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Building 3 Pillars

Building 3 Pillars

By 3 Pillars M.B.S. John Waters
This podcast is created to share the philosophy and training strategies that we use in 3 Pillars M.B.S. when it comes to creating a more developed mind body and spiritual awareness. I also share some of the ups and downs that come along with pursuing and building your own business and hopefully add some insight and valuable lessons that can help others on their journey!
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Goals! And how to crush them: with Dylan Cusack

Building 3 Pillars

Goals! And how to crush them: with Dylan Cusack

Building 3 Pillars

Power of Preparation
Winning doesn't happen on game day! That's just when your efforts are recognized! In todays podcast we talk about preparation and how influential it is in determining the outcome of a situation rather it be in the gym or for that potentially big interview. If you enjoy this please like, subscribe and follow! We can also be found online at Stay safe, and keep pushing! Greatness awaits!
June 22, 2020
Motivation Monday: Self-care
Are you someone who is constantly on the go! Are you constantly being reminded by those around you that you need to take a break? More importantly do you find "taking a break" to be more inconvenient than getting stung by a bee? If so, you aren't alone! Tune in to this episode and get some ideas on how to make self care a valuable tool, to increasing your productivity.
June 8, 2020
Motivation Monday: Persistence
Todays episode is intended to motivate everyone out there to stay focused and keep pursuing your dreams. During these turbulent times it is easy to get distracted and thrown off track. Listen to this for some encouragement! Learn more about us at
June 1, 2020
Motivation Monday: Patience
In this episode we reintroduce three pillars and go into some of the trials that we have recently been experiencing. We talk about how to build upon and maintain focus during uncertain times.
May 25, 2020
Goals! And how to crush them: with Dylan Cusack
It's not uncommon for us as people in a functional society to want more. More money, better health more success. More often than not we don't really know how to get started or what steps to take. Or if we have an idea of where to start we don't do enough planning to get past the first step! This is where goals and proper planning come into play! Enjoy!
August 9, 2019
Mindset Monday: Take ownership
In this episode I share a little more about my journey on the road to building 3 Pillars. I talk specifically about how taking ownership of my life completely reframed my approach to gaining more control of my life! I'm hoping that you enjoy this and learn from mistakes! Let me know what you think!
July 29, 2019
Mindset: Motivation & Discipline
In this episode we take a look at what it takes to develop your own deep rooted motivation to reach your fitness and life goals. We also touch briefly on the development of self- discipline
July 23, 2019
3 Pillars: What we're about and who we are!
In this episode I do a brief introduction and share some background information about myself.
July 21, 2019