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3 AM Mystery Club is a casual and conversational podcast discussing true, unsolved crimes that take place in small towns across the United States, with a heavy emphasis on older or cold case crimes from the 1900s through the early 2000s.
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"The Angel of Death" Genene Jones
It's "Murdery" Monday and Branden tells us the story of Genene Jones. Dubbed, "The Angel of Death" by the American media, Jones is responsible for the deaths of up to 60 infants and children in her care as a licensed vocational nurse during the 1970s and 1980s. Parallels are often made of Jones and infamous nurse Annie Wilkes from Stephen King's, Misery. Sources:
November 08, 2021
Kentucky Blues
In this 3AM Short, Ro is exploring the legend of the Blue People of Hazard, Kentucky. Hazard is a small community in Eastern Kentucky that boasts dense forests, beautiful countryside, and well, a population of BLUE people. Join the club as Ro delves into this true urban legend to learn the origin of the Blue People and where they are today. Interestingly enough, while investigating this case, she also discovered a big mystery surrounding one of the key players.  Sources:
November 05, 2021
Kristen Modafferi
Summer 1997, young college student and San Fransico transplant Kristen Modaferri, disappears without a trace after her shift at the Crocker Galleria. Wild theories abound but no resolution has ever been found for this case. Join us as Derric reports on the Disappearance of Kristen Modafferi.  Sources: Going West Podcast: Kristen Modafferi/126 Misconduct. A True Crime Podcast: Kristen Modafferi
November 01, 2021
Scary Stories From The Club Vault
It's our Halloween episode and what better way to spend time in the clubhouse than to tell scary stories! In this episode, we each share personal stories and experiences that spooked us as kids and still gives us chills today.  No sources needed today! Check out our exclusive 3AM Mystery Club Merch and snoop around on our social media!
October 29, 2021
The Highway of Tears
Since 1969 hundreds of women have gone missing or are found murdered along Canada's infamous Highway 16. Dubbed by locals as, "The Highway of Tears", an alarming majority of these victims are First Nations women. Why are there so many victims? What makes Highway 16 such a prolific hunting ground for murderers and kidnappers? What can be done to make this stretch of road safer? Join us as Ro' tackles this massive mystery.  Sources:
October 25, 2021
The "Halloween" Murders
It's time for a Friday Short! In an affluent gated community in Texas, 17-year-old Jake Evans murdered his mother and his sister. What motivated such a horrific act? According to Jake, it was the 2007 Rob Zombie film, "Halloween". Join us as Branden discusses this case in our "Friday Short" series.  Sources: For bonus content check us out on Facebook and Twitter!
October 22, 2021
The Freeway Phantom Murders
Springtime in Washington D.C. is a magical time. The famed cherry blossoms begin to bloom, tourists come out of their winter hiding to visit monuments and see famous museums. However, in April of 1972, something nightmarish was preying on the D.C. area locals, particularly teenage girls of color. Dubbed, The Freeway Phantom, this case remains unsolved to this day.  Sources: Tantamount: The Pursuit of The Freeway Phantom Serial Killer by Blaine L. Pardoe and Victoria R. Hester. WildBlue Press, 2019 Social Media, Website, Merch & More:
October 18, 2021
La Llorona/The Weeping Woman
You may have heard your mom or your grandma warn you about the Boogey-man or even tempted fate as a kid by bravely (or stupidly) chanting, "Bloody Mary" into a mirror; but they have nothing on La Lorona. The Weeping Woman is a dangerous combination of malevolent spirit and urban legend, haunting the southwest United States and Mexico. Join the club if you dare as Ro tells the haunting tale and reports a few "eyewitness" encounters.  Sources:
October 15, 2021
Ariel School Phenomenon : A 3 AM Mystery Club Short
Little men in black suits, an ominous warning, disc-shaped aircraft; in Zimbabwe, Africa, in 1994, over 60 school children experienced a close encounter. Join us in the clubhouse to hear the story of The Ariel School Phenomenon.  Sources: It's Supernatural with Ashley Flowers, Episode: Alien: The Ariel School Sighting
October 08, 2021
Alice Crimmins
SEXPOT MOM SWAM NUDE AS TOTS LAY SLAIN would undoubtedly have been the headline on cable news shows throughout the world if Alice Crimmins had been on trial today. It was certainly the type of headline that tabloids had no problem printing even in the 1960s. Was Alice Crimmins guilty of murder or was she merely guilty of living outside of normal conventions for a 60s housewife? Did she do it or were more plausible suspects overlooked? Join the club as Ro discusses the case that often gets compared to Susan Smith and Casey Anthony.  Sources: A Crime To Remember: Go Ask Alice. Season 1, Episode 1, 2013 Killer Queens Podcast : Why Can't You Behave: Revisiting the Case of Alice Crimmins. Weinman, Sarah, 2015
October 04, 2021
Richard Speck
