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22nd Century

22nd Century

By Charles Kerr
22nd Century is a fortnightly series where Charles Kerr chats to a special guest about different emerging technologies that seem far off but could potentially have big impacts for us in today’s world. Through chatting with experts in a range of industries we’ll uncover the next greatest technological marvels, debunk certain myths and discover the implications on our society and way of life over the next 100 years.
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Scribeless: Writing handwritten letters using robots.

22nd Century

Aparito: Using wearable tech to assist with disease monitoring outside the hospital
On today’s 22nd Century episode I spoke with Elin, from Aparito. Aparito use a combination of wearable technology and smartphone apps to help in the real-time collection of patient data to assist with disease monitoring outside of the hospital. We talk about the existing solutions to the problem, why Aparito is needed, what diseases they monitor, and the potential impact of the technology in changing peoples lives.
March 29, 2019
OKRA: AI HealthTech
On today’s 22nd Century episode I spoke with Loubna, CEO and Founder at Okra Technologies. Okra uses artificial intelligence to develop incredible solutions to problems prevelant in the world, with a particular focus on health tech. We discuss the future of artificial intelligence, what’s exciting about its possibilities, whether regulation is necessary and discuss a use case of the technology in helping to match foster children with the most suitable foster families.
March 15, 2019
Scribeless: Writing handwritten letters using robots.
This episode of 22nd Century I spoke with Robert Van Den Bergh, Co-Founder of Scribeless. In this modern world, with email, Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn firing you messages from all angles, handwritten letters can cut through the noise significantly better. Scribeless write handwritten notes using artificial intelligence and robotics to learn your own handwriting and replicate it at scale. We discover whether having robots to write the letters takes away from the essence of a handwritten letter in the first place, how it’s possible to train a robot to write letters for us and who would pay for the service.
March 1, 2019
Pavegen: Is smart flooring the next step in renewable energy generation?
On this episode of 22nd Century I chat to Laurence Kemball-Cook, CEO and Founder of Pavegen. Dubbed the Tesla of Smart Cities, Pavegen's pavement tile solution captures kinetic energy from peoples footsteps and converts this into electricity. By debunking myths of the technology, we discover whether the cost of outlay justifies the benefits, how data captured from the tiles can be used, whether the technology has long term viability in the future and what its like having a duck as a pet.
February 15, 2019
Chirp: A new way of transporting data through sound waves
Welcome to the second episode of 22nd Century. This episode Charles heads to Shoreditch to meet with James Nesfield and Dan Jones, CEO and CTO of Chirp. In the world we live in with 4G, 5G, Wifi, NFC and Bluetooth prevalent, Chirp is following a different strategy of sending small pieces of data like a wifi password over sound waves. We uncover how this is even possible, how you can secure and encrypt these and uncover how it can be used in places such as a Nuclear Power Station.
February 1, 2019
Growing Underground: The Future of Farming?
Welcome to the first ever episode of 22nd Century. A brand new series where Charles Kerr chats to a guest from a different emerging technology to debunk myths, uncover the next big thing and analyse their impact over the next 100 years. In our first podcast, Charles heads underground to meet with Richard Ballard, the Co-Founder of Growing Underground, an urban vertical farm located under Clapham Common, London UK. We discover how micro-greens can be grown four floors below the London Underground, whether artificial lighting affects plant growth, understand challenges to building a vertical farm compared to one below ground, whether the plants taste better than conventional agriculture and where the future holds for this technology in the future including growing fruit and vegetables at a sustainable industrial scale.
January 17, 2019