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Brunchin’ Wit Frenz

Brunchin’ Wit Frenz

By KD Goodwin
A Podcast that gives you a review of of pop culture and life as well as some advice you can lean on
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The Day I Chose Myself and Left the Bigger Person on the Bench
This episode explores why being the bigger person is not always ok. In the state of my transparency there's going to come a moment when you are not going to like me, you are going to be highly pissed off with me, and you are going to want to fight me... I give you permission to do all of that. 
January 5, 2021
Love Me Through All Seasons or Expect a Cold Winter- Holiday Special
Holiday Special... eat them left overs while you listen to me give you some advice on unrequited love, understanding success, and the flight attendant
November 28, 2020
We Did it Joe, He about to lose his Job!!!
Exploring pop culture over the past two months as well as politics. Special guest Madalyn and Brittany
November 11, 2020
Give Up the Ghost, ‘Cuz Molly U In Danger Girl
This episode explores today’s hottest gossip as well as exploring Ghost from the past. Grab some popcorn, a drink, and a seat because brunch starts Now
September 3, 2020
And the Emmy Goes to....Wait You Can’t Act!!
Where’s nicki minaj’s wig? Beyoncé releasing what? How many black people were nominated for an Emmy ? This has been a crazy week joke me as i explore all the mess !
August 7, 2020
You Read The Room Wrong Bihhh, I Quit!!
What happens when you read the room wrong, you get read down! Come join me on a personal episode of brunching with friends where I’ll catch you up on everything that’s been happening over the past month.. buckle up and enjoy the rides.. entanglements may occur
July 22, 2020
30 Years A Side Piece, Never The Main
Oooooo chileeee From celebrating Juneteenth to Celebrating Black Lives to Celebrating Pride. This weeks episode gives you a highlight of all the hot topics in pop culture. As well as exploring listener questions and giving you some advice that You can lean on!
July 1, 2020
Black When It’s Wrong-Black When It’s Right....
A no holds bar exploration on the relationship between America and Black people. #BlackLivesMatter We See You Queen and King. We stand with George Floyd and all the victims of police brutality across the nation.
June 3, 2020
Guess Who’s Black In The House, Cuz That Baby Don’t Look Like Me!
This week we explore cheating, secret paternity test, and forgiveness! Join us as we indulge in the mess!
May 18, 2020
50 Shades of Dead: Bleach, Sex, and Corpses, OH MY!
This weeks topic revolves around building a significant other for someone else? How would you feel if the person you were dating left you and you help build them up and they took it all and gave it to the next person. Tune in to hear our take on it.
May 3, 2020
Granny Ain’t Got No Panties
What happens when the relationships we have with others cross boundaries and respect!
April 19, 2020