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3 blondes 1 battle

3 blondes 1 battle

By Nikki Reed
Positive * Encouraging * Authentic * Raw
3 Blondes 1 Battle is a podcast about and for those managing multiple sclerosis.
This is NOT a place to come if you are a “misery loves company” type person. We are WINNING in our battle and we will tell you what we are doing and/or have done. You can then do your own research and choose for yourself. We are NOT medical professionals. We are Navy and Army veterans, single moms, married moms and really just want to spread JOY and HOPE to you!! Whether newly diagnosed or years into it..we got you!
Bladder dysfunction
Let’s talk about bladder health. 80% of those managing multiple sclerosis will have some sort of bladder issues at some point of their journey. We will discuss the common bladder issues that point to bladder problems. We will talk about ways to help you manage bladder issues. Lastly we will discuss what Nikki is going through and what to expect on a typical first appointment with a urologist. We hope it’s helpful! We keep it real, indeed! Here is the You tube episode we reference:
August 02, 2022
Sickness & MS
Do common colds and viruses make us more vulnerable to MS attacks? Bobie, Tara & I sure think so... Should you jump to steroid treatments or let your body heal first? Lets talk about how we manage it when it happens!
July 15, 2022
Our walk with God
How does God impact our journey with MS? How do we include God in our daily lives? What are some tools you can use in your daily battle? Come join Tara and I as we share our walk! Some tools we talk about: 📌 The Prophetic and Healing Power of Your Words: Creating an Atmosphere for the Miraculous: 📌 90 Days to Possessing Your Healing: 📌Christian music station: 📌Tara’s past church in MI:
June 30, 2022
All things Ocrevus
These days it seems most are getting Ocrevus infusions twice a year. It is one of the most common MS infusion drugs on the market. Tara & Bobie have both been on this drug for years. What do they do to prepare? What do they bring with to pass the time? What’s a 4-6hr appointment look like? What are their side effects day of and up to a week after? Let’s find out all the details!!
June 23, 2022
The importance of vitamin D
Vitamin D is not a vitamin. It is a steroid hormone necessary by our body to regulate at least 229 of our genes and thousands of functions in our cells, including the cells of our immune system. Vitamin D is the largest regulator of activity in the immune system. When there is a deficiency of vitamin D, we can't regulate, which means stimulate or reduce, the activity of thousands of biological functions inside the cells of the immune system. Just a few of thousands of medical articles; 📌2014 study: 📌2017 study: Other study: Lets chat D and the Coimbra Protocol for MS. There are 5 providers in the United States who were trained by Dr Coimbra, neurologist in Brazil. 📌 Here is the protocol: 📌Here’s the Dr that will work with out of States patients: 📌Here’s link to D3/K2 capsule: 📌 Here’s link to dexascan locations:
June 08, 2022
Our Exercise routines
What workouts do YOU participate in these days? Does it vary? Is it dependent on the season of life or severity of symptoms? All three of us are very different. Come hear what works best for each of us. Maybe you will get some ideas. Maybe it will help encourage you to feel at peace with your past normal not being your current normal. We are ALL on different journeys. It’s okay to not be okay with it right now. It’s not okay to stay in that place forever, though! Let’s talk!
June 04, 2022
Pelvic floor health with Jakki
Pelvic Floor disorders can include urinary incontinence, urinary frequency/urgency, bowel incontinence, sexual dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, and pelvic pain related to spastic pelvic floor. 68% of individuals with MS experience symptoms of one or more PFD. Let’s talk pelvic floor!
May 25, 2022
Navigating Summer
As spring passes & summer is approaching, the vacation trips, extra time with our kiddos and lack of a general schedule is coming soon! We will talk about how we mentally prepare and how summers look a bit different for all three of us. Some things the average person not managing MS does not even probably think about! Here’s a link to some cooling items!📌 type MFSC for 10% off OR 📌 OR 📌
May 14, 2022
MS Fitness Challenge with David Lyons
As a fellow veteran, ms’er in fitness industry, looking to treat this disease NATURALLY..I found David on Facebook yearssss ago. I have been following his journey & business ever since! The MS Fitness Challenge (MSFC) was birthed from David Lyons’ MS Bodybuilding Challenge and his wife, registered nurse, Kendra’s desire to help others who suffer from multiple sclerosis. His bodybuilding challenge and his book, David’s Goliath, about his journey as a bodybuilder with MS, are inspirations to others who find trials and obstacles in life too difficult to overcome. David and Kendra founded the MS Fitness Challenge charity organization as a way for others to join them and fight this debilitating disease through health & fitness. Partnered with their many loyal sponsors, it is the goal of the MS Fitness Challenge to educate people with MS and their trainers on exercise, nutrition and mindset in a lifestyle of fitness, in conquering this disease through a complete management protocol. 🔴 OptimalBody has been named The Most Comprehensive MS Fitness Program worldwide by Global Health & Pharma 2021 & 2022. 🔴 Optimal body is recognized as the leading fitness program for MS. 🔴 David was named The Most Dedicated MS Fitness Expert 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 🔴 MS Fitness Challenge has been named The Best MS non Profit Charity 2019, 2020, 2021. 🔴 David Lyons is an Arnold Lifetime Achievement Award winner. 🔴 He was inducted in the National Fitness Hall of Fame & named to the Top 100 Healthcare Leaders 2021. 🔴 He was named The 10 Most Influential Business Leaders to Follow in 2022 by Fortune Magazine. This program is not ONLY for MS. This is working on muscle fiber activation through acetylcholine production, brain to muscle connections and neuroplasticity. This can help MANY looking to reactivate old physical function that is no longer working well. 📌 Https:// 📌 Https:// 📌 Anyone who wants to have a FREE consult with David can schedule here
May 04, 2022
Heat & Cold intolerances with MS
Todays episode will be all about heat and cold intolerance when it comes to managing multiple sclerosis. 60-80% of those managing MS have temporary exacerbated neurological symptoms when body temperature increases. A smaller majority if that percentage is affected by cold weather, 10-15%. You are not crazy!!! We feel it, too! Let’s chat! 📌
April 28, 2022
Managing Stress
Some studies have found that the increase in stress can double the risk of new lesions approximately 4-8 weeks after onset of the stressor. Come and hear how we all manage our STRESS to try & avoid this happening!
