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2 Massage Therapists and a Microphone

2 Massage Therapists and a Microphone

By Mochee
Welcome to 2 Massage Therapists and Microphone where we discuss all things Massage Therapy, Health, Wellness, and Fitness. Join us in creating a network to share knowledge, educate, and entertain the masses.
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The Radical RMT with guest Krista

2 Massage Therapists and a Microphone

Make the Most of Massage, with guest Mark
Mark is a LMT and certified Neuromuscular Therapist in the US with 30 years under his belt. About 20 years into his career, his body was giving up and after being diagnosed with many injuries he was told to hang up his hands. Mark America, as we have named him, decided to give himself a year to figure out if he could continue his practice and massage pain free. A decade later and here he is still practicing and helping other therapists learn how to make the most of massage with his blog which focuses on massaging pain free as well as business strategies to make more money. He’s got an upcoming book and a free DIY program for Massage Therapists who want to make it on their own!
June 18, 2021
Touch Massage Bar, with guest Saira
Saira is the founder and CEO of a new business which is described as a creative coupling of a massage bar and social experience. We met Saira a couple of years ago when she took a Chair Massage course at ConEd Institute because she had this vision of opening up her own wellness center  that focussed on Massage Therapy. We had a meeting with her to hear her business plan and fast forward to 2021 when we stumbled upon this beautiful Instagram page and lo and’s Saira’s business- Touch Massage Bar. Touch offers an atmosphere inspired by Saira’s favourite vacation destinations as well a chance to get a therapeutic massage while socializing with your friends, coworkers, partners, or just one on one. Check out this new vacation destination right in our own city!
June 14, 2021
Mobile Massage Mastery, with guest Michelle
Michelle is one of the owners of Cupping Canada and Cupping USA alongside her husband, Paul, whom we had the pleasure to chatting with a couple of years ago. Michelle has had such an exciting career as a Massage Therapist working with professional athletes and celebrities and working in all sorts of out of the box settings. Her experience with the mobile world gave her yet another business idea which was to start a group to help other mobile therapists and create a course for therapists to learn the ins and outs of taking your business in the road. As if that wasn’t enough, Michelle is also in the midst of writing a book about Mobile Massage Mastery to go along with this wonderful community she is creating. This woman has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Massage, business, and making a name for yourself and we are excited to see what she does next!
June 9, 2021
Let’s Talk Peer Assessments, with the Massage Therapy Podcast
We had our good friends from the Massage Therapy podcast join us again for a round table discussion about the peer assessment process which seems to be a hot topic in the Ontario Massage community these days. Nicole has first hand experience working with the college and we had a peer assessor help us to understand the process as it is meant to be. We wanted to give the other side of the story and maybe ease the stress on those who have yet to be peer assessed by giving some insight...spoiler- Heather has never been assessed!
June 3, 2021
Love Your Longevity, with guest Linda
Linda is a senior Massage Therapist...she’s a senior, who treats seniors. Linda wanted to come on the podcast to discuss the reality of being a senior when it comes to healthcare. She has learned to be loud and use her voice to advocate for seniors like herself whom she feels after often not listened to in society. Linda felt it was important to shed some light on where there are gaps in the healthcare community when it comes to treating seniors and illustrate what you might expect when working with this population and what we as healthcare providers should be doing better. She has a book for manual therapists and caregivers called “The SPIRIT Method of Massage for Seniors: Raising the Bar. A primer for Massage Therapists and Cargivers”.
May 28, 2021
Massage and Movement Magazine, with guest Susan
Susan is the founder of Massage and Movement Magazine which is a bi-monthly digital publication for Massage Therapists, by Massage Therapists. Susan has 2 decades of experience under her belt and to ensure she could happily continue in this profession that she loves, she needed more. She has been incorporating movement including yoga and Pilates for a while and really loves improving her fundamental knowledge of both Massage and movement to be the best she can be for her clients and not get bored! This magazine started out with her love for writing and blogging and has finally come to life. Check out her website for your free issue and get inspired with some great educational content from an awesome community of therapists.
May 22, 2021
Teenagers and Mental Health: a Personal Story with guest Storm
Storm is a 16 year old that reached out to us after their parents had introduced them to our podcast. Storm thought it might be useful for people to talk about mental health from a teen perspective. After many conversations back and forth (and meeting with Mom) we decided to give Storm a mic to tell their story. I started off by saying that this young person has been through more than many adults. Storm reminded me that when it comes to mental health there is no comparison and everyone has a story. So listen in if you want to hear theirs and how seeking help left Storm with useful tools for when they feel their mental health is struggling.
May 17, 2021
Creating Your Future, with guest Rebecca
Rebecca is a 3 time guest who always has some inspirational words for RMTs, LMTs, CMTs, and any bodyworker or entrepreneur really. We invited her back to talk about her newest baby, iHeal Institute, which uses NLP, Time Line Therapy, and hypnosis, to help coaches, massage therapists, and anyone really to learn the ways that they can heal themselves and help other people do the same. As always, Rebecca delivers some awesome advice for anyone in our profession and told us about another thing off her bucket list recently...her very first fitness competition! Listen to be inspired...
May 11, 2021
Chapman’s Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexes, with guest Paula
Paula is an International speaker and educator from Brisbane, Australia who specializes in teaching Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexes, commonly called Chapman’s reflexes, because they were first observed by Osteopathic Physician, Frank Chapman. Paula is also the founder of the Supercharged Therapist Method. She wanted to have a chat with us about some of the very interesting things she’s doing in her practice and her teaching and we love hearing from practitioners around the globe who are doing something a little different. We had a late night recording here in Toronto with some drinks and if it wasn’t morning in Brisbane Paula would have definitely joined us in a pint!
May 6, 2021
Becoming a Massage Therapist, with guest Ali
Ali has taken almost every course here at ConEd Institute as she patiently waits to become a RMT. She, like so many others, had to wait to do her licensing exams due to COVID and now that she’s completed them, she’s back in the waiting game as her results won’t be available for some time. We have gotten to know Ali over the course of the last year and she has a story. Many stories. We love hearing about people’s journeys and she’s got a lot to share about career changes, relationship changes, finding yourself and finally living your truth, and even a story about a psychedelic experience which changed her even more. Ali’s openness made for a fun conversation and she even surprised us with something she made for 2 RMTs and a mic which may have just moved her into the number one super fan spot! Warning: much adult content in this episode!!!
April 30, 2021
Under the Sheets, with guest Joyce
Joyce is a Massage Therapist in Toronto who is the “breadwinner” for her family of four. She says her family has broken the mold of what people view as a traditional family structure. At the end of 2019, Joyce and her family had their world shaken up when Joyce made a discovery that led to a diagnosis she never would have imagined she would hear. Joyce feels like often people don’t speak about what happens behind closed doors when something like this happens to your own family and there can be an elephant in the room when speaking to people on the outside. Joyce feels that telling her story and being open may encourage others to not go through this alone and understand that it can happen to anyone. She also feels it can help others know how to best support someone who is dealing with illness.
April 25, 2021
Prevent Child Abuse Florida, with guest Kelly
Kelly is a Reiki Master from Orlando Florida and has a story about her first experience feeling energy through massage which is how she realized she may just be a Michael Jordan in this field (you have to listen to understand). We learned that Kelly was organizing a fundraiser for Prevent Child Abuse Florida and wanted to give her a platform to talk about it. She had a virtual lip sync battle, “Putting on the hits 2021” to help raise money for this organization which means so much to her. As a child, Kelly grew up in an abusive home and stresses the importance of these kids having support systems outside of their home to get them through. Listen to us talk about energy, fundraising, and all about Kelly becoming who she is today.
April 20, 2021
Unpopular Opinions, with guest Nicki
Nicki is a regular guest, turned friend and wine drinking buddy here and she has returned for a third episode to share some of her most unpopular opinions with us. The three of us discuss topics such as money and how society feels about the “super rich”, discrimination and when it may be justified, Massage Therapists as a business, and many more opinions that may or may not be shared by the majority of manual therapists. Nicki loves healthy debates and is very open minded and her opinions are fluid which is why she’s very open to sharing her views with us all...don’t hate, just enjoy a fun conversation between three RMT friends!
