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90s Disney

90s Disney

By The Minotti Brothers
90s Disney is a podcast covering everything about the Mouse House's raddest decade. Each episode goes in depth on a single 90s Disney topic, be it from the parks, movies, video games, or whatever!

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39.5 - Rating Epcot '94
Armed with a park map of Epcot from 1994 and our memories as children, we give our totally and scientifically accurate ratings of every attraction in the park. Journey back to a time before Innoventions, Test Track, and Dr, Nigel Channing to experience Epcot as it was in the early 90s!
September 20, 2022
39 - Planet Hollywood
AJ, Mike, and Chris invite you to dine with the stars at Planet Hollywood. This global phenomenon took the world by storm in the early to mid-nineties, and Walt Disney World was no exception. Learn how the idea to eat in a showbiz museum was born, how the concept became reality, and what caused it all to go so horribly wrong. Pass the Chicken Crunch, grab a Home Alone, and have a seat under Sylvester Stallone's frozen body as we enjoy this month's episode! The Rise and Fall of Planet Hollywood Planet Hollywood - Wikipedia Planet Hollywood - D23 The Crazy Marvel-Themed Restaurant Time Forgot Planet Hollywood unveils redesign for Disney Springs Want to reach out? Email us at!
September 01, 2022
38.5 - Favorite Animatronics
AJ, Mike, and Chris discuss our favorite animatronics! From the life-like to the fantastical, we discuss the entire range of amazing creations found across the Disney parks. Did we miss your favorite? Be sure to let us know! Want to reach out? Email us at!
August 18, 2022
38 - Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
AJ, Mike, and Chris invite you to board an XP-37 Star Cruiser as you prepare to blast off to Planet Z. This month, we're talking all about Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin! Join us as we trace this modern classic's origin all the way back to 1972's If You Had Wings. Buzz's theme park debut proved so popular that a version of this attraction was created in every Disney resort around the world (until a tiny Avenger gave one of them the boot). Are you a Galactic Hero or a Star Cadet? We unlock the secrets of defeating Zurg, spotting reference's to the attraction's past, and identifying the ways the original track layout from 1972 is still in use today. Was this all a ruse so we could talk about Delta Dream Flight on our 90s-focused podcast? You'll have to listen to find out. Walt Dated World - If You Had Wings/If You Could Fly Yesterworld: The History of Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, Astro Blasters and Planet Rescue! High Score Tips for Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin Want to reach out? Email us at!
August 01, 2022
37 - Discovery River Boats
AJ, Mike, and Chris invite you to journey aboard a short-lived attraction, the Discover River Boats. Is it a ride? Is it a mode of transportation? Is it any fun? We answer all of your questions that you definitely asked as we explore the legacy of this unique journey that gave us our best look at an Animal Kingdom that never was. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Adventurer’s Guide: Opening Day (1998) Discovery River Boats - Disney's Animal Kingdom Extinct From May 1998 Discovery River Boats (Disney's Animal Kingdom) Pt. 1 of 2 Discovery River Boats (Disney's Animal Kingdom) Pt. 2 of 2 Animal Kingdom's FORGOTTEN Failure! History of Discovery River Boats in Pi Minutes! Radio Disney Cruise Discovery Riverboats -A view into the history of Disney's Animal Kingdom Want to reach out? Email us at!
July 01, 2022
36.5 - Interview with Tab Murphy Discussing Tarzan and Brother Bear
Rounding out his trilogy of 90s Disney screenplays, Tab Murphy joins the show once again to discuss his work on the 1999 animated classic Tarzan. We learn how Tab drew inspiration from the original novels, how the film moved from direct-to-video to a feature release, and how the film evolved once he left the production to work on Atlantis: The Lost Empire. As a bonus, we dip into his work on the 2003 film Brother Bear. Tab talks about working on an original story, discusses the opening act's unique tone, and reflects on a decade of working with Walt Disney Feature Animation. We hope you enjoy this exclusive chat with one of our favorite screenwriters!
June 18, 2022
36 - Tarzan
AJ, Mike, and Chris go deep into the jungle to explore Disney's Tarzan, arguably the last of its 2D renaissance films. We'll explore the Phil Collins music, the surprisingly dark moments, and all the tree-surfing action of the 1999 animated feature. We also dig into its adaptations in the theme parks, gaming, and even on broadway. An Oral History of You'll Be In Our Hearts D23's Seven Swinging Facts on Disney's Tarzan Want to reach out? Email us at!
June 02, 2022
35.5 - Backyard Disney Cocktail Party
AJ, Mike, and Chris gather around the fire pit to share some of their favorite Disney cocktails. Join us as we recreate some modern favorites, long-lost recipes, a listener-suggested concoction, and some surprises along the way! We'll share the recipe for each drink so you can play along at home if you so choose. Just remember. If you mess with Polynesia, the tiki gods will squeeze ya! Keep some cinnamon handy. Kungaloosh!
May 18, 2022
35 - Disney Vacation Club
AJ, Mike, and Chris explore the origins of the Disney Vacation Club. Learn how this idea of vacation ownership originated in the 80s before coming to fruition in the Disney Decade. From the early days of what is now the Old Key West Resort to Chris’s experience as current member, you can learn all about the way points work, how the DVC has expanded over the years, and what perks come with membership. Just don’t call it a timeshare! Disney's Old Key West Turns 25 years old How One Small Experiment Made Disney Billions of Dollars 25 Years Later DVC History DVC promotional video from 1993 Want to reach out? Email us at!
