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2 Guys 1 Controller

2 Guys 1 Controller

By Joe & Omie
A podcast where Omie and Joe talk about video games, the industry and the latest titles and trends
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Leti Arts
It's been a while but the boys are back! This time around they are joined by Eyram Tawia who is the co founder of Ghanaian-Kenyan gaming studio Leti Arts. Eyram talks to the duo about how he was making games far back as his high school days, the motivation he was given during his university days to make a game and how that translated into him starting his company with his co-founder and being in business for 12 - 13 years now. He also spoke about upcoming projects they have and how they are looking to be at the forefront of the African Gaming revolution and be a benchmark for upcoming African gaming studios. 
March 24, 2022
We Are Back!
It's been a long long long time but the duo are back. Joe and Omi talk about what they've been up to since the last episode of season 1 dropped. They talk about the games they have played, how Omi had to go to great lengths to get his hands on a PS5, the new TV he bought. They also talked about what games they're looking forward to this year and what their expectations are from the world of gaming for 2022. 
January 27, 2022
Blood, Sweat and Console Wars
On the 15th episode Joe and Omi take a look at books that deal with the world of gaming and give their opinions and insights about them. They talk mainly about Console Wars by Blake Harris that deals with the Nintendo vs Sega era during the 90s and how Sega gave Nintendo a run for it's money till it eventually went down due to bad decisions. They then discuss two books by Bloomberg Journalist Jason Schreier: Blood, Sweat and Pixels and Press Reset. Blood Sweat and Pixels deals with 10 specific games and Press Reset deals with 12 companies/individuals and their tumultuous time with the gaming Industry. 
July 15, 2021
E3 2021
On the 14th episode Joe and Omi take a look at the recently concluded E3 fest that happened. Due to the covid this year's E3 was a complete online affair. The two of them discussed about the various game trailers that were shown and which games they are looking forward to and they also discussed how Microsoft's game pass looks more and more appealing after their impressive showcase of games at E3 alongside Bethesda. 
June 30, 2021
On the 13th episode we had Kobina aka Awusie join us to talk about numbers and stats. Awusie has been mentioned in the last three episodes and finally showed up to talk about gaming with us. We continue the talk about eSports in Ghana and Africa as a large, what the numbers are and what metrics are employed to help others understand the gaming scene in Ghana and Africa. It was a very interesting talk and Awusie talked to Omi and Joe about what part he's played in the eSports scene. 
May 20, 2021
EA Sports Ghana
On the 12th episode we had Kwecy Hayford join us to continue the topic of eSports and competitive gaming in Ghana. Kwecy is the president of the Ghanaian eSports foundation and also runs two organisations called KiddieeSports and RuutzEsports. He talks to us about how there is a slow but steady growth of eSports in Ghana, how he has a hand in organising tournaments across the city, getting children interested in the world of gaming and winning over sceptical parents. He also spoke about how many challenges there are when organising eSports tournaments and how the organisation have had to compromise at times to get events funded but slowly he hopes that things get better in the future. 
May 12, 2021
Mortal eSports
On the 11th episode we have Deladem aka Smoochy join us to talk about the state of eSports in Ghana, a topic we started on the previous episode with Golden. Deladem talks to us about how he was a top competitor back in the day when it came to Mortal Kombat, how'd he do cross country journeys to play tournaments and ensure he'd still get his weekly hours of practice and competition. The guys also talk about the Mortal Kombat movie, the eSports organisation in Ghana and Africa as a  whole and how there's hope for the future with a burgeoning growth of competive gamers in Ghana and Africa across all games and platforms.  
May 08, 2021
Modern Warfare
On the 10th episode, we had Golden join us to talk about competitive gaming in Ghana and in Africa. Golden is a pro gamer and is part of the Ugandan clan Navvi who play Call of Duty as a clan and compete in tournaments. Joe and Omi talk to him about what got him into competitive gaming, how he switched from being a console gamer to a PC gamer, the hours he's had to put in to be so good, what's in it for him long term, how he feels being a pro gamer and not doing a conventional 9-5 job. Golden also spoke about the thriving e-sports scene in Ghana and in Africa, and how sponsors should stop looking at FIFA as the only competitive game in Ghana and look at games like Apex, COD, Fortnite and PUBG. 