In our first Fifteen-Minute Friday episode, we take a condensed look at mass murderer Richard Speck. Eight student nurses' lives were cut short on an August 1966 night when petty criminal Speck graduated to full-fledged killer. Sources: The Crime of the Century: Richard Speck and the Murders That Shocked a Nation (2016) By Dennis L. Breo
October 01, 2021
Daniel LaPlante Remastered
In this episode, we went way back into our archives and dug out one of our FAVORITE creepy episodes! Digitally remastered for sound quality and we even let some previously cut scenes out of the cage. Hope you enjoy the one episode that scared 'Ro and made her sleep with her lights on for a few days!  Sources: Your Worst Nightmare/Bump in the Night. Investigation Discovery. Season 2 Episode 1, 2015. CBS Boston: Boston Magazine: The Associated Press:
September 27, 2021
Missy Bevers
Missy Bevers was a popular fitness instructor in her hometown of Midlothian, Texas. Her murder inside of a church in 2016, has both baffled and haunted the public ever since.  Sources True Crime Garage Missy Bevers/Part 1/138 Crime Junkie Murdered: Missy Bevers
September 20, 2021
Mary Bell
Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow? In 10-year-old Mary Bell's case, the garden was littered with bodies. Join us as Branden covers the shocking case of Mary Bell, one of the youngest known serial murderers in British history.  Sources The Mary Bell Case:
September 13, 2021
The Somerton Man
In December of 1948, the body of a middle-aged man was found on Somerton Beach in Adelaide, South Australia.  Each clue unearthed regarding his identity and cause of death only deepened the mystery. Was his death intentional or accidental? Was it murder? Who was he? Seventy-three years later and the world is still trying to discover just who is, The Somerton Man.  Sources
September 06, 2021
Lake Lanier/Anthonette Cayedito
In today's episode, Derric presents a double feature!  Lake Lanier, located in Northern Georgia, USA, has a deadly history. The creation of the lake itself has dark connotations. Is this lake cursed? Is it haunted by restless spirits? Join the club and decide for yourself! Anthonette Cayedito disappeared from her home in Gallup, New Mexico, USA, in 1986. Reports of sightings of Anthonette have occurred all throughout the Southwestern United States ever since, culminating with a mysterious phone call that has never been able to be traced. What happened to this bubbly little girl?  Sources: Lake Lanier  Anthonette Cayedito Unsolved Mysteries: Season 5, Episode 14
September 01, 2021
The Springfield Three
On June 7, 1992, newly graduated from high school and ready to start a summer of fun, Suzie Streeter, her best friend Julie McCall vanished into thin air along with Suzie's mother, Sherill Levitt. No trace of the women have ever been found and police are at a dead end. Join us as Derric walks us through the strange disappearance of, "The Springfield Three". Sources:  Disappeared” Season 3, Episode 10: The Springfield Three
August 30, 2021
The Grimes Sisters Murder Mystery
Episode 55, is a murder mystery out of Chicago, Illinois, USA. On December 28, 1956, when two sisters named Barbara and Patricia Grimes disappeared after seeing a late-night showing of a movie by their favorite performer- Elvis Presley. The King himself would plead for the missing girls to return home, but those pleas would never be heard by his self-proclaimed, number one fans. Join us as Branden presents the shocking case of The Grimes Sisters Murder Mystery. 
August 16, 2021
Branson Perry
Skidmore, Missouri is no stranger to mystery. Known as, "The Town That Got Away With Murder," due to a case in the 1980s, Skidmore continues to uphold the moniker. Twenty years later, Branson Perry, a young man with a bright future and outlook on life disappeared without a trace from the same town. Join us as Derric presents the case Branson Perry and briefly discusses the criminal history of Skidmore itself. Sources Podcasts- True Crime Garage: Branson Perry Down the Rabbit Hole: Branson Perry Trace Evidence: The Vanishing of Branson Perry
July 26, 2021
The House of Faces
In the 1970s in a small town in Andalusia, Spain, crude facial renderings began to appear on Maria Gomez Pereira's kitchen floor. The faces would appear and reappear over a span of nearly forty years. Despite many investigations and scientific testing, theories of both skeptics and believers are rampant and make solid arguments. Listen to Ro present the case of La Casa de los Rostros.  Sources EVP SOURCE:
July 19, 2021
The Cowden Family Murders
"You know what we say about camping in the '70s!"-Branden, Derric, and Ro (3AM Mystery Club) Richard and Belinda Cowden, a married couple with two very young children go camping in the woods in 1974 and were never seen alive again.  What happened on that fateful camping trip? Were they the victims of a crime of opportunity or a serial predator? Join us as Branden dissects, The Cowden Family Murders.  Sources: Rule, Ann (2009) But I Trusted You, and Other Case Files. New York: Simon and Schuster
July 12, 2021
Ben McDaniel
In 2010, experienced diver Ben McDaniel's truck was found parked in the lot of dive park Vortex Spring near Ponce de Leon, Florida. Ben was no where to be found and remains missing to this day. Did Ben venture too far into his dangerous dive or did something more sinister happen? Ben's love of the water and diving has some people believing the latter, while police have always leaned more toward the former. Listen as Derric tells the story of 30-year-old Ben McDaniel, and as we discuss what we think could have happened.  Sources: Disappeared: The Vortex. Season 5, Episode 11
