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321 Biz Development

By Rick Nappier, CE0
321 Biz Dev LLC is the number one company in the USA and Canada training and setting appointments for attorneys, CPAs, cosmetic surgeons, insurance brokers, real estate brokers, and helping any small business owner with a sales function who wants to increase performance, productivity and profitability using superior business development and sales training tools.

Podcast episodes focus on the four main sales functions: contacting, prospecting, appointment setting and closing.

No more than 5% of our actual sales and business development training is delivered on our podcast.
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Experienced Real Estate Agents or Experienced Life Insurance Agents Need Only Apply - Eat What You Kill
321 Biz Dev LLC only reports on and create podcast episodes about actual encounters with small business owners and salesperson when we speak with or train them. There is a big challenge experienced by the majority of independent real estate agents and life insurance agents. The percentage of agents who fail or never make enough money could be as high as 90%. A 2014 life insurance trade website put the number of agents who quit the financial services at 87%. A real estate report in 2015 put the average real estate income at $32,000. And, it’s no secret in the real estate industry that real estate agents broker-hop to find brokers offering the easiest way to sell homes without doing a lot work…a way which does not exist.
October 14, 2019
Private Practice Dentists Should Work With 321 Biz Dev LLC
Dentists were one of the first white-collar business owners we supported back in 2010 when 321 Biz Dev LLC was getting started under our previous business name. If you own a private practice dental practice, this episode may appeal to you.
October 14, 2019
How White Collar Small Business Owners and 321 Biz Dev LLC Can Work Together
Many small business owners are asking if it's a good idea and easy to work with 321 Biz Dev LLC. The answers are yes and yes!
October 11, 2019
Don Willis-Future Atlanta Realtor - (678) 923-2988
Don is one of our company's newest real estate sales system trainees. Before Don gets his Georgia license, I told him to introduce himself to at least 5 people per day, so when he has the Georgia real estate license, Don will have about 100 contacts to call. Boom!
October 8, 2019
The Word ATTEMPT in Finding New Clients Is Less Scary Than The Word CONTACT for New Clients
Maybe if sales managers used the word, ATTEMPTS, 99.9% of salespeople would not have extreme fear about contacting and prospecting. Here are a few situations to acknowledge about the ATTEMPT sales activity: Not everyone wants to buy now (but you won’t know, unless you ask). Not everyone has the money to buy now (but you won’t know, unless you ask). But someone wants to buy now or in the future (but you won’t know, unless you ask). But someone has the money to buy now (but you won’t know, unless you ask). If your sales system is good, most people will buy (but you must ask). I If your sales system is bad or nonexistent, most people will not buy (even if you ask).
October 8, 2019
Team 321 is Assembled to Support Small Business Owners in the US and Canada
After hearing these employer sentiments over and over again, for almost one year, 321 Biz Dev LLC worked to assemble a team of consultants to provide solutions to meet the needs of small business owners. Specifically, the following are what small business owners want: · Small business owners want CPAs who can do more than just produce financial reports. · Small business owners want health insurance brokers who can more than just provide employer benefits quotes. · Small business owners want website developers and digital marketing specialist who can do more than just throw up websites and post to social media sites without any logic. · Small business owners want business development solutions that deliver with good ROI and not marketing campaigns where, 99.9% of the time, small business owners never make a profit.
October 4, 2019
White-Collar Business Owners Need Sales Onboarding to Make More Money
The definition of onboarding is: the action or process of integrating a new employee into an organization or familiarizing a new customer or client with one's products or services. If you have worked in any job, you have probably had some introduction to the company philosophy, company owners, the products and services, and how you will do your job. In corporate sales, every sales rep is sent to the company’s vendor for sales training, regardless of the salesperson’s past experience listed on his or her resume. Here’s a shocker for my listeners: sales onboarding has very little to do with a company’s products or services. Sales onboarding usually introduces account executives to the company’s sales system. Then, after sales onboarding, introduction to the company’s products or services follows. Unfortunately, independent white-collar business owners have no sales onboarding in opening their law practices, dental practices, CPA practices, plastic surgery centers, real estate business or insurance agencies.
October 3, 2019
Connie Correia-Vertex Insurance Solutions, Inc-California Insurance Broker & Employer Benefits Consultant-(916) 764-6458
Connie Correia is the most informed California Health Insurance Broker I've met since I left a Los Angeles-based, Fortune 500 health insurance company, selling large group health insurance. What puts Connie's health insurance expertise in a class by itself is her diligent pursuit to assure small business owners have the most current information to make the best decisions for their company and employees. Connie also works with the California legislature to stay up-to-date with the many legislative health insurance changes by having a seat at the political tables in Washington D.C. and Sacramento as health insurance policy is drafted. All California small business owners, trade organizations and associations with health insurance and benefits concerns should contact Connie Correia at (916) 764-6458
September 30, 2019
Why White Collar Small Business Owners are Losing Money By Not Using A Sales System
Maybe it does not matter. But I can’t believe white collar business owners want to experience slow sales, low revenues, and discontent in their industries. 321 believes a few business owners are looking for business development solutions to stay on top by grabbing market share. 321 Biz Dev LLC partner with CPAs and health insurance brokers across the U.S. with the goal to help our business clients maximize sales productivity, sales performance and sales profitability. This episode is about: What two small business owners communicated to me this week. A 48-minute phone conversation I had with a white-collar business owner with 20+ years industry experience. A two-hour mini sales training session with a Realtor And other real-world interactions with small business owners across the US and Canada. What specifically am I seeing and why does it matter? 
September 29, 2019
RHIPs: The Solution to Help Small Business Owners Manage Health Insurance Premiums
We at 321 are offering a business solution; a first of its kind for small business owners battling rising health insurance expenses. RHIPs, Revenues and Health Insurance Premiums, is a two-fold business solution. As a former health insurance sales executive in Los Angeles I saw small business owners being challenged with rising health insurance premiums. Since the late 1990’s, there were rarely any times health insurance premiums dropped for small business owners. The bad news is health insurance premiums have always increased and will continue to do so. Any person telling you health insurance premiums can be reduced year over year and make health insurance benefits practical for employees, and offered to employees by employers as hiring and retention incentives is not being honest.
September 25, 2019
Why You Win with Public and B2B Prospecting When You Feel Like You Are Losing
This episode was produced at the tail end of 7-day Mediterranean cruise in Southern Europe. There are three ways salespeople win when they publicly prospect face-to-face or make B2B outbound calls.
September 23, 2019
A New Pareto Principle: 5% of Salespeople Producing 95% of Sales
I lay this situation squarely at the feet of the social media movement which convinces salespeople to shift sales performance responsibility to digital marketing. It was just 12 years ago where salespeople found business by contacting and prospecting for business. This entire social media era is about reducing sales performance in the small business community.
September 12, 2019
Three Ways To Tell You Have Made a Solid Business Connection
The first way to tell you have made a true business connection: 1. The prospect has a real business concern, business need. 2. Adding more clients should be a top concern for every business 3. The prospect wants to succeed and but has difficulty identify a plan or implementing a plan. 4. The prospect is humble enough to acknowledge sales performance needs help. The second way to tell you have made a true business connection: 1. The prospect recognizes your business can fill the void. 2. The prospect acknowledges your sales system will work for their business. 3. The prospect is an active partner in the sales system. Meaning, the prospect understands he or she will need to improve team members’ sales performance. The third way to tell you have made a true business connection: 1. The prospect values your services and pays with the understanding he or she will receive favorable ROI. No business development specialist would offer a marketing solution where the marketing investment is equal to or higher than sales revenue. 2. The prospect understands the difference between a marketing campaign and marketing solution.
September 6, 2019
Consumers to Salespeople: Shut The Hell Up
The nicer way of saying "shut the hell up" is "please let consumers talk some at appointments." For the last 45 years, psychologists who study consumer behavior have extensive studies proving consumers are least likely to buy when salespeople dominate conversations at appointments.
September 3, 2019
20 Seconds, 5 Minutes to Effectively Remove The Awkwardness of Contacting and Prospecting
This is a challenge for every salesperson…even me…but I know how to manage the anxiety and awkwardness of connecting with people on a B2B call, but especially face-to-face where people experience the most uneasiness. So what specifically is the awkwardness in the prospecting stage where you want to see if the person may be a good fit for your product or service? The challenge most salespeople have is thinking too much. I mean thinking what the person will say if you approach him or her. Will the person yell at you for trying to start a conversation with them? Will the person run from you, shouting that “someone just tried to sell me something?”
August 29, 2019
Renting vs Owning Your Company's Sales and Marketing System
In contrast, if the salesperson owns the marketing system, he or she can leverage ownership for many, many years and control how fast or slow the business grows. So what does it mean “to own a marketing system?”  Owning a marketing system means the salesperson does not pay continuous high marketing expenses to add new clients. The salesperson can leverage marketing ownership privileges in several ways. 1) the owner can hire new people and use their own system to get new people up to good performance. 2) the owner can modify the marketing system he or she owns to meet new consumer needs or demands. 3) the owner can sell the business to a new owner, transferring the marketing system along with the book of business.
August 26, 2019
CPAs and 321 Biz Dev: A Small Business Owner's Perfect Business Growth Team
We are excited to produce this episode about CPAs and my company working together to support small business owners. The easiest thing to do is what CPAs and 321 are already doing. It’s easier to just do the work along side CPAs and help small business owners. The hardest thing to do is to produce this episode and describe the background of why small business owners greatly benefit from working CPAs and my company. As a former club DJ, I would like to start with an interesting anecdote, an example why selling hasn’t really changed even though social media and digital marketing claim to be the best methods to grow businesses. Think about this for a moment with regard to how sales gurus tell business owners and salespeople to use gimmicks and slick marketing strategies.
August 25, 2019
Using a Great Sales System Guarantees Lots of Referrals
This is a short podcast episode from Las Vegas, Nevada. It's about 107 degrees, so I had time to do this podcast before going to hang out. When new clients enjoy great sales experiences, business owners and salespersons have receive referrals. New clients can't help but tell their friends, families and colleagues about the nice time they had buying from professional salespeople.  Text (925) 272-7499 to receive the Small Business-321 Biz Dev LLC, Sales Training-Business Development Agreement. Or copy and paste the following link in your brower:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IArbVKtns_178iVa0KdLVL3lIN7pTzn4 
July 31, 2019
Two Important Sales Phrases to Understand: Sales Training and Business Development
Speaking with a Tampa business owner today, I got this sincere question asked. This Tampa business owner was not embarrassed to ask me my definitions of sales training and business development. She had a good idea what business development was but admitted she had no idea what sales training is after owning a company for 20 years. I’m so ashamed of myself because this upcoming podcast episode to define sales training and business development should have been one of the first episode I produced. I assumed too much thinking every business owner knows what sales training and business development definitions are. The two definitions are not what most business people, even those with MBAs, think they are. We apologize for not producing this episode sooner.  Text (925) 272-7499 to receive the Small Business-321 Biz Dev LLC, Sales Training-Business Development Agreement. Or copy and paste the following link in your brower: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IArbVKtns_178iVa0KdLVL3lIN7pTzn4 
July 28, 2019
The Day I Figured Out What I Was Doing in My Sales Career...But Being Alert I Didn't Miss Out
After leaving corporate America in 2000, I began selling in the independent sales industry (insurance, mortgages, and real estate). It wasn't long before I realized something was dreadfully missing in how insurance, mortgage and real estate brokers trained their agents. It was a series of sales incidents and exposure to different people which led to understand exactly what I was missing in my independent sales journey. Since this discovery, my company helps white-collar business owners and salespeople put their sales careers back on track.  Text (925) 272-7499 to receive the Small Business-321 Biz Dev LLC, Sales Training-Business Development Agreement. Or copy and paste the following link in your brower: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IArbVKtns_178iVa0KdLVL3lIN7pTzn4 
July 24, 2019
Remedies for Salespeople Fear of Rejection & Fear of Failure
Here’s a topic no one wants to discuss or, or that can’t provide a solution for salespeople looking to overcome fear of rejection and fear of failure challenges. These two fears stop salespeople in their tracks and are the number one reasons people quit the sales industry or never see careers take off. Whose fault is it 90% of salespeople struggle and are overcome by fears of rejection and failure? I will tell you. It’s the independent sales industry’s fault. In the rush to recruit people to sell insurance, real estate, independent sales presidents and managers think training is learning about products and services and they neglect ever mentioning the people side of selling. Samantha Brookes’ book is titled “Cash is Queen” and is available for pre-order.
