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Can't Knock The Pod

Can't Knock The Pod

By Art Ward and Friends
Art Ward is joined by co-host DJ ChipBanks and Lisette Elena as they talk about everything right now. From music to movies, pop culture and sports along with random topics from every day life. Jokes will fly!
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Episode 125 - "I'll Name This Episode Later" w/Lauren Michelle
Art and Chip are joined by the beautiful Lauren Michelle, we kick off the episode with a new music recap jumping right into Beyonce. We give our thoughts on the album as well as read some reviews from Complex. We also talk abt the slur word "spaz" and how it is or isn't offensive. Although we did have fun with this topic we all left this conversation with more understanding. We jump into Mase vs Fivio and discuss both their MDWOG interviews. That leads us down a rabbit hole of Diddy and record contracts. Art makes a phone call to One Of The Friends Key as he gives us a recap of both Rolling Loud and Chris Brown concert. We start off our sports segment with Kyler Murray study clause as well as Deshaun Watson contract. Lottery Winnings, Mystical, Irv Gotti and more!!! Make sure you check out Can't Knock The Pod on YouTube 
August 03, 2022
Episode 124 - "Liv On Sunday" w/Shaq Renee X Ant Kush
On this episode Art is joined by two friends of the show, Shaq Renee and Ant Kush. We jump into new music from Joey Bada$$, Mozzy and Icewear Vezzo. Art speaks on the space that Joey is in and why the album sounds so good. We stick with music and dive into DVSN new single "If I Get Caught". We break down the lyrics which leads them into playing Tink's new single "Goofy". Would you let your significant other pay $1000 for a picture? If so where would the picture go. S/o to Issa Rae, as we get into her new show Rap Shit and how she doesn't miss whack lead us down a rabbit hole and we landed on porn lol. We talk abt Bishop Dope Dealer aka Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead and how he and his wife was robbed of $400,000 in jewelry. Emmitt Till movie, Beyonce and more!!! 
July 27, 2022
Episode 123 "Cousin" w/Shaq Renee
Episode 123 we are joined by our dear friend and family of the show Shaq Renee. We want to send out major love to our sister and cohost Lisette Elena as she welcomed a healthy baby boy on 7/17. She will be away for awhile as she does her mommy duties. We start off the show with a weekend recap of Arts kickback where both Mara and Shaq were in attendance. We also recap the big country concert that hit the city this past weekend. We kick off topics with NBA Youngboy as he was found not guilty in his most recent gun charge in LA. We speak on whats to come and how may have changed from this last house arrest. We get into Bobby Smurda and Art plays his most recent single. Shaq suggest that the boys should hit a gay club because its really fun. We get into Kevin Gates and try to figure out how you get to a 3rd cousin and I still don't think we figured it out. We also dive into the most recent videos from Sesame Place and how we would react if in that situation. That and more on this hilarious episode.
July 20, 2022
Episode 122 "On Leave" (Recorded 7/5)
On Episode 122 we say goodbye to Lisette as she goes on maternity leave for the next few months. We want to take this moment to thank her and wish her the best and we'll be waiting for you when you get back. We sent her out with a bang with this 2hr going away episode. This episode was recorded on 7/5 but due to technical issues its just being released. Art kicks this episode off with a question, Is Chris Brown still an A-List artist? All three give their opinions and things heat up a little, but great points are made. We stay on music as we talk abt Irv Gotti and Cardi B. We discuss how Ray J won the Verzuz battle. We dive into what the hair stylist of NFL QB Kyler Murry has to say regarding pants. Art plays the clip of Cam Newton's girlfriend speaking on being submissive. We dive into the new "Viral Video" trend and gifts after 28yrs of employment. 
July 13, 2022
Episode 121 - "C'Mon Mane"
After what seems like an eternity the gang is back and here to stay. We did some changes to the studio and got new equipment so we back better than ever. We recap fathers day as Chip tells us how his father day was and some of the gifts he received. We do a quick recap of all the things we missed since we been gone then jump right into music. We discuss Drakes surprise dance album. Surprisingly the whole gang likes it and Banks talks abt clubs in other cities. We play a snippet of Beyonce dance record and discuss her upcoming album. We dive into Lizzo and how she changed her lyrics because of an ableist slur. Was it the right move? Its pride month so we talk abt the new word added to the dictionary and Burger King's "Pride Whopper." Quvao, Deshaun Watson, JLo and more on this hilarious episode. YOUTUBE coming soon!!!!
June 22, 2022
Episode 120 - "Ain't No Way Boy" w/ Cin The DJ
The gang is back and this week we our joined by a friend of the show. Cin The DJ joins us as dive into this weeks topics. We start off a little more serious on this episode starting with the high gas prices and the state of the economy. We get into BLM and the blowback their receiving from spending, We debate on right or wrong. We talk about Corporations making Juneteenth Merch and products and how things will continue.  We talk abt Walmarts Juneteenth ice cream rollout and what flavors they should have used. We get into our first music topic and Art plays clips from both Nick Cannon and Tyga. We play Karrine "Superheard" Steffans clip where she says Lil Wayne and Bow Wow will be always be her BF, said when they call she goes. Gunna, Rih, The King of Macs and more!!!!
May 25, 2022
Episode 119 - "Last Tree Standing"
After a week off the gang is back with another hilarious episode. We kick the episode off with a weekend recap which leads Art to ask Sette a question from one of the friends. To get to the bottom of is we make a phone call to Sette's significant other. We also get some exclusive baby news during the call. After that we jump into music by taking a deep dive into both Jack Harlow's and Kendrick Lamar albums. We go song by song in the Kendrick and Art plays a snippet of "We Cry Together." Do we care that Jack Harlow doesn't know who Brandy brother is? Art calls a good friend to ask about the Lovers and Friends festival in Vegas. Also we get into the Freddie Gibbs fight and we say how we really feel abt the YSL RICO case. Our prayers go out to the families dealing with tragedy from the Buffalo shooting, we close the episode out giving our thoughts on the massacre. We do appreciate your support and we have big things on the horizon!!!
May 18, 2022
Episode 118 - "Stomped"
So much happened after we recorded Episode 117 that we had to jump back in the studio and record a bonus Episode and give you 118 early. We welcome DJ ChipBanks back after being away for two episodes and Shaq joins us for the 2nd week in a row. We kick off the episode with a quick Future convo but quickly jump right into the 6 God. Was Drake wild for jumping into a married woman's DM to troll a man who triggered him? Art thinks Meek Mill won but ChipBanks is not buying it. We talk Drakes new deal and try to get understanding why he won't go independent. We go over a few big hits that were actually meant for another artist but some reason they. We end the Episode discussing the Dave Chappelle stomping that a fan took after trying to tackle to icon. That plus more on this bonus episode. (Recorded on Cinco De Mayo) 
May 06, 2022
Episode 117 - "F.R.I.E.N.D.S"
On this show Art and Lisette are joined by two friends of the show, Anthony "Kush" Walker and Quilla aka Shaq. Dj ChipBanks will be back next week. We start off with a weekend recap and Art gives Shaq her flowers for wearing CKTP apparel when she jumped out of a plane. Jumping into Future we go over our favorite tracks and what we think of the album. Is 6 months enough time to know if you will marry someone? The group goes over different situations and really all agree on the same thing. Art reads XXL top ten Hip-Hop reality shows and we see if we agree. A friend of the show sent Art some of her first date stories, Art reads them. Those topics and more!!!
May 04, 2022
Episode 116 - "Ladies Night"
This week is Ladies Night on CKTP as Art and Lisette are joined by family of the show Lauren Michelle and Mara (Ms YoCrash) as DJ ChipBanks is out of town. We talk abt a lot on this fun episode. We start off with a weekend recap, Art and Mara talk abt Game Night. Art brings up that its Future week with the news that the toxic king is dropping "I Never Liked You" and they pick who he's talking abt. After playing a clip from the new Megan The Stallion interview we break that down and why is it even happening. We talk about testing your significant other after Art reads a viral post. We talk sex toys, Trey Songz, waxing and more!!! 
April 27, 2022
Episode 115 - "10yrs?!?!"
We kick off the episode with upcoming music releases as we get ready for an exciting 4wks of releases. Art wants to see death to first week numbers. We talk baby names and make a phone call to one of Lisettes close friends to get her thoughts on what she should call the baby. We speak on Asap and Rih rumors and how the City Boys almost was down by hella points. We talk speaker phone rules and more!!!
April 22, 2022
Episode 114 - "Doggy Style?" f/ True Brail
The gang is back for another banger and this time they are joined by a long time friend True Brail who came by to talk abt the opening of his clothing store but kicked it with us for the whole episode. We recap our weekends and Chip tells us what they did for his sons birthday. He also shares to us what had his daughter terrified over the weekend. We jump into New Music recap from last week starting with Fivio, we praise Coi Leray debut as well. We talk about Turkey Leg Hut policy for making reservations. Art plays Maino interview with Lip Service and we listen to the bullshit he says. Brail talks abt how his dog watches him have sex and Chip and Sette can relate. Which leaves Art at a lost of words. T.I, Grambling State and more!!! 
April 15, 2022
Episode 113 - "The Roc Boys"
We start off the episode with a recap of ChipBanks being in the streets this past weekend. We dive into the Grammys and if they got it right this time, also we talk about veteran artist who have yet to win a Grammy. We read Blac Chynas tweets abt being a single mother and the responses from the fathers. Our title The Roc Boys is because we play Tony Rock's audio from his lastest show where he calls out Will Smith. That plus more on this short but sweet episode.
April 06, 2022
Episode 112 CLIP - "Where is Cam's Story?"
From Episode 112 - Lisette and the boys want to know whats going on with her movie debut. All fun and games, its all love. BUT WHERE IS THE MOVIE LOL  Full episode out now!!!!
