Your Path with Bishop Mark

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By Bishop Mark D. Manning, D.D.
Welcome to Your Path by The Most Reverend Mark D. Manning, D.D., Pastor of Dallas Universal Life Church in Dallas, Texas. Religion has earned a bad name because humanity is involved and with humanity comes mistakes and corruption. Sometimes we have to take things with a grain of salt. God gave us brain for a reason; to be inquisitive, question truths and decide for ourselves what is and isn't truth. When that doesn't work, PRAY the right way. Prayer is not a monologue, so say what you have to say then shut up and listen. Do this and you don't need a book. Just have a conversation with God.


12 Episodes
"So Much To Say, So Little Time"
May 23, 20181:14:25
Ascension 2018 Sermon and Round Table with Special Interview
May 16, 201849:31
Pluralism Sunday - "Everything You Need to Know About Love"
May 8, 201852:16
"Tarzan He Was Not"
May 2, 20181:09:12
"The Good Shepherd"
Apr 25, 20181:10:11
"Startled by Jesus"
Apr 16, 201825:22
Holy Humor Sunday
Apr 10, 201836:41
Easter Celebration 2018
Apr 7, 20182:00:44
"It is finished." Good Friday 2018
Apr 3, 20181:06:58
Maundy Thursday 2018
Apr 1, 201826:26
DULC Palm / Passion Sunday 2018
Mar 28, 201838:24
"I Thirst"
Mar 25, 20181:06:13
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