July 23, 2019
A Phone and A Handshake Are the Two Most Powerful Sales Tools...More Powerful Than Any Digital Marketing Solution
The main advantage of using your phone to contact people or businesses is your can call to set appointments faster than any other methods. While on the phone, you will usually reach the decision maker or the office manager or the secretary or get voicemail. All of these are good outcomes. Don’t worry about not connecting with the individual or business owner on the first call. Particularly for calls to business owners, and 99% of 321 sales training is written for B2B marketing, you will put your business in the strongest position to potentially do business when calling the owner. There are three areas where you need to be 100% confident about: 1. Do you believe in your product or service? 2. Will your product or service do exactly what you claim it will do? 3. Will the business owner or individual you are calling be in a better position with your product or service than without your product or service?
July 19, 2019
Marketers’ Words Will Tell You if Marketing Strategies Favor Them or Your Business
Potential customers are seeking the marketing specialist’s expertise because business owners are looking for solutions. Marketing specialists often have college degrees and years of experience helping other business owners. What 321 Biz Developers listeners need to understand is business, in general, has a high failure rate. Stats say that most business fail in 2 to 5 years. There is always a risk to starting a business. Nothing is guaranteed.  So this podcast episode is not intended to blast any particular company. Business owners are grownups and make their own decisions about how to grow their companies. The intent of this podcast episode is to help small business owners identify as much as possible if a marketing strategy has the potential to help owners find more clients.
July 17, 2019
Do Looks Matter in Becoming a Sales Superstar?
Today’s topic is probably the least talked about in public but the most thought about subject my company hears when we individually meet with small business owners and salespeople. No. Sales professionals do not start consultations with “my looks are stopping me from being successful”. But when consultative sessions go deeper into how salespeople think about being in sales, the subject of looks indirectly are discussed. I say indirectly because all intense conversations about sales are about finding new clients. In fact, selling is mostly about finding new clients. If sales did not have the prospecting variable most salespeople struggle with, everyone would want to work in the sales industry.
July 15, 2019
Small Business Owners and Salespeople Should Put Social Media in Last Place in Marketing Their Products and Services
Social Media has never proven itself as a winning marketing strategy. In fact, the only people making money with social media are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  This podcast episode explains how salespeople were misled (not lied to) about the social media's marketing effectiveness. My company has been saying this for the last 8 years. Now that Facebook and Instagram have modified their algorithms to influence more people to pay for their posts to be seen, now is the right time for sales professionals to finally break-free from social media. People should have always been in the front of their businesses. But social media's allure and slickness put people in a trance by making it easy to post videos and images thinking consumers would be in droves. 321 promotes its Professional Media services which puts owners in front. Consumers want to meet owners. Consumers want to hear from owners on the phone. Consumers want to hear owners talk about themselves and how they started their businesses. In other words, consumers want to know sales professionals are human. Sales professionals should put their faces/voices first, followed by good podcast episodes, then supported by awesome websites and social media management by SiteMarkit.  At 321, we are saying social media posts should be destinations for consumers to see or hear what salespeople are like in short digital bursts. We hope you enjoy this podcast episode. 
July 12, 2019
The Crappy To Happy Home Message to Home Sellers, General Contractors and Real Estate Investors
Crappy 2 Happy Homes is a real estate investment firm which does three things:  1. Help home sellers looking for practical selling solutions when other options are limited or nonexistent. 2. Support general contractors by hiring them to renovate homes to bring properties back to “for sale” standards. And 3. Identify people and funding sources looking to diversify their portfolios by earning favorable rates of return on short-term real estate projects.
July 9, 2019
321's Professional Media Marketing Is More Powerful Than Social Media Marketing
My oh my have things changed so quickly. According to my business partner and technology confidant, Genie, President at SiteMarkit, that’s (spell it out), Instagram now has updated its algorithm to match the algorithm change Facebook made about one year ago. I’m not a tech genius. I’m a professional sales trainer and business development specialist. What I can share with 321 Biz Development podcast listeners is: days before July 1, 2019, I posted something on Instagram and would receive immediately 5-15 likes and maybe a total of 30-40 likes over a 24-hour period. But I will admit that receiving LIKES is an infatuation. Every business person is enamored by knowing someone LIKED their posts. Getting LIKES is an addiction I believe social media companies are counting people attach themselves too. However, LIKES don’t money in business owners’ bank accounts. So, it’s time for small business owners to put on their big boy and big girl pants again. Did I care much about receiving 30-40 likes? Not really. 321’s business growth is not driven by social media or the number of likes we receive. In fact, it will be a cold day in hell when a person calls 321 asking for sales training and business development support. 321’s digital presence does not attract contacts and prospects for us to convert to clients. 
July 9, 2019
Is Free Social Media Posting To Be Seen On Instagram A Nail In The Coffin for Small Business Owners?
Before the fee, the majority of small business owners and salespersons I’ve spoken with were not making money posting their ads to social media sites when there was no fee. Now that the free option is no longer available, it is expected that business owners and salespersons, who decide to pay fees to get their content seen, will still make little to no money. Again, not Facebook’s, Instagram’s nor Twitter’s fault. These social media companies cannot be held responsible for providing a service people want to pay for.
July 7, 2019
Why I Don't Like Sales Lead Generation Programs...Sales Leads Do Not Help People Learn How to Sell
What I’m getting it, as I said earlier, is selling is an entrepreneurial activity to escape the need to be heavily dependent on external inputs to be successful. Buying leads is a major external input that removes the entrepreneurial component from being in business for yourself. Finding the customer or client IS THE entrepreneurial component. Just look at the many motivational speakers, sales gurus, empowerment clichés, and self help books. There would be no need for personal development if salespeople could be successful just buying leads. The old saying: “if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not true” applies here.
July 5, 2019
Interview with Samantha Brookes, CEO-Mortgages of Canada, Book Author-"Cash is Queen"
I've known Samantha, a Toronto business owner, for almost 18 months and I am thrilled she's doing one of her first interviews with me to talk about her new book, "Cash is Queen". Samantha also talks about using past business skills to reaffirm what she has always known about creating multiple income streams. Samantha is advocate of business owners protecting their businesses from legal issues and good planning to offset negative business cycles. This fall and early 2020, Samantha will appear on Canadian TV and major market, U.S. radio stations to promote her book, "Cash Is Queen". Samantha is always in high-energy mode. I hope you enjoy this podcast episode. Click HERE to visit Mortgages of Canada
July 5, 2019
The Power of 3: How Realtors, Loan Officers and Insurance Agents Can Work Together
This is a podcast from 2015 uploaded to this new platform. Realtors, Loan Officers and Insurance Agents can work together to build strong networks to generate new business, refer business to one another and get referrals from recently closed clients.
July 4, 2019
Free Webinar: Part 3 of 5-Part, Life Insurance Selling
This Friday, July 5, 321 will conduct a free sales training session on Part 3 of a five-part insurance sales system. As if prospecting for insurance business was tough enough for agents, meeting with insurance prospects at their homes or at their businesses is a sales hurdle agents find themselves unable to cross. This is why the insurance industry has an 87% agent failure rate where agents either quit or never make enough money. And this failure rate is avoidable with the right training. Insurance sales, specifically life insurance, is one of the hardest products to sell for insurance agents not having access to a good sales system. Selling life insurance is hard because the product has no glamour nor excitement. Conversations about life insurance involve the unavoidable subject of serious illness and/or death. So immediately, you see selling life insurance requires some agent maturity or, for younger agents, using a good sales system to have focused discussions with insurance prospects.
July 2, 2019
Interview with Catherine Smart, Manager, Blue Mountain Village Foundation for Damon Allen Celebrity Golf Tournament-Canada
Today’s podcast segment features our guest, Catherine Smart, Manager, Blue Mountain Village Foundation, in the great nation of Canada. Catherine comes on the 321 Biz Development show to provide some details about the Damon Allen Celebrity Golf Tournament to be held on September 26-27 at the beautiful Blue Mountain Village Resort on southern Georgian Bay, about 2 hours northwest of downtown Toronto. I made a connection with Blue Mountain Village Foundation through colleague, Samantha Brookes, CEO, Mortgages of Canada located in Toronto. I want to thank Catherine, Damon and Samantha for allowing me to support this celebration and worthy cause. Let me give our listeners a brief bio on Damon Allen. And Damon is graciously invited as a VIP guest to do a pre-event podcast segment. Damon Allen, a native of San Diego, and brother of the NFL’s Marcus Allen, has been mentioned as one of the greatest CFL quarterbacks of all time after winning four Grey Cups with three different teams. He also was a three-time Grey Cup MVP. In 2005, he was the CFL Most Outstanding Player at 42 yrs. old, becoming the oldest MVP of any North American sports franchise. He was a formidable passer and rusher, as he retired only 323 yards behind his brother Marcus. In 2012, he was elected into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. In May 2010, Allen launched the Damon Allen Quarterback Academy, in which he personally teaches the skills and strategies of quarterbacking to students of all ages and skill levels. Damon still has a competitive spirit as he has transitioned his energies off the gridiron to a bigger stage of performance coaching, mentoring and philanthropy. Damon Allen is a world class speaker, speaking professionally around the globe on “Leadership Success from the Field to the Boardroom” with his award-winning speech, “Quarterbacking Your Way to Success: Lessons from the Gridiron.” Damon is also finishing his first book titled “The Whole Nine Yard” which he expects to be published by end of 2019.
June 27, 2019
Interview with Jive Communications, Account Executive, AJ Smith, Lindon, Utah
AJ Smith was gracious enough to be a guest to give listeners a peak into the Jive Communications audio/video/conferencing communication platform. My company has been a Jive customer for almost 5 months and we have had nothing but a great experience. Since 2004, I've used multiple vendors and experienced communication challenges that I just had to live with. If there is no other service provider that can do better, you stay with the vendor. As soon as my company used Jive Communications, the audio became clearer, the latency issues went away and my company had a lot more practical tools, features and enhancements than it ever had since 2004. Again, I want to thank AJ Smith for taking time out of his busy schedule to share good information with my listening audience. If anyone has questions or want to schedule a consultation with AJ, his direct phone number in Utah is: (385) 205-5861. Click HERE to visit Jive Communications on the Internet. Make it a great day. Click HERE to visit 321 on the Internet.
