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A Cold Six-n-60

A Cold Six-n-60

By Daniel Hoffmann
Hanging out with comics, entrepreneurs, brewery owners, musicians and so much more talking about whatever over a cold six pack of some kind of craft beer.
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two funny ass comedians Conner SatterFeild and Dillon Kolar!

A Cold Six-n-60

S2, Ep 5 Post Covid, Business are Reopening, With Conner Satterfeild!
AND THE ECONOMY HAD REOPENED FOR THE FIRST TIME WITH COVID!! So one of my best friends in the comedy world who I have been fishing with the whole time during the pandemic. We got super drunk and decided to get more drunk on a podcast!
November 17, 2020
S2,Ep4 With New Roommate Chris, A Chemical Engineer For a Pharmaceutical Company.
Chris is a Chemical Engineer for a Pharmaceutical Company that cannot be disclosed for the safety of his job. This recording was done pre-covid back on March 8th, And we plan on doing a new episode on what his company has been doing for treatments for those sick with covid. At least in this episode you can hear the process on what pharmaceutical companies have to go through to get it to the shelf for human consumption. stay tuned for Chris episode 2.
November 17, 2020
S2,Ep3 with Jubal Chaplin, a Comedian from Salem Oregon.
Jubal Chaplin is a Stand up comedian from Salem Oregon who has been in the game for several years and has done comedy all throughout the west coast! you can normally find him in shows around Eugene, Salem, Portland, and Bend Oregon most of the time. Bubble Stash Hazy IPA by Hop Valley (Not Sponsored)
November 17, 2020
Season 2 Episode 2 With Brad Minor (House Sound System Installer)- Cold Six N Sixty
Brad Minor Is a good friend of mine in Bend Oregon and is a head House sound system Technician for big millionaires throughout Central Oregon.   Listen to his good advice on sound equipment for your house and for the high quality.   Drink of the Afternoon Is HOP Project By 10 Barrel Brewery. (Not Sponsored) 
November 17, 2020
KICK OFF TO SEASON 2 With new stand up comedian John Reoch and Conner satterfeild
Glad to be back Doing the podcast again. Even when times are tough for everyone! In this episode we have one of my best friends who finally started to stand up comedy during the pandemic and he has been very successful!  Featured is my very good and one of my first friends in the comedy scene, is Conner Satterfeild! you can find him on youtube and instagram to follow his comedy. In this episode we talk about Jubelale by Deschutes Brewery. (Not Sponsored) With how John got into stand up comedy and some issues going on in the world and whats happening to comedy in our local central Oregon region.  Cheers and drink up to the winter ale from  Deschutes Brewery and call a friend over to enjoy a six pack while listening to this very fun episode.
November 17, 2020
With The Great Jake Woodmansee, It Is A Real Dingier!
Jake is a hilarious Comedian from central  Oregon. he does comedy shows all throughout the valley. He also won Oregon's Last comic standing competition a couple years ago.  Facebook Page Cousin Daniel Hoffmann Comedy Instagram Account @CousinDanielHoffmann
March 12, 2020
With A Special Guest Knox Rawson! He Is An Industrial Hemp Farmer & New To The Comedy Scene!!
Knox Rawson is an industrial hemp Farmer that moved to Central Oregon to begin a new life from Atlanta Georgia for growing industrial hemp. He explains his trials and errors and issues of growing 20 acres of hemp and how to maintain your quality.  He also explains the issues with the current market. He also recently started doing comedy in Central Oregon and has become on of my good friends that makes me laugh everytime he comes up with new material. Instagram page @cousinDanielHoffmann Facebook page: Cousin Daniel Hoffmann Comedy
March 11, 2020
two funny ass comedians Conner SatterFeild and Dillon Kolar!
Three comedians talking all sorts of shenanigans! From how I cant say any famous persons name right, to the Coors head quarters shooting, to the type of applause i need for this podcast and we even talking about the JJEEWWSSS!! Conner Sadderfeild: Dillon Kollar: IG @the_dillkolar_co. Daniel Hoffmann: IG @CousinDanielHoffmann
March 06, 2020
With One Of The Owners Of Craft Kitchen & Brewery Courtney Stevens.
Courtney Stevens Used to be ordinary home brewers until they wanted to make a small buisness out of it. this is a gem in Central Oregon. they have fantastic beer and wonderful food!  They also let us do a lot of comedy open mics and comedy shows in their brewery! So please check them out on facebook or online and just type, Craft Kitchen And Brewery!! My IG @CousinDanielHoffmann
