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Artivism NOW!

Artivism NOW!

By Kyle Roman
We discuss the intersection between art and activism and how artists the world over are making a statement with their work. Politics, culture, and current events inform and carry forward the work of artists. These interviews tell the story of people who are dedicated to truth telling and compassion in a cynical world. Join us and support their work whenever possible.
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S1E4 Jaime Santiago Longa, Visual Artist

Artivism NOW!

S1E4 Jaime Santiago Longa, Visual Artist

Artivism NOW!

S3E2 Rochelle Clarke / Painter / Artivist
On this episode we welcome Rochelle Clarke. Painter and Artivist from London, England. Catch her work on Instagram at @rochellecreative / Linktree is available in her bio! Shop her Etsy @
March 30, 2021
S3E1 Dr. April Bee / Photographer / Artivist
Dr. April Bee joins us on this episode. We get into the ultimate extended metaphor that is, The Raw Honey platform, and all things philosophy and photography.  On Insta at: @dr.aprilbee / @rawhoney_pf Check out the photography on Insta: @barebeautephotography
March 7, 2021
S2E11 Special Simulcast with Richard Radstone / Photographer / Artivist / Podcaster
On this special episode we simulcast with Richard Radstone, portrait photographer, and podcaster. We talk about the importance of love and empathy for the common good and how that can revolutionize society.  See Richard's work at: and the podcast, Sidewalk Ghosts at: On Instagram @richardradstone
February 26, 2021
S2E10 Jaime Santiago Longa / Oil Painter - Artivist
Jaime rejoins us on this special episode of Artivism NOW! We discuss his new direction and tone in his work recently, his connection with the Philippines, and how art students can transition from art school to the professional world. 
February 13, 2021
S2E9 Jessica Thornton / Graphic Artivist
On today's episode we welcome Jessica Thornton. Graphic Artivist based out of Anchorage, Alaska. We discuss Jessica's work with the Native Movement along with the unique journey they took to finding their community. From Finland, to Amsterdam, to Anchorage, Jessica describes the importance of intersectionality to the work she does.  Insta: @jessicathorntondesigns             @native_mvmt
December 20, 2020
S2E8 Noah Scalin / Mixed Materials Artivist
On this episode of Artivism NOW! Noah Scalin joins us! We talk about his non-traditional methods and media as well as the impact of public art in the southern United States. We also discuss his corporate consulting work and how it's making an impact in the minds of corporate America.  IG: @noahscalin / @alrcreates / @creativesprint
December 5, 2020
S2E7 Hawane Rios / Musician / Artivist
Hawane Rios is a musician / dancer / activist from Big Island Hawaii, and Mauna Kea. To support the cause of Kanaka'a Maoli people and their native lands donate to or follow these:  Venmo - @Hawane-Rios Instagram -@hawanemusic, @protectmauna, @puuhuluhulu Website - Websites about Mauna Kea
November 24, 2020
S2E6 Alexis Saenz / Dancer / Choreographer / Artivist
Alexis Saenz joins us to talk about her project 'The Process of Remembering', 'Doomed', and the Indigenous Youth Council. Listen up for Alexis' identification and take notes. This is a representative of how future and present community leaders speak. / Instagram: @lexxsaenz /
November 7, 2020
S2E5 Election Special w/ Ana Maria Alvarez / Founder of Contra Tiempo / Movement Artivist
We discuss the growth of her graduate thesis in dance entitled 'Contra Tiempo' into an Artivist dance company. We then segue to the 2020 election and the importance of participating in what is left of our democracy. 
November 2, 2020
S2E4 Sunena Gupta / Kathak Dancer / Choreographer
Sunena Gupta joins us from Singapore. We talk about her work as choreographer and dancer in the Kathak style. We also get into her work advocating for mental health awareness. blog at: Instagram: @sunenagupta
October 31, 2020
S2E3 Grace Kress / Shelby X Studios / Graphic Media Artivist
We speak to Grace Kress, the founder of Shelby X Studios out of London. Grace shares the deep roots of her Activism. We also get into the mission and vision of Shelby X Studios as well as the plans for expanding the online platform.
October 19, 2020
S2E2 Spencer Wilkinson / Documentary Filmmaker Artivist
Spencer returns to break down the festival successes of his hit documentary 'Alice Street'. He also walks us through some of his new work and gives us some insight into the medium of Film. Find him on Instagram @spencer_isaac_w and see excerpts of his films on his vimeo site: 
October 10, 2020
S2E1 DJ Lu / Juegasiempre / Stencil and Pictogram Artivist
On this episode we welcome DJ Lu, Stencil and Pictogram artist, who discusses the issues of the day in Bogota and South America.
October 1, 2020
S1E11, Desi Mundo, CRP Bay Area Founder, #AscenDance Mural Series, Finale
Desi updates us on the finish of AscenDance in Oakland, and what it’s like to be on the wall during a major movement on the streets below.
September 6, 2020
S1E10 #AscenDance SERIES Marina Perez-Wong, Twin Walls Mural Company
We speak with Marina Perez-Wong, co founder or Twin Walls Mural Company.
July 13, 2020
S1E9 #AscenDance SERIES Elaine Chu, Twin Walls Mural Company
Elaine Chu is on to discuss her role on the AscenDance mural. We talk about her technique and the Twin Walls Mural company she started with Marina Perez-Wong.
July 4, 2020
S1E8 #AscenDance SERIES Spencer Wilkinson, Documentary Filmmaker
In the 2nd installment of our 360 Mural #AscenDance series we speak with Filmmaker Spencer Wilkinson who documented the rise of CRP advocacy in his film “Alice Street” Links: // // @spencer_isaac_w Insta
June 27, 2020
S1E7 #AscenDance SERIES Desi Mundo, Founder of CRP
We profile the #AscenDance mural Team beginning with Community Rejuvenation Project (CRP) Founder, Desi Mundo
June 17, 2020
I cover the rising BLM movement in East Contra Costa County
June 1, 2020
S1E5 SPECIAL REPORT-Greta McLain, muralist, activist #BLACKLIVESMATTER
Greta McLain reports from on the ground of Minneapolis protests over George Floyd murder, she and her team of artists put up a tribute mural in one day after the murder, and are now engaged in neighborhood protection during the protests.
May 31, 2020
S1E4 Jaime Santiago Longa, Visual Artist
We speak with Jaime about his unique process in going from concept to technique and the power of the hidden corners of our cities. 
May 29, 2020
S1E3 Aejay Mitchell, Theatre professional and Director
We discuss how the covid-19 response will change the art of theatre. Also, we discuss the pandemic and how it has affected Black and Latinx communities; along with how it has exposed inequities in the US concerning minority and advanced-age populations. Find Aejay on Facebook at: Aejay Antonis Marquis, or on Instagram @amqueerdirector
May 27, 2020
S1E2 Merry Flowers, South Central LA’s own, artist/educator/activist
Merry Flowers uses art as a medium to educate her community on the issues that directly affect them. LA Rent strikes, Street vendors rights, and the housing crisis during the pandemic round out our discussion. Follow these resources on insta: @uniondelbarrio, @smilesouthcentral, @escuelaaztlan_la, @southcentraltenants, and @latenants for updates on the community!
May 20, 2020
S1E1 Cielo Stibor, Artivist Musician
Profiling Cielo Stibor, Singer/Songwriter and Activist, Youth music director, and all around passionate artist. We y’all about how she uses music in her youth ministry and her experience with day labor programs in San Francisco. Cielo is an international musician who’s music can be heard on many tv shows in Latin America. She is Artivist #1 on Artivism NOW!
May 13, 2020
May 8, 2020
May 8, 2020