June 25, 2019
Upgrading Your Small Business from Technician to Entrepreneur Status
   Working your business as a technician is earning money but being close to the job you didn’t like. Operating your business as an entrepreneur has a lot more benefits. But developing and achieving the entrepreneurial experience has several distinctions and challenges. I will talk about three: Receiving mailbox income or earning money while you sleep. Real estate, insurance brokers and real estate investors have this luxury.  Growing your market share. Even if you can’t identify your current market impact, you can still measure it if you are taking customers from the competition.  Designing and using a sales and marketing plan, a sales system, where sales reps are successful because consumers like their sales experiences. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet
June 25, 2019
Defining Sales Productivity and Sales Performance
The definitions of these two words, productivity and performance, are mysteries to white collar salespeople based on our conversations with hundreds of business owners and salespersons. I think part of the explanation why productivity and performance are mysterious is the definitions have probably never been clarified. Selling for independent salespeople originate primarily from passing state exams or by completing professional attorney, medical or CPA certifications to conduct business. For these reasons, no one has raised the questions what productivity and performance truly mean. I would like to recognize a good friend on this podcast. Her name is Teresa Nuno. She and I coached youth soccer together for about 7 years when our two sons played on the same teams. I’m including Teresa’s name in this podcast because, as a person close to beginning her real estate journey, Teresa is a big 321 fan! She’s a fan not just because she knows me and my selling background.  
June 18, 2019
What If Your Selling Skills Were Like Kawhi Leonard's Basketball Skills and Personal Demeanor?
I really mean Kawhi Leonard's basketball skills combined with his quiet calmness whether he is winning or losing. No doubt, Kawhi Leonard, a native of Compton California played an instrumental part of Toronto’s darling season. The whole team contributed to Toronto’s powerhouse play. But it is Kawhi who got most of the attention, not just because of his consistent play that won him a 2nd NBA Finals MVP award (the first with the San Antonio Spurs), but it is his demeanor during and after games earning Kawhi the nickname Cyborg. Yes, I’m jumping on the Kawhi Leonard bandwagon. I’m thoroughly impressed with his communication style. Soon, people may be selling Kawhi designer shades, Kawhi caps, Kawhi cologne, etc. Right now, consumers would buy just about anything with Kawhi’s name on it to show they are down with Kawhi.
June 16, 2019
When Your Sales Performance Epiphany Arrives, Will You Respond?
This podcast focuses on my walk with sales performance and how I got to get this point. An epiphany can happen in any aspect in your life. What’s important about an epiphany is will you recognize it and will you take action when you identify possibly the only thing in your life that might have the most meaning ever! Here’s the definition of epiphany from Wikipedia, which I think is a good definition: An epiphany (from the ancient Greek ἐπιφάνεια, epiphaneia, "manifestation, striking appearance") is an experience of a sudden and striking realization. Generally the term is used to describe scientific breakthrough, religious or philosophical discoveries, but it can apply in any situation in which an enlightening realization allows a problem or situation to be understood from a new and deeper perspective. Epiphanies are studied by psychologists[1][2] and other scholars, particularly those attempting to study the process of innovation. Epiphanies are relatively rare occurrences and generally follow a process of significant thought about a problem. Often they are triggered by a new and key piece of information, but importantly, a depth of prior knowledge is required to allow the leap of understanding.[3][4][6][7] Famous epiphanies include Archimedes’ discovery of a method to determine the density of an object ("Eureka!") and Isaac Newton's realization that a falling apple and the orbiting moon are both pulled by the same force.[6][7][8] Over the next 60 minutes, let me walk you through some exciting and some not so exciting times in my life.
June 15, 2019
The Five Traditional Selling Styles Plus 321's Meaningful Dialogue Selling Style
Items 1-5 are the following five selling styles. Item 6 is the selling style created by 321 Biz Dev LLC. Aggressive selling Need-Oriented selling Product-Oriented selling Competition-Oriented selling  Consultative selling 321’s Meaningful-Dialogue selling (Plus 1) Our company got a huge response from announcing this podcast topic. I know why, too. Marketing and selling products and services is not easy to begin with. And, if marketers and salespeople are not sure how to effectively communicate with potential prospects, sales results can be disastrous, especially for white collar business owners selling products or services starting $5,000 and higher or if the commissions are $5,000 or higher.
June 10, 2019
The Sales Consultants Are Many But The Results Are Few
This podcast is not intended to belittle any other company’s services. But we do at 321 Biz Dev LLC want to put some competitive distance between what we claim our consulting services offer white collar business owners and what other companies offer. There is a stark difference between what 321 Biz Dev LLC offers and what other companies offers, in our professional opinion. Please click HERE to visit us on the Internet.
June 7, 2019
321 Recruiting and 5-Star Sales Training Support for Brokers Managing Realtors, Insurance Agents or Loan Officers
This video advertises 321 Biz Dev LLC’s service to help Real Estate Brokers, Insurance Brokers and Mortgage Brokers recruit and maximize sales performance using 321’s 5-Star sales training and business development support. We use the words and phrases “service”, “service industry” and “service provider” as fillers in place of real estate, insurance and mortgage. 321 Biz Dev LLC can be reached at (833) 321-3212 or on the web at 321bizdev.com Please click HERE to watch the YouTube video. Please click HERE to visit 321 on the Internet.
June 5, 2019
Interview with Lorraine Santirosa, Realtor HomeSmart Realty West, San Diego, Serving Military Veterans and Families
Jamaica-born, England-raised, Lorraine Santirosa brings 15+ years real estate experience, serving U.S. military veterans and families in the San Diego Area. Lorraine recalls her first real estate transaction with a Carmel, California Naval Officer. Not bad for your first real estate transaction! Lorraine details how she helps incoming, outgoing and permanent resident military members and civilians with their buying and selling needs.  What a great interview with Lorraine! She can be reached at (619) 248-5484 or your can visit Lorraine's website by clicking HERE. Click HERE to visit 321 on the Internet.
June 4, 2019
Real Estate Marketing Gimmicks Cannot Defeat Real Estate Digital Marketing Companies
For real estate, the trend is shifting towards gimmicks. By gimmicks, I mean the approach to generate real estate sales is moving away from long-term career development and moving to short-term methods to drive sales activity not too beneficial to man or woman actually looking to learn how to sell real estate. Buying leads is probably the biggest gimmick in the real estate industry. Is this bad in the short-term? No. Some real estate agents are paying exorbitant amounts of money for lead subscription packages to make money. It’s a gimmick because buying leads does not meet the definition of selling. Again, 321 just wants to put things in the correct boxes. Selling involves contacting and prospecting.  Click HERE to visit us on the Internet.
June 3, 2019
Insurance Brokers and 321 Work Well Together
 Over the last three years, 321 has never detailed how we can work with Insurance Brokers. This podcast is produced after 321 has helped hundreds of insurance brokers and agents improve sales productivity, performance and profitability. Let’s do a quick overview of 321 sales and business development services for Insurance Agents. 321 supports Insurance Agents in three ways: 321 provides sales training for Insurance Agents to contact, prospect, set appointments and close insurance prospects. 321 provides business development services to Insurance Agents where 321 contacts, prospects, and sets appointments for Insurance Agents. To enhance closing, 321 designed an “Insurance Prospect Interview Form” to give Insurance Agents a minimum 80% closing probability. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet.
June 3, 2019
CPAs and 321 Work Well Together
Over the last 6 months, 321 has never detailed how we can work with CPAs and accounting firms. This podcast is produced after we have signed agreements to support two CPAs in California. Let’s do a quick overview of 321 sales and business development services for CPAs and accounting firms. 321 supports CPAs and accounting firms three ways: Provides sales training for CPAs to contact, prospect, set appointments and close business clients. Provides business development services to CPAs where 321 contacts, prospects, and sets appointments for CPAs. To enhance closing, 321 designed a “CPA Prospect Interview Form” to give CPAs a minimum 80% closing probability. Thanks for listening to this podcast. Make it a great day! Click HERE to visit us on the Internet.
June 2, 2019
Two Sales Executives from Both Coasts Who Helped Me Improve Sales Performance
Mark, a San Francisco CEO, and Harley, a Boston Elder Law Attorney, helped me understand what independent selling is all about. I owe them both a huge debt of gratitude.
May 30, 2019
Ella Rivkin CEO, ERPS Group Inc, Brooklyn NY, From Russian Refugee to American Entrepreneur
What a great story by Ella Rivkin. She owns a accounting firm and financial planning company in Brooklyn, NY. Ella details how she accelerated her drive to become versed in the English language at the age of 14.  Ella also is knowledge in helping her business clients with their accounting, financial planning, and life circumstances.
May 23, 2019
321's Definition of Top Producer and It's a Numbers Game
Every salesperson, especially in real estate, insurance or other industries where sales volume is measured annually, has heard of the phrase “top producer”.  Top Producer can be individual production for an insurance agents or Realtor. Top Producer can be agency or brokerage sales volume where managers or brokers are recognized for taking their sales organizations to the top in sales productivity. Also, Top Producer can be a team effort where lead Realtor has team members assigned to different functions in real estate sales. I love it when people say sales is a numbers game. Usually, salespeople say it in frustration because they didn’t close a few deals and maybe the next one will close. So, it’s possible that salespeople are playing the numbers game incorrectly or using a sales system stopping from succeeding at the numbers game. 321’ definition of the numbers game takes a high road analysis where the salesperson knows how to effectively contact and prospect. The numbers I just described above is the 321 version of the numbers game. Guess what? To play in the 321 numbers game, you need 321 numbers. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet.
May 23, 2019
The Commission Split Controversy and How to Be in Business on Day 1 After Licensing
This podcast is about two subjects: the commission split controversy and how to be in business on the first day you are license. Commission split controversies started around 2006 before the real estate and mortgage crises hit the US, especially in California, Las Vegas, Phoenix and most of South Florida. But commission split frustrations between brokers and Realtors were not related to real estate but independent insurance agents began to make decisions where they sold insurance based on insurance commission splits.    To successfully execute this strategy to be in business on the first day you are licensed requires 321 training. First, let’s define what being in business means. You guessed it. Being in business means you are contacting and prospecting. Being in business does not only mean you are meeting with prospects or you are writing a real estate, insurance or CPA contract or starting a dental procedure or receiving a retainer fee to accept a legal case.
May 22, 2019
Why Small Business Owners Are in the Sales Fog
This podcast is going to one of the easiest one we’ve ever done because this podcast titled “The Sales Fog” is a culmination of many podcasts on the subject of sales performance produced over the last two years. What is sales fog in the context of sales training in white collar, big ticket, high priced product and service industries? Sales fog, as 321 defines it, is the area where something is missing to help salespeople increase revenues and commissions. It’s a fog because salespeople are somewhat at a lost in figuring out what’s missing. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet.
May 21, 2019
Interview w/Andrea Esse, Metro Detroit, Broker/Owner ReMax Defined, Motto Mortgage Defined
Andrea Esse is a Metro Detroit real estate and mortgage broker with 4+ offices. 321 is grateful to have Andrea Esse as our most recent podcast guest. Ms. Esse really cares about her agents' success. Please click HERE to visit Andrea Esse's company on the Internet.
May 15, 2019
Listen More to Sell More At Appointments
There’s a saying that goes like this: “The first person who talks loses We always said, "Whoever talks first loses" but it isn't quite as simple as that. People will tell you things (if you just shut up!) when given the chance. Silence is the best way to handle it. Thanks for checking out the 321 Biz Development podcast! If you liked the content, please donate to our cause to help the sales industry improve productivity, performance and profitability.
May 11, 2019
I Hate the Company, I Hate the Pay, I Hate My Boss...But I Am the Boss
I was under some sinus and allergy medication while recording this podcast. So I apologize in advance. On October 31, 2014, I fired myself as "Rick the Salesperson" and hired on November 1, 2014, "Rick the CEO".  This podcast talks about different issues with looking at your business run two very diverse perspectives.