March 30, 2022
Episode 112 - "Slap Gate"
After all the things (the slap) that transpired this past weekend its only right the gang gets busy a day early. We kick off the episode with recap of Latto's debut album 777. That leads us down a path of praising the women of hiphop which is well deserved. We give Cardi her flowers of being the first artist to have an album where every song is platinum. We crowns Nicki's run and Doja Cat being really talented. We talk abt Bow Wow and whats going on with him. Why is he so mad at JD. Are all his. albums really mid like he claims. After all that we get into what brought us here today and that is "Slap Gate". Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on live TV. We all give our thoughts on the good, bad and ugliness of the situation. We talk male birth control, the Bryant family and more on this special episode. 
March 29, 2022
Episode 111 - "What's Beef"
We welcome back Sette as she joins Art Ward and DJ ChipBanks for another banger. We start off with a recap of Art and Chip private party over this past weekend and how much longer it takes to recover now vs then. Art takes us into new music and raves abt Sy Ari Da Kid's latest album. He makes a wild claim that you have to hear. What's beef? We get into Pusha T diss record to Mcdonalds and Sette finds out an interesting fact abt Arbys. Banks says this will be fuel for the next Drake diss. The end of an Maury Povich is upon us, we talk abt the show coming to an end after 3 decades. ChipBanks is hilarious. Jayda vs Lil Baby, the group gives some stories of when their chest was hurting. Cleveland Browns, Lia Thomas, Netflix and More!!!!
March 23, 2022
Episode 110 - "City Boys Up"
The squad is down a Sette but no worries Ms. YoCrash Mara joins Art and Chip this week as the Muva is out doing Muva things. We start off with a weekend recap and a gas update and the ending of day-light saving times. We kick off with the new music that dropped for the week and post covid meet and greets. We get into sports earlier than usual to talk the return of Tom Brady and suspension of Calvin Ridley. We do a group s/o this week to thank Party In Your Mouth LLC for providing us with dinner. We talk Jessie Smollett prison sentence and Ryan Coogler trip to the bank. Hamsters being buried alive, Steve J and more!!!
March 17, 2022
Episode 109 CLIP "Food Stamps 101"
On this clip we talk about going to the grocery store and using a food stamp card. Hilarious!!!
March 15, 2022
Episode 109 - "A Banquet Meal"
After a week off the gang is back with another funny ass episode. We start off with a recap from DJ ChipBanks on how his show was last weekend with Luda and Nelly and things to look forward too. We praise Snoop Dogg and the fact he now owns the master to some timeless music. We go over the Rolling Loud Miami lineup as well as the top hiphop earners for 2021. We get into food we don't eat anymore which leads us down a rabbit hold and somehow we end up talking abt the art of using Food Stamps and Chip tells us how he had a craving last for Salisbury steak. We speak on the meme that cost an executive his job as well as Fashionova CEO who just purchased the biggest house in LA. That plus more, oh we also give a secret promo code out to our Friends thats only being promoted on the pod. "www.CantKnockThePod"
March 10, 2022
Episode 108 CLIP - "Not Atlanta"
On this clip from Episode 108 we discuss Omeretta The Great song "Sorry Not Sorry" where she talks abt people who claim they are from Atlanta but are actually from the outskirts. We include our own city as well So we're starting something new by uploading clips. 
February 28, 2022
Episode 108 - "Soul For Sale"
108 is banger!! Art, Lisette and DJ ChipBanks are back for another one. We start off the episode with a quick music recap then diving into the 1st part of the Kanye West doc. Art praises how encouraging his mom was and how dope it is to see footage this old. Both Banks and Lisette had events in Cleveland for NBA ALL-STAR so we get a detailed recap. We call "One Of The Friends" to see what he did for tickets to AllStar Saturday. We all talk abt how bad the Dunk contest was but how great Curry is. We give out thoughts on Howard getting 5 games and Keke Wyatt having her 11th child. We play a snippet of Omeretta The Great "Sorry Not Sorry" and we says what's not Youngstown.
February 24, 2022
Episode 107 - "On Sight"
The gang is back for another fire episode. We kick off the episode with a recap from the Super Bowl. From the game to the halftime show, we dive into it all. DJ ChipBanks gets ready for Allstar weekend and gives us an insight on what to expect. We dive into the Da Baby fight at the bowling alley and give our opinions on if he was in the right or wrong. We put ourselves in his position and give our outcome. We speak on Valentines Day and Chip gives us details how he stepped into his lover bag and Lisette spills the deets on her day as well. Art claims he didn't know Monday was Valentines Day. 
February 16, 2022
Episode 106 - "Momma Gotta Have A Life Too"
On this episode Art, Lisette and Chip start off with an announcement from the First Lady of the Pod. We congratulate our fellow podder on the news then get right into it. We recap music from 2 Chainz and Yo Gotti. We talk about Gotti letting all artist make money off publishing from his record. We move on from them to dive into Detroit artist Coach Joey, who on his last release he talks abt a girl he met in Youngstown. We listen to the lyrics and break down what side of town we think she is from. Chip sends a text to the red phone, stay tuned. Recently AJ Johnson (Jody mom on Babyboy) said for her 50th birthday she had sex with 2 guys at the same time. We all give our thoughts on that and is it a train or 3some. Issa Rae, Joe Rogan racist ass, Summer Walker and more on this hilarious episode. 
February 09, 2022
Episode 105 - "Another One"
Art, Lisette and DJ ChipBanks are back for another episode of CKTP!!! We had to make up for last weeks short episode so this week we brought the heat. We start off with music of course talking about recent releases and albums to come. We speak on artist that haven't dropped in awhile as well. Art gives an interesting take on Drake being a playlist artist. We talk Pusha T upcoming album along with Ye dropping news on Donda 2. Nick Cannon announces another baby, we give our take. Sette tells us how she feels abt the Fashion Nova news and feels she's owned some money. First date blues, Rih and Asap, Janet Jackson and more on this extended episode.
February 02, 2022
Episode 104 - "Same Sh*t, Different Show"
After regrouping last week the game is back to deliver another episode. We recap our weekends and how we been dealing with he snow fall. We jump right into our cover story which is XXL Awards show. Did they get it right? We give our thoughts on the Cardi be lawsuit and the outcome of that. How does that affect us as journalist. Art is not happy with Durk and talks abt Morgan Wallen who has a song with Durk. This episode was quite shorter than normal but the laughs still there!! See you guys next week
January 26, 2022
Episode 103 - "Welcome Back"
After almost 30 days off the gang is back!!!!! Art, Lisette and DJ ChipBanks are back together. We recap what we been doing over the break and how we dealt with the recent snow storm. Before we can start with the topics we get on Chip about his Cowboys and he takes a couple minuets to vent. We keep the same formula by starting off with music. We talk about the new music that was release and Art gives his praises on Cordae's album "From A Birds Eye View". We give our thoughts on what Dom Kennedy said it would take to clear The Yellow Album, is it worth it? We go over how many streams it would take to make a $1 on streaming platforms. Cardi B says to get your body done before your teeth, Sette doesn't agree. Taco Bell, KimYe, 50 Cent and more on our comeback episode.
January 20, 2022
Episode 102 - "Killer Monkeys"
On this Episode Art, Sette and Chip get right into the funny and it doesn't let up all episode. We dive into all the new music that dropped including a country song by Lil Durk. We talk Rick Ross and his awkward exit from the 85 South Show. We give are 2021 artist wrapped from Apple which includes how many artist and albums we listened too as well as our top artist. Art talks about the Juice Wrld doc on HBO Max and just how deep into drugs the artist was. Chip lets us know how he really feels on the Jim Jones vs Freddie Gibbs topic. One of the wildest stories you'll ever here we talk abt the Killer Monkeys in India which leaves us all speechless. To end the episode we read Complex's top Nickoldeon shows and give our thoughts which bring back mad memories. for all your recording needs!!!!
December 22, 2021
Episode 101 - "Season 3"
Season 3 we are here!!!! Art, Lisette and Chip are back to their normal ways. First we want to s/o our sponsors Level 8 Studios, book your studio time at We kick it the same with as usual on 101, we recap the 100th live episode and give an update on Youtube. 
December 15, 2021
Episode 100
We finally made it!!!! The road to 100 is finally over!!! We had a live in person show to celebrate Episode 100 with some of the Friends. We had such a good time we decided to post the episode in its entirety. We do an open conversation style show so you will from the Friends a lot. Enjoy and we'll see you next week for the start of season 3!!! Thank you to our sponsors over at Level 8 Studios and Marcus Davis.
December 08, 2021
Episode 99 - "Ash Wednesday"
So after recording half the episode we experienced technical difficulties and had to restart all over so this is what you get. We recap our weekends from Sette's family vacation to Art's wingsgiving. We laugh at the Grammy nominations and pick our winners. We talk abt the ongoing battle between Ashanti and Irv Gotti. Would you let your significant other go have a baby by someone else if you didn't want anymore kids. We go over out thanksgiving plans as well say what we are thankful for. How ashy is too ashy as we take a look at KD legs. Tami Roman, BMF King Richard and More!!!! Tickets for Episode 100 are on sale now
November 24, 2021
Episode 98 - "And The Winner Is...."
Coming off the Ohio Entertainment Awards the new award winning podcast is back!!! Art, Lisette and Chip decided to do episode 98 on FB Live to celebrate with The Friends. We jump right into a recap of the award show. We talk the good and the bad of the whole experience. We call OEA Best DJ winner DJ GetiT and chop it up with the homie. We also contact Andrew Lloyd who is CEO of the Ohio Entertainment Awards. After all the award talk we jump into Will Smith latest excerpts from his upcoming book. He talks about a time he went all out for Jada birthday and it didn't end well. We talk abt Subways rendition of Tuna. Chip and Sette are hurt abt the latest news. Da Baby vs Danileigh really gets heated between Art and Lisette as they go back and forth. Road to 100!!! Tickets for Episode 100 Live Show are on sale now at 
November 17, 2021
Episode 97 - "Who's To Blame?"