July 05, 2021
The Rainbow Murders (of Pocahontas County, WV)
June 25, 1980 the bodies of two women were found haphazardly disposed of in a clearing at a West Virginia State Park. Vicki Durian and Nancy Santomero were hitchhiking across the United States from Iowa to the lush Greenbrier River Valley in the mountains of West Virginia to attend the annual Rainbow Coalition Festival. A weeklong celebration of fellowship and music intended to bring people together and promote world peace. Unfortunately for these two women, the mystery of who killed them would drag on for decades. Join us as 'Ro presents The Rainbow Murders.  Sources:, The Third Rainbow Girl: The Long Life of a Double Murder in Appalachia- Emily Copely Eisenberg The Unsolved Rainbow Murders: What Happened To Vicki Durian and Nancy Santomero, Crystal Ponti, 2020, The Rainbow Murders, Steven Hager, 2018, The Third Rainbow Girl, Maureen Corrigan, 2020
June 28, 2021
The Erdington Murders
In the early morning hours of May 27, in a quaint suburb in Birmingham, England two young women are found murdered. The murders are so similar, one wonders if the culprit is the same person on a spree. The catch- These murders took place 157 years apart. Join us as Branden takes us across the pond to discuss The Erdington Murders.  Sources
June 21, 2021
Georgia Tann
Heralded as "The Mother of Adoption", Georgia Tann used her status as a wealthy and college-educated socialite in the early to mid-twentieth century socialite to champion the cause of orphaned children in the United States. Helping famous clients such as Joan Crawford, adopt children publicly removed the stigma that had previously surrounded adoption, Tann even advised former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt on children's issues.  It wasn't until 1950 that "The Mother of Adoption" was exposed for the monster that she was. Join us as Ro' presents, "Georgia Tann and the Stolen Babies of Tennessee."  Sources Unsolved Mysteries  Dec 13, 1989 Season 2, Episode 11 Deadly Women Sept 12, 2018 Episode: Above The Law The Baby Thief by Barbara Bisantz Raymond (5-Aug-2013) Paperback. John Blake Publishing (5 Aug. 2013), 2021.
June 18, 2021
Amy Lynn Bradley
Spring Break 1998, Amy Lynn Bradley embarked on a Caribbean cruise with her family only to vanish in the middle of the night at sea. What happened to this vivacious and outgoing young woman? Was her disappearance a tragic accident or something worse? Join us as Derric presents the Disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley. Sources Disappeared, "Troubled Waters", sesaon 9, episode 3 Vanished with Beth Holloway, "Bradley" season 1, episode 3
June 14, 2021
The Career Girl Murders
On a hot August day in New York City in 1963, the murder of two young women on the Upper East Side would lead to a game-changing Supreme Court Ruling, a setback to young women moving to the "big city" to pursue their dreams. It would also bring the conversation of racial profiling, forced confession, and false imprisonment to the forefront of conversation within American households nationwide. Join us a Branden leads us back from hiatus and straight into the era of Mad Men and the real-life Peggy Olsens whose lives ended well before they could properly start.  Sources A Crime to Remember, "The Career Girl Murders." ID Discovery, Nov. 19, 2013 Career Girl Murders: Gender, Race, and Crime in 1960s New York. Marilynn S. Johnson.
June 11, 2021
In 1922 Germany, an entire family was annihilated one chilly Spring night. Locals and police didn't know about it for days, despite the family missing school and church. Why? The killer lived comfortably among the bodies of his victims in their home. The farm animals were being cared for, smoke was coming from the chimney every day, and all seemed well. It wasn't until a machine repairman alerted a neighbor to the unusual absence of people, that the murder was discovered. Was it ghosts? Wayward train hoppers? Scorned lovers?  Join us as Ro walks us through the terrifying and unsolved tale of, the Hinterkaifeck Family Massacre.  Sources Lore (television series) Season 2 Ep 3 
May 24, 2021
Diane Schuler
The Taconic Parkway Crash of 2009 was one of the area's most tragic stories. The fatal three-car crash resulted in the deaths of eight people. Join us as Derric covers the case of Diane Schuler, a perfect "PTA" mom and business executive who seemed to have the perfect life on the surface, until that fateful day in 2009 that decimated her family and the families involved in this vehicular manslaughter.  Sources: HBO Documentary, "There's something wrong with Aunt Diane" The Journal News (Westchester)
May 21, 2021
Steven Koecher's Strange Disappearance
At midday on December 13, 2009, Steven Koecher got out of his car, parked at the end of a cul-de-sac in the Anthem neighborhood of Henderson, Nevada, United States and was never seen again. What happened to this 30-year-old devout Mormon who, according to loved ones, didn't seem to have any major troubles? Join us as Derric presents the Stange Disappearance of Steven Koecher.  Sources: Disappeared Season 3, episode 15 “Secrets of a Son”