May 10, 2019
Face-to-Face and B2B Telephone Prospecting: Predictable, Responsive and Efficient.
I admit that this podcast flies in the face of what most business owners are doing to find customers. The truth is that face to face and telephone prospecting is not easy.  I mean…it’s technically easy. Each prospecting situation with a potential customer or business may take 1-2 minutes. So, the script and words you say in F2F and B2B prospecting can easily mastered by a 5th grader. What’s difficult is getting people to F2F and B2B prospect. F2F and B2B prospecting worked yesterday, works today and will work tomorrow because these two marketing methods are the basis of relationships. Relationships are based on two or more parties effectively communicating.
May 7, 2019
Never Underestimate Your Skills, Never Overestimate Another Person’s Skills
I hope this podcast helps salespeople or anyone who might have this feeling about himself or herself. If you are a salesperson, whether you are new or a veteran salesperson, the belief that you are inferior to another or the other person is superior to you IS THE NUMBER ONE killer of success. I’m not lying. Underestimating yourself and overestimating the other person is a business show-stopper.
May 6, 2019
The 321 Template to Reverse Engineer Your Business Sales Design
I’ve been struggling with releasing information for free about how small business owners can improve their companies’ sales profitability. Okay, 321 uses words for a specific purpose. Profitability is defined as revenue greatly exceeding expenses by 5:1 ratio or higher, depending on your product or service. What is reverse engineering? As a former engineering student at Cal Berkeley who had to change his major to business management with a minor in economics because my wife and I had a kid in college and had to choose less demanding majors, reverse engineering means taking a finished product…or tearing something apart…to see how it was designed. Often, products and services are made better by identifying key parts or processes that really make products inferior or deliver low quality to consumers. Forward engineering is designing a product from scratch to completion.
April 30, 2019
Start a 321 Sales Training Center (STC) in Your U.S. or Canadian City
321 STCs will discuss strong business topics with local business owners which include the four main sales functions: contacting, prospecting, appointment setting and closing. Each of these four functions has at 10 hours of sales training content. 321 STCs will never run out of sales training information. 321 STCs helps local salespeople add more clients to STC member practices by delivering practical sales training and executing business development strategies.
April 30, 2019
321 Biz Dev Weekly Sales Accountability Session No 1-Contacting and Prospecting
We explore the nuts and bolts of traditional contacting and prospecting to find new clients.
April 30, 2019
321 Biz Dev-Weekly Accountability Session-"Belief, Value and The Sales System"
We discuss several sales topics about how people develop belief system, product or service value and the sales system. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet
April 30, 2019
Karla Sasser, CPA in Simi Valley California Testimonial About 321 Sales Training
I want to thank Karla for the testimonial about 321 sales training helping to improve her sales skills. Karla Sasser, CPA can be reached at (805) 328-4523 or you can visit her website by clicking HERE.
April 28, 2019
Sales Challenges Inside the Bubble, Sales Solutions Outside the Bubble
What an amazing, revealing week of discoveries for the week April 22-April 26! If I were able to detail the events my company’s experiences, you would shake your head up and down in approval. First, we reached out to more small business owners this past week than any other week in a long time…and with productive results and major validation. Our company has the benefit of being outside sales production and sales performance bubbles. What is a bubble? A bubble means, for this podcast, how one looks at his or her business within the walls of the daily routines. The small business owner comes to the office looks at the day’s activities. Maybe it will be a busy day…maybe not. Maybe it has not been a busy day for months, or years. 
April 27, 2019
Agents Can Take Back The Real Estate Industry from Multi-Billion Dollar Tech Companies
Last week, I had a very serious and informative interview with two titans in the real estate industry, Kim and Rob Campbell, two Tennessee area brokers who owned 15 ReMax offices, managing 400 agents. I want to thank them for their candid conversation on the 321 Biz Development podcast. It’s rare that you can get million dollar real estate producers to bear their souls about what really happened to put the real estate industry in its current disarray. To make a long story, in my opinion, agents got the short end of the deal with technology advances acting against them, less than ideal treatment by organizations supposedly on agents’ sides, and the real estate workforce having their production weaknesses being exposed by technology.
April 25, 2019
Interview with Kim and Robb Campbell-Real Estate Business Expansion Experts
This is a groundbreaking interview with national real estate professionals who have found the best way for real estate agents to succeed! Kim and Robb did an excellent job recapping what the real estate industry was like just 10 years ago to how it has transformed...and not so much beneficial for traditional brokers and agents. My favorite saying as a former Fortune 500 operations and sales manager is: "If you search long and hard enough, you will what you are looking for". I believe Kim's and Robb's real estate business expansion support helps real estate professionals regain a sense of control and comfort. I hope everyone enjoys this podcast. Reach out to me at 321 if you want to book a consultation session with Kim and Robb. Or, you can HERE to visit Kim and Robb's website. Tell them 321 you heard this podcast on the 321 Biz Development podcast.
April 21, 2019
Interview-Laureen K Insurance Group-Insurance Broker-Downtown Atlanta
What a great interview with Laureen Bennett, Owner of Laureen K Insurance Group. Laureen brings many years of hands-on, property and casualty experience from working as a claims examiner at a national insurance company. Laureen's experience gives her a major competitive advantage to serve her clients as an independent insurance broker. Laureen also provides the same great service to consumers in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. We hope you enjoy the podcast. Click HERE to visit Laureen K Insurance Group.
April 19, 2019
The 321 Business is So Hard, But I Like It So, So Much
This is a long overdue podcast which discussing why I love the sales training and business development business. The four reasons are:  I believe 321 services can help small business owners improve sales productivity and sales performance.   I have a Mr. Fixit mentality.  The small business community needs an injection of hope and a return to controlling their destiny.   The last reason I like doing what I do is I believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship and capitalism.  So, I just wanted to communicate this to the general public. Plus, more importantly, I want to leave a message to my sons and future grandchildren, if applicable. I want them to know what dad thinks or thought while he was alive.
April 19, 2019
Interview with Katina Person, CEO-Allegiance Business Services LLC, a Project Management Company, Washington D.C.
321 Biz Development listeners! You're in a for a real treat. I've known Katina Person for about 8 years. She's made the decision to start a Project Management company in the DC Metro Area. Katina brings a wealth of wisdom to this podcast as she encourages listeners to pursue their dreams and the pursuit of happiness. Katina says that making the decision to become a business owner is a real one. Katina also puts in a few good words about 321 Biz Development podcasts. Click HERE to visit Allegiance Business Services LLC on the Internet.
April 17, 2019
Interview with Greg Marshall, Former General Contractor, Now Insurance Sacramento Insurance Broker
Greg Marshall has a story to tell. 321 helped Greg install a structured sales system. And, guess what happened within one year? Greg closed a mega insurance transaction. Greg talks about how the lack of sales training hurt his performance to the extent he probably lost a lot of business. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet.
April 16, 2019
The 321 Weekly Sales Accountability Sessions Start April 22, 2019
Starting April 22, 321 is starting this accountability sessions for existing clients in the cities you see in the image. The accountability sessions will cover the most important sales and business development content white collar sales professionals need to know to maximize sales productivity and sales performance. Our company’s goal is to offer sales and business development training to white collar business owners who did not have access to professional sales training in college or through certification programs. We want all salespeople to be successful and not have their businesses fail, under-perform or be at risk to being taken over by billion-dollar digital marketing companies. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet.
April 15, 2019
Interview with Top Producer Las Vegas Realtor-Linda Naw
Listeners will definitely enjoy this in-depth interview with a Top Producer Realtor, an agent in the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas. Linda talks about her humble beginnings, growing in the ghetto section in Las Vegas, to single mother with four siblings. A homeowner at the age of 21 years old, Linda jumped into full time real estate sales after experiencing a very significant pay cut ($400 to $8 per night) as a Las Vegas cocktail waitress! During Linda's top producing years, she generated $250,000 to $499,000 in commissions. Today, Linda works primarily from her referral network and helping real estate investors from California buy Las Vegas rental income properties. Please listen to what Linda thinks about the Las Vegas Raiders coming to the area and her opinion of the Las Vegas real estate market. You can visit Linda's website by clicking HERE. Click HERE to visit Linda on Instagram.
April 14, 2019
Interview with Philadelphia's K.Shawn Singletary, Realtor, PA Real Instructor, Success Coach
I enjoyed interviewing K.Shawn Singletary, a native of the City of Brotherly Love, has a lot to say on this podcast. K.Shawn makes a strong case to support why buyers and sellers in addition to people looking for a real estate prelicensing source  should use his skills, talents and expertise. K.Shawn has a strong business foundation to design individualized strategies to help his students make the the most of their careers. What I like the most about K.Shawn is he believes salespeople need connect more with real people, offline. Please visit Mr. Singletary on Instagram.  You can book a 15-minute discovery call with K.Shawn Singletary.
April 13, 2019
Selling: Rational Versus Irrational Logic
This is important podcast because selling is both a logical and emotional for the salesperson and the prospect. Selling is never irrational with regard to how white collar salespeople should behave. The combination of the logic and emotion is easy to explain from a consumer perspective. The consumer uses logic to say: “I want this product”. The consumer then uses emotion to choose the vendor from whom to buy the product or service. 
April 9, 2019
The Salesperson's Value Proposition Must Exceed The Prospect's Expectation
The note to self is a reminder to always be empathetic to business owners we call. The olive branch is a way of saying 321 wants to partner with you. Offering sales training to white collar business owners is almost like saying I’m better you, or I can run your business better than you. It’s similar to a man telling another man that I can be a better husband than you are to your wife. Or a woman telling another woman that she can love another woman’s man better than the woman.
April 9, 2019
How 321 Helped A California Insurance Agent Go From a Non-Productive Agent to a Consistent Producer
This is the short version of life insurance agent who went from being non-productive to being a consistent producer. Her name is Cherry, a life insurance agent in California. She is also a registered nurse but inactive at this time. Cherry gives me her permission to tell her story about how our company helped her. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet. Make it a great day!
April 5, 2019
What White Collar Sales Pros Need to Know About B2B Phone Calls
The podcast is about people wanting to know how to call small business owners to see if the company has a need for your product or service. There is nothing more challenging in sales than B2B phone calls and appointments, not even B2C telemarketing calls to people’s homes. B2B calls are a lot more acceptable when salespeople have the right mindset. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet Make it a great day!
April 3, 2019
The Onion Skin Behind a Successful White Collar Salesperson
In the United States as well with other parts of the world, and unfortunately not in every nation, men and women can make decisions to start a business. But what is the drive to own a business? I’m not talking about any specific product or service. Here are the three components to put people on the path to business ownership: core beliefs, personal development and sales systems. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet. Make it a great day!
April 2, 2019
Converting White Collar Pro Social Media "LIKES" to Prospects
This podcast is targeted to white collar sales pros mainly because they market big ticket, high price items. This podcast is giving just about all the info white collar business owners will need to convert LIKES to prospects. This information is specifically geared towards Instagram activity. The Call To Action is for White-Collar Sales Pros using social media to get your social media person to resolve these LIKES.  White-Collar Sales Pros can use the same social media specialists they are using now or they can hire 321 to do the work. But there is work required to convert LIKES to prospects.  If your social media person cannot do it or does not want to do it, 321 will do it. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet.
April 2, 2019
White Collar Sales Professional Prospecting Power Needs Four Things To Be Successful
   When it comes to Face-to-Face and B2B phone prospecting, white collar sales pros have to believe in four things: You must believe in your product. Your product must provide unquestionable value. You want to leave your client in a better position than he or she was before you met him or her. You must have a good marketing plan and a great sales system. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet. Make it a great day!
