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Dealing with Regulatory Matters: You Probably Should Have a Lawyer, with guest Lidiya Yermakova

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By Mochee
Welcome to 2 Massage Therapists and Microphone where we discuss all things Massage Therapy, Health, Wellness, and Fitness. Join us in creating a network to share knowledge, educate, and entertain the masses.
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Welcome to 2 Massage Therapists and Microphone where we discuss all things Massage Therapy, Health, Wellness, and Fitness. Join us in creating a network to share knowledge, educate, and entertain the masses.

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The Unprofessional Hour, with guest Mindy
Here we go again! We had a ConEd student hang out post course and talk to us about all the interesting things she deals with in this profession. From over involved mothers waiting to brawl in the clinic parking lot, to preachers trying to bless an atheist and save her “soul”, to looking unprofessional, to cult like Continuing Education courses, and even sexist clients! Mindy has met some interesting characters in her short RMT career and she held nothing back. Mindy is one of the most animated therapists we have ever had on the couch and we hope you enjoy listening to her hysterical laugh, strange sound effects, and unbelievable stories as much as we did! Purple Monkey Dishwasher! Don't judge us...just listen and enjoy!
November 19, 2019
Sex testing in sports...the history, the problems, the solutions, and the problems created by the solutions, with guest Sandy
Sex testing in sport is something not talked about a lot and many may not actually know how much this actually takes place and the history behind it. We had Sandy, a PhD candidate on to speak about her research regarding the history of sex testing in sport and what problems continue to arise with this invasive practice. We were inspired to have this conversation by the controversy over trans female athletes competing with biological females in elite level sport and whether or not there is a true advantage for the trans athletes, the playing field is actually level, the requirements for trans athletes are fair, and if the human rights arguments are causing a further problem. This is a very gray subject matter with no easy right or wrong. Sandy speaks very candidly about the problems with sex testing period and how it seems that there is still a very blurry idea about what it means to be female. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
November 16, 2019
A woman on a mission...The Endometriosis Warrior, with guest Cassie
Many people live with invisible illness- autoimmune diseases, mental illness, chronic pain. We had Cassie in our space to speak about her struggle with an invisible illness- endometriosis. Cassie is a Massage Therapy student who has been living with endo for years and has noticed that she feels like she has to validate her illness to people constantly because people don’t view this disease as debilitating as it actually can be and as it is in reality for Cassie. She speaks about the parallels with autoimmune diseases and why she wants to bring awareness to this very painful condition. As a future RMT she also hopes to be able to help other women suffering with endometriosis. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
November 13, 2019
Quality Assurance, Regulatory Bodies, Continuing Education, and so much more...with guest Ian
We had a sit down with Ian Kamm, a Registered Massage Therapists and Educator in Toronto. We invited Ian to come and hang out on our couch after one of our listeners reached out to us after attending one of Ian’s talks about the new Quality Assurance Program and the STRiVE components for RMTs in Ontario. Listen in as we rap about the changes made to the QAP, continuing education, consent for treatment of sensitive areas, the regulatory body and its council. To get in touch with Ian and learn more about his continuing education courses, visit http://www.donvalemassage.com ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
November 9, 2019
Climbing out of the dark...Under the Sheets, with guest Josh
Check out  this sit down we had with Josh, a Registered Massage Therapist in Peterborough Ontario. Josh was one of our first guests way back when we started this podcast thing, well before we even really knew what we were doing, well before we discovered our voice, our groove.  When we brought up the idea of having him on again to get deep about some of the stuff that he had been going through, he accepted...like a true champ. Let me tell you, this guy is a champ (as you can tell by the way he speaks...like an athlete being interviewed outside of the locker room!!). Listen in as he raps with us about being in a really dark place- severe financial hardship, separation from his wife and 5 kids, alcohol use, gambling addiction, and suicidal thoughts. He is now starting to see the other side with the help of counselling and some hardcore self reflection. In his dark time he stared a blog to help get his thoughts out and hoped that others would be able to identify with his words, which eventually gave birth to his book. Josh put us in a "movie moment" as he described how he uses W.I.N. What Is Next, a mindset that is not only a major theme in his writing, but how it helped him through some tough times and how it helped his team to a championship. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
November 7, 2019
Matrix Repatterning...you be the judge, with guest Elsie and Julie
Have you ever wondered what Matrix Repatterning is? Well we did too! Being in this industry we have heard of it, understood that it had to do with working on the body at a cellular level, but didn’t quite understand the theory behind it or what the assessment and treatment looked like from a Matrix Repatterning practitioner. Elsie and Julie asked to come by to attempt to explain this system to us. Not too sure we were the best students but it was a very interesting, informative, and fun conversation! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
November 3, 2019
Not All Superheroes Wear Capes, Under the Sheets with guest Fatima
Registered Massage Therapist, Mom, Fitness Competitor, educator...just some of the words we can use to describe this woman. But after getting the chance to meet her in person and hear her story I would also add trooper, superwoman, machine!!! Fatima is a RMT with a mindset and willpower that is just inspiring. She’s a twin, who has twins, and she runs her life like a well oiled machine never making excuses when she’s faced with difficult situations. Listen in as we rap about her start in massage therapy, having twins, going through some hard times with her health, doing her first fitness competition, and what it took to get her body to look like an anatomy chart! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
October 30, 2019
The Unprofessional Hour, with guest Emily
What do you do when you live in a small town in rural Ontario and need a job? Milk water buffalos of course! Emily is a RMT and former student that came to Toronto to study to become a Massage Therapist when she needed more than farm life had to offer. We had a hilarious conversation about everything from dirty old men, soul sucking clients, kids, animals, and country bumpkins! Don’t take this too seriously! Just sit back and enjoy!
October 25, 2019
The Tax Man, with guest Brian
RMTs in Ontario (and likely other regulated provinces) have been waiting and waiting for the day that we could possibly become HST exempt and it feels so close we can almost taste it! But is this a good thing? Are there any negatives to becoming exempt? We never thought so but a listener reached out to us and felt that there were negatives that were not being presented to us. So bring in the tax man! We had Brian, a CPA, CA come in to talk about the pros and cons of being HST exempt and to debunk some myths as well. Spoiler alert- he thinks it’s a good thing! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
October 19, 2019
Health at Every Size, with guest Jo-Anne
What is body positivity? Very simple- love YOUR body. Your body, at any size, deserves to be treated well and loved. We had Jo-Anne on to speak about the underlying (or maybe blatantly outright) belief in our society that you can determine ones level of physical fitness (or even overall health) based on their physical appearance. She speaks about the HAES movement which is health at every size and how sometimes someone who may appear “healthy” could be the furthest from the picture of health and physical fitness. As Bodyworkers we have to be sure to be mindful of how we are treating every body. This was a great conversation about an important topic! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
October 16, 2019
Talking Shop with guest Chris, AKA "The Pain Killer"
Do you or anyone you know suffer from chronic pain? Or have any aches or pains in general? Have no fear! Chris the Pain Killer is in the house! Chris is a RMT who recently decided to take a break from working long days seeing many clients and rediscover his love for treating clients. He reached out to us because he loves to read and learn new things and felt he had some wisdom to share with the masses about the importance of breath work in dealing with pain. He is also working with Booster Guns and talks a little about these tools and how he uses them. Of course there were many twists and turns as is expected when we have a RMT in our space! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
October 11, 2019
Under The Sheets, with guest Jane
Under the sheets episodes can get a little heavy when we talk about RMTs who faced serious trials and tribulations to get to where they are in life. This episode with Jane is deep and personal but her quirky personality and somewhat dark sense of humour make it a little lighter. Jane talks about how she decided to go to Massage School, the many struggles she had completing her diploma which included her mother’s illness and death, and a severe allergic reaction that made it impossible for Jane to continue with school. But in the mix we talk about nerdy sci-fi stuff like whether or not aliens exist, Jane’s upcoming wedding to her very persistent partner in crime, and a pig prison break on the 401. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
October 9, 2019
Hanging with Entrepreneurs, with guest Paul from Cupping Canada
We met some really awesome people at the Canadian Massage Conference last weekend and one of those people was Paul from Cupping Canada. Paul and his partners have just exploded in the past 2 years with their Cupping courses and most therapists have at least heard of Cupping Canada. We were lucky to be able to chat with Paul before he left Ontario to get back to Manitoba where he owns a clinic and still practices when he’s not travelling and teaching. Paul told us about how he got into Massage Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and eventually how he began teaching manual therapists about Cupping. He has an extensive background, the education, experience, and research to teach us about eastern versus western physiology and the effects of Cupping. Paul and the rest of the owners of Cupping Canada are inspiring entrepreneurs and educators and their job might be better than our vacation! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
October 5, 2019
Conversations with Clients: Playing Music in Your Workplace...Things You Should Know, with guest Holly
Check out this episode with Holly- a music industry expert, songwriter, and performer who does consulting for music licensing. Do you have the proper licences to play music in your clinic waiting room? Did you know such a license exists? Did you ever stop to consider that music is art and someone owns the rights to the background music that you hear everywhere you go? If you didn’t know about this you’re not alone. Holly explains how licensing works and what you should do as a business owner to make sure you’re using music properly and that the right people are being compensated for the use of their work. Aaaaand as a bonus we obviously got Holly to perform a little bit of her original work. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
September 30, 2019
Making Moves, with guest Jahnekque
Cheers to the go getters! In this episode we talk to Jahnekque, RMT, SMT(cc). She has only been practicing as a Massage Therapist for a year but knows that working with athletes is where she belongs. She became a student member of the CSMTA with the hopes of working big athletic events like the Olympic Games. She’s the definition of a hard worker who is making things happen. The world of athletics is competitive and getting yourself out there and gaining the opportunity to work with high level athletes is difficult but this girl is not giving up. She talks about how she got to work at the Boston Marathon, how she got RMTs invited to a national volleyball tournament, and what her plans for the future in sport are. We have high hopes for this RMT! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapits.com
September 27, 2019
Facebook Follow-up, with guest Rui
We had a phone conversation with Rui, a RMT from London, Ontario about a controversial Facebook post he made which seemed to have triggered some other therapists. Rui has over a decade of experience in fitness as a career and has done a lot of courses and certifications to understand exercise physiology. He decided to become a RMT more recently and realized that what we are taught in Massage School with regards to remedial exercise is a very small fraction of what there is to learn and understand about fitness. He wanted to reach out to fellow RMTs to advise them to use caution when prescribing exercises that are more complex than what was taught in school. As happens with texting and social media, his tone or intent seemed to have not been interpreted and he got some heat for it! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
September 22, 2019
The Unprofessional Hour, Student Edition
The Unprofessional Hour...student edition. We had Mel and “Rico Suave” on the couch for this special edition of the Unprofessional Hour. They reminisced about the first time they had to disrobe in class, glute massage, a rather provocative classmate, farting during OP’s, and what they are planning to do once they have completed their OSCE’s. Although we felt super old hanging out with these two young aspiring RMTs, it was fun to talk about Massage School and all the fun that comes with it! Nothing here is to be taken seriously. Don't judge us...just listen and enjoy!
