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All of 90x9's Podcasts

By Adi Pineapple
Hi Everyone, this is Adi from The Million Dollar Pineapple, welcome to the 90x9 podcast. Brought to you by 90x9, the Female Founders Knowledge Base. Which is sponsored by The Million Dollar Pineapple.

The goal of this podcast is to educate and empower you, as you launch your next startup. Throughout this series we provide a mix of informative and inspiring stories, from successful founders who have made it. We also try to loop in professionals who can guide you on how to effectively and efficiently reach specific goals.

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<> Episode 6 : An exclusive interview with Karen, the founder of the family owned and operated business Copy Connection LLC
An exclusive interview with Karen Bohrer the founder of the family owned and operated business Copy Connection, LLC.  Karen launched her business May 3, 1993. In the past two and a half decades she has grown her humble copy shop into a large B2B printing service center. Copy Connection, which is located across from the Marriott Convention Center of Norfolk, is owned and operated by Karen and her three adulting children.  IN THIS EPISODE, SHE SHARES: How she first got into the printing business.  How she gained the knowledge and experience needed to launch her own venture. How she designed her schedule so she could chose both (a meaningful career & quality family time)!  How her faith plays an integral role in her daily work.  Her secrets to high customer retention rates.  & MORE Learn more
June 6, 2019
<> Episode 5 :The Story of The Faint Hearted: Ortal's journey from "Etsy Jewelry Designer" to "Highly Profitable Business Owner"
Ortal Shlomo is the founder and designer of The Faint Hearted jewelry line. She founded her company less than 5 years ago, and was profitable within 6 months. Ortal was gracious enough to devote a full hour to answering our listeners questions, so this interview has been broken down into three episodes for your listening convenience. Join us in discovering how Ortal brilliantly handled the turbulent path from “Etsy jewelry designer” to “highly profitable business owner”. If you’d like to know more about Ortal, subscribe to her monthly “letter from the designer” HERE via her website. IN THIS EPISODE, ORTAL SHARES: What made her decide to launch How long it took her to make a profit How forums helped her MORE than mentors The tactics she uses to increase customer retention How the Etsy algorithm almost tanked her business Read the full transcript here
April 9, 2019
<> Episode 4 : How Colleen Sande brilliantly transformed her multi-family investment property into a powerful customer acquisition funnel for her real estate business.
Colleen Sande is a licensed real estate agent and the co-owner of SI Rentals. Colleen & her husband have been active real estate investors for decades. A few years ago, Colleen realized that she could use one of their investment properties as a client acquisition strategy, if she became a licensed realtor. Since then, Colleen has broken local records with referrals, new and returning clients. In this episode she shares a few of the ways that she brilliantly funded and created SI Rentals. If you'd like to know more about Colleen, you're welcome to reach out to her HERE on Quora. IN THIS EPISODE, SHE SHARES: How a degree in computer science led to her opening a company in the multi-family residential real estate space. How she used a multi-family investment property to fill her sales funnel.  A few of the ways she works with her clients to build loyalty and foster organic referrals.  & MORE.  View the full transcript here.
April 1, 2019
<> Episode 3 : How can you to turn your business into a highly profitable franchise?
Jerry Levey is a retired business attorney whose Manhattan law practice included - in addition to business formation, financing, purchase and sale - real estate development, construction, management, purchase and sale; also stock brokerage, factoring, publishing, international trade and commercial transactions. For the past ten years, he has been actively working, as a franchise consultant, helping successful, ambitious business savvy people to use franchising to finance business expansion. Through his work as a franchising consultant he has also had the opportunity to help aspiring business owners find the best franchise to fit their lifestyle and leverage their natural strengths.  IN THIS EPISODE, HE SHARES:  How an entrepreneur can prepare his or her business for franchising. If you are interested in transforming your business into a franchise, this episode will provide you with a quick overview of what you need to start doing and preparing for, now. View the full transcript of this episode, here.
March 26, 2019
<> Episode 2: An exclusive interview with Harvey Ardman, the author whose answers have been viewed more than 5 million times on Quora.
Harvey Ardman is a journalist and novelist with 50 years of experience.  He has written 22 books, both fiction and non-fiction, along with dozens of documentary films for PBS and other television outlets. Now, Harvey can be found answering questions here on Quora on the topics of 20th century history, politics, scientific development, social change, religion and the Internet.  Harvey has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and a master’s degree in journalism from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. IN THIS EPISODE, HE SHARES:  How he discovered his calling How he structures his workflow to successfully complete each book How and when a new writer should self-publish His secrets to writing effectively and clearly How your emotions directly impact the success of your work.  View the full transcript of this episode, here.
March 14, 2019
<> Episode 1 : An exclusive interview with the founder who grew her company to 8 figures in total sales, in less than 4 years.
An exclusive interview with Bonnie Wells the founder of the Coastal Living Real Estate Group Bonnie Wells is a licensed real estate broker and the sole founder of the Coastal Living Real Estate Group. She launched and grew her company to #10 in a highly sought after luxury market that had not seen a single new and successful entrant in more than two decades! IN THIS EPISODE, SHE SHARES: How she gained the knowledge and experience needed to launch her latest venture. What life looked like her first year. How she attracted and trained raw talent to grow her business cheaper and faster. The most difficult lessons she was surprised to learn along the way. The tactics she uses to lock in & keep new clients. Her secrets to high customer retention rates. How she uses automation to address passive shoppers. How her team uses careful color choices in clothing as a competitive differentiator. & MORE. View the full transcript here
March 11, 2019
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