6 Degrees or Less

Episode 3: A Conversation with Jan Watson

An episode of 6 Degrees or Less

By Seth McColley
These conversations are all about the art and the power of networking. It's connected to the idea that every single one of us is no more than six degrees from being connected to one another. The connections we make and the relationships we build make us the incredible people we are today and that we will become tomorrow. This is a collection of lessons learned by people from different backgrounds and on different journeys. This conversation is for those who want to improve their networking skills and cultivate more meaningful professional relationships.

Networking = Relationshiping
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Episode 4: A Conversation with Sean Self
Be sure to tune into my conversation with Sean Self, Founder and CEO of Self Opportunity, a recruitment solutions company based in Lewisville, TX. I had the pleasure of working with Sean years ago (as a client) and we established a relationship of trust and respect that we need more of in today's business environment. Sean has a great story to tell about how his career got started, the value of putting yourself out there and saying "yes", and some great thoughts on how to prioritize your time as it relates to networking events and commitments.  www.selfopportunity.com www.sethmccolley.com #networking #relationshiping #dfw #recruiting #selfopportunity #MOTM #baldisbeautiful 
March 11, 2019
Episode 3: A Conversation with Jan Watson
Tune into my conversation with Jan Watson, Founder and CEO of Better Job Fit, Inc., as we talk about #networking, #relationshiping, finding a job versus creating a job, behavioral diversity, what it means to "play it small", and so much more!   www.betterjobfit.com www.6degreesorless.com www.sethmccolley.com  About Jan Watson With over two decades of global business development and job-placement experience ranging from the corridors of Capitol Hill to the front lines of the healthcare industry, Jan is recognized as being on the cutting edge of science to position people in their strengths. With an impressive track record in domestic and international sales, marketing, and training, she is a powerful presenter, trainer and author committed to creating positive company cultures, seamless teams and helping individuals transition strategically into their next career path and purpose.   Behavior Diversity™  In 2009, Jan left the top ranks of a multi-national ophthalmic industry leader and started her consulting firm, training and mentoring individuals and groups to become more efficient individually and collectively, maximizing their strengths.  While surveying and analyzing scientific results of individual behavior traits and their influence on successful team dynamics and employee turnover, Jan found that true diversity extends beyond the external and physical, but to the differences we can’t see, Behavior Diversity™.  Individuals possessing extremes of such behavior traits as assertiveness, decisiveness or sociability, may perceive themselves as being bullied, causing feelings of isolation or may perceive others as weak or unengaged, leading to turnover.  Understanding individual ranges and how to bridge behavior “resistance gaps” decreases miscommunication, facilitates safe and healthy conversations, and increases workplace satisfaction rates.  Social Justice and Workforce Development Programs  As Jan’s desire to help others create dynamic change grew into her life’s purpose, she transitioned her company into the non-profit organization, Better Job Fit, Inc.  She is committed to social justice and counsels the Veteran and Foster Care populations, maintaining strong alliances with non-profit agencies such as The River Jordan Legacy, American Veterans Alliance and Vet Power to create internships and permanent placements for those in transition and too often neglected or overlooked in their struggles to start over.
February 25, 2019
Episode 2: A Conversation with Bruce Waller
Take a ride with Bruce Waller and I in the "carpool lane"! In this episode, we talk about networking, vulnerability, the importance of showing up, three different types of networks (external, internal and social), and Bruce's book, "Find Your Lane". Tune in to find out why Bruce is one of the HR icons of our time! You can find Bruce at www.brucewaller.com and you can find me at www.sethmccolley.com. #6degreesorless #relationshiping #findyourlane #networking 
February 18, 2019
Episode 1: A Conversation with Mike Caracalas
Mike Caracalas is a friend, former boss, leadership coach and author. I sat down with Mike to talk about the importance of networking, pivotal networking moments in his career, and lessons learned along the way. Join us for a real, honest conversation about relationshiping and the power of being comfortable with yourself. You can find Mike at www.caracalas.com and his book is "Corporate Life is Hell". #6degreesorless #networking #relationshiping #vulnerability #microrelationships
February 4, 2019
6 Degrees or Less Trailer
This is a trailer for my new podcast, 6 Degrees or Less, which is focused on the art and power of networking.
January 30, 2019
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