September 19, 2019
Crossing borders...sort of, with guest Byrnn
We had a phone conversation with Brynn, a RMT in Kenora, Ontario which is a beautiful small town waaaaaaay up north in Ontario. Brynn decided to become a RMT as a part time job but there weren’t any places in his home town to study Massage Therapy. Brynn found a good college in Winnipeg, Manitoba which is just next door to Ontario for those non- Canadian listeners. We had Brynn explain to us what the process was like studying massage in a non- regulated province and then getting licensed here in Ontario. Check out this episode if you’re thinking of moving and practicing in different provinces! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
September 15, 2019
The Unprofessional Hour....FAIL!! with guest Omar
Unprofessional hour with Omar take 2 was a FAIL! This RMT has so much to say regarding our industry, teaching, learning, and everything he loves and loves to hate about the profession. We had a late night conversation with Omar, a repeat guest, which was supposed to be light banter and evolved into him reflecting on some negative teaching experiences in Massage Colleges, some hard lessons he has learned, what changes he thinks need to be made in Massage education and of course many many tangents as usual. As for the unprofessional hour, Omar #nailedit! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
September 12, 2019
Successful Boydworker's Tribe, with guest Zack
Check out this phone conversation we had with Zack, a LMT from Arizona. Listen in as we rap with Zack about his three passions- Massage Therapy, power lifting, and music. Zack's start in the massage world began with some reluctance in seeking treatment for a power lifting injury and quickly evolved into a path of not only helping his clients as a therapist, but other Massage Therapists to build success in their own practice. Through the study and practice of Massage Therapy, Zack underwent some serious life change and personal growth. He has some really cool projects on the go, which include his Successful Bodyworker Facebook Page, Successful Bodyworker's Tribe Facebook Group, and Successful Bodyworker Podcast. He combines his knowledge of physical conditioning and practicing as a Therapist to help Therapists build the strength and endurance needed to have longevity in this career....and he plays a mean bass!!! He is the real deal. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
September 7, 2019
The One Man Show, with guest Nima
This guy does it all...he is a Doctor of Chiropractic, a Registered Physiotherapist, a Registered Massage Therapist, and Registered Acupuncturist. He stopped by our office, threw on a headset and rapped with us about the creation of his unique work environment. He has an interesting take on the overlapping scope of practice of his many professional designations. Listen in as we talk about his journey through University, studying Chiropractic and Physiotherapy in the US, attending a Private Career College for Massage, and running a busy clinic as a one man show. Warning- he talks fast, so try to keep up. Sit back, put on your headphones and crank up the volume... ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
August 31, 2019
One Concept, with guests Scott and Monica
You know how much we love a good road trip! It’s even better when we are going to hang out with other like minded RMT friends! We drove to Hamilton, Ontario to One Concept Family Massage Therapy clinic to sit down with Scott and Monica who are also 2 of the 4 people responsible for the One Concept Massage Conferences. These two are dedicated to the profession, have a real passion for education, and are the most real, down to earth people. We had so much fun hanging out in their yoga studio talking about how they took over the conference, where the name came from, a little about how they get their speakers, Continuing Education in our profession, and what excites them about the profession and the conferences. You will have to excuse some of the audio quality as a yoga studio isn’t the most ideal spot to throw on headsets and hit the record button! But enjoy anyway- the 4 of us did! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
August 28, 2019
The Dynamic Doula Duo
Give Amanda a little wine and a dance floor and she will make friends! We met Amy, a doula for a decade and a Massage Therapy student, at the RMTAO conference this year. Her and her business partner Jennifer own Doula Care Journey in Toronto and offer birth doula services, postpartum doula services, and other services for postpartum mothers. Since labour support is something that Amanda was already starting to get into, these two veteran doulas were awesome to give us some inside info about the life of a doula! Listen as we talk about becoming a doula, working on call, and what it’s like to actually see a birth! Mark says- it’s not for everyone! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
August 25, 2019
Leaving On A Jet Plane, with guest Lindsay
Do you need more proof that being a Massage Therapist is the coolest profession there is? Check out this Facebook Live we did with Lindsay from Hong Kong! She's a Massage Therapist that studied at Sutherland Chan here in Toronto and decided to go for an interview to work at the Sutherland Chan Clinic in Hong Kong and she was offered the job! 10  years later and Lindsay is absolutely in love with Hong Kong and isn't planning to return to Canada anytime soon! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
August 21, 2019
Walk a Mile In Mine, with guest Sebastién
Here at 2 RMTs and a Mic we have discussed everything from different modalities, different treatment and assessment approaches, legal considerations, real estate, fitness, business, and different aspects of health- mental, physical, emotional etc. This episode we are chatting with Sebastién who is going to give us an inside perspective on his life as a trans male. He speaks about his transition, the mental and emotional aspects, the hormones, and what life was like for him pre and post transition. We also had the privilege of speaking to his wife in this episode to get her take on Sebastién's journey. This is one trans person's personal account and should not be taken as anything more than that! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
August 16, 2019
Massage Therapists turned Doctor of Chiropractic, with guest Mark
We had a sit down with Dr. Mark Renzoni, a Registered Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, and Educator in the Greater Toronto Area. Listen in as we rap about his career as a Massage Therapist and how he got into Chiropractic. We talk about his introduction to Chiropractic when working as a Massage Therapist, how Massage Therapy prepared him for studying to be a Chiropractor, running a successful clinic while working in a chronic pain centre, and instructing at a Community College, and how he manages a duel registration. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
August 12, 2019
Learning from a Master, with guest Andre
Have you ever heard of Thai Massage? The answer is likely yes. But have you heard of Chi Nei Tsang? Well maybe you have but it was new for us! Listen to us hang out with Andre, a RMT who has been practicing about 15 years. He had interest in learning Thai Massage and decided- what better way to learn than by learning straight from the source?! He tells us about his trips to Thailand to study Thai Massage, and how he came to have interest in Chi Nei Tsang which is an ancient detoxifying and energizing abdominal massage. He has been to study with a few Masters in Thailand and has been incorporating these forms of Massage into his treatments. He has some interesting perspectives, isn’t afraid to say what he’s thinking and since he’s trying to make his way into Continuing Education, the 3 of us had a lot to rap about! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
August 7, 2019
Hangin with our listeners, with guest Jody
Another Facebook live episode of Hanging with our Listeners is ready for your listening pleasure. We chatted with Jody, who just finished Massage Therapy College in Seaside California. Jody reached out to us because she is a fellow Canuck (did I really just say that?!) from Ontario and moved to the US where she is now going to be starting her career in Massage Therapy. Listen to us talk about some of the other things she has done- from music, to glass blowing, to going back to school. She tells us about her experience at school, some of the differences in Canadian and US education, and how our podcast- even the unprofessional hour- has taught her a lot. We also chatted about some specific episodes and what value she found in them. Our listeners rock the mic! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
August 4, 2019
Love Your Cells, with guest Sue Ruhe
Another episode is here where we are showing some serious podcast love to a fellow RMT who has begun sharing her passion and her knowledge of fascia primarily to the Massage community. Listen to us hang out with Sue Ruhe in her beautiful sunroom in London Ontario and talk about her Massage Therapy journey, her love of fascia and human cells, and taking a year off while going inactive to focus on her personal life. But even as an inactive therapist, Sue felt the urge to continue to educate people on what she loves most! Check out Sue’s new podcast called Love Your Cells to learn more about your cells and your fascia! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
July 31, 2019
Conversations with Clients: Open Relationships, with guest Kitten Monroe
Another episode of conversations with clients is back...or is it? We had Kitten Monroe on the show who is actually a friend of a friend and not my actual client BUT she has some interesting perspectives on some stuff that we thought ya’ll might like to hear. Kitten has had experience being in an open relationship with a polyamorous partner. Listen as she talks about the boundaries of these types of relationships, ethical considerations, why it doesn’t always work, and all of the many tangents we took speaking about her upbringing, living on the streets, and getting her life to where it is now despite abuse, homelessness, and her own mental health issues. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
July 28, 2019
Money Mindset, with guest Rebecca
Welcome back Rebecca! Via Facebook Live, Rebecca is  back again to talk about Money Mindset in our industry. As a  Massage Business and Success coach, Rebecca want to change the money mindset many therapists have which she describes as a disease in our industry. We rap about the need to help people and the “shame” that can come along with that innate desire around making a decent living off of our work. She shares her perspectives on authenticity, taking ownership over your own life, and seeing the value in what we do for people. If you know you get in your own way when it comes to being successful in this Industry, Rebecca might be the motivation you need! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
July 23, 2019
The Nomad Massage Therapist, with guest Corrie
Is travelling your thing? Extended vacations? Check out this sit down we had with Corrie, a Registered Massage Therapist from Sarnia, Ontario. She has managed to mix her career with her passion for travel. Listen in as she raps about not wanting to have a home base for her practice- locums throughout Ontario, working in Lake Louise, Jasper, Australia, Yoga Teacher Training in India, and all of the cool stuff that comes along with it like swimming with sharks and jumping out of planes to name a few... ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com 
July 20, 2019
The Unprofessional Hour with guest Franc
The Unprofessional Hour is back!!! Check out this sit down we had with Franc, a mobile Massage Therapist in Toronto. Franc showed up with a crew on a day that our AC was down due to a car accident outside of our office...you can probably hear us sweatin!! Listen in as we rap about what it's like working as a mobile therapist and some of the strange stuff that comes with it, Franc's decisions to make Massage Therapy his career, his experience in Massage School, being "bro-fessional", and working with wealthy clients. Nothing here is to be taken seriously. Don't judge us...just listen and enjoy! 
