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52 Bites Around the World

52 Bites Around the World

By Maida Pineda
Maida Pineda is a food and travel writer of over 22 years. Hungry for international travel, in 2021, she embarks on this adventure called 52 BITES AROUND THE WORLD. Each week she whips up delicious conversations from real people around the world on what lights them up and brings a spark to their eyes. It will inspire, educate, and connect you to amazing humans.
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Trailer-52 Bites Around the World
Maida Pineda is a food and travel writer of over 22 years, author of two books, and has a Master of Arts in Gastronomy. She made a commitment to herself to go where her writing takes her. And, it has brought her from her home in the Philippines to experience many exciting adventurous around the world. She has lived in several countries and feels most at home when she's traveling. From eating Ema datsi for the first time in Bhutan to playing with the kids from the hill tribes of Chiang Mai, to sharing tapas with Argentinian travellers in Granada, Spain or even interviewing the world's best chefs in their kitchens. Travel allows her to learn, create new experiences and connect with amazing humans. 2020 has not allowed her to travel much. But in 2021, she wants to embark on this adventure called 52 BITES AROUND THE WORLD. Maida will interview fascinating people. No small talk here- only heart-to-heart talk on what sparks them from within, sharing recipes, memorable experiences, and learnings.  So if you're craving for a delicious travel adventure, you're in for a treat! The best thing is you don't need to buy an airplane ticket or get a visa. All you need is to subscribe to this podcast so you won't miss a new destination each week. Are you ready? Let's go! 
December 6, 2020