May 01, 2022
34 - Euro Disney
AJ, Mike, and Chris invite you to travel to the French countryside for the 30th anniversary of what was once known as Euro Disney. Learn about the alternative sites that almost became home to Disney’s European resort, the park’s initial failures, and its impact on the Disney Company for much of the 90s. As the only Minotti brother to have been to France, Mike tells us about his time spent at Disneyland Paris. We talk about what’s different, what’s the same, and what makes this one of Disney’s most beautiful theme parks. Disneyland Paris - Wikipedia EuroDisneyland - Thunderbird Disneyland Paris Brief History Euro Disney Resort Site Selection & Master Plan The Euro Disney Resort: A European Walt Disney World History – DisneylandParis News Euro Disney SCA | Want to reach out? Email us at!
April 01, 2022
33.5 - Sweet Treats at Walt Disney World
AJ, Mike, and Chris indulge their sweet tooth with their favorite confections, baked goods, and frozen goodies from around Walt Disney World (and beyond). Join us as we snack our way across the theme parks, resorts, and more as we share fond memories of our favorites! Want to reach out? Email us at!
March 18, 2022
33 - Ellen’s Energy Adventure
AJ, Mike, and Chris invite you to journey 220 million years in the past along with Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye the Science Guy as we explore Ellen’s Energy Adventure. Find out how this 1996 revamp of the Universe of Energy evolved from the Epcot opening day original, what short lived 1.5 version of the attraction, and the victor in Ellen’s eternal battle against a dinosaur. Lost Epcot - Universe of Energy Ellen’s Energy Adventure - Multi-angle Full Ride and Preshow Ellen’s Energy Adventure - Martin’s Complete Ultimate Tribute Want to reach out? Email us at!
March 02, 2022
32 - The Disney Institute
Did you ever want to go on vacation to learn stuff? If you said yes, AJ, Mike, and Chris have the show for you! Join us as we take a look back at one of Disney's more interesting experiments, the Disney Institute. Learn how this hands-on education resort rose from the ashes of an abandoned residential community. What did Eisner see this time that prompted the development of a massive educational facility for Walt Disney World guests, and why did it fail so quickly? Join us as we teach you about learning at Walt Disney World! Remembering The Disney Institute Resort A Different Kind of Getaway: Disney Institute, Lake Buena Vista, Florida Disney Throwback - The Disney Institute Disney Institute Saratoga Springs – Lake Buena Vista and the Disney Institute – Part One Walt Dated World - Villas/Village Resort/Disney Institute Want to reach out? Email us at!
February 01, 2022
31.5 - Things We Miss at WDW
AJ, Mike, and Chris stroll down memory lane as we discuss the attractions, restaurants, and experiences we missed the most from Walt Disney World. Join us as we talk about some childhood favorites that live on in our memories. Do you miss the days of floating above Fantasyland ina sky bucket? Do you want WDI to bring back Dreamfinder? This is the show for you! Want to reach out? Email us at!
January 23, 2022
31 - Hercules
AJ, Mike, and Chris go from zero to hero to kick off the new year with a look at Disney’s Hercules. Join us as we discover how this film came to be from an early pitch involving the Trojan War to deal to one day get Treasure Planet green lit. Did Mike make up a Ricky Martin cover of Go the Distance in his head? There’s only one way to find out. Enjoy! Hercules - Wikipedia Disney's Art of Animation: From Mickey Mouse, To Hercules | Art Book Flip Through Hercules - About the Production Behind the Scenes with Hercules - Jim Hill Whatever Happened to Bob Shaw? Want to reach out? Email us at!
January 01, 2022
30 - The Santa Clause
AJ, Mike, and Chris invite you to experience Disney's holiday classic, The Santa Clause, like never before. Join us as we discuss the creation of the first major starring role for Tim Allen as he becomes Santa Claus. Learn about animatronic reindeer, children's dentures, and the other actors that almost donned the fat suit. We hope you enjoy the show, but please be aware that pushing Mike off the roof and wearing his clothes is not a way to get on the podcast. 25 Secrets About The Santa Clause Revealed The Santa Clause: Tim Allen Spills On-Set Secrets (Flashback) The Santa Clause: Behind the Scenes - CNN (VHS 1994) Want to reach out? Email us at!
December 01, 2021
29 - Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant
AJ, Mike, and Chris invite you back to the 1950s and the height of the drive-in as we visit the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant. Learn about the origins of this Hollywood Studios fan-favorite restaurant, how its famous 45-minute loop of movie trailers, intermission adverts, newsreels, and cartoons came to be, and what the menu looked like when the restaurant opened in 1991. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant - FULL LOOP (Walt Disney World) Now Showing: The Movies of Disney's Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater A Friday Visit with Jim Korkis: The Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater at Disney’s Holly Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant Want to reach out? Email us at!
November 01, 2021
28.5 - Monorail Resort Showdown
AJ, Mike, and Chris debate which monorail resort is the best. Who will win? Will it be the luxurious Grand Floridian, the exquisitely themed Polynesian, or the Contemporary, which has a monorail GO THROUGH THE BUILDING!? Want to reach out? Email us at!
October 18, 2021
28 - Beauty and the Beast with Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale
AJ, Mike, and Chris are very pleased to bring a special episode to you this month. To celebrate the upcoming 30th anniversary of Beauty and the Beast, we are thrilled to welcome Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale to the show! Kirk and Gary co-directed this Academy Award-nominated film. They graciously agreed to sit down with AJ to discuss their personal experiences while working on this film. We put internet rumors to rest, discover how far one can launch a donut with surgical tubing, and discover how a group of animators, writers, and artists came together to create one of the greatest animated films ever produced. Want to reach out? Email us at!