July 16, 2019
Creating your own path to influence an industry, with guest Angela
We had a really amazing talk with Angela Pereira, a Registered Kinesiologist and the owner of First Line Education, a Continuing Education company for movement therapists. Angela shed some light on the scope of practice of kinesiology, the different career paths a kinesiologist could take, and how Kinesiologists fit into this world of complementary alternative therapy. As the former president of the OKA, she also spoke about the regulation of Kinesiology in Ontario. Listen to us talk about our experiences in our kinesiology programs, her entrepreneurial journey which started out with a bottle of juice, a sandwich, and a 400 square foot dungeon. Angela is a true inspiration for any therapist wanting to create their own career path! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
July 12, 2019
Livin the Dream, with guest RMT Movement Inc.
Check out this sit down we had with 2 of the 4 owners of a Massage Therapy clinic in Brampton, Ontario called RMT Movement Inc. We have all had the dream of opening a clinic with our classmates and close friends...these kats did it- 4 classmates who rock'n rolled through school together, studied together, partied together. Listen in as we rap about their friendship, working with your wife, developing a brand and company culture, the strategic use of digital marketing, and their growth from  4 therapists sharing 1 room to 6 years later running a beast of a clinic with 13 therapists. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
July 9, 2019
Some real estate tips when looking to open your clinic, with guest Jenelle
We had a sit down with a former student Jenelle who is a Registered Massage Therapist and Real Estate Agent. Listen in a we catch up with Jenelle as she talks about her journey as a Massage Therapist, doing practical interviews, entrepreneurship, and real estate tips on finding a location for your clinic- things to look for in an agent and understanding some of the hidden costs of leasing a commercial space, and so much more... ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
July 5, 2019
Hanging with Entrepreneurs: Enjoy the Process with guest Joyce
We had a sit down with a former co-worker and now owner of her own on clinic in Thornhill, Ontario. Listen in as we rap with Joyce about the internal itch of wanting more than working for someone else, even when the work seems almost perfect. She rolled the bones and took a stab at opening a multi-disciplinary clinic. We talk about some of the common struggles of start-up and the highs and lows along the way. We share some advice on the benefits of creating a niche and how fear can be a limiting factor in the growth potential of many therapists. Make sure you crack up the volume during our impromptu brainstorm session where we spitball some creative, innovative social media marketing strategies...don't be a dinosaur, step up your game!! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
June 29, 2019
The Spirit of RMT, with guest Dominique
Podcasters supporting podcasters! We did a Facebook Live with another cool RMT that likes to shoot the sh*t with other RMT’s just like us...only maybe better- there’s alcohol! We are talking about Dominique Labre who is the creator and host of The Spirit of RMT podcast where he invites RMTs to sit down and have a conversation with a specially prepared drink that he has made just for them! This is my kind of podcast! Listen to us talk about Dominique’s story, about becoming a RMT, his love for fine Whiskey and home brewing, and how this awesome podcast came to be! He also reveals what drinks he would serve for 2 RMTs and a Mic if we were ever guests on his show! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
June 26, 2019
Lady Bits? Birthday? Anniversary?
Happy Birthday to us! 2 RMTs and a Mic turned 1 this week! A year ago we had a crazy idea to start a podcast and we ran with it! Over the past 365 days we have recorded 127 episodes, had the chance to meet so many interesting people and learn about their stories, learned a lot about what people are doing in the industry, about new research, technology, entrepreneurship, different modalities and treatment approaches, and we have had many many many laughs! We compiled a highlight reel of excerpts from season one in 2018. Take a walk down memory lane with us! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
June 22, 2019
In Honour of Pride Month...Creating a Niche, with guest Michael
In honour of Pride Month, we did a Facebook Live with Michael Quinichett who is a certified Massage Therapist in Sacramento California. Michael has found a niche for himself in the industry by appealing to LGBTQI clients as well as specializing in working with plus sized bodies. Michael knows what it’s like to feel marginalized as a larger gay man and wanted to create a safe space for clients of all sizes, shapes, gender identities, and sexual orientations. Listen to him tell us all about his upbringing in the conservative Midwest, to his coming out , joining a very conservative church, and his journey back to being himself and coming out for a second time after leaving the Church to return to his first true love, musical theatre and eventually to Massage Therapy. Happy Pride Month y’all!! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
June 19, 2019
The Unprofessional Hour, with guest Candace
Who's ready for another episode of the Unprofessional hour? We hung out with an awesome and hilarious RMT who is anything but unprofessional but she knows how to have fun! Listen to us rap about symmetrical glutes, the need for female RMTs to learn some self defense, biting...yes I said biting, and even Keanu Reeves! Nothing here is to be taken seriously. Don't judge us...just listen and enjoy!
June 15, 2019
The Comeback Story, with guest Heather
Our listeners give us life! Check out this sit down with Heather Rivers, RMT who has an interesting story about getting into Massage Therapy, her intuition leading her to leave the profession, and then ultimately leading her back. She talks about the process of becoming registered, feeling like she hadn't found her "home", going inactive, and then the realization that Massage Therapy is her passion and the process of becoming re-registered and finding her "home". We are so happy to have her as a colleague and glad this podcast served as one of the motivating factors for Heather to realize there is a Massage Therapy community. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
June 11, 2019
The ups and downs of the first 3 years after graduation, with guest Trish
Check out this sit down we had with Trish, a RMT from London, Ont. Listen in as Trish raps about her Massage Therapy career, starting with her life as a student and being frustrated with her educational institution, to trying to establish herself in the Massage Therapy space. Trish gives us some of the ups and downs as she navigates her way into finding herself as a therapist - working in a big box health club, working for a massage chain, then starting from scratch with a very green chiropractor, avoiding burn out, and working in what feels like solitary confinement. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
June 7, 2019
Do you shy away from dealing with MVA clients? Let's get a better understanding, with guest Chris
We asked Chris to come on our podcast and talk about dealing with MVA claims. Chris seems to be the man with the answers. He is often the first to respond to questions about MVA related scenarios in various Facebook groups, and when he isn't first to drop a comment, he is often tagged so he can display his knowledge on the subject. Many RMTs tend to shy away from dealing with MVA clients for various reasons - dealing with adjustors, multiple forms and paper work, inability for a RMT to "sign off" on treatment plans, and the less than desirable payout that comes with MVA clients. Listen in as Chris gives us is backstory into the profession- his switch from Architecture to Massage Therapy, information about the rules and regulations when dealing with MVA claims, MIG, OCF forms, and so much more... ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
June 4, 2019
Conversations with Clients: Athletes and Mental Health, with guest Marissa
A deeper look into the lives and minds of athletes. This episode of Conversations with Clients, we speak to Marissa, who based her entire identity on being an elite athlete. She played both hockey and lacrosse since she was in kindergarten and went on to play both at the varsity level. She was only 14 when she realized that something wasn’t right and spent the rest of her athletic career dealing with mental health issues feeling like she had nobody to talk to. She didn’t want to be seen as weak to her coaches and teammates and the sport psychologists didn’t quite understand the life of an athlete. Marissa was part of the team that brought SAMHI (student athlete mental health initiative) to her university and she is now in a mission to create a career helping young athletes cope with the pressures that nobody else could quite understand. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
June 1, 2019
Under the Sheets: Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have what it takes? with guest Steve
Check out this episode of Under the Sheets where we sat down with an old friend Steve. We originally intended to rap about Steve's entrepreneurial journey, but the conversation quickly got deep...we explored various components of the entrepreneurial mindset, the interplay between delusion of grandeur and steady methodology, dealing with external influences and internal struggles, and meeting (or not) the expectations of others. Listen in as we talk about the start of our business ventures, breaking up business relationships, chasing the million dollar idea, jumping off the cliff to find professional happiness, and the pros and cons of pushing your kids. It's real...it's raw. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
May 29, 2019
Not happy with Massage Therapy job postings? with guest Deme
Deme, a RMT from the Greater Toronto Area reached out and asked if she can come back on our podcast to rap about her frustration with Massage Therapy job ads, interviewing with clinic owners, and being expected to work on subpar equipment. Listen in as we dissect job postings, the pros and cons of business models that view the  therapist as replaceable, talk about turning around the interview process, and offer some advice to clinic owners who are looking for quality therapists. Warning....she goes on a bit of a rant!!! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
May 26, 2019
A Fresh Approach to Food Education - Rainbow Plate...Healthy Eating Made Simple, with guest Janet
Check out this episode with our guest Janet, the founder of Rainbow Plate. We first met Janet when she was an instructor at a Massage Therapy school in Toronto. It’s a bit of a different type of chat about nutrition and food education especially with children. Janet Nezon, a mom of three and an educator with degrees in Nutritional Science and Health Promotion, found herself sitting on a park bench during a break at a clinical nutrition conference in New York City. After years as an academic instructor, teaching the science of nutrition,  she was struck by a single yet powerful thought: "When it comes to nourishing our bodies well, the science is actually pretty simple, and there's nothing really new! Janet is on a mission to get everyone making small changes to eat healthier, teach their children about food, and start creating healthy relationships with food for everyone’s family. Go check out the Rainbow Plate website at rainbowplate.com ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
May 22, 2019
Massage Therapist Success Mindset, with guest Richard J Platt, Coach, Author, Educator
Check out this Facebook Live we did with Richard J. Platt, a retired Massage Therapist, Educator, and author of Massage Therapist Success Mindset - 8 Success Principles for the Massage Therapist Entrepreneur. Richard educates massage therapists on how to move past the self-doubt that keeps them stuck, and how to embody the entrepreneurial success mindset that is crucial for building a highly successful massage therapy practice. Listen in as we rap about Richard's backstory, the importance of being self-aware, the relationship between the conscious and successful habits, reprogramming the subconscious mind, common barriers to massage therapy success, and the journey of writing a book. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