May 17, 2021
Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
It's a Friday Free-For-All with Branden in the presenter's chair! This week, Branden discusses a favorite topic of ours, Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Join us as we go over the more infamous cases such as Gypsy Rose Blanchard and vlogger Lacy Spears among others.  *Show Note: Branden wants to apologize for losing his voice during the episode.   Sources ABC News:
May 14, 2021
August 7, 4:15- Katherine Korzilius
On what could be described as a normal suburban summer afternoon in 1996, turned out to be a parent's worst nightmare. 6-year-old Katherine Korzilius, whose father worked for singer Bon Jovi, was checking the family mailbox and failed to return home. Within a few hours, her family's lives would be forever changed. Katherine's suspicious death even inspired the Bon Jovi song, August 7, 4:15.  Sources:
May 10, 2021
The Ken and Barbie Killers
From 1990-1993, a killer was on the loose in the suburbs of Toronto preying upon young teenage girls. Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka looked like a picture-perfect young couple until shocking video evidence and DNA proved them to be complete monsters. Join us as Ro presents the twisted case of The Ken and Barbie Killers.  Sources Gilbert, Elliott, director. Murder Made Me Famous: Ken and Barbie Killers. 2018. Aired December 8, 2018 Season 6, Episode 5 “Karla Homolka & Paul Bernardo - Ken & Barbie Killers of Canada - CDP.” Criminal Discourse Podcast, 2 Apr. 2021, “Paul Bernardo.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 25 Apr. 2021, “Karla Homolka.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 4 May 2021,
May 07, 2021
Viewer Request Episode: The Disappearance of Kenny Hamm
The disappearance of West Virginia native Kenny Hamm has rocked the small rural community of Dunlow in Wayne County. After Ro's first appearance on a local news segment, viewer requests for the club to cover this case skyrocketed. We listened, and we reached out to family members and did the research, now we present to you, The Disappearance of Kenny Hamm.  A huge thank you to the family of Kenny Hamm for so graciously agreeing to a written interview with us!  Stay tuned after the case as we travel to 1983 in the True Crime Time Machine where we discuss UK-based serial killer Dennis Nilson and the KFC restaurant murders.  Sources: Kenny Hamm Written Interview with family member Amanda Whitt Apr. 2021 Kuykendoll, Taylor. “Police Blotter.” The Herald Dispatch, 21 Aug. 2008, Staff, WSAZ News, director. UPDATE: WVSP Continue Search for Man Missing since March 2015. WVSP Continue Search for Missing Wayne County Man, 28 July 2015, Irr, Tim. “WSAZ Now on Facebook.” Facebook, 4 Mar. 2021,
May 03, 2021
Jodi Huisentruit
In this episode, Derric presents the unsolved homicide of up-and-coming journalist Jodi Huisentruit. In her early twenties, Jodi was experiencing a meteoric rise as the morning desk anchor for her local broadcast news outlet. Sadly, her star was burnt out before it could truly shine. Jodi's case remains unsolved to this day.  Sources
April 30, 2021
The Tylenol Murders
When you have an ache or a fever, often, you reach into your medicine cabinet and pop a few anti-inflammatories without a second thought. In Chicago in 1982, seven people did just that and wound up dead.  Today, Branden covers the PR nightmare that has been dubbed "The Tylenol Murders." A case that is still unsolved to this day and was responsible for pharmaceutical companies introducing tamper-proof seals and caplets.    Episode Note: One of the victims was reported as Mary Weiner. Her name is Mary Reiner.    Social Email- Twitter- @3AMClubPod1 Instagram- @3AMClubPod Facebook- TikTok- @3ammysteryclub Pinterest- @3AMysteryClub   Sources
April 23, 2021
Bryce Laspisa
Derric brings us another classic 'head-scratcher' in today's episode as he presents the case of Bryce Laspisa. Often dubbed the "male version of Maura Murray", Bryce's disappearance and the events that follow have left his family and friends confused and heartbroken. Join us for a club meeting, won't you?    Social   Email-   Instagram- @3AMClubPod   Twitter- @3AMClubPod1   Facebook-   TikTok- @3ammysteryclub   Pinterest-   Sources  
April 12, 2021
The Parker-Hulme Murder
Today Ro' brings you the tawdry tale of two teenage murderesses and their intense obsession with the land of make-believe and each other. To Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme, matricide was the only way to get their happy ending. Social Email:   Twitter: @3AMClubPod1   Instagram: @3AMClubPod   Facebook:   TikTok: @3ammysteryclub   Pinterest: @3AMysteryClub   Sources: Weird History/Ann Perry   Media:  Heavenly Creatures (1994) directed by Peter Jackson
April 09, 2021
Herb Baumeister/I-70 Strangler
In this episode, Branden exposes the double life of one of the most prolific gay serial killers in the United States. Herb Baumeister seemed to be a mild-mannered family man, successful in business and residing at the beautiful Fox Hollow Farms. What would be revealed is a monstrous secret life that is too shocking to be believed.    Social Email:   Instagram: @3AMClubPod   Twitter: @3AMClubPod1   Facebook:   Tik Tok: @3ammysteryclub   Pinterest: @3AMysteryClub   Sources   The Indianapolis Star, Feb. 29, 2016 and Feb. 15, 1996 The Secret Life of a Serial Killer, 9/6/1997. A&E