February 28, 2020
My Good Friend, The Arab Pilot, The New Stand Up Comic- Sharif Mohni!!!!
Sharif Mohni talks to us about how he got into comedy, how he moved to Bend OR, what it is like to be a human bird, and how he was raised by a very strong Catholic and a very strong Muslim!  This is a comic that started out around the same time I (Daniel Hoffmann started) and its been amazing how much his confidence has grown with a microphone in his hand!  Daniel Hoffmann IG page @CousinDanielHoffmann  
February 26, 2020
We get to know the very young, beautiful and super funny Female Stand up Comedian Gina Maria Christopher.
In this episode Gina Maria Christopher and I (Daniel Hoffmann) talk about crazy past party stories from her New York Past and how Female comedians get the title "Female" in-front of it but why is that not in any other profession. . like we do not say a female doctor, we just say doctor. but shes is supper funny and very witty!  Follow her on her Instagram @ginamariachristopher. And follow mine @cousindanielhoffmann
February 21, 2020
on with us, the psycho but awesome Comedian, John Koch!
John Koch has moved back and forth from downtown New York to Bend Oregon. Definitely a big change in pace when it comes to a comedy scene. He does stand up as a character not just himself. So please listen to how he explains his mind while we drink Kumbuchas!!  John does not drink no more, so does not mean we still couldn't have something that was brewed.
February 19, 2020
Connar Satterfield, a redneck looking, Bi Sexual Comedian!
Stand up Comedian, Conner Satterfield hits the ground running when it comes to dark humor! He also trumps the fact that he is also bi sexual and proud to be so. and the more this man drinks the crazier he gets. ones of my best friends! his youtube account; or just look up Conner Satterfield on youtube. follow my Instagram Account @CousinDanielHoffmann
February 14, 2020
The very funny Cody Parr! Talking bout his new HR special, sponsored Deschutes Brewery (beer Wowza!)
Cody Parr is a Comedian that started in LA and then has been tarring it up in Bend OR. He is gonna be recording his first Hour special down in Austin Texas. He also is a comedy promoter, sells beer, coming out with a tv show and Music Album!!  iG/Facebook page @BeertownComedy  IG @CodyParr3
February 12, 2020
Six N' 60 with Stand Up Comedian John Alfredo
Cousin Daniel Hoffmann And John Alfredo talk about what will it take for racism to finally stop. John is a Stand up comedian that moved to central Oregon from North Carolina! So the differences of east and west coast comes out while both drink some Wild Ride- Peanut Butter Porters! Johns Instagram @JayFredo  Daniel Hoffmann's IG @CousinDanielHoffmann
February 07, 2020
Brandon Zemp (Part 2,) A bitcoin miner, book writer, podcast creator and Cyrpto Currency Entrepreneur.
Brandon Zemp is a good buddy of mine sense we both were kids. He now is a world traveler talking to people on his pod cast trying to help people understand Crypto currencies. He explains how bitcoin mining works, what bitcoin is, and how it all got started! hes a brilliant young mind trying to help people learn! (not real advice for investments)
February 05, 2020
Brandon Zemp (Part 1,) A bitcoin miner, book writer, podcast creator and Cyrpto Currency Entrepreneur.
Brandon Zemp is a good buddy of mine sense we both were kids. He now is a world traveler talking to people on his pod cast trying to help people understand Crypto currencies. He explains how bitcoin mining works, what bitcoin is, and how it all got started! hes a brilliant young mind trying to help people learn! (not real advice for investments)
February 05, 2020
SIX N' 60 With the powerful Jake Woodmansee that Cody Parr Crashed but walked in the wrong house first.
Jake Woodmansee is an Oregon Original Comic that has won, The "Oregon's Last Comic Standing" Competition. He is also a great guy that has helped me with with a lot of writings. Cody Parr was hanging out with my last guest Brandon Johns, and told him that i was doing my pod cast with Jake so Cody decided he wanted to crash it. well I am not gonna give the crazy story that came out of it but lets just say he went to the wrong place.
January 31, 2020
A Cold Six N' 60 with the incredible Brandon Johns
Brandon Johns is an Oregon Comedian, chef, and owns his own pod cast (The Cardinal Sage, Uneducated Philosophy)
January 29, 2020
January 22, 2020
January 22, 2020