Episode 97 we decided to do it Live on social media to talk abt Kanye West, Travis Scott and Summer Walker. Also we talk with Ivan who was at the  Travis Scott concert where 8 people lost their lives. We also drop information on the 100th episode. Very fun show!!!
November 11, 2021
Episode 96 - "Double Standards" w/Lauren Michelle
Art and Lisette welcome their good friend Lauren Michelle who is filling in for DJ ChipBanks on today's episode. We start off with a halloween recap of different costumes we noticed and choose our favorites. We ask the question why do parents dress their kids up as drug dealers. Summer is coming!!!! We talk abt Summer Walker releasing her tracklist and what songs titles stick out. Standing ovation to Hov being elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. CAN'T KNOCK THE POD IS NOMINATED FOR #46 BEST PODCAST for the OHIO ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS. Art brings up Brittany Renner and her praying on younger men and if a man did some of the things she did would it be accepted? Which led us to Jada and Will and down a whole rabbit hole. S/o to Lauren for joining us and keeping the convo going. Check us next week when we welcome back DJ ChipBanks. Road to 100 to vote CKTP for #46 Best Podcast 
November 03, 2021
Episode 95 - "False Flaggin"
Episode 95 starts off with a riff carrying over from the day before. Art and Chip are at odds with Sette which leaves her fending them off. After the dust settles the gang jumps right into the new Wale album. We speak about what tier Wale is on and is it his fault or the labels as to why he doesn't get much push. We carry that topic over and get into Big Sean lastest single/video release. And try to understand why he was covered in bees. We also learn that Chip is not to fond of Freddie Gibbs. Art explains to us why he and AJ Brown from the Titans are one of the same. After sports we get into the latest episode of Insecure that has taken over social media which leads Art to call his sorority friend who helps the gang understand the point of view from both sides. Tom Brady, Kevin Gates, mens lingerie and more!!!! Road to 100!!!!
October 28, 2021
Episode 94 - "Ain't Sh*t Sweet"
This episode starts off weird. Chip and Sette both claim that Art didn't send the topic list this week so they have no clue what we're talking about this week. After Art sends the updated list things get back to normal. We start off with a Sweetest Day recap and Art realizes his place in life and is not happy abt it. Sette admits she needs to step her gift giving game up and Banks sends praises to his wife. We jump into Thugga's latest album and his latest interview with Breakfast Club. Summer Walker single brings out so much disappointment in Art. We try to dive into the thought process of her label. We have to talk abt the artist formally known as Kanye West, Nike Exc.,Tory Hart and more.  Road to 100
October 20, 2021
Episode 93 - "We Tire(d)"
The gang is back and on the road to 100. Art, Sette and Chip start episode 93 off a little different. After Sette makes good on her bet Chip stands on the ledge that the Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl. We jump into the John Gruden topic and discuss if the initial emails were going to get him fired or were the second releases the cause. We jump from that right into our thoughts abt other races rapping the  "N" word after video surfaced of Tyson Fury rapping Biggie lyrics with his family. Fight Talk, Tyson vs Fury 3. We give ladies Sweetest Day advice. We read what social media deems as red flags when dating. Jr Smith, Dave Chappelle, 50 Cent and more!!!! Road to 100
October 13, 2021
Episode 92 - "Verzuz"
Sette Giants vs Chips Cowboys....This Sunday who will win!!!! That plus more on Ep 92!!!! 
October 09, 2021
Episode 91 - "Natural Hair, Rocks and 4 Signs"
Art, Sette and Chip are back and ready to pod. Full studio tonight which leads to an hilarious episode. We start off with a weekend recap and Art and Chip tells us abt their hotel troubles. We get into all the new music that was released and give Westside Gunn his roses. As we round out music topics with Cole we dive into the conversation of women who have 1. Natural Hair 2. Collect Rocks (Crystals) and 3. Know all 4 of their signs. Hilarious convo. We say what we do and don't believe of the recent Birdman interview. Art reads DJ Mustard rules, the updated version. Do we care to continue about Will and Jada marriage? Rick Ross, BMF, Netflix and more!!! Road to 100!!!!
September 29, 2021
Episode 90 - "Wedding Tings"
Art and Sette is joined by the newly married ChipBanks!!!! On this episode we recap the wedding and and everything that took place over the weekend. We talk Verzuz winner between Ja Rule and Fat Joe and give our thoughts on if Diddy running from JD. Dre Hill puts their name in the hat and hopes to get an opponent from Boys 2 Men, Jodeci, 112 or Jagged Edge. The industry vs Karen Civil, as we talk abt the things thats been going on with the social media giant Karen. We deceived that we will campaign for the Ohio Entertainment awards, more details in the episode . That and more on this episode of CKTP RIP Anthony Johnson
September 23, 2021
Episode 89 - "No Sex, Kinda"
The episode before ChipBanks wedding!!! The whole team is here to bring forth episode 89. We start off with a weekend recap where Art talks abt the weekend involving Chip and the kids. Football is back!!! We take week one in the NFL. We give our not so deep takes on Baby Keem's project. Seems like every week we are talking about Drake well this week is no different. We talk abt how he is domination Billboards Hot 100 list as he holds 9 spots in the top 10. BET announced the nominees for the BET Awards so we pick our winners on some. With the big day approaching we speak with Chip to see how the "No Sex" is coming along and his answer is hilarious. Met Gala, Paul Pierce and more on this short but sweet episode.
September 16, 2021
Episode 88 - "Black Tribe?"
Word on the street is that Episode 87 was top 3 funniest of CKTP. Well I'm here to tell you that this is not a back 2 back championship lol. Art, Sette and Chip are back on what could easily be called the Certified Lover Boy episode. We stick with Drake with some sprinkles of Ye for the beginning of the episode and end music with Verzuz talk. We get into Dog the Bounty experiences with the Black Tribe and play two clips of him. (Hilarious) We kinda jump around but still deliver like usual.
September 08, 2021
Episode 87 - "CKTPorn"
Everyone is in the building for the "Birthday" episode as we celebrate Sette, DJ Kickdrum and our dear friend Auzuree born days. That means yes we are eating cake while podding lol. This episode starts off super music heavy with Donda being the focus. We pick our favorite tracks and give our takes on the album. Chip is in full Yeezy mode. Drakes up next with CLB which will be dropping on Friday. Baby Keem and KDot release a single and Art thinks its the best since slice bread. We end music with 21 Savage and then things get spicy. Would you ever sue your parents? Well the gang talks about a guy who did just that. After that we go down a full rabbit hole of porn. From OnlyFans to Trick Daddy comments and its hilarious. We also read people secrets that they will never tell their partners and words adults can't spell.
September 02, 2021
Episode 86 - "Go Home Dell"
After a weeks break which felt more like 2 the gang is back for another hilarious episode. Art, Sette and Chip are back to give the friends what they want. Out the gate Chip talks abt his upcoming wedding and the value his and his fiancée are taking. After that we jump right into music with Kdot announcement followed by Drake vs Ye. We give our Only Fans thought as they try to switch things up on us. We read a viral post thats a message to all people in a relationship (title story). We speak on the fans fight that took place at Heinz Field and how women need to relax. Sha'Carri Richardson, The Crate Challenge, Dell Curry and more on this funny from front to back episode.
August 25, 2021
Episode 85 - CKTP LIVE
For our 85th episode we decided to do it live on FB for the first time. So here is the audio for our 85th show. We will be back to normal recording with a brand new episode on 8/25. Thank you to everyone who tuned in and for those that missed it here it is!!!
August 19, 2021
Episode 84 - "Then vs Now"
This week the gang is joined by long time friend D.O.P.E KeilyN who is in the city by way of L.A. We start off with ChipBanks giving us a recap of his fishing trip and how he was really terrified. We jump into music starting with Kanye and everything thats been surrounding him. We go over the most streaming artist up to date as well and the list surprises us. Billboard list top producers of the 21st century. New details around Dr. Dre and his divorce. We bring back Tweets By BJ!!!!! Kevin Hart, LeBron James, The Guardians and more!!!
July 29, 2021
Episode 83 - "Couples Retreat"
Art, Lisette and Chip are joined today by some day 1 listeners who are also married. They join us for the entire show along with Ira and Mara. We keep the episode the same with music updates from this past weekend. We give our thoughts on the Pop Smoke album. Art shares his excitement of the new Yung Bleu album thats coming out this Friday. We pick our Verzuz winner as Dipset and The Lox face off 8/3 in NY. We go over some of the new words that were added to the dictionary. Our guest gives us in insight on their relationship and the husband explains to us why he has to stay ready. Richard Sherman, Dewayne Hopskins. Spacejam and more!!!
July 21, 2021
Episode 82 - "R.I.P to the 99/2000"
After a week off DJ ChipBanks is back in his seat and has a lot to say. We have a full house today so the energy was super high. After a weekend recap we jump into music starting with Vince Staples. Since Art is the only one who listened to it we move on rather quickly and jump into the IDK album. We all agree that the album is amazing, Art even has a hot take about song of the year. We take a moment of silence and say RIP to the 99 and the 2000 as we try to understand why Juve and Mannie would remake a negro spiritual like that. Vax that thang up??? SMH We cant forget Drake and his step daddy ways. Apryl Jones, Lamar Oden vs Tristen Thompson and more!!!!
July 14, 2021
Episode 81 - "Broken Promithes" f/ Moe Jiles
This week DJ ChipBanks is on the road so Art called in an old friend to come hold the fort down with him and Sette. Moe Jiles joins #CKTP cast this week as we dive into our weekly topics. We start off giving recognizing Tyler for having the #1 album in the country. We get into the Sha'Carri Richardson situation and where we stand on the situation. We also give our thoughts on how the world reacted to the news. We keep in sports and give an update on Paul Pierce and the big things he has popping. We welcome Nick Cannon new baby, again. Cover story, we speak on Kiely Williams and the news she dropped abt her hookups. Hilarious. Diddy, Joey Chestnut, Ice Cube vs Warners Bro and more on this week episode.