April 05, 2021
Black Sunday
On June 9, 1991, the popular amusement park, King's Island, located just north of Cincinnati, Ohio, was experiencing a typical Sunday. The crowds were ample and pleasant, the weather was perfect, and people were enjoying the day. Join us as Derric discusses in this special mini-episode how this happy summer Sunday would turn into the deadliest day in King's Island history with not ONE but THREE deaths in two separate park locations!    Social Email: Instagram: @3AMClubPod Twitter: @3AMClubPod1 Facebook: Tik Tok: @3ammysteryclub   Sources
April 02, 2021
Bible John
In the swinging '60s, Glasgow, Scotland had a predator on the loose. Despite hundreds of eyewitnesses and a nationwide manhunt, the scripture spouting serial killer has never been identified.    Stay tuned for the entire episode as we also play another round of 'Would You Rather?' Social Email: Instagram: @3AMClubPod Twitter: @3AMClubPod1 Facebook: TikTok: @3ammysteryclub Pinterest: @3AMysteryClub   Sources:
March 29, 2021
Dahmer, Bundy and Gein on the Big Screen
Branden opens up the discussion on biopics based on well-known serial killers. From the big screen to the small one, which ones made the cut?    Social Media: Email-   Instagram- @3AMClubPod   Twitter- @3AMClubPod1   TikTok- @3ammysteryclub   Facebook-   Pinterest- @3AMysteryClub
March 26, 2021
The Baffling Case of Judy Smith
The case of Judy Smith is a CLASSIC Derric headscratcher! Why and how did this well-liked and well-traveled housewife disappear without a trace? The more we know, the more questions we have!  Let's hear your theory! Email: Twitter: @3AMClubPod1 Instagram: @3AMClubPod Facebook: TikTok: @3ammysteryclub Pinterest: @3AMysteryClub   Sources: Crimelines Podcast: Judy Smith   Unsolved Mysteries: Season 12, Episode 11   Trace Evidence Podcast: The Mysterious Murder of Judy Smith
March 15, 2021
Leopold & Loeb
In 1924, Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold were two affluent and brilliant college students who developed an obsession with one another. An obsession that fed not only their egos but the darkest parts of their minds.  Join us as Ro tells us the story of two overprivileged geniuses who committed a crime for the sake of the thrill and thought their intellect and money would save them from any consequences.    Social Email:   Instagram: @3AMClubPod   Twitter: @3AMClubPod1   Facebook:   Tik Tok: @3ammysteryclub   Pinterest: 3AM Mystery Club   Sources: Hitchcock, Alfred, Arthur Laurents, James Stewart, Farley Granger, John Dall, Cedric Hardwicke, Constance Collier, and Patrick Hamilton. Alfred Hitchcock's Rope. , 2012, 1948   A Crime to Remember: Hearts of Darkness. Investigation Discovery, 2018  
March 12, 2021
The Kentucky Bordello Murders
In 1994 a popular massage parlor located near the Fort Campbell army base in Oak Grove, Kentucky became the scene of a horrific set of murders. The aftermath can only be described as a mashup of Harper Valley PTA politics and Dukes of Hazard style hijinks! Join us as Branden presents; The Kentucky Bordello Murders.  Later in the episode, we also play an eye-opening game of "Would You Rather."    Social Email: Twitter: @3AMClubPod1 Instagram: @3AMClubPod Facebook: Tik Tok: @3ammysteryclub Pinterest: @3AMysteryClub   Episode sources: Unsolved Mysteries, Season 10, Episode 1
March 08, 2021
Katie Beers
In 1992, Nine-year-old Katie Beers disappeared from a local arcade. The investigation soon revealed that this little girl was living the Grimm's Tales version of Cinderella.  In this week's mini-episode, Derric reveals her harrowing story.  Warning: There are no Prince Charmings in this one, only an evil step-parent, and a sadistic fairy godmother.    Join the conversation on social media!  Email: Twitter: @3AMClubPod1 Facebook: Instagram: @3AMClubPod TikTok: @3ammysteryclub Pinterest: @3AMysteryClub   Sources: ID (Investigation Discovery) Killer Carnies: Dungeon of Doom, Season 1, Episode 2   Beers, Katie 2013, Buried Memories: Katie Beer's Story  
March 05, 2021
"Everyone's Aunt Judy" Part 2
In this conclusion to the February episode, "Everyone's Aunt Judy", Ro had the privilege of making contact and speaking with Kelly Poiani, the sister of Judith Petty.  Ro' reveals some answers to a few questions that were brought up and the club begins to formulate completely new theories on what possibly could have happened.    We're taking a break from True Crime Time Machine this week! Happy Monday everyone.    Social: Email: Twitter: @3AMClubPod1 Instagram: @3AMClubPod Facebook: TikTok: @3ammysteryclub Pinterest: @3AMysteryClub   Sources: Phone Interview with Kelly Poiani, relative and Petty family spokesperson
March 01, 2021
Reality TV Crime Spree: The Conclusion
Welcome to part three of Ro's Reality TV Crime Spree series! This week, she covers some heavy hitters in this segment wrap-up including Thomas Ravenel, Danielle Staub, and Mark Wahlberg.   Join the conversation! Email: Twitter: @3AMClubPod1 Instagram: @3AMClubPod TikTok: @3ammysteryclub Facebook: The 3AM Mystery Club Pinterest: @3AMysteryClub   Sources: Cook, John: 6/23/09.  Stern, Marlow: 12/07/14,04/14/17.    