October 01, 2021
27.5 - Roller Coasters
AJ, Mike, and Chris talk about some of their favorite roller coasters. Not just a Disney parks, our journey takes us to Universal, Cedar Point, and more! Want to reach out? Email us at!
September 20, 2021
27 - Rock 'n' Roller Coaster
AJ, Mike, and Chris invite you to join us backstage at the hottest concert in town! This month we're talking all about Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith! We talk about the ride's history, the bands that almost got to headline the attraction, the technology behind the thrilling launch, and the completely different storyline the attraction has at the Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris. Traffic bug you? Then step on it! Walk this way for some sweet emotion as we present a ride that Mike will never go on. Unless a very specific change comes to the coaster. He still probably won't, though, but he'd think about it! Rock This Way: History of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith - WDW Theme Parks Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith - The Disney Wiki Rock 'n' Roller Coaster front seat on-ride 4K POV @60fps Rock 'n' Roller Coaster WDW - MartinsVids Want to reach out? Email us at!
September 01, 2021
26.5 - Fantasyland(s)
Join us as we talk about our favorite Fantasylands and the Fantasylands we want to visit. Whether you like the old-school charm of Disneyland's Fantasyland, the expansive offerings of Walt Disney World's Fantasyland, or the high-tech thrills of Tokyo Disneyland's Fantasyland, you're sure to never get tired of hearing about (or reading the works) Fantasyland. Want to reach out? Email us at!
August 26, 2021
26 - The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
AJ, Mike, and Chris journey to a blustery day in the Hundred Acre Wood to experience the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh at Walt Disney World. Join us as we explore the attraction’s origins as Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, the tumultuous transition between the two attractions, and the opening of this now beloved dark ride. We also examine how Pooh arrived to the other Disney parks, how the ride honors the legacy of Mr. Toad, and the secret best candy store in any Disney park. Bounce along with us, just don’t bounce right out of the podcast! The Original Save Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride! Homepage Is Mr. Toad about to drive out of Disney? - Orlando Sentinel Want to reach out? Email us at!
August 01, 2021
25.5 - Never Have I Ever at a Disney Park
Let's face it. Even though you've been to Disneyland or Walt Disney World countless times, there's still stuff you've never done. AJ, Mike, and Chris share some of the attractions, restaurants, and locations that they've yet to get to despite over 30 years of Disney vacations. Are any of ours on your list? Want to reach out? Email us at!
July 19, 2021
25 - Darkwing Duck
AJ, Mike, and Chris travel to Saint Canard to explore the origins of the greatest crime stopper that ever was, Darkwing Duck! Join us as we discuss the show's origins from Bond spoof and a certain talking moose. We learn about the team at Disney responsible for creating the show's distict look and feel along with its incredible cast of characters. Not content to just stay on TV, Darkwing appeared across comics, video games, and theme parks, and he remains a popular and beloved character to this day. He is the terror that flaps in the night. He is the squeaky wheel on the shopping cart of injustice. He is Darkwing Duck! Michael Peraza Blog - Bullwinkled Michael Peraza Blog - Double-O-Darkwing Tube Thursday : The "Disney Afternoon" shows that you didn't get to see - Jim Hill LA Times - Disney’s ‘Darkwing Duck’ enlists a super fowl in fight against crime; ABC telecasts Easter Parade Variety - ‘Darkwing Duck’ Reboot in the Works at Disney Plus (EXCLUSIVE) Want to reach out? Email us at!
July 01, 2021
24.5 - Arcades of Walt Disney World
While Chris is at the beach, AJ and Mike decided to carry on the arcade theme from this month's Disney Quest episode as we talk about some of our favorite arcades around Walt Disney World in the 90s. Who could forget the massive Food and Fun Center at the Contemporary Resort or the simple charms of the Penny Arcade on Main Street USA? Share some fun, quarter-munching memories with us. Want to reach out? Email us at!
June 22, 2021
24 - DisneyQuest
AJ, Mike, and Chris celebrate 2 years of 90s Disney with a quintessential product of its time, DisneyQuest. Join us as we explore five floors of virtual fun inside Disney’s indoor theme park. What was once meant to be a way of bringing the Disney experience across the country became a surprisingly long lives part of Downtown Disney’s West Side along with a two year stint in downtown Chicago. Where else was DisneyQuest destined to venture? How did virtual reality work in the mid-90s? How did Mike follow along with news about the GameCube without a cellphone? All this and more awaits you in this month’s episode. DisneyVision - Imagineering VR Lab Epcot ‘94 DisneyQuest Grand Opening in Chicago Cancelled - DisneyQuest A Tribute to DisneyQuest DisneyQuest Doors Close, Last Guests Leave Concept Art for Alladin at DisneyQuest - Phillip Freer Q&A: Disney Rides and Magical Gnomes, CTO Discusses the Early Stages of VR The dream of DisneyQuest is dead Want to reach out? Email us at!
June 01, 2021
23.5 - A Conversation with AJ LoCascio
In a new conversation series format, AJ sits down with AJ LoCascio (I promise it's less confusing when you listen). AJ LoCascio is a voice actor who's career started with the role of Marty McFly for the Back to the Future TellTale game series. Most recently he played the role of Han Solo for the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special. It also turns out that AJ is a huge Disney fan, and grew up with the Mouse House throughout the 90s. We talk about his career, the influences Disney has had on him personally and professionally, and some of his favorite attractions, shows, and food around the Disney parks. We hope you enjoy our chat! Want to reach out? Email us at!
