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52 Hertz: The Lonely Whale Podcast

52 Hertz: The Lonely Whale Podcast

By Lonely Whale
The non-profit Lonely Whale and host Petrice Jones bring you 52 Hertz—a podcast inspired by the whale who dared to call out at his own frequency. Twice a week, you’ll hear from the unique voices working on behalf of the ocean. These are the entrepreneurs, environmental activists, and youth leaders who disrupt their industries, challenge the status quo, and go against the current—all to rethink our approach to plastics and environmentalism on a global scale. Join us and our inspiring guests to discover how you can fight for a future with clean seas. Tune into 52 Hertz, and tune out plastic.
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Ep 3: Environmental Justice & Racism with Wanjiku “Wawa” Gatheru

52 Hertz: The Lonely Whale Podcast

EP 12: Putting Your Boots On with Pattie Gonia
Wyn Wiley is a photographer, activist, Eagle Scout, and creator of Drag Queen environmentalist “Pattie Gonia.” Pattie was born two years ago when Wyn tossed a pair of six-inch boots into his pack before heading on a trip to the Continental Divide. Since then, Pattie has gained a following of nearly 300K people on Instagram by being a vocal environmental and LGBTQIA+ advocate and inspiring people to spend more time outdoors. 52 Hertz host Petrice Jones and Wyn discuss how Pattie defies heteronormative concepts of nature, who belongs outdoors, and if there’s such a thing as “sustainable drag.” We’ll also discuss what he’s learned from Pattie, the importance of intersectional environmentalism, and why “drag” is actually part of all of our lives.  Would you rather listen to the censored version? Listen to the clean version right here, on our website.
September 15, 2020
EP 11: Zero Hour with Zanagee Artis
Zanagee Artis co-founded Zero Hour when he was just 17 years old. The youth-led climate justice organization has since expanded to 24 sister chapters across the United States with many more internationally. Zero Hour creates entry points, training, and resources for new young activists (and adults who support their vision) wanting to take concrete action around climate change. Zanagee has been recognized by national publications including the New York Times and recently by Teen Vogue as one of the magazine’s “9 Climate Activists of Color You Should Know.” 52 Hertz host Petrice Jones and Zanagee talk about the ability of young leaders to galvanize change, how Zero Hour goes against the current by centering the voices of diverse youth, and why the environment should be a top priority when Americans cast their ballots in the November 3 presidential election.
September 10, 2020
EP 10: Empowering Youth with Melati Wijsen
Melati Wijsen is a world-renowned activist, environmentalist, and youth leader from Indonesia, who has gone against the current every day since she was 12 years old when she co-founded Bye Bye Plastic Bags. Now at 19, she is a co-founder of three organizations: Bye Bye Plastic Bags, Mountains Mamas, and Youthtopia. 52 Hertz host Petrice Jones and Melati discuss youth empowerment, ways traditional education has failed students, and if she’s sacrificed a ‘normal’ childhood.
September 08, 2020
EP 9: Small Hinges Swing Big Doors with Stefan Berggren & Jesse Garrison
Stefan Berggren is Sr. Product Compliance at Trek and Jesse Garrison is Senior Mechanical Engineer at Trek. In America where throwaway culture is status quo, Trek Bikes goes against the current by building quality products that last. Their bikes and cycling gear are recognized around the world. As a partner in NextWave Plastics, an initiative convened by Lonely Whale where companies commit to keeping plastics in the economy and out of the ocean, Trek developed the Bat Cage, a water bottle holder made out of material from recycled fishing nets. 52 Hertz host Petrice Jones, Stefan and Jesse discuss embracing sustainability, the importance of connecting with nature, and the surprising ways the cycling industry can help save our oceans.
September 03, 2020
EP 8: The Power of Music with Tanner Watt & Adam Gardner
Adam Gardner is the guitarist for Guster and co-founder of Reverb. Tanner Watt is the Director of Partnerships at Reverb, a nonprofit using the power of music to inspire individuals to take action for people and the planet. Reverb disrupts typical practices in the music industry by collaborating with musicians, venues, and festivals to create green concert events and shift attitudes toward waste. Through these collaborations, they engage fans and inspire them to take environmental and social action. 52 Hertz host Petrice Jones, Adam, and Tanner discuss the power that music has to bring people together, issues of accessibility in the music industry and environmentalism, and the challenges sustainable music events face in the wake of COVID-19.
September 01, 2020