April 15, 2021
Massage Therapy and Emotional Release, with guest Alyssa
Alyssa sent us a message to express some of her thoughts about being a Massage Therapist in California. She’s a new therapist and is also still in school to become a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist. We invited her to talk about being a new therapist while still studying and we ended up going down a path that of course we didn’t set out to go down. Alyssa recalled a time when she had a major emotional release while receiving treatment which opened up her eyes to how incredible Massage Therapy can be. Listen to some cool shop talk to get inspired all over again by how amazing Massage Therapy really is.
April 10, 2021
Training Your Brain, with guest Alex From Neurofit
Alex, the founder of Neurofit, describes this virtual reality tool as the Fitbit for your brain. After his father suffered a stroke, Alex realized there were limitations with brain injury rehabilitation and knew there had to be a better way. The entrepreneurial spark became a fire and Neurofit VR was born. The mission is to allow patients to receive personalized rehabilitation and allow the healthcare providers to help more people even with limited time. Listen to Alex tell us his story, how Neurofit works, who Neurofit can help, and how his company has had to shift due to COVID.
April 5, 2021
Hanging With Our Listeners, with guest Montana
Montana is a LMT in New York who has experience working in both New York and Florida. She has recently become a listener of ours and wanted to have a chat about the differences she encountered both with how the spas were run and the clients she met working in these two states. She was also interested in breaking down the differences between being registered and being licensed. It’s always fun to chat with our listeners down south and hear their stories and Montana delivered! She told us some crazy stories about traveling and dealing with inappropriate clients which many of us can relate to. Listen to another fun and productive conversation with an awesome listener!
March 30, 2021
When you're having issues with the Governing Body...
Check out this sit down we had with a Massage Therapist after she caught our eye with a Facebook post that sparked some interesting conversation about issue that she was having with the Governing Body, and apparently she's not the only one...
March 23, 2021
Rock Tape - Not Just a Tape Company, with guest Brad
Brad is an exercise physiologist, educator, soon to be Registered Massage Therapist, and one of the people you have likely encountered if you have ever taken courses with Rock Tape. Brad explains to us the philosophy behind this company which despite its name is not just a tape company. Rock Tape has created a company culture surrounding movement and their mission statement really says it’s all- they want people to move more and move better. The three of us talk about evidence, fascia, the nervous system, the concept of more isn’t always better, and snowshoeing! Listen to learn more about how you could incorporate Rock Tape into your practice or just to hear some shop talk about movement and performance.
March 17, 2021
The Unprofessional Hour, with guest Alana
Alana had a career as a nurse, was married for 10 years and has 4 children. After her divorce, she decided to make a career shift to have more flexibility to allow for time for her kids and their sports. She is now part of the weird world of Massage Therapy. Since becoming a RMT, Alana has been told what RMTs can and cannot do, such as make money, open multidisciplinary clinics, or be taken seriously working with athletes if you’re a cute blonde (insert eye roll here). Alana is from a small town and shared some of the ridiculous rumours which have circulated about her since becoming a therapist and some of the locker room talk that people think is appropriate. As always, don’t judge us but enjoy the banter between 3 RMTs who still can’t believe the shit people do!
March 11, 2021
Rebranding Massage Therapy? With guest Lindsay
Quite a few people joined the discussion about how the world views Massage Therapy after our discussion on a previous episode with guest Daniel, a Myotherapist in Australia. Massage Therapists are often viewed as the relaxation people, the muscle kneaders, the ones who you go see to relax your muscles, decrease stress, and part of a “self-care” routine. While we do have those skills, many therapists want the world to know that we are also soft tissue experts. We are the people you see to prevent and manage acute and chronic pain, improve range of motion and strength, and to maintain tissue health. All which ultimately affect movement and performance. A lot of RMTs are moving into the world of movement, including Lindsay and want to make others aware. Listen to Lindsay’s approach to therapy and the direction she’s moving in.
March 7, 2021
The Roles Within the RMTAO and What They Do, with guest Jenn
Jenn is a former director that sat on the board with the RMTAO until recently so she’s still feeling some withdrawal symptoms. While holding her position on the board, Jenn would often get questions that were outside of her role from RMTs which made her realize that there exists some confusion in our industry about who is responsible for what, how decisions are made within the association, and why there needs to be confidentiality in some circumstances. Jenn is passionate about the Massage profession, and policy making which is why she got involved with the association as a student. She really broke down how different people contribute to the advancement of our profession through policy making, getting involved with the college, formal education, continuing education, and even us with our podcast and bringing the community together to have discussion.
March 1, 2021
What Is Supplemental Insurance and Do You Need It? with guest Cleopatra
Cleopatra connected with us via LinkedIn because she specializes in supplemental insurance and works with manual therapists like us to be sure we have the policies we need to protect ourselves and our livelihoods. After hearing her presentation, we invited her to talk about insurance on the podcast to break down what some of the options are, why they are important, who could benefit from the products, and how making a claim when you need it can be easy and extremely beneficial to your life. Cleopatra recognizes that insurance may not be the most exciting of topics but we vowed to keep it interesting with some fun claim stories, and to make insurance sexy! I think we succeeded. Listen to Cleopatra break down some of the insurance products and reach out to her if you’ve got questions because she has answers!
February 24, 2021
Clinical Pain Science for RMTs, with guest Eric
Are you up to date with current research regarding pain? Do you understand the science of pain? Do you know how the current science of pain is relevant to your practice as a RMT? We had a conversation with Eric Purves who is one of the awesome presenters at our upcoming B3 conference supporting Food Banks Canada. He is a RMT in BC, and teaches courses on chronic pain management. His graduate studies also focused on the application of research evidence into healthcare practice. This episode offers a sneak peak into what Eric will be teaching us at the B3 conference and a small piece of what pain science is, and why manual therapists, their patients, and their practice can benefit from applying evidence from current pain science and biopsychosocial influences in their daily clinical practice.
February 18, 2021
More Undercover Heroes, with guest Sarah
Sarah has been ra Registered Massage Therapist for 22 years and has had a Paediatric focus for 10 years. She is also an educator who has taught at two different Massage Colleges. A few years ago, Sarah began working with a friend who runs a gymnastics program for children with neurodevelopmental differences. She became a coach herself and uses her knowledge and skill as a RMT to observe how the children move and what exercises will benefit their bodies. She runs paediatric Massage Therapy workshops and organizes speakers to help educate RMTs in this area.  She also started the Canadian Paediatric Massage Therapists facebook page with a friend and colleague to try to encourage Massage Therapists with an interest in paediatrics to share and elevate each other.
February 12, 2021
Making Moves, with guest Marie
Marie is a Registered Massage therapist who has been practicing her entire career here in Ontario where she obtained her Massage Therapy diploma. After living and working here for years, Marie decided to move back home to British Columbia. We originally invited Marie to speak about the process of going from one regulated province to another and about her decision to move during the pandemic. It got so much more interesting! Marie has lived abroad, studied abroad, travelled alone, and had many adventures. Listen to her story about studying to become a nurse, why she could not pursue that career and how she ended up becoming a RMT in Ontario.
February 8, 2021
The Unprofessional Hour, with guests Maddie and Amanda
Maddie and Amanda are brand spanking new RMTs who have only been in practice for about a year and a half. They love improving their practice and have taken a number of courses with ConEd Institute which is how we came to know these two. They have a “meet cute” story about meeting in massage school and falling for each other and an even more adorable proposal story! Listen to this newly engaged couple talk about how they decided to get into massage, their love story, and of course all of the crazy stuff that has taken place in their first year of practice as new RMTs! Don’t judge us, just enjoy!
February 4, 2021
Talking Shop with a Myotherapist from Down Under! with guest Daniel
We had a zoom call with Daniel, a Myotherapist in Australia. He listens to our podcast and just wanted to talk shop with us about what it’s like practicing in Australia. He feels that what he does is close to what we do here in Canada as Massage Therapists. He wanted to talk about education, the public’s perspective about what we do, what his practice has evolved to in his short career, and where he feels we need to move in our industry. We had a ton of fun talking with Daniel and love having conversations like these where we can hear different perspectives within our profession. Listen to three passionate therapists talk shop and rap about all things Massage Therapy from different sides on the globe!