February 26, 2021
The Haunting Case of Asha Degree
It was a dark and stormy night... That classic horror storybook cliche has never been more true in the instance of Asha Degree, a nine-year-old girl whose disappearance on Valentine's Day 2000 has left a hole not only in her parents' lives but in her North Carolina community as well. Join the club and listen as Derric recounts the unsolved case of Asha Degree.    Social: Twitter: @3AMClubPod1 Instagram: @3AMClubPod Pinterest: Facebook: The 3AM Mystery Club TikTok: @3ammysteryclub   Sources:   Cold Case Detective Season 1, Episode 7   Criminology Podcast: Asha Degree Episode 142   Crime Junkie Podcast: Missing: Asha Degree  
February 22, 2021
Elisa Lam/Cecil Hotel
In this mini-episode, the club watches Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel. Listen to find out why we gave it a low score and to hear if we learned anything new about the Elisa Lam case.  Dying to get in on the conversation? Interact with us on social media! Email: Twitter: @3AMClubPod1 TikTok: @3ammysteryclub Facebook: The 3AM Mystery Club Instagram: @3AMClubPod Pinterest: @3AMysteryClub   Source: Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel,
February 19, 2021
The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders
Many women worldwide have fond memories of being part of the Girl Scouts or Girl Guides, but for a troop in 1977, Girl Scouting would become part of their nightmares. Join us as Branden presents: The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders, one of Oklahoma's most gruesome and infamous tragedies.    After the case, stay tuned for True Crime Time Machin. The murders of Barry Winchell, Hae Min Lee, and The Columbine Mass Shooting are all on deck as we discuss the very eventful year of 1999.  Social: Email: Twitter: @3AMClubPod1 TikTok: @3ammysteryclub Pinterest: Facebook: The 3AM Mystery Club Group Sources:
February 15, 2021
UPDATE: The Amy Mihaljevic Case
We have a surprising update on the Amy Mihaljevic Case! Derric is here to give us the new information that was just released a few days ago.  Sources: Noll, Scott: Cleveland 5 News ( )   Social Media Links and Streaming Links:  HTTP:// 
February 11, 2021
"Everyone's Aunt Judy"
Today, Ro presents the unsolved case of Judith Lynn Petty, who disappeared on February 6, 2008. There is little known about Judy's case, and even less written about it in the press, but friends and family are determined to find her killer or killers.  We encourage you to visit/share the Justice for Judy Lynn Petty Facebook page for ongoing information or information on reporting information pertinent to this case. We also journey to 1971 in the True Crime Time Machine to discuss the as yet unsolved D.B. Cooper and family annihilator, John List. Social Media: Email:  Twitter: @3AMClubpod1 TikTok: @3ammysteryclub Instagram: @3amclubpod Facebook: The 3AM Mystery Club (FB Group) Pinterest: @3amysteryclub   Sources:   Parkersburg News and Sentinel
February 08, 2021
Mini-Episode: Reality TV Crime Spree Pt. 2
Ro is back with Pt. 2 of Reality TV Crime Spree! This week, we're moving on from the VH1 & CBS Networks to the murky underbelly of The Learning Channel. TLC is known for walking a fine line between informative and exploitative television, but the real scandal is the rogue's gallery they use to make those shows.  Interact with us on social media! Email: Twitter: @3AMClubPod1 Instagram: @3AMClubPod Tik Tok: @3ammysteryclub Facebook: The 3AM Mystery Club (Group) Pinterest: @3AMysteryClub Sources:   InTouch Weekly (Josh Duggar)   Intouch Weekly (90 Day Fiance)   USA Today   THG    
February 05, 2021
The Strange Disappearance of Maura Murray
Maura Murray was a typical college student well on her way to graduating from a very tough and well-respected nursing program. She was the apple of her father's eye and generally liked among her peers. Her disappearance on a weekend getaway in the early 2000's, still leaves us baffled and the authorities without clues. Join The 3AM Mystery Club as Derric presents: The Strange Disappearance of Maura Murray.  After we discuss Maura's case, travel with us in the True Crime Time Machine to the 1980's! 1987, to be precise as we discuss Jennifer Grey and Matthew Broderick, The Grim Sleeper serial killer, and a killer with an Angel of Mercy complex.  Social:  Email: Twitter: @3AMClubPod1  TikTok: @3ammysteryclub Facebook: The 3AM Mystery Club Group Instagram: @3AMClubPod Pinterest: @3AMysteryClub Sources:  Disappeared Season 1, episode 6.   The Disappearance of Maura Murray on Oxygen
February 01, 2021
The Chilling Story of Daniel LaPlante
In this episode, Branden presents the frightening true story of Daniel LaPlante, a character straight out of horror movie central casting! The walls have ears...literally.   Social: Email: Twitter: @3AMClubPod1 Instagram: @3amclubpod Pinterest: Facebook: The 3AM Mystery Club TikTok: @3ammysteryclub   Sources: Your Worst Nightmare/Bump in the Night. Investigation Discovery. Season 2 Episode 1, 2015.   CBS Boston:   Boston Magazine:   The Associated Press:
January 29, 2021
The Dardeen Family Murders
In this episode, Branden brings you the case of the horrific and gruesome slaughter of a young mid-western family. The murder of the Dardeen family was so horrific that even Oprah wouldn't cover it on her talk show. The case remains a mystery to this day without any plausible theories or leads.    Follow us on social media or email us if you have an unsolved mystery you'd like us to cover! Email: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: Facebook: Pinterest:   Sources:   St. Louis Post Dispatch, November 21, 1987  
January 25, 2021
Mini-Episode: Reality TV Crime Spree Pt.1
