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60 Second Entrepreneur

60 Second Entrepreneur

By Blue Diamond Brandz
60 Second Entrepreneur is a platform created to fuel the entrepreneur spirit with words, quotes and phrases in 60 seconds or less. Tune in every 1st and 3rd Saturday at 6pm EST. Season 2 will be returning in 2022. Stay tuned!!
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The Shift
In this episode, I talk about my mental space around business, relationships, and what's more important to me now. Click play!
September 09, 2022
Season 2 Relaunch of 60 Second Entrepreneur
In this short clip, I talk about what's been happening and what's to come!
December 12, 2021
Building Business Credit w/ Eric McKinley
Today, I'll be chatting with Eric McKinley on Building Business Credit. What's more exciting than learning how to buy houses and cars in your business name utilizing your business credit. If you think having a 720 credit score is lit, imagine having stellar business credit which is super easy to build with a plan and consistency. I'm excited for you to hear what he shares. This is the LAST episode for Season 1 as I gear up and prepare a stellar Season 2 launching in 2020. Join the VIP group 60 Second Entrepreneur. If you'd like to be interviewed for Season 2 of the podcast, send an email to
November 16, 2019
Building a Multi Service Brand w/ Dr. Andrea Blue
Today,, I'll be chatting with Dr. Andrea Blue on Building a Multi Service Brand. Dr Blue is the Owner and CEO of B & J Enterprises, LLC which spans across multiple industries and I'm elated to have her share with us the keys in building multiple brands under one umbrella. All of my business owners with multiple hustles and vision downloads should tune in. Join the VIP group 60 Second Entrepreneur. If you'd like to be interviewed for Season 2 of the podcast, send an email to
November 02, 2019
The Value of Coaching w/ Wanda D Hollis
The next episode of The 60 Second Entrepreneur Podcast airs 10/26/2019 at 6pm EST with none other than The Motivational Queen herself, Wanda D Hollis . She'll be sharing some pointers and gems on The Value of Coaching as she is a certified business coach. All of my business owners should tune in as we need coaching one way or another. It's a vital part of business growth. Join the VIP group 60 Second Entrepreneur. If you'd like to be interviewed for Season 2 of the podcast, send an email to
October 26, 2019
Growth Beyond Being a Solopreneur w/ John Ebron
John Ebron, Certified John Maxwell Coach and Speaker, talks to us on growth beyond being a solopreneur. Simply put: moving from working IN your business to ON your business. This man is BEYOND wise so I'm excited about the gems he'll be sharing. This episode is definitely for those building a generational legacy through family branding. Make sure you tune in and tag your friends also. If you're interested in being interviewed for season 2, which will be so leveled up, send an email to #60secondentrepreneur #familybrand #business #entrepreneurship
October 05, 2019
21 day I AM affirmations
21 day affirmations to rewire your mind into creating a better, bolder and powerful YOU!
October 02, 2019
Balancing Business and Self Care w/ Latrice Scott
Latrice Scott, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, joins us on another episode of The 60 Second Entrepreneur Podcast where we talk about the importance of balancing business and self care and suicide prevention amongst the youth. This is an episode you dont want to miss and one you will want to share. Join the 60 Second Entrepreneur VIP group! ❤
September 21, 2019
Morning Affirmations (1)
Morning affirmations to jumpstart your day
September 14, 2019
Robotics, Coding and Technology in Business w/ Dr Elliott Heflin
Dr Elliott Heflin, Owner of Reality Tech LLC, joins us on another episode of The 60 Second Entrepreneur Podcast where we talk about Robotics, Coding & Technology in Business. Be sure to download and share with your friends and family members as he will be sharing the importance of exposing our children and businesses to this new wave of technology.
September 07, 2019
The Business Side of the Music Industry w/ Ced Wynez
In this episode we talk with Ced Wynez, founder of Beats by Ced, about the business side of the music industry from copyright, registering with a PRO, building relationships with music producers and a lot more. This episode caters to the music artists and producers that are interested in growing their art into a business instead of a hobby. Join us in the 60 Second Entrepreneur VIP group on Facebook by visiting
August 16, 2019
Business Partnerships & Friendships w/ Dr. Tranell Steward
On today's episode, Dr Tranell Steward will be blessing us with her presence on another episode of The 60 Second Entrepreneur Podcast where we will candidly discuss the risks of partnering with friends in business. You dont want to miss it ❤
August 03, 2019
Dress for Success w/ Shonny Dee
60 Second Entrepreneur interviews Shonny Dee as she talks to us about her upcoming film Faceless Shadows: The Movie, dressing for success as a film director with a sweet twist of the importance on dressing up with an attitude for success! I'll also be sharing some tips on incorporating certain colors in your attire that helps to pull in energy that assists us in manifesting our business goals. TRUST ME, YOU DONT WANT TO MISS IT! LIKE & SHARE! Peace Family ❤💚🖤
July 20, 2019
Bad Decisions w/ Lavette Minn
"When I first got into business, I made a lot of bad decisions" Daymond John. It's very common for us to make bad decisions as new entrepreneurs, but those mistakes can be minimized with knowing and careful strategy implementation. This episode sheds light on some mistakes Lavette and Matilde made as new Entrepreneurs and some ways to avoid them when in your startup phase.
July 01, 2019