January 30, 2021
From Cartoonist to Massage Therapist to Massage Therapy Cartoonist, with guest Karen
Some of you may know Karen for her witty and wonderful Massage Therapy cartoons. We have seen them online, and in the Friday File from the RMTAO, and we wanted to speak to the woman behind the animations. Karen had a full and successful career in animation which allowed her to work on some of our most favourite cartoons from our about nostalgia! She eventually realized that the industry wasn’t what she wanted for the rest of her life and decided to try her hands at a new career...see what I did there? As a mature student, Karen enrolled in Massage Therapy college and the rest is history. She has now been in practice for almost two decades and as a creative person, she couldn’t simply stop drawing cartoons! So for our viewing pleasure, we now have Listen to this fascinating story and definitely head to her website to see more from this Massage Therapist, animator, and most recently...stand up comic?!?
January 25, 2021
Manual Therapy My Own Way, with guest Sandy
Sandy is a Registered Massage Therapist in Vaughan who had reached out to us because he wanted to share his assessments and treatment approach with us. He thought he was coming in to give one of us a demo treatment so we could experience what he does but instead we have him a mic so he could share with you all. Sandy is no stranger to pain having injuries himself, and has found a way of providing manual therapy to his clients that gives him satisfaction and he is getting excellent clinical outcomes. Sandy’s approach is far from traditional Massage Therapy, which is part of the reason he decided to take a leap and start his own practice. Listen as Sandy explains why and how he moved into this direction for himself and his patients, and listen to us create a 5 year plan FOR him which includes bringing on RMTs and becoming a mentor for the next generation of therapists.
January 20, 2021
Body Rub Parlours Surviving Owners Story, with guest Emily Muse
We had a repeat guest, Emily, who is one of the owners of Muse Massage Spa; a licensed body rub parlour with locations in Toronto and Vaughan. We initially spoke with Emily back in 2018 when we did a series on body rub parlours to educate the public about what is and isn’t legal and why RMT’s get asked for “Happy Endings”! This time around, we reached out to Emily to see how her industry has been affected by COVID-19 and lockdowns. We talked about the rules they had when given the green light to reopen (yes that includes attendants in masks), how Emily herself and her business partner have survived being shut down, some different parts of the sex industry and how they have been affected, and all of the many possible tangents when speaking to someone as open and honest as Emily.
January 16, 2021
Field Trippin’ with guests Dr. Mike and Ronan
Ronan Levy, one of the founders of Field Trip Health, and Dr. Michael Verbora, the Medical Director for Canada at Field Trip Health, joined us via zoom to educate us and our listeners on evidence based, legal, psychedelic therapies that have been proven effective when used to treat anxiety, depression, and PTSD. These two both have a background working with medicinal cannabis and have now started using a combination of ketamine and psychotherapy to help their patients. Dr. Mike is a trained family physician who became tired of simply adjusting his patients medications versus finding the root of the problem. Listen to him describe the process in detail and how and why it works. As a “recovering lawyer”, Ronan has a passion for what he’s doing now and even shares some personal experience about how this process has improved his own life.
January 12, 2021
Hanging with Entrepreneurs, with guest Christina
Christina messaged us a year ago with an idea to record an episode about Massage Therapy and hydrotherapy for babies with the intent to debunk some baby spa myths. Well, being a Mom and Entrepreneur aka Mompreneur, took precedence and a year later we finally had our conversation! We got to hear about Christina’s journey into Massage Therapy, and how her practice has continually evolved through her eagerness to learn and expand her knowledge and technical skills. Christina is the owner of Alternative Healing Wellness Clinic in Vaughan which includes Massage Therapy, Pediatric Massage Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Hypnotherapy, and even Aqua Therapy for infants and children with varying needs.
January 9, 2021
Conversations with Clients, with guest Liz the Silent Hero
Check out this 2nd episode of season 4. We had Liz hang out on our couch after receiving a Massage Therapy treatment. She was a bit reluctant to strap on a headset and sit behind a mic, she's a bit shy, but deep down shes really a superhero. Liz does something special for work, something she calls "just being nice to people" but really it's so much more....she does social work in a homeless shelter for men with substance abuse issues. Listen in as we rap about how she got started in the this line of work, leaving University just shy of obtaining her Psychology Degree to pursue a Diploma in Social Service Work, serving wine and beer to addicts, her new found perspective on the male experience, the humor of being called f*ckface, a close call with COVID at her workplace, and how her friends and family feel about her job. She is a true hero, a silent hero who humbly does her thing while making a huge impact on the lives of those around her. 
January 5, 2021
Hanging with Entrepreneurs, with guest Rachel
Welcome to Season 4!!! We kick it off with Rachel who is a LMT in New York and has an incredible story about turning a 5 year plan into a 6 month journey to becoming a business owner. Though 2020 was tough for most of us, Rachel took every WTF moment, made decisions, found solutions, and managed to have success and prosperity during a very challenging time. Rachel is the definition of entrepreneur and is now working to help other Massage Therapists who want to level up their businesses. Aside from coaching therapists, Rachel has written a book which will be available soon called Massage MBA. Listen to this episode to learn from a therapist who saw opportunities and continues to crush her goals even when she’s met with obstacles.
January 1, 2021
Announcing the B3 Conference with, guest Conor
ConEd Institute, 2 Massage Therapists and a Microphone, and Conor Collins of the Concast, have teamed up to organize a 2 day virtual conference with an all-star line up of industry giants! The best part of this new project...all of the proceeds will be donated to Food Banks of Canada! During such trying times, we all wanted to do some good both within our industry, and for our communities in general. We are super excited to let you all in on how we are planning to help you develop your brain, brand, and business with 7 of the most incredible speakers who are so graciously donating their time and knowledge to make this event possible- Walt Fritz PT, Dylan Crake MSc, RMT, RKin, Terra Nicolle  RMT, M.OMSc, Whitney Lowe LMT, Robert Libbey RMT, Eric Purves MSc, RMT, Michelle Francis-Smith RMT, Doula. We also have some incredible sponsors who will be donating prizes to this exciting charity event- Noterro, Canadian RMT Conference, and Carbo Medical Supplies, just to name a few. We can’t wait to see you all there!
December 30, 2020
Unregulated to Regulated, with guest Rebecca
Rebecca is a RMT in Alberta, Canada who loves to learn and constantly give herself new goals and challenges. Rebecca worked as a bus and LRV operator in Calgary which she ended up loving but needed to go back to school and learn more. She decided on Massage Therapy and loves this career as well! But alas, she needs more. Her next goal is to move to British Columbia which is a regulated province, She decided to go to Newfoundland and write her exams to get licensed there, and ultimately to BC. This is how we came to meet Rebecca! She did some exam prep at ConEd Institute and has successfully completed her first step towards her new goal of becoming registered in a Regulated Province.
December 26, 2020
My Own Private Idaho, with guest Eric
Eric is a LMT in Idaho, and also a business coach for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers. He and Mark had decided that we would record an episode about having an exit strategy or retirement plan from this industry. That was the original plan but as often happens, we took many turns and discussed Eric’s Massage Therapy journey, his family, making home movies with his 10 siblings, going to Massage school in Texas, how his career has evolved, and what soft skills he feels are important for Massage Therapists. We did of course discuss retirement because Eric reinforces the importance of financial planning with his coaching clients and he is very savvy when it comes to money.
December 20, 2020
Hanging With Our Listeners, with guest Sophie
Sophie was binging some of our episodes while in her second quarantine for possible COVID-19 exposure and since she had lots of time on her hands, we asked her if she would like to rap with us over the phone...about anything! We took it back to our lockdown days and recorded late night after the kids were asleep from our bedroom while sipping on blue drinks. Sophie has a similar background to us and started out as a personal trainer. Like many trainers we have spoken to, she wanted more and wanted to offer more to her clients to help their bodies function better. In her career as a RMT, Sophie has gone 100 percent mobile and says it has been the best decision for her practice. Listen to find out why she’s so in love with this career.
