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50 Years Later with Jim Bumgardner

50 Years Later with Jim Bumgardner

By 50 years later... with Jim Bumgardner
Welcome to “50 years later… with Jim Bumgardner” the program that takes a quick look at the talking points of the day and moves on to discuss deeper considerations of the OTHER things that are also going on in the world from learning and growing to pop culture and entertainment. The promise we make is that b the end of each hour show you will be presented with ideas and information that may help you in your personal journey of better mental, physical, spiritual, financial and general well being.
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Check your reciepts because there's some sneaky things going on... and a rant about school lunch funding and what we could consider doing about it.

50 Years Later with Jim Bumgardner

Found my hill and would like to invite you to stand with me. It’ll be entertaining.
The narrative of the mainstream sucks. There I said it. So what do I propose we do about it? Listen and take from it what you will. Reach out via and
August 11, 2022
Check your reciepts because there's some sneaky things going on... and a rant about school lunch funding and what we could consider doing about it.
I've recently learned of what may become a standard practice with the "big box" retail stores that could be slipping in things you didn't ask for, want or need, That's the heads up for the first part of the show. In the second part, I rant a bit about what's going on with school lunch program funding, the current federal administrations actions as well as the response from 22 Attorney's General. If you aren't aware, you need to be and then tell your friends, family, neighbors and everyone you see because they most likely didn't know either.  As always I appreciate every purchase of in house merchandise creations, tips and  affiliate sales… so clicks and a drop in the hat are always appreciated Merch: Tips:
July 28, 2022
So it’s January 12, 2019. Why not? Stranger things have happened.
Stranger things have happened I want you to think about this. Let’s say you woke up and it was  January 12th, 2019. The events of the past two+ years, haven’t occurred.  What would be different for you? That’s the question I’m posing to myself and challenging you with on this episode of the podcast. Quick housekeeping notes: the name change and the theme song. Also,  shop or drop a tip. It’s appreciated. If you’d like to hire me for  consulting or production services reach me at jaksocial@outlook dot com Moral of the story: When things seem impossible and at their worst NOW  go back in your mind to a time you feel things were “better, good, great  “ etc, and ask yourself “What was different then?” “What did I do or  not do since?” “What’s the regrets?” “How can I right the ship NOW?”
July 27, 2022
Let's talk blogging, prepping and a surprising level of growth thanks to "Working with Intent"
So the world is trying to implode so what should we do? I say prep and blog about it, all the cool kids are doing it! My sarcasm out of the way, I do invite you to listen in as we chat about a recent power outage we had here and how it reminded me that preparedness isn't paranoia when emergencies aren't a matter of "if" but instead "when". I also share my thoughts on the massive influx of new readers I've had come into the Toy Box thanks to my post on "Working with Intent" and the associated podcast. It'll be fun, informative and inspiring. Please be sure to follow along this journey at  Also, it is much appreciated if you will shop the links I have on the site.  
July 05, 2022
That moment when it all makes sense…
Clarity. When it hits, you my friend are off to the races. Buckle up because this episode is moving at at least Mach 2 for me and hopefully you too as there’s a powerful lesson I share for business owners who need some help in content creation that doesn’t break the bank.
May 26, 2022
You’ve paid for it so why aren’t you using it?
This is a special mini episode of the podcast that has been created as part of my outreach to business owners to help them get more bang from their already invested marketing and advertising dollars. To them I say thank you for checking out the demo and to my regular listeners, thank you for all you do in keeping this podcast moving forward in its mission of inspiring imagination and creativity while adding value to all of our work, lives and play! 
May 24, 2022
Working with intent. Harder than it looks but greater results await.
Trying to get focused on a project? Need structure for your content release? Need structure for creating content? All those questions are addressed in this episode plus I’ve put together a free pdf version of my content creation pipeline that can open your mind and eye to new avenues you may not have considered before… but will now. You can get it at the matching blog post at
May 11, 2022
What exactly is a “dream job”?
In this episode I share with you a moment of clarity I’ve had in regards to connecting with what exactly I believe a “dream job” is and what it means. Lots to ponder here for sure. Don't realize how deep you get until you start digging it seems. Also HERE IS THE LINK to the project I was talking about that I would truly appreciate your help with be it direct support, sharing or both. I will wear you out with my never ending praise and gratitude as we work to make this project happen and grow. 
April 29, 2022
Dark ride… bright memories
Sharing an update about a family outing that shows my “Toy Box” is full of really neat stuff, like memories and stories! You can see the full ride along adventure here
April 11, 2022
Theme and BUmp Music for the improved Podcast
Construction continues but no reason not to dance!
April 09, 2022
“The Story of a Ghost Story Pt 1 ": An Adding Value Podcast Series
What could a story about a ghost possibly do for me? You ask? If you are an entrepreneur, business, organization or serious hobbyist looking to create a ton of interesting and engaging content that runs the multi-media gamut, then this is the series you don’t want to miss. So turn down the lights and join me for this not so spooky tale of adding value…