May 14, 2021
23 - The Rocketeer
AJ, Mike, and Chris celebrate the 30th anniversary of a fantastic film, The Rocketeer. As on of Mike's favorite movies, we wanted to make sure we did right by the 1991 comic book adaption. To that end, Mike has a fantastic conversation with co-screenwriter Danny Bilson. It's a fantastic look into the history of the film's origins, its adaption from comic to screen, Disney's involvement with the film, and how created a unique movie world squarely set in the 1930s. We also explore Jame's Horner's sweeping musical score, discuss the film's fantastic performances, and talk about the movies legacy. We hope you enjoy. Just remember, it's all part of the show! The Rocketeer: James Horner The Rocketeer Flies at the Walt Disney World Resort Want to reach out? Email us at!
May 01, 2021
22.5 - Memories of Universal Studios Orlando
AJ, Mike, and Chris stay within the confines of the Universal Orlando Resort (or is it Universal Studios Escape?) to talk about some of our memories around the Universal Studios park. The park has seen tremendous change over the years, and we hope you enjoy our early recollection of some classic attractions and their successful and not so successful replacements. Want to reach out? Email us at!
April 16, 2021
22 - Islands of Adventure
AJ, Mike, and Chris are gonna vacation like it's 1999 at Universal's Islands of Adventure. Yup, happy April Fools' Day! As Universal sought to become a more serious competitor to Disney, they knew that their second gate had to be the most incredible, high-tech, and lavish theme park ever built. Islands of Adventure opened with some of the most stunning attractions ever seen, and they still delight guests to this day. Learn about the park's early concept, how Universal ensured everything would work on opening day, and how a single theme park became a multi-day resort. Theme Parks Set in Motion Around Conference Tables Universal Orlando POSEIDON'S FURY: The Legendary Making of Universal's Mythical Mess Universal Orlando's twin dragon coasters will never 'duel' again Complete guide & history to Universal’s Islands of Adventure Theme park history: A short history of Universal's Islands of Adventure Q&A: The history of Universal’s Islands of Adventure from concept to opening day 1999 - Total Immersion - Islands of Adventure (Universal Studios Orlando) Want to reach out? Email us at!
April 01, 2021
21.5 - Parades
AJ, Mike, and Chris come together to discuss some of our favorite parades throughout the Disney Parks has they have come and gone over the years. From the majesty of the Tapestry of Nations to the dazzling spectacle of Paint the Night, we share our fond memories of a great Disney Parks' tradition. Want to reach out? Email us at!
March 18, 2021
21 - SpectroMagic
AJ, Mike, and Chris revisit the classic nighttime parade from the Magic Kingdom, SpectroMagic. This even extravaganza rolled down Main Street throughout most of the 90s, dazzling guests with incredible new technologies, beloved characters, and a brilliant musical score composed by John Debney. Debuting to celebrate Walt Disney World's 20th anniversary, SpectroMagic had a brief hiatus and some updates before it prematurely concluded its run in 2010. We hope you enjoy learning about some of the show's creators, the way light was used to create the magnificent floats, and some of our own fond memories of this incredible parade. Full Spectromagic Nighttime Light Parade Disney World Orlando - November 1991 Top 10 SpectroMagic Secrets- The History, Rise & Fall of a Disney Parade Behind The Scenes: “Making This Magic Night” Spectromagic going to be destroyed? - Forum Posts of Floats Along the Marathon Route 2013 Gone, But Not Forgotten: SpectroMagic A Piece of SpectroMagic History - SpectroMagic Pins Want to reach out? Email us at!
March 01, 2021
20 - Spaceship Earth 1994
AJ, Mike, and Chris invite you journey about Spaceship Earth as it existed from 1994 - 2007. Journey back to the days of Terry-san's cool baseball plays, a virtual field trip, Edo Guidotti's haunting score, and incredible narration by the inimitable Jeremy Irons. Experience the gravitas of a voyage through time and the history of human communication on one of our personal favorite all-time Disney attractions. We explore what came before and what has come since to Epcot's signature structure, what motivated this version of the attraction, and the people who brought it to life. We hope you enjoy this trip back to 1994 on this, our Spaceship Earth. Spaceship Earth 1994 Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute Interview with Larry Gertz, Producer of “Spaceship Earth” (1994) Interview with Edo Guidotti, Composer of “Spaceship Earth” (1994) Spaceship Earth 1982 & 86 Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute (The Walter Cronkite Edition) Spaceship Earth (Fixed) | Full Score 1994-2007 | Music Only | Source Audio Want to reach out? Email us at!
February 01, 2021
19.5 - Lounges and Bars of Disney
AJ, Mike, and Chris take virtual trip to some of our favorite bars and lounges around Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Let us tempt you to join us, just don’t get wrecked. This episode is not to be mist. Jet around our favorite spots and hear about our favorite libations. We also take your responses to discover some places we’ve never even been to! Want to reach out? Email us at!
