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Episode 10 (summersbackinmichigan)

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By rocketjrjr/icecoldjonzy
This is 555-Stay-Alive Radio and we are affiliated with Rocketjrjr.com, we are here to give thanks and praises to the most high (JAH), and to spread peace and love through music and interviews from the culture that we love. Our message is to "Do what you've loved to do since 12 & 555 Stay Connected and Stay Alive. This message is sponsored by www.Rocketjrjr.com
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Joe Kay of Soulection Interview with 143's SoSuperSam & Shopify
Future beats, eclectic soul, forgotten gems and timeless sounds, all brought to you by Joe Kay..... This is Soulection Radio..... Nine times out of ten, if you have heard the beginning of this radio show they call Soulection radio, then you've heard of this man and what he reps. Joe Kay Co-Founder of Soulection was here in LA in his hometown to spread love, wisdom, positivity and consistency. This event was one for the books. Joe Kay co-founder of Soulection was at Shopify this past Wednesday to give advice and talk about entrepreneurship.  Here at rocketjrjr.com we talk about doing what you've loved to do since twelve which is what joe stands for and addresses in this  segment.  We took an avant garde approach and added some of the songs that made Soulection a household name along with some of our favourite picks.  In the second part of the interview Joe dives deep into what it's like being Joe Kay and offers some advice as well as some of his secrets to success. So you have to be apart of this listening party as he gives you new information on how to do your taxes. New information on how to keep your heart and do what you love. Plus more free music and free information on how to make your own business stand out above others. Tune in now.  I almost won a free vinyl from out of his satchel but I didn't have the answer. I won't give up so easily next time.  We hope you enjoy this episode brought to you by Soulection x Shopify x 143 x 555 Stay Alive Radio. ........    
May 5, 2019
Artwork by : Joose The Conquerer Music by Estev. aka ICE COLD JÓNZY  Producers : ABJO, RHYSE, HARU  Production:  1destiny & msfits : Haru ,   close the door:rhyse so don't let no one : Abjo  Production: interludes by ice cold jonzy ft. Tai and Morris day.
January 18, 2019
Episode 10 (summersbackinmichigan)
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October 11, 2018
DJROCKETJRJR_+ - omg if i get it right (workout//clean mix)
Tracklist coming soon My dad was going through a lot before he passed away, and I didn't get to talk with him like I wanted to. I wanted to help him with his depression, he was battling a stroke and was battling a tragic accident, we spoke but not enough, I could tell he wanted to talk about it. so these next few mixes are for him. - Rocketjrjr Photography by Rocket Jr. Jr. Talent : @zikomo of soulection Venue : Tokyo Beat EVENT : Fashogun
September 19, 2018
(DJRocketJrJr_+) 50 minute takeover
exclusive mix from jonzy fm. Take a look within.
September 18, 2018
555 drop by terri lynn
September 15, 2018
Don't Be a Stupid Stoner Clint! just say 555-stay-alive!
being clint is complicated.
September 10, 2018
If I can just get this to work.... I just know this is fire.
Cont. 4. rapheal saadiq - Still Ray 5. ice cold jonzy - family business 6. andre 3000 - "Me&My" (To Bury Your Parents) 7. anderson paak. - the seasons carry me 8. anderson paak. - bubblin’ 9. badazz,soopafly,latoiya williams, x jr jarris, - its a party 10. shyy Centauri - That weed song 11. tupac shakur - a crooked nigga too 12. jay rock - win 13. d’angelo - devil’s pie (555 Stay Alive Theme) 14. brent faiyaz - Gang Over Luv (rocketjrjr unity mix) 15. n.e.r.d. - Lemons (kaelin ellis dance remix) 16. migos - walk it, like i talk it 17. big sean - bounce back 18. kaytradamus - killa cats 19. pomo - work it out 20. jarreau vandal - saturday love (vandalized edit) 21. gabriel garzón montano - 6 8 (Live) 22. jeftuz - girl (slowed) 23. jhene Aiko - sativa 24. ty dolla sign - blasé 25. uptown dj’s - my boo 26. goldlink - crew (sni 27. goldlink - wassup 28. robin thicke - wanna love you girl (sango edit) 29. courtney john - lucky man 30. ziggy marley - one good spliff 31. 2nd II None - Han
September 10, 2018
Stay Alive Radio Show #29
Show #29 (Live from the Car Headed 2 San Diego CA) 20 june 2018 Rocketjrjr’s Session (0-End of Session) 1. kaelin ellis - twentyone 2. wiz khalifa - waken bake 3. the internet - come over
August 27, 2018
dj rocketjrjr has been busy asking people to help him create the 555 brand. Here are a few people who took time to help him spread the message of love. Thank you to everyone who has given a drop to the 555 crew. 555 - stay alive. this message is brought to you by rocketjrjr.com
August 27, 2018
Ice Cold Jonzy - I was married at 22 (prod. sango)
I'm hanging out with the Rocket! 555 [ Stay Alive ] #buildyourownempire #rocketjrjr & NOW a SNEAK PEAK OF NEW JONZY FM EP STEVE WAS BETTER remastered by steve prod. Sango this will be the 1st single on the upcoming EP "Steve Was Better" this song was an ode to music. I married hip hop at age 22, but we had been courting for a while. She think we split up, but if you we're wondering if it's complicated, we're back together. Steve was better.... Married At 22 (prod. sango) by JONZY FM is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
August 9, 2018
I saw it in my dream 555. Stay-Alive Radio show 1
The art of rocket is to give without a thought of receiving. That's Rocket. Rocket's legacy was built on teaching the kids how to remain humble and self reliant. Showing the world that its bigger than you. That's rocket. Motivation and Love. That's Rocket. Rocket is an Aspirational brand because of the will to succeed is living in every kid who buys a shirt. If there is no will to succeed we want to instill the willpower into their brains. That's Rocket. With a well-recognized signature logo on every product we produce. Rocket's success story will easily be recognized remembered and retold. The vision of rocket is simple. If you have your own thinking cap, then you have the will to succeed. Blast off to new heights Rocket #keeprunning #rocketjrjr This podcast is sponsored by Rocketjrjr.com #rocket88livesinu
August 6, 2018
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