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I Did It For Art: From Our Warehouse to the World

I Did It For Art: From Our Warehouse to the World

By 621 Gallery
In this podcast, we strive to fulfill 621 Gallery’s official mission, which is to: expose people to the creative process, to platform significant conversations around our diverse communities, and to support artists’ careers.
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A Brief History of 621 and Railroad Square
A lot has changed in Railroad Square over the years...but one thing has always stayed the same and that’s 621’s mission to serve the community and expose it to new ideas and people.  We consider 621’s birth year to be 1981 when it was established, with the help of Nan Boynton, as a gallery space for artists within Railroad Square to showcase their works to the outside community.  Tune into this episode to hear more about the history of Railroad Square and 621 Gallery from accounts of people who were there in the beginning. And hear your hosts Sophia Ballesteros and Aaron Ellis talk about some of their personal favorite events and activities!  Thank you to Deborah LaGrasse for allowing us to interview you. Deborah is an artist with a background in drawing, painting, sculpture and architecture. Visit her website for more details on her work. If you have any personal anecdotes you’d like to share about 621, please reach out to us via email at We would love to hear your stories. And so would our listeners! Your voice is important to us. Original Music by Maurizio Gomez
October 10, 2020
Interview with Elton Burgest
In this interview with Elton, we discuss the importance of representation in the arts, his comic series Hallelujah, and his show titled Blacklist, which 621 hosted back in May of 2019. We also dive into specific pieces of Elton’s work, all of which you can view on his website at You can also follow Elton on instagram @eltonburgest.  This episode will also be available on 621 Gallery’s youtube channel. There you can follow along with visual components as you listen to our conversation.  Original Music and Audio Editing by Maurizio Gomez Hosted by Sophia Ballesteros (Some of) Elton's Recommended Artists: Menika Lue Jabari Townsend Briana Michelle Bobby Riley Marie Dull Sara Caruso Sophia Baldwin Dillon Gleeson Giavonna Alverez Betül Adalier Alex Mizadel April Clues Naira Diptee Mikayla Gamble
June 20, 2020
Welcome to 621 Gallery's Podcast, I Did It For Art: From Our Warehouse to the World.  Join us on this Podcast Journey, handing you over to 621 Correspondents who report from studios, conduct interviews, and more, for 621’s I Did It For Art Podcast programming.  Thank you for listening.  This Episode was hosted by Bethany Balanoff and Casey Vasquez and features 621's Executive Director, Lauren Baker. Audio Development by Maurizio Gomez and Abby Wingate.  Sound Development by Maurizio Gomez. Script by Sophia Ballesteros and Aaron Ellis.  Cover Art Design Concept Created by Sophia Ballesteros.  Cover Art Created by Jake Routh.  #DOITFORART
June 05, 2020