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Podcasts and webinar replays from 3xEquity, the authority on financial advisor transitions. Learn more at
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Top Broker Dealers Webinar | Ameriprise Focus

3xEquity Podcast

FA Quick Tips: Why A Practice Valuation Matters
We’ve discussed the importance of getting a practice valuation and how crucial it is to the success of your business. Why? Because it paints an accurate, unbiased picture of the state of your business, allowing you to better understand its financial health and what steps are needed to improve its value. In addition, it will help you determine how best to position your business for growth and profit. Bottom line, a valuation gives you information and insight that you need to create a meaningful and achievable plan. On the move? Practice valuations are valuable in all stages of a business’s lifecycle, but they can be especially important for advisors who are considering switching broker-dealers or have made the decision to switch and are weighing their options.
May 7, 2021
FA Quick Tips: The Importance Of Anonymity
For advisors, the ability to stay anonymous during the process of finding a new broker-dealer can be crucial. It’s the lack of anonymity that can make switching broker-dealers too much of a risk for advisors to take on and is often what deters them from making a move. In this quick tip we talk more about the importance of anonymity and how our process for securing multiple offers keeps advisors 100% anonymous and in control of the conversations. Learn more at
April 27, 2021
FA Quick Tips: The Tech Savvy Future Is Now
It’s no secret that our lives are consumed by technology. We can get just about everything we need, all at the click of a button. How many ounces are in a cup? Just ask Siri or Alexa. What’s the score of the game? There’s an app for that. Looking for a dentist in your area? Just go to Google. In today’s world, you either digitally transform your business or risk getting left behind. Digital transformation is becoming more and more critical for the survival of firms and their ability to stay competitive. Advisors need to adapt and embrace technology to stay relevant — and to meet the ever-changing and evolving needs and demands of their clients. Learn more at
April 21, 2021
TOP BDs In Conversation (w/Pat O'Connell, EVP at Ameriprise)
Ameriprise: 10,000 financial advisors growing faster than key competitors – what’s the secret? Ameriprise is enjoying an unprecedented period of growth and innovation, leading many advisors to put them in the pile of firms to consider as they think about switching to a new broker dealer. If you've got questions, or would simply like to learn more about what sets them apart, you are encouraged to join 3xEquity Founder & CEO Jeff Crosby as he interviews Ameriprise EVP, Pat O'Connell. Topics include Ameriprise's evolution, the newly launched Ultimate Advisor Partnership, and the specific factors that have empowered Ameriprise advisors to grow 2.5x faster than peers at key competitors. Learn more about 3xequity by clicking here.
March 4, 2021
TOP BDs In Conversation (w/John Pierce, Head of Business Development at Cetera)
Links to the articles referenced in this webinar:  How To Build A Strong Culture With A Remote Team Is Now The Time To Become Independent? Considerations For Financial Professionals Post-Pandemic Curious about switching to a new broker dealer?  Secure multiple offers all while remaining 100% anonymous.  Visit today.
January 28, 2021
Top Broker Dealers Webinar | Ameriprise Focus
An edited version of our December 8, 2020 Top BDs webinar focused solely on Ameriprise.
January 11, 2021
Top Broker Dealers Webinar | Cetera, LPL, and Ameriprise
Live webinar recording from December 8, 2020 featuring executive leaders from 3 top national broker-dealers, including John Pierce, Head of Business Development at Cetera, Manish Dave, Senior Vice President – Business Development at Ameriprise, and Scott Posner, Executive Vice President at LPL Financial. “For advisors looking to transition, gathering information on multiple BDs can be time-consuming.  We created this webinar series to provide access to top leaders and thinkers and, most importantly, to do so while protecting an advisor’s anonymity,” noted 3xEquity’s CEO & Founder Jeff Crosby who will also serves as moderator for the series.
December 11, 2020