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Me and my 88 Friends

Me and my 88 Friends

By Lawrence Chewning
Lawrence Chewning, writer of "The Anchor Holds," and other Christian songs, tells stories and sings songs from the piano every week. Lawrence's storytelling style is engaging, and his music has touched the hearts and souls of thousands. Hear the stories behind the songs, interviews with great Christian guests, and more great content. A new episode is available every week. You can purchase Lawrence's music from his website at
My Mentor-A Tribute to Pastor John K. Summers
Lawrence replays a memorable episode from the archives which has not yet appeared on Spotify.  He and his friend, Ray Renner, honor the memory and legacy of John K. Summers, their friend and mentor. A very moving testimony of forgiveness and reconciliation from John K. himself. Songs: Forget About It Now Feed My Sheep Welcome Home
October 01, 2022
My Cousin, Gilbert
Lawrence interviews his ninety-three year-old cousin, Gilbert Baker, a veteran of the Korean War.  Lots of laughs and interesting and inspirational stories. Songs: As Old As Me In the Garden There Goes a Real Christian Man *** This episode is a replay of a classic Me and My 88 Friends radio episode, not previously available on Spotify or Anchor! ***
September 24, 2022
Never Escape the Father's Love
Lawrence interviews his friend, Elin Lee, from Lancaster, Massachusetts, who shares how she experienced the love of her Heavenly Father, after going through abandonment and reflection by her earthly father. Songs: Hand on the Plow Stop the Music Never Escape the Father’s Love Welcome to New England
September 17, 2022
The Road Less Traveled
Lawrence sings 10 songs that span the past  five decades, and takes a look at what it means to walk the "narrow road." Songs: Turn Around US Americans I Heard a Knock Ebenezer From Glory to Glory I Wouldn't Go Back Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus We Were Like Those Who Dreamed (Psalm 126) The Pearl Living in the Shadow
September 10, 2022
I Still Prefer A Simple Faith
Tonight's episode is a replay of a classic episode of Lawrence's radio program, not previously available on Anchor or Spotify! Lawrence shares regarding the simplicity of the gospel and also shares the story of a “three-syllable” victory. Songs: A Simple Faith  I Think I Can Help You  Praise the Name of Jesus  At the Foot of the Cross,  US Americans  When Morning Breaks.
September 03, 2022
The Substitute
Lawrence explores what is meant by the term, “being saved.” Songs: Kalamazoo  Jesus Saves  The Night that You Were Saved  Never Escape the Father's Love  Jesus Paid It All  I Heard a Knock
August 27, 2022
Meet Bill Watson, A Pioneer in Youth Ministry
Lawrence has a conversation with Bill Watson, a man who started an innovative coffeehouse ministry in Massachusetts in the early 1970's.  Songs: Trying to Obey the Call What a Change! Pray for Betty Johnson All the Empty People I Will Arise and Go There Goes a Real Christian Man 
August 20, 2022
Dalton Goes to Camp
Lawrence has a conversation with his 21 year-old grandson, Dalton Rhodes, who is also one of his best friends. Dalton gives his testimony regarding giving his life to Christ when he was 16 years old and shares his experience this summer as a counselor at a large Christian camp for elementary and middle schoolers. Songs: Phone Call Sweet Deliverance I Can Do All Things Never Escape the Father’s Love As Old As Me
August 13, 2022
Let Me Worship You Today
Lawrence looks at the question, “What does it mean to be a worshiper?” and sings songs of devotion to Jesus. Songs: I Wanna Receive Rise, Let Us Be Going What a Happy, Happy Day O Taste and See Behold, He is Coming Fair Weather Friend Here Am I I’d Be a Fool Holy Fire Jesus, You’ve Been So Real Hear My Cry, O Lord Let Me Worship Today