July 08, 2021
Episode 80 - "N*gga We Made It"
N*gga we made it! The gang reaches episode 80! We start off with a recap of this weekends Verzuz battle that lived up to the hype between Soulja Boy vs Bow Wow. We also pick the winner of Bobby Brown vs Keith Sweet that will take place while this episode is finishing up. We all feel the same abt Tyler, The Creator and we give him his flowers. We also talk abt his BET performance which led us into talking abt the actual BET Awards. Best Group stumps us again lol We show support for an Iowa man who all understand his pain. We talk abt the battle going on between black Creators vs TikTok. Bill Cosby, Robyns Room and more!!!! @CantKnockThePod on Youtube 
July 02, 2021
Episode 79 "Say Ummm Again"
Recording on a different day this week but Art, Sette and Chip are back to provide whats been missing. We recap Fathers Days and Chip tells us about the heartwarming gift he received. We also recap Junetheeth and what it means for the future. Rick Ross announces new album on the way "Richer Than I Ever" also we discuss if we believe that he cuts his own grass. We dive into Tpain comments regarding Usher and if he f*cked up music. The Bee Hive vs Trick Daddy and if he bit off more than he can chew with this one. Ikea's Juneteeth menu, XXL Freshman class, Master P frying fish, Nick Cannon baby names and more!!!
June 25, 2021
Episode 78 - "Immaterial"
After a week of technical difficulties the crew is back with a lot to say! We kick off the episode with Migos album talk. We give Yo Gotti his praises for CMG. Verzuz announcing the battle we all want to see. We give gift ideas for fathers day and give our thoughts on the smash coloration between Balenciaga and Crocs. Have you ever heard of an "Immaterial Sculpture".  Bill Cosby vs OJ Simpson, Detroit Lottery winner, J. Price and more!!!!
June 16, 2021
Episode 77 "Season 3"
The start of Season 3 of #CKTP! We introduce our new sponsor s/o to The Youngstown Studio! We start a little different with the age old question should you get flown out with someone you don't plan on having sex with? We follow that up with a recap of the verzuz that none of us watched and give who we would pick for the 4th person on Mt Rushmore of 2010s. Art questions why Diddy posted JLo and ask can he do the same with old girlfriends. We bring back Tweets from BJ to bring in season 3. We have a group discussion on the do's and don'ts to wearing bonnets and durags in public. Cole hoop dreams have come to an end, NBA Players vs fans, Bill Cosby and more!!! Can't Knock The Pod is powered by The Youngstown Studio, search Youngstown Studio on Facebook and Youtube
June 02, 2021
Episode 76 - Tings
Episode 76 starts with the audio from the video played at the Billboard awards where they honored Drake with Billboard Artist of the Decade. Art, Chip and Sette are back doing what they do best. Chip talks abt his weekend and throws a couple shots at Art in the process. We start off with new music and we all agree that the 42 Dugg album is fire. We give Da Baby his praises for passing Drake on monthly Spotify listeners, but we question who is listening to him and why. We give Drake and Bruno their flowers. Rematch announced in Verzuz as Swizz Beatz is set to take on  Timbaland on Sunday. Ay somebody tell Cole its time come back to States. Also tell Nick to ease up off the WIld-n-Out girls. Metro Morrs, Tory Lanez, Covid and more!!!! 
May 26, 2021
Episode 75 - "The Love"
We start episode 75 with giving thanks! We want to thank each and every one of our listeners for their continued support! 
May 19, 2021
Episode 74 - "Who Watching The Kids?"
After a two week break Art, Sette and Chip are back like we never left . Chip gives us his reason as to why we didn't record last week but Sette steps up to clear the air as to what really happened. Chip has a question for our listeners before we get started. We pick up right where left off with topics starting with music. We start with DJ Khaled by asking if the formula he has for making albums working. We talk abt the Nas and Jay record of course. We go over other new music that just came out these past week. Where in the world is the Drake album? Art reads a list of artist who haven't dropped an album since 2018. Sette finally admits the truth about J-Lo. Lira Galore, Taiwan Gangsters, birds and more! 
May 12, 2021
Episode 73 - "Man vs Lion"
Art, Sette and Chip are back but this time we are at new location. Let us know if you can hear the difference. We start this week off with new the new music releases. We then get into a Kevin Samuels viral clip that has us in tears. Why do women set themselves up for ridicule by men. Apple tells how much they pay per stream vs Spotify. We ask the room if they're getting the vaccine after 3 HBU's make it mandatory to attend. We speak on the Derek Chauvin verdict and what that means for the future. Would you fight a Bobcat to save your wife and more!!!
April 21, 2021
Episode 72 "Y'all Take Ushbucks? w Chief P"
Art, Sette and Chip are back and just like last week they are joined by a special guest, Chief P an independent rap artist stops by and kicks it with the crew. We start off the episode with words about the late great DMX as he passed away this past weekend. We get into some music questions with Chief surrounding his career and his latest project Delason which is on all streaming platforms. We start our topics off with Kanye teaming up with Netflix to release his documentary that was 21 years in the making. We get into YG and the trouble surrounding his rap lyrics from "Meet The Flockers". We discuss the dangerousness of censoring old lyrics from artist and what that could lead too. We get into Usher throwing around his own currency "Ushbucks" in the strip club and what would you do if you were paid in it lol. YFN Lucci, Lil Mama, Clubhouse and more!!!!
April 15, 2021
Episode 71 "Triple M" Feat. Marcus Davis
After a week off the gang is back and this time we are joined by one of the friends!!! Clothing designer and owner of Makers Making Market: Marcus Davis is joining us. We ask Marcus about his favorite pieces and how he got his start. Who are his influences and since he's one of the friends we had to ask about his favorite CNTP moment. We dive right into topics with touching on the Quavo and Saweetie elevator incident and talk abt the wildest places we ever been in a fight at. Art and Chip discuss the Verzuz battle mainly because they're the only two from the pod who watched it. We discuss Rod Wave missing out on Drakes "Lemon Pepper Freestyle" because he didn't like his own verse. We talk abt Paul Pierce going on IG live and incriminating himself. Florida man, Freddie Gibbs, Vladimir Putin and more on this hilarious episode!!! To find more log onto
April 07, 2021
Episode 70 - "Baby, I Wanna Come Home!"
We made it to Episode 70!!! This episode is all jokes from start to finish. Art, Sette and Chip waste no time with the jokes from the intro. Slow music week but we start off with a recap from this past weekend Verzuz. We go over the upcoming schedule for Verzuz and give our thoughts on who could be the rematch battle that scheduled on Memorial Day. We give our thoughts on Young Buck's latest IG Live video and if we believe him or not. We get into all the relationship issues going on in the public. Starting with the Quavo and Saweetie, which lead us into an hilarious story from ChipBanks. We hit on Derick Jackson and the clown he is. That and more on episode 70!!! www.CantKnockThePod
March 24, 2021
Episode 69 - "Moneybag Joe"
Art, Lisette and Chip are back to bring another hilarious episode of #CKTP. We start off with the Grammys that no one watched. We dive into the winners and losers and what to make of the current state of The Grammys. We talk abt Roddy Rich walking away empty handed and his thoughts on Kanye. We know y'all tired of Drake talk but yes more Drake talk lol. Sette sticks up for JLo aka Jenny from the Block. We play Krik Franklin's and his son conversation and give our thoughts on that. Moneybag Joe!! We talk abt being STIMulated and more this week!!!
March 17, 2021
Episode 68 - "24HR Lockdown"
Art, Lisette and Chip are back after last weeks attempt of an episode. We go over the new music from this week starting with Drizzy of course. We make a phone call to one of the friends to get some answers. Verzuz being song to Triller and what that means. We discuss Jay's business moves following the latest news from Tidal. Cardi B and her amazing feat. We give Chip the mic and let him cook on Daks new contract. We dive into last weekends NBA All-Star game in Atlanta. We give our opinions on the game and the things we heard from our peers that went on. Art gives us his Facebook jail story that took place this past weekend and how other people actions got banned for 24hrs. We know its a series issue but we make so many jokes about former Papa Johns CEO and how he can't stop saying the n-word. Coming 2 America 2, Pepe Le Pew, Only Fans and more on this episode.
March 11, 2021
Episode 67 - "Livin' La Vida Loca"
Just know this episode is brought to you by Patron and we apologize LOL. Art, Chip and Sette are back and have a special guest in the studio OG Mxnsta as we celebrate his birthday. We start off recapping our weekend and giving praises to Sette because of her event this past Sunday. New Verzuz battle has been announced and we pick our winners. Livin La Vida Loca!!! We talk abt the Thong Song and who is getting the money from it. We also speak on how Sisqo is a legend. Whats the craziest thing you've ever done to get out of work? How much do you love Ranch dressing and what do you put it on. Twitter, Mr or Mrs Potato Head, James Harden and more!!!
March 03, 2021
Episode 66 - "At The 6 Countin' Chips"
The boys are back in town! The whole gang is in the studio today with Art, Chip and Sette. We get right to it starting off with the Meek Mill blowback and his approach to the situation. NBA hosting Allstar game in Atlanta this year, the mayor says "stay home". KimYe no longer for now and where do they go from here. Lionel Richie got his groove back. Art reads a recent story of a local girl receiving help from all over the USA. Jokes fly as we talk about the California School board as well as the news from the Cherokee Nation. Jay-Z, Only Fans, Texas and more on this hilarious episode. We also end the episode on Judas and The Black Messiah with a surprise clip at the end of episode. 
February 24, 2021
Episode 65 - "Bru-No Mars"
Art, Banks and Sette start right off with a Valentines Day recap and Sette lets us know that we are poor, again. Where is the 6 god? We get into Judas and The Messiah soundtrack and our thoughts on why Jay never made a track with Nip until now. We reminisce about BET Uncut as it retuned for this past weekend. Justin Timberlake's recent apology to Britney and Janet. Is it too late? We dive into The Game's recent comments on Clubhouse as well as Booise recent comments on Vlad. Fake Bruno Mars and $100k later. The $1 Billion mistake, Youtube prank gone wrong and more...
