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The skills you want in the time you have
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Accountability, good habits, and the July challenge
We know how to track our progress but how do we remain accountable to our goals? Are we trying to do too many things? Are we not doing enough? How do you find the optimum number of things to work on at a time? Can you apply the 5mm to working out? 5 minute abs? I’ve heard that somewhere before… We discuss all in this episode and set the 5 minute challenge for July.
June 27, 2019
Mitigating regret and the things we all hate doing
There are some things in life that we hate to do. Whether it filling in your tax return or doing an assignment for a subject you hate, these things still need to be done. Shaun and Mass discuss how they stopped the self destructive pattern of putting these things off indefinitely, reducing the probability of failure as well as overcoming the horrendous dread that comes with shirking responsibility. Life is full of regrets no matter what path you take, it's part of the human experience.  This episode looks at how to regularly evaluate life with a view to mitigating the probability of regret.
June 14, 2019
Finding the time
A drummer who doesn't practice and a CEO who doesn't have time discuss how their lives have changed since adopting the Five Minute Master method.
July 16, 2018