December 14, 2020
Doing All the Things, with guest Mike
Mike aka Mikey Alphabet has many titles and wears many hats. He is an Athletic Therapist, a Massage Therapist, a Sport Fellow Member with CSMTA, and a certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner. We met Mike when he signed up for some one on one training at ConEd Institute and just found him to be an interesting guy. Mike has travelled the world working with athletes and is currently doing clinical work here in Toronto. Mike loves learning and improving his manual skills for his patients. Listen to Mike talk about working with athletes, participating in major games, his attempt to teach us about Matrix, and what he plans to do next in his career.
December 7, 2020
Conversations with Clients, with guest Yvonne
Yvonne is a young athlete that takes her health and wellness seriously and doesn’t mess around when it comes to therapy! She has a team of therapists ranging from chiropractors to Massage Therapists to Athletic Therapists and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners. The reason she’s so serious about therapy is that she understands what it takes to keep an athletic body functioning optimally and has her Mom to help her in creating her dream team! This is part of the reason it was so heartbreaking when Yvonne suffered an injury that almost ended her athletic career. But it did lead her into Massage Therapy college which made us super proud! Listen to Yvonne speak about being a young athlete, her injury, and what it has been like as a Massage student in COVID times.
December 1, 2020
Therapeutic Relationships, with guests Matt and Sam
Matt and Sam are both RMTs in Toronto who co-teach a course in Therapeutic Relationships at one of the most well known Massage Therapy colleges in Ontario. They invited us to be involved in the course and sit on a panel to have open and honest discussions with their students about the real life stuff involved in the Massage Therapy profession. We absolutely love this idea and think this part of Massage training is so important that we wanted to get more information about what they are doing with their class. Listen to the four of us talk about some things to consider when going out into practice such as dealing with uncomfortable conversations with clients, shutting down inappropriate behaviour, dual relationships, and being assertive in your role as a healthcare professional. We had so much fun recording with these two and can’t wait to talk with their students!
November 24, 2020
Gunning for Change and Leaving Your Mark, with guest Kristofer
Kristofer is a Massage Therapist in Toronto who takes an evidence informed approach in his practice which focuses a lot on treating athletes. In his 6 years of practice, he has made an effort to ensure that any connections made, whether at a clinic job, networking event or conference, or even online, that he leaves an impression. He is passionate about his career and wants to leave an impression on the Massage Therapy profession which is why he got into education and is now running to be on the board of directors for our association here in Ontario, the RMTAO. Listen to why Kris feels he is the right fit, what conversations he feels are important to have, and what positive actions he plans to bring to the table if he gets the opportunity.
November 19, 2020
The Unprofessional Hour, with guests Sabrina and Tatyana
Sabrina (not the witch) and Tatyana aka Kid Rock have taken some ConEd courses with us and are listeners who enjoy the Unprofessional Hour the most! That means we had to invite them in for a late night recording to tell some of their most outrageous Massage Therapy stories. This episode is full of giggles, as once again Mark was trapped in a room with a bunch of ladies (poor guy). Tatyana and Sabrina met in school and reminisce about how they came to be bffs, and each have stories about how they started their own practices. Listen to 4 RMTs hanging out over drinks on a Saturday night talking shop. Don’t judge us, just enjoy!
November 15, 2020
Under the Sheets, with guest Roxanne
Roxanne is a RMT and owner of a successful clinic, Bliss Wellness, in Orillia, Ontario. Roxanne and her two daughters were involved in a head on collision in July that has had a massive impact on Roxanne’s life. We were so thrilled that she was willing to have us at her clinic to hear her story- one that she has decided is not going to BE her story. Roxanne truly practices what she preaches and because of her extraordinary physical and mental health at the time of her accident, she is rocking her recovery. Even though therapy has become her full time job, Roxanne has the most positive outlook on life and she’s truly inspirational. Listen to Roxanne discuss why taking care of your health is so crucial, what rehab has looked like for her up to this point, and what she sees for herself and her practice going forward.
November 10, 2020
Facing Your Fears, with guest Bobbi Jo
Bobbi Jo has been a Massage Therapist for only 2 years and has already dove head first into practicing with very specific niche populations. When she was in college she had the chance to work with patients post surgery and although it was scary and she even made some mistakes, she could see how meaningful this work was and wanted to work with post- surgical patients once she became registered. Through taking ConEd Institute courses, she came to know of Shouldice Hernia Hospital and had the chance to treat patients immediately after their hernia surgeries. After a year she needed a change of pace and applied for a job working with another population that scared her- pregnant women! Bobbi Jo discusses everything from her approach to studying, why she enjoys continuous learning, and even teaches us a little about Dungeons and Dragons!
November 5, 2020
Making an Impact, with guest Michelle
Michelle is a Massage Therapist we have admired from afar for a while now. She’s a business owner, mother, educator, and author to name a few reasons we wanted to have her on mic to share her story. Michelle is probably best known for her work in the perinatal world of Massage Therapy and her education company, Perinatal Massage Therapy education. Michelle shared her amazing story with us about why she is so passionate about working with perinatal clients and gets very personal about how her experience as a mother of a child with special needs has guided her to the work she does. We could have talked forever with Michelle and this recording actually happened on two separate nights because we also wanted to hear about Michelle’s latest accomplishments- her book “You Have so Much Potential: Inspiring Generational Healing and Transformation” and her role in getting anti-racism training incorporated into Massage Therapy curriculum at the college she teaches at. Prepare to be inspired...
October 30, 2020
Me-Time for Kids, with guest Heidi
Heidi stepped outside of her comfort zone to contact us and tell us about her fairly new and very unique Massage Therapy business. She is the only Registered Massage Therapist I have ever met who exclusively treats children. Heidi has been in practice 15 years and was starting to feel that she needed a change so she went inactive to explore other career paths. What she came to realize is how much she loves working with children and that she could combine her two passions. She recognizes that children don’t often get the chance to be still, have someone completely focused on them, and have space to just be who they are. Her tag line, Calm Me, Know Me, Be Me perfectly sums up her goals which is to allow children to unplug from the overstimulation of life, relieve stress and anxiety (yes kids have these too!), and enhance body awareness. Check out Heidi’s practice at
October 26, 2020
Claims with Chris, Your Friendly Neighbourhood Professional Liability Insurance Broker
Chris sent us an email because he wanted to talk about insurance and we were here for it. We met Chris a few years back and have used him as a resource for stories of insurance claims to give examples of why keeping quality records is so important. So we just knew Chris would deliver on some of the random claims that have crossed his desk. Chris and his father (and his grandfather) have insurance in their blood and work specifically with Massage Therapists and Yoga Studios. His brokerage, Advantage Insurance, is very client driven, has embraced technology, yet made insurance very personal- you can reach out to Chris 24/7 ! Listen to hear a little about the insurance industry, some crazy claim stories, and what’s new and different about Advantage Insurance.
October 21, 2020
Here Come the Kins! with guest Jaime
Jamie has been a guest on our couch before talking about all of the awesome things Registered Kinesiologists can do in the realm of complementary healthcare. She reached out again because she had more thoughts about how Kins could be better leveraged within clinics and how clinic owners are missing an opportunity with their Kins. She also has been having great success with virtual assessments and exercise therapy and she was excited to share with the masses. The discussion turned into a round table type of brainstorm session and took many turns. Listen to get in on the conversation about how Kins can better break their way onto the scene!
October 17, 2020
Discussing Standards of Practice - A Round Table Discussion, with guests Conor and Fran
We invited two RMTs, Conor and Fran, to review the draft from the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario of the updated Standards of Practice. We had seen some online discussion and had some DMs come our way about the draft and decided to go through it, for the first time, with the mics on and some level headed therapists with a boat load of experience. Listen to our take on the draft and decide for yourself if you feel the changes are clear, easy to understand, accomplish what the CMTO has set out to do, and provide a better framework for governing our beloved profession.