April 1, 2019
Take Control of Your Business Before Billionaire Digital Marketing Controls Your Industry
If you learn how to find your own clients, you will not need to buy leads.
March 31, 2019
Close More Often Using the 321, 3-Point, Sales System Close
You’re at the appointment. The prospect has agreed to meet with you at their home or their business. So, you’re 50% there.  What you do at this point, moving forward will determine if you leave the appointment empty handed, with no deal, because you decided to use the old 1950’s ABC-Always Be Closing and Objection Handling techniques.  And, you beat yourself up with a self-destructive, self-analysis of your sales skills, thinking you need more, and more product training because, for some reason, the prospect just didn’t buy. I mean you told the prospect how great you are, how many awards you won, the prestigious college you attended and spent 30-60 minutes explaining why your product or service is the best! Or, 
March 29, 2019
White-Collar Sales Pros Need a Good Closing Sales System
The Frenchman, Louis Pasteur, a world-famous biologist responsible for pasteurization, which bears his name, was a process person. He coined the phrase: “Chance only favors the prepared mind..and sudden flashes of insight just don’t happen.” When you meet with prospects at appointments, you should have sales system for closing. In professional sales, closing does not mean the same as old 1950’s cliché: “ABC or always be closing”. Closing means the prospect and salesperson agree the product or service is or is not a good fit. This is the major difference between using a sales system and just winging it at appointments. White collar business owners who sell big ticket, high price items should have good sales systems allowing them to close the same way all the time.  One way to tell if the business owner has a good sales system is, he or she does well on news TV interviews or podcasts. He or she does well because their sales system is a natural part of their daily conversation with contacts, prospects, and colleagues.
March 28, 2019
White Collar Sales Professionals and Managing Sales Anxiety
We will discuss how sales anxiety begins, why sales anxiety exists, and the two stages sales anxiety rears its ugly head. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet.
March 27, 2019
Interview with Sheneya Wilson, CPA, MBA, PhD Candidate, CEO of Fola Financial LLC
Everyone business owner listening to this podcast should get to know Sheneya Wilson. Ms. Wilson is a shining-star of business, money and finance.  I will let the podcast speak for itself. You can contact Sheneya Wilson the following ways: Fola Financial LLC Sheneya on Instagram You can visit 321 Biz Dev LLC by clicking HERE
March 25, 2019
Why Our Company Was Kicked Out of the Local Chamber of Commerce
This happened almost 5 years ago when our company started helping chamber members more than the local chamber of commerce. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet.
March 22, 2019
Cherry Frame-Financial Services Advisor-Serves GA, FL, OK, MD and CA Resident Insurance Needs
Cherry is a California native and resident and is now helping people in Georgia and Florida. Just over the last few weeks, Cherry has helped a South Georgia resident with his insurance needs and before that she helped a grandmother in Florida find great college funding plans for the grandchildren.  Better technology has made long distance insurance transactions seamless whether Cherry is sitting next to the insurance applicant or if the applicant is in Key West FL. Technology has virtually removed the need for wet signatures. Insurance products, for the most part, are the same, with the exception of insurance plans for high net worth individuals. Most agents have the same products whether they are in San Francisco or Decatur GA. So a good agent with the right products and a friendly approach fulfill people's insurance needs no matter they live. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet.
March 19, 2019
Entrepreneurial Appropriation: Lead Generation Companies Dirty Little Secret
This podcast will define what I call entrepreneurial appropriation. I must admit that I wish I had the millions it takes to have gotten into the game back in 2009. There’s nothing illegal about what I’m about discuss. In fact, entrepreneurial appropriation as I’m about to describe capitalizes on other failures. EA capitalizes on the small business owner’s inability to find customers for his or her company. What is entrepreneurial appropriation? Just about everyone has heard of the social injustice phrase “cultural appropriation”. The latest use was an accusation against the performer and recording artist Bruno Mars last year. The accusation was he was not 100% black (by the way, not many people in this world and especially in America are 100% of their ethnicity. In fact, my great great grandfather was a white German. And yes, I saw his picture at my great grandmother’s house before she died when I was 7 years old). Click HERE to visit us on the Internet
March 18, 2019
Will Longstanding, Well-Established Franchised Insurance Agencies Be Zillow'd Out Too?
I had the great opportunity to briefly chat with an up and coming insurance agency CEO and franchiser. Based on our company's conversations with longstanding, well-established insurance agency owners, I've come to the conclusion that this CEO is on the move, possibly to take top position in the insurance agency industry. We hope you enjoy the podcast. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet 
March 16, 2019
What Selling, Sales Training Is
Here’s the short explanation of selling is: Selling is about finding mutual agreement between prospects and salesperson by seeing a product or service is a good fit. Here’s how a large majority of salespeople define selling: Convey to prospects how great products or services are by highlighting benefits and features and displaying salesperson industry knowledge. Disclaimer: only a few professionals qualify to put industry knowledge above building rapport with potential customers. These include medical specialty providers like oncologists, plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics and other providers whose talent, skill and expertise involve health and public safety. For everyone else, building rapport is essential, and finding mutual agreement is first and foremost in working people considering buying products and services. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet
March 13, 2019
Life Insurance Agents Improve Closing Ratios with 321's Prospect Interview Sales System
Insurance Agents, particularly life insurance agents, may find this podcast very valuable as it discusses the top challenges for selling life insurance policies. At 321 Biz Dev LLC, we have designed a sales system for life insurance agents to help them achieve a minimum 80% closing rate under the following conditions: 1. The salesperson initiates the connection with contacts. 2. The salesperson sets the appointment with applicants. 3. Applicants meet health underwriting guidelines, and 4. Applicants can afford to purchase insurance products With the above conditions satisfied, the applicant will achieve a minimum 80% probability that prospects will submit applications. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet
March 11, 2019
Understanding Sales Anxiety in the Most Important Sales Stages
Prospects, say, according to many sales journals and studies conducted by behavioral psychologists, that most interactions with salespeople are horrible. Prospects tense up when salespeople come to their homes or offices because prospects feel their best interests are put in last place. When prospects feel this way, whether it be true or false, prospects take the position that prices/fees are too high and products offered are shoved their throats. In other words, prospects are tense and have anxiety because salespeople display sales behavior that this is the first time they have met with prospects. Really! Even if the salesperson has 5-10 years in the industry, without having a sales system for closing, the prospect views salesperson’s skills as being new and untested.  The prospect looks at the sales appointment as: “the salesperson wants to get my money in the easiest way possible. The salesperson looks at the sales appointment as: “I want to get the prospect’s check based on my industry knowledge and I hope the prospect sees that I know my industry well. My knowledge is worth the prospect’s money.” We hope you enjoy the podcast! Click HERE to visit us on the Internet.
March 6, 2019
The State of the American Small Business Owners
 Talk about socialism among U.S. Democrat politicians is on the rise. What would a U.S. socialist presidency look like? Let’s pretend it’s January 21, 2021 and the U.S. has a socialist president. This is the new socialist president talking with his or her new administration. Our company helps small business owners sales systems to succeed in business. If a socialist president ever runs the U.S., small business owners will find it tougher to make money. Democrat Socialists believe in raising taxes to very high levels and controlling the U.S. economy so that, they claim, wealth is redistributing fairly. Hint: socialism has never worked. And the best current example of failure is the once, great nation of Venezuela. If you are a business owner and still believe socialists are your friend, it is my opinion, being a 2nd generation Haitian American, you are sadly mistaken. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet.
February 28, 2019
The Economics, Math and Finance Every White Collar Business Owner Should Know
This broadcast covers economic, math and finance information white-collar business professionals should know. I wish I had more time to add more to this podcast. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet.
February 22, 2019
Big or Small Business: Are Branding Activities and Results The Same
In my opinion and from my studies and experience working as sales executive in corporate America, there is a significant different on a grand scale in small business vs big business branding. The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet  
February 20, 2019
Feedback from "How Do I Sell Correctly" Questionnaires
Our company randomly solicited 18 small business owners, mainly from the US and Canada and several from around the world, to find them about their sales concerns and experiences. Eighty-percent (80%) of the responses dealt with rejection. Listen and follow 321 Biz Dev on Blog Talk Radio. Click HERE to visit us on the Internet.
February 19, 2019
321 is Back on Blog Talk Radio
We like podcasting, but we also like live shows. We will post our live shows here in addition to original sales training and business development material. 321 Biz Dev on BlogTalkRadio Click HERE to visit us on the web.
February 18, 2019
The Oddities of Social Media Selling and How We Got to This Point
Let’s talk a little economics, math and finance and why every man, woman and child should study these subjects to be informed. I majored in Business Management and minor in Economics at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.  After spending 12 hardcore years in corporate America, working at a Fortune 500 company in Los Angeles, I quit to work on my own as a Realtor, Loan Officer, Financial Services Specialists. The 2008 real estate crash hit me and my family extremely hard.  I was unprepared and experienced near devastation trying to cope with significant economic changes and financial/personal/health challenges in my immediate family. What I’m sharing on this podcast comes from about 20 years of experience, trial and error, and professional reflection. Click HERE to visit 321 on the Internet
February 14, 2019
How Much is Each B2B or Face-to-Face Contact Worth?
What puzzles me the most about my question is when did this activity significantly slow down where salespeople STOPPED reaching to contacts? It was almost as if one day, salespeople were professionally and proactively reaching out to contacts to see if they would be qualified prospects…and the next day, it’s as if aliens captured all the traditional marketers and took them to another planet. The value of picking up the phone doing B2B calls or meeting people F2F is extremely high. Imagine if, as a cosmetic surgeon, dentist, CPA, insurance broker, real estate broker or real estate investor, if you identified a population where you can easily access people who could qualify to be your next client? Click HERE to visit us on the Internet
February 12, 2019
What CPAs Should Know About Their Business Clients' Needs
Two articles from AccountingToday.com and the AICPA which is the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (the national organization…each state has CPA member board) talks about how business clients are requesting lower fees because they feel CPA services are not equal to the fees. The second article was critical of CPAs saying that they would “love to be left alone with their spreadsheets, calculators, pencils and erasers” (these are AICPA’s words, not mine). Now, I’m not a CPA. I can’t tell you much taxes other than my own personal and business situation. But what I can tell you is that my line of work/past work experience is with speaking with business owners. And business owners around the US and probably Canada, but especially here in California has a major concern. And their concerns is not so much about preparing their financial statements and keeping up with state and federal payments for operating their businesses. California business owners are more concerned with their companies’ financial and operational health. Please click HERE to visit us on the Internet.
February 10, 2019
Understanding and Overcoming Sales Anxiety at Appointments
Most of selling is about the psychology of how prospects and salespersons feel in a sales process. Selling is not one-sided in favor of salespeople as many people like to believe.  Prospects at appointments have every right to expect great sales experiences for their hard earned money. Conversely, salespeople should expect prospects to buy if they make prospects feel comfortable about buying products and services. Click HERE to visit us on the web.
February 6, 2019
A Comprehensive Podcast about Selling for White Collar Professionals
This podcast covers a variety of very important topics geared towards white collar professionals. Salespeople's lack of desire to be psychologically involved in sales. Validating your sales system with your pipeline activity. Downloadable sales training coming soon. Salespeople are not paid to move products and services. Outbound calls to find 321 clients more business. Our new San Francisco cannabis compliance client. Click HERE to visit our website.