February 18, 2021
Episode 64 "For Chicken?"
Art, Chip and Sette are back for another hilarious episode. After a quick recap we get right into Cardi B newest single "Up." We discuss rather she stole the song from an underground artist and play the songs back to back. New Bryson Tiller news and its not good. We really get into the Super Bowl starting with the game and halftime show. We also go over some bets that were placed and our favorite commercials from the Sunday. Is Tom the greatest of all time? An Armed Robbery for chicken and waffles sends the crew over top. This episode jumps around a lot but trust and believe its filled with laughs. Nick Cannon, Karrueche Tran, Hallie Berry and more on Ep 64
February 10, 2021
Episode 63 - "Keep Em Coming"
February 03, 2021
Episode 62 - "Beagle Remorse"
Art, Chip and Sette are back for another episode of laughs. We start off introducing everyone in the room including a couple special guest. We start off with Chip venting about his recent Christmas purchase that he wants to return. We recap the recent verzuz battle between Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole. Talks of a 2pac vs Biggie Verzuz and are we here for it? Who would win between Usher vs Justin Timberlake and should he play songs from N'SYNC. Drake pushing Certified Lover Boy back and is he making a play for a Valentines Day release? We welcome in Biden and speak on Trumps "button." We give our Super Bowl picks? When did you realize you were in love? Covid sniffing dogs, billion dollar lottery winner and more on this funny episode. Check us out at
January 27, 2021
Episode 61 - "Where's My Refund"
The whole gang is here for 61. We start off with saying goodbye to 45. Art reads an email he received from the IRS that gave his the status of his stimulus refund from last year. We try to get to the bottom of why the world hates Bow Wow. Cardi B tweets about the cost of her videos and pick our favorite. Drake reached 50 Billion streams, clap for him.  Did James Harden wear a fat suit to get traded? We apologize to Sette for getting on her abt her Netflix referral. We go over Nielsen TV ratings and upcoming movies. Art thanks the group but they laugh at him. We read about the nicest car thief ever and the man living in the Chicago airport.  This episode is sponsored by Hair B&B log on to to book your time slot
January 20, 2021
Episode 60 - "Ughhh"
Make em say Ughhhhh!!! Slow music week but the gang starts off talking about Lil Nas X and his latest accomplishment. The definition of only needing one. Saweetie and Doja Cat make their case for the best 1-2 punch. The Verzuz battle that never was but now that is. Art tells us his love for the #BussItChallange. Lori Harvey continues her run. We take a break and taste Master P Noodles and give our thoughts on them. Who's more toxic Drake or Future? Storming of the Capitol, Dr Dre, Football and more on Episode 60!!! This episode is sponsored by Hair B&B log on to to book your time slot
January 13, 2021
Episode 59 "The Pyrex Bowl"
First episode of 2021!!! The whole gang is here as we recap what we did to bring in the New Year. We all agree its Certified Lover Boy season as we anticipate Drakes upcoming album. Is it Cardi B responsibility to police her music for kids? Benny The Butcher and The Buffalo “Pyrex” Bills collab. We go over the most streamed artist of 2020 and its some major surprises. The launch of “Late Night at The Waffle House” series on ClubHouse. Jimmy Iovine selling his royalties and a little stock tip thrown in there. King Hawaiian, Mase, Pop Hunna and more on our 2021 launch. This episode is sponsored by Hair B&B log on to to book your time slot
January 06, 2021
Episode 58 - "Congrats!!!"
On the last episode of 2020 Art, Chip and Lisette recap the Christmas holiday and what took place over the weekend. We find out what Sette's big gift was which leads us to talk about people being "fake happy"  for you. Hilarious!!! We jump into topics starting with Playboy Carti latest release "Whole Lotta Red" and the funny hashtags that came from it. We get into Lil Durk latest effort and touch base on J Stone and a possibility of a new Nipsey Hussle album. Charlamange says that the "Drake Era" is over, is that true? Da Baby, Cardi B and Swae Lee wrap up our music topics. Cheers to Master P and Barron Davis on talks with Rebook and what that could mean for black creators. Nick Cannon welcomes a new daughter and gives her a powerful name. Home Depot, Club House and more on the last of 2020.  Episode sponsored by Hair Barber and Beauty. Get access to professional salon and barber space, while only paying for the days you use it. Log onto for more info
December 30, 2020
Episode 57 - "Chaining Day" w/special guest Keilyn
The whole squad is here for this Holiday edition episode of CKTP. Art, Sette and Chip are joined by rapper and producer Keylin by way of California. We talk about life on the West Coast and what made him make the jump. He also breaks down living in Atlanta vs California. All hoods are the same. He joins us for our weekly topics and we discuss Clubhouse and the impact of it. The blowback that T.I and Lil Duvall are facing. We give our thoughts on the Verzuz battle of the Bay. Sauce Waka and why they not giving us $2000 for stimulus. Chip surprises Art and Sette with a Christmas gift for the ages. Apple, Lil Wayne, DJ Screw and more of this holiday episode. We're also at a different location! This episode is sponsored by Hair B&B log on to to book your slot and get to work!!!
December 26, 2020
Episode 56 - "C'mon Snoop"
Episode 56 Art and Sette are joined by one of the friends Quilla aka "Shaq" who fills in for ChipBanks for the day, Quilla is a faithful listener and best friends with Sette so the episode runs just like it normal. After a quick weekend recap we jump right into topics starting with the Verzuz battle that wasn't. Art shares how disappointed he was and they take on vote on this weeks Battle of the Bay, Too Short vs E-40. We get into Snoop Dogs comments about WAP. "Twister got Gabby f*cked up" - Shaq. We go over our top 5 most listened to artist according to Apple Music. Sette and Shaq weigh in on should a man let his woman know before he cuts his beard? Who's running Bill Cosby twitter page and more!!!!  This episode is sponsored by Hair B&B log on to to book your slot
December 16, 2020
Episode 55 - "Houstatlantavegas Rockets"
After a quick weekend recap Art, Chip and Sette jump right into topics starting off with Lil Baby's wild weekend. You dropping 16k for Ms London? Boosie's lawsuit against Mark Zuckemburger lol. Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole who ya got? You buying Drakes candle that smells like him? The Rock, Warner Bro's and more!!!! This episode is sponsored by Hair B&B log on to to book your slot
December 09, 2020
Episode 54 - "Thot-Tea"
After a longer than normal Thanksgiving break the game is back and full of laughs. We recap our holiday and Sette tells us all the things she made while Art gives her props for her famous lasagna. This week we start off a little different by jumping into Dave Chappelle vs The Chappelle Show. Next we get into our Triller boxing night with Nate Robinson vs Jake Paul first then Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr as well as the greatness of Snoop. We play an hilarious Rick Ross clip that sends us over the top. Chip tell us what might be the funniest story to date on #CKTP. Patty still slanging, Thug's comments and The Grammys wrap up this episode This episode is sponsored by Hair B&B log on to to book your slot
December 02, 2020
Episode 53 "FriendsGiving"
Art, Chip and. Lisette are back to in the studio to do what they do best. In the studio we have a couple friends with us as we dive into our weekly topics. We start with all the new music that was released the week. We dive into Megan The Stallion debut album. The latest on Nikki and her greatness. We go deep deep into the latest Verzuz battle praising both Jeezy and Gucci. We give our thoughts on sampling gospel music for hiphop songs. We introduce a new segment this week: "Florida Man" as well as bringing back tweets from BJ. We give our Thanksgiving plans and ponder why black people still eat chitlins. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at #CKTP This episode is sponsored by Hair B&B log on to to book your slot
November 24, 2020
Episode 52 - "BIG SNOW"
Art, ChipBanks and Sette waste no time and get right into the upcoming Verzuz battle between Jeezy vs Gucci Mane. We don't tow the line we are Team Snow this way with ChipBanks leading the charge. We speak on the debut of Jeezy and compare it to others. The possibility of a Game vs 50 cent verzuz. The high possibility of it happening. We touch on all the releases from last Friday and albums dropping Friday.  The definition of debut. Chris Brown $28million come up. Can your significant other be subscribed to a celebrities Only Fans? Karen struggles, why white people don't use wash clothes and more!!! This Episode of #CKTP is sponsored by 
November 18, 2020
Episode 51 - "FDT"
Starting with the intro we let you know exactly what type of time we're on. FDT!!!! We start off by going over the recent presidential election and congratulations to Biden and Harris on winning. We breakdown a couple states and give our thoughts on the election in general. After election talk we jump right into Gucci declining a verzuz battle with Jeezy and the announcement of the next matchup that was announced. R.I.P King Von. Dr Dre divorce is getting messier and messier as Cardi clears the air abt her and Offset. Baby Shark the new king of the Tube, Gamestop will make you dance and more on Episode 51 of #CKTP @CantKnockThePod
November 11, 2020
Episode 50 Part 2 "After The Live"
After the live 50th episode the gang is back in the studio. Art Chip and Sette recap the live show experience and the reaction from that. We briefly talk abt Halloween before diving into topics. Starting with the BET Awards that no one watched or even knew about. We give our picks for the T.I and Jeezy Verzuz battle and Shawty Redd threats. Should you be held accountable for 10yr old tweets? Bo Jackson trippin and Zach Randolph vs The Russians. Ye or Nay for Kanye's gift to Kim for her birthday and more on another hilarious episode. @CantKnockThePod
November 04, 2020
Episode 49 - "Vacation Envy"
Countdown to Episode 50!!! The whole gang is here and we start off with a recap from Sweetest Day. Then we get into Sunday's team building outing at Top Golf. We start off with music and speak on the Benny The Butcher album produced by HitBoy. Recently 40 says he's only working for Drake, we give our thoughts. Nuke Bizzle aka Mr. EDD , Young Dolph, NYC bus driver and more of Episode 49 . Oh we also make a phone call to one of the homies who tells us his jet ski experience. @CantKnockThePod
October 21, 2020
Episode 48 - "Bish Did You Fart?"
