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The 7mlc Podcast

The 7mlc Podcast

By Michael Lewis Cunningham
An inspirational, educational and motivational podcast to help you fulfill your potential. Hosted by professional athlete, Michael Lewis Cunningham who is also known for his thriving YouTube channel "7mlc", where he built a community of over half a million subscribers through sharing training sessions, tutorials and advice videos for aspiring footballers.
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Grew Up Playing With Pogba and Mahrez | Matthieu "Frenchy" Braem | Episode #20
Today I interview professional footballer, Mathieu "Frenchy" Braem. From growing up in France, playing with Pogba and Mahrez, to playing professionally in the USA and starting his own coaching business, Mathieu's story is inspiring and not one to be missed! Check out Frenchy's website and socials below: For those interested in The College Recruiting Guide, use the link below:
March 11, 2022
From remote town to playing in Europe | A chat with Lily Dubuc | Episode #19
In today's episode we chat to professional footballer, Lily Debuc. Lily grew up in a remote town in California, but found herself playing professionally in Europe years later. Lily shares her incredible story, as well as some insight into some of the cultural differences she experienced on her travels. Follow Lily on instagram:
November 23, 2021
Advice on football scholarships and starting a coaching business | A chat with Aidan Curran | Episode#18
Today we're joined by Owner and Head Performance Coach of 90MinutesFitness, Aidan Curran. Aidan shares his incredible journey though his playing career so far, as well as provides advice for those looking to earn a football scholarship or start a one to one coaching business. Check out Aidan at his website and Instagram page below: Website: Instagram: Podcast:
November 16, 2021
How to handle those low motivation days. Episode #17
Do you ever wake up, and for whatever reason, you're just not feeling it? Me too. In fact, most of us do. However, if you're striving towards success in your craft, taking days off every time you feel this way will slow your progress. In today's episode, we discuss how to overcome those days to keep you on track towards your goals. 
November 05, 2021
How to fulfill your potential. Episode #16
Fulfilling potential is something many people strive for. But what does it mean... and what does it look like? We discuss deeper in today's episode. Thanks to Ric for having me on his podcast. You can check it out here: 
November 02, 2021
The importance of investing in your future self. Episode #15
We're often told to always focus on the present, which in many ways is healthy. But sometimes if we don't acknowledge out future self, our behaviors in the present don't always help you on your journey towards your goal. We unpack further in today's podcast.
October 30, 2021
Focusing on the controllable things in life. Episode #14
In life, there are a lot of things that happen to us that we cannot control. Having said that, you don't need the rest of your life to be negatively impacted as a result. Today we talk about why it's important to focus more on things we CAN control during tough times, rather than focusing on what we CANNOT.
January 26, 2021
Why it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. The 7mlc Podcast Episode #13
Many of us are striving towards something. Sometimes we focus more on the destination we are trying to get to, rather than focusing on the actual journey it takes to get there. In today's podcast we are talking about why the journey brings more value than the destination itself. 
June 01, 2020
How Average People Achieve Above Average Things | The 7mlc Podcast Episode #12
Do you ever feel average, and look at other people achieving great things and wish you could do the same? Well, you can. The truth is, you don't need to be above average to achieve above average things, you just need to put in above average amounts of work. We discuss further in episode #12 of The 7mlc Podcast.
April 10, 2020
At Home Training Advice | Featuring Professional Footballer Jack Blake
Today we are joined by Jack Blake, professional footballer for the Real Monarchs of the USL Championship. We discuss the current situation with footballers who aren't in training with their clubs, and how they can stay fit at home ready for when leagues resume. Check out Jack's YouTube channel here:
March 31, 2020
How To Start Your Day & Prime For Opportunity | The 7mlc Podcast Episode #11
The mind is so powerful that your entire day can change based on your thoughts. In today's episode we talk about how a negative mindset can block you from opportunities, and how we can prime our mindset for success.
March 27, 2020
How To Find Opportunity Within A Challenge | The 7mlc Podcast Episode #10
Many of us are going through a challenging time right now with the current world situation, but does that mean you have to put your life on hold? In today's podcast, we talk about how we can use this time as an opportunity to move forward, instead of seeing it as something that is slowing us down. 
March 26, 2020
How To Deal With Criticism | The 7mlc Podcast Episode #9
If you're striving towards and version of success, one thing is for sure, which is you are guaranteed to be on the receiving end of some form of criticism along the way. In today's episode, we talk about different versions of criticism you might receive, and how you can deal with it. Check out my YouTube channel for weekly videos: Check out my website for 7 day training programs:
February 12, 2020
Quality Vs. Quantity | The 7mlc Podcast Episode #8
When it comes to honing in on your craft, the question that often arises is whether you should be focusing on quantity, or quality of time spent working on it. In today's episode we talk about why neither of these are what you should be focusing on, and a small mindset change that will actually help you to achieve your goals. Check out CONTROLO: The Ultimate First Touch Training Program here:
January 31, 2020
How To Be More Productive With Your Time | The 7mlc Podcast Episode #7
Ever feel like there's not enough time in a day to accomplish all you set out to do? You'll be surprised how this simple change in mindset can increase your productivity and ensure you stay on track to achieving your goals. 
January 25, 2020
How To Make Better Life Decisions | The 7mlc Podcast Episode #6
As humans, we don't always make the best decisions. We make decisions on how we feel, which can sometimes be good, but many times it makes us choose unhealthy food over healthy food, it makes us late for appointments, it makes us overreact in times of disagreement. In today's episode, I'm sharing a simple but impactful way to start making better day to day life decisions. 
January 21, 2020
How To Fast Track Progress | The 7mlc Podcast Episode #5
Are you finding that progressing to where you want to be is taking longer than expected, or possibly seems like you're not getting any closer at all? In today's episode I share with you the mindset I adopted to fast track my progress which took me from playing Sunday League in England, to playing professionally in the Major Arena Soccer League in front of thousands of people in just a few years.
January 15, 2020
How To Increase Confidence For Performance | The 7mlc Podcast Episode #4
Are you lacking confidence during performance? Whether you're an athlete, going for a job interview, taking an exam, you need confidence for optimum performance. In today's episode we talk about how a lack of preparation can be the cause for poor performance and what we can do to change it. 
January 13, 2020
Why You Should Love Failing | The 7mlc Podcast Episode #3
Even the word failure can make many people uncomfortable. Failure is often associated as something that puts you further away from your goal However, in today's podcast episode, I'm going to share with you why failing actually gets you much closer to your goals than you think.
January 09, 2020
How To Stay Motivated Towards Your Goals | The 7mlc Podcast Episode #2
Motivation comes in waves. Some days we wake up and feel unstoppable, other days we can barely get out of bed. Usually motivation is lost when we aren't getting results as quickly as we had hoped, and in today's episode we are discussing a way to tweak our mindset to stay motivated even when results aren't instantly coming. 
January 06, 2020
5 Steps To Crushing Your Goals in 2020 | The 7mlc Podcast Episode #1
With a new year comes new goals, and to ensure you follow through and achieve the goals to set out, you need a plan for success. In today's episode I'm sharing the S.M.A.R.T goal setting method, to help you map out your journey, run the course and inevitably crush your goals. Enjoy!
January 01, 2020