February 5, 2019
Downloadable Sales and Business Development Training Sessions
We are excited to announce that 321 sales and business development training sessions will be available for download in a few weeks. There will be four downloadable sessions or one download with all four sessions, both at affordable pricing. 321 is advancing its business plan to do offer more business development support for current and existing clients. The 321 mission has always been, from Day 1, to help sales professionals improving productivity and performance. 321 is a people-centric consulting firm. We believe in people. Click HERE to visit our website.
January 29, 2019
Transactional Selling vs. Relationship Selling
Often, white-collar sales professionals believe they are connecting with prospects using relationship sales skills when in reality transactional selling is occurring.  This podcast attempts to give some examples how relationship selling is confused with transactional selling. Our company believes white-collar sales professionals, selling high-priced, big-ticket products and service, can increase performance with the 321, 8-hour Sales and Business Development QuickStart training. Click HERE to visit our website.
January 25, 2019
Starting Your Sales Career the Right Way or the Wrong Way
This is a short podcast to highlight how some salespeople in some white-collar professions start their sales careers without have a blueprint. Click Here for the 321 Biz Dev LLC website.
January 23, 2019
White-Collar Professionals Now Have a Sales Training Source
  321 Biz Dev LLC supports white-collar professionals with three options: Training your company to find clients, Setting B2B appointments for your company and using 321 training to help you close, Calling our database business contacts to connect them with random white-collar professionals for a finder’s fee. Click here to complete a 321 questionnaire.
January 22, 2019
Low Sales Productivity: The Biggest Threat To White-Collar Pros and the U.S. Economy
This podcast might be one of the most serious podcasts I’ve done in a few months. We at 321 believe all of our podcasts highlight the importance of mastering your skills as a salesperson. But this podcast will do a deep dive into one of the biggest, concealed threats to the U.S. economy. In fact, any economy in the industrial world faces the same threat…and some countries right now are experiencing the threat of low productivity. And, I’m speaking of low sales productivity…the type of low productivity where salespeople do not hit their revenue expectations.  321bizdev.com Instagram.com/321bizdevelopment
January 10, 2019
Should High End Service Providers Limit Luxury, Lavish Lifestyle Social Media Post?
 Our company surveyed about twenty people in California about how they felt about seeing luxurious social media posts from service providers who charge $5K, $10K or more for their services.  Nineteen out of twenty said they would feel kind of sad that the money they paid contributed to lavish lifestyles posted on social media. The majority of the California surveyed had an average household income of $100,000…which is really not that high for California. A single person could barely live in San Francisco earning $100,000 annually. None of the people surveyed lived in San Francisco. 321bizdev.com
January 9, 2019
Pounding the Pavement-Face to Face and B2B Phone Prospecting
The phrase “pounding the pavement” was a phrase used up to early 2000’s and is still used in limited conversation today by traditional salespeople. Pounding the Pavement sales and marketing described salespeople who walked into business offices to contact company owners and key people. 321bizdev.com
January 8, 2019
321 Business Advisory Community for White-Collar Professionals
Today’s podcast topic is starting a Business Advisory Community (BAC) if you are an attorney, a CPA, a financial planner, a mortgage broker or a real estate broker located in the US or Canada.  A Business Advisory Community is not a networking group. The BAC is for serious business owners looking for smart, reliable methods to sustain or grow their businesses. 321bizdev.com
January 7, 2019
The One Minute or Less Positive Feedback from a Naples Florida Sales Training Client
Sales training is so obscure...I wish I could change that but I cannot. The millennial business owner with twelve years experience was astonished about her future earnings now that she has been exposed to formal sales training. This Florida business owner completed 321's mini 8-hour course. 321bizdev.com
January 5, 2019
White-Collar Professionals are Hungry
The sales systems designs for CPAs, Insurance Brokers, Real Estate Brokers, Dentists, Attorneys and Website Developers are not new designs for our company. 321 has had these sales systems since 2015. But the time is right now as the economic conditions and marketing trends are changing. 321bizdev.com 
January 4, 2019
Homeless People Know How to Prospect Better Than Salespeople
This is an updated podcast to one I did a few years ago about how the homeless are better prospectors who need to make $50 per day than people working in sales who can make $500-$2,000 per day. California easily has several hundred thousand to a million homeless population from Sacramento to San Francisco to Los Angeles to San Diego. This podcast is not about the cause of the California homeless situation which is a complex one. When I did the first podcast about two years ago, I noticed the precision of how the homeless hit their daily goals to make $50 per day. Since the two years, I’ve personally met a number of homeless people and I do give them money every chance I get. 
January 4, 2019
We Are Unconstrained, Unrestricted to Grow Our Company and Help Small Business Owners
This podcast is about our company's 2014 beginnings to help insurance agents, support white collar professionals in 2018 and, for 2019, grow our company in an unconstrained, unrestricted manner while meet the needs of small business owners.
January 2, 2019
Sales Training Session Excerpt with Florida Small Business Owner
These four minutes were at the end of a 150-minute sales training session (1st session of 5). This session was conducted December 28, 2018. Yes, our company is busy during the holidays. This session was with a new client who has 12-years business experience but is uncertain about the essential steps to succeed with B2B prospecting. 321bizdev.com
December 29, 2018
White-Collar Professionals Need to Start Prospecting and Asking for Business
Our goal for 2019 is to help white-collar professionals spend no more than 5% of their marketing efforts on social media and assist CPAs, lawyers, dentists, cosmetic surgeons, insurance brokers, and real estate brokers return to the real business world. The social media love affair is over. White collar professionals need to start prospecting and asking for business again. Where are the prospects? The prospects are running million dollar companies and earning six figure salaries. These small business owners are not on social media. Big Digital companies in the San Francisco Bay Area are designing AI and UX methods to engage potential customers before white-collar professionals do. Then, sell these potential customers for much less than private practice rates. Yes! Rates charged by white-collar professionals for their services pay for their lifestyles. How many white-collar professionals want to become employees and work for Big Digital companies? www.321bizdev.com
December 21, 2018
Karla Sasser, CPA-The Cyber CFO in Simi Valley California
Karla is a 20-year, professional experienced in corporate audits, red flag fraud and serving as an expert compliance consultant for the cannabis industry. A native of Michigan, Karla grew up in Central Florida, graduating with a Bachelor of Science Accounting Degree from the University of Central Florida and a Masters of Science Information Technology Management Degree from the Florida Institute of Technical on Florida's Space Coast. It was truly an honor to have Karla as a guest on the 321 Generation podcast. 321bizdev.com
December 20, 2018
How to Successfully Conduct a Prospect-Salesperson Interview
This podcast previews the new 3-hour course to help white-collar professionals close deals with clients with at a higher close rate. The prospect-salesperson appointment seems to be the reoccurring hangnail that appears in the final stages of the sales cycle, causing prospects to say NO. We are running a training special through December 31, 2018 for small business owners and salespersons who want to close more deals. 321bizdev.com
December 18, 2018
The Sales Psychology of Telephone and Face-to-Face Business Prospecting
321 has a holiday offer for small business owners and salespersons wanting to get a jump on 2019 by learning how to prospect. Telephone and Face-to-Face prospecting is not the easiest thing to do. It typically requires 6 to 9 months of practicing in the field to get mentally comfortable with it. But mastering this skill is worth it if you plan on working in sales for a long time. www.321bizdev.com
December 17, 2018
Sales Maturity Advances Using a Sales System
We are starting our 5th year as a sales and business development company. And boy have we seen some stuff in the independent sales environment. I have to admit we started 321 Biz Dev looking at just one industry, financial services. But as we dived deeper into more and more independent sales organizations, we learned that selling profession is undeserved in terms of companies able to help increase performance. We have designed sales systems for CPAs, Insurance Agency, Real Estate Brokers, and Attorneys. We hope you enjoy the podcast.
December 14, 2018
Various Important Sales and Business Development Topics
321 covers about six topics on this podcast. We have been busy working with white collar business owners. Topics include: business social media to business social media, first book publishing, progress, Showing sales frustration on social media, White collar business owners ARE salespeople, feedback from recent sales training clients, and live training sessions across North America. Please be sure to check out upcoming podcasts with CPAs, Attorneys, Insurance Brokers and Real Estate Brokers. Most definitely, everyone should listen to our podcast with website designer, SiteMarkit (sitemarkit.com). Thanks for listening to today's podcast. Rick, CEO www.321bizdev.com, powered by SiteMarkit
December 12, 2018
Interview with "The Authorities" Book Author, CPA, MBA-Ursula Garrett
Here's a CPA with her finger on the pulse of business. Ursula has a national and international following of women entrepreneurs who have a burning desire to balance business success and female empowerment. And, yes guys, Ursula's advice and counsel are good for us too. Ursula broadens the scope of her CPA practice to include business advisory services to have a more hands-on working relationship with her clients. Plateau to Summit is the platform for her Business Advisory Services where business clients can chose the level of support they need. Ursula provides business coaching and workshops in California and travels to many countries as a guest speaker. You can learn more about Ursula Garrett at: www.ursulaisamazing.com www.cpagarrett.com www.facebook.com/groups/plateatutosummit (closed group)
December 4, 2018
The CIRA Sales System by 321 Biz Dev LLC
CIRA is a sales system for CPAs, Insurance Agencies/Brokers, Real Estate Brokers and Attorney Law Firms.
November 22, 2018
Welcome to The 321 Generation
This podcast represents our 2nd wave of podcasts to talk about how successful sales performance requires you to dig deep to overcome life's obstacles. Here's the Pepsi article: https://medium.com/s/buy-yourself/people-dont-buy-products-they-buy-better-versions-of-themselves-d481390bfcee Here's the article discussing the CPA environment: https://www.accountingtoday.com/news/accountants-embracing-more-technology-in-small-and-midsized-practices Here's another CPA article: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/10-common-reasons-why-lawyer-business-development-efforts-bliwas/ Here's an attorney article: https://attorneyatlawmagazine.com/how-the-american-education-system-fails-aspiring-attorneys
November 9, 2018
Engineering a Sales Process for Insurance Agents
In 2015, our company helped over 100 life insurance agents learn how to use a sales process. Insurance products are the most difficult to sell because the financial services industry, specifically, life insurance plans are seen by consumers as intangible products. Meaning, there is no immediate gratification or benefit until the benefit is triggered by illness, accident or death. 321 has sales systems (processes) for CPAs, Attorneys, Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers.
October 26, 2018
Understanding Business...a 321 8-Hour Sales Training Session
This podcast highlights the 321 module "Understanding Business". We cover very important topics to help people who have never owned a business and now are responsible to generating sales, meeting with prospects and communicating effective.
October 25, 2018
Don't Skip Sales Cycle Stages to Dash to Your Product Knowledge
This podcast provides general information why it is important not to skip sales cycles stages under the pressure to talk about your product or service. Many salespeople lose business because the meeting with prospects focus on product/service discussions. This short podcast is a preview to our 30-hour sales training program.
October 22, 2018
Stop Trying to Close Prospects As Soon as You Meet Them
Without a sales system, salespeople and business owners are prone to trying to close prematurely. The ABC (Always-Be-Closing) mindset, without a sales system usually results in a quick and firm rejection by the prospect.
October 21, 2018
321's Review of the Dunning-Kruger Effect and It's Effect on Sales Performance.
Two professors from Cornell University won a Nobel Prize on their study on how people assess themselves. Dunning and Kruger's research has wide ramifications on the sales industry. Business owners, sales managers and sales reps, without the proper initial training, may assess their skills as being satisfactory when these skills and talents may not be as high performing as sales professionals believe.
October 21, 2018
The Customer Journey from a McKinsey and Company (NYC) Article
A real boring podcast unless you are a connoisseur of business performance topics.