March 13, 2022
What do we do, now? Here's my solution and suggestion.
The world is a mess... has been for a while. We can complain and pontificate on and on and on, or we can do something much better with that time and energy. I spell out what I personally am going to do and encourage you to do as well in this Season 2 Kick off.
March 09, 2022
Season 2 preview.
Greetings dear listener’s! It’s a new season and focus for The JAK Entertainment Network’s Adding Value podcast and we’ve got some fun things in store! Thank you so much for listening and remember my friends, the key to unlocking the super power inside of you starts with your imagination!
February 13, 2022
Ground report from Arkansas... can't call it good news plus the Fauci findings from Project Veritas
Lot packed in to one 22 minutes of your time and attention - I’d like to share a disturbing observation in the reporting of the talking point.
January 11, 2022
Calls to inaction and action.
In this episode the gloves are off in my personal requests of you dear listeners to take inaction and action. Complete show notes here ALSO please take the time to watch this report from Alex Jones. It is incredibly important
January 06, 2022
Things are getting heavy and scary HOWEVER you, me and we are doing amazing things!
In this first episode of 2022, the focus falls on the amazing opportunities that are available to all of us thanks to genuine unity and cooperation. If that sounds anti climactic and too hippy-ish, boy oh boy are you missing the point. It’s far from bad. Break Free from the Matrix that Society has created. That’s the motivation behind The JAK Entertainment Network and in this episode I share with you how we’re continuing setting our focus with laser precision and encouraging you to take some notes along the way. Or you could always hold out until the book is published.  See the complete show notes at  Also, check out this feature from Anchor that I just learned about: Voice Messages! Yeah, yeah, not earth shattering but I love the idea of being able to get questions and soundbites from you folks!
January 04, 2022
Magic 8 ball predictions and the 2022 personal challenge for a better world.
Tonight we prep for 2022 like all the best oracles of antiquity did; pure blind hope and fingers crossed. But not to be completely silly and frivolous (which is necessary from time to time) I have put together a challenge that I’m putting forth for myself and my family and now I pose it to you my friends: Daily challenge… Do One Thing that’s expressly you and share it on Activate Humanity. Join me in Activate Humanity. You'll love it as much as I do.
January 01, 2022
Activate Humanity , I'm talking to you 😊
This is a special podcast directed to the folks on the Activate Humanity social media platform. Everyone else is welcome to tune in too and I actually encourage it. You can learn more by going straight to the source… Join me in Activate Humanity. You'll love it as much as I do.
December 30, 2021
Want to stop the Idiocracy? Here's some thoughts, observations and suggestions.
The "they" of legacy and alternative media alike have found themselves falling prey to the new religion of stupidity that is falling out the pie holes of today's "leaders" and unless WE point it out to each other, the future is looking to be a really stoopid movie. for the store and more.
December 29, 2021
Turn off the TV and time travel with me to the 90's
Lots to cover from Christmas gratitude to book recommendations for a better NOW, gaslighting to watch out for this week and next and a Red Alert Report that I really hope you’ll take to heart. Show notes available via this link
December 27, 2021
Merry Christmas 2021
Ramblings with purpose. 😁 New show coming Monday December 27th. Stay safe, vigilant and unafraid of using your imagination.
December 23, 2021
Connecting the Metaverse dots and cancelling John Lennon
What do you really know about the coming "Metaverse" and why you should. Plus, would John Lennon be cancelled today by the woke zombies? Judging by his last interview, I'd pretty much guarantee it. Show notes and links at Show Notes 12/20/2021 Connecting the Dots on the Coming Metaverse aka the Matrix VR Mind Control VR Mind Control Is HERE! And It Works! VR Mind Control Is HERE! And It Works! The Best VR Headset The BEST VR Headset in the WORLD - I CAN'T GO BACK! The BEST VR Headset in the WORLD - I CAN'T GO BACK! A conversation with AI Leta, GPT-3 AI - Episode 30 (impossible questions) - Conversations and talking with GPT3 Leta, GPT-3 AI - Episode 30 (impossible questions) - Conversations and t... At least there's some hope with AI AI Gets Philosophical Talking About God (GPT-3 Interview) AI Gets Philosophical Talking About God (GPT-3 Interview) Final Thoughts: John Lennons last interview John Lennon's Last Interview (December 8th, 1980) John Lennon's Last Interview (December 8th, 1980)
December 20, 2021
Episode 3 - growing your super power with bingo and bumps in the night.
Greetings and salutations dear listeners! Today's show offers up value adding ideas by way of chills, thrills, bingo and imagination fueled branding . You can find all the links on our show notes page at
December 14, 2021
1st amendment under attack but we're focusing on the solutions.
12/13/2021 - Ep.002 introduces our "Red Alert Report", an encouraging run of synchronicity that we hope you'll also find at just the right time, updates from Jim's Toy Box, an idea so absurd that we had to do it as a Paranormal Quest, a recommendation on a spooky and kooky way to lighten your day that adds a tap to your toe and also we begin a week long journey that hopefully will encourage you to learn more about 3D printing. Oh, and there's a new coffee mug I'm the JAK store that may make your brew even better. Show notes via this link
December 13, 2021
Taking the first step... and it's a doozy.😎
Imagination. That's the root of everything for the JAK Entertainment Network and I'm this journey we're going to show you how important, crucial, available and limitless it is for you as well.
November 27, 2021
December 31, 2020
December 31, 2020