The countdown to 50! Episode 48 Art, Chip and Sette start right off with the latest new on Tory Lanez (before court). Banks gives us details on a time when he was facing 6 months. Arts celebrates his Lakers on winning their 17th Championship. We speak on LeBron and his greatness. Art have a question on LeBron. Sette details on what she had to do since her team lost to the Cowboys on Sunday, also they all speak on Dat and state of the NFL. We dive into Baby Blue and the current trend of what's going on social media TL's. Art reads Quavo first DM to his current girlfriend Saweetie and they all speak on their past and present relationships have started. That leads to Art giving his views on when a woman should fart around her man and the rest is history. Lol
October 14, 2020
Episode 47 - "Playoffs?"
We waste no time this episode and get right into them Dallas Cowboys!!! Chip has nothing to say to defend his squad after an embarrassing loss the the Cleveland Browns. Art and Set really pour it on him. We keep it in sports and talk Jalen Ramsey vs Golden Tate, Houston Texans and round it out with Kyrie Irving. We give our thoughts on Bryson Tiller's new album. Banks finally listened to Tory Lanez latest album and gives us his thoughts. Hoody Hoo's, Subway's not so bread and more on Episode 47. Quick episode this week but we do also announce some upcoming things for this month!!!
October 07, 2020
Episode 46 "Allegedly"
Episode 46 starts off with Sette bringing everyone her go to coffee since today is National Coffee Day. Art and Chip go over their weekend together in Columbus and Chip explains what he was doing while his fiancé was driving them back home. We jump right into music with Bryson Tillers new "deluxe" album, Julez Santana and end it with our thought on the Tory Lanez album and do we believe him or not. Would you help your girl if she's getting beat up or jumped? The NFL vs Corona and Tyrod Taylor vs The NFL and more!!!
September 30, 2020
Episode 45 - "Season 2"
Season 2!!! After one year in the books Art, Banks and Sette are back together once again. We welcome Sette back after her one week hiatus because of partying. Sette lets us know how she really feels and Art reads Sette text on why she feels she is invincible. After the dust settles we get right into relationships, first with Cardi B and Offset then Dr. Dre and his soon to be ex-wife. We read a list of rappers biggest songs and talk about JD wanting to battle Diddy in a verzuz battle. We get an update on virtual learning for the kids and play a clip from the Florida school board meeting. (hilarious) We go over our top 5 states for listeners as well as Ty Lawson, Jamie Foxx and more!!! Cover Art done by Marcus Davis
September 23, 2020
Episode 44 - "Down A Sette" w/ Lauren Michelle
This week the group is down Sette hence the name but friend and fellow podcaster Lauren Michelle from Static Energy Podcast stops by to hang with Art and Chip for this weeks episode. They start of by giving an update on Sette's current status. We stick to the script and jump right off into the topics. Latest Verzuz battle between Patti Labelle and Gladys Knight, is Missy the only one who can battle Drake? Boosie is back on IG with a new page. The Internet vs Fab and Emily. We go over the wildest thing we've done as kids then Art reads some of the best from his social media post about it.  We get Lauren's thoughts on a viral txt message, tweets by BJ and more @CantKnockThePod @StaticEnergyPodcast
September 17, 2020
Episode 43 - "Make The Box Great Again"
Art, Lisette and Chip are back for another hilarious episode. We start off with Lisette explaining why she was late today and also last week. After jokes on Sette we dive into Big Sean and our thoughts on his latest album. There's been a BRYSON TILLER sighting, well kinda. Art brags about getting some exclusive music. The pod was gifted the new Travis Scott meal from McDonald's so we take a brief break to enjoy some "perks". We continue our conversation about foods to eat while driving. We took a poll on FB so we decided to call One Of The Friends to go into detail on his driving and eating experience. HILARIOUS!!! We also give our tops 3 cereals and more on ep 43. @CantKnockThePod
September 09, 2020
Episode 42 - "The Look"
Art, DJ Chipbanks and Lisette Elena are back for episode 42 of #CKTP. We start the episode of with a clip from the late and great Chadwick Bosman. We give our insight on the loss of our Super Hero. RIP. Some how we end up getting into a conversation of foods that you can eat while driving. Art tells a story on when Banks tried to eat a Taco Bell desert in the car, that didn't end well lol. Sette gives us details on her Birthday weekend. We give our thoughts on Rihana's words about Chris Brown and if we think they will end up together. Toni Braxton, Big Sean and more!!! Follow us @CantKnockThePod
September 03, 2020
Episode 41 - "Let Me See Ya Grill"
Art, Lisette and Chip are back with a topic filled episode once again. We start off heavy on the music leading with Nas and his latest album. We talk about Big Sean announcing his latest album release date as well as his new single featuring the late Nipsey Hussle. WAP's dominance on the charts. We dive into the Pharrell and Jay-Z song and video. Sette shows off her latest purchase! Can a man tell a woman that she hurt his feelings? KFC dropping their slogan and more on Episode 41. @CantKnockThePod
August 26, 2020
Episode 40 - "WAP Olympics"
After a month of being off the gang is back!!! We recap what’s been going on during this break. Art gives us his covid story and explains how quarantine life was. After that we pick up right where we left. We jump into Drakes new song and video. WAP is definitely on the menu this episode as well as the latest Verzuz battles. The NBA bubble and Seahawks DB wrap up our sports topics this week. We jump all over the place this episode. We talk abt our built a** camera man which is hilarious Follow us @CantKnockThePod
August 19, 2020
Episode 39 - "Finessed"
Out the gate Episode 39 starts off with bang. DJ ChipBanks takes off his track jacket to reveal his attire for the episode for our Youtube viewers. We start the episode off on the "Entanglement" which took place over this past weekend. Art and Chip are taught some Spanish culture via Lisette as we dive into the remarks from the CEO of Goya. Which kinda got out of hand lol. Lisette goes into detail about her little spill over the weekend. We get into SZA being cheated on, Chip missing out on the Badu incenses again and more!!! @CantKnockThePod on all social platforms 
July 15, 2020
Episode 38 - "Scam Likely"
Episode 38 starts off with the group looking at a picture where the late Michael Jackson is standing behind Toni Braxton and its hilarious. After the giggles calm down we get into new music from Gucci Mane, Westside Gun, Pop Smoke and Lil Wayne. We also talk abt Lil Baby's dominance over the charts this year to wrap up music. We get into Patrick Mahomes new contract and Makur Maker choosing to go to a HBCU over UCLA, Kentucky and Memphis. We talk abt Ray Hushpuppi which is where the title episode comes from and we get into the amazon driver who was fed up.  @CantKnockThePod on all social media for merch
July 08, 2020
Episode 37 - "Magical Box"
After last weeks comeback the gang gets right into this week. Starting off with The BET awards and the lastest Verzus battle between Fab and Jada. Ye and Gap partnership and Chase Rice wrap up our music segment. Wait we also had a Bryson Tiller spotting. Art wanted to talk about a Nasa contest he read about so we talk abt that. A little over an hour into the episode we get into the Jada and Will vs Jada and August.  Oh we discuss rappers with the most kids just because , for the lastest merch Got dope? Check out 
July 02, 2020
Episode 36 - "Food Poison"
After a what seems like a lifetime the team is back together and in the mood to POD! Art has since recovered from food poison but was feeling like MJ game 5, note this weeks cover and intro lol We pick up right how we know with a recap of Fathers Day and Juneteenth. We get into music with Cole vs Noname, Fab vs Jadakiss and yay or no to having sex with music on. At around the 1:24 mark we get into Maino getting put into the friend zone by a famous R&B singer, hilarious!!!  This is episode takes off and ends up being one of the funniest to date.  Check out the dopeness of Marcus Davis at  @CantKnockThePod 
June 25, 2020
Episode 35 - "Margaritaville"
On episode 35 Art and Sette decided to drink THC and Alcohol infused margaritas. Lol Lets just say DJ ChipBanks carried this episode as them other two people were in and out lol...We start the episode off with Jay and Ye and the things they been doing recently. We talk abt Da Brat coming out the closet. Akon and Republic Records round out our music topics. Chip finally seen Uncut Gems so he gives us his take on that. We get into the importance of voting and all these companies jumping on BLM. This episode was all over the place and so were the host lol.
June 10, 2020
Episode 34 - "Is That My Car"
Art, Chip Banks and Lisette are back for Episode 34 of CKTP. The episode starts off with a quick recap of last weeks which leads to Art giving an sincere apology to The Friends. We dive into JR Smith fighting off a thug who tried to vandalize his car. We all attended a protest in honor of George Floyd this past weekend so we give our thoughts on that as well as the other protest going on in the states. We give our thoughts on the looting and the problem with not giving people a voice. Don Lemon calling out celebs, Dmx, and Virgil Abloh round out the episode.  #CKTP
June 03, 2020
Episode 33 - "Karen Strikes Again"
Art, ChipBanks and Lisette Elena are back for the Scottie Pippen episode. This episode is more serious than normal as we speak on the temperature of the country and unjust murders that continue to happen to our people. Chip takes on us history lesson and the importance of voting in your local elections. Prayers to the families George Floyd and Ammaud Arbery. There was a Karen siting in NYC, we give our take on that and the importance of being organized. We do touch our normal topics from latest music to the new Michael Jordan audio. We make a phone call on this episode and end with a bang.