Today Ro is presenting the cases of several reality tv crimes from VH1's Celeb-Reality days to Big Brother. In this first installment of her three-part series, she'll be discussing the infamous murder/suicide involving a contestant of Megan Wants To Be A Millionaire and the driving skills of Big Brother Alum Christmas Abbot.  Don't forget to hit LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to keep up with all the content!   Join the conversation on social media! Email: Pinterest: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: TikTok:   Sources:  
January 24, 2021
The Investor Murders
Ro takes us to Craig, Alaska where an entire family and crew were massacred aboard a fishing commercial fishing vessel. No one has ever been charged and it remains one of Alaska's biggest unsolved crimes.  We also travel back to 1989 in the True Crime Time Machine to discuss the Standard Gravure mass shooting at Branden's workplace, the Menendez brothers, Aileen Wuornos, and the disappearance and murder of Jacob Wetterling. Social Media: Email:   Twitter:   Instagram:   Pinterest:   TikTok:   Facebook:   Sources:  Special thanks to Robin Barefield's article which laid out all the facts in a nice and easy timeline! Links to her podcast episode and article about the Investor below. Barefield, Robin Murder and Mystery in the Last Frontier- Article   Murder and Mystery in the Last Frontier=Podcast
January 18, 2021
The Night Stalker
Instead of a mini-episode, Branden, Derric, and Ro get together for a discussion of the Netflix Limited Series; Night Stalker: The Hunt For A Serial Killer.  Did we love it? Did we learn anything new? Did we make any obscure classic television references? Listen and find out.    If you want to add to the discussion, follow us on social media!  Email:   Twitter:   Instagram:   Facebook:   TikTok:   Pinterest:
January 15, 2021
Angela Hammond
Angela led a happy life. She was young and in love with her boyfriend Rob. She had also just revealed the news that she was expecting. Angela's life seemed full of joy and optimism until one late night the unthinkable happened. Join us, as Derric reveals the mysterious and heartbreaking case of Angela Hammond.  For more information, interaction with us, or just to see case related pictures and book recommendations, follow us on social media! Email: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:   Sources: YouTube: Dark Curiosities    Unsolved Mysteries Episode Season 4 Episode 16 Wikipedia    
January 11, 2021
Mini-Episode: The Cline Falls Ax Attack
In 1977, two college friends were biking along the TransAmerica Trail. Exhausted from a strenuous trail ride, they decided to pitch their tent and rest for the night in Cline Falls State Park, located in Deschutes County, Oregon. That decision would prove to be the most terrifying night of their lives.  For extra creepy fun and interaction, follow us on social media! Email: Pinterest: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:     Sources:  Jentz, Terri (2006). Strange Piece of Paradise. New York: Macmillan. ISBN 978-0-312-42669-9.        
January 08, 2021
The Mysterious Case of Blair Adams
Blair Adams seemed to have a life well-lived in Surrey, British Columbia until one day he seemingly threw it all away. The events that followed in the subsequent days resulted in a murder that still baffles and confuses law enforcement and true crime aficionados alike.  We also take a trip in the True Crime Time Machine where we wind up in 1973 to discuss the Upstairs Lounge Fire, the murder of HeeHaw cast member "Stringbean" Akeman, and the infamous Golden State Killer.  For more information and updates on the club, follow us on social media! Email: Pinterest: Twitter: Facebook: TikTok: Instagram:   Source Notes: Unsolved Mysteries. Season 9, Episode 17. Big Time Offer. (2020, September 28). Retrieved January 04, 2021, from Clipping from The Tennessean. (n.d.). Retrieved January 04, 2021, from Dorman, T. (2017, September 12). Half-nude with fanny pack of gold, Canadian's killing a Knox County mystery decades later. Retrieved January 04, 2021, from  
January 04, 2021
Mini-Episode: Death Row Meals
Today's episode has Branden exploring the last meals of some of the most notorious death row inmates. The Club also discusses what they would eat for their last meal. We also check-in with our listeners on Twitter to see what they'd expect as their final culinary treat.   Important Note: Gary Gilmore was convicted and executed in Utah. He was born in Texas, however.   Follow us on Social Media for show extras!   Pinterest:   Facebook:   Instagram:   Tik Tok:   Twitter:   Source Material:
January 01, 2021
The Butcher of Kingsbury Run/Cleveland Torso Murders
At the height of the Great Depression, nearly every family was affected in some way. Many were forced to leave their homes and move into makeshift shantytowns. "Hoovervilles", as they were o referred to back then were often made up of a mixture of petty criminals and the working poor, all struggling to survive. In Cleveland, Ohio, that struggle was made even harder when a depraved murderer made Kingsbury Run their hunting ground.  Don't miss an episode! Hit LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Social Media:  Email: Twitter: Instagram: Tik Tok: Facebook: Pinterest:   Sources: The Cleveland Torso Murderer. (2019, June 21). Unsolved Casebook.   Contributors to Wikimedia projects. (2020, December 19). Cleveland Torso Murderer. Wikipedia.     Torso Murders - Cleveland Police Museum. (n.d.). Cleveland Police Museum. Retrieved December 27, 2020, from   Badal, J. J. (2001). In the Wake of the Butcher: Cleveland’s Torso Murders. Kent State University Press.      