March 24, 2021
Horizon Zero Dawn
On the 9th Episode, we had Karen of Couchhours come on as a guest to discuss how she got into gaming, what games she plays, her content on YouTube and Twitch under her channel: Couchhours. We then spoke about Guerilla Games' open world RPG smash hit Horizon Zero Dawn, what we loved about the game, the story, what makes it a compelling game to play, what we didn't like about it and our anticipation for the sequel. We also touched upon the world of JRPG games and why playing them on the Nintendo Switch is a good idea. 
March 16, 2021
Respawn of Tsushima
On the 8th episode of 2 Guys 1 Controller, Omi and Joe talk a bit about Arkham Knight as Joe finished it, his issues with the game and what he liked. They were then joined by Ravikiran Ramaswamy, Omi's friend and a software developer at Respawn Entertainment. They talked about his work on Apex Legends, what it's like to be a game developer, how the pandemic has affected them. They also spoke about Ghost of Tsushima a game all 3 thoroughly loved and enjoyed and what it's pros and cons were. 
February 24, 2021
Arkham Odyssey
After a long break 2 Guys 1 Controller is back! On the 7th episode, Joe and Omi discuss about the games they've played since the last episode. Joe talks about finishing the new Crash Bandicoot game and how it frustrated him immensely. Omi and Joe then talk about the Arkham trilogy by Rocksteady Games and why Omi found Arkham Knight so frustrating. Titanfall 2 is talked about and why it's one of the best FPS games made and finally Omi talks about how much of a joy it was to play Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch. Happy Listening!
February 03, 2021
Street Kombat
On the 6th episode of 2 Guys 1 Controller, Joe and Omi discuss retro and fighting games with their guest, Egyir (who they also host the podcast "PodTakes" with)  They first discuss the reviews of Cyberpunk 2077 and the issues associated with the game on current-gen consoles like PS4 and Xbox One. They discussed games like Castlevania, Zelda, and Pokemon on the Game Boy as well as retro and new fighting games including Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, and Tekken. Happy Christmas and wishing you a happy new year in 2021!
December 29, 2020
On the 5th episode of 2 Guys 1 Controller, Joe and Omi talk about the early reviews of the PS5 and Xbox Series X and gaming news after which they take a deep dive into the world of DOOM. Starting from it's origins on MS DOS and how it pioneered the world of FPS gaming to it's latest iteration in Doom Eternal and the Ancient Gods DLC. They talk about how the stories from DOOM (1993) tie up with the stories of DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal and make mention of the terrible movie adaptation. 
December 09, 2020
We Are Who We Are
On the 4th Episode of 2 Guys 1 Controller we have our very first guest, Temple. Temple is a Rapper and DJ and comes to talk with Omi and Joe about retro gaming, the consoles he had while growing up and how game consoles have evolved over the years. 
November 16, 2020
The Last of Us
On the 3rd episode of 2 Guys 1 Controller Omi and Joe discuss about The Last of Us and The Last of Us 2, what they like about the games, the storylines and they discuss gaming news as well.
October 17, 2020
Playstation Series X
On the 2nd episode of 2 Guys 1 Controller, Joe and Omi discuss about the two new next gen consoles that are coming out at the end of the year. The Playstation 5 and the X-Box Series X. They discuss about the lineup of the games being released, what the strategy for each console is and Microsoft buying Bethesda. 
October 10, 2020
Start Game
2 Guys 1 Controller is a video game podcast where two casual gamers Joe and Omi talk about games, gaming news, trends and anything that is related to the world of gaming. One the first episode of 2 Guys 1 Controller, the two of them discuss about some of their favourite games while growing up, the consoles they've had, what games they're currently playing and what they look forward to in the future with the new consoles releasing soon. 
October 03, 2020