January 20, 2021
19 - Countdown to Extinction
AJ, Mike, and Chris are happy to have made it to 2021. Join us as we travel back in time to the age of the dinosaurs at the Animal Kingdom opening day attraction, Countdown to Extinction. While there's a good chance you've been on Dinosaur if you've visited Animal Kingdom in the last 20 years, Countdown to Extinction operated only from 1998 - 2000 and featured subtle differences from the attraction we all know today. Join us we have override the time coordinated for a breathtaking journey on Animal Kingdom's original thrill ride, explore its origins as a digger themed roller coaster, and learn about the circumstances that lead to a certain famous archeologist's influence on the attraction. Countdown to Extinction: The Wild (Pre)historic Tale of Disney’s DINOSAUR Countdown to Extinction - Walt Dated World The Secret History of Disney Rides: DINOSAUR The Theme Park History of Countdown to Extinction/Dinosaur (Disney's Animal Kingdom) Countdown to Extinction with 1998 Ride Narration (Footage from Dinosaur) Dinosaur With the Lights On Animatronic Tribute: Iguanodon (Aladar) from the Discovery River Boats at Disney's Animal Kingdom Dinosaur Ride Music Edit Want to reach out? Email us at!
January 01, 2021
18.5 - The Magic of Christmas at Walt Disney World Commentary
AJ, Mike, and Chris explore the fabled 1991 promotion VHS holiday extravaganza, The Magic of Christmas at Walt Disney World. This month we decided to try something new and record a watch-along commentary. We give you the countdown to push play so you can watch along with us. Or just listen as a normal podcast (though it’ll help if you’ve watched the special before). Here’s the link to view the version we watched online together. We hope you have a very safe and merry Christmas! We’ll see you all again in 2021! Want to reach out? Email us at!
December 20, 2020
18 - Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
AJ, Mike, and Chris invite you to step through the door into the Halloween door to the incredible world of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. Join us as we explore how and where this landmark film was created. How a fired Disney animator rose to filmmaking prominence and was welcomed back to bring his original vision to life. Danny Elfman's incredible music weaves the tale of what happens when two holidays met by mistake. And as the years have gone on, the Walt Disney Company has made Jack Skellington a prominent member of its stable of believed characters across theme parks, video games, and more. We hope you enjoy the show and have a merry Christmas! Incident at Skellington Productions - Joel Fletcher Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge (PS2) - All Bosses (No Damage) 4K 60FPS Danny Elfman, Catherine O'Hara, & Paul Reubens - Kidnap the Sandy Claws -Live - 10/31/15 Want to reach out? Email us at!
December 01, 2020
17.5 - Interview with Muppet History's Josh Gillespie
AJ sits down for a chat with the creator of the wildly popular Muppet History Twitter account, Josh Gillespie. Join us as we discuss how he came to love the Muppets, what lead to the creation of Muppet History, and what celebrity inadvertently helped the channel explode in popularity. We also discuss Muppet*Vision 3D and The Muppet Christmas Carol, along with all sorts of Muppet productions. If you're a fan of the house that Henson built, you'll love this wide-ranging conversation about the music, characters, and history of everyone’s favorite group of misfits! Muppet History on Twitter Muppet History YouTube, Merch, and more! Want to reach out? Email us at!
November 23, 2020
17 - Muppet*Vision 3D
Join AJ, Mike, and Chris as we put on makeup and dress up right in order to explore one of our all-time favorite attractions, Muppet*Vision 3D! We explore how the Muppets first came to Disney Parks, how the Muppets almost got an entire themed land at Disney MGM Studios, and details of this special production that would turn out to be Jim Henson’s final Muppet project before his untimely death. Come along to a very moving moment created just an hour away from Pittsburgh. At no point will we be stooping to any cheap 3D tricks on this episode of 90s Disney. DISNEY PLAN TO BUY HENSON PRODUCTIONS FAILS Waldo - The Jim Henson Hour Muppet*Vision 3D Full Show Animatic The Preshow Muppet*Vision 2D by Martin Want to reach out? Email us at!
November 01, 2020
16 - California Grill
AJ, Mike, and Chris invite you to join us at one of Walt Disney World’s premier dining experiences, California Grill. From its beginnings as the Top of the World, to its transformation into a truly unique restaurant, we bring you the story of the people who made California Grill one of the most popular dining destinations in the entire resort. Enjoy the views, pop a bottle of wine, and don’t listen hungry. Vintage Walt Disney World: California Grill Through The Years CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ IN FLORIDA Chef Clifford Pleau ’81, The Corporate Chef SOMMELIER TALK - The Capital Grille’s George Miliotes INTERVIEW: MASTER SOMMELIER GEORGE MILIOTES (THE CAPITAL GRILLE + SEASONS 52) Yoshi Cabral is a Pioneer Among Women Sushi Chefs Yoshie Cabral, sushi chef California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort Sushi Chef Yoshie Says Farewell Want to reach out? Email us at!
October 01, 2020
15.5 - Least Favorite Attractions
We don’t mean to get too negative, but AJ, Mike, and Chris thought it would be fun to share our least favorite Disney attractions. Let us know what we got wrong. Did we pick on your favorite or miss any stinkers?
September 16, 2020
15 - Rocket Rods
AJ, Mike, and Chris are ready to ride one of the most infamous Disneyland attractions ever created, Rocket Rods. Go back to the beginning as we uncover the origins of the Ford's Magic Skyway, its evolution into the Peoplemover for 1967's New Tomorrowland, and that ride's transformation into Rocket Rods, the thrill ride anchor to 1998's New Tomorrowland. Get ready to accelerate to 38 mph and then quickly slow down again. Mind the turns. They're flat. LOOK OUT! IT'S ANOTHER ROCKET RO- Oh, it's a mirror. Disney's Rocket Rods Get Green Light Disney Extinct Attractions: Rocket Rods Disney Extinct Attractions: Rocket Rods Yesterworld: The History of Rocket Rods & The Abandoned Peoplemover Duchess of Disneyland - Rocket Rods LA Times - President of Imagineering Unit Is Latest Major Disney Departure Yesterland - Rocket Rods Eddie Sotto Interview: Disney's Worlds of Tomorrow Want to reach out? Email us at!