May 21, 2019
Hangin with Entrepreneurs with guest Janice
Check out this episode of Hangin with Entrepreneurs. We had a sit down with Janice, a RMT in Toronto. Janice runs a beast of a clinic in the east end of the city. Her clinic has been in operation for more than 20 years. Listen in to hear about Janice's start in the industry, how it started with a negative experience working in the field of finance, after which she decided to never work for someone else...the start in her entrepreneurial journey. We rap about her ups and downs, building and rebuilding her team, breaking the rules, being more therapist than business which often results in leaving money on the table. Janice is well grounded and very self-aware, a major contributor to her success. ConEdInstitute.com 2massgetherapists.com 
May 17, 2019
Creating a Safe Space within Trauma Informed Practice, with guest Jennifer
Jennifer Flemming, RMT drove across the GTA to come sit on our couch. We invited her here to talk about her blog that she recently started for her clients but we ended up on many tangents as always! Jennifer told us all about her work with creating a trauma informed practice, creating a safe space for both therapist and client, setting boundaries, and how she minds her P’s and S’s in the biopsychosocial model. Check out this episode talking to a RMT who has truly created a niche for her practice in working with a population of clients who may not be the typical Massage Therapy client. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
May 14, 2019
Sport Massage with guest Lindsay, PR Chair for Ontario Chapter of CSMTA
Check out this sit down we had with Lindsay, the PR Chair for the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Sport Massage Therapists Association. Listen in as Lindsay gives us her back story into the world of Massage Therapy and Sport Massage. She gives us some insight in to the Association, the perks of membership, the importance of making connections and networking, and some of the cool gigs she has worked and the places she has traveled as a Sport Massage Therapist. Join Lindsay and other Sport Massage Therapists at the 2019 CSMTA Ontario Conference and AGM - June 8-9 in Toronto. Check out the Ontario Chapter's website for more information  https://www.csmtaontario.org/ ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
May 10, 2019
Performance Training with Youth Athletes, with guest Dave of CHA High-Performance
Check out this sit down we had with Dave, the co-ower of CHA High-Performance in Toronto. CHA High-Performance is an elite level off-season training program for hockey players looking to maximize their abilities on the ice. They believe repetition, discipline, and hard work brings true rewards, which is what we strive to provide for their our athletes. Listen is as we rap on working with youth athletes, understanding the importance of developing and improving sport specific movement patterns. We also candidly riff on topics like the weirdness of goalies, sociology of sport, watching sports as a fan vs. someone who knows the game, athletes and athletics. Check out their  website https://chahighperformance.wixsite.com/training and be sure to check out their social media. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
May 8, 2019
Conversations with Clients: Current State of Therapy for Autism with guest Keisha
Keisha is an Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapist in Toronto. She’s a Massage Therapy client and lately has been feeling extra stress because of the proposed changes by our Provincial government for funding for families with children with Autism. Listen as she describes some of the challenges the children themselves face with regards to daily living and social interaction, what ABA therapy can do for families with children with varying needs, and what our future could look like if Ontario adopts this new model for providing funding for families who have children living with Autism. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
May 4, 2019
The Unprofessional Hour with guest Vinny the Super-Fan
Check out this sit down we had with Vinny, who earned the title of Super-Fan!! Listen in as we have a couple of beers on a Wednesday morning rapping about the pressure from his family to go to University, his dislike for one of his Massage Therapy Instructors and being accused of plagiarizing his own work,  the stress of the licensing exam, his career path and all the strange stuff that comes along with being a RMT. Nothing here should be taken seriously...don't judge us, just enjoy!!
May 2, 2019
From Personal Trainer to Massage Therapy Student with guest Natalija
Check out this sit down we had with Natalija, a Kinesiology Graduate and Personal Trainer in Toronto, Canada. She reached out to us and expressed an interest in taking a seat on our couch to rap about the student's perspective of Massage Therapy. After spending 12 years of being involved in Fitness, she finally took the leap to add Massage Therapy to her already thriving career. As a student she brings us back to what it was like studying for OP’s, dealing with classmates, finally piecing the puzzle together in student clinic, and all the ups and downs and crazy that we have all experienced while looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
April 29, 2019
Conversations with Clients: Online Dating with guest Aidan
This is the first of our series Conversations with Clients. As RMTs, we often get to meet and spend time with people well beyond our circle. We get to hear some of the cool things that our clients have going on - their personal life, their professional life, their thoughts and opinions. Check out this conversation we had with Aiden, a client of Massage Therapy who decided she wanted to join us in throwing on the headset and ripping into a mic about some of the things going on in her life. Listen in as she talks about recently being single and joining the world of online dating. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
April 26, 2019
Behind the Scenes: An Industry Rap with guest Brandy
Check out this conversation we had with Brandy, RMT for 20 years. She has been involved in the profession on so many levels - Clinical Practice, CMTO Advisory Committee for Acupuncture, Ontario Council of Private Massage Therapy Colleges, Canadian Council of Massage Therapy Schools, Massage Therapy and Acupuncture Education, just to name a few. Listen in as Brandy talks about her start in the field and some of the work that she has been involved in. Brandy is truly an advocate for the profession - she is a wealth of knowledge, passionate, and humble in her behind the scenes contribution to the advancement of the profession...never grandstanding, never seeking the spotlight or glory, never boasting about boast worthy accomplishments. After listening to this, ask yourself, why do I not know her name? because you should!!! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
April 24, 2019
Hangin with Entrepreneurs with guest MJ
MJ is a true Entrepreneur. Originally, she was planning to study law, but was inspired to enter the Healthcare industry after being in therapy from a motor vehicle accident. She went from working with professional athletes and amateur Olympic athletes and being on the board as Vice President of the British Columbia Shiatsu Association to therapist burn out. This lead her to a career in the corporate world of Spa Management. After much success, which included opening 27 Medi-Spas across Canada, she was in need of change...her true entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
April 21, 2019
Dealing with Addiction with guest Stephen
Stephen came by our office to shed some much needed light on the topic of alcohol and drug addiction. This is not information that you will get from a textbook, an academic journal, or a medical professional...this is the real life story of a courageous individual who candidly shares is life story with us. Stephen has struggled with addiction and is now is a place of being many years clean and sober. Listen in as he talks about life - his struggle with substance abuse of alcohol and crack cocaine, the cycle of being in and out of rehab, the role of his sponsor in helping him deal with his "soul sickness". ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
April 16, 2019
The Business of Massage Therapy with guest Robert
Check out this Facebook Live we did with Robert from his place in Spain. Robert is not a Massage Therapist, but got his feet wet in the industry utilizing his background in sales and eventually acquiring a failing Day Spa, turned it into a profitable business, sold it, and moved to Spain.  He currently runs a marketing and advertising business, which includes Boost My Spa which provides marketing services and phone services for Massage Therapists. Listen in as we rap about the business of Massage Therapy where Robert gives us some tools to help boost your practise. ConEdInstitute.com 2massageherapists.com
April 14, 2019
Conversations with Clients Intro
Hers is a quick introduction to a new series coming your way - Conversations with Clients. Check out this intro to hear what it's all about!! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
April 12, 2019
Paradigm Shift from PhD to Bodywork with guest Maureen
Check out this Facebook Live we did with Maureen, a Massage Therapist from St. Louis, Missouri. Maureen's life and career took a major twist from her University education - PhD in Biology and Biomedical Sciences with an emphasis in Immunology. Listen in as she talks about her journey from working in Biotechnology sales to Massage Therapy, which started with her exposure to Yoga and Thai Massage. Maureen underwent a massive paradigm shift from hardcore science to Emotional Freedom Techniques, Energy and Bodywork. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
April 8, 2019
The Placebo Effect with guest Brian Fulton, Author and RMT
Another week, another road trip. We trekked an hour and a half outside of our city to meet Brian Fulton, RMT, and author of the book The Placebo Effect Improving Clinical Outcomes in your Practice. Listen in to hear Brian talk about all of the aspects of the placebo effect and how it plays a role in manual therapy and the biopsychosocial model of pain. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
April 4, 2019
The Radical RMT with guest Krista
We are showing some love to another RMT turned podcaster - Krista is a RMT in Ottawa who is launching her podcast The Radical RMT on April 4th. We did a quick and dirty Facebook live with Krista who gives us the inside scoop about The Radical RMT  which will take you outside of a massage practice to meet  authors, world explorers, performers, artists, business owners and more. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
April 3, 2019
Hangin With Our Listeners, guest Nicki
Something new we are throwin in the mix thanks to  Nicki, a Registered Massage Therapist in Toronto, Ont who reached out to us to say that she was diggin on our podcast and that we kept her entertained while she was travelling through South East Asia. And with that, our series of Hangin with our Listeners was born. Listen in a Nicki raps about her life before massage therapy, her career and building her practice, her love for travel, and her passion for music...she's one hip chick!! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
April 1, 2019
Challenging MT Stereotypes with guest Rob Haddow
We travelled across the city to hang out with Rob Haddow, RMT. Rob took a concurrent Massage Therapy and Sport Injury program which he found super interesting and made him excited for a career in rehab. Listen as he speaks about his career path, why he has decided to go against the grain of traditional massage therapy and massage therapy stereotypes, and how his own struggles with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome have played a role in his approach to therapy which is highly evidenced based and focuses on active therapy and remedial exercise. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
March 28, 2019
The Unprofessional Hour with guest Curtis
Check out this episode of The Unprofessional Hour with our guest Curtis, who also looks and sounds a hell of a lot like Danny McBride. Listen in as we talk about surviving the "naked man", Curtis will only give you 5 chances, man grooming, and so much more....Nothing here should be taken seriously...don't judge us, just enjoy!! 