EP 7: Designing a Sustainable Future with Jane Abernethy and Gabe Wing
Jane Abernethy is Chief of Sustainability at Humanscale and Gabe Wing is Director of Sustainability at Herman Miller, two iconic office furniture brands known for design innovation. Both organizations have gone against the current and put competition aside to collaborate as partners in NextWave Plastics, an initiative convened by Lonely Whale. NextWave member companies commit to keeping plastics in the economy and out of the ocean by incorporating recycled ocean-bound plastics into their product supply chains. In this episode, 52 Hertz host Petrice Jones talks to them about design as a tool for combating environmental problems, the difference between good and bad materials, and the virtues of radical collaboration.
August 27, 2020
Ep 6: Recycling as a Human Issue with Kelsey Halling
Kelsey Halling is Head of Partnerships at First Mile, an organization that disrupts the recycling industry by bringing transparency to the “first mile” of the recycling supply chain. In this episode, 52 Hertz host Petrice Jones and Kelsey discuss why recycling is a human rights issue and how First Mile’s work goes against the current, creating recycling micro-economies and dignified job opportunities for people in Haiti, Honduras and Taiwan who are among some of the most affected by the plastic crisis.
August 25, 2020
Ep 5: Conscious Filmmaking with Julie Christeas
Julie Christeas is a producer, director, activist, mother, and CEO of Tandem Pictures, the first conscious indie film studio. Their mission disrupts the film industry’s often wasteful practices by focusing on zero waste and net-zero CO2 emissions. In this episode, 52 Hertz host Petrice Jones and Julie break down myths about cost and sustainability in film production, describe what exactly a green film set looks like, and share how going against the current to weave sustainability into their model has shaped community and culture at Tandem Pictures.
August 20, 2020
Ep 4: The Transformative Power of Activism with Dyson Chee
Dyson Chee is an 18-year-old youth activist from Oahu who was a vocal advocate for the implementation of Bill 40 ⁠— one of the most stringent single-use plastic bans in the United States. In this episode, Project O.C.E.A.N. Hawai’i founder Dyson Chee reveals how attending Ocean Heroes Bootcamp, challenging his own perceived limitations, and going against the current to #beatplasticpollution helped him realize his place in the world. 52 Hertz host Petrice Jones and Dyson talk Bill 40, the power of youth activism, politics, and personal transformation.
August 18, 2020
Ep 3: Environmental Justice & Racism with Wanjiku “Wawa” Gatheru
Wanjiku “Wawa” Gatheru is an environmental justice advocate, a recent graduate from the University of Connecticut, and the first Black person in history to receive the Rhodes, Truman, and Udall scholarships. In this episode, Wawa discusses the need to disrupt the status quo within the environmental movement, calling for the movement to center the experience and expertise of frontline people of color — especially black and brown people who have been historically left out. 52 Hertz host Petrice Jones and Wawa talk food insecurity, environmental literacy, and how the erasure of BIPOC voices in the environmental community perpetuates racism and undermines the very goals environmentalists are trying to achieve.
August 13, 2020
Ep 2: Sail for Climate Action with Steff McDermott
Steff McDermott is a 19-year-old environmental advocate from the Cayman Islands and a founding member of Sail for Climate Action; a project pioneered by youth from Latin America and Europe. In this episode, Steff discusses how she goes against the current, working to elevate the often-ignored voices in the Global South and to strengthen bonds across the Atlantic Ocean. 52 Hertz host Petrice Jones and Steff talk sailing through the Bermuda Triangle, leadership, and what that journey taught her about culture, race, and history in the context of environmental activism.
August 11, 2020
Ep 1: Against the Current with Adrian Grenier
Adrian Grenier is an environmentalist, actor, musician, and producer. In our first episode, Adrian discusses how he went against the current by leveraging his stardom to benefit the environment, co-founding Lonely Whale, and embarking on his journey to usher in a new era of compassion and consciousness for the environment.  52 Hertz host Petrice Jones and Adrian talk eco-anxiety, the plastic crisis overwhelming our ocean, and how building community is the first step to healing ourselves and our Earth.
August 06, 2020
Coming Soon: "52 Hertz"
The non-profit Lonely Whale and host Petrice Jones bring you 52 Hertz—a podcast inspired by the whale who dared to call out at his own frequency. ​Here's a quick taste of what's to come this season. Tune into 52 Hertz, and tune out plastic. Subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to know when episode one airs.
June 22, 2020