August 06, 2022
It Used to Be a Laundromat
Lawrence and his guests, Jim Watson and Barry Noonan, have a conversation about a memorable Christian coffeehouse in the heyday of the Jesus Movement called Turning Point, in Andover, Massachusetts.  This ministry was started by Bill and Sandy Watson and brought many young people to Christ. Songs: I Don’t Want to Keep You Hid Carry On The Anchor Holds Send the Rain
July 30, 2022
The Little Green House on 5th Street
This is the story of how God answered the prayers of an elderly couple for Him to use their little house for His glory after their death.  This house later become a Christian coffeehouse where many young people came to know Jesus Christ, and later became a Christian bookstore which eventually expanded to a much larger store in the center of Anderson, Indiana.  Lawrence's guests are Jan Reason from Anderson, Indiana, and Wayne  Sempsrott from Bloomington, Indiana. Songs: Song of the Disciple There Goes a Real Christian Man
July 23, 2022
Jesus Still Saves
In this episode, guest host Mike Dalka reviews songs and stories Lawrence shared in past episodes, all focusing on Jesus's love and forgiveness. You don't have to change to come to Jesus. You have to come to Jesus to change! Songs: You Can Forget About It Now Jesus Saves Never Escape the Father's Love  Jesus Paid It All In The Garden The Healer
July 16, 2022
The God of The Mountain and The Valley
In this episode, we revisit two of Lawrence's episodes that covered some of the best times and the worst time in his and his wife's lives. The goal is to remember that the same God who brings us the joys of family and friendships is the God who is equally in control through the worst times, and His Mercy endures forever.
July 09, 2022
One Nation Under God
In this 4th of July Holiday Weekend episode, Lawrence hands the mic to guest host Mike Dalka. Mike plays some of Lawrence's most Americana-flavored songs, and excerpts from Lawrence and his interview with his engineer, Buddy Miles. Songs: If I Didn't Know Jesus - with Ray Bradford Trying to Obey The Call There Goes a Real Christian Man All or Nothing US Americans Unless The Lord Builds The House
July 02, 2022
Maiden Voyage - Part 2
More excerpts from the very first concert of Lawrence Chewning and Damascus Road, including a testimony by bass player, Russell James. Songs: Kalamazoo There Goes a Real Christian Man Trying to Obey the Call When My Eyes Are On You I Wouldn't Go Back The Road Back Home Send the Rain The Anchor Holds As Old As Me
June 25, 2022
Maiden Voyage - Part One
Join Lawrence and his band, Damascus Road, for excerpts from their very first concert, which took place on June 12, 2022, with special guest, Lena Hughes. Songs: Stand Up In Church Unless the Lord Builds the House Rise, Let Us Be Going Leaning on the Word of God Not Too Late (To Start Over Again) Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus (with Lena Hughes) The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power (with Lena Hughes) At the Foot of the Cross Kalamazoo
June 18, 2022
While I Breathe, I Hope
Lawrence has a conversation with Bryan Braddock, the CEO of a great ministry to hurting people in Florence, South Carolina called "House of Hope of the Pee Dee".  Last year he was elected to the Florence City Council.  Bryan shares a moving testimony of how Christ delivered him from drug addiction. Songs: Unless the Lord Builds the House If I Didn't Know Jesus The Healer
June 11, 2022
Let There Be Music