March 25, 2019
Social Media Marketing Tips for Massage Therapists with guest Darryl Turner
We did a Facebook live with Darryl Turner aka DJ, a Facebook advertising specialist and a client acquisition specialist. Darryl helps Massage Therapists find their ideal clients online. Listen in as DJ gives us some his backstory of how he went from living in the southern United States to Switzerland, how to effectively use Facebook advertising to boost your business, tips on using Instagram and Instagram stories to engage your followers and find new potential clients, and the importance of branding - both for your business and building your personal brand. Excuse the quality as this is a Facebook live, but this is something you gotta listen to!! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
March 22, 2019
Have you been peer assessed? with guest Lee Kalpin, RMT and former Peer Assessor
Check out this sit down we had Lee Kalpin, Registered Massage Therapist in Ontario and former Peer Assessor. Lee has been practicing Massage Therapy since 1984. She has been involved in Massage Therapy education since 1993 and was a Peer Assessor from 1997-2017. Listen in as she gives us some insight to the Peer Assessment process and its evolution, some of the history of the profession and the regulatory body, and some tips on preparing for your assessment. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
March 19, 2019
Osteopathic Manual Practitioner to Massage Therapy Student with guest Brydget
We had a sit down with Brydget, an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner who is also studying to become a Registered Massage Therapist. Unlike many students training to become massage therapists, due to her previous education and her current employment, Brydget offers a unique perspective on her RMT training. Listen in as she give us her back story, talks about the struggle of taking off her professional hat while in RMT school, and the parallels of Osteopathic Manual Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Chiropractic. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
March 16, 2019
Under The Sheets with guest Ross
Check out this episode of Under The Sheets. We had a sit down with Ross in his home office in London, Ontario. Ross is a Classical Musician, a Registered Massage Therapist, and a self proclaimed nerd. Listen in as Ross talks about his journey into Massage Therapy, death, the need to take care of others, the quest to learn as much as his brain will allow, unique living situations, unforeseen life discoveries and the process of adaptation. We get down do the real, the raw, the pure naked moments of conversation... ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
March 9, 2019
Suffering From Tinnitus? Understanding Sound Therapy with guest Shelly-Anne Li
Do you suffer from tinnitus? Have patients or clients who suffer from this condition? We had a sit down with Shelly-Anne Li, a PhD Candidate at the University of Toronto and the Chief Operating Officer at Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments. Sound Options provides affordable tinnitus treatments that have been clinically tested to help people manage their tinnitus. They provide  a customized tinnitus treatment for your unique hearing and tinnitus profile. Listen in as Shelly-Anne talks about perceived phantom noise, subjective and objective tinnitus, and neuroplasticity. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
March 6, 2019
Dealing with Regulatory Matters: You Probably Should Have a Lawyer, with guest Lidiya Yermakova
Check out this sit down we had with Lidiya Yermakova. Lidiya is a Lawyer at Koziebrocki Law Firm in downtown Toronto. Lidiya has extensive experience assisting professionals at regulatory proceedings, including complaints, investigations, and discipline matters. Lidiya’s practice includes professional regulation, health law and general litigation. She also assists professionals with employment law aspects of their practice. She has represented professionals before complaints and discipline committees, the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board, the Superior Court of Justice and the Divisional Court. Listen in as we rap about things to consider when dealing with the regulatory body and how having the proper representation is something you need!! You don't know what you don't know... ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
March 2, 2019
Be a Proud Spa Therapist with guest Vicki S. Winston, LMT
We did another Facebook Live with a friend from the US! Vicki S Winston is a LMT and the massage department director for Spa Visage in Knoxville, Tennessee. Listen in as Vicki raps about the misconceptions and bad reputation that often comes with working in a spa and how she is working hard to build a team of like minded therapists and hopes to inspire spa owners and directors to change the culture in a spa to keep therapists happy and motivated...be proud of what you do, work hard, and give the best possible Massage Therapy Treatments!! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
February 27, 2019
Bringing Technology to the Table with guest Scott Grisewood
  We had Scott Grisewood RMT and owner of Shockwave Therapy Centre in our space talking about some of the technology available to Healthcare Professionals to better understand their treatment interventions and how they are benefiting their patients by obtaining objective measured outcomes. For well over two decades Scott has worked with Olympic, professional and amateur athletes providing therapeutic modalities aimed at optimizing performance and managing and preventing injury. Listen as he talks about what Shockwave Therapy is, how he uses Force Plates, surface EMG, Gait Analysis machines and other useful technology in his practice, his work with athletes, children, and people on the Autism spectrum, and his views on the future of manual therapy, research, and technology. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
February 22, 2019
Under The Sheets with guest Chris
We had a sit down with Chris, a Registered Massage Therapist in Toronto. Chris is all about making connections. Chris has a background in dance and at 22, he quit his banking job in Toronto and moved to LA to improve his craft. Chris lived like a true starving artist, blew through his savings and found himself back home 6 months later. Feeling a bit lost and deflated, he happened to run into a former guest of ours who introduced him to the world of Massage Therapy. Listen in as Chris walks us through his career path, starting from Massage Therapy School, working in several different clinics to where he sits now 9 years later. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
February 19, 2019
Where are they now? From student to colleague with guest "Emma"
Reunited with a former student now colleague, "Emma" stops by to sport a headset and mic and rap about her career. Listen is as she talks about her life before becoming a RMT, her passion for baking, her experience with building a practice to over 900 active clients, old men bending over, blonde moments, and prostate massage requests... ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com 
February 16, 2019
Talkin MFR with Walt Fritz
We did a Facebook live with Walt Fritz talking about Myofascial Release and his educational workshop.  Walt has been a physical therapist since 1985 and has been practicing MFR since 1992. He has taught MFR workshops to PTs, OTs, and MTs since 2006, with his work being taught in comprehensive Upper Body and Lower Body workshops. In 2013 he introduced The Foundations in Myofascial Release Seminar for Neck, Voice, and Swallowing Disorders, directed toward the unique patient population of the speech-language pathologists and other voice professionals. Visit waltfritzseminars.com to get in touch. Excuse the quality as this is a Facebook live, but check it out and get to know what Walt Fritz is all about!! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
February 12, 2019
The Unprofessional Hour with guest "Fiona"
Gotta love The Unprofessional Hour...so let's take a break from some of the more serious topics and just talk sh*t. Check out this episode as we rap with another Massage Therapists about some for the crazy stuff that happens to us. Listen in and hear about things like pink sparkly thongs, wet spots, experiencing massage in another country...don't judge us, just enjoy!!
February 8, 2019
Making Waves and Challenging the Norm, guest Robert Gardner
We did a Facebook live with Robert Gardner, a Massage Therapist and Educator from Austin, Texas. Listen in as Robert gives us his back story of his start in the industry which began with an automobile accident on his way home from a concert. He has since become a leader in the Thai Massage community and social media monster providing nothing but value on all his social media platforms and he continues to challenge the norms of traditional massage practicies. Be sure to check out his website robertgardnerwellness.com and his social media accounts. ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
February 1, 2019
Wanna Step Up Your Marketing Game? Develop Your Brand and Market The Brand Experience
Check out this episode where we recorded a live segment from our in-class course Marketing Your Healthcare Business: Branding Your Practice Online course in Toronto. If you are struggling to create a brand, if you are not familiar with brand experience...this episode is for you!! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
January 29, 2019
Wanna Be Inspired?? The Forever Student: Angelito Inocencio, RMT
Check out this sit down we had with Angelito Inocencio, Registered Massage Therapist. Angelito is the perfect example of if you want something bad enough, go make it happen!! Listen in as we rap on his journey into massage therapy, from the Philippines to Dubai and to the place he now calls home, Canada. He has gone around the globe on a quest to get here and practice in a profession that he has nothing but pure passion for, further demonstrated by his ongoing quest to learn more and grow his skills. This guy is a true inspiration!! ConEdInstitute.com 2massagetherapists.com
January 26, 2019
Talking Barefoot Massage with Sara Newberry LMT
Check out this phone conversation we had with Sara Newberry, LMT from St. Louis Missouri.  She has trained with some of the leading instructors in barefoot massage and teaches along side them creating and innovating the massage therapy community. Sara also offers business mentoring and coaching to other LMT’s. You can find more information about her barefoot massage training classes at https://mwmassagetraining.com/ and her treatment at https://soleshinemassage.com/ 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com 
January 23, 2019
Brain Injury Brooke: Life after a coma...
