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Making a Passive 6 Figure Income

An episode of 6 Figure Hosts Podcast

By Aaron James
Discussion, tips tricks and resources on how to earn a passive 6 figure income with Airbnb, without owning any properties, and without having great credit and cash!
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Credit Counts
Ever wonder about how to solve the issue of your pesky student loans? Wanna answer your phone again without the fear of a debt collectors? How about using the law to get PAID when those collectors harass you? Wanna see how he went from 580 to 720 credit score in JUST 3 days, and the blueprint on how to change things?...
February 18, 2019
You're Approved! Biz Credit and Financing
Welcome back to our first episode of the new year, and it's a BANGER! Leo Kannell from LeoKannell.com joins us to talk about the #1 FACTOR holding people back from excelling and following their business goals- FINANCING! Not only does he break down the numerous ways that he can help you, he even shares the secrets on how he helps our students that DON'T have great credit. Listen closely, and then reach out to Leo and his team to see how they can help YOU!
January 21, 2019
Fit to be Healthy
On this episode we're joined by health guru Terry Givens from www.ResetYourBody.com. Terry is an author and accomplished public speaker who has built a business and a living showing people how to reverse the aging process in their bodies (resetting), and gain control of their health. For years, Terry has spoken with Real Estate investors regarding the extreme need to focus as much on health as we do on money.
November 9, 2018
Clean as a Whistle
In today's episode, I sit down with my good friend Mr. Tim Thompson from Music City Maid Service. We discuss the good fortune of having an operations team that is a no-nonsense, well-oiled machine. Many investors cut corners by handling turns in-house (or by themselves). Tim and I talk about how that could end up being your worst nightmare, and how likely you are to regret that decision later as you try to scale your business to other cities and states.
September 15, 2018
Protecting Your Business
Today I interviewed Darren Pettyjohn of Proper Insurance. Mr. Pettyjohn's company is the industry-leader in providing combination coverage for short-term rentals. If you're a host or aspiring host, you've got to hear what he says about the best ways to protect yourself from damages, liability and loss of income. And you'll be surprised to hear where you're NOT covered, if you don't have this...
August 26, 2018
Making a Passive 6 Figure Income
Passive income with Airbnb, and how it all started for me.  This podcast is for those who  are seeking an additional source of income, or a change in lifestyle through passive income. The fact is, you can earn a 6 figure income with real estate through Airbnb and other short-term rentals, EVEN if you don't own any properties. Tune in!
August 26, 2018
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