perhaps the DIRTIEST BATHROOM I have ever been in.  
January 03, 2021
Iceberg, straight ahead!
In this episode, special guest Writer/Director Rob McCallum returns to be put in the hot seat as I ask him some questions about making the Kittie Documentary, as well as what is was like watching his wife head bang while 6 months pregnant.  Tanya and Rob explain Beard Oil Roulette, unbottle a new scent of Wooly Wizard Beard Oil, and share some exciting news.  Tanya plays a special song on an even MORE special instrument that reminds Rob of a story that you just have to hear to believe!
December 28, 2020
Careless Whisper and Sharpie Fumes
I'ts the first episode! Special Guest: Writer/Director, Rob McCallum The children are FINALLY nestled in their beds, while visions of SILENCE dance through my head! In this episode, I discover that quiet snacks may be unachievable. Rob has a beard made of glitter. And you'll hear the history of how I started doing the OG Podcast.  You'll hear all about a day long fight with Instacart. And let's talk HOLIDAY FAVOURITES! SPOLIER ALERT!!! Rob and I discuss the final episode of the Mandalorian.
December 23, 2020