We did a Facebook live with roughly 6000 kilometres (or 4000 miles) between us. Listen as we talk to Brooke Trotter who is just a regular guy that acquired a traumatic brain injury in 2007 after being hit as a pedestrian one night in Manchester. He speaks about the accident, his stay in hospital, his recovery, his integration back into society, and all of the things he is doing today to give others insight into how much a brain injury changes a person. You can find his blog Or follow him on Facebook at Brain Injury Brooke. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
January 20, 2019
Has Your School Failed You??
Want the inside scoop on some of the practices that happen on the inside of your Massage Therapy Educational Institution. Check out this sit down we had with "Nancy" who worked at a Private Career College. We rap about some of the stuff that takes place inside of the admissions depart at you school- the stuff students don't hear about and the stuff that staff end up learning...the hard way. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
January 16, 2019
Monday Night Round Table with Omar Lunan
Starting off the new year with this Monday Night Round Table with Registered Massage Therapists and musician Omar Lunan. This podcast took a bit of a twist from its original intention. Listen in as we get honest about the profession- the regulatory body, education, professional misconduct and allegations, MT Facebook groups, and more... 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
January 12, 2019
You Asked...We Delivered: The Green Snake
You asked...we delivered. Numerous Massage Therapists asked us to record and episode in response to some of the changes that Green Shield Canada has proposed in regards to their Massage Therapy coverage in what appears to be an anti-RMT smear campaign. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
January 8, 2019
Hanging with Entrepreneurs, guest Lia Bettencourt
Check out this sit down we had with Lia Bettencourt, RMT, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, and owner of Betterncourt Wellness in Mississauga Ontario, Canada. Listen in as we rap about the quest for constant challenges in the pursuit of personal and professional growth. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
January 6, 2019
The Unprofessional Hour with guest "Natasha"
Happy New Year and welcome to Season 2!! We decided to kick it off with another episode of The Unprofessional Hour. "Natasha" hangs out in our office and throws on a headset and raps about some of the extremely strange things that she has encountered in her many years as a Registered Massage Therapist. Nothing here should be taken seriously...don't judge us, just enjoy!! 
January 3, 2019
Nip Tuck Part 3
The finale of our series of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. This episode is about Breast Implant Illness. Listen in to a Facebook Live with Danielle Washington. Danielle's story does beyond breast implant illness, as she was diagnosed with Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). Danielle talks about how her life has changed after implants and her diagnosis as well as what she's doing to advocate for all women suffering from BII and BIA-ALCA. You can find Danielle's public pages on Facebook: Breast Implant Associated ALCL Awareness and Breast Implant Associated ALCL Canada. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
January 2, 2019
Nip Tuck Part 2
Part 2 of our series on Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery leads us to the topic of Breast Implant Illness - where some people report the development of symptoms and illness that they feel are related to their implants. Well here's the problem, generally the medical community does not agree because the majority of the evidence does not support the patient's claim. Listen is as we rap about some of the symptoms and illness that has been reported to be associated with breast implants. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
December 30, 2018
The Unprofessional Hour with guest "Molly"
We are back with another episode of The Unprofessional Hour. "Molly" is a straight shooter who speaks her mind with conviction. Listen in as she raps on her practice, the value of our work, how she deals with clients and colleagues, massage school, and relationships. Nothing here should be taken seriously...don't judge us, just enjoy!! 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com 
December 26, 2018
Nip Tuck Part 1
Check out Part 1 of our series on Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. Kale stops by our office to strap on a headset and rap about some of the work she had done. Listen is as we talk breast implants, tummy tucks, self esteem, dating, and taking things too far. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
December 22, 2018
Check Out What We Have Coming Your Way
Check out this preview to some of the thing we have coming up...massage therapy education, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, and breast implant illness. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
December 19, 2018
Thoughts Fuelled By Experience: An Industry Rap With A Seasoned Therapist
Check out this conversation we had with Nick. Nick has been in the Massage Therapy industry since 1990 and has some really interesting thoughts fuelled by years of experience. Listen in as we rap about the profession, the governing body, the association, and education. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
December 16, 2018
Are you in the Green Zone?
Check out this conversation we had with a Medical Doctor who stops by our office and raps with us about cannabis. Our guest is the clinical administrator at GreenZone Therapy, a Medical Cannabis Clinic. Listen in as we talk medicinal benefits, cannabis education, legal recreational use in Canada, and the medical cannabis industry. Visit https://www.greenzonetherapy.com for more information or to get in touch. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
December 12, 2018
Rock Your Massage Practice, guest Rebecca Overson
We did a Facebook live with Rebecca Overson, a Massage Therapy Business Coach from Salt Lake City, Utah. Listen in as Rebecca gives us her story - her start in massage therapy, her career path, and her mad skills on the black and white keys. She also gives us some usable tools to inject into your practice to help bring success. Excuse the audio quality as this is a Facebook live, but the content should keep you entertained and informed. You can get in touch with her on Facebook and her webpage https://rockyourmassagepractice.com 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
December 8, 2018
Have you heard of Kawasaki Disease?
Have you heard of Kawasaki Disease? Would you know how to recognize the symptoms? We sat down with Carin Lin who is on the board of Kawasaki Disease Canada and heads up the support committee for the foundation. Her 10 year old son has been living with KD since he was 2 and a half and Carin’s mission is to educate, spread awareness, and help fund research for this “rare” disease. Follow her Facebook page to read her blog following Isaiah through his journey with KD https://www.facebook.com/IsaiahsKDJourney/. To learn more about KD or to donate you can also visit the website http://kdcanada.org. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
December 5, 2018
Interested in Practice Management Software? Interview with SOAP Vault
Check out this sit down we had with the fellas from SOAP Vault, a Canadian company. SOAP Vault provides practice management software which contains features like charting, scheduling, finances and more. Listen in as Nick and Ryan talk about their product and its evolution. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
December 3, 2018
Lomilomi Anyone? Interview with Linda Wallace, Massage Therapist and Lomilomi Instructor
Have you heard of Lomilomi? Lomilomi is rooted in an ancient Hawaiian philosophy of Huna, art and science of healing and spiritual development. Listen in as Linda give us her back story- her life before Massage Therapy, her move from Colorado to Arizona, and her new life as a Lomilomi Practitioner and Instructor. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
November 30, 2018
Protect Yourself, guest Alina Gardner
Listen in to this sit down we had with Alina Gardner. She does some interesting stuff...she's a Registered Massage Therapist and a Sales Rep for a company called LegalShield. Alina gives us some insight on the convenience of having legal representation at your finger tips and how identity theft can mess up your life. She also gets personal about her work history and family life. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
November 27, 2018
Hanging with Entrepreneurs, guest Scott Lindquist
We had a Facebook Live conversation with Scott Lindquist the "Godfather of Re-booking", a Massage Therapists and Educator in Nebraska. Scott is the Owner of The Muscle Medics: Clinical Massage Therapy and the Massage Therapy Success Academy. He is on a mission to give therapists the strategies and tools they need to compete with franchises, spa chains, and others who exploit and control them. Excuse the audio quality as this is a Facebook Live, but the content is pure gold!! 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
November 23, 2018
Under The Sheets with guest Greg Pressley
Check out this stripped down conversation we had with Greg Pressley, Registered Massage Therapist. When he was a child he had the left lobe of his brain removed as the result of a brain tumor. Listen in as he talks about his struggles as a child, the difficulty he had as a student, his future plans and his accomplishments. This dude is an inspiration!! 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
November 22, 2018
Do You Even Float??
Are you willing to go into a small, tight, dark space with zero gravity, commonly called a Float Tank, also known as Sensory Deprivation or Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy? Some of us are and some of us are convinced it would take your mind to a place it was not meant to go. Listen in to another Friday night on a king size bed with some wine and a joint as we rap on the experience of floating. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
November 15, 2018
The Unprofessional Hour with guests "Veronica" and "Pablo"
Listen in to this episode of The Unprofessional Hour. This is what happens when 2 Personal Trainers, a couple, join us on a king size bed on a Friday night with some wine. Nothing here should be taken seriously...don't judge us, just enjoy!!
November 13, 2018
Hanging with Entrepreneurs, guest Jason Campbell
Check out this sit down we had with Jason Campbell, co-owner of Modern Theory Institute, an Education and Skills Training Centre with 3 locations across Ontario Canada. Listen in as we crack open a couple of beers and talk about being kicked out of University, taking a stab at the film industry, and breaking the rules. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
November 9, 2018
The Unprofessional Hour with guest Ashley
Check out this sit down we had with Ashley, Registered Massage Therapist. She talks about some of the strange things that has happened to her over the years- shenanigans, bees, pimps, and Jesus. Nothing here should be taken seriously...don't judge us, just enjoy!!