Lawrence sings a 11 original songs he had written over the last 5 decades, and a classic gospel song from the hymn book. Songs: Leaning on the Word of God Stand Up in Church Not Ready Jesus, You’ve Been So Real Hand on the Plow Bear Some Fruit Right Here He Giveth More Grace I’ll Get Through The Anchor Holds Treasure in the Field All or Nothing
June 04, 2022
Stories My Father Told Me
Lawrence shares with his friend several family stories passed down from his father and the spiritual lessons learned from them. Songs: In the Garden Season of the Harvest Papa John Ebenezer
May 28, 2022
Meet Dale, from the California Jesus Movement
Lawrence interviews his friend of 50 years, Dale Yancy, who was active in the famous Jesus People movement of southern California which made the cover of major newsmagazines.  Lawrence and Dale reminisce regarding their time ministering together in Vermont in the early 1970's. Songs: Carry On A Simple Faith Jesus Saves
May 21, 2022
Atlantic Crossing
Lawrence interviews his English friend, Paul Dickens, via Zoom, as he talks about his journey of faith. Songs include: Living in the Shadow Baptism Song Phone Call Song to Sir Dickens Carry On
May 14, 2022
Songs from a Band with No Name
Lots of music in this episode with Lawrence's band which does not yet have a name. Lawrence also pays tribute to his mother on this Mother's Day weekend. Songs: If I Didn't Know Jesus I Can Do All Things From Glory to Glory There Goes a Real Christian Man In the Beginning I Don't Want to Keep You Hid Send the Rain The Night that Changed My Life At the Foot of the Cross
May 07, 2022
How Precious Did That Grace Appear
Lawrence has a conversation with Sue Stewart Davis, who was a member of his church in Massachusetts during his pastoring years in the 1980's and 1990's.  Sue shares a moving testimony of God's grace during the most broken time of her life. Songs: Worth the Wait What a Happy, Happy Day Send the Rain Not Too Late
April 30, 2022
A Surprise Visit from Grandson, Dalton
Lawrence’s grandson, Dalton Rhodes,  comes for a surprise visit from college. Dalton chooses the song list and converses with his Big Pa. Lawrence is also cajoled into giving his impersonation of Balaam’s talking donkey. Songs: The Road Back Home There Goes a Real Christian Man As Old As Me Kalamazoo Better Than That
April 23, 2022
Easter - Greatest Story Ever Told
Lawrence celebrates in song the events of the first Easter weekend and looks at the life of James, the brother of Jesus, who saw a risen Lord. Songs include: Me and My 88 Friends (full version) Springtime What is Truth? Tramp on the Street Just the Same, I Praise Your Name Stop the Music At the Foot of the Cross He is Not Here Behold, He is Coming
April 16, 2022
Stan, the Guitar Man
Lawrence interviews Stan Kennedy, a pastor who is also highly respected by many people as an outstanding guitarist.  Great testimony.  Also Stan plays several songs on the guitar, and he and Lawrence collaborate on "Holy Fire". Songs: Taking It to the Streets (Instrumental by Stan Kennedy) What a Friend We Have in Jesus (Instrumental by Stan Kennedy) Farther Along (Instrumental and vocal by Stan Kennedy) Holy Fire (Duet with Stan Kennedy and Lawrence Chewning)
April 09, 2022
My Friends from Wilkes County
Lawrence interviews old friends, Randy and Mickey McNeil, and their pastor, David Sparks, from North Wilkesboro, North Carolina.  Ordinary People with Extraordinary Stories. Songs: Living in the Shadow I Heard a Knock Life (by Randy McNeil) Love Song Just For You Not Ready Now is the Time
April 02, 2022
Healing of the Land
Lawrence takes a look at the Biblical prescription for  healing a nation.  Also testimonies from two Massachusetts friends and lots of songs. Songs Rise, Let Us Be Going I'll Get Through I Can Do All Things Longing to See You Again Fight! US Americans Send the Rain
March 26, 2022
What's So Good About It?