October 19, 2018
Four Customer Engagement Methods
This podcast dives into the four customer engagement methods salespeople use based on many factors such as experience, market, office training, comfort zones, etc.
October 19, 2018
Sales Profitability...when Performance and Productivity Successfully Come Together
This is 321's last podcast for 2018. We have a lot of work to do to help our clients close out 2018 profitably and start working with new clients to help them begin 2019 right.
October 15, 2018
Captcha Pages, Leads and Contacts
We explore topics related to the different methods salespeople connect with contacts.
October 9, 2018
321 3P's: Discussion of the Second P-Performance
321 Biz Dev LLC has a 3-P sales philosophy. This podcast discusses the second P-performance. The 3 P's are: production, performance and profitability. This podcast was created during FleetWeek 2018, the San Francisco Bay Area's celebration of the United States Navy.
October 8, 2018
Need B2B Prospects? Let 321 Work For You!
There is always a solution to any challenge. And some challenges, in the case of predictably growing your business, have multi-dimensional solutions. The best, long-term solutions require human effort and perseverance, and these solutions are not always easy. 321 has multiple training and business development options for salespersons and small business owners, depending on the effort one wants to contribute to their success. For this podcast, 321 is launching option #3. Option #3 is simple for our company. 321 will call local businesses and ask if the business owner or employees would like to hear from an Attorney, CPA, Cosmetic Surgeon, Dentists, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Brokers or Mortgage Brokers. 321 only contacts small business owners at their place of business. We never call consumers at their homes.
October 3, 2018
CPAC-Contacting, Prospecting, Appt Setting and Closing
This is brief look at the four top sales functions to be successful in selling.
October 2, 2018
Start a Local Business Advisory Group
First, I want to thank a Southern California CPA for validating a strategy our company had developed a few years ago but had not yet implemented. Like they say, “timing is everything”. Maybe it took a few years for business owners to look at their operations with more focus. Today’s podcast topic is why you start a Business Advisory Group if you are an attorney, a CPA, a financial planner, a mortgage broker or a real estate broker located in the US or Canada. A Business Advisory Group is not a networking group. It’s for serious business owners looking for smart, reliable methods to sustain or grow their businesses. Whether your state, province, territory or local area economy is in a state of flux or it’s stable, there are millions of small business owners and consumers who could use your expertise to help them make decisions with legal matters, business planning, finances, or real property.
September 28, 2018
Don't Let the Blue Dot Overcome You or Your Business
Regain control of business and loosen Blue Dot's grip.
September 25, 2018
Interview with Brandon Small, Metro Dallas Realtor
I invite everyone to listen to a fantastic, energetic Realtor, Brandon Small, who serves consumers in Metro Dallas. Mr. Small, a native Californian, who first sold in Southern California, then moving to Dallas, continues to give Texas buyers and sellers great sales experiences. From the interview you will hear how Brandon puts great effort in learning what buyers and sellers expect and how he bonds with his clients to ensure all parties are satisfied. Brandon has a unique story where a series of real estate classes at Long Beach Community College opened his mind to the real estate industry. Please visit HowToStartinRealEstate.com to learn how Brandon can help new people and existing Realtors work at a great real estate company with an agent-centric focus. Please visit Brandon's real estate website at: TheBrandonSmallGroup.com Brandon, thanks for your time today.
September 24, 2018
The Contacting and Prospecting Podcast You Need to Listen To
We condensed an 8-hour "Contacting and Prospecting" sales training module to a 49-minute podcast. Contacting and Prospecting is the backbone of just about every business. If a small business owner is not in charge of Contacting and Prospecting, then the enterprise is probably a hobby or the small business owner is paying outrageous fees for some other entity to perform these very important sales functions.
September 19, 2018
Ursula D. Garrett, CPA, MBA, Serving CA's Inland Empire
Interviewing Ursula Garrett was both an honor and a treat. It was great speaking with a CPA who truly loves to help small businesses in the United States and abroad with their financial and business development needs. Ursula is an excellent communicator (as you will see) and has a pro-active style of ensuring her clients receive the best information. www.cpagarrett.com
September 15, 2018
Closing Scenario Purposely Done Wrong
This is a closing scenario for an insurance appointment. As you might notice, the closing work is NOT done at the end. The closing process begins long before the agent meets with prospects at the appointment. Closing actually starts at the contacting and prospecting phases.
August 28, 2018
A Contacting Scenario with Many Opportunities
Salespeople pass potential clients all the time and miss out on great sales opportunities. This short podcast talks about why salespeople should always want to say hello to people in public.
August 28, 2018
Overview of 321's Professional Closing Training
Closing is one of the most important sales functions. Unfortunately, salespersons and business owners miss the mark, leaving consumers feeling mistreated and disrespected and resulting in consumers not buying products and services. This podcast is 17 minutes of a 4-hour class.
August 27, 2018
321's Contacting & Prospecting Training Overview
321's contacting and prospecting training is a 2-hour session. This class is ideally for white-collar professionals like attorneys, cosmetic surgeons, CPAs and financial services specialist. Plus, this class is also suitable for real estate and mortgage broker CEOs. Over the last 8 years, social media selling has tried to replace traditional contacting and prospecting to the detriment of salespersons and business owners. Social media causes salespersons and business owners to lose control of finding new clients. Contacting and Prospecting skills stay with salespersons forever and grow as these skills are continuously developed.
August 27, 2018
Traditional Selling is More Effective than Social Media
What a title that will certainly raise eyebrows and cause people to curse at this podcast! This podcast talks about how traditional selling is the best long term strategy for salespeople to have longevity in their sales careers. We cover the US financial and historical events that made social media an attractive alternative to traditional selling.
August 22, 2018
The Blue Dot Fantasy: How Great is Social Media for Sales?
This podcast looks at several comparisons, issues and challenges with social media selling. Is there a conspiracy to stop people from learning traditional sales techniques?
August 21, 2018
Can Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers Take Back Real Estate?
Our company will stop talking about the greatest threat to the real estate and mortgage industries. Although we totally agree with the capitalistic nature of the tech industry making a strong push to dominate the real estate and mortgage industries, we feel the traditional legacy professionals are giving up too easily. The tech push is coming due to the lack of sales training in the real estate and mortgage industries. Without professional sales training, agents and loan officers have no choice but to pay billions of dollars to work in the real estate industry...and that's not the way it should be.
August 6, 2018
Jeff Landay, Marine Corps Veteran, 3X Purple Heart Recipient
People often dwell on day-to-day challenges. Life can be tough, sometimes. If you are stuck wondering if you have the strength to move forward in your personal life or business life, listen to the brief interview I had with Jeff, a Sacramento area resident and a sales rep at Roseville California Toyota. Then, ask yourself this question: is your situation really that bad that you cannot work harder to overcome it?
August 5, 2018
Our Company's First Podcast from 2011-Get Your Biz Swag On
Yeah, our company has been providing sales training and business development support really since 2009. But this is our first podcast from another podcast platform in 2011.
August 4, 2018
Chelle Johnson, Realtor, Sacramento, California
What an exciting I had with Chelle Johnson, Realtor, CA DRE 01926937! Chelle, a previous 20-year, multiple location daycare center owner, has tremendous people skills. Over the last 8 years plus, Chelle has helped many buyers and sellers navigate successful real estate transactions in Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. It took a while for my wife and I to find a Realtor like Chelle to mentor my wife as she is making a transition into the real estate industry. Chelle agreed to help my wife as she helps other new and veteran real estate agents learn the industry. Chelle serves the Greater Sacramento area. You can learn more about Chelle Johnson at www.fitforliferealestate.com or she can be reached at (916) 208-8553. Make it a great day!
August 3, 2018
Pod 2, Cherry Frame Discusses CPAs Top Business Challenges
This is the second podcast with Cherry Frame. She has significant business experience as a former CEO of a geriatric care management company and working as a California Registered Nurse. Over a three podcast series, Cherry will identify top business challenges faced by CPAs. Cherry Frame can be reached at (916) 899-1743.
August 3, 2018
Why Do Motivational Speakers Cuss at Sales Seminars?
Motivational speakers occasionally use vulgar language to pump their audience of sales and business professionals. This podcast talks about the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of cussing at sales seminars.
July 31, 2018
Your Sales Manager Matters: My story of four sales managers
The truth is most sales managers in independent sales should not be responsible for showing sales reps how to sell. The best independent sales managers or business owners with sales functions come from the corporate world where corporations invest millions of dollars per year in sales training programs. This is my short story of four sales managers I had over the last 20 years.
July 28, 2018
Pod 1, Cherry Frame Discusses CPAs Top Business Challenges
Cherry has significant business experience as a former CEO of a geriatric care management business and a California Registered Nurse. Over a three podcast series, Cherry will identify the top business challenges faced by CPAs. Cherry Frame can be reached at (916) 899-1743.
July 27, 2018
Interview with Tina Garcia, Realtor, San Francisco Bay Area
Tina had an amazing professional resume in corporate America and as a mortgage loan officer. Our company's coaching helped Tina move into San Francisco East Bay Area luxury home sales market. Please visit Tina's website at: www.brerealtor.com.
July 23, 2018
The Reasons Why People Buy From You
This is a podcast filled with some interesting observations about why people buy from salespeople. Plus, the podcast includes the epiphany I had to motivate me to design my own sales system.
July 20, 2018
Push vs Pull Marketing: One is Better than the Other
Listeners might be surprised to learn how many sales are lost due to using "push" marketing techniques. Many, many, many sales are lost causing salespeople to increase the number of prospects far above than what is necessary.
July 17, 2018
Tolerating Pressure Can Pay You Well in Sales
This December 2016 podcast talks about how working in sales automatically comes with pressure, whether you want it or not.
July 16, 2018
Selling Without Appearing to Sell (SWAS)
This is a podcast from September 2015 when our company introduced SWAS for Insurance Agents. Our company has a SWAS design for attorneys and other industries. https://www.thinkadvisor.com/2015/04/19/the-sales-reps-lament/
July 16, 2018
Salespersons Will Quit Without Proper Sales Training
This May 2016 podcast outlines the fact that lack of sales training is the primary reason salespeople quit their professions.
July 14, 2018
The Big Differences Between Sales Efforts and Sales Tasks
This January 2017 podcast highlights how many salespeople spend the majority of sales time performing tasks instead of investing more productive time in sales effort activities.
July 13, 2018
Don't Be a One and Done Salesperson
This January 2017 podcast looks at selling issues that cause salespersons to not receive referrals from clients.
July 13, 2018
The Five Things to Know About Business (Selling)
This is a from a broadcast done in August 2015 about activities salespersons and business owners should master.
July 12, 2018
Everyone Should Start a Business
This is a January 2013 podcast about business ownership.
July 12, 2018
Working Your Business is Like Playing Baseball
This podcast aligns business sales like the game of baseball.
July 12, 2018
What is the Confusion in the IMO Insurance Recruiting Scene?
The life insurance industry has a reported 80% rate where agents quit the business because they are making no money or not enough money. We discuss this situation.
July 12, 2018
How to Defeat Your Sales Demons in 60 Seconds or Less
This short podcasts highlights the fight between salespersons/business owners and their sales demons.
July 11, 2018
Sometimes You Feel Like You're Losing But You're Winning
This is an April 2016 podcast I made to help salespeople deal with the ebbs and flows of starting a business or working in sales.
July 11, 2018
Skill and Talent Beat Motivational Seminars Every Time
This is a Jan 2017 podcast describing how motivational training alone does not improve sales performance.
July 7, 2018
You Can Be Great in Sales
30 minute podcast on how people think of themselves as salespeople.
