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A platform for diverse individuals who are living, working and thriving in the city of Newark. A source of information and empowerment.
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Quarantined Pt 2 Secondhand Smoke
Second Hand Smoke: In the last several weeks, we've witnessed how Co-Vid 19 has brought our country to a standstill. We are learning how vulnerable we are to disease/biological warfare and a weak healthcare system. Often, people minimize the ways we are blindsided by events. Newarkers, our ability to connect the dots between local, national and international news, is critical to understanding the impact of national emergencies on our community! Up 'til now, we've subjected ourselves to secondhand smoke! In fact, we are smothered by the smoke. Second-hand smoke can kill you just as quickly as directly inhaling, in some cases. What is happening in our community in regards to Co-Vid is a side effect of us inhaling indirectly from someone's cigarette.
May 3, 2020
Quarantined Pt.1: Home with 4Mics
Listen to how each of the Mics are doing while sheltered-in during Co-Vid 19. On this episode each of the Mics share insight on how they are coping, how their behaviors have changed over the last 5 weeks. Listen out for tips and advice on how to manage the ups and downs of this new normal - of course we have a few laughs for you all to balance us out!
April 26, 2020
Ep. 7 New York City’s Kings and Queen’s vs Newark Kings and Queens: The Devil is in the Details
New York City, the biggest city in the United States is located in the Northeast State of New York. Located only 10 miles Southwest there is Newark, New Jersey the biggest city in the most populated state per capita in the US of A. Two reasons to suggest why NYC is a popular destination.  You think we are the same?!?! Similarities Yes🏾.. Different?? Definitely..  The Devil is all in the details.. Come listen in with us as we reveal why pearls never try to be diamonds; however, diamonds want the smooth perfections of pearls.
January 19, 2020
Ep6 I Want My Nets Back!
Join the 4Mics Podcast crew as K.G. Young WALLSTREET is given the opportunity to host his first show in a way only he can. TITLED: I want my Nets back! In reference to NBA team the Brooklyn NETS, once based in his hometown of NEWARK, NJ. Now stationed across the river in Brooklyn.  Listen in as he tries to convince his co-hosts to join in on his quest to bring the Now-Brooklyn Nets, back to his hometown of Newark, NJ. email: Instagram @4micsnj Facebook @4micspodcastnj Youtube 4Mics Podcast NJ
January 12, 2020
A New Years Message From The 4 Mics
A New Years Message From The 4 Mics email: Instagram @4micsnj Facebook @4micspodcastnj Youtube 4Mics Podcast NJ
January 3, 2020
Ep5 Turning Confidence Into Capital
Turn confidence into Capital. Learn how to turn your drip into a grip. In this episode, the 4Mics crew gives you tips on how to turn your confidence into capital. This is one episode you do not want to miss. Tune in.
December 29, 2019
Ep 4 The One After The Listening Party
on this episode the 4Mics struggle to recover following a listening event. Listen in to hear who shows up on time, how they felt about the listening event, challenges they face, and who has the best chicken wings in Newark!  episode is full of laughter and bloopers from behind the scene. Listen in for Enough laughs to get you through a day! email: Instagram @4micsnj Facebook @4micspodcastnj Youtube 4Mics Podcast NJ
December 15, 2019
Ep3 Tyler Perry Changed the Game
Entertainment Mogul Tyler Perry made headlines earlier this year when he debuted the largest film production studio in the nation. In this episode, we discuss the significance of this historic move, the importance of creating our own platforms, the basis for defining success, and the value of mastering your craft. Let us know your thoughts by emailing us at email: Instagram @4micsnj Facebook @4micspodcastnj Youtube 4Mics Podcast NJ
December 8, 2019
Happy Holidays from 4 Mics
We have our own unique way of spreading holiday cheer. Here’s a special singalong greeting from our crew, Happy Holidays! A Christmas Message From The 4 Mics email: Instagram @4micsnj Facebook @4micspodcastnj Youtube 4Mics Podcast NJ
December 8, 2019
A Thanksgiving Message From The 4 Mics
A very warm and heartfelt Thanksgiving Message From The 4 Mics email: Instagram @4micsnj Facebook @4micspodcastnj Youtube 4Mics Podcast NJ
December 1, 2019
Ep2 Meet The Four Mics
4Mics hosts have known each other years. In this short episode, Meet the team and learn how their friendships evolved into a project they hope will shed light on their city. 4 mics email: Instagram @4micsnj Facebook @4micspodcastnj Youtube 4Mics Podcast NJ
December 1, 2019
After a few days, we came back to the studio and thought about time so more and how we are managing our time!h?
December 1, 2019
Ep1. Time
It’s the 1st day of the last month of the year. For our first episode, we are reflecting on how we spend and value our time. As we move into the next level of our lives, we are reclaiming our times and thinking differently about the value we place on our time. What’s is your time worth? Listen in. email: Instagram @4micsnj Facebook @4micspodcastnj Youtube 4Mics Podcast NJ
December 1, 2019