October 7, 2020
Conversations with Clients, with guest Phoebe
We had a client stay back after treatment this week to sit on our couch and talk about what school reopening has looked like this year. We wanted someone who is in the trenches to give perspective on the reopening plans and whether the government, the school boards, and the teachers unions had done a good job with getting our kids back to school whether in person or virtually. Phoebe has been a high school teacher for 23 years and was happy to share her two cents about what could have or should have been done and what she feels about the way things have unfolded.
October 3, 2020
Talking Shop with Bree, Part 1
Bree is a RMT from Ottawa, Ontario that reached out to us because she enjoys talking shop with other therapists and had a ton of info to share with us about what she has been up to. We only scratched the surface with her in part one which is why a part two will be coming out soon! In this episode we really focused on NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) which is a major part of Bree’s practice today. She explains what NKT is, how she uses it with her clients, why she feels it’s a valuable part of her treatment approach, and how it gives her the appearance of being a “voodoo witch doctor” to her patients. Be sure to check out Part 2 where we rap about the Peer Assessing for the Regulatory Body.
September 27, 2020
Under the Sheets - Owning Your Choices, with guest Marsha
Marsha is a friend of a friend who came highly recommended to be a guest on one of our episodes. We didn’t know too much about the woman we were about to meet but we are so happy she agreed to come sit on our couch. Marsha is a very newly retired kinesiologist who just decided during this pandemic not to renew her registration after practicing kinesiology for 27 years. She has an incredible backstory of how she got here which started over a decade ago when she had to deal with every parents nightmare- substance abuse. Marsha and her husband tried everything imaginable to get help for their two young sons and quickly realized how broken the legal system is and how little support exists for parents dealing with kids and drugs. Marsha took control of her life when she stopped asking why. She used her life lessons to help other parents and is now a published author, public speaker,  life advisory coach, and just an awesome human.
September 22, 2020
2 RMTs and a Mic the Next Generation, with guests Steph and Chantel
Steph and Chantel came to ConEd Institute to take a Cupping course recently and we learned that they are so new to the profession that they had only had the opportunity to practice for 2 months before we were shut down. They are regular listeners of the podcast so we asked them if they wanted to record because we just LOVE new and eager therapists. These two had some interesting stories of getting into Massage Therapy and their outlook on massage therapy education, the profession as it is now, the future of massage, and continuing education are what we needed to hear as these green therapists ARE the future of Registered Massage Therapists in Ontario. Listen to the next generation of RMTs talk shop with us two old veterans!
September 19, 2020
The Kundalini Awakening, with guest Melissa
Melissa and Mark met in online space and she reached out to him about being a guest on the podcast. She’s a former Massage Therapist that worked at the happiest place on Earth...Disney World! We were super excited to speak to Melissa because based on the small amount of information we had, shes seemed very interesting. We had no idea what we were about to learn. Melissa recently experienced The Dark Night of the Soul- a stage in personal development when a person undergoes a difficult and significant transition to a deeper perception of life and their place in it. She took us down a path we didn’t expect and we spoke about her Kundalini Awakening. If you have ever been curious about these terms or spirituality in your life, listen to Melissa’s episode to hear about her own spiritual journey.
September 15, 2020
New Name, New Features, Same Guys, with guests Nick and Ryan of Noterro
We invited Nick and Ryan back to talk about their clinic management software company- Noterro. Many Therapists may have known this company as Soap Vault in the past but the name has recently changed to a more encompassing name that represents all that this software can do for your business. In this episode we once again spoke about how the company came to be, its growth, how they keep up with the changing demands of their clientele, and how user friendly the platform is. Listen to hear what’s new with the company since the name change and the reason for the shift, and what new features have been added to keep up with the ever changing demands of our industry especially through the pandemic.
September 11, 2020
For the Love of Massage Therapy with guest, Dom
Dominique sent us an email as a newer Massage Therapist who is absolutely in love with this profession. She is currently living in Virginia with her fiancé but is originally a big city girl from New York. Dom has a very interesting back story that led to her Massage career starting with a challenging childhood including a mysterious disability, to a super supportive family that recognized at a very early age that she was talented in writing and story telling. Dom pursued a career in journalism and her first celebrity interview was actually a CANADIAN! But Dom also had another talent and once again her family felt she should pursue it. Listen to Dom’s story and fall in love with massage all over again.
September 4, 2020
Back to School COVID Style, with guest Vivian
Vivian joined us on the phone to give us some inside information about what colleges are doing to get in-class courses happening again. She is an employee at Mohawk College and could only really give us insight into their protocols but it is really a good indication as to what school will look like for most Massage Therapy students this fall because the program directors from various colleges work together to ensure the safety of their staff and students. Vivian explained how students were handled during the shut down, and how they are going to move forward. As a practicing RMT, and educator, Vivian is passionate about the Massage Therapy profession and is both hopeful and positive about future RMTs.
August 30, 2020
Hanging with Entrepreneurs, with guest Lindsay
We had Lindsay on our couch a while back talking about Sport Massage and she was eager to come back for a collaboration for her podcast Lattes with Lindsay. She wanted to have an open round table discussion about the characteristics of an entrepreneur, how to get started as a self employed organization, and what it really means to be an entrepreneur. We didn’t know where this episode would take us but it was a very real and honest discussion about the pros and cons of entrepreneur life, the ups and downs, and all of the twists and turns that can and will happen if you have a true entrepreneurial spirit. Listen to Lindsay’s take on a day in the life and use this real life experience as a valuable lesson in what it means to be the captain of the ship. Also be sure to check out her podcast!
August 25, 2020
Hanging with Entrepreneurs, with guest Mary
This episode is both an entrepreneur segment AND a where are they now segment. Mary is a former student of Mark’s who has been incredibly successful in her 7 year career as a RMT. She has kept in touch with us over the years and constantly expresses her gratitude to Mark for playing a key role in her creating the life she wanted. Mary is far too humble. Listen to her journey and it will be easy to see that Mary has the grit and the hustle of an entrepreneur and she made this all happen. She’s the owner of a beautiful and successful clinic, Pillar of Health that exists solely because of her entrepreneurial spirit and hard work. We are happy she FINALLY agreed to rap with us and it was a major love fest. There’s something about Mary...
August 19, 2020
Canadian Massage Conference Goes Virtual, with guests Scott and Monica
We travelled back to Hamilton to One Wellness Group Family Massage Therapy Clinic to hang out with our friends Scott and Monica who are two of the awesome RMTs behind the Canadian Massage Conference that has been running for 13 years. With all of the uncertainty 2020 has brought, we weren’t sure we would get a conference this year but have no fear; Scott and Monica wouldn’t leave RMTs and future RMTs without a glimmer of hope. These two have so much passion for this profession and have been huge promoters of Massage Therapy education over the years. They have the best in the business on board to deliver the conference and trade show this year in a virtual format. They are super excited to share their new platform with all of us and thanks to their amazing sponsors, they are actually hosting 2 events, August and September, at a very affordable price and even a free student day! Listen to learn how this works, how to get involved, and just to be inspired by some great people.
August 14, 2020
Under the Sheets, with guest Isidora
Isidora is a Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Pilates Instructor, and podcast host! She invited us to be on her podcast, Bent over Wellness, and we couldn’t resist based on the name alone! After having so much fun recording with her, we had to have her on our couch! As always, we didn’t know where the conversation would go. Izzy surprised us and opened up about her past struggles with addiction and how yoga was a part of her recovery. As a recovering alcoholic, Izzy  feels it is super important to be open and real about her own journey because of the possibility that it may help even one person to take the steps they need to get on the road to recovery. We appreciated the raw conversation and hope you enjoy getting to know such an awesome person and therapist.
August 11, 2020
Conversations with a Super Fan, with guest John
John is one of our most loyal listeners and loves getting involved in the conversation. He often sends us feedback about episodes and has found value in many of our guests. When COVID hit, he was checking in on us and even giving Amanda cooking tips! We promised him that when we were back in action that we would invite him in to rap about whatever he that’s just what we did! Listen to John’s story about his first few years as a Massage Therapist And working for Massage Addict,  and his career path prior to getting into this profession. This super fan is super interesting and it didn’t hurt that he came with a cooler full of Corona!