April 20, 2022
MSHope with Mat Embry
Mat was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1995. 27 years later he is symptom free and drug free. No cheat days is his hashtag. How cheat free for 27 years?! Let’s all find out! Once you listen find him on his website at: 📌 AND here is the PDF file to Best Bet Diet cookbook. 📌 Download and print or have a company print & spiral it for you! His documentary, Living Proof, can be watched/ordered here: 📌
April 13, 2022
MS & Breast implant illness
This episode will be about breast implant illness & Nikki's journey. Bii was not as heard of in 2015/2016. It is now. There are so many fb groups and websites and even documentaries now about what it is and how it is affecting many Americans. A good website to look into breast implant illness is There are so many Facebook pages about bii. Breast implant Illness healing warriors is a great one:
April 07, 2022
Managing chronic illness
Today we will discuss our thoughts on managing chronic illness. Why do some people manage it better than others? We will offer some tips that we use in our lives to maintain positivity through the battle.
March 30, 2022
The dangers of being overweight with MS.
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disorder of the Central Nervous System that has been associated with several environmental factors, such as diet and obesity. The possible link between MS and obesity has become more interesting in recent years since the discovery of the remarkable properties of adipose tissue. There is CONSTANT cell communication between immune cells, neural cells and fat (adipose) cells. The more fat cells one has on the body, the more leptin, resistin, visfatin and other hormones are released. These hormones LOWER the very important cytokine called adiponectin (a neuron protector). Also, an increase in fat cells creates an INCREASE amount of TH1 &TH17 (pro-inflammatory cytokines)n& decrease in TH2 (anti-inflammatory cytokines). More fat cells increase nitric oxide and ROS (reactive oxygen species) that causes excess cell death. ALL of this happening in the neural cells leads to a decrease in the re-myelination and increase of de-myelination. This is BAD news for a disease that is listed #1 as most common demyelinating disease of the central nervous system. 📌
March 23, 2022
Managing MS with food
This podcast we will discuss two very popular ways of eating while managing MS. The Wahl’s protocol and the best bet diet. 🔵 Dr Terry Wahl’s famous Ted talk about mitochondria is here: 📌 📌Here is a copy of the Wahls™ diet cheat sheet: 📌Her membership site can be found at 🔴The Best Bet Diet is founded by Mathew Embry. 📌Watch his documentary on prime for $4 at 📌Follow his website, a resource that equips MS patients with information on the same strategies that have enabled him to live a drug-free and healthy life at 📌You can get a digital copy of his book at: 📌 Here is the scientific study that demonstrates that dairy consumption could play a major NEGATIVE role in MS:
March 16, 2022
What is MS: part 2
Today we will be discussing BIG- PHARMA solutions to managing MS. As a former pharma rep for one of the biggest MS drugs out there, copaxone, Tara will be leading the charge on discussing the various options. From daily shots, to weekly shots, to daily oral pills, to monthly infusions to bi-yearly infusions...we will talk about choice.
March 09, 2022
What is MS- Part 1
This episode is all about visualizing & understanding what multiple sclerosis is. We talk about the different forms of MS, the way it manifests in people’s bodies, what an episode/attack may look like & more!
March 02, 2022
MS Battle- Bobie
This episode is all about Bobie’s journey with MS for 10 yrs. Lifestyle prior, diagnosis, what her attacks look like & what she manages on a daily basis.
February 23, 2022
MS Battle-Tara
This episode is all about Tara’s journey with MS for 20 yrs. Lifestyle prior, diagnosis, what her attacks look like & what she manages on a daily basis.
February 16, 2022
MS Battle-Nikki
This episode is all about Nikki’s journey with MS for 17 yrs. Lifestyle prior, diagnosis, what attacks look like, how it affects everyday life.
February 09, 2022
Meet & Greet
Come join us for our first episode of meet & greets! 10 minutes per blonde😎 We will share who we are, what we are about, and anything else we can to help you feel connected to us! See you there!
February 02, 2022