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By 4TU.Ethics Podcasts
The Corona pandemic gave rise to global challenges which have been met with different measures. In this series, we ask philosophers of technology to help us reflect on how the pandemic challenges practices and institutions. Can ethical reflection provide better understanding of the responses to these new challenges?

The podcast is made possible by generous funding from 4TU Ethics

For more on ethics and Corona visit Delft Design for Values COVID-19 Working Group

The podcast is produced by Steffen Steinert and Patrick Lödige at TU Delft.
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#2 Corona and science
How do scientists make sense of the Corona pandemic? What is the relation of science, the public, and policy? What can philosophy of science contribute to our understanding of what science can and cannot do? In this episode, Mieke Boon talks about scientific practice, the problem of uncertainty in science, and the importance of models for a scientific understanding of the Corona pandemic. She also addresses scientific literacy, interdisciplinary research, and vaccination. Mieke is a Full Professor at the Philosophy Department at University of Twente. Mieke’s research interests include philosophy of science and engineering sciences. This episode is hosted by Bas de Boer from University of Twente. Bas works on philosophy of science and technology and health. Issues covered in this episode: #Philosophy of science #Scientific methods #Scientific models #Trust in science #Interdisciplinary research #Science and the public Relevant links and publications for this episode: The role of disciplinary perspectives in an epistemology of scientific models | by Mieke | Faculty homepage Mieke | Faculty homepage Bas |
January 19, 2021
#1 Corona, our relation to the world, and contact tracing
Do people lose familiarity with the world during the pandemic? What important issues of contact-tracing apps are we neglecting when we only concentrate on privacy? These are only some of the questions discussed in this episode. In our very first episode, Janna van Grunsven and Olya Kudina talk about social media, contact-tracing, mental health during the pandemic, and philosophical challenges of the Corona pandemic. Janna and Olya are Assistant Professors at the Ethics and Philosophy of Technology section at Delft University of Technology. Janna has a particular interest in embodied, embedded, extended and enactive cognition. Olya is interested in how value change is mediated by technology. Both of their work focuses on the ethics of technology. The discussion is hosted by Lavinia Marin from TU Delft. Lavinia works on online critical thinking. Issues covered in this episode: # How the Corona pandemic changes the way we relate to the world # Privacy and tracking and tracing technology # Individual choice and responsibility # Public health, and social and individual values # Corporate interests and the Corona pandemic # Solidarity Relevant links and publications for this episode: # Perceptual breakdown during a global pandemic | by Janna | # Three contextual dimensions of information on social media | by Lavinia | # Faculty homepage Olya | # Faculty homepage Janna | # Faculty homepage Lavinia | The views expressed in the episodes reflect the opinions of the individuals who voice them, and do not represent the opinion or institutional position of either TU Delft, 4TU Ethics, or DDfV.
November 30, 2020