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The 78:4 Podcast

The 78:4 Podcast

By Chesham Parish Youth
Short, easy to listen to, Podcast discussing how the Christian faith impacts the lives of young people today.
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Attending church is dead right?
In a time when you can access everything at the tips of your fingers, attending church is dead surely? 
October 2, 2020
How do I respond to Injustice?
How do we begin to respond to the injustices of the things around us.  When we hear of the tragic deaths of people like George Floyd in America how should we respond, it is natural to lash out but is that right.  In this episode we begin to unpack this topic.   
June 3, 2020
Motivation and Christianity
In a lockdown world, with sunny and warm weather outside, why on earth should I sit down and do my school work.  Matthew Peoples and John Spence start a discussion thinking about what is our motivation to work and who are we working for.   
May 22, 2020