September 02, 2020
14.5 - Never Built Attractions
AJ, Mike, and Chris discuss attractions that never were. If we could wave our magic Imagineering wand, what rides and experiences would we make a reality? It's fun to think about how different the Disney parks would be today if there were more Muppets, cowboys, mountains, and Atlantis.
August 21, 2020
14 - Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers
AJ, Mike, and Chris travel back to the days of tuning in to the Disney Afternoon after the school day for a look back at the history of Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers. Discover the show's origins of a spinoff of the Walt Disney animated feature The Rescuers. Explore the ways the show adapted two relatively obscure characters from the 50s into a crime-solving team. Who sang that epic theme song? How much did we fight while playing the NES games? How many songs from the show does AJ know by heart? All is revealed in this month's newest episode. Grey skies? Not today! Tad Stones interview on Animation World network All In A Disney Afternoon Chapter 3: Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers Rescue Rangers 1 speedrun Rescue Rangers 2 (1 player, 2 controllers) speedrun Want to reach out? Email us at!
August 01, 2020
13.5 - Interview with Marshall Monroe
AJ is very pleased to bring you this exclusive interview with the man who conceptualized Blizzard Beach, Marshall Monroe. We discuss the considerations that went into the park's design, the selection and prep for its location, and the lessons learned from other Disney water parks. Find out about the remarkable connection between Blizzard Beach and the Grand Californian Resort at Disneyland, why the wave pool filled with mud one day near the opening, and the reason that Summit Plummet was 5 meters shy of the world record for height. We also discuss the highlights of Marshall's career with Disney and some of his favorite projects and technologies that he worked on. Enjoy!
July 08, 2020
13 - Blizzard Beach
AJ, Mike, and Chris invite you to chill at Disney's coolest water park, Blizzard Beach! We dug deep to uncover the history of this one of a kind water park. Learn about the Imagineers that brought the park to life, the back story of that fateful snowstorm, and who helped build some of the most incredible water slides ever seen on a melting ski resort. Grab yourself a Blue Blizzard Margarita (if you're of age of course), pull up a lounge chair, and enjoy our latest show! Blizzard Beach At Walt Disney World: See You Later, Ice Gator! - Dan Alexander Dizmentia Disney’s Blizzard Beach Guide Map – 1995 Marshall Monroe Magic Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park | Overview Want to reach out? Email us at!
July 01, 2020
12.5 - Super Dark Rides
AJ, Mike, and Chris continue our journey onto Indiana Jones Adventure to discuss the wide world of what we call Super Dark Rides. We venture outside of Disney to discuss favorites such as Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Universal, rides from the international Disney parks, and a few more wild cards. We'll discuss what qualifies as a Super Dark Ride, what are our favorite elements, and which Super Dark Ride reigns supreme. Keep all arms and legs inside your enhanced motion vehicle and enjoy the ride.
June 23, 2020
12 - Indiana Jones Adventure
AJ, Mike, and Chris kick off year 2 of 90s Disney with our first trip to Disneyland to experience one of the greatest attractions ever conceived by Walt Disney Imagineering, Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Join us as we uncover the history, technology, and people behind this one of a kind attraction nestled in the heart of Adventureland. We talk about the effects that have been removed, modified, and updated since the attraction's opening in 1995. So board your EMV, choose a chamber, and whatever you do, do NOT look into the eyes of Mara, or your path may take you to the Gates of Doom! The Making of Disneyland's Indiana Jones Adventure The Theme Park History of The Indiana Jones Adventure (Disneyland/Tokyo DisneySea) Footage of the "Falling Rubble" Ice Machine from 1995 Want to reach out? Email us at!
June 10, 2020
11.5 - Walt Disney World Resorts
AJ, Mike, and Chris thought it would be fun to talk about many of the resorts around Walt Disney Worlds. We talk about our favorites, least favorites, places we'd like to stay, and what we like to do at many of the resorts. Thrill to stories of 30-year-old Scotch, elevator rides with Winnie the Pooh, and carrying strollers up two flights of stairs. We hope you enjoy this bonus episode!
May 19, 2020
11 - Yacht and Beach Club Resorts
AJ, Mike, and Chris take you back to the beginnings of the Disney Decade expansion and two of the first new deluxe resorts on property, the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts. Nestled on the shores of the newly created Crescent Lake, these two sister resorts offer laid back elegance and fun. We learn about the architects behind their design, the fantastic dining options, the best resort pool in all of Walt Disney World, and the one room on the entire property that is the closest you can stay to a theme park in Walt Disney World. Find out why this resort has long been a family favorite. Hop a surrey bike, grab your kitchen sink, and join us at the Friendship boat launch! Portfolio for Robert A.M. Stern Architects Photo of the resorts and Stormalong Bay under construction A TALE OF 2 RESORTS: DISNEY'S NEW YACHT AND BEACH CLUB MAKES A STARTLING CONTRAST TO THE NEARBY DOLPHIN AND SWAN HOTELS Want to reach out? Email us at!
May 01, 2020
10.5 - Interview with Kirk Wise
It's our first bonus episode! AJ was very fortunate to chat up the co-director of Atlantis: The Lost Empire and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Kirk Wise! Learn about how the world of Atlantis was created, discover how Hellfire made it into the film, and find the answer to a nearly 19 year long grudge. Kirk and AJ spend over an hour diving deep into how animation is brought to life in two of Disney's most unique and groundbreaking animated films of the 90s(ish).