December 28, 2020
Amy Mihaljevic
WARNING: This episode may contain some triggers as it involves crimes against children and animals Stay tuned after the main case as we recap Season 5 Episode 18 of Unsolved Mysteries!    Amy Mihaljevic was the average All-American girl. She loved her family, talking on the phone, and joining her friends for ice cream after school. What happened to Amy one fateful day after school has haunted not only her family but the entire community in her small Ohio town.  Don't forget to follow us on Social Media for episode extras! Email: Twitter: Tik Tok: @3ammysteryclub Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest:     Sources: "Who Killed..." with Bill Huffman (Slo Burn Productions) Series  
December 21, 2020
Mini-Episode: The Greenbrier Ghost
"Interred in [the] nearby cemetery is Zona Heaster Shue. Her death in 1897 was presumed natural until her spirit appeared to her mother to describe how she was killed by her husband..." - Historical Marker in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, USA Join the club as Rowena recounts the strange tale of the "The Greenbrier Ghost". The only ghost in history whose testimony helped convict her murderer.  Sources: “Greenbrier Ghost.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 13 Nov. 2020,   Anderson, Belinda. “Greenbrier Valley West Virginia.” Greenbrier Valley, Greenbrier County CVB,   Deitz, J. Dennis., and Judy P. Byers. The Greenbrier Ghost and Other Strange Stories. Mountain Memories Books, 1990.   Follow Us On Social Media For Story Extras!   Email:   Tik Tok: @3ammysteryclub   Pinterest:   Instagram: @3AMClubPod   Twitter: @3AMClubPod1   Facebook: The 3AM Mystery Club      
December 18, 2020
Betty Gail Brown
On a chilly autumn night in October of 1961, college student Betty Gail Brown failed to return home by curfew. Her distraught parents immediately sounded the alarm on what would be one of Lexington, Kentucky's biggest mysteries to date.   Don't forget to stay tuned until the very end as we recap Season 3 Episode 3 of Unsolved Mysteries! Follow us on Social Media for case extras! Email: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Tik Tok: @3AMMysteryClub Pinterest:   Sources: Truman, Cheryl. “Unsolved for 56 Years. Inside the Police File of Lexington’s Most Notorious Cold Case.” Lexington Herald-Leader [Lexington, Kentucky], 3 Nov. 2017,   Lawson, Robert. Who Killed Betty Gail Brown?: Murder, Mistrial, and Mystery. University Press of Kentucky, 2017.    
December 14, 2020
Mini-Episode: Top 5 True Crime Television Narrators
Join us for a little Friday fun as Branden regales us with his Top 5 list of true crime tv narrators. If you listen closely, you'll even hear the soothing bass tones of pugs all snug in their beds as we discuss the important topics of the day. Will your pick make the cut?   Show Notes: As mentioned in the show, here is the link to the Christmas Story, narrated by Peter Thomas, most notable as the narration voice of Forensic Files. YouTube: Contact: Follow Us! Twitter:   Instagram:   Facebook:   Pinterest:   Tik Tok:    
December 11, 2020
Dorothy Jane Scott
In our inaugural episode, Ro presents the chilling case of Dorothy Jane Scott. Dorothy disappeared from a hospital parking lot never to be found again. Her killer taunted the media and her parents long after her body was found. Join us as we navigate the chilling twists and turns of this case and stay tuned after because, thanks to the random number generator, we have a bonus recap discussion about Unsolved Mysteries Season 9 Ep 1!  Follow Us! Email: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Facebook: Source Material:  Dark Woods (YouTube Episode) Wikipedia Unsolved Mysteries Wiki True Crime Society (Blog)    
December 07, 2020
3 AM Mystery Club was created because 3 insomniac friends needed an outlet to discuss their love of true crime and pop culture throwbacks from the 1980's and '90's. We're pleased you decided to listen to our meet-n-greet.    ** Ro apologizes for her sound, she was experiencing technical difficulties with her headset.  
November 30, 2020