August 7, 2020
Assessments for Massage Therapists, with guest Ron
Ron reached out to us because he wanted to talk assessments. We are big fans of assessments and love hearing about different approaches to assessment. Ron pointed out how Massage Therapists have a unique advantage in the assessments process based on the amount of time we have with our patients and clients and our exceptional palpation skills. As a RMT with many years of experience, and an educator, Ron feels that RMTs should really hone in on our fundamental skills and work to enhance those rather than adding modalities and we couldn’t agree more. His assessments approach is using simple principles like muscle testing and palpation that all RMTs are capable of to provide the best care to our patients and clients.
August 3, 2020
The Non-Unprofessional Hour Unprofessional Hour, with guest Sean
Sean listens to our podcast and felt that he had valuable information to share with our audience...and who are we to deny a passionate RMT a platform to share knowledge?!? Sean began his career working at a popular Massage Therapy chain in the USA and quickly gained the respect of owners and corporate that he bypassed the chain of seniority and was given a role with more responsibility. Through this he also realized how much he didn’t quite fit in at this type of establishment. In a non- unprofessional hour episode, he shares some pretty unprofessional stories about his former place of work and it’s easy to figure out why he chose to branch out on his own. Listen to Sean give insight into his experience with a Massage chain, and some valuable advice for Massage Therapists.
July 29, 2020
4 Massage Therapists and a (few) Microphones, with guest The Massage Therapy Podcast
When we were asked by The Massage Therapy Podcast to guests, we jumped at the opportunity!! So here it is.... From The Massage Therapy Podcast: "We reached out to Mark & Amanda because we wanted to flip the mic and learn more about the masterminds behind 2 Massage Therapists and a Microphone, a pioneer and leader in the massage therapy education and podcast world.  Yes, this is one of our longest episodes but when you can sit and chat with those who inspire you, it's hard to let the conversation end. Listen in as we learn more about Amanda & Mark's WHY on becoming RMTs, starting a continuing education company and a podcast.  We discuss everything from massage philosophies, research extremists to rainbow brushing?! Be Kind, Be Well. Heather & Nicole." Check out The Massage Therapy Podcast Instagram @the.mtp Facebook @themassagetherapypodcast YouTube
July 23, 2020
Massage Therapy Chains and Medical Cannabis? with guest James
James is a RMT who was employed at Massage Addict pre- COVID and as many RMTs in Ontario likely already know, Massage Addict has a new partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart allowing their members a discount on their medicinal cannabis prescriptions. Is this a perk for Massage Addict members or a slap in the face to Massage Addict employees? James feels the later to be true. Massage Therapists know it is out of scope to recommend any type of prescription or over the counter medication. A typical conversation with your RMT regarding medical cannabis would likely end by the RMT suggesting you speak to your doctor. The problem that James and other RMTs are having with this partnership is it appears to the public that we are endorsing medical cannabis. Regardless of your views on cannabis use, James and his colleagues are not happy about this and what implications it has for our profession. Listen to his thoughts on what kind of slippery slope we are headed down.
July 16, 2020
Holistic Sexual Wellness, with guest Gaia
Gaia was referred to us by a past guest who felt that we were the type of healthcare podcast that was ready to include sexual wellness into the conversation. Gaia is a holistic sexual wellness specialist who helps clients deal with trauma recovery, pleasure seeking, releasing fear, shame, or guilt, and sex coaching. Listen to this episode to learn from Gaia how sexual wellness is extremely important to human wellbeing and how issues we may see in our clients could be a result of some form of past sexual trauma or stemming from concerns surrounding their sexuality. We appreciate how raw and real Gaia was in sharing her journey into this profession. We warn you, nothing was left off the table in this episode. Check out more about Gaia and her podcast My Orgasmic Life at and her Trauma Recovery Professional Training Level 1.
July 9, 2020
Creating My Dream Job, with guest Dryden
Dryden is a new RMT from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. He has only been in practice about a year but has realized that this profession is exactly what he wants to do with his life. He has been listening to our podcast as part of absorbing all things Massage Therapy. He sent an email wanting to discuss how he is currently transforming his home to open up a home based Massage Therapy practice and how he realized that his treatment approach wasn’t exactly the norm in his city so he was going to create a practice that fit him. We love talking to RMTs with this kind of fire and especially love when therapists know their style, their niche, and create a job that fits them if one doesn’t exist. We also love that Dryden just decided to outright ask us to be on our podcast so he could pick our brain. Cheers to the go getters!
July 4, 2020
I Didn’t Choose the Van Life...the Van Life Chose Me, with guest Jamieson
I didn’t choose the van life, the van life chose me  Based on a Toronto Life article, we came to know of a Massage Therapy student attending Georgian College who is currently living in his van. Jamieson has a very interesting back story that led him to Massage Therapy school as a mature student and it also contributed to his decision to convert his van into a temporary home while he is studying. Jamieson discovered that he doesn’t need a lot to survive, and he would rather not owe anyone any money. He made a choice to go minimal which has turned out great for him! There are some obvious challenges to living this way, and it certainly isn’t for everyone but listen to Jamieson tell us how he makes it work and how it has actually contributed to his success as a student and apparently has given him some notoriety as the van guy.
June 29, 2020
The Unprofessional Hour, with guest Jessica
Jessica is a former classmate that has been super successful in her career as a RMT and fitness trainer. Even as a student, it was evident that this woman knew how to get what she wanted from life and knew how to make money! Aside from the usual hilarity you have come to expect from the unprofessional hour, I think you can also learn something from Jessica about work ethic, recognizing opportunity, and making shit happen. We of course also talk about dirty clients, inappropriate clients, some of our own embarrassing moments, and just a lot of nonsense all together. Don’t judge us, just enjoy!
June 24, 2020
Becoming a Bad Ass, with guest Dana
Thanks to a fellow Massage Therapist seeking advice, we heard about a former RMT, turned Dominatrix, turned bad ass business performance coach. Turns out some of that is rumour which our awesome guest, Dana, had the chance to clear up on this episode. Dana worked in the industry for over 20 years and yes she was also involved in the kink world. Listen to Dana talk about the transformative processes that can be involved with being a Dom/ Domme or a sub and how this aspect of her life actually helped to push her career forward and come to the realization that working with peoples mindset was her true passion versus working with their physical bodies. Dana used what she had learned to develop her very unique brand of coaching which is helping people to become bad asses in their businesses. Highly recommend listening to this episode to learn or unlearn what you may think you know about the BDSM world.
June 20, 2020
When You’re Stuck Sharing a Clinic Space, with guest Candice.
Candice sent us a message with an idea for an episode- sharing a space with someone who doesn’t respect your needs. Once we got on the phone it was oh so much more. Candice and two colleagues decided to rent a shared space to each run their practices out of. It seemed like the perfect plan. They had a clinic space to work independently but shared the cost with other therapists. Candice soon realized it may have been a mistake. One of her colleagues has been using products that have been impacting Candice’s health and denies doing so. We were hoping to be more constructive and help Candice to figure out how to deal with her situation but it turns out we were just flabbergasted by the story...yep. Flabbergasted. Listen to Candice’s grievances working with someone who uses spray paint in an enclosed space.
June 16, 2020
Black Lives Matter, with guest Omar
We invited Omar back again to talk about what has been on everyone’s minds, flooding your social media, and on every news broadcast around- the brutal murder of a black man by a police officer that lit the flame and brought everyone’s attention back to the Black Lives Matter movement. We discuss the history of anti-black racism, segregation, systemic racism as it exists today, white privilege, and police brutality. Omar is a black RMT and father and he gave us a very honest look into what it’s like for him leaving home, running typical errands, and the impact his lived experience as a black Canadian has on how he is raising his biracial son. We are all very passionate about educating people about what the protests are about and why we cannot let this conversation fizzle as we move onto the next global problem.