April 17, 2020
10 - Atlantis: The Lost Empire
AJ, Mike, and Chris invite you to take a deep dive (pun intended) into one of AJ's all-time favorite movies, Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Released in 2001 (April Fool's!), this film moved away from musicals and into an exciting journey filled with action, adventure, swash-buckling, and mythology. And who better to tell the tale than the film's screenwriter, Tab Murphy? Tab joins us once again to talk about how the idea for Atlantis came to be, what he did to research Atlantis in the real world, how Atlantis was almost a monster movie, and what had to get cut from his original 150-page script. We then wrap up with a look at the mythology and history the Disney team created for Atlantis, and where Atlantis went beyond the silver screen. So what are you waiting for? Atlantis is waiting. Making of Atlantis: The Lost Empire A Deep Dive into the Atlantean Language Atlantis: The Lost Empire Trivia from TV Tropes A history of the Shepherd's Journal and the explorers in search of a vanished civilization Want to reach out? Email us at!
April 02, 2020
9 - FastPass
AJ, Mike, and Chris guarantee you will never hear a more lively conversation about the creation, implementation, and existence of the FastPass system used across all Disney theme parks. Introduced in 1999 (or was it?), the FastPass system allowed guests to stay out of the line and in the parks. We learn about the father of the FastPass, Greg Hale, and his journey from curious interviewee to the current day VP and Chief Safety Officer. We investigate when the fist tests were done, how the system worked at launch, and how FastPass has evolved at the various parks. So scan your park tickets before that five minute increment jump up, note your return time, and join us! Patent #  US6173209B1 Keeping A Watchful Eye Over the Fun - How 2017 IAAPA Chairman Greg Hale is bringing Disney’s reputation for creativity, technology, and innovation to his new role rec.arts.disney.parks or RADP Posts related to FastPass Post from Feb 18, 1999 by someone who got to try the new virtual queue system on Countdown to Extinction!searchin/rec.arts.disney.parks/virtual$20queue|sort:date/rec.arts.disney.parks/DTbm-3qxo-M/ChLjLPykBx8J Post from April 16, 1999 asking if virtual queue was STILL being used with a reply that it was not working on Space Mountain or Countdown to Ext since this past Friday!searchin/rec.arts.disney.parks/virtual$20queue|sort:date/rec.arts.disney.parks/Zu4EwA0DVkw/tz7BLzbn5gcJ Post from March 31, 1999 mentioning an Orange County Register newspaper article about the system currently undergoing in park testing!searchin/rec.arts.disney.parks/virtual$20queue|sort:date/rec.arts.disney.parks/M1KewrezMOU/vdXcG_M___QJ Post from Jan 19, 1999 discussing the system being used on Space Mountain “last Christmas” which puts it at December 1998!topic/rec.arts.disney.parks/JI3TpFeAISg%5B1-25%5D Park Hopping - The Source of the RADP posts Scott Ertz and Nicholas DiMeo from F5 Live: Refreshing Technology talk with Greg Hale, Chief The History of Disney's FastPass System Want to reach out? Email us at!
March 06, 2020
8 - Kilimanjaro Safaris
AJ, Mike, and Chris are back after an unplanned holiday break to kick off 2020 with an in-depth look at the flagship attraction of Disney's Animal Kingdom, Kilimanjaro Safaris. Join us as we spend two weeks exploring the Harambe Wildlife Reserve. We discuss how the attraction has changed over the years, some of our favorite animal encounters, and learn how this massive theme park attraction operates. From jambo to kwaherini, you won't want to miss this wild ride! Ride from 1998 Modern ride Queue videos Secrets of a Kilimanjaro Safaris Driver at Disney's Animal Kingdom Want to reach out? Email us at!
February 02, 2020
7 - The Muppet Christmas Carol
AJ, Mike, and Chris ring in the holiday season with our deep dive into the 1992 holiday classic, The Muppet Christmas Carol. Join us as we discuss the production of the first Muppet movie created without Jim Henson, how the classic holiday story of redemption was adapted to work with a... whatever Gonzo is, and how Michael Caine became the first human to hold the leading role in a Muppet film. So relive the music, the memories, and the mayhem that only the Muppets can create as we count the days to Christmas. Film School Rejects - 37 Things We Learned from the ‘Muppet Christmas Carol’ Commentary Muppet Wiki - The Muppet Christmas Carol Mental Floss - 14 Facts About The Muppet Christmas Carol ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’ Turns 25! Looking Back on Making the Holiday Classic How we made: The Muppet Christmas Carol The Making of The Muppet Christmas Carol Want to reach out? Email us at!
December 01, 2019
6 - Illuminations: Reflections of Earth
AJ, Mike, and Chris take one final look at Epcot's long running nighttime spectacular, Illuminations: Reflections of Earth. Debuting in 1999 as Illuminations 2000: Reflections of Earth, this symphony of music, fireworks, lasers, lights, and imagery delighted park guests until September of 2019. Join us as we explore the history of shows featured around World Showcase Lagoon, the development of RoE, and the people who brought the show to life. We uncover the state-of-the-art technology and engineering that went into bringing this show to life. We hope you enjoy! Reflections of Earth - Ultimate Tribute The Tiara Talk Show: Interview with Don Dorsey, Designer & Director of “Fantasmic!” and “Reflections of Earth” History of IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth Illuminations 2000: Reflections of Earth Fact Sheet The Story Behind Illuminations: Reflections of Earth at Epcot The Disney Wiki - IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth Want to reach out? Email us at!