July 6, 2018
Why Handling Objection Techniques Do Not Work
This is an 8-minute podcast describing why salespeople would do better using a structured sales process instead of outdated handling objection techniques.
June 30, 2018
2015: A Year for Learning and Growing
What a great full year of sales training and business development for our company.
June 27, 2018
Some Company, Somewhere Will Be Number One
This podcast was originally done in 2015. This podcast talks about sales production activities, primarily with real estate sales and insurance sales but can include just about any industry.
June 26, 2018
Transitioning from W2 Employee to 1099 Self-Employment
This podcast aired almost 7 years ago. People starting a business today will benefit from this info.
June 26, 2018
Some Inside Thoughts about Starting a Business
This podcast was originally made in January 2013.
June 25, 2018
Our Review of The Book Pre-Suasion by Robert Cialdini, Ph.D
This is a great book. Our company likes it because it validates our sales and business development training systems. The book helps sales professionals even more if used with a 321 foundation.
June 23, 2018
The Ten Commandments of Prospecting
This podcast discusses how prospecting gives business owners and salespersons the best control of their sales activities. We also cover the role of sales managers and brokers. Our company has identified the sales learning curve as the secret fear many salespersons have with moving forward in their careers. We explain how Trump University could have avoided real estate investor school the class action lawsuit
June 12, 2018
Deep Dives: Sales Fears & Social Media Marketing Conspiracy
Deep Dive Analysis is the name of a technique used to rapidly immerse a group or team into a situation for problem solving or idea creation. This approach is used for brainstorming product or process development. Root Cause Analysis is a method of problem solving used for identifying the root causes of faults or problems. A factor is considered a root-cause if the removal of a problem prevents the final undesirable problem from recurring. To understand today’s fear of selling, you need to understand the sales environment before digital marketing and social media. Today’s fear of selling is more intense because salespersons have alternatives to traditional selling. In any behavior, if people have options, they will typically choose the least path of resistance. The social media marketing conspiracy talks about the impacts of salespersons shifting from goal-oriented traditional selling to social selling which has little to no performance measurements.
June 5, 2018
Interview with Ayesha Mehdi, Esq, Frontier Health Law
Our company interviewed Ayesha Mehdi, Esq., licensed to practice law in the state of Nevada, about a few topics in healthcare law. www.frontierhealthlaw.com
June 1, 2018
321 Style
This is podcast that covers a wide range of thoughts about 321 sales training and business development services.
June 1, 2018
What-If Lead Generation Revenue Numbers...What Does it Mean?
Real estate lead generation companies are making a ton of money selling lead subscription packages. On the entrepreneurial side, I applaud their innovation to create income streams and build a business from scratch. But the traditional salesperson side of me would like to see real estate professionals return to the sales style that existed before lead generation companies arrived on the scene. Realtors have more control of their businesses when contacting and prospecting, two important functions of selling, are performed by agents. www.facebook.com/the321salespros
June 1, 2018
Real Estate Lead Generation Companies and Entrepreneurship
This podcast talks about the definition of entrepreneurship and the positives and negatives of real estate professional buying lead generation subscriptions. First, I mention the interaction I had with my first mentor, Miryam from Peru, who gave my sales training and business development plan the thumbs up 8 years ago. Then, the conversation moves to define entrepreneurship and many things to think about for real estate professionals who chose to buy lead subscription packages to make money instead of learning how to find their own clients using proven contacting and prospecting techniques.
May 22, 2018
How 321 Packages Sales Training and Bus Dev Services
Our company’s goal is to help small business owners and salespersons improve performance, productivity and profitably. However, our company slogan for 2018 is “321 clients never work alone”. This slogan has had a significant impact on how 321 introduces its sales training and business development services. And, this is where the story begins. The biggest challenge our company had over the last three years was how to take 20 years of sales and business development experience and encapsulate it into a marketable service which appeal to prospects seeking to improve their skills. Clarence Nappier, CEO 321 Set Appointments LLC - www.321sallc.com Our company on Instagram - www.instagram.com/321bizdev
May 17, 2018
Predictive Analytics-Artificial Intel for Small Businesses
If PA-AI is predictable, why doesn’t the company who has all the analytics and intelligence just sell the products themselves directly to consumers? This is the question I asked in 2008 when Trulia started selling leads. Sure enough...lead generations companies now have a stronger position in the real estate industry. Does PA-AI add to or subtract from the salesperson/entrepreneur journey? a. If the salesperson wanted financial freedom, who is really in control if PA-AI is the determining factor for the salesperson’s success? b. Is there any professional development for salespeople using PA-AI? c. Is there any loss of control if the most important part of the business…finding customers…is shifted to PA-AI to the small business owner? d. If a small business with a bigger bank account causes a business owner to have a less favorable position with PA-AI, what are the ramifications of this? Is the small business owner with less money to invest in PA-AI more vulnerable to failure?
May 11, 2018
Interview-Samantha Brookes, CEO, Mortgages of Canada
Wow is all I can say! What an exciting podcast in terms of hearing what CEOs think and how they started their companies. Knowing CEOs like Samantha Brookes do not have a lot of time, I just asked Samantha a few questions and she answered them just like a CEO would. What I hope listeners get from this interview is there are no short cuts. Business owners cannot sidestep business building basics. You can't buy your way to long term business success. Samantha Brookes, Mortgages of Canada on Internet - mortgagesofcanada.ca Samantha Brookes on Instagram - instagram.com/iamsamanthabrookes. 321 Set Appointments LLC - 321sallc.com
May 3, 2018
Interview with Ana Carolina Oliveira-Dubai Real Estate Exec
We are delighted to have an opportunity to interview Ana Carolina Oliveira from Fam Properties in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. On a pre-show call, Ana told me that Fam Properties is the largest real estate agency in Dubai with access to dozens of for-sale and lease properties. Our company requested an interview with Ana to give our 321 world wide listeners a glimpse of the Dubai real estate market and social scene. Plus, since our company is a sales training and business development company, I wanted to know what it takes to work for an international real estate company with buyers from all over the world. I want to thank Ana Carolina Oliveira for taking time out of her busy schedule to come on the show. Ana Carolina Oliveira on Instagram - www.instagram.com/teamwanderlust Fam Properties on the Internet - www.famproperties.com 321 Set Appointments LLC - www.321sallc.com
April 28, 2018
Interview Corey Craig, NYC Realtor (718) 725-8966
What an exciting and refreshing interview with Corey Craig, a Queens NY Realtor with Keller Williams Liberty. Corey masters the art and science of contacting and prospecting for new customers as does not purchase real estate leads. Corey meets all of his real estate prospects through talking to everyone he meets. Whether the person he is speaking with is a strong real estate prospect or not, Corey knows that people have connections with other people. It is needless to say that Corey is very effective in communicating with people in public. It's obvious. We hope you enjoy the show. Corey Craig on Instagram - www.instagram.com/kwrealtornyc Clarence Nappier on Instagram - www.instagram.com/321bizdev 321 Set Appointments, LLC on the Internet - www.321sallc.com
April 27, 2018
Interview-DC-MD, Attorney Kimberlee Gee, Kimberlee Gee Legal
Today, it's both a honor and a pleasure to introduce Attorney Kimberlee Gee, founder of Kimberlee Gee Legal to our 321 Sales Pros listeners. Kimberlee Gee is licensed to practice law in Washington DC and Maryland. Ms. Gee owns her own micro-niche firm that focuses on providing legal outsourcing solutions to other attorneys and small business owners. She has more than 14 years industry experience in employment law and labor law, and has worked in this field in various capacities throughout her career. Kimberlee Gee Legal on Instagram - www.instagram.com/kgeelegal Kimberlee Gee Legal on the Internet - www.kimberleegeelegal.com 321 Set Appointments LLC on the Internet - www.321sallc.com 321 Set Appointments LLC on Instagram - www.instagram.com/321bizdev
April 26, 2018
Interview-Weddy Carter, Broker, Action Realty-Hampton VA
It was an honor and a pleasure to feature Weddy Carter, Broker/Owner of Action Realty in Hampton, Virginia. Belgium born, Weddy started her real estate business with a passion. Weddy is a true professional in every sense of the word. She is a firm believer in treating her brokerage like a business. Equally, Weddy is committed to helping her agents succeed by providing world class training. Weddy Carter on Instagram - www.instagram.com/actionrealty.now Action Realty on the Internet - www.actionrealtynow.com 321 Set Appointments LLC on the Internet - www.321sallc.com 321 on Instagram - www.instagram.com/321bizdev 321 can be reached at (844) 405-2800. We hope you enjoy the podcast.
April 26, 2018
Interview-Evan Wolf, RE/MAX Realtor, St Petersburg Florida
What a pleasure and a treat to interview and support Evan Wolf, a RE/MAX Realtor in my Tampa Bay Area hometown Mr. Wolf, originally from Ohio, will share experiences working in one the hottest, most active real estate markets in the United States. Evan believes he has several advantages with working with RE/MAX. Evan runs his real estate practice like most small business owners in the Tampa-St. Pete community and thinks about success all the time just like the man or woman who runs a surgery center or a CPA firm. This will be a great interview for both Evan and my company. Evan on Instagram - www.instagram.com/wolfrealestatefl Evan on the Internet - www.wolfrealestatefl.com We hope you enjoy today's show. 321 Set Appointments LLC - 321sallc.com
April 26, 2018
Interview with Elijah McNeeley, Downtown Boise Realtor
Elijah, originally from Central Louisiana, is doing great things in Boise Idaho...which is a 6 hour drive to both Portland and Seattle. Elijah is your best choice for real estate in Boise's bustling downtown district. I've been to Boise about eight times since two of my sons lived there, with one currently living in Boise and is a recent Boise State University graduate. Metro Boise includes the cities of Caldwell, Eagle, Meridian, and Nampa. Metro Boise has a population slightly higher than 500,000. We hope you enjoy today's show. Elijah McNeely on Instagram - www.instagram.com/elijah.mcneeley Elijah McNeely on the Internet - www.yourspotinboise.com 321 Set Appointments LLC on the Internet - 321sallc.com
April 26, 2018
03/26/2018-Kimberly Mason, Associate Broker, Metro Atlanta
Kimberly Mason, Associate Broker, Solid Source Realty in Atlanta "walks the walk" and "talks the talk" in her real estate practice. Buyers and sellers literally beg her to be their Realtor. I've never seen anything like it. She is a client-magnet. And listeners will see why after they listen to the show. Kimberly will soon begin to hire more agents. Originally from San Francisco, Kimberly will talk about her past business experiences that led to starting her career in one of America's hottest real estate markets. What I was impressed with at the very beginning was Kimberly's ability to quickly establish rapport with me, a total stranger, over the phone. Kimberly's inviting and welcoming communication style made me feel so good. Kimberly Mason on Instagram- instagram.com/kim_sells_atlanta 321 Set Appointments LLC - 321sallc.com
April 26, 2018
04/24/18 Interview with Mike Durkin, SF Realtor
Hardworkin Mike Durkin is his name. Helping real estate buyers and seller from City and County of San Francisco to Stanford University is his claim to fame. Mike will share the latest in real estate in the nation's market with the highest rise in prices (65%) in the last 8 years. With 34 years of real estate experience and being a San Francisco native, Mike knows every community, every street corner, and the latest news about buying and selling in the Bay Area. Mike Durkin on Instagram-www.instagram.com/hardworkinmikedurkin Mike Durkin on the Internet - www.hardworkinmikedurkin.com 321 Set Appointments LLC - www.321sallc.com
April 25, 2018
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