November 3, 2018
The Faces of Mental Health: Living with Synesthesia with guest TJ
We had conversation with TJ, a musician who has synesthesia. Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which stimulation of one sensory pathway causes an automatic, involuntary experience in other sensory pathways. Give a listen as TJ describes how he sees sounds and sometimes tastes pain. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
October 31, 2018
The Faces of Mental Health: with guest "Lisa"
Check out this second episode of our mini series on mental health. We had a Facebook Live conversation with "Lisa" She gives us some information on what it's like living with severe generalized anxiety and agoraphobia. 2masssagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
October 29, 2018
The Faces of Mental Health: with guest "Ann Marie"
Check out this first episode from our series focusing on Mental Health. Don't expect hardcore neuroscience, we are bringing to you the real life stories of people who are dealing day in and day out with some serious stuff. We had a sit down with "Ann Marie" who gets real about her struggles with abuse, depression, and suicide. Warning...this content is not for everybody!! 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
October 27, 2018
The body rub finale...happy ending?? with guest Emily of Muse Massage Spa
Check out this finale of our series on the erotic massage business. We recorded on location with Emily the owner of Muse Massage Spa in Toronto and Vaughan. She gives us the inside scoop on Holistic Centers and Licensed Body Rub Parlours. Warning...this content is not for everyone!! 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
October 23, 2018
Under The Sheets with guest Olivia Zarik
Check out this episode of our new series called "Under the sheets..." We sat down with an old friend Olivia Zarik, Registered Massage Therapist and Fitness Competitor. This conversation gave birth to this new series. The original intent was to speak about her journey into fitness, but it quickly turned into a candid conversation about her life- work, fitness, marriage, life, death, and becoming self aware. It's raw, it's pure, it's real...check it out!!! 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
October 20, 2018
Under the sheets... Preview
Check out this preview to a new series we have coming your way, we call it "Under The Sheets" a stripped down naked and raw conversation we have with our guests. This grew out of unexpected sit down we had with a previous guest...watch out for it, should be hitting your ears soon!! 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
October 19, 2018
$20 For Wha?!?
Check out this follow up episode to the "Rub Addict" preview. We had a bit of a change of plans on this one and veered off course from the original blue prints. After scoring an interview with the owner of 2 licensed Body Rub Parlours in the Greater Toronto Area, we decided to do some field work and check out some of the Holistic Centers in various parts of the city. Warning, this content is not for everybody!! 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
October 16, 2018
The Unprofessional Hour with guest Megan
Check out this episode of The Unprofessional Hour. We have a sit down with a Massage Therapists who happens to be an old friend. Have a listen and hear why "the icing broke the camel's back"...again, nothing here should be taken seriously...don't judge us, just enjoy!!
October 11, 2018
Looking for a Massage Therapy Coach or Mentor? Interview with Shawn Kitzman
Shaw Kitzman is a Massage Therapist and a Massage Therapy Coach and Mentor. Check out this phone conversation we had with Shawn as he gives us his backstory, information about coaching and mentoring, and some strategies you can put into your practice. You can get in touch with Shawn on his Facebook Page: Sustainable Coaching Practices. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
October 8, 2018
"Michelle's" Experience Working for a Massage Therapy Chain
Massage Therapy chains seem to get a bad rap among Therapists. You can find negative reviews from employees- both current and former, combated by positive information put out by these chains geared towards attracting Therapists for employment. Listen in to this Facebook Live conversation we had with "Michelle" who has worked at several of these chains in Canada. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
October 4, 2018
Rub Addict
Check out this preview for some of the upcoming episodes we have on the go - body rub parlours, holistic centers, and Massage Therapy chains. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
October 2, 2018
The Unprofessional Hour with guest "Belinda"
Episode 3 of The Unprofessional Hour is ready for your ears. "Belinda" stops by and raps on some of the strange things that she has experienced over the many years of being a Massage Therapist. Again, nothing here should be taken seriously...don't judge us, just enjoy!!
September 30, 2018
Interview with Adam Leavens, RMT, Anatomy Trains Structural Integrator, Fellow of Applied Science
Check out this conversation we had with Adam Leavens. He is a Registered Massage Therapist, Anatomy Trains Structural Integrator, Fellow of Applied Functional Science, Myodetox Therapist, and Educator. Listen in as Adam discusses how is practice has changed over the years - walking away from his busy practice after an introspective analysis on his approach to treatment, leading him on a quest for increased knowledge. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
September 27, 2018
Need a Lifestyle and Success Coach? Want the Lifestyle Scoop?? Interview with Eva Mancini
Eva Mancini is Lifestyle and Success Coach and is also the creator of Lifestyle Scoop - a collaborative blog dedicated to bring you topics that relate to living an active and healthy lifestyle. You will hear from her amazing team that shares their knowledge, experience, and stories related to wellness, travel and life! She also drops some insight on what Lifestyle and Success Coaching is all about. Visit www.lifestyle-scoop.com to check out all the cool stuff she's up to on her website and social media. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
September 25, 2018
Unethical Practices - Stuff you might wanna know...
Check out this solo riff about some of the unethical practices that take place in our business. Sorry for the f-bombs, but sometimes sh*t just needs to be said... 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
September 22, 2018
From Mom to Fitness Competitor: Interview with Fallon MacLean
As a young Mom she wanted to hire a trainer to get back into shape. This fitness goal turned into a journey in becoming a bikini fitness competitor, to really push herself physically to an extreme level. Listen in as she talks about the process, the fitness regime, the diet, the competition, and the side effects. Very eye opening information for people who may not know how training for a fitness competition differs from any other type of training. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
September 20, 2018
The Science of Mindfulness: Interview with Dr. Shar Rai
Dr. Shar Rai does many many many things....she is a Doctor or Chiropractic, she is involved in corporate wellness programs, she is an Empowerment Facilitator and Coach, and she is the co-founder of the an organization called The Empowerment Project. Listen in as she gives us her backstory, she talks the Science of Mindfulness and some workable tools, and how The Empowerment Project is influencing change one mind at at time. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
September 18, 2018
Interview with Brian Smith, Personal Trainer, Body Building Enthusiast, Founder of Days of Inspiration
You want some inspiration...check out this sit down we had with Brian Smith. Brian is not your typical Person Trainer. He has over come may obstacles in his life and uses his love for fitness and body building to fight his constant inner battles. He uses his past and present experiences to uplift and inspire not only his clients, but he is on a mission to bring inspiration through fitness to the masses. He is the founder of an awesome organization called Days of Inspiration. Let's help Brian bring his message to all!! 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
September 16, 2018
Want to know what the RMTAO does for you?? Interview with Andrew Lewarne, Executive Director & CEO of the RMTAO
Wanna know what the RMTAO does for you? We had a chance to sit down with Andrew Lewarne, Executive Director & CEO of the Registered Massage Therapists' Association of Ontario. Andrew talks about his professional background, changes at the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario - Quality Assurance Program and membership fee increase. We also get in to HST and the importance of advocacy in the Profession. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
September 12, 2018
Massage and Spa Success: Interview with Gael Wood
Another interview with our colleagues south of the border. Get your ears ready for this phone conversation we had with Gael Wood. Gael reached out and expressed an interest in sharing with us some of the cool things she's up to. So check this out as we get to know Gael, we learn about her backstory, her career as a Therapist and how it evolved into GaelWood.com where she educates Massage and Spa Therapists in the areas of marketing, business start up, customer service and spa services. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
September 8, 2018
Massage Therapists: Step Up and Fill Your Practice - Interview with Mindy Totten
Mindy is from Wilmington North Carolina and heard our podcast. She loved what we had to say and wanted to chat with us about what she's doing south of the border. Listen as she discusses her business of guiding body workers to narrow their focus, decide what they want for their practice and their life, and how she got to where she is today. Here's a link to Mindy's "Step Up and Fill Your Practice" challenge https://stepupchallenge.lpages.co/challenge. Visit https://www.mindytotten.com to get in touch with her. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
September 6, 2018
What's Coming Up...
Check out this intro for some of our upcoming episodes. We talk about some interviews with our friends south of the border, an upcoming interview with the RMTAO, and the seriousness of unethical practices. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
September 5, 2018
Interested In Fascial Stretch Therapy? Interview with Robert Glean
Are you a Manual Therapist or Fitness Professional interested in adding something new to your tool box? Check out this sit down we had with an old friend Robert Glean. Robert is a Registered Massage Therapist and instructor of Fasical Stretch Therapy with a company called Stretch to Win. Listen in as we talk FST, manual therapy, some reminiscing, and music. Visit https://robertglean.ca to get in touch with Robert. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
September 2, 2018
The Unprofessional Hour with guest who prefers to be nameless.
Check out the second episode of The Unprofessional Hour and hear about some of the strange things that our guest has had to deal with over the course of her career. Again, nothing here should be taken seriously...don't judge us, just enjoy!!
