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Operating @ 80% Awesome

Operating @ 80% Awesome

By Operating @ 80% Awesome
Give yourself permission to not be 100% Perfect.
Join mums and business women Rachel Picken and Claire Eason-Bassett as they make sense of a life less frantic, and a lot more awesome.
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Episode 3: How to be Awesome AF with Alcohol Free coach Polly Jukes

Operating @ 80% Awesome

Episode 3: How to be Awesome AF with Alcohol Free coach Polly Jukes

Operating @ 80% Awesome

Episode 4: How to be Awesome at Home Education
It's a new "half term". Not that we've really noticed because our children haven't been out of their pjs before 10am for weeks! Some of us might be preparing to send our children back to primary school, while other parents may be digging deep for some fresh resolve for another six weeks of "home learning" or "home schooling". But what if choosing to educate your children from home was a thing? How does that even work? How can we all put less pressure on ourselves to recreate the school environment at home? In this episode, Rachel talks to Bekkie Graham, a mum of four from Newquay whom five years ago, decided to do just that. She took her two older sons out of mainstream education, soon followed by her daughter and then youngest son. In this podcast, she talks about the broad spectrum of alternative and home education. Hear about how her kids, now aged between 18 and 9, are still able to benefit from recognised qualifications such as GCSEs whilst exploring hugely different academic paths, She shares some advice and support on what to do if you gearing up for another six weeks of home learning. Bekkie is fascinating to listen to. About Bekkie Graham: Bekkie Graham of @bambino_art_photography is a photographic artist working on the overlapping themes of childhood, education and motherhood. Her project ‘The Heutagogical Home’ focuses on families who are home educating in Cornwall , aiming to highlight the many personal, political, and philosophical reasons families choose alternative education, and the many ways in which it is experienced. Following on from my podcast chat on home education, and my photographic project exploring alternative education, I am sharing some resources that are available to use for learning from home. Some are available all the time including out of lockdown , some have been set up for during lockdown, and some are limited time offerings. My children range in age from 9 to 18 so do check the suitability of them for your own children, but most should be absolutely fine for most age ranges. Most of these are arts related but there are a few others in there as well. If anyone that listened is in Cornwall, and is interested in continuing to home educate after schools go back, and are interested in being part of my photographic project My email is,  do get in touch and we can chat more. About 80% Awesome: 80% Awesome website: The Facebook Group RP's Instagram New workshop dates!
June 1, 2020
Episode 3: How to be Awesome AF with Alcohol Free coach Polly Jukes
Hear 80% Awesome co-founder Rachel Picken talk to empowerment coach Polly Jukes about one of the Coronavirus taboos - why do people appear to be drinking so much? Alcohol sales are said to have gone up 30% in the UK and 55% in the US since Coronavirus crisis took hold. Since the pandemic, the public and social media narrative has been big on alcohol - be it the holiday feeling of good weather, the stress of managing life under lockdown, or simply because of boredom and/or a way to signal day into evening.  Polly is open and honest about her own journey to live alcohol free, which she began two years ago. Rachel also shares some of her own experiences exploring the Sobersphere, alcohol free (AF) community and quit-lit.  About Polly Jukes: "I help newly Alcohol-Free women eliminate shame and guilt to discover their authentic self so that they can learn to take control of their life and start being who they want to be. Gaining clarity, freedom and peace.  "Unlike others focusing on the past, my clients tell me their results are lasting, fulfilling and life changing from creating an enriched future they actually want to be fully present and with purpose." About 80% Awesome 80% Awesome website: The Facebook Group RP's Instagram Alcohol Free support One Year No Beer (OYNB) Cancer Research Dryathlon: Great reads: The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober by Catherine Gray The Sober Diaries by Clare Pooley Stay Awesome! Stay Safe!
May 26, 2020
Episode 2: The Lean Life Canvas with Esther Brown - University of Oxford
Joining us for Episode 2 is one of our biggest cheerleaders, Esther Brown. Esther is head of business engagement and partnerships at the University of Oxford for Social Sciences and humanities , and paved the way to the world's leading university becoming our first workshop client!  We launched 80% Awesome in March, back before Coronacrisis started, to celebrate International Women's Day with Said Business School's Professional Women's Network. Rachel introduced Esther to the Lean Life Canvas back in January, when they were comparing notes on being burning the candle at both ends. Rachel happened to have an LLC and some post-it notes about her person (standard) and she shared it with Esther. This podcast also marks and exciting new step for 80% Awesome - we now have two of our tools, the LLC and Famban - Family Kanban - available as kits to buy in a box (technically a tube!). Head over to our brand new shop where you can grab a kit with the tool, some instructions, some beautifully colourful sticky notes, and our trusted Sharpie pens. In the meantime, grab a brew (or something stronger) and listen to how Esther has used the Lean Life Canvas to make sense of crazy big changes during Covid 19 lockdown. Keep in touch via: The Facebook Group RP's Instagram Stay Awesome! Stay Safe!
May 11, 2020
Episode 1: Discombobulated Awesome
This first episode is a long time in the making. We first recorded it back before Christmas, and then our audio files are stranded in Rachel's office whilst the UK is in lockdown. Join Claire and Rachel as they talk about the impact of the Coronavirus crisis on professional women and mothers - plus what happens when all the additional life admin and stress is added to the picture - bereavement, ill-health, home-schooling and more. Claire talks about overcoming suspected Covid-19, along with her husband who has a life-limiting illness. Rachel discusses the triple-stress of bereavement, poorly father-in-law and bizarre circumstances where her ex-husband discovers he can log into her business account. They talk about bringing our whole selves to our Zoom meetings, letting things slide in the domestic department and what things we can Jettison from our lives in order to concentrate on the important aspects of surviving a global pandemic. 80% Awesome is a community of humans who are striving for a life that's a little less perfect. Join the Facebook community here: Check out our tools the Lean Life Canvas and Famban: Family Kanban on our website - coming very soon! Follow RP on Instagram:
May 3, 2020
Operating at 80 % Awesome - Trailer
Operating at 80% Awesome is a concept and community by two friends - Claire Eason-Bassett and Rachel Picken. It's about giving yourself permission to not be 100% perfect. Whilst our ideas have been developed over the past two years, living through the Covid Crisis has made even more sense. Join Rachel and Claire as they share their experiences of juggling busy careers with parenting, running a house-hold, trying to stay healthy and sane. They will also introduce some of their tools including the Lean Life Canvas and Famban - Family Kanban - to make life a little easier, and dare we say it Agile, during these turbulent times. Check out the website: Check out the Facebook Community: Check out RP's instagram (she tries to keep it up to date)
May 3, 2020