June 11, 2020
Kinnecting the Dots, with guest John
John is a Registered Kinesiologist and owner of Kinnected Chain, a health, rehabilitation, and performance Center. John wanted to rap with us about his journey into Kinesiology and business ownership as well as his passion for working with the older adult population. John described himself as a non-academic guy in school but his career started with a love and passion for helping people and he wanted to keep learning. Listen to John tell us about his parents support encouraging him to keep trying when college wasn’t going so well, to getting into a University program and moving across the country, and eventually getting his Masters degree after not getting into a physio program. John is so in love with his career and his ability to work with both young athletes and older adults to keep everybody moving and living as optimally as possible. Please excuse the audio quality on this record...John was hanging outside with the birds. Warning: John has a way of making you feel warm and fuzzy inside!
June 7, 2020
Hanging With Entrepreneurs, with guest Miranda
Miranda is a RMT in Alberta, Canada and after building an extremely successful practice very quickly and realizing that other therapists were looking to her for advice and guidance, she decided to start offering exactly that! Strive Holistic is not only a RMT but an Online Holistic Business Consultant. She is passionate about teaching which is not new to her. She has launched her own business in the past teaching piano to children. The path to becoming a business consultant came very naturally to her because teaching and helping others to become successful is really where her place in the industry lies. Listen to this very casual conversation with a Canadian business coach who appreciates our candid, down to earth approach as much as we appreciate her real approach to business.
June 4, 2020
Successful Body Worker, with guest Zack
Zack has graced us with an episode in the past but promised to return when he had his website up and running and he made good on that promise. Zack was a body builder and Massage Therapist but realized that his two passions were fighting with each other and his body was paying for it. He saw a need to create a workout that would satisfy him without further perpetuating the burn out of his job as a therapist. He spent months developing a program tailored specifically for Massage Therapists that he uses himself. It focuses on strength and stability and keeps in mind what a Massage Therapists body goes through daily. His goal is to help therapists in all aspects of their career to be successful and have longevity- starting with the physical. Zack’s website is up and still building. He wants his members to be able to use it as a resource to keep them in this career for as long as possible. During COVID he has given us the opportunity to try it out for free with a 30 day challenge- Check it out!
June 1, 2020
Mind Body Connection Through Massage Therapy, with guest Lindsay
Lindsay sent us an email with a very unique story about how she got into the field of Massage Therapy and we couldn’t wait to have her share it with the masses. Lindsay is a former athlete and quietly struggled with low self-esteem, being bullied, feeling isolated and not in control of her own life, and eventually an eating disorder. She began withholding food at such a young age that it became normal for her. She didn’t even realize she was sick until she was a young adult. A work injury brought her to a Registered Massage Therapist which was not something a person with a poor body image would have ever imagined. The experience changed her. Listen to Lindsay recall how the treatments lifted a weight off her shoulders, helped her to get reacquainted with this body that she had been so disconnected from, and ultimately allowed her to listen to and appreciate her body. She now offers this therapy to people with an understanding of how powerful it can be for a persons mental and physical well being. Her passion for perinatal has also allowed her to work in what is Amanda’s dream job!
May 29, 2020
Ontario Says Goodbye to a Legacy School, with Fatima and Robyn
We had a very candid and honest conversation with a student from The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy (CCMH) when the news broke that this Massage College, the oldest in Canada, would be closing it's doors for good due to COVID-19. It's an emotional time for students, staff, alumni, and the Massage Community in general. We invited two staff members, Fatima and Robyn, who worked out of the Cambridge campus to talk about all of the confusion, emotions, and questions surrounding this shocking news. Listen to these two talk about their reaction, what they know and what they still don't know, how they are trying to help out their students and other colleagues, and what their future in Massage Therapy education might be. Our conversation with them really reaffirmed what we already thought about CCMH and how big of a loss this was to everyone involved.
May 27, 2020
When Your Massage School Closes Its Doors for Good Due to COVID, with guest Frances
Frances was a term two student at The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy (CCMH). She had wanted to go to that school for 20 years and was finally in the right place in her life to do so. Then COVID hit us and pretty much brought everyone’s plans to a halt. Frances and her classmates were super impressed that CCMH made every effort to allow students to continue learning virtually while shut down and had a plan in place for reopening. Wednesday May 20, Frances and the rest of the CCMH students and faculty, woke up to an email with an attachment from the CEO stating that CCMH was closed- effective immediately. We invited Frances to come on to talk about how she’s dealing with the news, what it means for her massage therapy education, and what the next steps are for students in this position.
May 25, 2020
Supporting the global Massage community, with guest Daniel
Daniel is a Licensed Massage Therapist from Asheville, North Carolina who opened up his own practice with a partner straight out of school. They had the dream of having a full team of practitioners and making it a one stop for healing in their town. This year they were finally breaking through to the light at the end of the tunnel and seeing their dream coming to life and finally making some real profit. Enter COVID. Daniel is an entrepreneur and knew that during this time he wanted to continue helping people so he has started working with other therapists to step up their marketing game and fine tune their social media strategies. He knows he’s not ready to close his doors and wants to help others who want to hit the ground running when we are given the green light to work again. Listen to Daniel tell us a little about what he’s up to know, how to get in touch with him for business coaching, and the exciting project he is also a part of that is helping Massage Therapists.
May 24, 2020
Manipulation under Anesthesia, with guest Dr. Don
We invited Dr. Don, a chiropractor in New Jersey to come on and educate the masses about a type of treatment that involves performing soft tissue work and manipulations under anesthesia. It may sound a little scary if you have never heard of this work before. Speaking  with Dr. Don gave us  a new understanding of the type of person who would be a candidate for this procedure, what risks are involved, and what the benefits to the patient are. This is not so common amongst our circle of manual therapists and most of our friends in the industry hadn’t heard of it so we wanted to give an opportunity for you all to learn about something that may feel a little out of the box!
May 20, 2020
Talking Kinesiology and Curling, with guest Stephanie
Stephanie reached out to us to talk about her unique career as a Registered Kinesiologist. Stephanie is an athlete and personal trainer but she realized through her own experiences in Curling that there weren’t many trainers or any type of exercise or manual  therapists who understood the specific needs of curlers. The rest is history. She decided to create a unique practice with a curling niche. She still works with many other populations but has become the kinesiologist to seek out if you’re in the curling world. She has also had part of her business online for quite sometime so she’s still been able to work through these tough time. Listen to Stephanie tell us about her practice and how she’s doing during lockdown.
May 17, 2020
Shutting Our Doors for Good, with guests Melissa and Paul
We had a repeat guest on our phone for this episode alongside her husband who happens to be her business partner. Melissa and Paul recently acquired a clinic in Toronto that wasn’t doing so well and brought it to a whole new level. They had a great team that they considered family, and the clinic was finally hitting its stride. Once they were forced to close their doors due to COVID-19, the couple had to decide if they were willing to continue to funnel money into this clinic amidst all of the uncertainty about if and when they could reopen. Listen to them talk about when and how they made this difficult decision, how they are feeling about it, what their plans are for the future, and how they are handling the isolation.
May 14, 2020
Self Isolation and Your Mental Health, with guest Daniella
We had an awesome guest call in and talk about the effects of COVID-19 and all of the restrictions on people’s mental health. Daniella is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist living in London, England with her husband and two small children. We wanted to get this out to remind people that there are many people suffering silently while in isolation right now and as a reminder to be kind. Statistics are revealing that anxiety, depression, and suicides are up but the number of people reaching out for help has decreased. It’s a scary time for us all but for those with an invisible illness, it has extra significance. If you or someone you know is suffering with mental health concerns and you’re in Canada, you can visit to find resources and get help. There is help out there no matter where you live. Don’t suffer alone.
May 11, 2020
Talking hypnosis and Imaginary Massage (?!) with guest Reza
We originally asked Reza to come on the podcast to talk about running a Massage Therapy franchise as a non- RMT. But this was back in February at our free education and networking event at ConEd Institute before we knew anything about COVID-19. Once clinics started closing, Reza needed time to get his thoughts together and think of a plan B for himself, for his clinic and his staff. He reached out to us again because he has also been practicing hypnotherapy for years alongside running Massage Experts in Vaughan and that has now become his primary focus again. He had an idea about offering Imaginary Massage as well to keep more of his practitioners working but wasn’t really sure about the legalities, the effectiveness, and the position of our regulatory bodies and insurance companies. Listen to us talk about the history and research behind hypnosis, what it means to be “hypnotizable” and what Reza’s findings were when he attempted imaginary massage on himself.