August 31, 2018
The World of Cannabis: Interview with Earth Kisses Sky
Check out this conversation we had with Tijen and Ashley of Earth Kisses Sky. We talk shop about the therapeutic use Cannabis, their backstory, their products, and how they are making waves in the male-dominated world of cannabis culture. Visit https://earthkissessky.com to get in touch. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
August 29, 2018
Pelvic Health: Manual Therapy and Exercise Can Help Interview with Emily and Sarah, Master of Science in Physiotherapy
Listen in to this conversation we had with two Physiotherapists, Emily and Sarah, who are Pelvic Health Providers. We discuss how they help their patients to manage various pelvic health conditions through manual therapy and exercise. Visit http://www.integrahealthcentre.com to reach out to Emily and Sarah. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
August 28, 2018
Everything You Wanted To Know About Sport Massage Interview With Jason White
If you are a therapist and sport and athletics is your thing...you gotta listen to this!!! Jason White, Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Athletic Therapist, and Acupuncture Practitioner takes us into the world of Sport Massage Therapy covering everything from the Association, to education, to working with elite athletes. Visit http://www.jasonwhitetherapy.com to get in touch with Jason. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
August 25, 2018
Wanna Know About Athletic Therapy / Athletic Trainer?? Interview with Corby Anderson
Are you interested in Athletics, Sport, and Therapy? You may be an awesome fit to pursue a career in Athletic Therapy or an Athletic Trainer for our US friends. Listen in as Corby hangs out with us and talks about being an Athletic Therapist - the education, training, and cool job opportunities. Corby is owner of Back on Track - Active Rehab Services. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
August 24, 2018
Massage Therapy Add-ons? Interview with Jennifer, RMT and Manual Osteopathy Student
Check out this sit down we had with Jennifer, RMT and student in an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner Program. We talk about difference and similarities in training, her current practice and how she's hoping to bring something more to table for her clients. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
August 23, 2018
Canna Wha? Interview with Ashley of Honey & Oak
Let us invade your brain with this sit down we had with Ashley from Honey & Oak https://honeyandoak.ca. Ashley was a tattoo artist for 8 years and suffered with major back and shoulder pain. Her partner in life and business, Chad created a full spectrum cbd lotion to help with the pain she felt. Fast forward 4 years and they are living their dream and sharing their little piece of nirvana with the world. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
August 20, 2018
Thinking about going mobile? Interview with MediSeen
Are you a mobile Therapist or Trainer? Thinking about going mobile? If so, you gotta listen to this!!! Check out this conversation with Daniel, Founder and CEO of MediSeen and Oriyah, Partner Operations Manager. We came to know of the awesome Canadian company earlier this year. The Mediseen team created their platform with the vision of reviving the home as a primary point of care, a dynamic and bold shift from traditional care delivery models. Check em out at https://mediseen.ca 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
August 15, 2018
Canna Wha? Marijuana as Medicine?? Introduction
Marijuana as Medicine?? We are super excited to have an upcoming talk with an entrepreneur who makes her own line of natural skin care products, which includes, wait for it...CBD infused pain relief stuff!! 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
August 13, 2018
The Unprofessional Hour
This is what happens when 3 Therapists get together and randomly talk shop with a microphone. Listen in as we hit up topics such as feet, body hair, and "my shoes". Don't judge us, just enjoy!!
August 13, 2018
Welcome to The Unprofessional Hour
We are taking a spin on our usual, so watch out for The Unprofessional Hour. We talk shop with our guests who hang out after an interview and discuss the other side of the industry, the stuff you don't hear about that is both humorous and probably slightly unprofessional to say the least. Nothing said here is meant to be taken seriously...
August 10, 2018
Massage Therapy Add-ons? Interview with Deme Barlas Sport Massage Therapist
Check out this conversation we had with Deme Barlas, Registered Massage Therapists and Sport Massage Therapist. Listen in and hear how it changed her practice and her approach to using Sport Massage not just on the field, but in her clinic as well. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
August 8, 2018
Ever Think About Making Your Business Mobile? Introduction
Check out this preview about making your business a mobile practice. Here we touch on some of the online platforms available for mobile healthcare businesses. Keep your ears open from some of our upcoming interviews where we sit with the designers and owners of these online platforms. Let's learn about them straight from the source. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
August 7, 2018
Fitness Business Success: Interview with Carlo and Christian of Strength-N-U
If you ever wanted to own a fitness business you gotta check this out. We sat down with Carlo and Christian, owners of Strength-N-U in Toronto. We rapped on the highs, the lows, the battle scars, gettin sentimental about equipment, business tips, marketing machines. These guys did it all on their own from the ground up, old school style with blood, sweat, tears, and crazy drive to succeed. Get in touch with these cats at https://strength-n-u.com You don't wanna miss this!! 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
August 1, 2018
Massage Therapy Add-ons? Sport Massage, Osteopathy
Coming soon to your ears...Massage Therapy add-ons like Sport Massage and Osteopathy. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
August 1, 2018
Massage Therapy Education and Accreditation in Canada - Interview with Richard Lebert
Listen in to an interview with Richard Lebert as we discuss the changes in Massage Therapy Education and Accreditation in Canada. Richard is a Registered Massage therapist and Educator with a focus on interprofessional collaboration and patient-centered care. Get in contact with Richard: rmtedu.com 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
July 29, 2018
Personal Trainers...do you want your own facility? Interview with Brad Cote
Check out this conversation with Brad Cote, owner of Link Integrated Health in Toronto. Brad is a Strength Coach, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, and Registered Massage Therapists. He blended his passion for training, therapy, and education in the creation of his really cool facility - it's more that a gym, it's more than a clinic. You can check out his website www.linkintegratedhealth.com to get in touch. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
July 27, 2018
Keto Diets - Interview with Dr. Ravinder Gill
We sat down with Dr. Ravinder Gill, Naturopathic Doctor and talked the ins and outs of the Keto Diet. Forget the fitness magazine - let's get this information from someone who knows what it's all about - the positive, the negative, supplements, the balancing act for macro nutrient intake. Get in touch with Dr. Gill: urbanhealthgroup.ca ravindergillnd@gmail.com 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
July 26, 2018
Impromptu riff about Massage Therapy Education in Canada
Listen in on this riff about the changes to Massage Therapy education in Canada inspired by the anticipation of an upcoming interview. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
July 25, 2018
Therapists and Personal Trainers...do you want your own facility? Introduction
We are gearing up to talk to some Personal Trainers who turned their dream into reality. Let's pick their brains and hear their back story about their road to success. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
July 19, 2018
Athletics and the Power of the Mind - Interview with Stephanie Merenda MHK, BA
Check out this interview with Stephanie Merenda, Mental Performance Coach, where we discuss the Power of the Mind and how it influences athletic performance and recovery from injury. Through mental skills training, Stephanie assists athletes in gaining a performance edge by improving focus, strengthening mental toughness and increasing confidence and consistency. Get in touch with Stephanie: stephanielmerenda@gmail.com, www.stephaniemerenda.com She is also involved in some cool work with an organization called Lead Thru Sport. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
July 18, 2018
Thinking about becoming a Doula? Interview with Cindy McNeely
Interview with Cindy McNeely RMT, Massage Therapy Educator, owner of Trimesters Massage Therapy Education, and Labour Support Provider / Doula. Cindy explains the role of a Doula and Labour Support Provider education geared towards practicing Massage Therapists. 2massagetherapists.com
July 16, 2018
Athletics and Therapy - Sport Has It Right
In the excitement of anticipating a sit down to talk with a sport psychologist and a knee jerk reaction to stuff I recently read, I shot from the hip in this rambling about athletics, therapy, and the road to recovery. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
July 14, 2018
Thinking about becoming a Doula? Introduction
Watch out of our upcoming episode where we sit with Cindy McNeely Registered Massage Therapist and Doula. Cindy also runs a company called Trimesters which offers education on pre and post-natal Massage Therapy care and Doula training. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
July 9, 2018
Dynamic Taping Interview with Josh Martin RMT
Join us as we have a phone interview with Josh Martin RMT. Josh teaches a course in Dynamic Taping. Listen in as he talks about how Dynamic Taping differs from other taping applications, its use in both field of play and clinical settings, and his workshops. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
July 5, 2018
Crafting Your Mission
You are not just a professional, you are an organization...and you need a mission. Listen in as we discuss the vital role of crafting your organization's mission and how it can change the way you run your business. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
July 4, 2018
Dynamic Taping Introduction
Do you use tape applications in your practice? Wanna know about Dynamic Taping? Check out this quick intro to an upcoming broadcast where will be sitting down with Josh Martin, Registered Massage Therapist, Sport Massage Therapists, and Instructor of Dynamic Taping workshops. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
July 2, 2018
Wanna Know About Reflexology? - Interview With Priyal Bhatt
We sat with Priyal Bhatt, Registered Reflexologist, Reflexology Instructor, Massage Therapy Educator. Listen in as we discuss the Benefits of Reflexology and Reflexology Education. 2massagetherapist.com ConEdInstitute.com
June 28, 2018
RMT Business Success Part 4
Here we discuss 3 usable strategies to help you ge your mindset and change your practice - goal setting, visualization, and affirmations. Final episode of the series. Here we discuss 3 usable strategies to help you to change your mindset and change your practice - goal setting, visualization, and affirmations. Put on your headphones and let your mind sink in... 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
June 27, 2018
RMT Business Success Part 3
Part 3 of 4 of RMT Business - continues the discussion on how to change your mindset and change your practice. Here we understand how your mind work and the roles conscious, subconscious, and creative subconscious. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
June 24, 2018
Wanna Know About Reflexology?? - Introduction
Check out this quick intro to an upcoming podcast talking all things Reflexology and it's role in Complementary Alternative Medicine. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
June 23, 2018
RMT Business Success Part 2
Part 2 of this series on the business side of massage therapy. Here we discuss self-awareness and the role of habits and behaviour in the formation of your mindset. This is from RMT Business Seminar put on by ConEd Institute. Be sure to check out Part 3 where we discuss how your brain works, understanding the subconscious mind. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
June 19, 2018
RMT Business Success Part 1
Part 1 of this series on the business side of massage therapy. Here we discuss the overview of the RMT Business Seminar put on by ConEd Institute. Be sure to check out Part 2 where we discuss strategies to Change Your Mindset, Change Your Practice. 2massagetherapists.com ConEdInstitute.com
June 18, 2018
We Have Arrived...
Just a bit about us... 2massagetherapits.com ConEdInstitute.com
June 13, 2018
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