November 14, 2019
5 - Test Track
AJ, Mike, and Chris accelerate to 64.9 milers per hour to take you back to the development, opening, and evolution of Epcot's first(ish) thrill ride, Test Track. We take a look at the history of GM's sponsorship of this pavilion from its origins at the 1964 New York's World Fair to the building's original opening day attraction, World of Motion. Learn how the concept of an automobile testing facility inspired by real life test tracks such as the Milford Proving Ground had played a role in Epcot's development longer than you'd think. Through its problematic development, Test Track would go on to inspire attractions in Disney parks around the world, and has seen its fair share of change. We hope you enjoy this dive into a modern classic, Test Track! Overview of the Milford Proving Grounds October 1997 Story on Test Track's Delays Complete Ride Through Recorded in 2012 Theme Park Tourist - History in Motion Theme Park History - Test Track Want to reach out? Email us at!
October 01, 2019
4 - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
AJ, Mike, and Chris journey to 1996 and the release of Walt Disney Feature Animation's 37th animated feature, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. We are very proud to feature an interview with the original writer for the film, Tab Murphy. Join in as he an AJ discuss how this incredible film came together, how a classic piece of literature is adapted into a Disney film, how the studio collaborated on the movie, and what happened the first time anyone heard Hellfire. We also share some of the original inspirations for the film, the effects of a 10 journey to Paris on the movie's music, and how the three gargoyles came to not only exist in the film, but find their voice as well. Classics Illustrated comic book adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame from 1994 The Animation Guild interview with Gary Trousdale The Greatest Performances You Never Got to Hear | Part Three: Getting the Gargoyles right proves to be a gruesome go... by Jim Hill Archive of the forum from 2000 regarding Hunchback As Long As There's a Moon - Deleted song from the film The Hunchback of Notre Dame - A New Musical 2015 Original Cast Recording on YouTube Want to reach out? Email us at!
September 01, 2019
3 - Sunset Blvd and Tower of Terror
AJ, Mike, and Chris invite you to travel back to 1994 and the first major expansion for the Disney-MGM Studios. Sunset Blvd offered extended shopping, dining, a new(ish) theater venue, and a grand new attraction, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Learn about the real life Hollywood landmarks the inspired nearly every structure on the boulevard, discover the lands and attractions that were almost built, and find out about the incredible engineering, design, and story telling that would transport guests to the fifth dimension in their very own episode of The Twilight Zone. Hollywood! Hollywood! A Star-Studded Spectacular (May 1 – August 31, 1989) It's all one big, happy Mickey! Disney-MGM Studios Park Map 1994 Boulevards of Movie Dreams Part Two: Imagineering Hollywood The real buildings behind Sunset Blvd Twilight Zone References in the Tower of Terror How Disney's Tower of Terror Works - Art of Engineering Tower of Terror History 30 Hidden Secrets on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios Want to reach out? Email us at!
August 01, 2019
2 - Aladdin for the Sega Genesis
AJ, Mike, and Chris Minotti invite you back to 1993 and the release of the number 3 selling game for Sega's Genesis video game console, Aladdin. We dive into the game's development, including its unique Digicell transfer technology that allowed actual Disney animators to contribute to the game's graphics. We also compare it to the many, many other Aladdin games released across a variety of systems in the mid 90s, and touch upon the influence of Aladdin on the silver screen and in the theme parks. Because if your movie has a parade scene, it will surely get an actual parade in Walt Disney World! Virgin Mega Store used to be in Downtown Disney West Side - Aladdin for Genesis Speed Run Record of 11 minutes 37 seconds by Tenebrae - Aladdin for Super Nintendo gameplay - Aladdin for NES gameplay - Aladdin for Game Gear gameplay - Aladdin for Amigo gameplay - Aladdin for Gameboy gameplay - Aladdin for Gameboy Color gameplay - Polygon interview with Shinji Mikam, game director of Aladdin for SNES - Aladdin’s Royal Caravan parade in MGM Studios in 1992 - DisneyVision - Imagineering VR Lab - Want to reach out? Email us at!
July 01, 2019
1 - Walt Disney World's 25th Anniversary
Welcome to the first episode of 90s Disney! We're so glad you've joined us as we prepare to journey through the Disney Decade. The Minotti brothers will be your hosts as we revisit fond memories, historical details, and interesting perspectives on one of the most fascinating, successful, and massive periods for the Disney company. From the theme parks to movies and video games, AJ, Mike, and Chris can't wait to share this journey with you. This month we're exploring the 25th anniversary celebration at Walt Disney World. From the infamous pink cake castle to parades and shows, Disney's Florida resort pulled out all the stops to celebrate this milestone. As we approach the 50th anniversary, enjoy this look back at a truly magical celebration. Magic Kingdom Park Map from January 1997 25th Anniversary Welcome Center Collection Mickey's Magic Workshop | A preview of all the new magic coming to Walt Disney World Remember the Magic Parade Epcot Park Map from January 1997 Illuminations 25 "A" Illuminations 25 "B" Disney MGM Studios Park Map from January 1997 Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame: A Musical Adventure Vintage Walt Disney World: Inside the Backlot Theater at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Backstage Look at 101 Dalmations Witching You Were Here - Walt Disney World 25th Annervarsary Special Want to reach out? Email us at!
June 01, 2019