May 29, 2020
Episode 32 - #SheBelongsToTheStreets
Fresh off barbershop reopening day Art and Chip are in a mood. Lol Lisette does her best to keep things in check. The episode starts with a detailed description of how getting that first haircut felt. Also Future new album "High Off Life" dropped so we discuss that as well as the Future #SheBelongsToTheStreet memes. Art gives an apology to Ludacris after his unanimous victory over Nelly. We get into the Netflix show "BlackAF" and the mixed reviews and how we feel. Would you be mad if your significant other started an "Only Fans" page without your knowledge but kept it classy? The last Last Dance, Will Smith and more are filled on episode 33. For merchandise log on to @CantKnockThePod on all social media 
May 20, 2020
Episode 31 - "Welcome to Nellyville"
Episode 31 starts off by rememberer the ones lost this past weekend. We tried to be different this episode and start off with movies/tv by giving an update on the AMC vs Universal Pictures. Cam hints at a Paid In Full 2. Jill Scott vs Erykah Badu verzuz recap and upcoming battle between Luda and Nelly!! Women tweet stories of when they realized they were dickmatized and we read them! Mike Tyson looking like he will still eat your kids. We go over the timeline of the Ahamd Aubry murder also remembering Andre Harrell. Lil Wayne, Tekashi 69, The Last Dance and more in this hilarious yet informative episode.
May 13, 2020
Episode 30 - "30 For 30"
Episode 30 for 30!!! Art is joined by DJ ChipBanks and Lisette Elena as we record our 30th episode. We start the episode off with an update from ChipBanks and his life with the kids. We kick the topics off with the suprise release from the 6 God. We dive into "Dark Lane Demo Tapes" and the process behind that. We also discuss Drakes $400K mattress and what's included with that. We get into Tory Lanez and how's he's bodying the quarantine with social media. We talked abt his most recent concert on YouTube and how he's giving the blueprint to artist. Beyonce hopped on Megan The Stallion's "Savage" remix and we discuss the line about "demon time" and who really knew what that was. We go over episodes 5 and 6 of ESPN's The Last Dance and Jordans serious gambling addition. The war between Universal Pictures vs AMC Theaters and more!!! @CantKnockThePod on all social media 
May 06, 2020
Episode 29 - "The Fire-est"
No time is wasted in this episode, right off the bat Chip gives us an update on "Life at Home w/a toddler". He ask for prayer from all of the friends out there. We start the topics off with a congratulations to Ye and becoming a billionaire. Clap for him!!! We acknowledge NBA YoungBoys work effort at only 20yrs old. We pick our winners for the versuz battle between Three 6 Mafia vs Bone Thugs n Harmony. The possibility of a Dr. Dre vs Diddy battle and what battle the streets want. We have a good laugh thanks to Young M.A, a lot of laughs. We give our Corona updates and Art continues to cry about his hair. Tupac Shakur denied unemployment, NFL Draft and more on a very funny episode. Feels like we back in that mode. Congratulations to Lynn Bowden Jr on being drafted to the Los Angelas Raiders!!! Whole city repping that black and silver
April 30, 2020
Episode 28 - "Vintage"
After last weeks return the gang is back on track. We recapped our weekends and what we did on 420. We jump right in music topics on this episode starting with Da Baby latest album. The we jump over to Teddy vs Babyface and the timetable on that. We discuss some other people who we would like to see battle each other. French Montana comments and if we agree with or not. We go over how many streams it takes to make $1! We end the music segment by giving an update on The Game and his situation on the $7.1 million lawsuit he loss. Also we take a super deep dive on the ESPN doc "The Last Dance" which features Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. We take abt how it happen and some things we learned from the show. Be sure to check out to find the latest merchandise. @CantKnockThePod on all social media
April 23, 2020
Episode 27 - "Back Like 45"
After a month off due to Corona Art, ChipBanks and Lisette are back and ready to move forward with the POD. New location but the same cast and laughs. We knock the rust off and pick up right where we left like we never left. Of course we catch up with each other and give an insight on what life's been like during the quarantine.  Corona topic is heavy but not in a news way. Felt good to be back at and another episode will be coming next week as well. NO MORE BREAKS!!!! Visit for Merch 
April 18, 2020
Episode 26 - "Contagious"
Art, Chip and Lisette start off this episode with a recap of last weeks interview with DJK and what's to come with their new series called For The Record. Art and Chip talk abt Jay Electronica and Jay-Z's new project. We discuss the NFL new CBA agreement and if Tom Brady is leaving the Pats. (Episode recorded on 3/17) We really dive in the Coronavirus and what's to come and what do we expect. We touch on what's happening in the US and with San Fransisco. Do you talk dirty on the phone? We answer that question and more on this weeks episode. We also make a call to a friend, be sure to check out last weeks For The Record and any episodes you missed.  @CantKnockThePod on all social media 
March 19, 2020
For The Record Ep 01 | Feat. Derrell Johnson-Koulianos (DJK)
Art, Chip and Lisette are bringing a new sit down podcast style interview series. Our first guest is Derrell Johnson-Koulianos (DJK). Derrell was All Big Ten receiver who at the time he finished his collegiate career was the leader in receiving yards and receptions at the University of Iowa. In 2009 he was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. Currently he is tied with the longest kickoff return against Ohio State in Ohio at 99yrds. We sit down and take it back to the beginning of him being raised by a young mother and then being adopted and raised by the Koulianos family which changed his life. His story can be a movie and its actually one out there called Blindside which is very similar to Derrell's upbringing, We get into his dominance at Iowa and hoe things were rolling to how things took a turn for the worst in 2010. DJK opens up and holds nothing back and we are honored to have him kick off our new series.  @CantKnockThePod
March 15, 2020
Episode 25 - "We Need Moore"
Art is joined by Co Host DJ ChipBanks and the beautiful Lisette Elena. We get right into music and talk abt last weeks drops, including Jhene Aiko and Jada Kiss. We dive into Megan The Stallion and her recent troubles. When was a 2.7gpa bad? Is it time for Da Baby to hire better Secruity? We are all for Boosie new realty show and his rebrand. We talk abt the greatness of Maya Moore and the disrespect of Spike Lee but the New York Knicks. Harvey Weinstein last ditch attempt and we are scared of the Coronavirus. Those topics and more on this very informative episode. Art finally got some new sounds to wear out lol @CantKnockThePod on all social media platforms 
March 11, 2020
Episode 24 - "Bernie?"
On this episode Art, Chip and Sette start off on the music side of things. We start things off by giving thoughts on last week music releases  and what's to come this Friday. We touch a little on Diddy bringing back Making The Band but close the music topics with Megan vs her label. Master P and Romeo latest Breakfast Club Interview and how we as people must support our own. Cliche we know. We dive into Netflix Comedy fest lineup and the departure of Judge Judy from CBS after 25yrs. A lot of information on this episode but we never forget the jokes as we have a good laugh courtesy of Maga supporters mistaking Garth Brooks wearing a Barry Sanders jersey at his show in Detriot as a sign of support for Bernie Sanders. We wrap the episode up with our thoughts on sex on the first date and Fashion Nova's influencer marketing budget. More sprinkled in as well. Enjoy as we come up episode 25 next week!!! Merch can be purchased at @CantKnockThePod on all social media
March 04, 2020
Episode 23 - "Checks for Chicken"
And were back!!!! After what felt like a lifetime (really just 2 weeks) Art, DJ ChipBanks and Sette Elena are back with another episode. We pick up exactly where we left off at. We recap our off week and then get right into the Tyson vs Wilder fight. Did they stop it too soon? Should there be a third fight? We talk abt the NAACP awards that nobody watched which lead us into ChipBanks gripe with Black-ish. Royce Da 59 greatness, Drakes upcoming album and upcoming albums from big artist round up the music segments. Boneless Thugs N Harmony? Things black people do for chicken!!! Plus more!! Another funny episode in the books! for latest merchandise  @CantKnockThePod on all social media 
February 26, 2020
Episode 22 - "Birthday Episode"
Happy Birthday to the host of Can't Knock The Pod Art Ward. He is joined by ChipBanks and Lisette and 4 of the friends as they tackle another week of hot topics starting with Art's game night over this past weekend. Fruit by the foot game? Sundays Oscars and Nipsey Hussle lead the topics off as well as Power additional spinoffs. We talk XFL, Nicki Minaj and Jay Electronica which then leads us to the queen Erykah Badu selling Incense that smell like her vagina. Hilarious conversation. We also name other vaginas we want to smell and also let the ladies have their turn in guys. We talk abt Genea Sky, the stripper who fell over 2 stories off a stripper pole. We touch on Valentines Day plans and past gifts. Another episode that is super funny!! Episode more on the explicit side this week. Thats our disclaimer lol  Merch available at Follow us on Youtube, IG, Twitter and Facebook: @CantKnockThePod 
February 12, 2020
Episode 21 - "Prime Time"
Art, Chip and Sette waste no time jumping right into the recap of Super Bowl weekend starting with the game, commercials and half time show. We get into Jay-Z's recent interview with the New York Times and relationship with the NFL. We dive into Wayne's comments on not knowing who TDE or Quality Control Music are. Lakers first game after Kobe. Mase vs Diddy. Should a woman have sex with a man who takes her on vacation? We really have fun with that one. This episode has some really good topics and is very entertaining!!!
February 05, 2020
Episode 20 - "RIP Kobe Bean"
Not to much to say here but RIP to a legend.....Kobe Bean Bryant.  After our remberance we do dive into some topics. Bear with us because we were a little off due to the circumstances.
January 29, 2020
Episode 19 - "Salty"
ChipBanks and Lisette waste no time and letting Art have it after the Tennessee Titans loss over the weekend. Banks even brings Art a present to help him in his time of need. After the storm the gang recaps last episode with Lee and speak on things to come. Bad Boys 3 review as well as an Aaron Hernandez deep dive starts the episode off. Art talks about his recent trip to Walmart and Banks talks abt his manicure adventure. We speak on how Roddy Rich has these pop artist pulling out on the stunts and none of them working, Plenty of jokes on this episode!!!! Visit for Merch and advertising opportunities.  Follow us @CantKnockThePod 
January 22, 2020
Episode 18 - "Convo With Lee"
On this special Saturday episode we welcome out first official guest Salih Lee Robinson aka Lee. Currently is Lee Co-Host of The David Banner Podcast also A&R and Creative Director of Banner Vision. Show starts out with Lee telling a story of Art from back when they were in high school together. We dive into how Salih Lee and David Banner met and became friends which led to them becoming family. He explains how him taking advantage of an opportunity set him up to be in the position he is in today. We talk abt what he is looking for in an artist and his view on the current state of music. He names his favorite artist from city as well some of his other favorite things here. We talk of the success of The David Banner Podcast and his ten year vision. Oh don't worry we still dive into our topics and get Salih Lee to tell us a few celeb stories.  Enjoy and see you on Wednesday.   Merch available at
January 18, 2020
Episode 17 "Merch Is Here!!!"