May 7, 2020
Conversations with Clients - How are hospitality owners and staff dealing with empty establishments? With guest Chris
We Invited a former client, Chris, who is a career bartender currently employed at a high end hotel bar in Toronto. We have heard from multiple RMTs about the effects on our business with the lockdown and wanted to hear from an industry we felt must be getting hit pretty hard- the hospitality industry. Bartenders cannot work and most are on EI or collecting CERB like many of us, and similar to us, what will their jobs look like when they are permitted to go back to work? We talked about what restaurant and bar owners are dealing with in terms of extremely high overhead costs and wasted inventory with empty seats. Chris, your neighbourhood friendly mixologist, has a hidden talent and is putting it to use while he cannot make new drink creations and serve patrons. His education is in fashion design so he has been using his time to sew masks and is raising money for Toronto hospitals. To donate to Chris’ cause click the Gofundme link here.
May 4, 2020
Talking Policing Matters, with guest Dr. Michael Kempa Ph.D
Concerns surrounding police power during and possibly after the COVID-19 state of emergency have been circulating following some questionable acts by law enforcement. We have heard reports of police officers ticketing people for not following physical distancing guidelines, and most recently we have heard that personal information of those who have been confirmed positive for COVID-19 will be available to law enforcement. This has people asking questions about how the frontline workers are enforcing these new laws and if there is a potential for abuse of their new power. Michael is an Associate Professor in the department of Criminology at the University of Ottawa and his area of research is exactly this. How states and non-state organizations attempt to institutionalize “police power”. Listen as he gives us a brief lesson in the history of policing and what is “normal” in these types of emergency situations, why we are handling it in this matter, potential dangers, and his views on misuse of power, bias, and what this could mean for new law enforcement policy post COVID-19. Aside from being a valuable resource, Mike also graces us with some very well executed accents from around the world as well as a musical performance!
May 1, 2020
Building a Fempire, with guest Samantha
Samantha set an intention to be a guest on more podcasts in 2020 and the universe (and an awesome mutual friend) brought her to us. Samantha is a teacher by trade but found that she wasn’t loving her career and after having her own children she decided to start down the path of entrepreneurship. Samantha is the founder of Fempire Builders which is a coaching service specifically for female entrepreneurs. Samantha talks about how differently men and women make decisions and run their businesses. She is not closed off to working with men and even has some great male clients but her true passion is to help women in business to assist them in finding their business’ purpose, audience, image, and voice. Her goal is to help these women become more succinct and ensure their business has a clear focus and path to reach their goals and full potential.
April 28, 2020
Pay Up or Get Out! with guest Colette
We invited Colette to be a guest on one of our bedroom session episodes after she posted online about her landlord saying she has to pay full rent for her clinic space after giving her a break on one month. Being that we are so unsure how long we will be locked down and out of work, Colette was a little disappointed that her landlord wasn’t willing to help her out further. Since this happened, much has changed and looks like we may get some rent relief after all but we still wanted to have this chat because it might be helpful for others to hear other colleagues situations and also to discuss the dilemma of rent payments- if our landlords aren’t getting any help, can they help us? Listen to us chat about how Colette is handling her current situation and what her plans b, c, and d might be.
April 24, 2020
The Unprofessional Hour- Podcaster Edition: Untold Stories
Being quarantined ain’t so bad when you get to have a late night remote recording session with two other Massage Therapy podcast hosts who rock the mic! We had so much fun talking to Krista Dicks of The Radical RMT podcast and Sue Ruhe of Love Your Cells podcast. The 4 of us decided to tell some untold stories from therapists who have either told us secrets off mic, sent us messages, or just in conversation. We of course got permission to use these stories and they made for a very entertaining evening! Listen to us talk about skydiving, sweat lodges, and where the college has dropped the ball. Also be sure to check out these other kick ass RMT podcasts!
April 21, 2020
Talking Massage Therapy Research and Education, with guest Troy
We had Troy on the phone talking about all the things he does in our industry. He studied Massage in Colorado, has been involved in published Massage Therapy research, and teaches continuing education. Troy has some strong opinions about the quality of Massage Therapy education and what he thinks needs to change. He is also very involved in pain science and research and tells us where he thinks Massage Therapists needs more training and how we can change our language with our clients to ensure we are keeping with current evidence. Even when we agree to disagree, it’s always a good time talking shop to passionate therapists in the industry!
April 17, 2020
Testing Positive on the Frontlines...A Nurse's Story, with guest Julia
The reason for the bedroom sessions can be perfectly explained in this episode. We had Julia on the phone who is not only a nurse at a busy downtown Toronto hospital, but she has also had COVID-19...or as we referred to it in the episode..f*cking Corona! Julia started having symptoms that at the time weren’t the common coronavirus symptoms so she wasn’t too concerned. About a week into having symptoms she had a gut feeling and got herself to an assessment center. The next day, she received the news that she had a positive test which started her 14 days of quarantine. She tells us what her symptoms were, how she felt mentally while waiting for her results, upon first finding out, and throughout her time in quarantine.
April 13, 2020
What do you know about Float Therapy? with guest Tracy
We had an episode last year called “Do you even Float?” where Amanda and a friend tried floating for the first time and spoke about their experiences and Mark told us all why he would never do it! This time we brought in an expert! We had Tracy, the owner of Thera Float and Massage on the phone to talk about the history of floating, the benefits, what type of clients benefit from this therapy, what it takes to open and operate a float clinic, and how she’s handling the current situation we are all in amidst the COVID-19 lockdown. Listen to a lighter (see what I did there?) episode that we might all need right now in such a heavy time.
April 10, 2020
Conspiracy? Or be the judge
We had Ravinder on who is an energy healer and is the founder of Soul Work Method where she facilitates individuals in finding what their soul’s purpose is here on this planet. She has been following stories not shared in our mainstream for almost 2 decades and has another story to share with us about what is going on in our world energetically at the moment as it relates to COVID-19 and our isolation. She is a regular person who is simply sharing information she has obtained from the real whistle blowers who have been directly involved with organizations that have been kept out of the mainstream media. Her perspective is one that not everyone may be willing to hear and as a disclaimer we will say that some of what she shares with us on this episode may be disturbing or offensive to some listeners. We are about giving a platform to whomever wants to speak and Ravinder was drawn to share this with us.
April 6, 2020
Practicing Massage Therapy in a Foreign Country, with guest Jono
As Registered Massage Therapists here in Canada, we all learn “Swedish” Massage techniques and from what we are learning from speaking to Massage Therapists from other countries, Canada has some of the highest education for Massage Therapists. We had a fellow Massage Therapist email us to talk about his Massage journey. Jonothan is originally from Australia, studied Massage Therapy in New Zealand where the education is quite intense as well, and met his future wife whom he moved to Sweden with and opened his own practice in a country where he didn’t even speak the language! We of course had to ask Jonothan if our techniques are in fact “Swedish” and we had to see how far his Swedish has come along!
April 3, 2020
Fresh on the scene and already lighting it up, with guest Dylan
Our episodes are about people and their stories and we are always looking to have guests who are passionate about what they do, unique in some way, interesting to talk to, and a person we would want to hang out with! In comes Dylan Crake, RMT, RKin, both onto the RMT scene and onto our podcast...virtually of course! In her short career as a RMT, Dylan has created a niche working with seniors which was not her original intent, been published in Massage Therapy Today, and was recently featured in the Member Spotlight by the RMTAO. This green RMT has experience working as a RKin which seems to have really paid off in getting this phase of her career started. Listen to us rap about Dylan's lock down routine and social media posts, her BSc and MSc Education, her thoughts on Massage School and wanting to become a Massage Instructor, and some advice the 3 of us have for the RMTAO.
March 31, 2020
The Running Man, with guest John
John came through our doors last year to prepare for his licensing exam to become a Registered Massage Therapist- a career that would allow him the flexibility to continue pursuing his original passion- running. John is a triathlete who