The word, "gospel", means "good news."  Lawrence explores the things that make following Christ a good choice.  Lots of music. Songs: A Simple Faith Unless the Lord Builds the House Jesus, You've Been So Real Precious Lord, Take My Hand (Wanda Vereen) Oldsmobile (Bryan Hoogenboom) In the Garden Forget About It Now Not Too Late Stand Up in Church
March 19, 2022
Amazon Jungle Adventure
Meet Walter Mutti, who along with his wife, Jane, and four sons embarked on an adventure to a remote Indian village in the Amazon jungles of Venezuela, where they spent the better part of 20 years sharing Christ. Songs included: The One All or Nothing Leaning on the Word of God The Pearl
March 13, 2022
Famous Last Words
Lawrence takes a look at the final words of Jesus before he ascended to Heaven, and interviews Dr. Gary Wright, who has dedicated his life to fulfilling the instructions of those final words. Songs: The Road Back Home The Night That Changed My Life Better Than That Phone Call I Don't Want to Keep You Hid Carry On Holy Fire
March 06, 2022
The Man with the Smooth Radio Voice
Lawrence interviews Mike Dalka and Gary Wright from World Renewal, in Greenfield, Indiana. Mike has a stunning natural speaking voice, tailor-made for radio, and shares a moving testimony of God's intervention in his life. Songs: Stand up in Church Jesus, You've Been So Real When My Eyes Are On You If I Didn't Know Jesus God Will Take Care of You
February 27, 2022
The Trip to Winternacht
Lawrence and his wife, Trish, attend a special winter family celebration with their long-time friends, Karl and Leslie Sempsrott and their large family.  They talk about passing a spiritual legacy from generation to generation.  Clips of music from family members.  Lawrence and Karl play on a brand new stuido version of an old Fishermen song from the early 1970's, "Jesus, You've Been So Real" Lawrence's Songs: Thank God for Friends As Old As Me Jesus, You've Been So Real
February 20, 2022
Play It Again, Lorenzo
Lawrence's friend of 52 years, Larry Hughes, from St. Louis, Missouri, offers a playlist of his favorite songs written by Lawrence, several of which have never been recorded.  Lawrence and Larry chat about each song. Songs We Were Like Those Who Dreamed (Psalm 126) Pray for Betty Johnson The Treasure in the Field I Wouldn't Go Back Living in the Shadow Springtime The Marriage Supper of the Lamb Song of the Disciple As Old As Me
February 13, 2022
From Sea to Shining Sea
This episode is an interview with Lawrence's friends, Myles and Patty Toews. They left their life on a farm in Alberta, Canada, to be a part of an international ministry called OM Ships, which owns a large ship which visits ports all over the world with the gospel. Songs are: The Anchor Holds Hand on the Plow All the Empty People Never Escape the Father's Love
February 07, 2022
Everybody Has a Story to Tell
Lawrence looks at the story of the Garasene demoniac's encounter with Jesus and of Jesus' command to go back to his people and tell them all the great things God has done for him. Also an interview with Lena Hughes, a wonderful singer with a great testimony. Songs: Kalamazoo From Glory to Glory Stop the Music Stand Up in Church I'd Be a Fool, sung by Lena Hughes The Healer
February 07, 2022
Stories Behind the Songs
Lawrence and his 88 friends (the piano keys) sing various songs and he recounts the circumstances which inspired each song.  A couple of them go all the way way to 1970, fifty-two years ago. Songs: Me & My 88 Friends The Marriage Supper of the Lamb There Goes a Real Christian Man Why Did You Wander Away I Will Arise and Go Goodnight, My Friend I'm Not Afraid Anymore I Wish The Anchor Holds
February 07, 2022
First Glimpse
We re-air excerpts from Lawrence's earlier episode featuring his boyhood classmate and friend, Ronnie Grant, who recently passed on to Heaven.  Lots of laughs and reminiscing, but also a great testimony.  Lawrence also Lawrence looks in the Word regarding what happens to the believer immediately after death. Songs: Farther Along I'm Longing for Home First Glimpse Not Ready
February 07, 2022
Meet Larry from Saint Louie
Lawrence has a laugher-filled conversation with a long-time friend who he met when the early Fishermen made a stop in his home town of Kingsport, Tennessee.  Larry later graduated from seminary and was ordained in the Presbyterian church.  He eventually found his true calling and niche as a teacher of Christian Ethics, English, and the Bible at a large Christian high school in St. Louis, Missouri. Songs: Trying to Obey the Call At the Foot of the Cross Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music by Larry Norman Behold, He is Coming
February 07, 2022