On Episode 17 we get right into the important stuff. How abt them mf Tennessee Titans!!!!! After Art calms down we dive into this music heavy episode. We kick things off with discussing Nipsey and Victory Lap going platinum after almost two years. We talk abt Shaggy vs Rihanna, Rick Ross latest interview and Drake and Future latest single/video. Are we here for Kendrick's rock oriented new album. We take credit for Oprah removing herself from the Russel Simmons doc because we did that lol. We also usher in a new segment which is hilarious. Contest details for my local people so please listen out for that. Most importantly log on to to purchase so merch because "Merch Is Here!!" Follow us on all social media  @CantKnockThePod
January 15, 2020
Episode 16 - "America's Team?"
On our first episode of 2020 we recap our New Year Eve as well as things we are we leaving on 2019. We get right into music topics discussing if French Montana is buying streams. We touch on Big Sean and other artist we are anticipating in the new year. Only one real sports topic to talk about and that's the new America's Team, The Tennessee Titans!!! We talk about the longest and shortest time we had to wait on having sex with someone. We name our favorite pizzas and more of this full episode.
January 08, 2020
Episode 15 - "Rap Snacks"
On this episode we recap the Christmas Holiday and give our non existing New Years resolutions. After a longer than normal intro we dive into our weekly topics covering hot points from Drake's recent interview with Rap Radar along with Kevin Hart's new Netflix doc. We discuss RIAA HipHop Tiers in terms as sales and go over XXL's list of rappers who made history during the last decade. We wanted to end 2019 off with something special so we decided to have a taste test of Master P's Rap Snacks and pick which ones we like the best. More funny topics included in our last podcast of 2019! Happy New Year and thanks for your support!! CantKnockThePod@gmailcom @CantKnockThePod on all social media platforms 
December 31, 2019
Episode 14 "Happy Holidays"
We wanted to give y'all something this week so here it is.....We get into our normal routine with music, news and sports and end the show on Christmas topics!! Thank You and have a blessed holiday!!!
December 23, 2019
Episode 13 - "Fake A** Breakfast Club"
Word on the street is we're The Fake A** Breakfast Club lol....This episode we dive into a ton of music topics. We give our top 5 favorite albums of the year along with our top 10 most listened to artist according to our own Apple Music. We get into sports as well as a little news to round it all up. Thank you for listening. Got Topics? Send them to Follow us  @CantKnockThePod
December 18, 2019
Episode 12 - "I Keep The 40"
On this Episode the gang recaps the weekend and the backlash Lisette and ChipBanks faced for eating 5 day leftovers. This week we touch bases on topics such as the Warriors losing their National TV games, Oprah against black men, R. Kelly , Lizzo and the infamous $40.  Got topics you want us to discuss hit us at:
December 12, 2019
Episode 11 - "Levels"
We Back!!! After a week off Art, Chipbanks and Lisette are back better than ever. After a Thanksgiving recap the crew gets to discussing how long should you eat leftovers and the last day to eat holiday food. We dive into new music from Game, Fabolous and Griselda . We speak on Wack 100 and Dwade. Art and Chip speak on the failed Game Night lol. Chip talks abt all the perks he's been getting from the pod which leads us to calling a friend to speak on a gift he gave his wife for her wedding.  Without giving spoilers away we talk abt the greatest of Queen and Slim.  Follow us @CantKnockThePod on all social media platforms Email us topics and suggestions at
December 04, 2019
Episode 10 - "Happy Thanksgiving"
We made it to Episode 10!!! The Happy Thanksgiving episode! Art, ChipBanks and Lisette start the podcast off with heavy music talk abt Dave East, Fabolous, Tory Lane and Jhene Aiko and Big Sean. We go over details on how to win two tickets to go see Queen and Slim.  The gang get into sports and before a lengthy conversation on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. We won't be recording next week so Episode 11 will drop on 12/3.  Contest Details: Email a quick review of the show, leave name and city and we will enter it into a drawing for a chance of winning two tickets to see Queen and Slim. 
November 20, 2019
Episode 9 - "Chancletas"
Episode 9 Art is joined by Lisetter Elena and DJ ChipBanks. This week the gang starts off by recapping the Ohio Entertainment Awards and saluting all the winners from Youngstown.  We get personal on this episode as each of talk abt out most famous whooping stories. After Dion Waiters vs The Edible topic Chipbanks shares the time he had a bad smoking trip. Hilarious! We discuss Instagram's new way of business as well as Drake, YG, and Fabolous. Another week of laughs. Be sure to watch our social media as we are giving away two tickets to see Queen and Slim.  Also next week is our 10th episode and we will have many Thanksgiving topics to over. If you have any topics that you would like us to discuss email us at @CantKnockThePod (Twitter, IG, Facebook)
November 13, 2019
Episode 8 - "Armani Code"
Episode 8 we welcome back Lisette Elena!! We start the episode off by paying respect to the legend John Witherspoon. Theres a lot of topics this week so we get right into it. We start with the horror of Daylight Savings Time and the fact no one likes it. We hit all points on this episode with movies, shows, music and sports. Also Art shares a hilarious story from this past weekend with lead to that being the title lol.  Got topic ideas? Hit us up at
November 07, 2019
Episode 7 - "Don't Ask.....No Questions"
Episode 7 we dive into Adreanna's Holloween weekend with her girls. Which led us to picking our favorite costume we seen over the weekend. We dive deep into Kanye and his latest album “Jesus Is King and everything that is surrounding it. We touch on the new music that dropped along with TPain tour cancellation. We attempt to tiptoe around transgender individuals participating in sports but we end up diving head first. So hilarious hopefully we don’t get canceled lol. Other topics include struggle meals, wildest shit we done to get our significant other back as well as what to say when your girl or guy gets a haircut you don’t like. This may be my favorite episode to date Follow us @CantKnockThePod on all social media platforms.
October 30, 2019
Episode 6 - "Oh You A Stalker"
Episode 6 Art is joined once again by DJ ChipBanks and Adreanna. After a quick recap of Sweetest Day weekend the gang gets right into the topics, starting with Banks rating the Joker movie. We also touch bases on the Wu Tang show (Hulu) and HBO’s The Watchman. We discuss the top 5 Netflix original shows according to Netflix along with Netflix stand on sharing passwords. New Music, Salle Mae, Nas, Keanon Lowe and Tank are just some of the topics for this week. We also speak on arguments in a relationships, how many kids are too many to begin a relationship and does anyone have you blocked on social media. Both Art and Banks share their stalker story Follow us on Twitter and IG @CantKnockThePod
October 23, 2019
Episode 5 - "Best Group?"
On Episode 5 Art is joined by DJ ChipBanks as they welcome back Adreanna! After a long weekend the gang talks about the events that took place during that time. We speak briefly on new music that dropped and Summer Walkers number. We also touch base on 6ix9ine, Lauryn Hill, DMX and JT. We also talk abt the tragic death of Atatiana Jefferson. May she Rest In Peace. We dive back into the topic of remaking old movies and shows. On another not Art and Chip have been nominated for Best Group for the Ohio Entertainment awards which promos a call the the awards host to get clarification on what actually is “Best Group”…..Another episode of laughs for sure.
October 16, 2019
Episode 4 - "Where is Meteor Man"
On Ep 4 Art welcomes back DJ ChipBanks and Lisette!!!! This week we dig into the Summer Walker and her greatness. Chris Brown's tactics with Indigo. The gang also praises Tyler Perry and his studio. Details surrounding DeAndre Summerville which leads to Art telling his jury duty story. Also we speak on Brant Jean and Joshua Brown. A lot of serious topics on the episode but the funny is still there.  Thank you for your support and we ask that you stick with us as we grow!!! Can't Knock The Pod!!! 
October 09, 2019
Episode 3 - "I Don't Like That Sh*t"
On Episode 3 Art is joined by DJ ChipBanks and the lovely Lisette! This week the gang gets into a lot of music discussions Kanye West no album  New Music that drop this week. High praises for Young M.A Summer Walkers new album that's dropping along with a new Travis Scott single Song of the summer Super Bowl Patti Labelle  takeover  Recent rush to remake old movies This may be the funniest episode to date, we get an inside from ChipBanks on what its like working with Art and we also get a wave update from ChipBanks. 
October 02, 2019
Episode 2 - "New Mics Who Dis?!"
On episode 2 Art is joined again by Dj ChipBanks and Adreanna as they recap the first episode as well as a number of other topics. Topics include New Mics the rebrand of Yung Berg.  Is J Cole really done with features?  New Ye album  Opposite sex best friends Wave battle between Art and DJ ChipBanks gets heated Jokes flying again on this one. ***Still working on the mics, bear with us***
September 27, 2019
Episode 1 - "10 Chalupas and 1 Diet Baja Blast"
Welcome to Can't Knock The Pod!!! On this 1st episode Art is join by Dj ChipBanks and Adreanna as they discuss events from this past weekend as well as the process to come up with the podcast name. DJ ChipBanks shares his story of riding in a Lamborghini . Jokes are flying on this one and this quick introduction episode is full of laughs! Enjoy!!! Albums to Check  Art - Kur  "Shakur"  Chip - Larry June "Out The Trunk"  Adreanna - Megan Thee Stallion "Fever"
September 19, 2019